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  • In the Green Room: Andrew Breitbart on the Tea Party and the Media's Power

    Andrew Breitbart is no stranger to controversy. Known by many on the left and the right for his work exposing ACORN and his network of popular conservative websites, Breitbart has seen firsthand the role media can have in influencing public opinion.

    This subject, along with many others, form the basis of his new book, Righteous Indignation. He traveled to The Heritage Foundation last week and sat down with us before his speech to discuss his new book, the power of media and the continued impact of the Tea Party.

    As we announced last week, we also opened up the In the Green Room to Foundry readers to submit questions. We selected a great question from Suzanne Everett of Ohio (a future teacher) who asked whether Breitbart planned to tackle education. Breitbart announced that a “Big Education” site similar to his other popular “Big” websites was in the works.

    When asked about his optimism for conservatism in the future, Breitbart said he was “beyond optimistic.” But he also cautioned conservatives to always be mindful of the power of the media. “Media is everything. I say that in the book,” he explained, “Media is everything.”

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    7 Responses to In the Green Room: Andrew Breitbart on the Tea Party and the Media's Power

    1. Bobbie says:

      Mr/ Breitbart, you're work is greatly appreciated! The government should really invest in helmets for all democrat members to set a good example to all those sheep (democrats have misguided) who follow.

      I grew up understanding democrats were the party that helps people "back on their feet." But the truth has come to be known, democrats are there to take control of people, barefoot and pregnant and all followers, off their feet and on the backs of the self reliant? Taking total advantage! Disgusted and disappointed!

    2. Rick Long, East Falm says:

      It takes character to examine your own views, I'm glad to have this guy on the team Welcome Mr. Breitbart, thank you for what you do.

    3. TucsonTerpFan says:

      Andrew, hold firm! I hope the attacks you have endured only give you more strength. As a recently retired teacher (and military retiree), I'm looking forward to the "Big Education" addition to your wed site. I visit you site(s) regularly.

    4. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      I've been hatefully Name Calling, the Liberals in Academia are a bunch of Sorcerers when you consider how thoroughly they have undermined everything American! I love the fact Breitbart has taken up this subject! I have been propounding on this Site about the Half Vast Left Wing Conspiracy, but the real wonder is in the details! Why do the Universities promote Humanism? This is a part of the Culture Wars, remember the word 'Counter culture?' These Liberals knew what they were doing in the Sexties! Humanism undermines the workable substance of American Politics! What actually makes America Great! We are Spiritual Beings, not cattle. We have the defined Political Right to take care of ourselves! If only to learn how to do it! I think it is Sorcery the way Progressives attack Religion! Religion says we are Spirits! That means we are Sovereign Citizens at Liberty "Under God!"

      When I say I see Sorcery being used by Political Figures, I really do mean what I say. I said it was "mind destroying" and I meant that too. Imagine a Government doing Black Operations on its own population? You'd say it was deception above the People's heads. Sorcery! So look here: The Government Figures are renaming things in crazy ways. People can't think and talk about certain things, I call it Mind Destroying and it is!

      Once upon a time, let's suppose, there was a Mental Science. So we say "Where did it go? Where is it?" Why can't I learn it? It should be obvious Mental Science is "dangerous knowledge" because you could manipulate human beings with it! "You aren't qualified to have it! So let's just say, once upon a time we had this 'dangerous' science? Perhaps in 1900. Then we got World War One! That was the Birthday of Propaganda, and the Magic of twisting words to twist meaning! Then we had two Progressive Candidates, one RINO and one DINO. And the DINO won the Presidency. Woodrow Wilson! Let's suppose the Mental Science enabled these Sorcerers to mold the Public Mind? Fast Forward to 2011, we have "Don't keep score" for kids. The Subliminal Message is 'You Can't Win!'

      I see the 'Democrats' practicing sophisticated Deflection, "Spending in the Tax Code!" What? How can you call 'taxing' "spending?" It's nuts! It is mind destroying because Obama is mushing the definitions! Call a 'tax cut' the 'no increase!' They are not the same. I call it Sorcery! It isn't 'hate speech' calling Obama the Sorcerer King, it is true naming. It is accurate naming of what the Chicago Gangsters are doing to Americans! They are scrambling our brains! Well! Thank goodness I am such an "extreme" nut that we don't have to take me seriously! Whew! Close call!

      How can the Government take more Profit out of Oil than Oil Companies do? Then call Big Oil greedy? It is mind destroying, think of the Public Mind! We can't even talk about solving the problem! It is amazing Sorcery to be seen in plain sight! And Obama gets away with it! That is Sorcery. Demo-crats have made the truth unspeakable! The truth is "Hate Speech" and oh! How those Indoctrinated Democrats eat it up! They are agitated to the point of violence! Mindlessly! This is the real reason Progressives never stopped attacking L. Ron Hubbard. The Shaman style researchers of Scientology had stumbled upon Secrets of Forbidden Mental Science! "They HAVE to be Suppressed!" Scientology is illegal in Germany! Did you know that? Ron got the Sarah Palin treatment!

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    6. Trent Anson, USA says:

      what happened to all the "questions" that were supposed to be asked that came from the audience? i only saw one.

      • Brandon Stewart Brandon Stewart says:

        Trent, thanks for writing. This was just our first effort at using reader questions alongside our own, so we'll try to integrate more user questions in the future. Thank you for submitting yours and sorry that we weren't able to use it this time around.

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