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  • EPA Blocks Oil Drilling in Alaska

    There are an estimated 27 billion barrels of oil waiting to be tapped in the Arctic Ocean, off the coast of Alaska. But after spending five years and nearly $4 billion, Shell Oil Company has been forced to abandon its efforts to drill for oil in the region.

    With gas at $4 per gallon and higher, one might think that more oil would be a good thing. So what’s the road block? The Environmental Protection Agency. Fox News reports that the EPA is withholding necessary air permits because of a one square mile village of 245 people, 70 miles from the off-shore drilling site. From Fox News’ Dan Springer:

    The EPA’s appeals board ruled that Shell had not taken into consideration emissions from an ice-breaking vessel when calculating overall greenhouse gas emissions from the project. Environmental groups were thrilled by the ruling.

    “What the modeling showed was in communities like Kaktovik, Shell’s drilling would increase air pollution levels close to air quality standards,” said Eric Grafe, Earthjustice’s lead attorney on the case.

    Who at the EPA made the decision? Springer writes:

    The Environmental Appeals Board has four members: Edward Reich, Charles Sheehan, Kathie Stein and Anna Wolgast. All are registered Democrats and Kathie Stein was an activist attorney for the Environmental Defense Fund. Members are appointed by the EPA administrator.

    President Barack Obama said in his weekly address on Saturday that “there’s no silver bullet that can bring down gas prices right away,” but that one thing America can do is pursue “safe and responsible production of oil at home.” Too bad his words and his actions are not one and the same. Aside for the EPA’s decision on Shell, the Obama administration has imposed a months-long moratorium on deepwater offshore drilling that curtailed domestic production and sent some seven drilling rigs elsewhere.

    The Heritage Foundation’s Nicolas Loris recommends the following actions for Congress and President Obama if they truly want to expand access to America’s domestic energy supply:

    • Allow access to domestic reserves. Permitting exploration of reserves in Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming, and federal waters offshore would inject confidence into the market, create jobs, and stimulate the economy.
    • Roll back regulatory burdens on companies. Strapping companies with onerous regulatory processes only hinders access. Litigation opportunities should be limited and the permitting process made more rational.
    • Issue offshore drilling permits. Lifting the de facto moratorium on offshore drilling permits would gain companies access to domestic resources and increase our domestic energy supply.

    Now it’s your turn. What do you think about the EPA’s decision? Join in the conversation by leaving a comment below.

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    95 Responses to EPA Blocks Oil Drilling in Alaska

    1. Stirling, Pennsylvan says:

      Let's all thank our progressive overlords in the EPA for proving that they have no intention in reducing our gas prices. $10/gallon gas anyone? Just wait for the No-water toilets to become mandated in our homes by the very same group.

    2. Steve, New Jersey says:

      "President Barack Obama said in his weekly address on Saturday that “there’s no silver bullet that can bring down gas prices right away,” but that one thing America can do is pursue “safe and responsible production of oil at home.” Too bad his words and his actions are not one and the same."

      They never are. 'Talk is cheap', 'Actions Speak Louder Than Words'…choose whichever axiom you prefer. They all apply.

    3. No Annie Oakley says:

      I often wonder if the EPA is funded by OPEC. We are in desperate need of oil here in the USA and we need to wean ourselves off of foreign oil dependency.. How did EPA get so much power that they can cripple every citizen that uses gas .. we're all paying for their bad decisions at the gas pump?

      • Carmine says:

        The EPA started under Richard Nixon. It employs 18,000 people. It exists to protect our water and air. It doesn't care about gas prices, not should it. To be clear, we are in desperate need for new energy solutions since oil is running out. New solutions bring new technologies to export, new U.S. jobs and reduce pollution.

      • mike says:

        I think it's time for the states to start taking back their independence. The Fed has gotten too big. That's the reason why we are divided into States, so we can act independently from one another. I think the States should use their powers to have their own rulings on regulations for jobs, especially drilling for Oil. Don't get me wrong, I think we should pursue alternative energy sources, but until those come about, and are viable, we should go with what we know. SARAH PALIN had it right, "DRILL BABY DRILL". Only reason they had the problem with the HORIZON rig, was because burdensome regulation pushed them out to deep water. Oil is a natural resource, its already in our environment. How is it gonna hurt that much if a little spills on the ground. Heck, I can still remember the days when I pulled my car over a ditch and pulled the plug to drain my oil

    4. Lynne Phila PA says:

      BHO and his administration will not stop until they've completely destroyed our economy and our republic. My question to them is this, when there is no one left to protect and preserve liberty and freedom across the globe because you've destroyed the last best bastion of freedom and liberty what will you do and who will you turn to? I hope the American people who are a whole lot smarter than anyone in DC will vote every last one of you out who have failed us. There are very few elected officials in DC who care about the people of this nation. The ONLY think they care about is being re-elected

    5. C. E. WILSON says:



      • Smarter than you says:

        Ummm. the president dose not have the power to controle gas prices. anyone whop watchs cnn would know that or the news in general. Also the presidents power is limited, it's called checks and balances. Forth graders learn this. Obama can't to anything without the congress aprovel. Hint: thats why nothing gets done!

    6. Redfray, Pea Ridge, says:

      America is in a terrible economic cloud, and the EPA is pushing the green house gases that are not even scientific knowledge. The EPA machine needs to be dismantled, it no longer knows how to protect our society. It only panders the environmentist who are hell bent on destroying the American people. In fact, most of the empolyees are tree huggers. This machine is gobbling up the money that could save our country. We are going to need to force our government to stop this kind of machinery from consuming our country.

      • Jasmine from Georgia says:

        Your first sentence is false. It is widely recognized by almost all scientists that the earth is warming due to an increase in man-made CO2 levels. The EPA doesn't care about oil prices, only air and water quality. Environmentalists are only trying to keep protections in place while allowing safe progress to proceed. The EPA is not a machine, it is a government agency started by Richard Nixon.

    7. Wildcat from Dallast says:

      I agree with the three facets proposed by Heritage Foundation’s author but would include incentives for companies to bring more high quality petroleum products to market more quickly both which would be tied to consistent safety in all steps of the process. One other incentive to quicken the pace of getting gas, oil and diesel to market with a long term national price stability would be to require the oil companies to build newer, safer and more efficient oil refineries in locations across the country other than where the preponderance of those facilities now exist.

      Incentivizing safety that is tied to every process of getting oil to market helps all of us now. Having them build those additional oil refineries across the country will not have an immediate effect but will have a long lasting positive effect for an extended benefit period. The jobs all of this activity will generate will be relatively long term excluding building those new refineries, however, even that should last for a reasonable duration as there are many locations across the country that do not have one but which would benefit due to lower gas and diesel transportation costs. Also, if special formulations are required due to the extremes of temperature or regional pollution concerns, that can be done locally rather than having to change formulation processes at those far away existing refineries.

      The other inherent benefits to all this exploration, extraction, refining and getting to market include the discovery of other usable products such as natural gas. There are those times you search for one thing and find another usable resource viable for our energy needs. The uptick in genuine job creation would be the first plus for our economy since 2008!

    8. Ron, Poway, CA says:

      They are rejecting the permits because of emissions from an ice-breaking vessel? Unless that vessel is sailing directly through the middle of the village, and perhaps parking there for days with their engines racing, how is that a legitimate reason to stop a drilling permit?

      It is quite obvious to me that this is nothing more than yet another lame excuse to drive oil and gas prices higher to force this administration's "green economy" agenda.

      Instead of approving such permits in an attempt to lower prices and to become less dependent of foreign sources, the president chooses to blame the American people. While I am not against hybrid cars, the truth is buying a Prius is not going to change the price at the pumps. Utilizing domestic oil, however, will.

      I, along with several others, criticized the Bush administration for allowing gas prices to soar. We saw it as the "good ole boy network" sucking the consumer dry for record profits. Today, the question we should be asking ourselves is which good ole boy network will profit by forcing this country to adopt the green economy? Most politicians don't really care about the environment. It is now, and always has been about the money.

    9. Common Sense, Arvada says:

      Disgusted, but not surprised.

      Air quality issues from one ship 70 miles away from a small village? They can't come up with a better excuse than that?

      Stupid, unscientific, and unAmerican.

    10. Jeff says:

      gangster government …

      one ice breaker, 70 miles away would effect the air quality, "according to models" …

      27 billion barrels = 40 years of oil from the Persian Gulf …

    11. Gerry Kill Columbus says:

      I believe that the local, and State government should have the right to do what they want in their area so long as it does not totally put surrounding areas at risk. The EPA has too much power, and should not be allowed to control a resource that is much needed to enhance the economy and the welfare of all of the United States.

    12. speppers69, Californ says:

      Is anyone surprised by this? I'm not. "Under my plan…energy prices will necessarily skyrocket", Senator Barack Obama!

      I feel a double dip coming on VERY soon!

    13. David B., Illinois says:

      Ridiculous. Spend $4 billion and then be told no-can-do because of the "air quality impact of an ice breaking vessel" on 245 people 70 miles away? I stand corrected – not ridiculous, insane.

    14. Florida says:

      This should be considered a states issue. Assert the 10th amendment and drill, drill, drill. if and when anybody is taken to court for drilling our own resources, just use the statist-in-chief's own words, he said, "one thing America can do is pursue “safe and responsible production of oil at home.” Assert the 10th amendment it is about states' rights.

      Imagine the federal government told you that you are not allowed to pick and eat the oranges growing in your own back yard. This is the same freaking thing.

      Drill Here, Drill Now, Keep it Here. It is not a world commodity, it is OURS!


      • Phillipe from Ohio says:

        Picking and eating oranges and pulling oil out the ground is not anywhere near the same thing, Charlie. Oil gets burned and its byproduct goes into the air, into your free American lungs. Oh, BTW, your website doesn't exist.

    15. Debby Spence, Alabam says:

      Somehow they have to go! Unless they are willing to help millions of people who are struggling with bills, buying food, gas and other things families have to have in this country to live and work. It's just crazy to try and force Americans to start using alternative's that are not affordable.

      And DUH! What do you think runs the electricity??? OIL!

      • Tyler says:

        …you mean coal. Coal plants account for more electricity than oil… and you dont have to shout.

    16. redpens, PA says:

      It's time to assert 10th Amendment state sovereignty and stop listening to and taking federal funding. Use the oil revenue to pay for the needs of a particular state. If I were Alaska, I'd be strongly considering secession from the US.

    17. joe blow mich. says:

      fire the epa. put americans to work. become more energy independent. doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

    18. GLEN TALMADGE PORT J says:

      Who elected the EPA to anything?, Run by left-wing radicals. Something has to be done. We elected Congress not the EPA. Defund it, along w some of those other agencys.

      • Donny from Texas says:

        Richard Nixon started the EPA. It was probably really cool before the left-wingers got their pale, weak lips in there and started sucking all the funding away from NASCAR.

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    21. Mo Kingston MA says:

      I am disgusted with the lack of action by both parties in addressing this sorry state. The president will do nothing, that's a given. Congress is happy to stay hidden in the whole issue. God forbid that the EPA be offended. Green votes of course. And Green money.

    22. Helen Smith,Healdsbu says:

      The EPA has turned into an activist organization, not a PROTECTION agency. The heads of the EPA should have to be confirmed by the senate. Permitting is not something the EPA is in charge of anyway. I thought it was up to the Secretary of the Interior. Isn't it? Obama needs to put his money where his mouth is. Tell Ken Salazar to lead, follow or get out of the WAY! If Shell has already invested $4 billion in this project and can't follow it to fruition, than refund that amount to Shell. It adds up to what we pay in interest on the debt every single day.

    23. Charles, Atlantic,NC says:

      It is time that Congress reigns in the EPA. We want to be responsible and prudent and concerned for the environment as we drill off Alaska, the Gulf, or our Atlantic and Pacific coasts or in the shale fields. If we don't let our companies like Shell, drill who do we want to drill, the Chinese? Our companies already drill under strict regulation and that is being improved. And while we are at it let's build a new refinery that will up our production of gasoline. I believe that prices would tumble on the announcement that new drilling and a new refinery were on the way.

    24. Eric N., CA says:

      This president has managed to negatively affect the life of every man, woman and child in this country in ways that we the people will experience for years to come. And this man's popularity seems to increase in each passing day. What is wrong, or should I say right, with this picture? Every day brings something new and depressing. How is this hopey, changey thing working out in my home and yours? I am thoroughly disgusted with him. God help us all…!

    25. Alexander Bunatin, N says:

      Drill, drill, drill!!!

      All these enviromentalists are just crazy. It might be better for them to live in a rainforest (somewhere in South American jungle), enjoy clean air, fresh Amazon water, abandon all perks of civilization which "pollutes this planet", and have their board meetings over there.

    26. Bokassa Kentucky says:

      Let's de-fund the EPA!!!! What positive inpact has this worthless organization ever accomplished in their entire history. How on earth would an oil drilling rig impact a tiny village 70 miles away from the drilling sight? Are these tree hugging hypocrites total morons or what. Shell should drill anyway…nuts to the EPA and their

    27. jon gossar terre hau says:

      The needs of the many poor outweigh the needs of the few rich……EPA join us and let America become self reliant and go back to the country we were when founded. We have the technology and the means to safely extract and refine our own oil resources…..Your job is to make it happen that way!!!!!!

    28. Jack, Waynesboro,PA says:

      The EPA needed to be put out to pasture when they were first organized. That can be the first cut towards smaller government. If Obama does not bring his past out of safe hiding, that will be cut#2 towards smaller government.

      The funny thing is when the rest of us have to prove who we are and what our qualifications before we get a new job. How many times in our life did we need a birth certificate and social security card just to get that job we want. Because he ran for president, he thinks he has more power than the rest of us. Now he wants to campaign for the next 2 years instead of doing his job.

      Come on Congress, start working for us.

    29. Think Ahead, Illinois says:

      We need to invest in and commit to alternative energy sources, even if it hits us in the pocketbook, if we are ever to break our dependecy on oil. To continue to drain our planet of it’s resources and/or to put the environment at risk is just towing the line and just plain irresponsible. What will be left for our children and their children? I applaud the President for his forward-thinking policies. The right thing to do is very often unpopular.

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    31. Renato Perfetti Cant says:

      Maybe Obama could let Brazil drill there.

    32. Randall Harman Flori says:

      I find it ludicrous that such a decision be (1) allowed & (2) be maintained. The EPA was stretching the FACTS to the limit–or beyond in my opinion.

    33. Frank J. Randazzo Cy says:

      When oh when are we going to scrap the EPA.I know that the so called potus isn't going to do anything about it but maybe when we vote him out the next pres. will have conviction to do the job.everyone i talk to can't understand how we as a nation have more enery than the whole world combined and the tree hugging epa thwarts our every move to be energy independant.All the enviolmentalists should be imprisoned for treason and imprisioned .And if some lame brain nation doesn't like it who cares worrying about what other countries think is the major reason we are in this mess in the first place.

    34. Bill, Charleston WV says:

      Teapot Dome almost brought down a President and it wouldn't even be noticed nowadays because of all the outright corruption. If the environmentalists and the EPA truly care about the environment and not just hating oil companies, how about some impact studies on the wind turbines that will be situated on the ridges where bird migrations occur and all the roads and the electric transmission lines that will be needed? The turbines will kill multitudes of birds and bats, which eat insects. This could result in blooms of insects that then destroy the trees that use carbon dioxide. The net result could be a raising in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels (which of course really means nothing for the climate although it is the whole reason for this lunacy). Wherever they are built the ecosystem will be adversely impacted. The same can be said for solar panels which cover large areas of the desert and in some cases use large amounts of water, which is in short supply in many areas.

      If we elect a majority of Senators who support drilling and a President who does the same, we can rein in these unelected bureaucrats.

    35. Wayne, Columbia, SC says:


      "The EPA’s appeals board ruled that Shell had not taken into consideration emissions from an ice-breaking vessel when calculating overall greenhouse gas emissions from the project."

      Comment by Wayne: This statement by EarthScience's lawyer, Eric Grafe indicates that the impact of the ice-breaking vessel was not included in the overall assessment of total emissions. It diid not state that it was a problem.

      “What the modeling showed was in communities like Kaktovik, Shell’s drilling would increase air pollution levels close to air quality standards,”

      If Shell did not assess the impact of the ice-breakers emissions, where did the modeling come from and who conducted the study????

      The very ambiguous statement that it "would increase air pollution levels close to air quality standards" is too vague. How close is "close"???

      What air quality standards were used????

      The lawyer's statements lend no credibility to the decision.

      Who are the Board Members??

      Edward Reich – A New York neurologist specializing in headaches. Not an environmental scientist!

      Charles J. Sheehan – Lawyer, served as the first General Counsel of the U.S.-Mexico Border Environment Cooperation Commission, which helps design, promote and fund infrastructure projects to enhance human health and the environment in the border region

      Kathie A. Stein – Lawyer, Before joining EPA, she held positions with the U.S. Department of Justice, the Environmental Defense Fund, and the Maryland Attorney General's Office, and engaged in the private practice of law.

      Anna L. Wolgast – Lawyer, served as EPA's Principal Deputy General Counsel. She also served as the Deputy Chief of the Environmental Defense Section and as a senior counsel in the Environmental Enforcement Section of the Environment and Natural Resources Division of the U.S. Department of Justice.


      Board Member bios obtained from:


    36. Robert, Houston says:

      The EPA and the Obama administration have a different agenda than what they say. It has become painfully obvious that their direction is opposite what they say. They are misguided and dangerous to the economy and the American people they supposedly represent.

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    38. Del in Williamsburg, says:

      The Obama administration continues its assault on American business. It is their purpose and intention to make America a third world country. They consider our country to be the greatest threat to the furtherance of socialist progress. That is true and we will prevail. America will return to our roots in "liberty and justice for all."

    39. Charles E. Spence says:

      This is the same old thing over and over. In the 1970's a Republican EPA Admininstrator appointed by Richard Nixon banned DDT even after his own administrative law judge ruled that it posed no danger. The result has been millions of death from Malaria around the world. The enviromental radical's don't care how much damage they do to other people as long as the end results are what they want. We have allowed this to happen by not demanding that Congress make these decisions instead of passing the buck by passing laws that set up agencies like the EPA that can issue regulations that carry the weight of law. We are being governed by administrative fieat and not by law any more. We must stand up and demand Congress take its responsibility.

    40. YnotNOW, Colorado says:

      I suggest we take EPA at their word, and remove them completely off the electric grid. They can put a windmill on their roof, and power their regulatory regime with their own hot air. Force all of their workers to ride bicycles to work, and grow their own veggies in their back yard. When they are in the dark, we can ignore their overregulation and drill for oil for the rest of us!

    41. Evan, Anchorage says:

      I use to think of enviromentalist as a pain in the butt, in the last couple of years I have come to hate them. In Alaska the following animals are being used to stop oil feild work because they are considered threatened, polar bear, walrus, seals, buluga whale and caribou in ANWR. Obama has defentitely told his troops to stop everything by regulation, even job creation.

    42. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      When four unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats can pull the plug on drilling permits, we lose a little more of our constitutional republic. Did Congress give them the authority to issue edicts? How many of these potentially "injured" villagers were going to benefit from Shell's activity in the area? Does Earthjustice have automatic standing to file suit, or have they been retained by those villagers? How does Shell get back all of its investment to date? Who would invest money in this country after witnessing this huge loss? The oil business is risky enough without government meddling. The Obama regime continues to destroy economic freedom in the name of mother earth which is cleaner here in the USA than anywhere else.

    43. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      This is Obama! The EPA does not act without specific instructions. Anyone that would actually believe the "appeals board," who's members are all appointed through Obama, all Democrats, and all have direct connections to radical environmental groups, are making billion dollar decisions without Obama approval is a fool. We all realize their excuses have no viable reasoning. But they don't really care. Obama and his slobbering media will provide cover by not questing their real agenda.

      This is what we face as long as Obama remains in office. Obama has a hatred of oil and all fossel fuels He and his ilk will watch this country continue to decline without hesitation becasue they are have the same ideology. Environmentalism is their relegion. Very simply, this is what they are and they all vote Democrat.

    44. David Woods says:

      The EPA is one of the many weapons in the arsenal that Obama is using to bring down America. And like all the others it should be de-funded and disolved by Congress, But the Republican "leadership" dosen't have the fortitude to do what they were elected to do.

    45. Bill T., Kansas City says:

      This is the kind of thing that happens when Congress gives up the constitutional duty to make the laws and gives it to the Administration.

    46. OneOfTheBunch says:

      I saw a sign outside an automotive repair shop that said “The politicians and environmentalists are killing America.” In spite of all the czars who are lining their pockets and doing very little, we will continue down this road until we get someone at the top who will buck the “snail-darter lovers” and make the tough decisions necessary to change course. (Assuming they can persuade the courts that people are more important than toads, fish, or animals.)

    47. Chris, Washington St says:

      It is plain maddening that the EPA can have such a devastating affect on our nation's economy, and that the President and the Democrats continue to allow it.

    48. Abigail says:

      1) Defund the EPA. (Seriously: name one helpful thing they do. Then convince me it's one of the powers enumerated in the Constitution, and that it can't be done better by states or the private sector.)

      2) Pass HR 153, HR 909, HR 910, HR 1372.

      3) Watch jobs increase and pump prices decrease.

    49. randydutton says:

      DEFUND the EPA

    50. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Mike Brownfield, these are Damages! In the full legal sense of the word these are Damages! These Damages prove the Environmental Protection Agency is Destroying the American Economy, one Company at a time! Look guys! Carbon is unlawfully being used by EPA, directly against Congressional Intent. The Congress did not give EPA the right to Regulate Carbon Dioxide! In fact it did the opposite! These are High Crime Damages! This is just another of Obama's High Crimes against American Citizens! To use the 'carbon burden' of an ice breaker, that is criminal intent, we can see because it is irrational! Even from the Global Warming perspective!

      Global Warming is Junk Science! Pure Junk with a big cover up and a great big pruriant interest! The Climate Exchange! Al Gore and his Gang Cronies plan to make money off the destruction of American Energy! That's it! Defund the EPA or you Republicans are Complicit!

    51. Rick Budny, Canton N says:

      The EPA has to much power, and dose not help us. If they would put there money and resources into helping get new drilling done, in stead of fines, threats and blockage of drilling, we could be much farther ahead and gas prices would go down and would help not hurt.

      We need gas prices to go down, high prices kills, it is time that Washinton and the EPA see's this, wake up fokes!!!

      Mr. "B"

    52. Charles Barwick says:

      The insanity is pushing me to the limit. Our president awards to Brazil a multibillion dollar contract to fund their drilling for oil and additionally in our deep waters, then he awards to Columbia a multibillion dollar award to drill……wherever, basically doesn't matter, and then the EPA declines Shell the award to procure permits and the right to drill in Alaska and off the coast of Alaska. If the EPA has an issue with drilling in our waters, why give the other countries the right to do same…. I am going crazy with this. There is is no logic, common sense or caring for the American people and their economic plight. He, Obama has proven his desire for a world order, passion for redistribution of wealth ( to other countries) , socialist, and solid communist desires to destroy this country. His cool demeanor and smooth but Phanstasmagorical dialog is so disengenious it's become beyond ludicrous. I pray the American people really do see through this and make the necessary changes, meanwhile Lets also pray our conservative congress develops a bit more backbone to stand up to the insanity of the left…..

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    54. conniek, Utah says:

      Who is the EPA? Where did they get their power? Why do we not know them and vote for them? Where is our Congressmen? Our Senators? How do we get rid of them?

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    56. Kurt, San Diego says:

      Of course. We wouldn't want there buddies in the OPEC countries to loose any money..

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    59. Micheal, Texas says:

      The EPA should be abolished. It is no more a scientific body than is Greenpeace. It once handed Congress the results of a study so flawed that even they could tell it was bad, sent it to the Natl. Acad. of Sci. who told the EPA to rethink and redo the study. And the Supreme Court has recently rendered a decision on regulation of CO2 based on more flawed data provided by the EPA. I repeat, it should be done away with.

    60. Larry Welch, Idaho says:

      Congress CAN solve this EPA roadblock. Please let your Senator and Congressman know – in no uncertain terms – that you expect this obstructive activity to stop NOW. 2012 is closer than they think.

    61. Roy S. Mallmann II says:

      Unless and until, we as a Republican Party Member or a Member of The Tea Party Movement or both, have enough guts to stand up against the mainstream media, the labor unions and their Liberal Democrat puppet masters and their orchestrated and well defined smear campaigns and downright lies, NO MATTER WHAT, all hope is lost. Our dishonorable opposition will stop at nothing to further their agenda of deceit and duplicity, and I do mean stop at nothing. We do not lie and we need to call out those who do. We have to counter every accusation that they make with the inbridled truth, no matter how insignificant the attack. We need to stop trying to reform Medicare and Social Security for a time until more of the population becomes educated about the facts. The opposition uses it to marginalize us with their mostly undereducated constituency and the message comes out as the heartless Republicans want to throw Grandma out in the street. Do not expect the mainstream media to set them straight as they probably don't understand the truth themselves. After the 2012 elections and after a good deal of education on the issue, which is a year two away, then bring it up. We need to also bring up the Democrat Party as the party of the KKK and the party of Segregation with facts and figures and names and dates. The Republican Party ended segregation by sponsoring and pushing Civil Rights legislation with little or no help from Democrats. I would be willing to bet that a huge majority of blacks think that the opposite is true. Back to the basics is what is needed and keep it simple stupid! Educating their electorate is the only answer to this. We need some big conservatve donors to try to buy one of the major media organizations, as Fox is not enough. It is too easy to marginalize one broadcaster. Glenn Beck is off the air because he scares people that are not ready for the truth. All that he says is true but you need to let the audience digest it slowly. This energy problem is Obama's albatross unless he can lie and blame it on the Republican's somehow and do not expect the media to stop him with the truth.

    62. Bonnie ---Reno, NV says:

      In 2005 my husband…an engineer…was asked to evaluate the Alaska area…(near the current area) for extracting oil etc. When he gave the project a go …..someone claimed that it would be upsetting to the polar bears! Interesting to see that the polar bears love the pipe line with the warm oil flowing within…they snuggle up under and around the pipe line.

    63. BONNIE ---RENO, NV. says:


    64. Audrey Enzor Mississ says:

      I believe it is time to de-fund and eliminate the EPA whose priorities are and have been all wrong!

      People need to use their God-Given "common sense" and ingenuity to get themselves out of harm's way rather than have the Government parent them from cradle to grave.

      Have you ever noticed that when oil companies and others build refinery's and such on vacant land, people flock to the area so they will be closer to their employment?

      Not much danger of that anymore unless they want to move to China or Timbucto where their jobs have gone. Same thing with protecting the birds, whales and other WILD-life, who is more important…animals, trees, etc. or HUMANS? Humans do have to eat, do they not?

      EPA, PETA and the Sierra Club along with the ACLU have become ridiculous in my opinion and it is time for them to go and for us to concentrate on the well-being of humans who live on this Earth.

      Thank you.


    65. Philip E. Barney says:

      It is a sickening feeling to realize that at seemingly every turn, politics have become more important than what is in the best interest of the citizens of United States of America.

      Without any evidence, without a hint of wrong doing, President Obama throws out the tired rhetoric of blaming "market manipulators" when the real issue is a lack of a coherent real energy program that would allow us to use our present resources without breaking the backs and bank accounts of the average American for gas while getting from here to there. He is being intellectually dishonest when he speaks of wind and solar as the answer to our problems today. If he were the CEO of the United States, he would have been fired by now.

      He lacks leadership and the requisite experience. You can only go so far as the "Commander in Speech" until your words catch up with your inactions.

    66. Polo8 says:

      Can someone explain to me why the oil companies have not increases production and refinery volumes. It seems that oil companies drill find reserves and cap the well, instead of maximizing the production volumes which increase supply and would reduce prices. Instead it seems to me that they act as a monopoly and are not responsive to the needs of society for lower energy costs.

    67. Harold Cosby, Battle says:

      The President, in my opinion, could have also said, "And if there were a silver bullet, I wouldn't use it." I have neither seen or heard anything coming out of the current administration to indicate that they care a "hoot" about how much ordinary citizens suffer by having to pay such high prices for fuel.

      I am 78 years old and in my lifetime I do not remember any action by the EPA that would encourage energy independence. Wildlife, such as snails, mice, owls, lizzards, snakes, and anything else that can be conjured up are more important than human beings and the needs of human beings, in the opinion of liberal EPA members.

    68. Elizabeth Farrar says:

      I was an environmental programs manager for a major manufacturer beginning in the late 1970's. The EPA used to have a few reasonable people…the EPA has "gone off its rocker" with this decision based solely on Shell's overlook of emissions from one ice-breaking vessel. Undertaking the research involved in estimating emissions from all potential sources is a huge task and one little ole ice breaker was missed. Talk about finding a needle in the haystack excuse for holding up Shell oil's exploration for much needed oil….Geez Louise!

    69. Robert, Orlando, Flo says:

      Obama and his current EPA are behaving contrary to our American way of doing things.

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    71. Petra Luna says:

      The EPA doesn't mind seeing dead Bahraini protesters, but they have a problem with drilling our own oil. If they would let the oil be drilled here, it would in turn force us into alternative fuels because people will not want that. In the end they will ultimately get what they want. As long as it is not in our back yard, right? These people in Bahrain do not have a chance of freedom because we hold them captive by the US sucking on the Saudi oil crack pipe. The EPA is not moral at all. They have to be in bed with big oil. There is no other explanation.

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    73. Charles Barwick says:

      My biggest peeve with Obama, but he's not the first president to resist drilling, special interests and other factors have contributed to problem of not drilling. Its such a crime, I believe literally, the EPA should be eliminated, they have only hampered our countries progress in becoming energy independent. We need a president that can resist temptation from lobbyists and special groups and do whats best for the country…. Its really tragic and I am furious… which conservative leader will step up….who knows, I believe they are all in someones pocket, please, prove me wrong….. Trump is a farce, his clothing line is all made in China……

    74. Exploited Citizen says:

      This is tyranny! EPA talking about the effect of exhaust on a village from a ship 70 miles away!

      That has nothing to do with the greatest common good.

      We should be preparing to do what free people do to tyrants.

    75. Danny, Wood River, I says:

      The EPA is a huge part of the apparatus that is disassembling this country. This and any regulatory agency that are headed by political hacks need to be reined in by Congress. That being said, I think their wrong-headed, political decision making may actually have a long term up side…when the mid east oil dries up in a hundred years, we'll still have ours in reserve! Won't do the current generation any good but for our succeeding generations, it will be the one currency we can leave them that will be worth more than all the paper debt we are leaving them now.

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    77. Ernest R. Clark Shaw says:

      Where is Congress? Every Senator and House Representative who has a concern about our National Security should be contacting the EPA today! Why are members of Congress allowing a federal agency to deliberately risk the security of our country?

      Why not abolish the EPA and save $ 45 Billion Dollars a year in federal outlays! Just another non-essesential Federal Department/Agency! Absolutely sickening to see these deliberate attempts by Obamas "thugs" to decrease fossil fuel production and deliberately harm our economy. What a disgrace that the EPA is allowed to operate in this fashion and continue to hurt our economy, destroy jobs and damage our national security.

      How long can we allow this Administration and the Democrats to continue to deliberately and knowingly harm our country. Provide loans to Brazil to drill in the Gulf of Mexico and promise to purchase oil from the Marxist Brazilian Government. How long can this continue? This President continues to deliberately say one thing and do the opposite. Mr. President! How are we going to drive our Military for our own protection without fossil fuels?

    78. hanginby a thread, A says:

      As an Alaskan I am appauled by what in practical terms, is a moratorium on oil exploration in Alaska. We all know its there, along with the co existent natural gas. Numerous oil companies have spent millions of dollars on feasibility studies and so on even before this recent issue with Shell being denied the nod because of an oversite. This is so ludicrous folks. ( Has anyone ever denied the publication of a great novel because the author forgot to put the dot at the end of the last sentence.) With so much already in place the reasonable approach would be to ask for an adjustment and resubmission of their projet. Way too simple because every one is in someones pockets.

      Our wildlife are extraordinary, part of why many of us live here. BUT the pipeline did not kill off the herds of caribou, or send the polar bears into therapy. Wildlife and people have lived together for as long as there have been villages in the nothern regions. People who work and live here learn how to give our wildlife space, and the wildlife change their path a bit to avoid us. It balances out.

      We need a refinery because our gas is over $4 a gallon. Many people drive 40 miles to work each way. We don't have commutor trains, or buses.Cabs will cost you $10 the moment you get in. People are into the hybrids and solar energy , using green construction materials and so on. We ARE doing our part.

      Yet our state has no glass recycling, and only a smattering of wind turbines.

      There ia an agenda appearing that indicates that the focus for Alaska appears to be more one of our strategic location. (Oil drilling and exploration be damned). The development and trainng of joint military staff is already in process to attain absolute Air supremecy more advanced than any other in existence today. The maps are out there, ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT studies allegedly taking place, and you know what,,,I don't think they will care about the wildlife when they make their decision. LIVE ordinance and missle fire will take place in various regions of Alaska, including over the Gulf of Alaska…air travel will be restricted for non-military , and essentially permanent living quarters with stores, and so on will house several thousand military personnel and their families.By the way live sorties – live missles – all of that has to fall SOMEWHERE.

      It indicates that what is essentially a measure to "block and stop oil drilling in Alaska" is very much tied to our military, and that the EPA and OPEC are all in bed together.

      Secession from the Unied Stated is pretty radical and does not speak of my pride in our heritage. Getting the people we elect to stop making deals with their hands in their pockets is the way.

    79. Randall Hebert Houst says:

      It is reasonable that the middle east could cut out or greatly reduce exports of oil to america do to unrest and the Islamist influence throughout the middle east—- we should be drilling in America — this would lower gas prices which boost the economy, provides massive employment in so many companies that provide services and goods to drilling operations, and make america less dependant on other countries politics.

      Energy policy illustrates the difference between the two parties —– if Obama opened up domestic drilling he could possibly win in 2012 —- that is the catch 22— as a conservative you want what is best for america's economy and at the same time you don't want another 4 years of Obama should he adopt the republican philosopy on the economy.

    80. Phillip Turner, Nash says:

      Speaking of the EPA, I actually came across an article today that I think you may or may not have seen already, but it sheds a pretty good light on the current situation with the EPA and the “Haze Plan” that some seem to be pushing. Either way, it just came out in the Albuquerque Journal and is ranked as one of the top current articles regarding the EPA, so I thought I’d share it with you nonetheless. If you’re up for a glance, here’s a link http://www.pressdisplay.com/pressdisplay/showlink

      Have a good one!

    81. Rory Conaway says:

      The reason the EPA approves drilling for other countries along with loand and denies drilling for U.S. companies is because those are the companies George Soros is invested in. He owns Obama like the Chinese owned the Clintons. The Democratic party is built on throwing trinkets to a few key constituents like the unions and then stepping on the backs of the poor ( who are too ignorant to know they are getting hosed) and then wealthy to pay for it. With gas at $4 per gallon, George Soros gets richer when he can drill and the U.S. loans him the money to do it, while his competitors are blocked from drilling.

      Since Obama took office, unemployment has gone throught the roof, far more minorities are out of a job, far more people can no longer buy health care, doctors won't take medicare patients and are dropping them as fast as possible, your household disposable income is no gone, Social Security and Medicare are going bankrupt at the fastest rate in history, and the debt is no so high, we may never pay it back. This is the Obama Democrats over 50% of the people in this country still support. Who says our education system isn't working?

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    85. Jim Charles says:

      Milton Friedman once said give me any three letters of the alphabet and I will give you another federal agency we can do without.

      I give Milton EPA.

    86. Logan Loring says:

      i am doing a project for school and if what ur saying is correct there are about 1,000,000,000,000 gallons of oil, and at 4 dollars well you can see how much money someone could make

    87. He great stuff. Keep it going. Looking forward to the next.

    88. mike says:

      I really don't understand why any of you think that any amount of oil production would bring the price of oil down! I believe we have a great need for change but you people seem to think we should consume every available resource as fast as humanly possible! If it destroys our environment then its just the cost of doing business! I wonder if this is all we are here to do! Are we just wasteful consumers intent on burning fossil fuels, discarding waste and making babies! If this is all we are then we are nothing but a plague upon the earth and one day we will run out of things to consume! When that day comes people will finally wake up and ask why! I am curious to know why we wait until something has an adverse effect before we see a need to change but the only problem with this kind of logic is when that day does comes it will already be too late to do anything about and then we will see what hard times are! Someday our children will curse us for the fate we leave them but we wont be here so what do we care!

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