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  • Earth Day? Beware the Hype.

    Acid rain. Expanding deserts. Global cooling. As Reason.tv explains in its video “The Top Five Environmental Disasters That Didn’t Happen,” all of the above were moments of environmental hysteria that led to nothing.

    Others they cite? Frankenfoods, the end of biodiversity (the claim that 70-80% of the Earth’s species would be extinct by 1995), running out of energy, a “silent spring” (an apocalyptic prediction about pesticides), and Malthusian famine (hundreds of millions of people starving to death by the 1970s).

    Under the Obama Administration, concerns over the environment — and specifically, global warming — have driven Congress and the president to push for even greater regulation of carbon emissions, first through the defeated cap-and-trade legislation and now through proposed CO2 regulation by the Environmental Protection Agency.

    The Heritage Foundation’s Nicolas Loris explains that, even setting aside the scientific dissention regarding the danger of CO2 and its effect on global warming, reducing CO2 unilaterally will have an insignificant impact on global emissions. Even worse, the regulations would extract trillions of dollars from our economy and destroy over one million jobs.

    Conserving our environment is a laudable goal, but there are better ways to do it than using hysteria to scare people into accepting draconian laws and regulations.

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    3 Responses to Earth Day? Beware the Hype.

    1. Florida says:

      Why is it that Earth Day is during Easter? May it be that the left is trying to usurp one more thing. This time it is the very reason Christianity exists. Without Easter, there is no Christianity. He died and rose from the dead, for us. It isn't Earth Day. It is Easter!


    2. Monica says:

      Happy Earth Day – Behold the Plastiki! David de Rothschild sails from San Francisco to Sydney in boat made of plastic bottles: http://f4a.tv/eUqAMC

    3. Marcia COOPER says:

      No argument that Rachel Carson and those of like mind did over reach in their dire predictions. I don't know who those two men were commenting – but their Pooh poohing all warnings about dangers such as pesticides and frankenfoods is just irresponsible.

      There are dangerous pesticides, used on the foods we eat, which have killed and maimed thousands and maybe hundreds of thousands of farm workers all around the globe. More concerning is the genetically modified foods which have been fed to animals – cattle, pigs, etc. and caused increased numbers of miscarriages and deformed animals born.

      The financial ramifications of Monsanto owning ALL patents on GMO foods have caused poor Indian farmers who did not receive the increased crop yields promised to them, and then could not save seeds for the next year to commit suicide to the tune of something like 20,000 in India!

      I cringe at the millions / billions of dollars that Bill Gates has given to produce vaccines that have hidden drugs in them which cause sterilization, etc. to "control" the population because they believe the patently wrong, bad science and bad math of the Malthusians.

      So, maybe some of their ideas were bad science and math – but there are very real dangers out there – - and they are continuing with the blessing of the FDA, EPA, etc. so the big business and big agri corporations can make more money. Somebody's "right" to a job ENDS when it threatens my family's and my health and life!

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