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  • Arizona Takes a Smart Step on State Guard Units

    As states continue to face large deficits and budget cuts, Arizona has hit on a smart solution.

    On Tuesday, the Arizona House of Representatives passed S.B. 1495, a bill enhancing the power of the governor to create a state guard unit. These units, better known as State Defense Forces (SDFs), are today’s modern state militia. Unlike the images of rag-tag groups often associated with the term militia, these are professional forces authorized by the Constitution and under the command of their respective state governors.

    Arizona stands to gain a great deal from the invaluable force multipliers they provide at virtually no cost to the states or tax payers. These all-volunteer forces are comprised largely of former military members and other public servants with a vast array of experience. For the most part, these SDF members are unpaid, except in some cases when called to active duty by the governor. They freely give of their own time and money for training, uniforms, and equipment to help provide for the security of their states.

    SDFs also possess a wealth of vital local knowledge. Unable to be called to federal service like the National Guard, SDFs are stationed within their states at all times. They have key knowledge of the area and vital relationships within the community that, in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency, can be essential to an organized and orderly recovery and response effort. These first responders have proved themselves time and again, be it their quick and capable response after 9/11 or their answer to the call to action following Hurricane Katrina.

    The local militia is an American tradition that dates back to the Revolutionary War. Arizona will truly benefit from putting this pillar of American history—the citizen soldier—to good use, and other states would be wise to follow suit. As states continue to face large deficits and budget cuts, the low-cost, high-value assets of the SDFs cannot be ignored.

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    12 Responses to Arizona Takes a Smart Step on State Guard Units

    1. Carol,AZ says:

      All hail, these true Americans that will volunteer and serve with distinction and make a different for the safety and security of thousands of citizen who make their living near the border areas.

      To Gov. Janet Brewer: You are an example of the bravest Governor in America, for standing strong through unspeakable obstruction of justice by the full power of the Federal Government to declare war on AZ.

      Thank you for your steadfast decison making.

      Your actions have made me proud to be an American when other States have caved on enforcing the Fed Laws of our land, within their own borders.

      We will continue to donate to the legal fund at: http://www.az.gov as we fight one lawsuit after another slammed on us, by the Obama thug machinery.

    2. Wildcat from Dallast says:

      While state defense forces may be an excellent organization to deal with natural disasters they may need some degree of resourcing to effectively deal with what appears to be the problem of paramount importance along our southern border, aggressively thwarting illegal activities including drugs (and the violent crimes associated with them), the rampant undocumented immigration and the trash both put on the American citizens’ tax bill.

      It may be worth it to at least the 48 contiguous states to screen volunteers and then arm them accordingly to deal with these issues on this side of the border that Washington refuses to do on the scale necessary to make our nation safer. Other states may want to do likewise and have them augment the Arizona State Defense Force to enhance their combat power and ability to maneuver to better deal with these issues, and all without the interference of Washington like the type all the states now get relative to deployment of National Guard troops along the southern border.

      Another alternative would be for the states to combine monies then contract “Xe” or “Triple Canopy” to come down there to rid the area of these nefarious types and secure the border like the Cavalry would during major combat operations prior to COIN. If the states each passed the same form of the Patriot Act first, then took actions to deal with these criminals, or perhaps, terrorists, then with vigilance, we might actually achieve a secure border and safer country.

    3. Dr BearClayborn says:

      Interesting concept; could prove most beneficial to offset any invalid social structures [unlawful and illegal encroachment within the state]. Of course being first responders to emerging crises or state emergencies would be SDF's top priority. The only concern about this new formation of citizen empowerment is the risk of law for SDF's warranted involvement in state affairs. The ultimate question towards using SDF's is how they would be able to defend themselves against the Obama administration. Undoubtedly Obama and Eric Holder will try to make an example of those who outright show their patriotism for their state and country. For sure the Obama administration will seek legal action against the individuals participating in the SDF assignments. But will the state of Arizona act on the SDF's behalf swift and promptly before the loyal and patriotic citizens are identified as domestic terrorists? Personally I approve of the SDF's, but will the state leave these participants hanging when the ignorant hyena in the white house takes federal action against the nation's citizens?

      Dr BearClayborn

      American Political Physician
      http://www.glasslipstalking.info http://www.americancoloringbook.info

    4. Robert says:

      Thomas Jefferson, in indeed, most Founders considered the militia a nearly perfect protection against tyranny. The Founders were concerned that a central government would create an army capable of "terrifying" the people. The state militia was the solution, hence the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights.

      20th century sophists and academics, Justice Sonya Sotomayor comes to mind, opine that Americans do not own a constitutional right to bear arms. They argue that the right to bear arms was limited to the militia,as it the word were a synonym for the federal government army.

      Actually the militia is and has always been the state citizen.

    5. peter l read Jupiter says:

      Az. seems to have it together when it comes to dealinf with illegal immigrants. Well done! To Az. and other states; keep-it-up!

    6. @FWTPtoo says:

      My wife and I have been wanting to move out of this state. Now I know to which state we will be going. As a former military man in a SPCOPS unit, this sounds perfect. I will help to defend our entire nation from AZ.

      It is about time all the states start taking back the power the federal executive branch has usurped so many years ago. Assert the 10th amendment and begin to nullify the unconstitutional laws inflicted upon us by the executive branch of the federal government.

      The United States has never really lived according to the values of the Constitutional Republic created by the Founding Fathers. Each president has ignored some part of the Constitution and each time it has resulted in violent oppression of either Americans or some people from around the world. Let's try living according to the highest principles asa listed in our founding documents.

      God Bless America and keep us safe.

    7. "Jack" Foo says:


      I am just one member of a small group of Arizona Citizens who have been advocating for the activation of the Arizona State Guard since the beginning of 2011. Our efforts are being headed up by retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel Luther "Luke" Taylor.

      More information about our effort to see the Arizona State Guard become a reality can be found on our website at http://www.arizonastateguard.com .

      The plan that LTC Taylor has proposed is that the first unit of the Arizona State Guard be formed only with prior-service military, in order to provide the knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience that would allow that first unit to train and organize the subsequent units.

      To that end, LTC Taylor has asked us to start making contact with prior-service military, officers, NCOs, and enlisted, who would be willing to add their names to a list of potential Candidates. Nothing about this official, and we may end up not having any input at all into what the ASG first unit may look like. But we are gratefully accepting the offer from those who are willing to step forward and be counted.

      Prior military service volunteers can contact us at azsg_soldier@hushmail.com .

      Civilian volunteers are also needed, and will continue to play a valuable role as the Arizona State Guard gets "ramped up". If you are interested in volunteering for service with the civilian component of the ASG, please contact us at azsg_civilian@hushmail.com .

      Title 32 State Defense Forces already exist in 23 states, including California, New Mexico, and Texas. The fact is, Arizona is the only southern border state that does *not* have an active State Defense Force. We aim to correct that situtation. With your help, we can make it happen.

      Many thanks,

      John "Jack" Foote

      • Eric Clough says:

        Prior service Army from TX I'd be willing to volunteer. The patriots who defeated the British to give us this country were untrained militia, as were the Texans who defeated General Santa Anna's army at San Jacinto.

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    9. State Representative says:

      In 2007, with bi-partisan support, I passes a bill to create the Homeland Security Force in Arizona. Unfortunately, Governor Napolitano vetoed the bill. This year. Senator Sylvia Allen was successful in passing SB1495 to allow Governor Brewer to start the Arizona State Guard without a requirement that the National Guard is unavailable to the state. It is essential that Governor Brewer sign SB1495, even if she never signs the executive order to get the state defense force going. The next governor may.

    10. "Jack" Foo says:

      Arizona Governor signs bill to authorize State Guard

      Now the hard work really begins. We need volunteers to help us mount a campaign to convince our Governor to sign the activation order for the Arizona State Guard.

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