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  • White House Amnesty Association’s Spring Meeting

    It’s that time of year again—the time for White House meetings aimed at placating the pro-amnesty lobby.

    There is lots of placating to do. It is almost an election year, meaning that soon politicians will engage in the time-honored tradition of duck and cover—which means they are definitely not interested in passing any kind of controversial legislation.

    President Obama has very few avenues by which to pursue his campaign promise of granting amnesty for the 11 million (down from 12 million) illegal immigrants inside the United States.

    With limited options, Administration officials are holding a high-level meeting on immigration, as they have done every year since President Obama has come to office. This time Al Sharpton got an invite. So did Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    Some of the people in the room may change—but the objective of amnesty never does.

    A better agenda for the White House immigration meetings would be to stop focusing on amnesty and get serious about reform. The lesson of the 1986 amnesty was that allowing illegal immigrants to stay in the United States sends the message that the U.S. does not take its law seriously and that once you get here, you will be allowed to stay. The lax enforcement of laws meant that the illegal immigrant population in the United States went from 2.7 million in 1986 to 11 million in 2011.

    Another amnesty would only set up another generation to come illegally and put the country back in the same or a worse position all over again. A better solution would focus on increased interior enforcement, a robust border security strategy, and reforms in legal immigration that will not contribute further to illegal immigration.

    Instead, the Administration is biding its time petitioning courts to outright dismiss immigration cases against non-criminal illegal aliens in cities around the country—which is equivalent to a de facto amnesty. That’s also why the Department of Homeland Security has rolled back key enforcement measures like Social Security No Match and changes to 287(g).

    All signs indicate that the White House is not serious about solving the problem, and so the public should continue to expect White House amnesty meetings where participants complain about how the immigration system is broken but are not willing to do what it takes to actually fix the problem.

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    13 Responses to White House Amnesty Association’s Spring Meeting

    1. George Colgrove VA says:

      Factors that made Rome fall and why we should pay attention:

      This is a two-part study as Rome fell twice. Once when it fell as a republic and second when it fell as an Empire. However, both eras share some commonality with each other and shares commonality with where we are today in the United States. Rome did not fall because of one thing, it fell from several intricate and delicate circumstances that in summation brought the end of the republic and the empire. Circumstances that can either act as a collective warning to protect America or a blueprint to destroying America.


      Political Corruption: Leadership succession was not defined and often involved violence to rid the nation of one leader just to replace it with another. Though, in the United States we do have a succession plan that involves public consent, however we have been fighting an uphill battle with voter fraud in recent years. What is similar is that due to leadership transition problems the Roman government workforce, the Senate, the Praetorian Guard and the Army became very powerful. In Roman times, the Emperor would reward the government workforce with gifts and money which gave them wealth, power and privilege above and beyond the citizenry of Rome. Today, the federal workforce is the true source of power in DC. It can be seen with the president and congress shivering in the knees during any discussion of reducing the size of the government. With our debt long past dangerous levels and with EVERY indicator dictating massive cuts, the federal workforce is able to wield its control over DC by keeping spending as it is – at the detriment of the nation. To show their gratitude for loyal service, Congress and the presidents since Reagan left office have given the federal workforce alarmingly high raises and out of this world benefits in an overly complicated system that the American Citizenry will find too complex to study. Since the end of the Reagan Administration, the federal workforce began garnishing power and prestige to a point that today thousands of people will apply for a single job just to get in the system of privilege – even if it means taking upwards of a 30% cut in pay!

      Fear: Rome used fear of its armies, high taxation and so on to suppress the people. What about today with dire warnings that brought on TARP, the public union bailouts and so on. What about the dire warnings of the current so-called debt ceiling limit.

      Religion: Many scholars believe that religion played a role as power was shifted from the state to the church. It is believed that the conflicting ideals of the church and state made Rome weak. This is not however, the case in the US – perhaps opposite. The federal workforce seems dead set on legislating and regulating every aspect of human life – moral or otherwise. In recent times though, one can see that many religious sects are vying for control of our country, be it the Christian right, Islam or what have you. The founding fathers learned well from history and as such barred the federal government from having a role in religion. We need to take another look and read carefully the warnings of the founders of this country. Today we can see the US congress creating more and more laws to cover moral issues, matters that should be left up to the individual, the church, or the states.

      General lack of morality: Not that I am interested in legislating morality, however in later Roman history, viewing Gladiators (reality TV) was commonplace. Rome suffered from massive political corruption (DC, federal workforce, Bell County, CA), increasing prostitution (streets, internet, TV, etc) and crime was at an all time high. Families were breaking up and many people just stayed single. Towards the end of Rome not too many people had children. Sounds a lot like today.

      The Economy: Rome inflated its currency. At the beginning a silver coin was 100% silver. As time went on, it needed more money to pay for wars and an increasing entitlement package. To compensate, Rome began to add other metals to its coins to a point when silver was a very small component of the coins. In short, these coins had no value. What are we doing today? We have an accumulated $14.3 trillion dollars floating around our economy with no backing. Moreover, we have annual charges on that money to the tune of over $500 billion. Our dollar is sliding in value on a daily basis. The price of gold is being predicted to go over $2,000 very soon. Rome suffered from a massive trade deficit. As Rome opened its doors to the Barbarians, they quickly learned how to be able to rob the treasury and did so.

      Poor Governance: Leading indicators that contributed to the fall of Rome was poor management. The government stated to give out benefits like free food and entertainment to placate the population. The government and the wealthy began hording wealth.

      Division: Rome began splitting in two, both geographically and culturally. The East began to be the more elite, wealthier higher class, and the west the opposite. Today we see that we have the “red” states and “blue” states. We have a cultural divide, but not so much geographical. We have an elite ruling class that comprises of the powerful federal workforce, congress and the media (blue state) and the rest of us, the country class (red state). The ruling class has the governmental power, prestige, privilege and wealth and controls the military. The rest of us pays for it all. We may not have an east or west, but what we do have is a Heartland vs. Urbania division.

      Endless Wars and the Invasion of the Barbarians – the real reason I am babbling here: We call it amnesty. The Roman government, like ours became complacent. For literally hundreds of years Rome drained its treasury and blood fighting war after war. It is believed that Rome’s imperial nature and endless wars was what led to the fall of the republic and gave rise to Caesar. Nevertheless, Caesar and his successors never stopped their pursuit of land and treasure. For hundreds of years Rome would be at war with itself or with others.

      Due to expansion, the Roman military were becoming more of a parameter force rather than a true defense. Anyone who plays RISK, knows that if you put all your armies on your borders and leave very little inside your territory (i.e. one army per region), once one of your adversaries breaks through just one part of your border, they can sweep through your territory in no time flat. This is where we are. We have a large chuck of our military outside of our borders – not here. The more wars we get into and the more of our soldiers we ship out, the weaker the homeland is. It may take just a small force to break our parameter, and then all they need to do is sweep. Simplistic perhaps but history repeats itself. If our ships are in the Middle East, they are not here at the time we need them. Rome believed in the “at all cost” – “money is not a factor” mentality. That did not save them.

      Not due to spending, but rather with the Army spread thin, the strength of the military weaned. The men were not trained and the leadership was in disarray. How many times have we heard DoD Sec Gates say he “does not know” what is going on with specifics on the Department of Defense – be it the size and scope of our intelligence community, how long our engagements will be in “quick” wars, and so on. But he is damned sure there to defend every dollar they want to spend. We are told by Gates that after pending over $7 trillion in the last 10 years on our military that our soldiers are not well trained and our hardware is long out dated. Our National Security Advisor has to get his talking points from the media. He and our CIA director both admit they get their intelligence from the media. Our DoD and for that matter our National Security lacks a driver – there is no on at the wheel and we are traversing at speeds that are uncontrollable – spending over $140 billion in debt a month!

      Towards the end of the empire, Rome started to open its borders to the Barbarians (we are doing he same for Mexico and Islam). It was a good will gesture with hopes that the cultures would acclimate and Rome would be saved the high cost of war. This eventually weakened Rome. In short order, the Barbarian were able to concur the western part of Rome by the Germanic General Odovacar.

      As for letting the Barbarians in, a recent article reported that a DHS border control agent was ordered not to arrest border crossers. A little over a month ago other border control agents reported that they were ordered to allow our guns to go across the border into drug lords hands. Guns that were used to kill our border control agents.

      We are right were Rome was prior to its collapse; however, we are in a faster moving world. The USSR fell in a day. Think about that. What took a couple centuries to erode, took the opposition in the USSR one evening to turn over. Stalin’s statue was toppled and the day after Yeltsin took over. Yes, Gorbachev was losing control for a little while prior to that event, but on TV we saw the USSR fall overnight. It sent chills through me seeing it and it send chills though me thinking about it today. Since then we have witnessed in our times countries fall and successor countries rise. It is conceivable that we can suffer the same. Totalitarian regimes fall to democracies, and democracies fall to totalitarian regimes.

      We are on the cusp of being a subject of future historians. It is conceivable we will read books titled “The fall of America and What Caused It.” in our times. We are letting the intellectuals take this land to the theoretical and we are letting them create a history of their desires – the end of America. We have seen their desires in the movies they make. Every parallel is there. For the intellectuals, they have history to use to create e the demise they seek. They have the blueprints and they are following it to a tee. In their ideals, they have learned from history and are implementing it for their ends. We the people need to also know that history and use that history to know what we need to stop before it takes us down. We do not have much time. The stresses are far too large now and what we will lose is far too big.

      What can be said for America’s demise is that it will not be a toppling of a statue. It will be on TV though. However, it will not be in a single day that it happens. It will be a reality we all will have one day – that it is gone – never to come back again. We will be sold our demise in a beautiful package. We will still have our monuments and the images of the America of the past, but we all will know it is gone. As Obama is doing today with Lincoln, the histories of the founders will be rewritten in socialist eyes. We will continue to marvel at Washington, not for showing restraint, but for some other feature of his history that can be twisted in socialist ideals. If we do not study the signs, and abide by their warnings, we will one day wake up to an America that the sun set upon – never to rise again.

    2. @FWTPtoo says:

      We have got to beware of what this president is capable of doing. He has shown time after time that he doesn't care what We The People think or want. He will do what he wants and his 3000 press secretaries will spin the deed countless ways until nobody knows or cares anymore what really happened.

      If he thinks he can get a few million more votes by granting amnesty, he'll take the chance. In the end, he does not care what happens because either way he wins. He is expecting to collect $1 billion for the reelection right? If he wins the election he wins, and we are doomed. The rule of law be damned. Illegal becomes legal at the snap of a finger.

      If he loses the election he will find a way, and his spineless republican appeasers will let him get away with it, but he will find a way to keep and spend as much of that billion as possible.

    3. Stephen B, NC says:

      The more we tolerate illegal immigration and the more we allow illegal aliens to operate with impunity in our nation, the deeper we fall into economic, cultural, civil and political anarchy.

    4. Dave Aldridge, Dayto says:

      Stephen B. CCC- Clear, complete and concise! Well said!

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    6. Roger S., Mass. says:

      Excellent description of reality, George Colgrove. Thank you for a job very well done. The parallels to Rome are shocking and may be prophetic. Time to "mind our P's and Q's, dot every I" and secure our borders, all three: geographical, financial, and cultural, or we will become the "immigrants" — in our own Country!

    7. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Jena! Jena, what a brilliant Article. The opening was good enough for the Comedy News (coming to Fox, soon), and of course these days, Reality is the funniest thing of all! My favorite George, Mr. Colgrove, Va, went off like I have never seen before! Great! Great stuff all around! Clearly you are an Inspiration on the Right.

      Immigration and Naturalization Service is like all the rest of the Government Agencies these days! They simply aren't doing their Jobs! But, then you look at what they ARE doing? It is worse than you ever thought possible! They do opposite their Mandate! Opposite! I say we ought to Defund and Abolish these guys too! Put something sensible there and quit pandering to the aliens. Not only does Obama serve the Foreign Interest almost exclusively, he is Representing Illegal Aliens better than he does us! It is a joke! But it isn't funny.

      I've got to go now and read what George wrote! But for crying out loud! Will you see America going after it is all gone? Impeaach the beach!

    8. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      George, George! Tell us when your Book comes out, your stuff is that good.

    9. Rebecca Fransway, Da says:

      Why Rome Fell 101: The rulers became too rich, too greedy, too enmeshed in fantasy worlds, and too drunk. Just like GOP today.

    10. Kevin A. McCauley Mo says:

      The proposed amnesty for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS

    11. Kevin A. McCauley Mo says:

      The proposed amnesty for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, especially now when we KNOW that we are infested with terrorists from around the globe, is suicidal. We should just open the borders (as if we haven't already) and say "Hey, you want to kill us? Heck, come on in!!" We aren't, as a people, wanting to end immigration. We just want it to be legal and proper, although at this stage of the game, might be asking for a miracle.

    12. Carol,AZ says:


      All Americans are being transformed into canarys, dropped down the mine shaft.

      As for, the" Spring meeting" and any leadership results, for national security that's, just a small diversion .

      Our government couldn't find a tick on the back hide end of a mangy stray mule when it comes, to leadership.

      We all get that here…just another plan to add to the chaos.

    13. Bob Ferris, San Dieg says:

      I voted for Obama. But, I can't believe the President is in such a child mode about not following current laws about undocumented immigrants. He is making jokes on camera about the Republicans putting alligators and ponds at the border. Our neighborhoods, schools, hospitals and welfare take undue negative hits for American Citizens and their families. When the economy improves illegals would have to be insane not come here. There will be more! No fear of prosecution, free medical care and medical care for child births with avenues to citizenship. Plus, welfare, school monetary assistance and amnesty for their crime of entering the country illegally. This is not a joke! Establish a system now with cut off date for those staying. Others should be deported and get back in line. School and work permits should be expanded.and policed.

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