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  • Podcast: Author Ron Miller on Racial Politics

    At a recent Heritage event, author Ron Miller said it’s time for black conservatives to admit they’re conservative, even to themselves.

    In his new book, Sellout, Ron Miller describes the ways in which conservative policies actually best embody the goals and values that many black families hold privately. In a special Heritage in Focus podcast released this week, Ron Miller discusses how conservative policies in the areas of school reform, welfare and the encouragement of family life are actually the best solutions for the problems plaguing America’s low-income black communities.  Click here to listen. David Weinberger hosts.

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    4 Responses to Podcast: Author Ron Miller on Racial Politics

    1. cathy, maine says:

      I am sorry, but if a person earns respect, he gets it. and the rude political discourse begins with the politicians and their campaign. last election year, the political ads included lies, accusations, threats and fear mongering. politicians are getting back what they project.

    2. cathy, maine says:

      I also am convinced that the captain (president) of the ship (country) sets the tone for the ship. you see that clearly on an airplane, on a cruise ship, and in Washington, DC.

    3. Bobbie says:

      President Obama addressed an audience on how welfare fit into his family from the white side that was bringing him up. With his years in Indonesia, who will ever know the truth but those keeping it from us and God, Himself. Obaaaama sounded proud in regard to government dependency!

      As people of the human race, we have more worth and dignity then his demeaning assumptions for the need of a government safety net he insists on continuing in place. He should be governing to ensure we don't need one! How dare he put this on people without the respect we were all given a life of ability to survive ourselves. No hand holding from government necessary. The President is destroying that with his class warfare, labeling of people and destroying the concept of equally accessible opportunities for an honest living to gain our own wealth..

      What angers me is the President promotes government dependency which hinders people from their God given talents to reach our fullestl potential without the outside influence of government. Government dependency is a great hindrance to our inalienable rights! Our independent living is threatened on a daily basis by government overreach and high expense.

      The attitudes of people have to change to realize they are more then the President wants us seen to be. We can't stop this fight. We are Americans and we stand firm regarding principles of this country! The more people on government assistance the more observed failed leadership!

      The President's actions are crippling people's ability to walk on their own two feet!

      Thank you to all who stand to fight for America's concept, the good fight!

    4. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Thanks David Weinburger, we sure do get our money's worth here at the Heritage Foundation. I am upping my donation next year.

      The saddest thing in light of Democrats betraying black Americans is Planned Parenthood, but in real suffering you have nailed the Progressive Agenda for what it is! They really love to destroy families! Especially they love to destroy Black Families! You are so right about the Republicans offering Black folks the Real Solutions! But that is just like the Constitution already solved the problem of poverty, but the Democrats won't hear it, they have to Communize and Socialize America! Even if it were a High Crime to do it! (It is.)

      It is an important fact, what Glenn Beck published, Planned Parenthood was a Eugenics Project! It was created to harm Black Americans. Then! You look at the millions of Blacks who were never born! Oh! Double Cut! Double Betrayed by the Half Vast Left Wing Conspiracy! How many Ron Millers did we lose? Then, how many were lost to Gangsterism, and indeed, crippled from the start? Sometimes Knowledge is a terrible thing to have, but Ignorance is always devastating!

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