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  • Good-Bye Fidel, You Will Hardly Be Missed!

    The Sixth Cuban Communist Party Congress and the Cuban people learned on April 19 that Fidel Castro is now fully retired. The Bearded One has become, so it appears, just another private citizen.

    Showing up wearing a blue track suit, helped to his seat by an aide, and appearing every day his 84 years of age, Fidel Castro relinquished all party and state posts for the first time in over a half a century.

    The four-day Party Congress was convened to accomplish two things: (1) open the doors for a revised economic strategy and (2) rejuvenate leadership on the island.

    It accomplished neither.

    The Cuban economy is in shambles. The Cuban state is broke. Raul Castro, Fidel’s successor, is dispensing band-aids rather than cures. A modicum of reforms are being introduced in order to accommodate the 1.5 million workers who will enter the privatized twilight zone of Cuba’s non-state sector as they struggle to replace the $24 a month salary they receive from the state. The Cuban hope is that “new businesses such as flower stalls, beauty parlors, barber shops, taxis and restaurants” will soak up a million workers laid off from the state sector and ignite economic development. The regime wants to scrap the ration book and may allow more private ownership of property.

    Communism and economic un-freedom still prevail. “I assume my post to defend, preserve, and continue perfecting socialism and never permit the return of capitalism,” vowed Raul Castro at the closing of the congress.

    As for leadership, Raul let it be known that the country’s top leadership positions still belong to the same old revolutionaries—the historical ones—who have repressed and ruined their nation for the past five decades. In addition to his current position as President, Raul assumed the post of First Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party. Although Raul spoke of a 10-year term limit for himself and his successors, their real concern is for the biological clock rather than any legal limit.

    Sobering news for Cubans, anxious for change, was the selection of José Ramón Machado Ventura as Cuba’s Number Two. He is 80 and potentially the Cuban dictatorship’s next “president.” “They’re keeping to the hard-line, ideological old guard,” said Uva de Aragón, associate director of the Cuban Research Institute at Florida International University. “The problem is you can’t have Stalin and Lenin trying to be Gorbachev at the same time.” Or as one Cuban tersely observed, “Same dog with a different collar.”

    Fidel Castro’s long overdue retirement, the complete ascension of Raul, and the uncertain economic path ahead scarcely moved the long-suffering Cuban people any closer to the individual liberty, democracy, and economic changes that could rejuvenate the island’s economy and open the door to genuine friendship with the U.S.

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    8 Responses to Good-Bye Fidel, You Will Hardly Be Missed!

    1. George Colgrove VA says:

      Good News! Coming at a good time considering Cubans want freedom as much as we do. While we drive ourselves into a totalitorian resolve, Cuba is starting to show rays of light of freedom. Lets hope the people rise up in peaceful but strong resolutuion for a democratic replacement. Cuba can turn around in very short order considering people here are virtually waiting in line to vacation there and want to have the legal option to smoke their cigars.

      I have more hope for Cuba getting to a free and open society then the United States.

    2. Wingnut says:

      I agree, George. This author is just doing classic Castro-bashing, puppeting oh so many others, and obviously refusing to do the research legwork. At least Cuba isn't caught-up in the giant servitude-infested, join-or-else pyramid scheme called capitalism. And I doubt Cubans are addicted to enjoyments and empowerments like the USA shopping'n'owning junkies are.

      Good luck, Cuba and other Bolivarian types. Do your best to stay away from the rat-racing earn'n'deserve felony known as the free marketeers. Childhood get-a-leg-up pyramids ALWAYS collapse, and capitalism is no different.

      Abolish economies (money, ownership, price tags)… and hurry. Not a single other living creature on the entire planet…uses such things. Economies are capitalist-invented, and forcing 18 year olds to join a competer's church like capitalism… OR STARVE… is felony extortion and forced religion. Competition is NOT healthy and never was. Only its opposite… cooperation… is healthy, but NOT cooperating with a competer's church like capitalism.

      Larry "Wingnut" Wendlandt

      MaStars – Mothers Against Stuff That Ain't Right


      Bessemer MI USA

      PS: Whatever heritage.org IS or lobbies-for, would you people please stop contaminating CSPAN and let that channel get back to being gov access like its suppose to be? Thanks.

    3. George Colgrove VA says:


      You got me wrong. I feel Cubans WANT capitalism. They had it in the day befroe Castro and many lost big time with no gain. If you read my post, I said that people in this country would be lining up to vacation in Cuba and we WANT to BUY their cigars. Meaning I feel the best path for Cuba IS capitalism.

      My contrast is that the United states may be loosing capitalism at our detriment while Cuba may actually gain it to their benefit.

      Cuba has had communism for 5 decades. The newest car they have on the streets is a circa 1950's chevy. It is a good thing they are in the tropics. Had they had to use salt on their roads to melt snow, they would have no cars. Cubans suffer from the weight of communism much like we will in the very near future. In a recent poll, 42% of Americans feel capitalism goes against christian beliefs. We are doomed, Cuban's may actually have a chance at that hope and change Obama promices us.

    4. Dave Aldridge, Dayto says:

      How appropriate the moniker for Larry W.

    5. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      I just about fell off my chair laughing about how Barber jobs and Hairdresser jobs, Flower shops and Restaurants were going to solve Cuba's job woes! That is like all these wonderful new Obama Jobs for Americans! We are all supposed flip hamburgers for a living but nobody will be able to afford to go out to eat! All Communists are the same! You have to run out of money to steal some day!

      But you carved the point so well! Rual Castro says "Never permit the return to Capitalism!" See? Even if the Cubans starve the ideology of Communism remains unconvinced! That is monumental Faith! Blind Faith! And this is the exact kind of blind faith Obama and his gang are promoting! It is the same exact thing! Obama can't see Growing the Pie! These people are insane, like somebody who refuses to learn how to Multiply! Sure! Castro looks really stupid! That's how stupid Progressives are! Here! In America! They caused $5.00 gasoline! They caused Income Tax! The waste of Trillions in American Capital! That is every bit as stupid as the Castro's gig.

      Donald Trump is right! Obama is not particularly bright, not quite bright! His second book proves he never was the Genius everybody thought! In fact Obama has never been fully Vetted! They didn't even ask for his Birth Certificate! I think Obama was appointed to President, and stole his election with lies and dirty tricks! Oh, yeah! And election fraud. So Obama is right 'up there' with the Castro bunch. Indoctrinated! Like seriously hypnotized by Bull!

    6. Diana Brown, Illinoi says:

      We are so blessed to be in this great country called America for all of the liberties that we have and our rights. The Progressives are trying very hard to take our liberties away but we the people will not allow them to do that. We will all stand and stand firm for our freedom. God Bless This Great Country!!!!

    7. Roger S., Mass. says:

      "Good bye"? Are you trying to be funny? — I'd say: good riddance. Let's pray that his idiot brother and their party-hacks will soon join him! — Communism has been busily "retiring" for some time now, world-wide. "Retirement" has shown, every time, an impoverished and seedy looking "senior" near starvation, barely making ends meet with the help of a few "friends" (similar Latin American countries in this context) scarcely better off. Americans anxious to keep "entitlements spreading the wealth" while facing fiscal Armageddon should take a close look. NOT what the picture post cards would like you to believe!

    8. Wingnut says:

      Sorry George… I thought when you mentioned Cuban freedom, you meant freedom to NOT join the free marketeers and freedom to NOT use economies… like all the other living things. My mistake.

      Dave, how very fresh and original! I've NEVER heard that before. Now try getting on-subject and take your personal bashing to a kiddie joint where it belongs.

      Diana… you have no liberties when you (and most non-set-for-life children) are forced to join the free marketeers at age 18… OR DIE. That's not freedom, that's extortion, but feel free to keep hugging disgusting immoral wage-slave earn'n'deserve pyramid schemes. It will all come out in the wash, later, when you meet the Earth creators, who wanted you to love and share, not invoice and tug-o-war over ownership of things and paper coupons.



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