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  • Extreme Makeover: Homeland Security Edition

    Today, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano announced a replacement for the Homeland Security Advisory System, which was scrapped by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in January and won’t likely be missed by anyone.

    The new system—dubbed the National Terrorism Advisory System—takes the right steps toward adequately communicating with the public about the risks we face and will ensure that the alerts are more than just background noise in the busy lives of Americans.

    For instance, the system focuses on ensuring that alerts are (1) clear and simple and (2) specific/actionable. Instead of the silly color system where Americans were expected to disaggregate the consequences of the color orange from the color green, it will label a threat as either “elevated” or “imminent” and provide specific information on the threat where possible. It will then provide next steps that can be taken to “prevent, mitigate or respond to the threat.”

    The old system had zero credibility because it would ratchet up terrorism concerns by changing the color level regardless of whether the nature of the risk actually warranted an increase. It was also too general for citizens to understand how it might impact their local communities. A threat in New York City might mean little to citizens in Nebraska—or it might be a lot—but no one ever knew.

    Yet despite the lack of clarity, the federal government would respond by spending collectively billions on physical security efforts. Worse yet, DHS never knew whether the measures were successful at preventing or deterring attacks or were simply playing a game of “name that color.”

    This is a positive step forward. Now is the time for DHS to go further by getting serious about its role as the lead integrator of the nation’s preparedness efforts. The recent publication of PPD-8—a long-awaited national preparedness directive—should be the impetus for DHS to reform grant processes in a way that conforms to its new capabilities-based preparedness policy and aligns with national preparedness goals.

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    6 Responses to Extreme Makeover: Homeland Security Edition

    1. Ken Brody, PA says:

      The interesting thing abut security is that you never know if it worked, you never know if it will work, but you sure as hell know how much trouble and expense you put into it.

      Into this black hole of a department we invest our megadollars and our Constitutional rights?

    2. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      It's more of the Obama directed diversion and slight of hand. The same game
      he always plays.

    3. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      I'd say we Defund and Abolish the whole ridiculous Department Of Homeland Security! There is nothing enlightened about compartmenting information in a bunch of Agencies. It isn't that they don't talk to one another, they can't! Blather smoke just isn't that valuable coming out of Janet Napolitano! I can't see paying DHS all that money for so small a result! DHS couldn't operate worse if the enemy had designed it!

      So it is obvious, Enforce the Border! Nope! They never do it, even when they have the money they simply refuse to do their jobs! Make war on Arizona? We should pay for that? Put the National Guard on the Border! Nope! They won't let armed men anywhere near the Border! Well! Except for armed Mexican Drug Lords, and we pay for the weapons? Yeah, 12,000 automatics on a Sting Operation found their way into enemy hands! We would all be better off without DHS.

    4. Bobbie says:

      If they couldn't work together on making the simple color code system work, how is this more extensive, more expensive way going to make us anymore comfortable?

      All for illusions sake.

    5. Roger S., Mass. says:

      As things stand, we still can't measure whether DHS is up to the task of securing our borders. How does one measure this? — If nothing terrible happens for a long time, this could have nothing at all to do with their ability, or everything. Only if something does happen do we get a measure of where they failed, of what could be improved. — That's the paradox hounding the efforts of every security organization when confronted by a secretive and stealthy adversary.

      Neither Ms. Napolitano, nor unfortunately Jena McNeill, really give us enough information to assess either our remaining threat exposure risk, or the competence of DHS to deal with it. Is that a good reason for disbanding DHS altogether?

      I'm not so sure. Although we can't even be certain of their record, as a batting average even of 100 against foiled attempts we know about leaves us guessing about the number of "almost" attempts which our adversaries abandoned due to DHS hurdles which they perceived as too risky. If it were so, then that alone would be good reason for "keeping them on". On the other hand, it would still not say much about the possibility that in the future they could fail in some presently unforeseeable way! Does anybody in and around this Administration know enough to make at least a somewhat intelligent assessment? If so, would it be wise to make it public? IMO we will have to live with this problem. A "lean and mean" DHS consolidating all intelligence, lines of communication, and powers of rapid decision might be the ideal. Do we have that? Is it achievable? I just can't tell.

    6. Carol,AZ says:

      HLS, will never get away with burying ATF's duplicity over Operation Gun Runner. The empirical evidence it there.

      The above meeting , just another side show.

      The question remains: how deep the pockets go?

      The investagation is still on-going.

      Yes, we are already there ; The Banana Replublic-of -America.

      Leon, your analogy about Rome, excellent.

      There's too many of us that will disallow Brain Terry's death to go down without a fight. This is an excellent example of the effective use of the W.Blower Law.

      To the rest of America…..HLD , Sec. Janet N. will never step inot AZ.., after the recent "stand down order" to our border agents. If she dare to put herself on our border we will happily tie her to the unfinished border fence and allow our law enforcement to "stand down."

      The current ideas coming from D.C is to scare the illegals back across the border, instead of arresting them and deporting them.

      That way: This clueless leadership can lie further, skew the numbers, and tell America, "our borders are secured becasue the arrests are down.."

      The truth: Genocide ( the mass execution of civilian) and the graves are finally being located. about 60 miles from the TX border.

      Seven more graves just located. Further : we're hearing,

      The MX citizens on the border towns stretching the 2000 mile USA border, believe, there're 100's more, mass graves.

      To date, 12,000 MX chiuldren are now orphaned and, to date, the real facts , of the kill zone numbers, are not known regardless of what your hearing .

      The real distraction about all things , border security…"NO Budget in America" "raise the debt ceiling" …Adding to the well planned chaos…

      Please check -out these site and get the daily updates feeds..They don't lie.



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