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  • Do You Have a Question for Andrew Breitbart?

    Do you have a question for conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart? Well we want to hear it.

    On Thursday, Breitbart will visit The Heritage Foundation to discuss his new book, Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World! In the book, Breitbart, founder of Breitbart.com and a host of popular conservative websites, delves into his past and explores his crusade to expose liberal media bias while helping conservatives to better communicate their message.

    Before his speech, Breitbart will sit down with Heritage for a brief interview for our In The Green Room series. And while this series is nothing new, this time around we are trying something different. That’s where you come in.

    Rather than pick all the questions ourselves, we’re asking our readers to submit questions of their own. We will collect some of the best and include them in our interview this Thursday.

    What do you what want to ask? Post your question in the comments section below.

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    19 Responses to Do You Have a Question for Andrew Breitbart?

    1. Robert, Edmonton says:

      Mr. Breitbart; "The main stream media has to be brought down and then replaced with objective journalism. In my opinion they have gone from biased, to corrupt, to criminal from 2008 to today. Is there a way to quicken their demise?"

    2. Keven Wickham Vancou says:

      When will you come to Canada?

    3. Toni Gallardo says:

      I have been to 2 Tea Parties and heard you speak! I think you are the bravest man. How do you and your family deal with the volatile hatred from the Left? Stay strong and keep up the Fight! Thank You!!!

    4. tpaege says:

      I'm not in favor of extending the either social security or Medicare. To me they are too tempting a target for those who have a bend to spend. Why can we not do a tiered phase out so that we Dont cripple those already on it or those too close to change their boats.

    5. Kate in Minnesota says:

      Is there anything the public can do to help Art Robinson, the professor at Oregon State U whose family is being penalized for his conservative actions?

    6. Suzanne Everett, Ohi says:

      Andrew and The Heritage Foundation,

      As an educator who is about to graduate college and begin to search for a teaching career, how do you plan to take on the education system? I've had to silence myself and my views on the education system for far too long. I agree that it needs major reform from the left to the right. The different pieces of information that I've learned throughout the years in the college and in the real world setting is scary. The things we are made to teach are children are appalling. When I am teaching, it is sad that I am the minority in my teaching style, message deliver to the students, etc. I just want to say thank you sir for wanting to take on something that will A. take time to fix, B. take patience to fix, C. something that will be beneficial to this current generations and generations to come. Thank you for time and I look forward to reading your book and watching you take on the education system.


    7. Trent Anson, USA says:

      How did you get started in the field you work in? I've had a similar idea to what you are starting to develope on the internet trying to expose the truth and the hypocricy or the left. I would love to learn how you got started in the field.

    8. Jason Hart, OH says:

      I'd love to hear any suggestions from Breitbart for the inevitable Senate Bill 5 referendum in Ohio. The unions will be pouring tens of millions into drilling home their class warfare this fall – does he think it'll help to show how much union bosses ( AFSCME chart at http://goo.gl/fb/C2WXA, Ohio Education Association chart at http://goo.gl/fb/MNLGi ) take from members for their own pay? Is there some pro-freedom argument he feels is getting better traction than the rest? How do opponents of omnipotent public unions get the word out amidst the heavily funded leftist noise?

    9. Sam Katt, Boston, MA says:

      Thank you for exposing the fraud and abuse in the systems you have delved into in the past few years. You have helped make my arguments against government waste and entitlement corruption stand taller.

      Are you working on exposing bureaucrat corruption, namely MA government (insert any state or county here) and the democrat's stranglehold on political favoritism?

    10. Rick, Fairfax says:

      Fox is the only cable news network that believes in economic freedom, but most fiscal conservatives would say it can be better. For example, the public doesn't know all government spending is $5 1/2 trillion and that there's another $2 1/2 of indirect costs, or that the Republicans did not have "complete control" from 2000-2006 with only 53 on average in the Senate and how many know about NTU Rates? Can we propose to Mr. Ailes a one hour special where we take it from the top, explaining to the public the most important facts and deconstructing the biggest myths? Thank you sir.

    11. John, Los Angeles says:

      Andrew, You were working for the Drudge Report during the 2008 election. Many observers believe strongly that, contrary to what it has been since Obama was elected, the Drudge Report was extremely pro Obama during the campaign, especially during the primary season. To what do you attribute this, and why didn't you resign from your job or at least publicize the reality that Drudge was helping to elect someone you supposedly despise as president? Is it not also true that both you and Drudge have profited from Obama's election?

    12. Wildcat from Dallast says:

      Mr. Breitbart, I respect your accomplishments and have a great appreciation for the work you continue to do to shine the disinfectant of sunshine on the less than ethical efforts of so-called journalists who are entrenched in the lamestream media. When those of us who possess cogent reasoning skills consider the most critical issues we face as citizens of the greatest nation on this earth, what plan can be implemented to accelerate the exposure of nefarious media outlets and individuals who appear to have partnered with the “worst-of-the-worst” in our federal government that not only exposes them but their political officials in office, or appointed as in Czars that will lead to the demise of their organizations’ ability to adversely affect the people and, perhaps, prosecute with ruthless integrity, those political officials without fail? Media outlets and individuals may have been too restrictive a scope as union leaders in both the public and private sectors should be included just like any of the sub-organizations and spin-offs from such organizations like the former ACORN and SEIU, AFL-CIO etc. What support would you need to aggressively pursue these individuals and organizations with the objective to neutralize their ability to wreak havoc on the rest of us? Perhaps the Koch brothers could help in ways neither of us could imagine.

    13. Trent Anson, USA says:

      I thought there would be more comments – huh.

    14. Trent Anson, USA says:

      where can we send you videos of things? i want to send you a video of how we were treated at a social security office. they treated us so poorly they made my aunt cry. i want to show the country where our tax dollars are going and show how we are paying to be treated.

    15. Alison from Glendale says:

      Why do your public statements about Sarah Palin so much more complimentary than your private statements which have been extremely negative?

    16. Bobbie says:

      Mr. Breitbart, from the last investigation regarding public broadcasting, how is it lawful that anyone but in this case, someone subsidized by tax dollars with a reputable title, can include "hate speech" for an attempt of mind games to conjure. Threats of hatred, false accusations of racism all based on personal assumptions and the fact there is no evidence of ANY tea party accusations that he insisted on only to pin specific people against another? As sensitive and easily influenced as some are, accusations like this could start a civil war!

      I see nothing unlawful regarding the investigation to find the truth, as the investigators portrayed empathy of those seeking government resources or business doings. Nothing should be hidden or deceived when our money is spent out of our control and within the control of government.

      We thank you and all working with you on achieving efforts to bring the truth out! God Bless you all!

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    18. Audrey Pope Wausau, says:

      I Stand with Scott Walker on facebook The Communist Party has joined AFO-CIO with the unions in Wis. Also shown on laborunionreport.com "We Are One" champaign . We need hel

    19. Eugene F White says:

      Even though I'm A Member o the Heritage Foundation and donate regularly. I find it difficult to ask a question are from this foundation. My first comment to make it easier for members to submit pertinent questions. My second question is to find out if the National Replican Commitee is a legitimate consevative commitee. I'm not to sure whether there are scam sites that represent this commitee(RNC) because they are always pestering with phone calls or mail for donations. To Summarize, Are they a ligitiment conservative organization? Or please direct me to the proper Herirtage area to where I may post questions.

      sincerely,Eugene F White

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