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  • Paul Revere Sounded the Alarm, and at Lexington They Stood

    “The British are coming!” cried Paul Revere.  On April 19th, 1775, the British marched toward the small villages of Lexington and Concord to seize supplies of the citizen militia and snuff out the colonial resistance.

    But the British would not succeed.  Warned by Paul Revere’s alarm, the militia, made up of farmers and shopkeepers, met them on the green outside the town.  A hundred and fifty strong, the citizens of Lexington armed themselves and faced the trained forces of British infantry and grenadiers.  Captain John Parker told this volunteer militia, “Stand your ground.  Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”

    The British fired the “shot heard round the world,” in Emerson’s memorable words, and they marched against the citizens on the field, killing eight and leaving ten wounded. And so the War for Independence began. Before the British could continue into Concord, the Minute-men, rallied by the Battle at Lexington, engaged the British forces and drove them back into Boston.

    To stand in that field was not an easy task, but it was a solemn duty.  That morning, the British intended to seize the colonists’ property unlawfully.  The colonists understood their obligation to defend their families, their homes, and their town. Fathers and sons, young and old, the men of Lexington were the first to pledge their lives, fortunes and sacred honor. They hoped to prevent a war, but they would not surrender their liberties. It was their duty and so they stood.

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    13 Responses to Paul Revere Sounded the Alarm, and at Lexington They Stood

    1. Grabill, Indiana says:

      I'm very fond of our Country's history; especiallly where Paul Revere is concerned. My memory isn't what it used to be and I can't quote "Paul Revere's Ride" anymore, but he's still one of my heros. Thank you so much for this item.


    2. Kevin Novak Pueblo W says:

      …as we patriots and lovers of America, seemingly, will have to do once more…God Bless America!

    3. Redfray, Pea Ridge, says:

      Who will fire the first shot in the soon coming revolution of America?

    4. sam says:

      You have courage to write this reminder. Thank you

    5. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      I'd say a 'Well Regulated Militia' was intended to have weapons that are owned by Citizens. So, Lexington and Concord are no longer possible today, because Americans only get to have 'Hunting Weapons' in the new Round of Democrats undermining our Inalienable Right to Self Defense. I hope you guys know that the Swiss are allowed to own Tanks, Morters, Rockets and Anti Aircraft guns. There isn't any real discussion about what an Armed Citizenry is for! The Swiss know perfectly well what Citizen Arms are for! They mean it! And look! Swiss guns don't kill people, so how do our guns grow consciousness all of a sudden, and self animate somehow, and evil, kill people here in the States! Something in the water I guess.

      Obama actually wants all of our guns! Bureau of Tobacco, Alcohol and Firearms is doing an 'end around' Congress just like every other Obama Agency! "Only Hunting Weapons allowed!" Forget Lexington, you won't even have a BB Gun! Like the Movie "Red Dawn" it looks like Obama's buddy, Hugo Chavez is coming. I suppose you can use a protest sign if your language isn't too hateful!

    6. Dr. Leon W. Bleiberg says:

      "In order to subjugate a population You Must control Healthcare".

      I have the answer!!


    7. Bobbie says:

      Totally loved the movie the "Patriot" and picture things happening just that way!!!! Real men of strength and courage getting rid of the enemy no matter what his title!!

      God Bless America and let freedom ring! That'll happen once the bigots and traitors are removed from their abuse of American government authority. Hopefully soon…

    8. Ron McCall, Springfi says:

      Actually, Paul Revere did NOT say "The British are coming". All the Bostonians and their neighbors of the day thought of themselves as loyal subjects of the British crown. They were British. What he said was, "The Redcoats are coming!" That was the call to arms. Longfellow, in his effort to record the event in poetry, had to change some important facts, as they related to the event.

      Nevertheless, Paul Revere did complete an important mission that night, even though he was arrested in the effort.

    9. Anthony Catanzaro, C says:

      There can be no better argument to de-fund the "Dept of Education" and turn the running of schools back to the States/localities where they could replace the politically-correct, socialist drivel that they now teach with real economics and American History courses – EMPHASIZING the Founding of America.

    10. Bill Person says:

      Your piece above is beautifully written and stirs ones imagination and patriotism.

      I have to correct the truth about the "shot heard round the world" though.

      First there were skirmiches all the way out of Boston to Concord not just at Lexington, and, all the way back to Boston. So it is impossible to tell when the first shot was fired as both parties fired on each other miles before the British arrived in Lexington.

      Secondly the largest battle of the day was not at Lexington nor Concord. More people were killed and wounded in a small village at the time called Menotomy, now Arlington, as the British returned from Concord.

      Most of the action during the day was a Guerilla style warfare on the part of the Colonialists as rightfully they did not have the strength to face a formidable army as the British brought to bear.

      This was not the case in Arlington. In many cases it turned into hand to hand, or should I say bayonet to musket or saber to saber warfare. Interestingly the only British taken prisoner for the day were taken in Arlington. Even more eyeopening was that some of the British Dragoons surrendered to a black women in Arlington. Clearly after the battle just fought surrending to an untrained Colonialist would have meant certain death, immediately. A black women in those days would not have had the freedom to make that kind of life and death decission about a white man, even if it were a British soldier.

      Lexington was the most visible confrontation and deserves it's place in history. Sadly all of those actions prior to and after Lexington have never seen light of day. The hundreds of Colonialists who risked life and limb is astounding when you consider the horror of taking lead, a bayonet, or a saber in those days. Their amazing belief in the idea of being relieved of an over reaching government in the form of the King makes one wonder when we all will wake up to what is going on today.

      I hope we could make those Colonialists proud that we have found OUR character to stand for those same principles they so dearly defended!!!

    11. A.K. Hall says:

      167 years later to the day, another "famous day"was dawning deep in the northern pacific waters 400 miles from Japan.16 U.S. B25 Mitchell Bombers were being launched from the deck of the aircraft carrier U.S.S.Hornet.Launching those 16 aircraft was a miracle in itself.The raid on Japan was not a turning point,but it was a moral booster for the American people and put a large dent in Japanese invulnerabilty. 18 April 1942

    12. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      There were two riders a Mr. Dawes went the opposite way that night, the colonist were in a bar all night drinking, never the less the kept the "Redcoats" from getting to Concord. I was very fortuante to wallk thoe streets on Monday, which was "Patriot Day" in Mass.and see the sights and the memorials and some of the graves. My ancestors were in the war, one served in New York, upstate and others in New Jersey, I know first hand from family stories passed down, how courageous thse men were and so were the women who went along and loaded their guns, cooked their meals and nursed their wounds. Now let us be the Patriots and quell this disease that is infecting out country, it is called "Socialism" and is far worse than George the 3rd had in mind.

    13. Rich Thorne says:

      The Progressives are coming, The Progressives are coming. I am afraid this time, too many people are rolling over and going back to sleep.

      In the war which we wage to defend the founding principles, it appears to me that we are taking a severe beating. This fight needs to be ramped way up or the US may decline beyond the point of no return.

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