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  • Unleashing the American Spirit

    America is a nation conceived in shared ideals. Penned into the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are the ideas of individual liberty and free enterprise. These two fundamental ideological pillars of our society are the catalysts that spawned America’s rapid ascension to greatness.

    We have always been a nation of innovators, creative thinkers, and hard workers. The dream to be free, independent, and self-reliant runs deep in our veins. America continues to be a powerful magnet for those denied entrepreneurial opportunity in other lands.

    Entrepreneurship, as Heritage experts have demonstrated, is the driver for strong economic growth; without it, long-term stagnation is the more likely outcome. Government policies make a difference, and all too often, misguided government actions stifle entrepreneurship. Our leaders must send a message to those dreaming of a better life that government will no longer stand in their way.

    Repealing Obamacare, reducing deficit spending, eliminating unnecessary regulations, and approving the pending free-trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia, and Panama are just a few of the measures the government should take to foster an entrepreneur-friendly environment leading to economic growth.

    Data from the Index of Economic Freedom show that countries friendly to entrepreneurs enjoy higher standards of living. Naturally, when government gets out of the way, people and business flourish. Increase the possible reward for starting a business and suddenly people are more willing to take risks. Some new enterprises will fail, but many more will succeed.

    Our economy remains sluggish, and many have called on the government for assistance, but we must remember that bigger government diverts resources from private endeavors and is as likely to hamper as it is to promote the entrepreneurial endeavors we need for future growth and prosperity.

    The solution to our current situation lies in our past, our roots. It is time for our government to return to a limited role in our lives and allow for the unleashing of the American spirit. We can no longer afford to be afraid of failure, nor can we afford to be afraid of greatness.

    Aaron Walling is currently a member of the Young Leaders Program at the Heritage Foundation. For more information on interning at Heritage, please visit: http://www.heritage.org/about/departments/ylp.cfm.

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    6 Responses to Unleashing the American Spirit

    1. Charles Breitweiser/ says:

      The American people have slept long enough to allow a 4th branch of government to grow, "The Regulatiory Branch" Congressman, Darryl Issa, Calif. is having every regulatory restriction that is costing private business money to comply with put on a report showing actual dollar figures. i dont know, but am hoping he intends to use this report in congress to have these regulatory restrictions removed. There are people in prison right now for violating some of these restrictions without having any intent to violate the law. Its just that these restrictions are so difficult to understand, teams of attorneys have difficulty understanding them. Heritage has an entire article on "Overcriminization." Explaining how such regulations, being created by non-elcted bureaucrats, are carrying severe prison penalties for violations of regulations they had no idea existed. This regulatory branch is the main opression on private business. The AssocIation of criminal lawyers are reaching out to congress and the citizens of this great republic to inform them of overcriminalization and have these regulations overturned. This action combined with the action of Darryl Issa, gives me much hope for the entrepaneurial future of this great country.

    2. Bobbie says:

      The American spirit has been defamed, demeaned, demoralized by government and their abuse of authority. Why lead your life according to how government sees fit? Which is what Obamacare is doing and the petty regulations trumping innovations regarding the private sector.

      Some American immigrants are new to the concept of freedom! And this is what America has to show? No matter what, you can always depend on government? Government is right there for all your social needs! Yuck!

      As mankind, we have an obligation to our fellow mankind as individuals and on our own accord, not through the government of Obaaaama.

    3. George Colgrove VA says:

      "We have always been a nation of innovators, creative thinkers, and hard workers. The dream to be free, independent, and self-reliant runs deep in our veins. America continues to be a powerful magnet for those denied entrepreneurial opportunity in other lands."

      That America was – what we have become is a country that demands what other have. The most egregious sins that America will cause is if it gets so deep into debt it defaults on its obligations, we would have stolen immeasurable wealth from the world. Moreover, if we do not default, we would have stolen from children yet to be a spark in his or her parent’s eyes. We cause wars to start so we can steal oil from other people’s lands or impose our will on nations. We steal the spirits and wills of individuals by forcing them on assistance programs. We steal from innovation by consolidating all decision making to one corrupt body in DC.

      When I say we, it is we the people who sanction the corrupt self-serving nature of the federal government by our inaction. The federal government is NOT AMERICA. It is the worse part of this country. DC bleeds greed. It is hard to feel patriotic and proud of this nation when you tour the nation's mall and see the federal reserve and the FBI buildings to your left and the departments of agriculture, transportation, and education to your right. Seeing the thieving self-preserving departments dead set on ruining America while at the same time you want to enjoy the Smithsonian and the statues of true leaders (Lincoln, Jefferson and moreover Washington), and you want to take a solemn moment to reflect on the massive number of people who gave their lives for the survival of not only the country but the ideals for what we have for so long promoted.

      All those soldiers who gave their lives and who still are giving their live have done and are doing so in vain. The country is still worth every drop of blood, but the federal government is not. They have consumed those lives in payouts of over $400 billion a year to defense contractors – which I fear is the true push for war. The bottom line of all federal workers TSP investment plans. The federal workforce profits on a decaying American economy and war. This is not exceptionalism and provides nothing to be praised.

      Last November, America said NO MORE in a way that has not been louder ever in any other time in history. Yet the federal workforce buckled down and spent $411 billion in just two short months. Since the new congress went to work with the OUR mandate they have kicked the can down the road to the tune of $495 billion. Our current TOTAL debt as of COB yesterday is $14,305,337,000,000.00. http://www.fms.treas.gov/dts/index.html. S&P had downgraded our debt mostly because congress did not act on any plan to reduce the debt. Ryan’s plan is a good first baby step, but in reality – if passes will only cut $200 billion from the FY2012. Not enough. This is not exceptional. It is a lie. Most of his plan uses CBO numbers. The CBO has yet to get anything right. They are counting on the GDP rising at unimaginable rates. Reality is that for FY11 the GDP was supposed to have gone up by hundreds of billions and so far, it is barely budging over $15 trillion. By COB FY11, the GDP will for the first time in American history will be lower than the national debt (with the exception of 2 years during WWII – for which the federal government paid off a good portion of WWII several years after the war ended!) The GDP has hardly grown but by a few hundred billion since 2005. If Ryan’s plan were to be accepted as is, the deficit will likely be crushing in just a few years – if it is not so right now. Ryan’s plan continues debt spending for another 10 years before he proposes paying the debt down. By then we are talking about crippling debts measurable in the upper 20 trillion with debt servicing bringing that sum nearing 40 trillion. It will likely take the current total tax revenue just to make annual payments. This is not exceptional.

      The article above is very nice and is needed to build patriotism in these days. Nevertheless, if we spend like we are for a little longer, what you wrote above will be nothing more than a memory. Most of it is already, considering most people are now victimized in many different ways by the federal workforce. If we want to preserve the America, you wrote about, we need to get the federal government under control.

      The number one task at hand is to protect and defend the dollar! We need to hammer down the debt. We need to get S&P to give the country a good rating again. This means we need action NOW!

      Number two, we need to get military spending under control. We need to focus defense dollars strictly to the defense of this country. No more lucrative defense contracts that are bankrupting this country. Yes, we need to modernize, but we need better transparency about where the dollars are going. I no longer believe the DoD has this country’s best interests at heart. We need to bring our soldiers home. The world is falling apart and we no longer seem to be a fixing force. From my point of view, it is starting to look like we are messing tings up more than fixing them.

      We need to recognize we can no longer provide funding for domestic programs. Those need to revert back to the states – who are doing them right now anyway. We need to send off to the private sector what can be done cheaper and more efficient. We need to end entitlements from e federal government.

      We need to unleash the private sector. Deregulate commerce – let he states take over the oversight. Sure, some will do better than others will, but the feds are not doing a great job as it is right now and it is affecting the entire nation – badly! Privatize NASA and allow a place for the defense contractors to go to profit legitimately on the expansion of life, knowledge and exploration as well as providing really cool vacation options for the filthy rich rather than have this country invest its life, large sums of its cash and its future on death.

      American exceptionalism comes from our inherent drive to be more. To help those in need. To dream the impossible dream. To unleash America means we need to close down DC. America’s greatness will not be paid for by federal checks. We see what that is doing right now. Her greatness comes from the hearts, the dreams, the souls of American citizens. The Tea Party emboldens that spirit. Our greatness will once again erupt once we are allowed to express it. Things unthought-of will start to emerge once again. Since WWII we have been locked in a federal mindset of total control by the federal workforce. Their jealousy of free thinkers and of innovators have slowly eroded America from the likes of Alexander Gramm Bell, Carnage to even the likes of J. C. Penny to what we are today. A people led by the federal workforce to believe innovators are evil because they have wealth. That producers are evil because they are not giving away their needed financial resources research and development to their employees.

      We are not the country you write about above. We have collectively become the Michael Moore’s of our society – blasting wealth. To become exceptional, not only should we embrace that which makes ourselves the best we as individuals can be, but we very much need to embrace the wealthy, foster their growth and marvel in what they do with that wealth. We must put aside our jealousies. We need to do this because we too should have that same drive to innovate and create to become wealthy ourselves. That is American exceptionalism and the American dream.

      Are we going to allow DC to continue to erode our inner will and drive? If so, just set back. The ride will be rough but rest assured, that with the exception of the overpaid federal workforce and those who directly profit from the federal government the rest of us will be even-Steven with each other – in misery. But to preserve America for what is was and should be, we need to shut DC down – the sooner the better.

    4. Carol,AZ says:

      To George in VA, Bobby and Charles;

      Thank you my fellow Americans for your comments.

      All excellent.

      I read George's post three times and it brought tears to my eyes.

      I felt we were having a personal conversation.

      The realities that you have listed, I have garnered for months.

      I have also lobbied or months, on behalf of many obstructions for, the rule of law, you have mentioned, directly or indirectly by our own government.

      I believe that this administration with full impunity, has done everything possible to casue the chaos, distruction of Fed Law and is destoying our economy through purposeful inaction.

      When the double dip recession hits and the downward spiral the Gov. will all offer us mercy, as in, complete control.

      The new age experience called, " A change we can believe in" It already happeing.

      What will it take to unleash, the American spirit times millions of Americans?

      What will it take to stop the madness as we watch America being redefined.

      Those are the questions that keep me awake at night.

    5. George Colgrove VA says:


      "What will it take to unleash, the American spirit times millions of Americans?

      What will it take to stop the madness as we watch America being redefined.

      Those are the questions that keep me awake at night."

      Me too. Not so much for me, but my four boys. I do not trust this government to leave them alone. The federal workforce's thirst for chaos, secrecy and war for thier own profit and privaedge is scarey considering they have killed over 4,000 of our best individuials and caused countless others to suffer the carnage of war so they can go home with their 6-digit incomes. Scary!

    6. Dorothy Todd, 4855 N says:

      Aaron, This is a very good blog and very well expressed. Keep on writing.

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