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  • Georgia Joins Arizona in Strong Effort to Control Illegal Immigration

    It appears that Georgia Governor Nathan Deal will sign legislation passed by the Georgia House and Senate that adopts the Arizona SB 1070 framework for controlling illegal immigration. With the influx of 425,000 illegal immigrants into Georgia over the last two decades, this two-pronged legislation will help curb that flow.

    The two elements of the Georgia legislation involve permitting law enforcement to check the legal status of individuals they stop and requiring the use of the E-Verify system for businesses with more than 10 employees. Unlike Arizona’s SB 1070 “reasonable suspicion” standard, the Georgia legislation permits law enforcement to check the legal status only of individuals who are detailed for criminal offenses. This minor change means that the legal outcome to SB 1070 in the Ninth Circuit won’t have any chilling effect on the Georgia legislation.

    The Heritage Foundation has encouraged states and localities to take stronger stances on controlling illegal immigration within their jurisdictions given the constitutional powers reserved to states under the Ninth and Tenth Amendments. We expect the Supreme Court to find the Legal Arizona Workers Act constitutional, thereby giving states the green light to move forward with additional measures aimed at controlling illegal immigration. We hope that the decision contains strong language on the broad constitutional powers possessed by states to act in this area so legal challenges by pro-illegal immigration groups become more infrequent.

    With the ineffective approach to this problem coming from Washington, D.C., if America is ever going to solve the problem of illegal immigration, the solutions must come from states and localities who pay the costs of it. Georgia’s recent stance is just another brick in the wall.

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    11 Responses to Georgia Joins Arizona in Strong Effort to Control Illegal Immigration

    1. Ironweed, Chattanoog says:

      Every state needs to adopt and ENFORCE aggressive laws to get those draining our economy of over $100 Billion annually a one-way trip home.

    2. wigglwagon says:

      It is about time someone stepped forward to protect American workers. It used to be the Democratic Party but their support for free trade and illegal immmigration has virtually destroyed the working middle class. Republicans are not much better but at least some state Republicans who are not totally beholden to exploitive employers are trying to help American workers.

    3. California Girl , So says:

      Good for you, Georgia. Now California needs to get on the bandwagon too. We need to take a strong stance against Illegal Immigrants. They are sucking our economy dry. They are getting free education, medical, and food and paying very little taxes. And they cause a high percentage of crimes including: robberies, car theft, identity theft, rape and murder.

    4. Carol,AZ says:

      Good idea CA Girl!

      Have you ever heard the term used in CA, SANCTUARY?

      That's the what, and how, CA interupts the laws within your State which is to; protect and give, safe haven " to all the illegals, whom you pay for in the billions, for entitlement costs.

      I realize your looking at your state with your eyes open.

      A good place to start over this issue;

      To insist that the Federal Government, DEFUND all status that is called Sanctuary which is against, the Federal Law in the first place.

      If you DEFUND further through your State funding, all programs based on this issue,you have listed, CA may have a future for people who are there to support, not rip-of the system.

      That CA Girl, would be your future , and may give your once beautiful State, a future for growth since Buss are flying out of CA.

      FYI: http://WWW.NUMBERSUSA.COM this website is for legal immigration and recent legislation from all 50 States .

      You can look up CA, I think you will be surprise that like you, there're a grass roots movemnent, to do exactly what you have suggested.

    5. jerry, atlanta says:

      Dear fellows, put your irrational thoughts aside and think:

      - Thanks to the underpaid illegals much of the produce is still planted and harvested in our country. Keeping money flowing within our borders. 98% of their income goes to shelter, food and basic survival. Should America import more food, sending away funds …… without any control of how it was produced , processed and sihpped?

      - America was founded by immigrants , perhaps you've already forgotten that…..

      - The crimes commitedd in most cities are commited by americans, yes dear… citizens of this country…. well fed by the abusive generation of polititians that care mostly for power rather than education .

      Ultimately I believe that the decision of georgia's politicians is for their own survival, to send away families with children that will be voting them out of power. Trust me , the shift will occur in this generation , when the kids born this decade throw them out of their comfortable seats.

      And America will be reborn once more "with liberty and justice for all"


    6. DEC says:

      Why can't they just make legislation that says EVERYONE has to prove legal status when coming in contact with police? This way there will be no racial profiling garbage as ALL would be asked for proof. Those who cannot identify themselves be taken to jail until their identity can be verified? If the illegals want to play the race card, then including all people would eliminate the PC line of BS the racist illegal and the advocates love to use.

    7. Sue - Georgia says:

      We, citizens of the U nited States do have to prove our citizenship all the time. Every job I have ever had I had to show my social security card and for the past twenty years, to get a job you have to provide a drivers license and ss card and your birth certificate. Every time we go to a doctor or hospital, we have to show a drivers license and insurance coverage card. Every road block or driversd license check y6ou come up on you have to show drivers license, registration and insurance information. What are the illegal aliens complaining about? We do it on a daily basis. It isn't wrong for us to want people who break our laws punished for it. The first law broken by illegal aliens is crossing the borders. Send them home, put a time limit on welfare programs for American citizens.

      If a person can only feed their family by working for a living, they will be happy to take the jobs freed up by sending illegal aliens back where they came from.

      Next time you stand in line at Wal-Mart behind a pregnant hispanic woman with a couple of shopping carts full, one with food and one with clothes, watch and see if they paya for the food with food stamps and then pay for the cart full of clothes with cash. Then you can tell me about how so much of their money goes for food and shelter. What you should be saying is that our money goes to provide their food and shelter. Open you eyes and you will see it for yourselves.

      I have no problem with anyone in this country who came here legally, but if you will break a law to get here, you will never respect any of our laws.

    8. Bobbie says:

      Well, that's how the formality of most laws already goes, DEC. You have to show ID to a cop whenever he asks for it and if you don't you could be penalized for it, based on discretion. Because the feds have caused illegal immigration to become a crisis by not enforcing their duty of law, what is profiled are those people and actions that fit the potential.

    9. Kate says:

      Actually, in the United States, cops cannot just stop random people on the street and demand that they show ID. And they certainly can't arrest you just because you don't have your driver's license on you. This isn't Europe, where everyone has to carry national ID cards at all times, and police have that kind of power.

      However, I do support the Georgia law. Cracking down on employers is really important, and I don't see anything wrong with checking the immigration status of suspected criminals.

    10. mark spivey wetumpka says:

      i tried to get a job with a company a year or so ago and didn't get hired later found out that they said i was over qualfied also found out that they had over 100 illegal immigrants working there my question is why should i as an american citizen have to compete with illegal forigen nationals for a job in my own country

    11. mark spivey wetumpka says:

      if illegal immigration costs the usa 113 billion dollars a year in ten years thats 1.13 trillion dollars when we finally get rid of them and fine and imprison the people that hire them seems to me that this one hell of a budget cut wonder how much in fines we could collect

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