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  • Morning Bell: Hiding Future Tax Hikes on Tax Day 2011

    Today, April 15, is typically Tax Day. Taxpayers would usually be furiously figuring out how much they owe Uncle Sam right about now. In case you didn’t know it, taxpayers this year get a three-day reprieve because of a holiday in Washington, D.C., commemorating President Abraham Lincoln’s emancipation of slaves in the District.

    No matter what day Tax Day falls on in coming years, we’ll all be paying considerably higher taxes unless Washington’s reforms its reckless spending ways immediately. To make matters worse, Washington has been able to hide this enormous potential tax hike through all the deficit spending it is doing now.

    In 2010, the federal government collected about $2.2 trillion in total tax revenue. Income taxes accounted for $900 billion of collections, or about 40 percent of all tax receipts. The federal government spent around $3.5 trillion, with the resulting deficit of $1.3 trillion made possible by borrowing.

    If Congress, rather than borrowing or cutting spending, raised income taxes by the $1.3 trillion necessary to pay for 2010 deficit spending, it would need to more than double income tax collections.

    For a family of four earning $50,000 that takes the standard deduction, its current tax bill of $766 would increase by almost $4,000. A similar family of four that earned $75,000 a year would see its tax liability of $4,500 increase by over $9,000 a year. If the same family earned $100,000, it would pay more than $15,600 above the $8,800 it actually paid in 2010.

    The top rate in this depressing scenario would be 85 percent! A top tax rate at that level would grind economic activity to a halt.

    It is doubtful that the President and Congress would really raise rates to these levels and suffer the economic and political damage that such hikes would cause. The real danger is that, through continued trillion-dollar deficits, they would hide the true cost of government to the taxpayers.

    On our current trajectory, interest on the debt from all the deficit spending we’re doing now—combined with the costs of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid—will consume all tax revenue by 2021. Raising taxes in the face of such a specter will not solve the problem, as entitlement and interest spending continue to balloon out of control. Tax rates would have to be raised perpetually to keep pace.

    Don’t be fooled. Higher tax rates and the slower-growing economy that would come with them are not inevitable. But Congress and the President must cut spending, and they must do so soon—before interest expenses and entitlement spending take off.

    It is time for Congress and the President to stop the current trajectory of massive spending and borrowing and be honest with the American people about the hidden deficit taxes that they are asking them to pay in the future. As millions of American taxpayers are finding out on Tax Day, taxes are already too high. Rather than pass on these hidden deficit taxes, it is time for Washington to get to work and cut spending.

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    38 Responses to Morning Bell: Hiding Future Tax Hikes on Tax Day 2011

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      4 – 15 – 11 FROM – Ken Jarvis

      If we had a 10% NATx (National Sales Tax) – Today would just be another day.
      ALL taxes are pair, when a purchase is made.

      How will YOU be effected by the New Budget?

      YOU ONLY get the BAD NEWS from HF.
      THAT is why YOU are ALL PO'ed all of the time.

      Norm LA on April 14th, 2011 at 5:48pm said:
      Obama – He said nothing that Ken Jarvis thinks he said.

      *** Thanks, Norm,
      but I listen to him too,
      and I understand English.
      YOUR problem may be that YOU ONLY
      Understand – HF GOP Conservative BS.


      Denise, Utah on April 14th, 2011 at 6:54pm said:
      I would change the voting requirements. Hey, if you don’t pay taxes, you DON”T vote. Those with NO SKIN IN THE GAME will always vote for the Dems because of all the freebies they’re given. That would bring us back to being the Republic that our Founding Fathers envisioned us to be. There can be no freedom if there isn’t personal responsibility. Those bleeding heart liberals want us to live in their entitlement utopia. It’s a utopia that only exists in their puny little brains. Their utopia is sharing the misery so there are no rich or poor, just poor people to share the misery. Ken Jarvis needs to study the history of Russia. NEWSFLASH: Socialism is a philosophy of failure. It has never worked, EVER!!!!!

      *** Thanks Denise –
      How about we let YOU decide –
      WHO gets to Vote and Who doesn't.
      What the GOP needs is a LEADER.
      Currently, you get your BS Marching orders from
      Murdochs Empire and the HF – that is the Voice of the GOP.
      If I DO study Russia – HOW do you think it will change me? Will I turn into a GOP'er?

    2. Brian, PA says:

      I totally agree that spending needs to be drastically cut. But does anyone really believe that you can "cut " $1.3T from a $3.5T budget (37%)? Doesn't a realistic balanced budget require some sort of balance between cutting and increasing taxes?

      I mention "realistic" only because it is not possible that a majority of politicians, Rep or Dem, would gut Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security or dramatically reduce defense spending, all of which would be needed to balance the budget.

      So if it's understood that the Dems won't allow the big 3 social programs to be cut, and the Reps won't allow defense spending to be cut…can what's left make up $1.3T? Of course not unless we literally purge everything else.

      So can we compromise? In this environment? Forget it!

    3. cathy, maine says:

      how about everyone pay a small percentage of tax….a 10% national sales sounds good IN PLACE OF the current tax code. this way….the rich will pay their share…and the tourists and the illegals and congress and underground economy….everyone. with no loopholes, no deductions and no filing. that's what I want to see.

    4. LibertyAtStake, Alex says:

      "Higher tax rates and the slower-growing economy that would come with them are not inevitable…"

      Doesn't the Obama proposal assume growth from higher taxes? When has that ever happened?


      @Ken Jarvis: I'm all in for a national sales tax, provided it completely *replaces* the national income tax. The only safe route is a constitutional amendment to prevent DC from choking us out with both simultaneously.

      "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

    5. TURTLE, TUCSON AZ. says:

      HERE'S an idea, instead of raizing everyone else's taxes, why don't the government just start having the 46 % of american workers that don't pay any taxes at all and close all the loop holes for all the rich that get away with not paying any taxes, starting with GE

      or just have a flat tax across the board set at 10% permenantly no deductions no loopholes for everyone including the poor

    6. wendell, Fl says:

      I am doing something terribly wrong. I am on social security, 2 small 401k retirements (68 yrs old. Wife still works, makes about 40K, std deductions, no kids at home. Taxes for 2010 was $8,000. How can I reduce this to 5 or 6 hundred dollars like you guys?

    7. Don Vander Jagt, Gra says:

      Good idea Denise! Evan though that would put me out of the loop as far as voting is concerned.

      I'm in favor of the value added tax, coupled with a National sales tax IF it is not a tax raise and it is set by law so Washington can't raise it without a supper majority vote, that would need to be confirmed by the voters at the next voting cycle. If it didn't pass the tax rate would go back down to the previous rate.

    8. Doubleace62 says:

      The use of the word entitlement to descirbe social security to people who paid in to the system is misleading. I paid over $126k into social security, and my employer matched those funds as oppossed to giving me the money in the form of pay raises, or benefits (i.e. I sacraficed to put this money into the system, not by design but rather by a law over which I had no input). So now the government has spent the money my employer and I paid into the system, along with any interest it earned. So now they want to make it look like I am trying to take something I should not receive. Well if the government wants to return all the money I paid into the systemalong with interest. I would be happy to sacrafice my Social security payments that as they say "is my entitlement". To the contrary they are now looking at ways to steal my 401k or any annuities that I may have saved as a fall back to social security, because we all know what a program that is. Not to worry though they promise to give me a monthly stipend, just like they promised with social security. What a bunch of theives we have in Washington DC, and it doesn;t matter what the party affiliation is.

    9. Neil Thompson, Minne says:

      The problem with a flat tax is it puts a cap on what Congress could do without showing the public all of it's manipulations, which is really not a problem for anyone except Congress. It makes taxation very evident and transparent to the American public, the percentage would be clear and known to everyone, any changes would be felt and exposed to everyone. Currently the average person does not know how much they pay in taxes, they either know they get a refund or must pay in on tax day, based on a very complex set of rules which few understand.

      If Congress needed or wanted to raise the Flat Tax even 1/4 of a percent it would be national headline news and everyone would see their paycheck drop immediately.

      Congress does not want to be that transparent in it's manipulation of the public.

    10. DaveK Alabama says:

      The only thing that will get the attention of the liberal wing of congress is a refusal to raise the debt limit. Otherwise, we simply go on with "business as usual" until we finish going broke.

    11. Judith in Michigan says:

      How many people know that hidden in the Obamacare Health Care bill is a 3.8% sales tax on the sale of your home starting in 2013, after the 2012 elections, of course.

      That means if a senior citizen, or anyone for that matter, wishes to downsize his home, and sells it for, say, $100,000, the new tax hike amounts to $3,800. If you sell your home for $400,000, your new tax hike bill is a whopping $15,200!

      Congress has yet to explain why this confiscatory tax hike/theft is hidden in a health care bill in the first place. Seems rather odd, doesn't it?

      Another reason why Obamacare MUST be repealed and then redone. .

    12. Frank, Florida says:

      Yes the government is hiding future tax hikes EVEN IF ALL THE TAXES DID NOT CHANGE FROM TODAY via inflation creep these ways: 1) The lower purchasing power of the dollar for all (at the same time that newly printed dollars are shifted to the bankers and the politically connected), 2) tax bracket creep up as salaries slowly increase, eventually making more people pay higher income taxes even if their devalued dollars buy less.

      The rich are able to counterbalance the declining value of their dollars by various means, which the poor & most middle class can't afford to do, thus increasing the gap between the rich & the rest of us.

      But of course, an increasing silent tax via inflation creep is not good enough for Obama & the Democrats: they also want to increase the tax rates and close loopholes (close them for those not donating to their re-election).

      The financial newspaper "Investor's Business Daily" recently had a front page article showing that even fairly liberal economists now agree that the latest evidence shows that cutting the Federal budget & reducing the debt will free up more dollars for the private sector to invest with & will create more jobs, a better economy & better long term tax revenue than is obtained by "stimulus spending" & higher deficits by the Federal government. I don't see the Republicans or main stream media reporting these latest findings or quoting these economists.

      Everyone agrees the USA is on a financially unsustainable course. Obama & the Democrats want more of the same: bigger government, higher taxes, higher deficits. Even the Republican plan is really only a small step in the other direction, but by avoiding tax increases & making more budget cuts they are at least trying to cure, rather than make worse, the problem.

      I am not optimistic about our nation's financial future. There is still little will in Washington to make the big cuts necessary & to actually start to pay off the debt, rather than create more debt over the next 5-10 years. I believe the USA will hit a financial meltdown before then, probably around the time the US Dollar ceases to be the world's reserve currency. Then the finger pointing will start. But all the fingers ultimately should point to "We the People" for continuing to elect these jerks to office as we sat by & let them do their evil deeds. "We the People" will ultimately get what we deserve, not what we want.

    13. George Pajunen says:

      There are ways that our communities can help some of this spending the federal government does. Each year we are offered grants from the federal government. They often say these are matching grants and we don't have to pay them back. Thing is we are the ones funding these grants. If we make our local and state governments live with in there own means and not take these grants and none repayable loans it would help. The time to get a handle on pension funds and public employee wages and health insurance benefits. The private sector doesn't get these lavish benefits and the government sector produces no profit and just sucks money out of the private sector in the form of taxes and hidden taxes called fees.

    14. Henry E. says:

      By ratifying the budget yesterday congress did just that, they stopped digging. Unfortunately merely stopping digging is not enough. Despite this budget our deficit is still huge and will continue to dig us deeper into the hole unless the role of government is changed dramatically. The transfer of money from the private sector into the hands of government has created a bloated bureaucracy and an assortment of social engineering programs that have created generational poverty and dependency on the state instead of self reliance and the community. Paying for these programs has created an enormous debt that is self feeding with interest beginning to be the largest single item in our budget. The situation is analogous to the family that goes on a credit card spending spree and finds that making the minimum payments only puts them deeper in debt and requires more borrowing just to tread water. One day the piper has to be payed.

      Is everything the government has done bad? Of course not, some have worked well at least at first but have been undermined by expanding their largess on folks who never earned or deserved anything. Social Security, is a prime example, while certainly not perfect, the idea of providing a small pension for those who worked all their lives to supplement savings and family support worked well. Actually it worked too well. A majority of folks now depend on their Social Security check as their sole source of retirement income. This situation is exacerbated by the huge number of immigrants both legal and illegal that receive a pension that have contributed little or nothing. Add to this the enabling of the ‘disabled’ people who never worked but are dependent on methadone or are otherwise able bodied but have a conscience objection to work. Meanwhile many of those who could genuinely benefit from a helping hand cannot get the time of day, either they don’t know how to ‘work’ the system or they have just enough income to fail the means testing. This is just one example of how out of control spending can wreck a program’s finances.

      The interference in our everyday life, the army of administrators and activist that the government supports are sucking the life out of economy in two way first they are being funded by tax money and secondly they inhibit innovation. This one-two punch effectively places a cap on progress. The list can go on and on but government needs to return to its constitutionally mandated and authorized function; to provide for defense and promote the common welfare (meaning well being not free money). Right now the government is not doing its job. Wringing hands and saying the problem is too massive to take care of without raising taxes is not the answer. American enterprise and ingenuity can lead the way if they are allowed to flourish. If we continue in the way of the last few decades, we will be a footnote in the history books joining Rome, the Ottomans, Great Britain and other powers of the past that squandered their prosperity.

    15. A. Terranova, Ormond says:

      These arguments are endless, repetitious and do nothing to affect real change. ALL politicians, with very few exceptions, are playing the game of stalling and procrastination because this game has proven to serve them well in the past. All talk and no walk will not cut it this time, however. Real Americans, that is, those who actually pay taxes, will not tolerate this kind of tyranny come 2012, One of my sons, a surgeon, recently told me that two new patients arrived at his practice; one from Pakistan, the other from Afghanistan. Each have been in this country less than 2 months. However, each of them is already on MEDICARE. Outrageous because there are many more like these coming to the U.S. in droves because we allow them carte blanche entry. Both Ben Bernanke and the current federal government are the cause of all our economic woes. Inflation is caused by the monetary policies of the Fed and NOTHING ELSE! Wake up before it's too late because we are being destroyed by an administration that is totally anti-American.

    16. KC - New Mexico says:

      The first tragedy is that our inept leaders in Washington refuse to perform significant change to the tax based process. A flat tax would generate significantly more revenue and would involve all potential voters in this country. No deductions, no exceptions, everyone pays into the process, all organizations, special interest groups, etc. would pay taxes based on a flat rate based on income. Those that are poor, receiving entitlements, would be taxed on the amount they receive – this is income but not free. They can also work off the tax liability by contributing to their communities. The negative – we would not need all the IRS agents, tax lawyers, tax consultants, etc.

      The second tragedy is our inept leader in the Whitehouse is more concerned about fundraising for his next campaign. To want to complete the unfinished business should scare everyone! But I am sure this is welcomed because 40 to 50% of Americans are receiving the free (entitled) handouts generated by the other half. He needs to be a leader – he is not!

      The 2012 elections again offer an opportunity for change in this country. My fear is that the democrat machine will again win and this country will be further destroyed. We do not have strong leaders in the republican side – they are good but not charismatic or thinking like a businessman – they are professional politicians. This is the third tragedy that has started. Uninformed Americans, illiterate Americans, Union members, and those that are getting the free handout and not contributing to our society will elect Obama for another 4 years. The media, Hollywood, and out-of-touch liberals will make this happen. At the same time, the majority of Americans who do not fit this mold, but are apathetic will let it happen – then suffer. The proactive campaign must start now and educate the masses on the real issues with examples. We need to educate and communicate the issues to all Americans – over and over until the election in 2012.

    17. Kaydell Bowles, Brig says:

      We need an admendment to the Constitution on a balanced budget and no debt unless National Emergency or War. There is not a problem of revenue but a spending problem by Congress. They have not got the message as to what the people want–no kicking the can down the road– so let us clean house of all Congressmen who oppose a balanced budget and get our fiscal problems in order. People like Schumer, Durbin, Pelosi, Weiner, and all others who want to spend and not address the problem–let them be gone!

    18. Steven, Colorado says:

      I understand that we need to avoid higher taxes but i would not agree in saying that taxes are to high in the current situation. Theres big majority of people who got MORE in tax refund then what they actually paid into the system. Yes, there are millions who owed taxes and therefore that statement is not true. I think the whole system needs an overhaul. Not only is the country spending more then the tax revenue it recieves, alot of the tax payers money goes to supporting large tax refunds.

    19. J.J., Minnesota says:

      I would be happy to pay more tax if I knew it was going to be used wisely. Members of Congress (on BOTH sides) can't be trusted to pay down the deficit and work within a balanced budget. There is no incentive to cut waste and corruption. I am completely unwilling to pay more because I do not want it to go to waste…which it undoubtedly will…

    20. Ben C., Ann Arbor, M says:

      Remember that the IRS and Federal Reserve were created at the same time. The function of the IRS is to collect money to pay back the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is a private bank from which the Treasury borrows money to run the country. Our problems are much greater than a simple national sales tax. To resolve our problems we need a fundamental restructuring of the way the federal government operates. Finding creative ways to tax citizens treats the symptom, not the disease.

    21. Bobbie says:

      Please, you guys. The rich ARE paying more than their fair share. It's the people living off the rich that aren't and that being the welfare recipients of America.

      Obama said "we can afford… a little bit more." NO DISCIPLINE! SELF CONTROL. what he didn't say was "of what????" Or why it was even mentioned? Who's asking for a little bit more? He isn't very communicable and I find that very deceiving.

    22. Bobbie says:

      Please, you guys. The rich ARE paying MORE than their fair share. It's the people living off the rich that aren't and that being the welfare recipients of America.

      Obama said "we can afford… a little bit more." NO DISCIPLINE! NO SELF CONTROL. what he didn't say was "of what????" Or why it was even mentioned during this time of financial collapse? What an irresponsible, irrational thing to say! Who's asking for a little bit more? He isn't very communicable and I find that very deceiving.

    23. stevekoko cleveland says:

      Think about this ! Only about 48% of the people in the USA work. Of that 48% about 50% don’t pay taxes, due to IRS regulations.

      Now follow me, you have 52% that don’t have a job so no taxes come from them, Right !

      Add to that the 50%that don’t have to pay any taxes due to IRS rules.

      This means 75% of all the people dont pay taxes for one reason or another.

      Now! we know through IRS records, that the top 2% pay 50% of the taxes. Remember 75% are paying nothing.

      Our great leader, Obama, tells use that the rich ARE NOT paying their fare share.

      I ask, if this is not a fare share what does obuma call a fare share?

      Just so you know. I am semi retired. I am 69 years old making it on a social security check and wages from the part time job I have. So no, I’m not rich .

      And I still pay taxes on my pay check.

      In Obama new budget he wants to go after the rich again.

      If we keep going to the rich for more and more taxes, sooner or later there will not be any more rich left in our country. They will have all left. Then what ???

    24. Stirling, Pennsylvan says:

      The real hidden tax is what the fed is doing to devalue every dollar out there. So if you want a true double tax situation just let the fed keep doing QE , and let obama raise the tax on the other side (like he wants to). A VAT Tax only works if the existing tax is removed, unlike the presidents purposal to add a VAT on top of the existing one in place. A Fair Tax would be the ideal situation if it would remove the progressive tax system that currently is a cancer to our Free market system.

    25. Tom Sullivan in FL says:

      The actual borrowing in FY 2010 was $1.65 trillion, not the $1.3 trillion "deficit". Calculate it out yourself from Treasury historic tables.

      Even Heritage repeats the fiction of a $1.3 trillion "deficit" which counts only "publicly held debt" and ignores the money Congress "borrows" from its trust funds.

    26. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Double Ace is right, but it is so much worse than that. The News is far worse than Heritage Foundation CAN describe! We lose credibility if we published the hateful truth! President Obama looks like he is operating out of the Black Operations Field Manual, how to stay hidden as a deep cover Operative. He takes all sides of every issue, then he does nothing! The Office itself is no longer credible, pure sophestry, deflection and plausible deniability! But the Acts are those of a Domestic Enemy in a long line of Domestic Enemies. If you are in the Intelligence Circles and you still have a Conscience, Original Loyalty demands that you Must Not Serve Obama, you would quit! Now, as for Secrecy, an element of the Case for Conspiracy, there is plenty of Secrecy assured by National Security non disclosures. The 'old guys' in the CIA, if they ever knew anything have to keep the secrets of the Domestic Enemy! (Otherwise it is off to Ft. Levenworth!)

      My problem is I have known these Secrets all along, from the time before they were made secret. Unlike our old 'dead agent' guys, I was never sworn to secrecy. I can talk, they can't. I get my startling Intelligence (data) from being a Victim Witness! I had my eyes open. That simple! "Oops! You missed me!" But it has always been true, the Progressive Agenda has left millions of Victim Witnesses. We ARE the TEA Party, the last Americans to escape Indoctrination. The Left Wing hates us with such a passion they would gladly round us up! They plan to!

      When is it criminal to do nothing? Take Obama's example. When the Nation needs a Leader? Obama gives us nothing. Worse than nothing, nothing with the falsification it is something! "Rope-a-dope" is Obama's Strategy, Republicans are punching themselves to exhaustion, all about nothing because the Senate and "Precedent" Obama have them stopped! "Bi-Partisanship" is the same kind of dirty word as 'negotiation' with Terrorists, the Chicago Gang is bringing down the Government! With Taxes, with Debt. That is a Man Caused Disaster, and wasn't it just yesterday they caused the collapse of the Housing Market? Don't you think it was Criminal Attempt for Democrats to ask for the Quid Pro Quo? ($18 Billion for ACORN!) Oh! Darn it! We can't 'Reach' Attempt without RICO! Oh God! How they have compartmented Law to cover their asses!

      Again and again the Progressives have gamed the System! Always Indicting their own with the single Charge! Ex-Gov Bloggo has one conviction, notice? They put him out of Reach of RICO that way! No Conspiracy Charge is possible, no RICO Investigation! That's like the "No Win" Rules of Engagement for our Military, we have a "No Win" System of Law for Perjury, Treason, Conspiracy and Impeachment! (But notice that only Progressives get this shelter under 'Law!') That's like the "No Win" System of Law Enforcement and the "No Win" System of Economics, the "No Win" Crony Capitalism. Obama is picking Winners and Losers! The Republicans have already lost by playing Obama's Game!

    27. Roger, TN says:

      Most everyone that participates in these discussions at Heritage or is a member knows what the problem is with the country and in particular the economy. The problem is given the two party system has us in a deathgrip and the choices are bad and badder. There seems to be no solution other than balanced budget along with term limits. But then, guess who has to approve this plan. Bad and Badder, not much chance of that happening. We will have to wait the dismal future of economic collapse and let the cloward/Pivins strategy work and rebuild the Orwell “1984″ future they so much espouse.

    28. B. Eric, Syosset N.Y. says:

      Doubleace is correct, I too would gladly elect not to recieve my Medicare payments if I would get the funds I and my employer were forced to pay in to the system. Not only is total over 250 thousand but the accrude inertest even at a low 4% would more than tripple that amount over the 40 plus years I have been paying. Ken Jarvis is also correct in his calling for a fair or flat tax and elliminating the income tax. This however will never happen for at least 2 reasons. First it would take a constitutional ammendment, second, the ruling class will never vote to give up the power that they derrive from the income tax.

    29. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      The Seventeenth Amendment can't be repealed by an act of Congress. The law was

      enacted to enforce it. The only way to put the IRS, (Infernal Revenue Service), out of

      business, is to pass another constitutional amendment. That's what should be done.

      Maybe the Twenty-eighth Amendment could repeal the Seventeenth Amendment.

      How could we make up for the loss of the income tax? Through tariffs.

    30. Cornelia Cree says:

      I am a senior with a small income. Previously my children contributed to my well-being such as dental care – but now they are being taxed and facing inflation. They will not be able to help me or to improve their lives. This week 2 teeth were pulled – I have no hope of paying for a bridge. I may need to sell my 13 year old truck because I can't afford repairs.

      This is the penalty for people who have jobs – at any level. Everyone has trickle-down-misery. I have not heard this problem addressed.

    31. Kevin H, college par says:

      Pretty sad that some want to see taxes cut even more, as if they have not been cut so much in last 3 decades – leading us to the situation we are in.

      Just 30 years ago, the top tax rate was 70%. Yes, 70% for every dollar earned above $215,000. Since then, cuts after cuts after cuts and now the rate is 35% for every dolalr made over $373,000.

      Somehow, the far right looks at this and screams about being 'taxed enough already' – talk about lack of economic knowledge abnd lack of economic history.

      Conservative economics have never worked. Never. Not in Ireland, not in Texas – it's a sham that the very rich spend lots of money to get those who are unable to process complex thought to go running around with signs like good little puppets.

    32. Dr. Joseph Foster/ F says:

      So,…If only 900B was collected from tax revenues, where did the other 1.3T to make up the 2.2 T? Whatever it is it amounts to almost 150% of the tax revenues.

    33. R. N. California says:

      As a new widower this is the first time in almost 57 years that I had to file as "single." When your stories about taxes are written, it's always about a family of X numbers. As a married I filed Jointly. No problems. When I filed (this year) as single, I "lost it." As a widower my income was less and I had to pay four times as much as a Married filing Jointly. Isn't it time you include "single under $50,000." Frankly, when I filed this year, I couldn't believe the penalty for being single. You might consider this food for thought.

    34. Brian K Masterson says:

      Double Ace I could not agree more Social Security is not an entitilement it was paid buy all working tax payers and I agree if they want to disolve it they must refund all the money that each taxpayer and employer paid to those whom paid it to fix Social security all they need to do is return the money that was taken from the trust by all greedy politicians

    35. Michael - New Orlean says:

      It is time for Conservatives to stop using the word “cut”. If Ryan’s excellent proposal goes into affect, spending will actually continue to increase. What Ryan is attempting to do is to “reduce the rate of growth” of Medicare and other programs that are currently on unsustainable paths. Democrats are going to hit the Republicans over the head time and time again with the phrase “Republicans want to CUT Medicare and Social Security”. They will be very successful in getting support from many Americans if the debate is set up this way. We want to REDUCE THE RATE OF GROWTH!

    36. Denise, Utah says:

      Ken, nice try. I am an independent thinker. The Republicans and Democrats are part of the same political monster. It's just a two-headed beast. That is why nothing ever changes when the two political parties change places of power. So, I don't take my marching orders from anyone. Those kind of people are called "sheeple". I do, however, read a lot. I am going to suggest a book called The Red Carpet. You do read, don't you, Ken? This book gives stats on Russia's agricultural system. After reading that book and others you will "see the light". Government is a destroyer of liberty, wealth, human dignity, personal drive and spirit, etc. Small government is a necessary "evil". Our U.S. Government has grown to much more than that. If people are required to be tax payers to vote, I am not deciding, they are. You, Ken, are the one taking your marching orders from the likes of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid and you are buying into their propaganda. I guess, in a way, big government is like a religion to these people. They believe government can fix ALL problems. I think, historically, these people are called useful idiots.

    37. Denise, Utah says:

      We all pay a hidden tax called inflation. Inflation is how the government operates. Government gets the money hot off the printing press. Until we rid our country of the privately held Federal Reserve System (the giant vampire sucking all the life and breath out of Americans) our fiscal situation will only get worse. The Feds create the money out of thin air, the government spends it in return for votes and more power. It's a system that benefits the Wall Street banksters AND the politicians. That's why no one will ever do anything about the government debt. When the government forces people to buy worthless government bonds with their 401ks and other retirement funds, maybe people will finally wake up to this corrupt monetary system we are forced to participate in. The government can tax people 100 percent and it still will not be enough to pay off the debt and all the welfare that is promised through the "entitlement programs". Silver is real money! Real money equals freedom!!!!! When I was a little girl, a silver quarter bought a gallon of gas. Now, a silver dime buys a gallon of gas. Invest in silver coins today!!!!

    38. Roger Dewar Shelbyvi says:

      Why is it that all politicians continue to say that they have to do something about social security now? We senior citizens have received a 3% ti 5% decrease in our monthly checks in each of the last three years!! While the Federal Government has increased it's size by 30% to 50%?

      More importantly, why has no one reported these facts. Time is NOW for every Federal Department to cut it's own budget by 30% – FOR STARTERS!!!!!!!!!

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