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  • EPA Admits It Doesn't Care About Jobs

    The Environmental Protection Agency, which boasts 18,000 full-time employees, a $10 billion budget, and has the power to impose economy-crippling regulations on the American way of life, has admitted a dangerous truth: to them, jobs just don’t matter.

    In a hearing Thursday before the House Environment and Economy Subcommittee, U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner (R-Co) questioned EPA Assistant Administrator Mathy Stanislaus on the Agency’s economic analyses related to legislation. Specifically, Rep. Gardner asked whether the EPA considers the effect its regulations have on jobs. His answer: nope, it does not directly examine regulations’ impacts on jobs. You can see the full exchange in the video above.

    As the Committee writes, the EPA’s failure to account for jobs is contrary to President Barack Obama’s own Executive Order:

    Executive Order 13563 of January 18, 2011 – Improving Regulation and Regulatory Review

    Section 1. General Principles of Regulation. (a) Our regulatory system must protect public health, welfare, safety, and our environment while promoting economic growth, innovation, competitiveness, and job creation.

    The EPA’s admission is disconcerting, but no more so than the regulatory path it would like to head down. Heritage’s Nicolas Loris writes:

    [U]nelected bureaucrats at the EPA are attempting to bypass the legislative process through regulatory dictate by using The Clean Air Act to regulate carbon dioxide. The problem is that Congress never intended The Clean Air Act to cover CO2 and the result of doing so would extract trillions of dollars from our economy and destroy over one million jobs. Worse yet, there would be no demonstrable benefit to the environment.

    Now it’s your turn to weigh in. What do you think of the EPA’s attitude toward American jobs? Join the conversation by leaving a comment below!

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    30 Responses to EPA Admits It Doesn't Care About Jobs

    1. M Snyder, Simi Valle says:

      Not the EPA, DOE, DOD nor President Obama himself have any desire to create jobs. Our company Scipio Biofuels Inc. (http://www.scipiobiofuels.com) has had economically viable algae based drop-in replacements for diesel fuel and jet fuel with the ability to turn any military base or airport with an adequate supply of CO2 into….an energy independent facility.

      Yet we've been doing everything but lighting firecrackers on the White House lawn to get the attention of the Feds so we can apply for one of those biofuels grants which will only need to cover 3rd party certification of our claims to less than no avail. Why? We can't afford to purchase the influence being "not offered for sale" on BOTH sides of the aisle. A whopping $300K is all we need to be able to announce productivity in excess of 6 figures of gallons of oil per acre per year. As well as begin the well planned and rapid build-out of a de-centralized biofuels production model that will go global within a few months of the announcement of the facts we have known for years, but can't afford to prove without a capital.grant or private stock sale.

      Who wants to create jobs? We do, but logically the government can not possibly have this intention. Otherwise the IMF wouldn't have announced their desire and intention to find a different global reserve currency. When (not if) that happens, $7/gal gasoline will happen almost overnight and there is only one person all 300 million of us should be impolitely and loudly blaming for this is the direct of this person's hubris and conceit, President Barack Hussein Obama. Nobody else, aside from all os us (me included) who was stupid enough (for the very last time) vote for an incompetent liar who still thinks that a repeatedly failed form of society (Socialist/Marxist) is the best thing for all Americans and the world as a whole, with the willingness to say anything to validate his piss poor illogic.

      I hope somebody does what needs to be done to save our nation, "Energetically remove" him from office. The sooner the better. We have the technology the world is screaming for, but can do nothing because of the business as usual we were promised would not be.


    2. Bobbie says:

      Seems only excuse to cost. The epa has to be defunded as they are working against America's will. 5 minutes to answer one question that wasn't even answered clearly? Regulations that have no significant need dismisses the will to do business. That's where government will cease the opportunity and develop their own business less the regulations they put on the private sector.

      How much are these people paid out of tax payers pockets? How are wages determined when government is hiring for labor? Incompetence is never worth an expense and not where tax payers want or expect their money spent.

      It sounded like Mathy Stanislaus attempted to confuse but it fell right back on him. America doesn't deserve this game playing!

    3. Barry Combs, Wister says:

      The EPA under obama (as well as every other agency under his control) seems intent on sacrificing the jobs, financial well being, security, constitutional rights and liberty of the Ameican people upon the alters of fraudulent environmentalism and leftist globalism. I would like to see the constitution amended to insert congress into the control loop of all government agencies that have the power to inact regulations that significantly effect the people of America so that any significant regulations must be approved by congress. The fact that an American president can even attempt to side-step congress to enact regulation that he knows he could never get though congress demonstrates that the president has too much power. This is not what the framers had in mind.

    4. Luc, Luxembourg says:

      First of all, all physical laws make it impossible that an economic growth can continue to unlimited. Our planet is limited and so are our resources. Those who don't care for future generations, are the same that are looking for short-term profits. If we don't change our whole economy worldwide (not only US), than we will have in the near future a lot more of economic and ecological crises.

    5. KJNC says:

      Can we please get Fred Astaire to give the Obama hacks a lesson on tap dancing, these guys just trip all over themselves.

    6. Charles Boyd says:

      The EPA could do its necessary job with 10% of its current budget. (ie. cut it by 90%)

      The EPA's fanatical lunacy of regulating CO2 as a pollutant has only one effect: it kills jobs and devastates our economy. Tell the EPA to go back and listen to Dr. Alan Carlin, the scientist who they fired because he dared to tell the truth. And don't continue to forget that the Clean Air Act finding by the US Supreme Court did not mandate but only allowed you to classify CO2 as a pollutant if scientifically proven. Anthropogenic global warming is now incontrovertibly proven to be a hoax. Those five Supreme Court justices in the majority are all brilliant lawyers but couldn't pass a 4th grade science test. One of the dissenting judges said that it makes as much sense for the EPA to regulate frizzbees as a dangerous air pollutant.

    7. Cliff Garrison says:

      The EPA is a huge burden on the economy of this nation and the lives of its people. It has caused the cost of living to skyrocket over the years, since it was set up. There is only one choice and that is to completely shut down the EPA and completely defund it.

      If I want to build a shed or a garage on my property, I should not have to file an environmental impact statement. If the state, county, or city wants to replace a road or bridge, it should not have to file with the EPA. The road and bridge are already there; they just need to put new ones in the same place.

    8. James, North Carolin says:

      How is it possible to do an economic analysis on how an EPA rule or regulation will impact business, etc. without looking at the effects on jobs? This just goes to prove there's TOO much bureaucracy and TOO many bureaucrats…….time to take it back…..our government is out of control

    9. Rodger Clemons Norma says:

      Mr. Stanislaus just answer the questions put to you. His smugness dissipates considerably as the session progresses. Thank you Rep. Gardner, keep up the good work.

    10. Manny, New Jersey says:

      When it comes down to the Security of The Country (jobs and economic health are vital to the security of the Nation),

      Is there not a way to override agency regulations?

    11. Clarence Whitacre ko says:

      Thank you Mike, This kind if reporting is what the American people need to know. Both parties are guility of passing bills and only telling the people what they want while in the middle is pork, and deception, discrimination that favors special groups and special tax breaks. All this is contrairy to the constitution which is supposed to guarrantee all Americans equal representation, equal justice,equal oppertunity, equal treatment, under the law of the land. I get very upset at all the half truths that come out of Washington.

    12. Larry, Mount Vernon says:

      It is not the EPA's responsibility to care about jobs. It is not their mandate. Their mandate is to protect the environment. It is THE CONGRESS whose mandate is it to protect jobs, by negating the power of bureaucracy. In the dark ages when we learned from black boards written on with chalk, the principle here was called "Checks and Balances". Whatever happened to that Principle?

      Oh, and remember, President Carter created the Department of Energy and gave it the mandate to get America off foreign oil in 30 years. How's that working out for you?

    13. Everett Mckinney Cus says:

      Clearly just another power grab.

    14. Jon Helm, 1212 South says:

      The EPA must always study whether its proposed actions will have a negative impact on jobs, and whether its actions will drive up the cost of energy and utilities, or otherwise drag down the economy, and refraim from taking any actions that will be detrimental to jobs, the economy, or increase the cost of energy and utilities. We have to compete in a world economy that is not bound, controlled, or

      subject to the actions and rules of the EPA. Stop putting the USA at an economic disadvantage,

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    16. Jan Woodman, Hudson, says:

      The EPA will have farmers suing NEIGHBORS due to their ridiculous DUST CONTROL REGULATIONS~~~~ "HELLO, EPA????" This is IOWA and when we work the fields to produce crops and FOOD for the world, we WILL have DUST!!!! (Who funds the EPA, anyway??)


    17. Hugh, Oregon says:

      The EPA was legislated into existence; perhaps it should be legislated out of existence and replaced with an agency that actually assesses all regulatory impacts before implementation, and desist from issuing regulations for carbon dioxide, and all like naturally occurring gasses, whose impact remains unresolved and grows more controversial almost daily.

      The climate is constantly changing regardless of our contributions. According to experts, the amount of carbon dioxide in the air will not stop the next glacial period that we will eventually enter into. The proposed carbon dioxide regulations are but a vehicle for those who want total control of our lives; if they cannot gain control by constitutional or unconstitutional legislation, they turn to the courts and an unelected bureaucracy to have their way.

    18. Dan, Holden, MA says:

      Since the EPA doesn't care about jobs, then we shouldn't care about their jobs. Fire all 18,000 of them.

    19. Arthur L. Ennis, M.D says:

      I find it difficult that the EPA should consider a gas produced in the human body, other than flatus, would be considered toxic. Of course it doesn't supply one can't live in an atmosphere of pure CO2, but in a CO2 level one is likely to meet on our is not a problem. Personally, I think that the Republicans should make an issue of this and produce a reversal of this buy whatever method is required. It is a stupid action.

      Arthur L. Ennis, M.D. I also have a degree in chemistry and worked for the Shell Oil Company as a chemist and at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. I am a retired Colonel in the ARNG.

    20. Diana Brown, Illinoi says:

      The EPA should clearly be defunded because it was never written in our Constitution. How many of Obama's policies and laws are unconstitutional. This is just so disgusting and why does he keep getting away with this outrage. His policies are destroying this country our America. Come On Tea Party because we need help. I congratulate Rep. Gardner for his hard line questioning and once again Mr. Stanislaus does not have any clear answers. We need more of our leaders to continue to press the EPA and we should defund them once and for all!!!! Mr. Stanislaus is just so smug that he himself thinks that he is above the law of our United States Constitution!!!! This needs to be stopped. Enough is Enough!!!

    21. sam says:

      Very Entertaining.. Its about time we examine consquences and where they lead.

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    23. Harry Snyder Tempera says:

      I'm inclined to believe the EPA. They DON'T care about jobs for the American work force–just jobs for their bloated bureaucracy and for the political power they have over our economy.

    24. howiem, Thailand says:

      M Snyder, How much money did your company donate to Obama? Why do I suspect the answer is either none, or too little?

    25. Janice Evans, Santa says:

      The heightened arrogance of nearly all of the bureaucrats under this administration is breathtaking!! A "tipping point" is not that far out on the horizon, and the "anger quotient" is still growing.

    26. Pat Regan, Louisiana says:

      In the EPA we are dealing with a bunch of people who give not a damn about people or jobs. Their one interest, cheered on by King Obama is to strangle this country and create unfettered crisis so that people will cry for the federal government to rescue them. Folks, we are the frog in the heating up water that will soon be cooked if some drastic action, like a revolution, is not taken. Obama and his brown or black shirts are slowly strangling the country and while I appreciate the work of the Heritage Foundation I do not feel a sense of urgency on the part of anyone in this country to stave off financial disaster or a meltdown of America, which is what Obama wants.

    27. Neil Meiskey says:

      We should be led by elected officials, not the "appointed." Those who have no concern for our ambition, drive, work ethics, managing an innovative business or ability to perform our jobs in a free society should not have the ability to crush those traits. What happened to that Teddy Rosevelt type tenacity that made this country great? Why are so many trying to kill that freedom and tenacity? Where is the leadership we so desperately need? Folks, time to start putting much more effort into supporting sound governing prospects and "fire" the rest next election.

    28. Michael Fernandez, P says:

      To the management of Scipio Biofuels, who lamented their inability to get a government "Grant" to promote their product.

      I have only to say, quit whining. IF you have a viable product, market it. IF your product is viable and better than other like products out there, market it and sooner or later, you will grow as customers report to others the benefits they've had from using your product. IF that is, your product is all that.

      The Government has no business promoting or hindering products/companies, that is true. But their lack of promotion does not constitute hindrance, and that is what you are asking of them by seeking a government "grant" ("Yet we’ve been doing everything … to get the attention of the Feds so we can apply for one of those biofuels grants which will only need to cover 3rd party certification of our claims…") (Para 2, ellipsis added).

      IF your product/process is all that, keep working and marketing your product within the limits of your sales and IF it IS that good, sooner or later you will expand, as long as the Government does not directly intervene by outlawing your product or by giving grants to competitors with a lessor product but political connections.

      In closing, I repeat, quit whining and fight with the rest of us to keep government OUT OF BUSINESS. It is not their job to pick winners and losers in business, but to protect Americans against fraud committed by businesses.


      Michael (aka Miguel) Fernandez

    29. Mike Grandy, Virgini says:

      There's an easy solution to this: Remove the EPA's power to enact regulations without congressional review, particularly when they obviously may affect the economy, jobs, etc. There is no reason to give unfettered power to an organization that traditionally has political motives in many of its decisions.

    30. Osiris says:

      I contacted the epa about an environmental issue I am concerned about and they gave me what appears to be an automated response: thanking me for contacting them.

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