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  • Morning Bell: Playing Politics Isn't the Answer, Mr. President

    In a speech yesterday on America’s fiscal crisis, President Barack Obama invoked the legacy of Abraham Lincoln and said, “through government, we should do together what we cannot do as well for ourselves.” Yet since his presidency began, Barack Obama has proven that what he cannot do very well for himself or for the nation is provide even a modicum of leadership on out-of-control government spending.

    To fill that vacuum, Americans rose up in 2010 and elected new representatives to steer the nation toward fiscal sanity. Now, in the 9th inning, the same president who handed his mantle of leadership to a “fiscal commission” has responded to the call for reform by doing what he knows best – slinging arrows with a partisan, poison-tipped speech, proposing higher taxes and slashing America’s defense spending to dangerously low levels.

    The president’s speech purported to address a very real problem – a growing $14.3 trillion deficit. It’s a problem that would only be exacerbated by the president’s 2012 budget, released just two months ago, which offers more spending, higher taxes and $9 trillion in new debt, but does nothing to reform entitlements.

    Rather than digging us out of a hole, that budget would send America further underground and into the red, with deficits averaging $952 billion over eight years (more than double the $415 billion average during President George W. Bush’s term in office) and exploding government spending that’s on its way past $35,000 per household within the next decade. The problem has reached such a level that the International Monetary Fund weighed in on Tuesday and urged the United States to develop serious measures to reduce the budget deficit.

    Since the president would not act, others came forward. House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) proposed a “Path to Prosperity” which attempts to solve the twin crises of spending and debt through real spending reductions and reforms – not new taxes or higher rates. And it is that plan which forced President Obama to change course and reluctantly broach the subject of our nation’s endless spending spree. But unfortunately for America, the president didn’t offer a thoughtful response that would live up to the seriousness of the challenge America faces. Instead he invited Chairman Ryan to the speech, only to insult him. As The Wall Street Journal observed:

    Mr. Obama did not deign to propose an alternative to rival Mr. Ryan’s plan, even as he categorically rejected all its reform ideas, repeatedly vilifying them as essentially un-American. “Their vision is less about reducing the deficit than it is about changing the basic social compact in America,” he said, supposedly pitting “children with autism or Down’s syndrome” against “every millionaire and billionaire in our society.” The President was not attempting to join the debate Mr. Ryan has started, but to close it off just as it begins and banish House GOP ideas to political Siberia.

    On top of attempting to banish the Ryan plan to “political Siberia,” the president trotted out policies that would send the United States to a cold, desolate future of its own. Those policies include higher taxes on savers, investors, and job creators. It would also bring cuts in military spending totaling $400 billion, which Heritage’s Mackenzie Eaglen notes have already begun and are coming at the expense of national security. (Cleverly, the president attempts to redefine those cuts as “Security Spending.”) And as for entitlements? Don’t count on serious solutions from the president on those issues, either. Heritage economist J.D. Foster writes:

    The surest sign that the President is not serious is that he sets as his defining goal a steady reduction in government debt as a share of our economy beginning in the second half of this decade. In case anyone is curious, that would be beginning in 2016, the last year of the second term the President aspires to gain. The deficit reduction path needs to begin today, not five years from now.

    In a new poll from the Associated Press, voters say they prefer spending cuts to tax hikes by a 62-29 margin. President Obama would do well to step out from behind the podium and hear some common sense from the American people. Spending is the problem, cutting it is the solution. Higher taxes, decimating our defense and playing partisan politics are not the answers.

    Quick Hits

    • Defying economists’ forecasts, new claims for unemployment benefits shot up last week above the 400,000 level.
    • Mr. Walker goes to Washington today. The Wisconsin governor who took on public sector unions is testifying before Congress on reducing state budget deficits.
    • Iran is secretly helping Syria’s president put down pro-democracy demonstrations by providing gear to suppress crowds and assistance blocking Internet and cell phones, according to U.S. officials.
    • Congress is expected to vote today on the FY 2011 budget deal. The Hill reports that the funding bill is expected to pass.
    • Watch where you step! Hotels, restaurants and airlines must now accommodate mini-horses as service animals, according to new government regulations.
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    80 Responses to Morning Bell: Playing Politics Isn't the Answer, Mr. President

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      4 – 14 – 11 FROM – Ken Jarvis

      "Playing Politics" is ALL HF does.

      Murdochs Empire – the WSJ and Fox news are the Voice of the GOP,
      and all HF does is FOLLOW.

      "President Obama made a promise in his speech today. He said that we won't have to sacrifice programs like Medicaid and Social Security — programs that millions of Americans rely on — as long as he's President."

      Obama gets MY vote.
      Who will YOU vote for?

    2. John, Rhode Island says:

      Why is defense spending this sacred cow that can't be cut? We spend too much on "defense" when we have 2 unconstitutional wars, and a 3rd upcoming (Libya), nearly 1000 military bases worldwide. We are not supposed to be the world's police fighting everyone's battles and making sure everyone plays nice on the playground.

      Paul Ryan's budget is a place to start, but it's not nearly the plan we need. You want a feasible plan? Go talk to Rand Paul.

    3. Pamela /Lincoln, ne says:

      To me, at 65, I see an idiot leading this country into poverty. It's so sad to me that this man is even in that seat. I also believe still that he is just a puppet doing the dirty deeds of Pelosi, Reid and so so many others that don't have any common sense at all and don't give damn to all of us who are very very worried where we're headed.

      This was once a great country (and still can be) and people came here from all over to be FREE and make a NEW life and not come here (like all the illegals and others) to live off the government so all the rest of us can go to hell in a handbag.

      I'm am so sick of career politicians who don't get it!!! but only want to be there because of all the dirty little games that are played in D.C.

    4. Linda Cutillo says:

      you republicans cheat and lie to the masses. that poll is way off. remember there are more poor people in this country than you filthy rich!!!!!!

    5. Peter, Canada says:

      This is actually good news… for Canada. Since the next government is very likely to be Conservative (and maybe even with a majority), the taxes will not increase.

    6. cathy, maine says:

      he's a divisive community organizer/union thug in chief/perpetual campaigner.

      the captain (president) of the ship (country) sets the tone for the ship…think about it!

    7. Ronald J. Sakowski says:

      Every member of Congress knows that the institutions fo this country have failed the American people miserably since the post World War II years. Those in Congress today especially senior members of both parties know this is true and are engaging in a game of cynicism unparalled in our history–"how can we fool the public, let us count (and implement the ways)." I am beggining to lose hope.

      When a President of the United States lies to the American people like Obama does, can we believe that our voices will be heard? Legal scholars to include conservative members of Congress know that there is a good case that this administration is commiting SEDITION, yet none have acted. No administration can pursue this administration's agenda without being guilty of sedition. At best, they are suffering from terminal stupidity. God help us!

    8. Doc Bob Meaders says:

      Obama must have studied under President Mugabe of Zimbabwe; he taxed and confisticated the 'wealthy' (read: working) class out of existance. What was once the wealthiest per capita country in Africa is now the poorest in the world, and has gone from being the breadbasket of Africa to being the bread line begging from the rest of the world. Taking from the 'rich' and giving to the 'poor' has kept Mugabe in power for decades while his country quickly dissolved around those who couldn't find a way to leave that sinking ship.

    9. Gene, Italy at the m says:

      This is the price to be paid by the American electorate when we elect an orator as president. What do we get—oratory, not solutions. We will get another chance in 2012. Will we get it right then???????

    10. cathy, maine says:

      ya'll have to find this essay online and read it. it's called 545 People by Charley Reese. as long as we have both parties in charge in congress, things will never change. we need tea party candidates or term limits or a fairtax.org or the dollar based on gold.

    11. Kevin H, college par says:

      Disagreed. Playing politics is the only answer. Where have you been the last 3 years? Did you happen to see what happened in the 111th Congress? It's all about playing politics and if you don't play the game, you get crushed like the Dems did in 2010.

      Yes, indeed, it is ALL about politics, because you need to be seated in office to have a vote.

      Speaking of new polls – have you seen the latest polls on what American public think of the House Republicans? The honeymoon ended quickly.

    12. Frank, Florida says:

      I fear that, just as Obama's words put Vice President Biden to sleep, the average uninformed, passive American voter may also be lulled to sleep on the impending financial disaster the USA is headed towards & the bankrupt, big government, European Socialist agenda Obama has this nation on course with. The trouble is, more voters need to wake up and see the danger ahead. We are fast approaching the edge of the cliff. But there might not be enough time for more voters to wake up. Our once great Constitution with limited Federal powers & lots of individual liberties & States Rights powers, is about dead. Our nation's fiscal status is on life support. Too many of "We the People" are still asleep or mis-lead into thinking all is well. Too many younger people are also dumbed-down in Public Schools or mis-educated about what our Founding Fathers really intended & why they intended it. They have been indoctrinated into liberal idealogical nonsense.

      Our nation is in grave danger. This is the type of "fundamental reform" Obama had in mind from the beginning: the end of America as we knew it.

    13. Dave, cincinnati says:

      The direct path to cut Fed spending is to REFUSE TO INCREASE THE FED DEBT LIMIT.

      Doing so would not crash the world's financial system. The Fed Govt would have

      to reduce new spending in order to pay interest on current debt.

    14. Don Ruane Lilburn, G says:

      I hope you are not saying that the Congress is acting any differently the the President.

      Both the Congress and the President are lying to us.

      I think is was Harding, when elected in the beginning of a recession, cut the Federal budget by 50% and the Federal workforce by 50% and the recession was over and the good time rolled until the New Deal Creator appeared and Created the Forgotten Man to Save.

    15. Arlene Long 1902 Lun says:

      why isn' anyone addressing that interest on the debt is robbing our people of money that could be used for social programs, not that I agree with social programs. But if the rich are made out to not be paying their fair share for these programs why can't the debt that our congress has laid on us be blamed for the shortfall in money for these wastfulsocial programs And won't increasing gas and food prices plus the devaluing of dollar do more harm to more people than a cut in social spending programs

    16. Hugh McKenna says:

      Since when has this country established a "social compact with its citizenry? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Perhaps someone can enlighten me. This speech merely amounted to a polemic praising the ostensible advantages of progessivism.

    17. B. Eric, Syosset N.Y says:

      Obama's plan calls for a 4 trillion dollar reduction in the deficit in 12 years. OK here are the numbers. Our current deficit is 1.5 trillion per year. That means a total of 18 trillion not counting for any inflation. So that adds up to a whopping cut of 22% over the time period. Does this look like a signifigant reduction to you? It certianly does not to me. All his plan does is kick the can further down the road. He is either the stupidest man on the planet or he means to bring this country to it's knees so as to remake the US into a socialist "utopia".

    18. Lauren says:

      To further send America into insolvency and vast depression does very little to help those aflicted with autism, the mentally ill, the frail elderly and those many others of societal concern. Strong state and local economies that grow revenue for our families and governors are the best way to provide a community network to care for those in our communities in need. Providing safety nets for individuals is not constitutionally in the juristiction of the Federal Government and must be given to the states. The citizens in each state should take part in the discussion of the care of those in need. This continued disregard for the collective intelligences of the populace by the intelligensia to shape and further civil society is stubbornly confounding.

    19. Suzanne, Florida says:

      It's obvious that Mr. O believes we are all idiots. After watching C-Span Journal this a.m. I believe he is correct. Three out of four callers agree that he is "on the right track." Heaven help us, our children and grandchildren

    20. RUTH SC says:

      Mr. President, you are over spending our credit cards, if you expect the American people to respect you then you need to listen to both sides of the fence. So far you have spent us into oblivion and given us nothing for it. You have put a strangle hold on our grandchildren and their grandchildren, they will remember us as those greedy people who took away any hopes to support their families. This is the greatest country in the world and you are hell bent to turn it into the third world country that you claim to love so much. If you can't love it you should leave it. Treat us like a bird, set us free because you are killing our country.We will remember you at the polls in 2012, count on it. You have made us angry Americans.

    21. Roger S., Mass. says:

      The pinnacle of (insufferable) arrogance was really his invocation of images of Abraham Lincoln. By no stretch of the imagination does he even approach anything resembling Lincoln's education, character, integrity, let alone statesmanship. Somebody needs to tell him that "looking presidential" is not identical with being it.

      For proof: The verbiage (as that is all it was) concerning America's "…basic social compact…". As (allegedly) a constitutional scholar he should know that the only social compact in America, the only one which is explicitly to be guaranteed by the Federal Government and its courts, is framed within the Constitutional Documents. Whatever the citizens have implicitly made of it or will yet make of it, is a matter of each individual's voluntary choice. It cannot be subjugated even by a majority vote in Congress to range-of-the-moment political currents or wishful thinking by partisan policy makers, not to mention an "imperious" president or even a bench full of "activist" jurists.

      Should Americans decide a different sort of "social compact" ought to prevail, then there is but one way to create it, namely –again as constitutionally required– by means of the amendment process, for good reason a high hurdle!

      To demand or work toward anything else, or by any other means, constitutes an explicit violation of his oath of office; by itself an impeachable offense. Somebody ought to tell him that as well.

      None of the above is a proper background for creating divisiveness, as in the contrast between an "autistic child" and a "millionaire". The latter's millions are neither his, nor the congress', to dispose of in any way they would deem germane, no matter whom they might thereby help. The autistic child has no more of a right to these millions than the millionaire had before having earned them.

      Somebody needs to tell Obama that violating one person's rights in a society, based squarely upon the kind of social compact for individual rights which resulted in our exceptionally successful republic, violates everyone's rights. Somebody needs to tell him that a government which makes such rights violations its basic principle of governance has lost its right to exist. Somebody needs also to tell him that our present ruinous deficit is in no small measure the result of many of his predecessors and would-be predecessors equally deplorable rights violations.

      Finally, somebody ought to give him a clue (since he appears to be too stupid and/or ideologically blinkered to get this without extra help) that such sins against "the rights of man" as he would have permanently enshrined in law eventually do catch up to their perpetrators. The United States' very own early history is ample proof of this: A society of ever more right-less creatures is the inevitable result of the enshrinement of so-called "collective rights" to the increasing exclusion of individual rights. At some point such a society cannot be defended (and will not be defended) by creatures thus degraded. Could the unconscionable reduction in defense-spending proposed in his speech be a clue that we have come close to that point?

    22. George Colgrove VA says:

      Abraham Lincoln said, “through government, we should do together what we cannot do as well for ourselves.”

      I can buy health insurance

      I can manage a retirement fund

      I can donate money and time to charity to help the poor

      I can educate my kids

      I can . . .

      If Obama wants to invoke Lincoln, then the federal government can get real small real fast.

    23. Chet Zaiko, Gallatin says:

      We need a leader, who cares for where the country is going. This President is not a leader, just an empty suit. He sure can talk, but I don't think he has a clue of what the majority of the American people want.

      We're broke ! We have to cut back on spending. What was the Dept of Energy formed for. I believe that it was to decrease our dependence on foreign oil. Have they done their job ? I would say no ! Get rid of it !

      With the increase of oil prices, we're not only taking a hit at the gaspumps, but we're paying for it with almost everything we buy due to transportation costs.

      When my expenses go up, I cut back on spending, like most people. We not only have to cut back on spending,but also te size of government, which is costing taxpayers more and more. It may not be a big cut, but by eliminating amny useless agencys, each little cut will add up.

    24. Dennis Tosoni Rhode says:

      I cannot believe that after nearly two years in office that this President does not understand the will of the American people. It is blatantly obvious that taxes need to be reduced, the taxing structure of this country needs to be addressed and changed to streamline things, and entitlements need to be reduced. Let's help those who need it but those that are taking a free ride have to be shown the door. It is my hope that both side of the aisle see the light and come together to produce a positive outcome. Our representatives in congress need to take a look at doing things for the greater good of this country, not for personal enrichment.

    25. toledofan says:

      Heritage, again, hits it out of the park. The entire speech sounded like one of Obama's campaign speeches from 2008 and it sounded like he tried to make the tax increases sound like actual cuts. I don't know anout everybody else but I can't believe anything I hear him say, the actions never match the words, and it's hard for me to understand how so many people think he's doing a good job; it's baffeling.The slight of hand these Democrats use is fasted than a snake oil salesmans could ever be and these people actually think we're not smart enough to see what is going on. Obama's plan is to spend more than all Presidents combined and increase the debt to levels we never will be able to afford. Is it election time ye?

    26. Ralph Novotney, West says:

      Oh, I think Obama has heard the American people demand cuts in spending. That's why he is contorting and convoluting the language by calling a tax deduction "a tax expenditure in the tax code." By calling a tax deduction "tax expenditure," he can then call for its elimination (which means higher taxes) and claim he is cutting spending. Amazing! A tax deduction, like mortgage interest, means I keep more of the money I earned that belongs to me because I do not apply the tax rate to that deduction. To Obama, all of my money belongs to the government, so when I do not pay taxes on a portion called a tax deduction, to Obama that is the government paying me with its money. Gee, I thought the money I earned belonged to me. Obama believes the money I earn belongs to him. What a Marxist!

    27. Robert, North Richla says:

      Yes, Obama is a rabid socialist (worse than the three that preceded him). We need to get off the Boehner-McConnell Express (which is going the wrong way) and go back to the crossing of November 2010 and take a hard right! Yesterday, on the Sean Hannity show, the wimpering, excuse-making little johnny made it clear that we should give republicans the Senate and White House, so they might get something done. I say wrong again little johnny! These sorry republicans have less than nine months to make major, serious, real accomplishments (and I am not talking about accounting tricks or eliminating public television) – or we will primary the majority of them. Do not let your representatives, or senators, off the hook with the debt ceiling issue. The Ryan plan does nothing now – and is not enough to justify raising the debt ceiling. I know Boehner will cave in again (as he always has). If Obama/Reid get this debt ceiling we might as well concede now. This is the defining battle of this war.

    28. Mike, Chicago says:

      Yesterdays speech was yet another speech that sounded good, but earlier speeches have been followed by allowing the neoconservatives to continue their class warfare and economic devastation that the US will probably never recover from.

    29. Chroma41, California says:

      What part of "…fundamentally transform America…" do you not understand?

      That is, and always has been, his goal. Unfortunately no one bothered to ask "transform America how or to what?"

    30. Judith in Michigan says:

      President Obama also stated yesterday in his speech that America wasn't a a great country before we had all of the government entitlements. This not only extremely sad that our own POTUS does not recognize our history, but a stunning insult to our history. .

      Some of the world's greatest advancements, inventions and innovations come from America. We are the most advanced, prosperous nation in history and we are the most generous when we are called upon to help the less fortunate. We help other nations defend themselves. We helped Japan and Europe rebuild after WW II .

      This, I feel, is the biggest insult from this man to date. But, we must also remember that he read this speech from his teleprompter. So others in his administration obviously feel the same. Is this what is being taught today in our very liberal institutions of learning?

      A serious apology from Mr Obama and his administration is due to the American people.

    31. Frank E. Vincent says:

      I've come to the conclusion that I cannot recognize Obama as my president. He may be president to those who advocate socialism or collectivism or minority-ism and many of the other 'isms', but those Americans who do not he demeans, restricts, chastises and demands financial equality by manipulation and unequal taxation to take their earnings. He does not believe in individual rights, private ownership, or freedom of choice. He ignores judicial rulings if contrary to his intentions, programs, or precedents. He despises United States legislative consultation but gives consideration to the United Nations and world opinion. He initiates war for the purpose by deposing a leadership in a sovereign country, but ends up just bombing the people which serves no logical goal toward changing leadership, just killing the people.

      And he just won't quit.

      Really fed up—

      Frank E. Vincent

    32. The Rev., Newport Ne says:

      The assumptions are wrong…not the President.

      Assume the top 2% income earners do not need to pay taxes at the same level as middle income Americans…WRONG Assumption

      Assume US Corporations can continue to take their profits off-shore without having to pay taxes…WRONG Assumption

      Assume GOP leadership can say and do as they please in catering to the desires of big business and the major lobyist while the average Americans will not notice.

      Assume it is Obamacare but the truth is GOP wants America not to care especially when it takes money out of the pockets of the rich.

      Assume what would happen if the Rich no longer had the poor to work for them?

    33. michael j mudrak car says:

      There is-nt any simple solution seeing obama is the big problem except

      to get the truth out to people that have no idea of anything that is coming

      to the surface.I have tried to break into the minds of some who feel the dems

      can do no wrong. They just cant see their liberty going down the tubes.

      We need to get our manufacturing to return and put the blue collar with

      skills back to work.Kill cap and trade ideology and lower taxes on manf.

    34. Dave W. Provo. UT says:

      I carefully listened to President Obama's budget speech and the compared it with Representative Ryan's. Obama's was the same old tax increase and spend. Heap guilt on the successful. It will do little to reduce our deficit or decrease the size of the Federal Government. Ryan's addresses the root cause, entitlements, and lays out doable realistic steps that will reduce the debt and the size of government. No deliberation for practical thinking voters. Let's get behind Ryan and let Washington know loud and clear, pass Ryan's budget plan or else feel our anger in 2012.

    35. KC - New Mexico says:

      The President and his staff produced another joke for America. The republican budget is just as bad. The issue is that we keep playing politics instead of doing the right thing for America.

      If the only thought by the democrats is that taxes need to be raised on the rich, may be the real question is how to revise the tax based system. A flat tax would be fair and drive equality for all Americans and organizations operating in America. The loop holes would not exist, freeloaders would have to pay, etc. But more importantly, all Americans would pay taxes. This single action would increase the revenue.

      Spending needs to be cut – significantly. We need to stop spending or funding the pet projects of both parties – example is the funding for a woman’s right to have or not to have a child – it is their right and their responsibility to pay for the action – not the governments. Foreign aid needs to be drastically cut – why should we help other countries when they hate us anyway? We need to cut the spending and fraud on many of the entitlement programs and the Medicare/SS programs. We also need to change Congress and force them to have the same programs that the rest of us have.

      Spending is needed on our infrastructure, technology, education, and healthcare. But we need to do this in a non-political manner – a manner that helps the country and is based on business operations instead of what a politician will get out of the process.

    36. Steve, New Jersey says:

      As Chroma41 said, What part of “…fundamentally transform America…” do you not understand?

      The problem was, as s/he also said, no one bothered to ask the big O what that meant! He and his Progressive cronies have adopted a successful strategy of coining new terms for old, worn-out, time-rejected philosophies. This time aroun, every word O speaks must be parsed by the electorate, b/c the MSM certainly isn't going to do it. No longer can we take anything for granted, ASSUMING we know what it means. Do your Due Diligence, my friends and fellow Patriots, do you Due Diligence!

    37. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      I happen to be in Washington D.C. this week and was fortunate enough to meet with two of my local Congressional representatives. One a Democrat the other a Republican, both with different points of view. What is strange is the civility with which they display to each other, while they have contempt for their constituents. As comment for each last evening was, "Why does not Congress include themselves in all legislation they vote for all average citizens?" Both Congressman failed to answer the question.

      Heritage, perhaps instead of beating around the bush, ask this question. Why is Congress exempt from the laws they pass for others.

      It's a game…we, average Americans, pay for…

    38. Robert, Tehachapi Ca says:

      Call me stupid but I've heard that %40 of the folks, as BO calls them, don't pay any taxes. So by my calculations, doesn't that mean that %40 of the people polled didn't pay any taxes at all? So I tend to think that most of that %40 would say they were happy with their taxes and would like to see taxes raised. So,, if sixty two of the people polled want higher taxes and forty percent of the people don't pay taxes , I think it is fair to say that most of the forty percent would say they like the tax structure and would like to see raises. Therefore I conclude that only twenty two percent of real taxpayers actuall really want their taxes raised.

    39. David Bess, Carson C says:

      Although the chances of Paul Ryan's budget getting through the senate and the white house are slim and none and slim just left town it's the right thing to do. The oportunity to show the American people just what the dems and obama stand for is golden with the battle that is about to start. It will highlight that the obama plan is no good for america and once again the dems are kicking the can down the road with nothing really starting until 2016.

      The real hope for this nation is in the 2012 elections. But until then the conservitives have to push their agenda of less taxes, less government and less regulatory controls for the american people. If this shuts down the government, then so be it. Under obama's plan there is only more taxes, more control and more undeserving handouts of tax payer money.

      We need the house to stand it's ground and not give up it's agenda. The world is demanding that America get it's monetary problems under control. The american people are demanding the same. Seems that no body in this administration is listening, or they have another agenda that does not center on the good of America.

      I have not read the Ryan or obama budget plan, but will do so. I spent a lot of time reviewing the inputs from various sources and overwhelmingly they favored the Ryan plan. Even with its problems it heads America in the right direction.They agree that with obama and reid in power positions that it won't get through as written, but the administration and senate will have to make consessions that are good for america. 2013 will be a budget that will make imense changes in the way we do bussiness as a nation and will start the long hard road to restoring America to it's rightful place in the world.

      I strongly urge every American to read or re-read the Constitution of the United States. It is being abused by our government every day for their grab for more and more power. Keep in mind that the Constitution is a contract between the governed and the governing. It was written to prevent the government from steeling you rights, you property, and your liberty. Freedom is not free and we must stand up and defend it at every juncture in the road to brighter future for our children and all future generations.

      Thank you Paul Ryan for you are truly a statesman.

    40. Emma, Georgia says:

      The speach was insulting, devisive and full of non truths. It was clear that he was campaigning and many are so desperate to have good news they buy into his ideas w/out realizing they will be in such sorse shape when all this is said and done.

    41. and2therepublic, ill says:

      Raising taxes is a terrific reelection plank for this POTUS' platform. It should ensure his replacement. It won't help our present fiscal situation, but we can make do until he and about 15 dem senators begin collecting unemployment.

    42. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      I didn’t hear BHO’s speech, but heard about it on Sean Hannity and Mark Levin. It can be perceived as a campaign speech, it seems campaigning is what BHO does best. Instead of listening to what he reads from a teleprompter, think about what he’s actually done in some 27 months!! Although not 100% to blame for all of our ills, we know BHO’s done more damage to this nation and the economy in 2 years than any past POTUS in 4-8 years. So how can we believe he’s going to solve the problems which he created in the 1st place?? There are 3 types of voters. (1) Those (including myself) never voted for BHO in the 1st place, and will vote for any GOP nominee next year, even if it’s merely a vote against our current Marxist-in-chief. Even if it’s a GOP moderate, at least it’s better than the leftwing radical ‘One Big Awful Mistake America’ of 11/4/2008 who’s already a proven commie!! (2) There are voters who we know will repeat the ‘One Big Awful Mistake America’ of 11/4/2008. They include pro-abortionists, LGBT militants, leftwing union leaders, environmentalist wackos, moochers and drones on the receiving end of BHO’s wealth redistribution schemes. Thankfully they are in the minority. (3) the rest are swing voters, or gullible Charlie Brown voters. Think of the Peanuts comic strip, in which Lucy always lies to Charlie Brown and tells him to kick the football. Then she pulls the ball away, and Charlie Brown falls on his back. Well, we know that BHO, like Lucy, has already proven to be a liar. We can only hope that this large % of the voters have learned a lesson and wised up. That is, don’t be like the blockhead Charlie Brown. Don’t be duped by BHO again!!

    43. JEANMARIE NY says:


    44. Jane - Connecticut says:

      It is so very discouraging to have a President whose hidden agenda is to change our country and one who can only communicate in double speak. I hope Heritage and Tea Party members keep the faith and continue working to save our country from the Socialist leanings of this President and his cronies.

    45. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      Paul Ryan is trying to show the correct way, BHO only thinks about cuting Medicare benefits (this will make the supplemnt policies go sky high) an raising taxes on couples that make over $250,000 a year. Since this affects small busiess owners and the over 65 YO crowd we see his distain for the elderly and those who forge their own way the hard way. He mentions nothing of the fraud, off shore actts. and tax shields that he and most of Congress enjoy. There is also a large amount of "illegal aliens" working "under the table" and they send most of their money home, let's mke sure this is taxed. Since this is sent by Western Union, it should be easy to track. Another big saving would be an audit of every dept. and those close to retiring, could be given an early one with no penalty, if their jobs are deemed neccessary then fill with someone in an unneccessary one. Why do we need 60 dept's for Dept. of Education, which should be sent back to the states, this is just one Dept. a BIG saving would be getting rid fg the Chicago thugs working as csars and those asst of Michelle's, who pays their salaries. Last an accounting of the use of US One, if BHO and family use it for private trips, ie; NYC date, then they must pay for it's use and for the decoy planes as well. Tis is just a start before hitting Medicare and Soc. Sec. and yes let's make the distributing of ALMS go back to the churches and all these other org. that are constantly begging for money.

    46. Gary60, Texas says:

      He cannot hear the common man. the common sense, or the common wisdom of so many Americans. Prepare for what is coming, or suffer in silence.

    47. Anthony Rasavage says:

      Our president thinks he knows what the people want better than the people do. Maybe he should start by sending his Zars to Siberia and reducing the payroll he created. This would save some $'s and it would be quieter in our goverment buildings permitting a person to thinking more clearly.

    48. Mike, Boise Idaho says:

      I am truly impressed with President Obama…he has set the standard for the following:

      -breathtaking arrogance

      -breathtaking dissembling (lying!)

      -breathtaking incompetence in leadership

      -astounding misunderstanding of American exceptionalism and how it was achieved

      -megalomaniacal narcissism (maybe a redundancy)

      -and, unfortunately, incredible cleverness and lack of sense of accountability to anyone or anything.

      -and, most incredibly, he claims to subscribe to "the Christian tradition" (whatever that is!). If a Christian is defined by his acts, this one is an imposter.

    49. mike hutchings says:

      how do you reason with the unreasonable?

      and bargain in good faith with the faithless?

      how do you not see a double game being played?

      by supposed leaders who will not match word with deed.

      how do you respond in recognition of that fact?

      you do or you do not… because recognition requires action.

      how are you not offended every day as a free man or woman?

      how do you like being talked to like a barnyard animal?

    50. Jan in Wyoming says:

      Tax payers and the government do NOT have the responsibility to take care of people and house them–that is what family is for. There are creative ways to take care of our own instead of government providing housing for people. Individuals need to work on interpersonal relationships in order to get along with their own family, friends, and neighbors. Eliminate all FREE government handouts such as birth control. Keep the cost of gas down so businesses and individuals can afford to take care of themselves. Get rid of government subsidized programs. Lower the cost of university and college tuition by eliminating degrees that are useless and don't provide jobs…..if a graduate does not have a job after graduation with the degree, then obviously the program is useless, so cut out professors, or have them double up on classes they teach if they want to keep their jobs. Stop the additional tax payer funded so called health plan (obama care). Stop the government programs that enable people to take the path towards dysfunctional lives.

    51. Bernard P. Giroux, S says:

      How can we possibly expect common sense from a man who does not know what the words mean? A man who really never worked a real job during any of his short lifetime. A man who is clearly in over his head, mainly because of this ideologies. God help us.

    52. Bobbie says:

      Mr. Obama proves to treat America as land of the needy, home of the pathetic. His words and conduct imply this to be his goal. Taking away the freedom of opportunity to gain our own wealth or just taking away our right to live independently. He protects all that is government corruption and their unions and those he sees as unable to sustain their personal human ability of self reliance he calls, "entitled" acting as though it's the majority which his government overreach is causing it to become…

      He has to insult hoping to cover the truth of his incompetence to his solution of punishment to those who have achieved without the need of government. He has no respect for America and her way and he continues to attempt the same mindset by victimizing all those who are vulnerable or easily influenced or work for the government without knowing or accepting truth.

      He pathetically scolds common sense and yet has no answers of his own but the same old more money more government. Evidence of incompetent leadership. He doesn't hold himself or his administration accountable to their faults of overreach and their irresponsible spending addiction, including the arrogant protection of themselves from the increased costs they put on the rest of us while their overpay and benefits is another cause of his disastrous, un-American discriminating leadership.

      He clearly wants sacrifice on the innocent instead of correcting the unconstitutional faults of his and his own conduct.

      Truth is strength. Obama is NOT. His speech was babyish and immature. It is easy to be evil, but it is integrity that is truthful.

      Mr. Obama it is the democrat party I left for the exact reasons of your conduct. You're conduct however, is much more blatant! True Americans will continue to stand behind the truth and those left forced to correct your ignorance.

      We are America, Mr. Obama. Productive and self reliant more then you fear to give us credit for. Exactly why you are abusing your authority to take that away. You fear it.

      Either Mr. Obama will comply with the corrections his anti American leadership caused necessary or he'll just further his games, Where the good of America and the good of the American people he plays as his pawns…

    53. David - Salem, Ohio says:

      Mr. Boehner better wake up and discover that we are no longer interested in "politics as usual." I could not be more disappointed in this fiasco he is trying to sell us as "deficit cutting". Come on, Republicans – grow a set and do what is right.

    54. Disgusted , in Illin says:

      As usual, the "community organizer's" lips were moving during the "speech" which as usual means only one thing : he is lying. As for the percentage of Americans that want to have taxes raised,and if they feel so strongly about the subject, why don't they just send the amount that they deem to be appropriate and remit same to the regime in Washington in addition to the regular taxes that they pay.

    55. Al from Fl says:

      Funny thing about those who want to do social engineering – they never learn. Pres Obama has now finally admitted to his vision of America and it isn't the one envisioned by our Founding Fathers. Unfortunately many people have bought into this spread the wealth nonesense – we are in danger of people deciding to vote to pad their pocket instead of for smaller government and prosperity. The 2012 election will be simple – vote for Obama and the end of America as we know it or for the republican and hope that he/she has the guts to rein in gov't and put us back on the path to prosperity and individual freedom. As for the budget I am beginning to think that even the republicans that were in the 111th congress cannot bring themselves to do the right thing. Therefore we need to refuse to increase the debt limit and force financial responsibility on the congress and the idiots in the w/h. By the way, maybe it is time to go back to the original way of selecting our senators – let the State legislatures pick them and if they don't make their selection by the end of Oct, the governor will do by the end of dec. Maybe then we will have senators who are focused on State's rights and won't be in dc long enough to get in bed with the lobbyists.

    56. Randy Shackleford says:

      Whatever makes the rich richer is what we will get. It won't matter who the president is. Remember this?

      My budget has funded a responsible increase in our ongoing operations. It has funded our nation's important priorities. It has protected Social Security and Medicare. And our surpluses are big enough that there is still money left over.

      Many of you have talked about the need to pay down our national debt. I listened, and I agree. (Applause.) We owe it to our children and grandchildren to act now, and I hope you will join me to pay down $2 trillion in debt during the next 10 years. (Applause.) At the end of those 10 years, we will have paid down all the debt that is available to retire. (Applause.) That is more debt, repaid more quickly than has ever been repaid by any nation at any time in history.

    57. Tom Sullivan in FL says:

      America's problems all stem from gigantic government. We are rapidly approaching the status of Greece. We are borrowing nearly half of federal spending every year, about 11% of GDP annually. Federal debt will exceed GDP in a few months.

      Obviously our system of government is defective. Repair requires with a series of constitutional amendments to limit federal spending, borrowing, taxing, and regulations.

    58. ed texas says:

      Why don't many understand that Obama doesn't want America to return to financial solvency? He has said he wants to "fundamentally change America" and he is trying to do that as fast as he ca nby following the Cloward and Piven methodology of collapsing our economy so he can resurrect it as a socialist state.

    59. mike hutchings says:

      p.s….al of us cash cows need to moo to who ever is running this feed lot on the 15th…..moo there….

      yeah were mooing at you….ask me a question and i'll moo right at yeah…

      ask me for some money….moo..moo moo moo…i feel better….

      i kind of like it…and it makes as much sense as what we heard from managment…

    60. Tom Wood, Hickory Hi says:

      It's past time to get obama out. I can't wait for 2012! All you liberals all can go the same place obama goes, which is far far away.

    61. David, Portland, Mai says:

      This is the full, actual quote from President Lincoln, which has a different intent than what was implied by President Obama.

      The legitimate object of government is to do for a community of people whatever they need to have done, but cannot do at all, or cannot so well do, for themselves, in their separate and individual capacities. In all that the people can individually do as well for themselves, government ought not to interfere. The desirable things which the individuals of a people cannot do, or cannot well do, for themselves, fall into two classes: those which have relation to wrongs, and those which have not. Each of these branch off into an infinite variety of subdivisions.

      The first—that in relation to wrongs—embraces all crimes, misdemeanors and non-performance of contracts. The other embraces all which, in its nature, and without wrong, requires combined action, as public roads and highways, public schools, charities, pauperism, orphanage, estates of the deceased, and the machinery of government itself.

      From this it appears that if all men were just, there still would be some, though not so much, need of government.

    62. guillaume says:

      I must be missing something. Although I am a Republican, I am not rich or even near to being so. That is just a tired, silly criticism from people who haven't the imagination to come up with something meaningful. And, in answer to the question "Who will you vote for?" my answer is "anyone but Obama."

    63. KC - New Mexico says:

      Yea Linda – "you republicans cheat and lie to the masses. that poll is way off. remember there are more poor people in this country than you filthy rich!!!!!!"

      What are you going to do when the rich are no more? Your hand outs for you and the rest of the entitled will be empty because we (America) will have no more money to give you. What have you done for your community in return for all those free handouts?

      I am in the middle income – takes three (3) jobs to be there. Yes, I pay taxes to support you and other poor Americans and illegals. No, I am not happy about it. Both the democrats and republicans need to figure this issue out for the good of the entire country. We are quickly going off the cliff thanks to our "lack of leadership" President.

      Sorry – I am venting, angry at the political inabilities of the current administration, and sad to see our great country be crushed by stupid leaders and uninformed – stupid voters!

    64. GCTIII says:

      It was a political speech for the President's base. Nothing more. Notice how there were no hard facts and vague comments as usual. If memeory serves me corrently he promised during his campaign he would cut the budget in halk his first term. Instead he increased it!

      Actions speak louder then words. Paul Ryans budget is actually a concrete plan that poeple can read. I do not agree with all of it, but at least a politician had the nerve to actually present a plan.

      Funny how no one covered the letter sent to the President from the IMF telling the U.S. we need to implement austerity programs and trim our social programs. The letter was sent on Tuesday.

    65. Norm LA says:

      If one actually listened to the speech, that was again made for Obama's sake and not for America, he said he wants to reduce his deficit, that he has now created, on the backs of hiring businesses and seniors with Medicare cuts. He said nothing that Ken Jarvis thinks he said. It is astounding that the words out of his mouth can be interpreted any other way. Its like a 16 yr old, looking at the car they want, the car on the outside, does not have a single flaw, but the engine has not been maintained- you see what you want to. Obama does not know who he is as he contradicts himself one day after the other. How can anyone, who is not an adoring school girl [no offense; I married one 43 yrs ago] see it a different way. Beyond all of this, Obama does not want to compromise, he has not in 2.5 yrs, but wants voters to think he does. We must overcome the "school girl" attitude that says it will be good, cause someone says it will and work to defeat Obama. at the next election.

    66. William , Vallejo,Ca says:

      Has the Whole Country Gone Nuts ? Are All the lives that were given to have the Greatest Country in the World to be Wasted. Are we just going to sit back and let Our Beloved Country go to Hell ? Jesus' People, get off your butts and get the Socialistic Idiots out of the Control they have on Our God given Country. Our Forefathers had the Guts to Do What Needed to Be done to have Freedom and to Stay Free ! What's wrong with the Majority of Americans? Shall we just sit back the way the people in Europe did, until we have to Run Away from this Country, to Start the Whole Process Over again??

      My God have Mercy on Us

    67. Hermes C LIBERTY Mew says:

      The day we understand that a Second American r-Evolution is a must will be the very day we would set ourselves on the Path to Salvation, to resolution of these serious problems America is going through, some largely known, some less. Obamacare is one of them, a serious one along with the growing debt and multi-attacks agaisnt us, US. Only when one knows what all or almost all these threats have in commun could one start to be able to develop a trategy and a plan that are adequat. The second r-Evolution is all about this even though it doesn't forces solution, but proposes a new Context where once more the ferment known at the time of our Founding Fathers, is again ready to renew everything because the challenges are multiples. Let us see the necessity to make this happen.

    68. Jim --New Haven, Ct. says:

      Suzanne-Florida is spot on. It saddens me, that barring a simple current events test as a prerequisite for voting,those people who think that "obama is on the right track" are the same people that went back to American Idol as soon as the 2008 election was over.

      It may not be possible, but those of us who see the peril ahead have to do everything we can to cancel out the votes of the "idol-worshippers".

      Our TV-addicted population treats elections the same way they treat their favorite programs. Our schools don't help. They keep turning out kids who are totally ignorant of the history of our country, let alone basic economics.

      When we have single mothers getting obscene payments for having child after child and others collecting from a Social Security "fund" that wasn't intended for that purpose, we should face the fact that THEY aren't going to vote for sanity.

    69. Denise, Utah says:

      I would change the voting requirements. Hey, if you don't pay taxes, you DON"T vote. Those with NO SKIN IN THE GAME will always vote for the Dems because of all the freebies they're given. That would bring us back to being the Republic that our Founding Fathers envisioned us to be. There can be no freedom if there isn't personal responsibility. Those bleeding heart liberals want us to live in their entitlement utopia. It's a utopia that only exists in their puny little brains. Their utopia is sharing the misery so there are no rich or poor, just poor people to share the misery. Ken Jarvis needs to study the history of Russia. NEWSFLASH: Socialism is a philosophy of failure. It has never worked, EVER!!!!!

    70. Wayne, Louisiana says:

      Unfortunitely Linda money does not grow on trees. Every nation in this world is living on a budget. If this weren't the case, we would be living in million dollar homes driving a mercedes or an Acura.

    71. JohnL2 SC says:

      OBama does not know ANYTHING but "playing politics"!! It matters not what is best for the legal American citizens, what they want and expect, foreign policy is absurd at best, and our military must contend with a CIC that doesn't know one end of a rifle from another……much less tactics or stratigy!

      ALL Obama can do is "talk the talk", NOT "walk the walk"!! And even his rhetoric has become stale, much too long, and he actually says nothing!! His "speeches" are designed to confuse as many as possible!!

      OBama subscribes to the addage,"IF YOU CAN'T DAZZLE THEM WITH BRIULLIANCE, BAFFLE THEM WITH BS!!!"


    72. Hon. Arthur E. Laske says:

      Obama never should have been elected President of the USA. He is, and has been, a disster from the time of his "Preacher" and the dirty people he associated with. I could never understand how the American people voted for a man like him. He has been the worst President this country ever had . God Bless America. And I look forward to the next President as soon as the American people vote again.

    73. Pingback: Obama Plays Politics on Deficit with Partisan Speech | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News. « OBX Tea Party News

    74. Nealr says:

      Yeah, Obama wants to save $4 Trillion over 12 years. This won't recover the overspending that has already occurred. What this really is, is another lie. He'll keep the spending going if he wins another term and leave the problem to the next President to figure out over the next 8 years. We lose!

    75. Linda Riojas, Somers says:

      Oh my gosh, that SPEECH!!! Lies lies and more lies! The seniors and the disabled will be left out in the cold!!! Give me a break!!!

      I happen to have multiple disabilities that prevent me from working (oh my gosh, I would SO rather be able to work as I did since age 16, and when I was raising my kids worked sometimes 2 or 3 jobs so as NOT to take a government handout!). The irony of that horrible, hateful speech is that since the dummy-crats, excuse me, the democrats took over both house of representatives in 2006, this is document proof of how much they care about us 'little people."

      2007- cost of living increase, 2.3% (averaged to be about $20 a month)

      2008- cost of living increase 5.4% (an election year, who could have guessed?)

      2009- no cost of living increase. increase in deductions for medicare benefits which covered LESS)

      2010- see 2009

      Another little know fact that goes along the lines of the quote here, "exploding government spending that’s on its way past $35,000 per household within the next decade."

      That's a very interesting number, because if one or both of a couple GROSS, not net, but gross $35,000 per year, anyone receiving social security payments have to pay income tax on them!!!!! Yes, because my husband works, we pay income tax on my social security payments!

      Now, to add an insult to my intelligence, I received an e-mail today from my congressional representative, Henry Cuellar (whom I DIDN'T vote for) with the headline; "Congressman Cuellar: 2012 Budget Will End Medicare For Seniors!"

      See who's jumping on the Osama, er, I mean Obama bandwagon? And what irked me even more was the term at the bottom, "Congressman Cuellar is also a Senior Whip and member of the Blue Dog Coalition." Blue dog my foot! The only thing 'blue dog' about him is his holding his breath until he turns blue when he doesn't get his own way, and he has fleas from the dogs he lays down with.

      Puleeeeeze! Get Obama and these idiots OUT OF OFFICE IN 2012!!!

    76. Linda, Louisiana says:

      Mr. Jarvis, I, for one, will NOT be voting for Obama. And to the one who made a statement about more poor people than filthy rich people in the U.S., the reason being the Unites States is becoming a Welfare County. It is much easier to stay home unemployed than to get up and go to work. I'm not filthy rich, but those who are not working receiving welfare assistance better be glad the filthy rich people are out there, otherwise, there would be no money to pay those people who are not interested in going to work.

      As someone stated, Mr. Obama is good at orating – if he has his teleprompters up and running.

    77. 2dokie says:

      You socialists,and you know who you are, who hang on BO's every word should consider that you are the future serfs the Regressives will have to manage when they no longer have the funds or resources to care for anyone but themselves. Because, thesystem will already be in place to "thin" you out, just like the communists(Stalin) did in the Soviet Union in the twenties…ENJOY!!! The freedom to pursue happiness will never suffice for the greedy and indolent. As Solomon observed in the Proverbs: "The eye is not filled with seeing nor the ear with hearing, and he who eats shall hunger agaiin. And the lazy, though he have a feast, will not bring it to his mouth". A managed society is only needed where the citizens are too stupid or lazy to care for themslves.Thus we have the NEA The glorious One World Order will not be possible til the US collapses from the weight of its debt. Thus we have BO's profligate spending, even on himself. But at least Michelle is finally proud of her country. If you think this is in any way just innocent ideological blindness you are delusional, this is the delibaracy of a carnivore,and we are LUNCH.

    78. Robert Finney, Ph.D. says:

      Original investigations on Kaiser Permanente, ObamaCare's model, expose fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement from "slush funds." Posted on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0h7tUymj2Y and http://www.hmohardball.com.
      Robert Finney, Ph.D.

    79. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      I agree with the Rev. However, I also agree with Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln said "You

      can't enrich the wage earner by impoverishing the wage payer." I'm paraphrasing here. Lincoln was right. So, too, is the Rev. There's a rhyme kids used to say in elementary school: "When in trouble, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout."

    80. Ron Cincinnati says:

      How can Obama, with a straight face, say his new budget would save trillions when the democracts can't agree to a 63B cut to keep the government afloat. Then today I heard that the some Democracts are stating that we need to raise the debt level. Then had the nerve to say that reasonable people would agree. Sorry, but I'm missing the logic.

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