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  • Gov. Scott Walker Goes to Washington

    After standing off against union protesters in Wisconsin over collective bargaining rights, Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) came to Washington today to testify before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. His message? The reforms he is implementing in his state are necessary and “truly progressive.”

    Many Governors, Democrat and Republican alike, are cutting state aid to schools and other local governments – which forces massive layoffs, massive property tax increases or both.

    In Wisconsin, we are doing something truly progressive. In addition to holding the line on spending and finding efficiencies in state government, we are implementing long term budget reforms focused on protecting middle class jobs and middle class taxpayers.

    While our idea may be a bold political move it is a very modest request of our employees. We are reforming the collective bargaining system so our state and local governments can ask employees to contribute 5.8% for pension and 12.6% for health insurance premiums. These reforms will help them balance their budgets. In total, our collective bargaining reforms save local governments more than $700 million each year.

    In March, Walker faced a confrontation with unions that Reuters reported, “could be the biggest since then President Ronald Reagan fired striking air traffic controllers nearly 30 years ago.”

    You can read Gov. Walker’s full testimony here.

    What do you think of Gov. Walker’s reforms in Wisconsin? Join the discussion by leaving a comment below.

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    26 Responses to Gov. Scott Walker Goes to Washington

    1. Bobbie says:

      Times are tough thanks to government expense. With the overreach of governments and collective bargaining behind the backs of the tax payers is UNETHICAL. What is in government's control that causes increase taxing, puts enduring sacrifice on the freedom of the people government serves! We've been sacrificing for years because of inept governing putting intentional or unintentional consequences on our freedom and independence.

      What Governor Walker did is necessary and commendable. What is embarrassing is the selfishness and reluctance of those union government public servants who could make a significant difference with what little is asked of them, reacting with classless, violent tendencies. True Americans help where they can. Government should be the first to sacrifice from their faults their actions put on the people.

      He barely asked for a thing, yet those that caused this dilemma (government union collective bargaining for unearned, unaffordable benefits and pay) don't want to face their fault and the weight they dump on the unknown tax payers so trouble they cause instead of compliance to indispensable corrective action.

      We've been sacrificing enough due to government control outside our own.

    2. Scarlett says:

      What do I think of Gov. Walker's reforms in Wisconsin?

      That even if it's too late to stop our nation's bankruptcy and ruin, he's awesome. The way he stood up against those law-breaking union people and their well-wishers was truly magnificent.

    3. p0rkch0pian says:

      The Gov had guts to stand against the Obamanoidal Union Thugs. He'll continue to stand against them..We fail to support him at our peril!

    4. Karla Ramsey says:

      I absolutely love and appreciate Scott Walker. He is exactly what an elected official should be. Principle and intelligence……Refreshing!


      I think that Mr. Walker has a very good understanding of big unions & Dem. party & what will happen to our country if someone does not make a stand.

      He is a true pathiot!

    6. Annie, Mableton,GA says:

      Collective barganing rights must end for all unions. I congratulate Scott Walker on his efforts. A message to union workers; If you want highter pay and more money then interview for another job. Paying dues to Union Bosses is a scam.

      The government does not produce jobs. I do. We do. Let us keep our money and we will create jobs and more tax revenue for states than 100% taxation would.

      Governor Scott Walker, stand strong and we stand behind you.

    7. Tim AZ says:

      Gov. Walker is a patriot in the highest order. He simply refuses to allow Wisconsin to go the way of Detroit Michigan, so that the union leaders can milk a little more money from their laborers until the State suffers an economic collapse.

    8. Bill B, Michigan says:

      I anticipate we will see a similar move in Michigan. All Detroit teachers are to receive a lay-off slip this summer so the Detroit Bd. of Ed. can restructure and rehire competent teachers back. Our new Gov. is attempting a similar move as that in Wisconsin. Let us hope this trend continues across the Nation.

    9. Dave Aldridge, Dayto says:

      Government workers do not have competition, they are a monopoly. Private sector unions have competition, it's called Mexican cheap labor. Jobs that should have stayed in the U.S. got sent to Mexico because the unions got greedy, and at the threat of strike, won legacy entitlements that have sent jobs outside the US. There is NO collective bargaining RIGHT for government employees. Gov Walker has done what should have been done years ago. He had the political guts to stand up them and did not back down. We need more men and women like him in public office. We have to cut the size and cost of government if we are to survive as a nation.

    10. Diana Brown, Illinoi says:

      Governor Walker sure has it right. I am glad that he stood tough against these unions because they are destroying this country. We all know that the money they collect goes to the union thugs and not the members. I am so surprised that these union members accept this old way of doing things instead of imbracing some new ideas!!! Good for the governor and I hope the other governors will follow suit!!!

    11. bob, appleton, WI says:

      Walker will be recalled soon.

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    13. Sandra Paul, Kansas says:

      I think Gov. Walker is doing a great job – doing what he said he would do if elected. More states should do the same – we're all running out of money.

    14. Jeanne Stotler,Woodbridge, Va says:

      Unions were formed to get rid of the bosses that hired minors, forced long hours, poor working conditions etc. Even FDR said they were NOT for the federal or state gov’ts. It doesn’t make sense for tax payers to pay for the benefits of those they have protecting them. It is like the Fox in the Hen house. I am a ret. nurse, I had to pay for my health Ins and that of my kids, I got NO retirement, My husband worked for Transit, he belonges to the ATU and by contract he got health Ins which he paid half and Co. matched, same with his retirement, I was suppose to be able to continue under his health Ins and get a % of his retirerement ,when he died, I got zilch, Unions look out for Unions and the big shots look after their pockets they could care less about us that pay for it.I agree with Scott Walker, preserve te state not the union.

    15. GENE MOODY - FLINT TEXAS says:


    16. Sharon Travis, Alaba says:

      Gov. Walker is absolutely great! How wonderful it is to see a leader with integrity and determination to 'stay the course'. He is actually doing what he said he would do – and for the right reasons. He is willing to do something that is not politically popular. A true statesman. Maybe he should be encouraged to run for president. Hopefully, our representatives in Washington will at least learn from Walker how to put up a worthy fight when its in the best interest of our Nation to do so.

    17. A.K. Hall says:

      We need to continue support for this man,and we need many more like him.

      He has the stuff from which great leaders come.

    18. Genevieve Wright Mic says:

      I support Governor Walker's reforms that he is doing in Wisconsin. We are all tired of the huge national debt, and would like to see the States taking action, such as Governor Walker has, to make adjustments to try to bring about an end to the spending of money that we don't have, and loading our future generations with debt.

    19. Leon Lundquist, Durango CO says:

      Gov. Walker hasn’t forgotten English, as to what progress means. The Unions have always screwed their Membership, the Union Leaders serve no one but the Socialists (and Communists!) What Walker did was to actually save jobs that Union Leaders have traditionally sacrificed in the name of “Social Justice!” Imagine that! Saving Jobs! I wonder if the jobs Walker saved in Wisconsin count towards Obama’s imaginary “Saved Jobs” that were incalculable to begin with? Look Real Saved Jobs! Real Ones! (Nope! These don’t count!)

      Seems to me Gov. Walker was there for the Progressives to Chew Out! So, gather a bunch or RINOs and DINOs together? It doesn’t make a “Hearing!”

    20. Kathryn, California says:

      I wish he were governor of California!

    21. Jeffrey Wisconsin says:

      Walker is a sham! He barely won his election and thinks he has a mandate. He did not need to mess around with any collective bargaining rights to balance the state budget. Anyone that posted on this before me is very uninformed. Check the status of this now. WI currently has a balanced budget and the collective bargaining bill is NOT published yet…strange huh? Walker is an uneducated joke and the nation should see him for that. He is consistently made to look like a joker. Check out the prank phone call he was part of, the recent congressional testimony and meet the press interviews where he looks like a fool. You are all bashing unions…do you enjoy your weekends? If you do…you can thank unions for it…they are the very reason we have the working conditions we currently have in this country public and private. If there were no unions, what would the private industry have to compare against. Without unions employers can do whatever they want. I can see this and I am a private industry worker that is not unionized.

    22. candace, North Carol says:

      I admire Gov. Walker. He is taking a courageous stand against the most tiresome of groups – unions. I only wish this President were also courageous and smart enough to see that the current path of spending this country is on can only result in devastation. The answer is not to tax more – it is instead what my own household must do when funds are tight – STOP SPENDING.

    23. Wes in cincy says:

      Unions are ok for the private sector but they should stay out of politics.

    24. Anthony Catanzaro, C says:

      Actions long overdue. Except for a brief respite during the Reagan years, unions have been out of control in this country since the 1960's – especially over the past 5 years. Let's hope and pray that some of these reforms spread to all of the other state governments, and that the Feds can reign in costs as well. Our children and grandchildren should not have to fund the lifestyles of the ruling elite. That is Socialism with a capital "S".

    25. James P. Smith, Sr, says:

      I applaud Gov Walker's continuing efforts to return fiscal sanity to his state's budget process. I further applaud his correct use of the term "progressive" to describe a process for advancing and effecting the education of students in public schools by making it possible to retain the best teachers and to get rid of the substandard ones. The stand that he and OH Gov Kasich are taking is a step toward returning the teaching profession to the teaching of children and away from simply getting children ready to take tests that are intended primarily to satisfy government regulations, instead of the real educational needs of the children. One seemingly obvious problem with this approach is that it appears to be interpreted by many school districts as the means to assure more government funding for the school systems, while actually serving the educational needs of the children is relegated to a poor second priority.

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