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  • Morning Bell: Changing the Culture of Washington

    This Congress was sent to Washington with a simple mandate from the American people: cut federal spending and get government under control.  Friday night’s budget compromise to avert a government shutdown embraced these principles, but also left plenty of work to be done. Congress has finally started cutting spending instead of running up the tab on future generations, and we hope the budget deal changed the culture of Washington. No longer should budgets be railroaded through Washington that increase spending and grow government. From here on out, the question should be: What can be cut?

    One good thing to have come out of this process is that the debate has clearly shifted.  Though the details of the compromise remain murky, what’s clear is that the national mood is for cutting, and all the reformist ideas are coming from one side only.  We’ll see what President Obama has to say about reforming entitlements when he addresses the nation on Wednesday.  But so far, Congressional Democrats have been unwilling to make serious efforts toward cutting spending or consider much needed reforms to an entitlements regime that has grown out of all proportions, consumes the lion’s share of our federal budget and will ultimately consign America to second-class status.  They refused all but the most minuscule reductions in the 2011 budget, and their response to Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-Wi.) ground-breaking 2012 budget has been demagoguery.

    The liberal approach to the debate over the 2011 budget spoke volumes. Just last week, as a partial government shutdown loomed, liberal leaders pulled out every dirty trick in the book to protect their culture of spending. Liberal Members of Congress foolishly said Republicans were trying to “kill women” and end cancer screenings. The pitch of their tirade showed how desperate they were to maintain the status quo spending environment. It didn’t work, and House Speaker John Boehner (R-Oh.) was in the end able to deliver a compromise deal that amounted to the largest spending cut in history.

    In what we can only hope is a harbinger of things to come, labor unions’ power to protect the status quo was diminished as Speaker Boehner fought to allow inner-city children to safely receive a quality education. Restoring the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program was a great victory for parents in and outside of Washington who have all too often seen their needs fall second to the financial interests of union bosses. It also set the debate on future education funding to be measured in results, not federal dollars spent.

    After taking care of this unfinished business from last year – for let’s not forget that then Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nv.) failed to pass a budget in 2010 – Speaker Boehner must now move on to much bigger battles over raising the debt limit and the 2012 budget.

    In reality, even one of the biggest spending cuts in history is merely a drop in the bucket. A handful of days of deficit spending. A rounding error. But this should merely demonstrate how much there is left to accomplish. If the battle over such modest cuts can elicit the venom we saw from liberals this past week – imagine what is in store as we tackle the 2012 budget and the debt ceiling.

    The 2012 budget debate will begin now. We cannot allow the same avoidance of responsibility to put us back into this situation next year. There will be important opportunities to cut spending and borrowing deeply and comprehensively, including real entitlement reform and limiting the size and scope of government. In this debate, liberals will look for these cuts to be brokered on the backs of our military. We must better resist those mistaken efforts.

    America is still on a dangerous fiscal path. A cut of $38.5 billion will not change that. A larger one of $61 billion would not have changed that. Even one of $100 billion would not have changed that. The moral victories of the past are now merely small steps on the road to true Washington reform. The future fights over entitlement and budget reform will need to be measured in the trillions, not billions. And that debate begins today.

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    104 Responses to Morning Bell: Changing the Culture of Washington

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      Tax the Rich,

      they have the $$$.

    2. Ben C., Ann Arbor, M says:

      I agree 100% with todays analysis. The time is now to start on next years budget campaign. The question is: who in the Republican primary will be the standard bearer for significant reform. So far I really don't see a champion.

    3. Fufu Memphis says:

      Do you really think a seachange is possible in Washington? Let's keep praying.

    4. J Frykman, Minneapol says:

      Apart from generally agreeing with Republican ideas to cut the deficit, I am just a little bit appalled by continually calling Medicare and Social Security as "entitlements."

      Like many taxpayers, I will NEVER recoup the money extracted from me on Medicare and Social Security. Now that I am beginning to recoup a fraction of those taxes, I am supposed to feel guilty?

      Tell you what: Give me back all my taxes (including employer paid) for MC and SS since day one, with interest. I'll gladly give up payments from either program.

    5. Bob, Tarpon Springs, says:

      We can keep making ourselves feel good by thinking some change is going to occur. It is my belief no real change will ever happen in the way our governement is run until term limits are imposed upon the office of the President and members of congress. Until that happens, the needle won't move more than about 10-20% for each presidential election. In addition, ALL federal employee salary, pension, and health care benefits must be equal to the public's. This is a HUGE symbol of fairness and duty that members of congress must enact in order to ever have a chance of regaining any credibility.

    6. JE Brookline, MA says:

      I'm disappointed to hear no mention of the biggest single game-changer of all: Obamacare. This thing must be dug out by its roots, leaving nothing whatsoever in place. Then go after the "Financial Reform" bill and the "Food Safety & Modernization" bill. The last things needed in our food supply is more bureaucratic oversight and "modernization."

    7. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:


      We should be working to SAVE

      Medicare and Medicaid.

      Every day you get closer to USING IT.


    8. Wayne Lagrone, Tooms says:

      So, in other words the republicans trotted out a dog-and-pony show to cover the fact that their promise of $100B, then $61B, the $40B all failed, or were never intended to succeed. After all, we know that the republicans are big spenders as well, just for different reasons. The Tea party will not be misled.

    9. Frank J. Randazzo Cy says:

      I have been trying to give boehner a fair deal but i am starting to think he is a RINO. We do not need rinos D.C. we need people with the fortitude to fight back hard against the liberal left and call their bluffs.

    10. Dolores - New York says:

      As usual it is all about entitlements. Who came up with the idea for Medicare Part D? Medicaid I agree does need fixing. Maybe have to live in your state for one year before collecting. Think that was the rule in NY in the 30's and 40's. As far as Social Security goes, we have had the government robbing Peter to pay Paul for many years and now Peter wants his money back. Give it back and Social Security will be fine.

    11. toledofan says:

      It's clear to me that the Democrats can't or won't get serious about any cuts because once they do, they become irrelevant. It's obvious that they will continue to try and do whatever they can to gain political points rather than do what is best for America. Higher taxes is definately not the answer but I suspect, the spending monster won't be put in its cage. Already, I'm hearing Obama wants to increase the spending on education; why? I mean how much do we have to spend to get a 80% pass rate? Spending more money to add more administrators or government employees isn't the answer.

    12. Jack VanDenBerg says:

      I wish some one would just give the facts. Was the $38 billion a reduction? How much of this budget was an increase over the last one? What percent? If I heard correctly this budget is 28% larger. What is that in dollars (billions or trillions)? Then what is $38 billion but only a reduction in the increased amount?

      $38 billion is only 1% of the proposed $3,7 trillion!!!!

    13. Don Harper, Lubbock, says:

      I wish I could draw. I picture a political cartoon, some poor guy labelled "American economy" hanging off a cliff by one hand. John Boehner on top of the cliff saying "Let me help" as he throws down a length of kite string. Next to him is Harry Reid saying "Let me help" as he throws down an anvil. And in back, trying desperately to reach the edge of the cliff is a John Wayne type figure labelled "TeaParty" with a length of sturdy rope, but he is having to fight his way through a mob of bad guys labelled "Democrats", led by mutants labelled ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, CNN, etc. I can picture it, but sadly, I can't draw.

    14. Frank, Florida says:

      On the one hand you state, "House Speaker John Boehner (R-Oh.) was in the end able to deliver a compromise deal that amounted to the largest spending cut in history." On the other hand you remind us, "America is still on a dangerous fiscal path. A cut of $38.5 billion will not change that. A larger one of $61 billion would not have changed that. Even one of $100 billion would not have changed that." Please remember the Republicans regained control of the House by promising (among other things) to cut AT LEAST $100 billion. They broke their promise. We also wanted ObamaCare repealed or defunded. The House passed a repeal, but no vote came in the Senate. Boehner early on could have insisted on defunding the $105 billion pre-paid implementation of ObamaCare, as encouraged by Bachmann. He caved on that also. The CBO found over $200 billion of waste in duplicative Federal budgets that could have been consolidated without any cuts in benefits. Boehner passed on that opportunity. Instead of trying to eliminate Planned Parenthood, Boehner could have allowed it to continue to provide cervical cancer & mammogram screening, but simply not allowed it to provide any abortion services or lose all Federal funding, he passed on that opportunity also & caved in on trying to defund it entirely. In short, using a modicum of simple steps, anyone should have been able to cut AT LEAST $200 billion of the Federal budget for 2011 and forced a budget fight MUCH EARLIER under threat of government slowdown (it would never be a government "shutdown"). Traditional Republicans & the Heritage Foundation are simply trying to "spin" a big Republican "cave in" & failure to keep their promises to the American voters as somehow a "win" for Boehner & the Republicans. More traditional Republican heads will have to roll in the next election cycle, besides as many Democratic heads as possible.

      No increase in the Federal Debt limit should be allowed without a balanced budget amendment. That is the next soon to come deadline. Expect another showdown on that issue which will probably not be able to avoid a government slowdown. If that fight is won, HUGH cuts in the Federal budget MUST come in the 2012 in anticipation of a coming Balanced Budget Amendment (which will take some time to pass).

      After that, the budget plan as proposed by Paul Ryan for 2012

    15. Don Ruane Lilburn, G says:

      Taxes continue to rise, QE3 is on the horizon, liberties continue to be lost, socialist continue to call the shots in Washington and we are involved in 3 wars.

      Our leaders ignore history and continue to spend money we do not have to spend and you see a culture change by the elimination of $39 Billion dollars from the 2011 budget of approx. $4 trillion dollars.

      Please tell me where you buy your glasses.

    16. Ken Allison, Tyler says:

      This "path" is beyond dangerous; it is suicidal.

      Even now, not one soul is talking about restoring limited Constitutional government. I realize this is a process and would take years to complete, but to not even speak about the objective clearly shows the lack of leadership and statesmanship of the Republican Party.

      It also demonstrates that the end of this fiasco is unavoidable and those defending trillion+ deficits ad infinitum will lead us to the identical unhappy outcome. And that, dear reader is exactly what Barry meant when he promised to "fundamentally transform" our nation.

    17. Don Vander Jagt, Gra says:

      Any start is better than no start! The Republicans need to reframe the discussion. The left disparagingly speaks of what the Republicans are trying to do is an ideological attempt by them, using the budget as an avenue.

      Well that's exactly what we sent them there for; the left along with a few RINO's have been stuffing their ideology down our throats for 60 years, over the objections of the Republicans and most taxpaying Americans. Why in heavens name shouldn't we have the same right of exercise they wielded when they could. It's time to curtail, modify, and end much of the vote buying wasteful programs of the left!

      One at a time the Republicans need to select the program that is the biggest waste of taxpayer money, and maybe the most unconstitutional. And then collectively use every avenue of the media available to them to expose that program to the light of day for all Americans to see. Asking the American people if they will voice their desire in regards to that program as to whether or not it should continue to be funded by the taxpayer.

      The Republicans also need to be upfront in accepting the blame for out of control spending that began during the Bush administration, they shouldn't be bashful about identifying President Bush and most of the Republicans in Congress during that era as RINO's ! That would go a long ways toward restoring the credibility.

    18. Steve Cafaro Fort My says:

      I am curious as to whom invents the reasons why representatives are elected. I voted for people who were interested in restoring American jobs. I, like many Americans, figured the current deficit problems accrued to patch work stimulus programs and corporate bailouts that they would no longer be necessary once our representatives restore the productivity and trade balances that would restore jobs. But it appears no one is concerned with the genisis of our deficit spending problems –mainly the continued import of goods and services from foreign countries. Until the USA embarks on a program to restore the tens of millions of jobs lost to unfair trade policies, I sense we will continue to fight one another for the dimishing opporunities, lower wages and fewer jobs that are the true reasons for our economic plight.

      Don't get me wrong—deficts must be addressed but it should be apparent our political leaders are zeros in the business of spending priorities and balanced budgets. They are not stupid people, but simply owe their allegiance to benefactors other than the American people. The problem of deficits is as old as our Country and will get worse as our economy continues to weaken. And although the corrupt spending practices must be stopped, the real solution is to restore American jobs thereby encouraging increased participation in the economy. Americans must begin producing for their own needs if our Country is to remain a free, independent and self-sufficient Nation.

    19. Tom Wood, Hickory Hi says:

      I think what the Speaker did, was the best deal possible for now, and a little bit is better than nothing. I hope they stick to their goals for this budget, but of course all the liberals will be griping what ever the republicans o, (kill children, starve the elderly and so on). I just hope that this country doen't go down the drain before we can gwet a republican president and majority of republicans to get things passed to strengthen our country again. And not doing business as now with the dems; gangster government.

    20. Kathleen Kennedy in says:

      The liberals' answer to our budget problem is to raise taxes. That is unacceptable. A new tax code is needed which includes a flat tax that everyone shares-no matter what you earn.

    21. Don Harper, Lubbock, says:

      "Tax the rich. They have the $$$". Where do you go after you've confiscated all their money, because they don't have enough to feed this spending monster? We are spending $1.6 trillion more than we have. The entire military budget is less than $750 billion. The entire social security budget is less than $750 billion.

      So last October, if we had decided to completely defund our military and refuse to send out even one social security check for the entire fiscal year, we would still have to borrow over a billion dollars just to fund the deficit. And what about the $14.3 trillion we are already in debt? The Dems just want to keep adding to that as if it doesn't matter. Fiscal insanity.

    22. Larry Ewing Hoschton says:

      The Reps. must keep keep up the good work. CUT CUT CUT

    23. Matt, PA says:

      I'm not as optimistic as Heritage. Seems to be some 'carry the water' for the RINOs going on — Boehner should now be considered a master RINO after his betrayal, as well as any other R who votes for this inconsequential deal. The 'promise' was for $100 billion in cuts. Yes, as this article points out, even that would be a small droplet of water compared to our deficit (let alone debt). That makes the symbolism of the promise all the more important. And beyond symbolism, what happened to real policy riders (defunding Obamacare implementation, EPA, etc.) that would make up for the paltry deficit cutting? Wow, a vote in the Senate that has no chance of passing?

      If the R's cannot deliver even on a droplet of water, what can they be trusted to deliver. Now they have no room to negotiate anything serious. The debt ceiling — more serious than the partial gov't shutdown that Boehner was so scared of, so they have shown that they will lose that game of chicken. Same for the 2012 budget — how is it any different than the situation last week — except that now the promise is even bigger.

    24. Eric, Virginia says:

      Oh yeah……Like the 40 billion is going to slow spending and the payment of the debt. How stupid do these people think we are. This spending cut was a drop of water in a backyard pool that is full. A flash in the pan. We don't want cuts, we want the entire FED GUTTED; Military off the table of course! When they start doing that, then we will be getting somewhere. I want to live in a free country under a limited Constitution. When I have to ask permission from the federal government do to something I don't live in a free country. The next time someone tells me I live in a free country, I just might have to puke on them.

    25. Mike from Long Islan says:

      The battle over the budget is looking like the American Civil War. In the beginning, the North thought that it would be an easy victory in just a few months, but it turned out to be a long and bloody fight. I fear that the American people are in for another fight over the budget and future government finances of epic proportions equivalent in scope to the Civil War. We had better be prepared!

    26. Jill, California says:

      There is no such thing as taxing only "the rich." Many of those who would be hit by such taxes are small-business owners with little wiggle room in this economy. They would have no choice but to pass the tax increases on to their customers.

      Taxing the rich means taxing the middle class too. The only difference is that Obama and the Democrats can feign innocence and instead malign the so-called wealthy for gouging the poor.

    27. Middlesex NJ says:

      I have gotten to the point, where I no longer believe either side. I agree with some one who said we need term limits on Congress. Since the President is only allowed two terms, which is fine btw, that one is done. Congress has to go to term limits. Period.

      The other is I would love to see a means developed where if the government sppends more then it takes in, it penalizes members of congress. They get fined.

      I know I know, have fun collecting those fines, but we have to get spending under control. And that goes for our personal spending as well…

    28. Gary Brubaker, Sr. says:

      After controlling both house of congress and the White House and NOT BRINGING TO A VOTE…now everything is urgent and a crisis,,,amazing how the Republican house caves everytime. I do not care ..if..Harry Reid and the Democrats never have a vote..but they also lose the PR battle over just who is causing the 'shutdown' of the 'government'. By the way, if they are laying off only 'non-esential' personnel…if they are not needed…why are we paying for them and then not going to pay our brave troops? The election was to give the House some power to change the jamming of bills down our throats…to making them tell the pu8blic why they are holding the bills up. NO MORE CR's…

    29. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      We will never see "change in culture" in Washington as long as Dems have

      any control, and with gutless Republican leaders like Boehner. It's the same old, same old. The Dems hold fast to their socialist demands, then the GOP cave in to their every whim. This new batch of TEA Party elected Congressmen show some spunk, but the old GOP will continue to lay down like the political whores

      they are, while Obama and the Dems have their way with them.

      To the GOP, the word "compromise", just means "surrender" to the will of the

      socialist/communist, in the form of Dems, that now infest Washington. Until we

      install a third political party from the ranks of real conservatives, nothing will change.

    30. Jim ,Middlesex NJ says:

      I agree with the person who noted we need term limits. The office of the President all ready has term limits of two terms. Congress should be similar.

      The other is I would love to see a means where by, if congress spends more than tax revenue, they get fined. Personally and also any ANY increases in taxes is done by a referendum. Period.

      I find also thinking this all seems so over blown. Its simple really.. The government doesnt spend more then it takes in. Period. If it doesnt have the money.. Sorry, one cant spend it. I dont work that way..

    31. RUTH SC says:

      To Ken Jarvis—-Just because the rich have money does not mean you have the right to take it away from them. If you hold a gun to someones head and demand their money, it is called robbery. What do you call it when someone signs a piece of paper and takes your money? It is still robbery. Get rid of the entitlement programs and replace them with vouchers for short term, get rid of food stamps and set up food distribution centers, no more generational hand outs. There are some in this country who cannot work, the rest need to stop with the hand-outs for life. The food distribution centers would provide jobs, and stop all the fraud in one area. No cash should ever be handed to welfare recipients, if they get medical, food, housing, schooling, transportation, daycare, etc. Everything should be a voucher system, there is far too much fraud with entitlements. Create work, not freebies. Make family planning only for birth control, not abortions, there are family health centers for women to go to for a nominal fee for breast exams, and the best chance network did the tests for ages, at little or no cost to women. Too much money goes into pockets of those who cheat the system, and has for decades. It is time for it to stop. Start a reward system that gives snitches money for turning in those who fraud the system and see how many friends people really have when there are rewards on the line. Snakes in the grass will be showing where the other snakes are just to get extra money. Money changes people, and the proof is in the entitlement programs.

    32. charles Nystrom, Sum says:

      It must be remembered that at no time did the Democrats write down their 2011 budget proposals. Given that, the normal procedure of a conference committee to iron out differences is not possible. Instead, entirely new legislation must be written. I fear and expect the final product will have spending "cuts" that are not real in the sense they will be for "projected", not current, spending.

      The Democrat congrolled Senate suddessfully avoided writing there version of the 2011 budget. Therefore, I expect this same scenario to play out for the 2012 budget battle. There will be no ocnference committee work, only another "hand waving" deal or a CR.

    33. Pasadena says:

      But are these true cuts that will take effect in the next few weeks or are these cuts for 3 years from now?!

    34. Joe P, Orange, CT says:

      Can anyone tell me, this $38.5 billion "cut" was cut from what? There is no 2011 budget, so congress is spending $38.5 billion less than what? Compared to the same time last year?

    35. Al Reasin says:

      Some have said that they will never recoup what they were forced to pay into SS and Medicare. I am 66 years of age and I beg to differ. As example, slightly off topic, but my father-in-law paid sightly over $10k into his Federal pension and when he died at 91 had been paid $804k and his wife will continue to receive some of his pension. So take your yearly SS report, and using the average age of citizens, check out your present payout vs that paid in. If it was in the market you might have done better, but that was a bet most didn't want to do as Bush's proposal to do part of SS failed to receive public support. I wanted it, but obvious I was in the minority.

      We live much longer on the average today and government refused to modify the programs as life expectancy increased and refused to somehow "bank" our SS money and instead spent it and the Treasury issued 3% IOUs. We are now paying for that big time.

    36. R Holland, Chandler, says:

      Cut till it hurts, then cut some more. Make permanent cuts to programs, personnel and departments. Reduce the size of government.

    37. Mike Prunty says:

      I'm sorry, Mr. Cooper, but by you the Heritage Foundation has lost a serious amount of credibility with me. You are heaping praise on the Republicans … John Boehner… for "hanging tough" on a deal to cut 38.5 billion when the deficit this year alone is 1.65 trillion? Can you count the zeros in that number? And John Boehner has the nerve to lecture the Democrats about not being serious? The Democrats are supposed to be the vicious idiots that they are. What is Boehner's excuse?

      The original promise of 100 billion was an insulting joke to begin with as the interest on the national debt is just under 6 billion per day!!!

      So while we were forced to watch this budget dog and pony show for two weeks, we racked up 84 billion more in debt just to end up with a deal cut 38.5 billion. Way to go team!! We are now 45.5 billion more in the hole, not counting the interest racked up since Friday.

      Mr. Cooper, this was the most arrogant partisan Republican spin job I've ever seen. I had unlimited respect for the Heritage Foundation until reading this garbage. Some of us have enough intelligence to be duly insulted by it.

      Boehner is a gutless weasel and a consistent sellout, along with his side kick, Eric Cantor. Have we all forgotten that these are the two GOP stalwarts that gave us all the deficits of the Bush years producing the disastrous elections of 2006 and 2008? It was these worthless nincumpoops who gave us the Democrat Congress and Obama in the first place!

      The Republican Party is a strict top-down machine…period. If you do not change the leadership, absolutely nothing will change in what they do. Boehner and Cantor must go.

      I work with the conservative grassroots every day, including the Tea Party, and their blood is boiling. They are not being fooled by spin jobs like this. Boehner is a gutless bum, but at least he is a consistent bum!!

      If this is the degree of courage from the Republican leadership as demonstrated by "round one," then it suggests we have a lot to look forward to in the near future … like the collapse of the U.S. dollar and the world economy.

      Mike Prunty


      Yorktown, Virginia

    38. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      I just got a FBook -

      The White House Blog

      Details of the Bipartisan Budget Deal


      He did point to "avoid"

      "making than $500 million cut in lifesaving biomedical research at National Institutes of Health."

      "We avoided terminating

      60,000 children from the Head Start Program in September and

      fund student load to provide adequate services to student loan borrowers. "

      We were able to stop Republican efforts to defund the

      Affordable Care Act as well as

      Planned Parenthood and

      international family planning programs.

      They also wanted to limit funding for the establishment of the new

      Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and

      block the Environmental Protection Agency from enforcing clean air and water rules.

      ==== HERE is a question for HF –

      Why would the GOP want to END or Weaken THESE IMPORTANT PROJECTS?

      I hope someone will let me know. – LVKen7@Gmail.com.

      I'll report back tomorrow. Thanks

    39. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      I agree with J. Frykman, Soc. SEc. and Medicare ARE NOT entitlements, we paid into these with every paycheck, Medicaid on the oher hand is a program for the poor, both Medicaid and Medicare are full of fraud and this needs to be shut down, trouble it's never done with any serious outcome. One step to balancing the budget would be to nulify the raises given to the Supreme Ct., Congress and the WH, including the staffs. Congress voted itself and others a raise last year and the year before while they said no increase in Soc. SEc. Another would be an audit of the use of AF one, the law states BHO cannot use this for campaign reasons or personal use without paying for the cost. How about the overseas trips by Pelosi and other members of both houses, were these paid for by tax $$, I am in favor of starting at the top, eliminate all the waste, fraud and going right down the line to the lowest clerk working for the gov't. I bet it would shock the socks off of most Americans if they saw in figures what is wasted in this undercover sweep, Congress needs to look into the cost of all the csars an Michelle Obama's staff, why do they need more than any other WH couple?? Again start at the top and work down, then and only then say taxes need to be raised on anyone. And Ken Jarvis, a lot of these RICH are BHO's buddies, BHO is not a pauper and a lot of the members of Congress aren't either.

    40. michael j mudrak car says:

      Politics has become an evil part of our society. We have the power hungry

      that worship the almighty dollar and the lobbyists who support their needs

      for monetary gains,and then the far left who believe that because someone

      has things that the worked for they should have also just because they alive.

      What happened to freedom of religion,if we think back to when prayer was taken

      from our schools.This started a downward trend as to violence on campuses

      I believe kent u was the first. Now we have obama making speech!s that we

      are not a christian society.The hand of God made us a great nation and we

      as a nation need to put God and prayer back into it. Then by the great hand

      of God he himself will remove the demons that threaten us.

    41. Carol,AZ says:

      "Changing the culture in Washington" will never reform unless all States lead the way based on just one aspect of debt:

      Forentic accountability for All welfare programs for budget reform , an issue no one will discuss.

      AZ has addresssed this issue for the fraud, that is known to exist, for one solution.

      The legal precedence published:

      " That no State refund checks will be issued, IF the social security number does not match legally, until otherwise proven ."

      Nationally; we know that 58% of illegal families are receiving some form of welfare under a catolog of Title 9 programs.

      In AZ, at least 400,000, we think we know about, are living here illegally.

      False I.D. cases are busted here every day.

      Last year to save our State from certain fiscal callaspe, thousands of jobs were cut to save critical path jobs.

      Added to that; State jobs were furlough, and forced to give a work day ( without pay) to save existing jobs.

      I'm certain other state made these hard decisions.

      The impetus across America for any forensic accountability by the Federal Gov and States, for all welfare programs is the store front, that has been set up for certain failure.

      States are frozen with indecision to kick off, all non-legal who are collecting our tax dollars each month in a variety of ways allowing all States to be legally Sanctuary on this issue.

      It's up to each State to protect it's citizens for a clear solution on this issue.

      Thank you, Governor Janet Brewer for making the right decisions for your citizen and the State of AZ.

    42. G. K. Weber Port St. says:

      As an employer for over 30 years of my working career, I feel that I have contributed more than my fair share to the S.S. Administrations coffers. Along with my personal contribution, I have contributed untold thousands of dollars in the 50% requirement of all of my employees, just as every other employer in the country has been required to do. To call the money that I have sent to Washinton D.C. an 'entitlement', is an insult to myself and the many years of hard work that I and all else whom have struggled just to keep up with Washingtons demands. If an employer fails to pay his 941's on time, he/she is promptly slapped with fines and levies. However, Washington takes our trust fund contributions, uses them without discretion, and then tells us that we are a burden to the system. The epitome of hypocrisy is alive and well in Washinton.

    43. John Arizona says:

      Obama's speech on Wednesday dealing with reducing our debt has been leaked. In part it states:

      Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and all the Democrats who held overwhelming majorities in that past legistalive session, conspired to build our national debt to over $14 trillion. I signed laws that the American people didn't want, I made mid night deals that only us Democrats were aware of, and I broke just about every campaign promise I made.

      But now I'm here to tell you that I've seen the light!! We as a country can't afford the debt that Pelosi and Reid encumbered us with, and I have to be the saviour to pull the country out of this mess. My budget will spend more on education even though that has proven to be a waste of money. My budget will tax the rich even thought they've been taxed to the breaking point. We'll spend less on defense, but Michelle will need an additional 22 members for her staff. We'll double the size of the EPA because they need more authority to impart more senseless regulations, and we'll increase the amount of money we give to Planned Parenthood and NPR. By the way, I have a new organization that will be fully funded, that will aid in voter registration, starting new businesses, and give support to underage prostitution. The organization is called CORN – which stands for Council On Reforming Nonsense.

      In addition, this budget will reduce our debt by $15 trillion over the next decade. Details of how this will work, are being hammered out as I speak.

      We the people in all 57 states need to stand behind and support me, your president in this budget. We need another four years to continue the change I promised. Please join me and the union members acrosss this great nation in supporting my plans.

    44. William R. Barker says:

      "Congress has finally started cutting spending instead of running up the tab on future generations…"


      During fiscal year 2010 – last year, when Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress – total federal spending amounted to $3,465,213,000,000.

      We're now being told by both our GOP elected officials and the media that the "deal" reached late Friday night is set to cut approximately $39 billion from the federal budget – right?

      $3,465,213,000,000 (for 2010) minus $39 billion (out of the 2011 budget) would mean total federal spending for this fiscal year would come in at $3,426,213,000,000.

      According to OBM's latest estimates, federal spending for fiscal year 2011 is actually set to rise to $3,818,819,000,000. (That's a spending increase of almost three-hundred and sixty-two billion dollars!)

      Folks… we're being played.

    45. R.E. Nelson-Connecti says:

      Unfortunatly, as the shut down loomed, the polls indicated that the public would blame the GOP for it so how badly do they want cuts? I think they are all for cutting everthing that doesn't effect them. We may have passed the point of no return. There are more people who depend on gov. handouts than don't and they really don't want to lose THEIR part of the pie.

    46. Ron W. Smith, Provid says:

      Rory Cooper's post makes a lot of sense in every way except one: no attention paid to our outrageous annual spending on National Security. Upwards of $1 trillion a year go into National Defense, Homeland Security, Nation Building, Veterans Affairs, and Foreign Aid designed to gain the cooperation of other countries. The projection of our power everywhere in the world, something no other country comes even close to attempting, is very expensive and has most to do with why we have been, ever since the years following WWII, involved in repeated interventions and outright wars. And it is those interventions and wars that have driven the growth in spending in virtually every area under "National Security."

      China, as is well known, spends on National Defense about 18% of what we do every year. We spend on Intelligence 50 times more than Great Britain does. And what country has to spend anything like as much as we do on Homeland Security or Veterans Affairs or Nation Building or Foreign Aid designed to gain the cooperation of other countries? Our repeated interventions and wars since WWII have driven up the cost of each and every on of those four. The projection of our power everywhere (700+ military installations worldwide?) has side effects and budgetary ones that, say, China does not yet and might never encounter.

      Cooper's changes to "the Culture of Washington" comprise an incomplete rehearsal without National Security spending given its prominent place. With the United States now $14.5 trillion in debt and sporting an annual deficit of $1.5 trillion, talking of cuts to everything else in sight and leaving overly extravagant National Security spending untouched upon strikes me as peculiar. If Cooper and others view $1 trillion annually as essential, it could be time for open discussion and debate of the foreign policy decisions that have been piled one upon another over the years, one outcome of them being that no amount of spending can ever be enough in "protection" of America's interests. The upward spiral will not be broken by unchallenged assumptions.

      With cuts forthcoming in spending on "entitlements"–Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid–the question of spending on National Security looms even larger. Social Security and Medicare both have incoming revenues (FICA tax and premiums). Those revenues are not enough for sustainability down the road, but they DO presently cover a significant percentage of total payouts to beneficiaries. Cutting them enough now to match the current differential between incoming revenues and outgoing payouts should be adequate for the moment, with discussion of future cuts put on a later agenda while cuts to national Security and Medicaid spending move front and center.

      Medicaid is a special case, as is national Security. Unlike Social Security and Medicare, neither has incoming revenues. How we handle Medicaid and how we handle National Security will, under the circumstances, say more to the world about America today than just about anything else I, for one, can think of.

    47. Norm LA says:

      This little dust up is just another campaign trip for the president. He was Not Present until the speech where he tried to show he compromised, which is not the real Obama. To know that, I listened to Plough's interview on that far right perpetrator; Fox News, then to ABC. He gave away their strategy [if you listened to the words] By the way, how long can you go the trough of the rich – they have it. Who does Ken Jarvis think hires people fro longer than the Christmas season; the poorer among us ? And not everyone in this great country is for themselves first regarding Medicare, except for the Takers. [Was 500 billion out of Medicare, proffered by the democrats the way to save Medicare?] 38.5 billion, including the CR cuts is like most of use saving a quarter a day. Now that the topic of the debate is cutting; Boenner and Co need to go for it all – no debt limit raise until real policies are signed into law

    48. Brad, Detroit, MI says:

      Hmmm . . . where do I start ? While this Congress and the President are glad-handing each other for "significant' cuts to the remaining 2011 budget, we racked up more in deficit spending than these cuts just last week (roughly 46 billion if my math is correct). Yes. It is a step, but after you've increased Federal spending by 25% and then reduce it by less than 1%, who are you fooling ? (Exempting the same morons that voted these idiots in.) We don't have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem.

      I like how the campaigner-in-chief is already preparing his new bumper stickers for 2012. "Let's tax those evil producers who are just plain lucky and make more than $250K." It's funny, that would be 2 higher-end Federal workers in the same household. I don't make anywhere near that amount, but when 48% of the population doesn't even pay federal income tax, but actually receives tax credits (welfare), it sounds good when you are making more campaign promises.

      I think the high cost of gas will be Obama's undoing in the end. It will completely stall any recovery – it was the tipping point item for this extended recession. The higher cost at the pump affects the lower and middle class the most in the form of higher costs of EVERYTHING from food to services. At the end of the day, people will ask themselves the question if they are better off now than when he took office, and most will have to say. No way ! Hope and Change gave way to Hoax and Chains.

    49. Robert, North Richla says:

      Yes, there is plenty of work to be done – on a daily basis. Who goes into a negotiation [a fight] with two weapons, and hands over both of the weapons to his weaker opponents? John Boehner does. If The Heritage Foundation seeks to promote and preserve our precious heritage, then you need to promote the leadership examples that built this nation. George Washington's life; Nixon's trip to China; Reagan ends the Cold War – and then what? Nothing – 23 years of corruption, incompetence and blindness. How does the old line go? Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on….? These republicans have "fooled" us for 33 years – and counting. Who is leading today?

    50. KC - New Mexico says:

      I can't believe Ken J comment – Tax the Rich,

      they have the $$$.

      Just remember the song – you can tax the rich until there are not more. Then what?

      The real answer is to revamp IRS and generate a flat tax process where everyone pays based on income – no deductions, no exceptions, no freeloading. This will identify those that really need the help and ensure that those who bring in income are all paying a fair share of this merry-go-round!

    51. George Colgrove VA says:

      I AM FRUSTRATED! CONGRESS GAVE IN TO THE SOCIALISTS. They have locked in massive spending to September. These guys will also fold on the debt ceiling increase. Maybe we will get – now set down for this – another $10 billion in cuts before the republicans cave in on that choice. The $38 Billion in cuts is TOTAL cuts – including the cuts already made. These guys are crooks! The federal workforce, congress and the president all lie!

      THIS COUNTRY IS SCREWED! There is no one running the engine, and the train is heading towards the wall at top speed.

      If we make it to election 2012 – we need a NO-INCUMBENT policy. We need to understand Republican = democrat. So long as they have Incumbent next to their names, they are out!

      The only savings these thieves have, is to start cutting in 100's of billions (that is plural!) And start cutting now.

      As for the debt ceiling – for every dollar increase, cut a dollar!

    52. George Colgrove VA says:

      Don Harper, Lubbock, Tx ,

      Good picture – very clear in my mind.

    53. F.D. O'Toole, C says:

      The President's reaction to the political defeat he suffered on Friday evening is to throw raw meat to his leftist base. His call for taxing the rich (again) is destabilizing and unsettling, just the thing he was warned about when he questioned business people as to why they weren't creating any new jobs.

    54. George Colgrove VA says:


      Listen you libs, set down and listen carefully,


      Goverment solutions have failed and are driving us into the grave. Wake up man!

    55. Victor Barney, LeHig says:

      I don't buy it! Men typically are hunters by nature and women typically are gatherers! Women are in the majority, so I don't believe that we'll see anything but a complete Marxist takeover in November, 2012! Watch!

    56. Diane says:

      This is an incredibly disappointing response. If you who are advising our repesentatives in DC think this was ok and somehow we should congratulate them for what they got, we are doomed. This was a breach of a promise. This was an unnecessary compromise and Speaker Boehner's lack of confidence, backbone and negotiating skills signaled right from the beginnig that he was going to fold. Stop providing aid and comfort when they are weak.

    57. Rafael Armstrong says:

      Liberals think like the sherif on Notinham of Robin Hood, Tax, Tax, Tax, they always say to tax the rich, but the only one tha always suffer is the poor…No body in Washinton nowaday is working for the people of this country is all talk…The change need to start with term limits….We don't need people to leave on the backs of the people. Democrats and Republicans are not doing the work of the people.

    58. Ben C., Ann Arbor, M says:

      Ken Jarvis – you are right about using it – but use is mandated by federal law. No choice. I am not in favor of dictated federal dependency – are you?

    59. Suzanne, Florida says:

      For all of those dear folks who only listen to talk radio, watch network news,CNN, MSNBC or Fox there is little they can understand as to what is actually happening to our beloved country. "We are BROKE……we are RICH…..which is it? Our debt is inconceivable. We have to look back before we can go forward.

      Taxes started creeping up slowly in the 1960's. Our generousity allowed the government to assist more and more people; these people were marginal but still worked hard & had their self-respect. Slowly that evolved. We survived the Cuban missile crisise and breathed a sigh of relief. FYI: Pres. Johnson decided to use monies from the Social Security account to help fund the Vietnam War. It was to be repaid following the war! That has never changed but is now used for any and every conceivable purpose but SS.

      The 70's began at a static pace financially but prices blew up with the oil embargo in '73. Nothing has been the same since. China was welcomed into the world economy thanks to our assistance and the Soviet threat caused us to continue to support Europe and parts of Asia at our expense. House prices grew as did taxes and salaries. All the while government grew by leaps and bounds to keep up with the promises made to our people and peoples of the world.

      There was a pause in the 80's but the engine only slowed and again speeded up in the 90's.

      Over forty years our individual freedoms eroded without our realizing what had happened. We are now reaping all those years of neglect trusting that our leaders would do the right thing. Our leaders, regardless of party had one main concern……….election and reelection The citizen of old offering his knowledge for a few years as our founders assumed had become and illusion. Seniority rules with few exceptions. Lifelong tenure is the norm not the exception.

      We are where we are due to our lax attention and the promise to too many of something for nothing.

      Here we are a year away from an election that will contain and reverse this fall or continue over the cliff smiling while our dear country joins history with other great civilizations.

      I have lived through all of the above and dread spending my twilight years bemoaning what could have been.

    60. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Everybody who goes to Congress, everybody who goes to Washington to change either Congress, or Washington, ends up being changed by both Congress, and Washington. I wouldn't trust the Tea Party Republicans, to stay true to their ideals. They'll change. They'll have to, or else the lobbyists, the bundlers, and K Street, won't

      support them for re-election. For all its bluff and bluster, the tea party won't run an

      opponent against them because they'll be incumbents and incumbents aren't challenged. If it does, it will be a sacrificial lamb. The military has a phrase for that:

      Ash and trash.

    61. Doubleace62 says:

      Those folks who keep saying tax the rich, are generally those who are lazy, and don't want to work. They want whatever they can get/take from someone who works hard. They envy the rich because they made it. It's easy to look and say the rich got all the breaks, they are lucky. Well I say to you lazy buggers, get off your backsides and work. The rich got there becasue they worked hard, they provided jobs to people and allowed them to raise a family. Now you leeches on society only want more. Tax the rich os overused phrase that needs to end. Everyone in this nation that enjoys the freedom, and the opportunity to get ahead should all pay their fair share. I don't care if you make $100 a week or 1,000,000 a week you should pay a share, and everyone share should be the same based on a percentage. It is stupid to penalize successful people by taxing them a larger percentage than those who aren't.They already pay a larger portion since 10 percent of a million is a heck of a lot more than 10 percent of a hundred. What they really mean when they say tax the rich, is tax the rich and give it to me, There was a time in America where is was shameful to take handouts. Now the people taking thehandouts are proud of it. They can't wait to get their government checks and their foodstamps, and anything else the government offers. They pay nothing in but just keep taking it out, and they grow larger in numbers with every generation. This has become a way of life for many of the bottom feeders.

    62. John Arizona says:

      To the liberals who say, "Tax the rich!" Do you realize what percent of taxes paid are paid by the so-called "rich"?

      Who defines "rich"? Is it Obama – anyone making $250,000 – oops, he missed that mark. Is it Ken Jarvis? He wouldn't be happy until there are no more rich, but everyone has the same income – does that smell anything like socialism? Thanks for your thoughts, Ken, but we'd be better off if you kept those thoughts to yourself, or share them at the next meeting of the Sol Alinsky/Bernie Sanders "We're Goofy" meeting.

    63. Jack Coleman, Port T says:

      If they can come up with $1,500,000,000.00 in spending cuts, It would pay the estimated 2011 deficit and the 2010 interest the taxpayers owe.

      The only to logical way to achieve this, in my opinion is, to reduce the size of government and insist that the members of congress adhere the original intent of the clauses in Article 1. Sections 8 and 9.

    64. Chroma41, California says:

      This is going to be a many years long fight when we don't have many years left.

      We need to be working now to remove those corrupt, incompetent and compromised politicians in both parties and replace them with principled individuals who put country above party'

      We used to have the best politicians money could buy, but now we're being short changed.

    65. Mary Hillery Henders says:

      Don Harper of Texas says it perfectly re defunding the military defending us and Social Security already paid for by the recipients. Need more like Don to run for Congress.

      MJH Henderson NV

    66. Al at Glenwood says:

      Smoke and mirrors. The Speaker is a hero to the media only, because he tempered the "Tea Party" demands.

      We are STILL not represented in Washington.

    67. Joseph, FL says:

      There were no cuts. Only a reduction of administration increases. Balance the budget and pay down the debt for the sake of our children.

    68. Carol USA says:

      No matter what the facts are Mr. B HO acted and looked like the winner. That is all the Democrats need. After so much hoopla over 61 M/B ?? not sure Millions or Billions it is more money than I'll ever see in two life times. We know what we saw and heard was 38 M/B as I see it it is a lose.

      What Mr. B HO has just done is win himself (with the help of the cowards of the liberal press) another 4 years and according to Dick Morris is if he gets another 4 years America will be finished as a country. At least the America of Freedom we know and love.

      Forever ANONYMOUS <

    69. Ronald Sakowski, Hay says:

      Boehner is a self-serving dufus. Polls showed that the American people would have blamed both parties for a shutdown. He did not want to hurt his image. Now "Boehner gets to deal with the tea party who will hand him his behind. The Democrats won hands down. A political tsunami is coming in 2012 but it might be too late. It is close to being all over.

    70. Renny, Maryland says:

      I see we have stronger govenors who are not afraid to stick out their necks, than we have congressmen. By standing firm and SHUTTING it down would have shown what our intention and direction was. Now they know we won't go that extra mile and lay the cards on the table.Shame on us, we loose, they win again!!!!

    71. Chroma41, California says:
    72. Bruce Toms, Orlando says:

      This $38.5 Billion Budget Compromise is a just a "drop in a bucket" or a "rounding error" as was stated above. Perhaps the $100 Billion wouldn't have made much more difference but it was an election year promise. It's obvious to me that Speaker Boehner does not possess the fortitude to negotiate with the Democrats and let the government shut down if that's what it takes. Congressman Paul Ryan is showing the leadership that will right this ship.

    73. Jim Kussman says:

      What a travisty.

      The congress votes not pay the military when the government shuts down but votes to continue their own pay and pay for most of their staffs.

      Where is the hue and cry about this hipocritical display?

    74. Kevin H, college par says:

      Ryan's budget is indeed ground breaking. We should all break the ground a bit more, stick the budget proposal in there, then bury it – that is where this sham belongs.

      I thought Ryan and the Republicans wanted to deal with deficits and debts, yet this cowardly and fantasy-filled budget proposal only reduced the defict 155 billion over 10 years. That's it? All this talk about deficits, and 155b over ten years?


    75. Don Harper, Lubbock, says:

      Oops, arithmetic error. We'd still have to borrow over $100 billion. Chump change in today's world.

    76. rick says:

      This is real change. Wake up America. We don't have to live like this. You have choice. It's time…


      Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( http://www.revolution2.osixs.org )


      "Spread the News"

    77. Sharin', PA says:

      Indeed cutting is essential, how about the waste and fraud…..we probably have so much of that, we could recoup billions of dollars and get rid of the bums that incur that waste and fraud. I think that a business acumen is required to work for the government, not this laxidazical baloney we put up with….get rid of the red tape and get people in there that care our country. God bless America!!

    78. mike hutchings says:

      take the ground you can get on this one….but don't forget who those people are on the other side…this is a start and a start only….there is much to dislike about the way this went down….but…it was the way it had to go down…dictated by the culture that must be changed and re-focused if we are to survive as a nation….

    79. jim smith yonkers ny says:

      First, you get rid of nobama and do not let this year's budget negotiations

      distract the voters. When pigs have their own airline, nobama will "negotiate" spending cuts. Consider that repeated and relentless lies about what he says he's doing eats into his total lack of personal integrity. BELIEVE IT. WHAT WE DON'T KNOW ABOUT HIM IS ENOUGH TO DUMP HIM.

    80. William says:

      I think this next election needs to see as many of the Republican establishment in the House ousted as were the Democrats in 2010. We need to replace them with more Tea Party Republicans that will make the choices necessary for this nation to survive and thrive.

      If we go down the tubes, NO ONE will have Medicare, Medicaid, SS. Want to save all this? Cutting spending is the way to do it.

    81. Don DeHoff, Boone, C says:

      We are not going to be able to get on top of this mess until we have both, term and age limits for all elected and appointed persons and federal Judges: Age limits for all at age 70 (We do not need another Senator Byrd or a president with memory problems–(may history bless them both). One four-year term for President, one 4-year term for senators and one two-year term for the House, with all elected or appointed persons, out of office, being restricted from any direct or indirect legislative activities at the Federal level for a period of at least two years. We also need a law that, "if we can vote them in, we can vote them out", and not have to wait until their term is up. Also, hhey all must be vetted under Executive Order 10450—Security Requirements for Government Employment—(compliancce with that order just might have prevented Obama and at least one congress person, from being elected!)—and the list goes on and on.

    82. LARRY F. WIMBER says:







    83. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      Life-long politican John B. fell for the smoothest shell game in history. Is a 100 million under the first shell, 65 million under the second shell, or 38.5 million under the third shell. I pick the one the Democrats led me to. Wow! I really won…It's business as usual in Washington.

      Heritage, who are you kidding…the Republicans got snookered…

    84. Howard Stern says:

      One of the places that they should have started at with be Defense pork barrel projects another one with be to get rid and close the DEA.

    85. Greg Norton, Boise I says:

      Tax the rich… great idea. Best way to get more money from them is lower the tax rate. Check the IRS stats and Economic Report of the President: the tax rate reductions of the early 2000's increased the taxes paid by the rich, the percentage of all taxes paid by the rich, and the percentage of their gross income the rich paid in taxes. What's not for a liberal to like?

      Question is: what are we spending money on now that our great-grandchildren should pay for? Stop looting our descendants, balance the budget. Stop eating the unborn, Harry Reid. Those of us voting today are not the ones who will be paying back the loans; we use the money, our descendants pay it back. Nice scam.

    86. Frank Schwartz , Ren says:

      This Federal Government has still not addressed the $14 trillion debt.

      I was disappointed that the Republicans did not stand up for the $100 billion cut.

      Even that was a token amount. This country is in dire straits. Unfortunately, we are going to have to modify the "sacred entitlements" of Social Security and Medicare. Future beneficiaries are going to have to rethink how they plan for the future.

    87. Abigail Nobel says:

      I'm disappointed Heritage was so disingenuous in this article as to fail to note that the cut looks this big only because it's measured against the president's proposed budget.

      Our president has proven himself incapable to lead in spending reduction. Why then did the House not take the lead by measuring their own stand-alone budget against actual previous spending? Because honest math would show the pathetic truth?

      It smacks of cooperative political games. And frankly, I'm not in the mood.

      Note on entitlements: Social Security and Medicare are properly so called. Those who paid in are entitled to be paid out. There is no slight to the term when so used. (A different matter when an unpaid benefit is expected, as in welfare/ Medicaid, SS fraud, etc.)

    88. Steven Polgar, Walli says:

      While I am in total agreement with cutting the federal government's budget, and support Speaker Boehner's successful negotiations with the overwhelming power of the President and the Senate Majority Leader, may I suggest that in your analyses you refrain from clichés like "a rounding error," or "a drop in the bucket." As I need to point out regularly to my students, platitudes and clichés serve only to hide facts and undermine arguments.

      Explain what it means to reduce the budget by 38 billion dollars. Why is this the first time that there has been such a decrease in government spending and how does this offset the enormous growth in spending of the last two years? It is not enough, but it is a first step that must be followed by bigger and more economically significant ones. Unless the spending, which the Democrats increased by orders of magnitude unimagined by Secretary Paulson is reduced proportionally, the growth in spending by the government will lead to an economic disaster much greater than anything ever seen in U. S. history. All the scare tactics mentioning the Great Depression will seem like fairy tales in comparison to the reality that unmanageable inflation and the loss of the dollar's value could mean for the country. The poorest and those on fixed incomes will suffer the most. The promises of unions and the payments of generous retirements will be insufficient to protect enormous segments of society, who have been misled into believing that they can rely on the plentiful benefits that they have earned over the years.

      It is these details, which must be addressed to those who are led by an alliance of political gnomes. They must be convinced that their expectations are unfounded that what they have been promised is not only impossible, but will destroy them.

    89. Mike McLellen, Grand says:

      My optimism is waning. I am not sure there is the "intestinal fortitude" in the American people to keep the pressure up. Coupled with the ever increasing "recipient class", with a "as long as it doesn't affect me" attitude, I fear we are doomed.

      The royalty (politicians) of our society are hell bent on spending more and more, and controlling every aspect of our lives. As career politicians, their survival is dependent on building more and more dependancy and on continuing to lavish the "peasants" (us) with scraps from the table we have built (involuntarily) for them. What ever happened to freedom and liberty? What ever happened to individual responsibility?

    90. Stirling, Pennsylvan says:

      What part of "Mandate" didn't the republican leadership understand from the past election results in November 2010??? We wanted a sign that they would fight from day 1, and not CAVE IN TO THE DEMOCRATS. $38B is a joke on a 3.7trillion budget (even if it's from the 2011 budget.) Until the republicans are ready to use a shut down as a negotiation tool they will never be taken seriously by the democrats and this administration. Rebublicans will be rolled over by the democrats until they are willing to stand up to the liberal media and trust the american people will back them up when they are up for re-election. Is it no wonder the president is comming out with a tax-hike proposal as part of his idea to fix the deficit, I say this is because he saw the results of the republicans willing to give in. I can't support a party that will cave-in when it comes to important issues like we just had, and I will probably find a tea-party canidate which actually votes for the american taxpayer and people rather then to apease the liberal left. Republicans please get a clue that if you don't stand by your word then you are not worth any more then the most liberal democrat in the room.

    91. michael j mudrak car says:

      They have no goal or lost sight of why they were put there. Say no to obama

      and his agenda and whatever plan he can possibly come up with. Tomorrow

      on national tv you will hear him brag.In reality who is running our nation?

      Does anyone feel as i DO THAT OBAMA is only a puppet?

    92. Scottsdale, AZ says:

      I can not tell you how wonderful it is that after months of talk of spending, I finally see the word culture in your headline.

      Spending is a symptom of our problems in Washington and around the country, a very big symptom, but our two divergent cultures of governance are the real problem.

      Our traditional culture based on liberty, hard work, decentralized government and faith has been juxtaposed over the last 70 years but a counter culture based on enforced equality in lieu of liberty, centralized government, economic justice based on 'give a man a fish' programs, and reason to the exclusion of faith.

      If we can begin to believe in our original tenets of culture, the federal government can be put back in its box. If we keep talking about spending, we miss an opportunity to place the left where it belongs; on the ash heap of failed cultures.

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    94. MikeHebert 15 Lester says:

      Yep, tax the rich, they'll just pass it on. That's just Corp.Am.! Who do you think puts that 'poor' 'puppet king' in office in W.DC? I'm looking for the non-partisan knothead who will arise with the wisdom he/she gained while attending this great nations schools of higher learning (colleges). And then not only that one 'wise-guy' but a team thereof, again NON-PARTISAN, TEAMWORKING the solutions to our not so recent forefathers' 'mistakes' – giving into special interests, taking bribes in so many disguises; people brave enough to TRANSPARENTLY TELL IT LIKE IT IS, IN ENGLISH. Big business, small business does not tolerate indefinetly ineptness. Why then should the Am. people so tolerate from their elected oficials? There has to be a way to 'take them out of the game', return them to sender. The rich say they've worked hard to succeed and achieve, O.K., take some of that business savvy and talk to Wash., not that they'll listen, but at least you tried, right? Oh, you tried that? How'd that work for you? See, single-handed, we won't be heard. TEAMUP, AND maybe, with enough voices regardless of socio-eco level someone will. Trouble is many of these 'battles' are waged/supported with somebody's hard earned money. And that is where a lot of would be 'troops' fail, me included. I can't afford another war Am.! I'm already looking at 100 yrs old before I can think about retirement! And that's a lot of dirty toilets. More can be said, I love to ramble.TTFN

    95. Jeff, Denton, Md. says:

      We should not forget that we live in a representitive democracy. Sure, we can blame the elected officials for their decisions but the its up to us to hold them accountable. We, the electorate, should ultimately be blamed for our demise. If the majority of Americans believe that the role of government is to nurture us from cradle to grave then our country is in trouble. Elected officials, in essence, represent the values of the majority of the population. Unless our culture changes, the criticism of our elected officials will be reduced to frustrated conversation pieces on websites and blogs. It's up to us to help change the American culture.

    96. michael j mudrak car says:

      Is one side better than the other? Obama acts like a spoiled rich kid in a poor

      neighborhood(I ll take my bat & ball & go home) reality is their is a whole lot

      more involved here than monetary values. Every day more and more of our

      rights and liberty are being torn apart.The pay to play system is alive and

      thriving and the morals of government are going down the tubes with it.

      Something needs to be done we all know the corruption is there but why

      isnt anyone being indited. The is no perfect crime.If nothing can be done at

      federal levels than how about every state filling complaints?

      May GOD bless America for his hand made us great!!

    97. Kevin H, college par says:

      Wow, latest polling numbers looking bad for House Republicans. The teaparty far right has presented a giant gift to the Democrats. Just a few montsh ago we were talking about chance of Repubicans winning the White House and Senate and having all 3 – now it looks like Republicans will have a tough time holding the House. Thank you tea party – thank you for showing what the far right looks like.

    98. libertarian, alabama says:

      this budget fails to reduce spending on the zionist-owned military-industrial complex! it is woefully inadequate and is unacceptable for any libertarian to support! the US government is a ponzi scheme designed to benefit finance capital and the parasitical death merchants who cannot survive in a free society and a free market economy.

    99. Thomas Europe says:

      Dear Sir:

      The only way these politicians will change their ways is to have their earnings dependent on how much Congress "Doesn't Spend".

      That means, dock their pay when they go over the "Budget"! ! !

      When that happens the Country will soon realize this elusive goal.

    100. Pingback: Must Know Headlines — ExposeTheMedia.com

    101. David B, Bremerton, says:

      It's time to be realistic. While Paul Ryan's plan is a step in the right direction its not a great solution. At 49 years old I can't get excited about a balanced budget when I'm 79. We need real solutions NOW and Rand Paul is the one offering them. Check out his budget. This is what all Republicans should get behind. Real reform, complete elimination of Government Departments and yes a reduction in Defense spending. We need real cuts now compared to actual spending not projected future spending. I'm willing to do my part. Raise my Social Security and Medicare age to 70. When I'm 79 I don't want my son and granddaughter still dealing with this mess!

    102. Bobbie says:

      The last thing we want, is to be put in the hands of government at any age for any reason. That should be the role of government in America, land of the free, home of the brave. The government didn't make this country great. People did. This will truly be sad and unfortunate for all America and Americans if the mindset of democrats indecencies and dishonesty continues.

      Nobody wants to give the President a tax cut. We want the rich to buy more in America to keep the economy and charities going as they've done. Even the President himself, didn't stay in America to spend his money, on frequent occasions.

      We want the opportunity to gain our own wealth through our own skills and abilities to reach OUR POTENTIAL without government influence! We don't want education in your control when it's lessons are influenced and distorted which has become evident in today's American society. We want to be able to afford college which is in your control, Mr. President. An area of sacrifice for the professors and their government supported unions.

      We want the business man to be able to hire more employees that meet the business owners requirements, not government's skin color quota. All people have substance Mr. President, that doesn't come from skin color. What's wrong with that, Mr. president? What do you and the democrat party have against the freedom of people living their own lives with no reason for your supervise as you lead against our individual liberties? Why have you no respect for your true position or your oath of office?

      Why do you insist on government dependency when we all think for ourselves and shouldn't be expected to depend on you, let alone forced to?! You are impressed by the sacrifices you force on the people, Mr. President, very insulting to the human intelligence and to the leadership expected of this country.

      Honesty is strength, dignity is strength diligence is strength and because you lack the knowledge and respect of where America's greatness is derived, you have none!

      The greatness of this country was derived by the inspirational teachings of one Man, Mr. President. One Man from the middle east, who isn't white skin colored, Mr. President. A Man that taught the world personal responsibilities to live the gift of our inalienable right of freedom. And under common law that you refuse to respect and enforce. You're dangerously silly Mr. President. You give us very little hope and absolutely no future. You are not apart of my family nor I yours.

      You govern, I live free. I want democrats,, to stay away from me!

    103. J.H. Johns Jr. says:

      Gentlemen, the cuts to military, their families and veterans have already started. In the past month, I have seen memos sent that cuts reservists from doing funeral honors for veterans, instead using active almost exclusively. Many reservists use this to help make ends meet and some it's their only income. And have seen changes in educational benefits earned. Since soldiers, sailors and veterans DON'T have a union to protect them, or have a lot of money to give to politicians. The cuts stop at the very people whom protect everyone's liberty first. Let our elected officials make the first sacrifice, then maybe the people would believe in D.C. again.

    104. Mike, North Carolina says:

      So now comes the article at hand "Changing the Culture of Washington"…Well now…although I’ve expected and hoped for better, I've seen writing here which borders on and too often occasionally crosses into Neville Chamberlain-like "playing out in middle-of-the-road and caving” (which results in getting "run over" as the best of our parents told us, and as shown through other people and wars. That includes caving yet declaring "success" such as that which helped lead to World War II and other terribly costly lessons of history being repeated, all such "kidding yourself" thus ending-up being shown so very convenient for and useful to those who push and implement freedom and life-destroying policies, including the Statist government power-grabbing so-called "Progressive"/"Liberal"/"Left" of today and other such government elitists before them.

      But I still wanted to believe that if newly elected so-called "Republican leadership" turned their backs on us, the people, and the mandate we gave them by electing them for their promise to cut and stop the out-of-control government borrowing, regulating, spending, and taxing current and subsequent generations into the poor house and dependence/control by government, and so refused to stand firm to keep their promise, even in the face of Democrats and their accomplices usual (as always) practice of name-calling and threatening with and through a so-called "government shutdown" (which doesn't really happen, as repeatedly shown before, including in 1995) and blaming others for it all, well then the writers of articles here would "wake up and smell what's rotten in (in this case) D.C”.

      However, now evidently it is too much like 1995 all over again as too many of those Republicans have indeed given-in to their Statist "borrow, regulate, tax, and spend into no tomorrow" so-called Progressive"/"Liberal “colleagues” (including but not limited to Democrats) and so not only refused to stand firm but thus also broken their promise, betrayed our trust, and, more so than not, surrendered to more “business as usual, playing ball with the boys”. We should say and do every non-violent thing we possibly can to make them pay for that, all the way to and including our not re-electing them when they try to be re-elected. Why? Because, since they caved as much as they did on something as basic and massively consequential as a budget, there’s little if any probability and hope that they will stand firm on other things without their allowing the Statists to cower them into caving again and so causing there to be even more consequences which current and subsequent generations will suffer and pay for in the loss of freedoms, resources, security, and lives, as already shown by history being repeated here and elsewhere around the world.

      Yet both such Republicans who caved to their Democrat and other "colleagues" are claiming "success", and others, including in Heritage’s “The Foundry/The Morning Bell”, are helping them push that illusion of “success” as if they didn't cave, and cave far too much, to the point where they caved even more than even Obama expected in the first place!

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