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  • Morning Bell: Commander-in-Chief Turns His Back on America’s Military

    The American military is engaged in multiple conflicts and humanitarian missions around the world, yet President Obama promised to veto legislation funding the troops for the remainder of 2011.  This is a reprehensible political stunt, and it comes at the expense of our servicemen and women and the families they support.

    Yesterday, as efforts to resolve the debate on 2011 government funding continued, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) introduced yet another temporary bill designed to keep the government operating for one more week during negotiations, and in this case, ensure the military portion of the budget is appropriated to eliminate the economic uncertainty facing our troops.

    Before a vote was even taken, President Obama issued a Statement of Administration Policy that offered no policy, and merely called Speaker Boehner’s efforts a “distraction”, with the promise to veto the legislation. In fact, Speaker Boehner’s goal was to aid our armed forces by removing the distraction of a looming government shutdown for our troops. The House went on to pass the bill 247-181 with 15 Democrats joining nearly all Republicans.

    The American public has clearly spoken that it is demanding budget cuts, but so far nothing has happened in the Senate—not one serious alternative to the budget with $61 billion in cuts the House passed nearly two months ago. That Harry Reid is even allowed at the negotiating table before completing the prerequisites is a mystery, and this latest episode of defense funding angst by he and Obama continues the drama.

    United States military personnel are actively supporting the Libyan rebellion.  Navy sailors and Marines are providing humanitarian relief to our ally Japan.  American soldiers are still working to rebuild Iraq often in hostile conditions.  They are engaged in active combat in Afghanistan.  Some are being wounded daily; some maimed; some even killed.  Others are doing their jobs around the globe keeping sea lanes open, on patrol, standing a post, and training for whatever conflicts lie ahead.  Yet incredibly, their Commander-in-Chief vows to veto their paychecks.

    The House-passed bill is essential to ensure military forces deployed around the world will get the equipment they need to succeed. Even it will fund defense at levels significantly below President Obama’s request, unfortunately, which is causing strain across the military right now.

    The drawn-out budget fight to fund the government for 2011 is reaching a crescendo with a potential government shutdown now hours away. President Obama chose to finally engage the negotiations this week, yet still deflected leadership saying: “I shouldn’t have to oversee a process in which Congress deals with last year’s budget…”

    This is true Mr. President. If last year’s Democrat-controlled Congress had fulfilled its basic responsibilities, we would not be in this situation. Yet, they did not, and you did not push them to do so. Now we are facing a partial government shutdown and while the House of Representatives offers fiscal solutions, measures to protect military pay and spending cuts, the White House and Senate merely say “no”. No is not good enough.

    Democrat Party leaders are on record “rooting” for a shutdown in hopes it helps their electoral odds in 2012. By killing this measure to fully fund our troops and take them out of this Washington battle, their political maneuvering has taken a dangerous turn.

    Supporting the military at the appropriate levels so as to protect and defend our nation is the first and foremost Constitutional responsibility of the federal government. It is one often abdicated in favor of stimulus bills and irresponsible entitlement management. The 2012 budget battle will once again address this as the president’s budget proposal fails to appropriately fund these duties. However, for 2011, right now, it is an easy choice, not a distraction.

    Last night in the White House briefing room, the president tried once again to project leadership, but said: “I’m not yet prepared to express wild optimism…but I think we are further along today than we were yesterday.”

    Absent a deal today, President Obama should actively press Congress to fund the troops, and withdraw his threat to veto their funding.  Let our soldiers get back to work without threats to their safety and their families’ finances. It’s time for President Obama and Senator Reid to show that kind of leadership.

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    85 Responses to Morning Bell: Commander-in-Chief Turns His Back on America’s Military

    1. Deanie, CT says:

      I"m appalled that the president and members of his party refuse to pay the military if there's a shutdown. Our son is in the military. It was my understanding that essential people will be paid. Now the military isn't essential?

      This is disgraceful. It's more proof we have a president who's out of touch and absent without leave.

    2. Grace Stanley, Chesa says:

      With 2 grandchildren as members of the military, President Obama is alienating myself and many others. I have never supported Obama, but now he is a reprehensible person with no morals at all. God bless the young men and women in the military and nothing but scorn for ours supposed leader of this country. What a scoundrel.

    3. Roger, TN says:

      The active duty military should be placed on the list of exclusions from a government shutdown just as the WH, the Congress and their lackies. There is no doubt that the noble purpose the military serves if more important than Michelle's 16 or so assistants. But then who will take care of the garden?

    4. Capt Jerry Hulick Be says:

      If BH is the supposed commander-in-chief then I quess he's not going to get a pay check either. Or is he leading from the rear instead of the front. Such a loser. I quess the lies of his life are finally catching up and the poor little boy can't handle it. we'll know soon if George soros shows up at the WH to school the "little one".

    5. Christopher Popham S says:

      Gosh. What's the surprise here?

      Democrats for the most part, have always hated the military.

      I hope the president carrys through on this. It will be one more nail in

      his 2012 bid for the Oval Office.


    6. Jack Britton Kyle Lu says:

      The greatest threat to freedom and liberty is a politician hands inside the pockets of tax payers wanting to buy votes with your money-jbk

    7. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      4 – 8 – 11 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com

      Bobbie on April 7th, 2011 at 4:38pm said:

      Ken Jarvis says what he usually says: The GOP read the WSJ and listen to FOX

      to get their marching Orders.

      *** Thanks, Bobbie – I keep LOOKING for an Email from you

      so we can discuss things there instead of here,

      but this is OK too.


      Ken, actions speak louder than words and who in the GOP would have time to readi the WSJ and listen to FOX? My goodness! Do they have more than 24 hours a day? What influences you to suggest this? And really Ken, the democrats are doing nothing to solve anything, just scare tactics.

      *** Not necessary to read the Entire WSJ

      just check the headlines, and the Editorial Page.

      Murdochs Empire has CONTROLLED the WSJ since Obama took office.

      Have YOU ever SEEN ONE – even ONE – positive Editorial about him?

      I didn't mention it, but FOX TV has a show on Saturday

      WSJ Editorial Board – where Paul Gigot adds more BAD to Obama.

      ALL Murdochs Empire does is BAD BAD BAD.

      If you ever see anything positive let me know,

      you have my Email


      Nancy Pelosi fearing my Grandma into being deprived of food??? How dare that evil being! They aren’t doing a thing of significance to correct the damage they’ve caused.

      Ken you wrote: Ryan’s Budget wants to END – MEDICARE AND MEDICAID.

      ONLY A FOOL WOULD VOTE FOR THAT. Ken, stop it. Mr. Ryan deserves much credit for his thorough work. He left no one out and he covers all America can, without the corruption and with accountability.

      *** What Corruption?

      What accountability?

    8. George Colgrove VA says:

      At the very least, our active duty soldiers in the field (in combat) should have a guarantee that they will be fully paid for risking their lives in the field. All war-related expenditures should be fully funded to COB FY11 (Sept 30, 2011). If Obama does not want to fully fund the DoD, fine, but he should compromise to fund our soldiers and the people who provide direct support to them. Shame on Obama!

      I do not think we should be funding the rest of the DoD anyways, since we have massive opportunities to cut large portions of their budget in fraudulent, inefficient, duplicative and wasteful programs. Many administrative and human resource tasks can be consolidated outside the DoD without eating up defense dollars. Heritage has done a good job identifying about a $100 billion in cuts in these areas as well as the GAO. Cato Inst. has their own list of thoughtful cuts that can be made in billions.

      We mobilized a nation in WWII and in a year built an amazing military force second to none. Today the danger facing this country with the imminent collapse of our economic system (if we do not change our ways) is far worse, yet we fail to have the same spirit to mobilize. We are kicking and dragging our feet avoiding the inevitable.

      We should be able to mobilize the federal workforce to consolidate, reorganize, and realign duties so we need 50% of the federal workforce. After adjusting for dedicated social security and MC/MC revenue, the rest of government is funded by 55% debt. So far, the only justification in this madness with deficit spending is that firing 50% of the federal workforce will kill the economy of DC. All I have to say is finally they will join the rest of the country. I am not concerned about DC even though I live here. There is far too much wealth here to worry about the short term. The long-term concern I have needing a $100 dollar bill to buy milk. Check out the currencies of countries that have collapsed like ours will. They have bills with denominations upwards of 1,000 to use to buy a simple carrot! Tell me, are we going to protect DC and pay $200 for a 6-pack of beer or are we going to get to work cutting the size/scope/cost of government!

    9. William Downey, Worc says:

      The great enlightened one is holding our military and supporting families hostage in a thinly disguised extortion attempt.

      The president has never served in the military and has no real concept of what sacrafices that service entails, for those who fight and the families they leave behind. He and his wife can go out to the bases and tell the troops and their families how much they support and appreciate their efforts. Yet after this I seriously doubt that many will believe them.

      He should try and remember that it is his budget that still hasn't been passed; that it is his party that failed to pass a budget while in the majority of both houses.

    10. Howard W. Briggs says:

      If the Republicians were reallysincere in proposing pay for the Military, they would not have included other items in the bill such as, Federal Government not paying for abortions, ect. it would have been harder for the President to veto the Bill.

      I am beginning to believe that the Republican Leadership is STUPID! Actually I have been felling that way for some time.

    11. Eric, DC says:

      I'm sure a stopgap funding bill for the troops would pass if the Republicans would drop the policy riders. It comes off as grandstanding about supporting the troops when Republican support is conditional on defunding Planned Parenthood and restricting the EPA.

    12. jkarnswald Boise, Id says:

      Our Representatives are doing what we asked, cut spending, get control over an out of control government. If we didn't know before we know now that the Regime does not care about what we the people think. We will be told and must obey.

    13. R. E. (Rob) Terry, G says:

      FLYING TANKS TO BE SHOT DOWN — I have seen the rebels complaining about lack of air support and wondered why they were saying that. We-all did not sign up to be the airforce or weapons store for the rebels. You said, "United States military personnel are actively supporting the Libyan rebellion." I thought that UN resolution 1973 was to (1) Protect civilians by any means necessary (from either the Rebels or Omar) AND, (2) ban on all flights in the airspace of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya in order to help protect civilians. Soooooooo, while NATO-U.S. Military can shoot down any airplane "in flight", I see no authorization that NATO-U.S. Military can shoot at Omar's tanks, APC's, or Ford F150's attacking rebels. The exception, of course, would be flying tanks.

    14. Brent Spurgin Des Mo says:

      I believe the Democrats have been planning on the shutdown since they believed the polls last year indicating a landslide victory for Republicans. Once they knew they were going to get pummeled at the voting booth, they began the process of not passing any kind of budget knowing the new Congress would have to deal with it. They are trying to relive the 1994 shutdown. I am of the opinion they are very wrong this time. The voting population is really angry and this time I believe they will get the equal if not more of the blame for any shutdown.

    15. Frank, Florida says:

      The President & the Democrats in Congress are basically acting like thugs holding our servicemen and anyone else impacted by a government slowdown (it won't be a "shutdown") as hostages. When kidnappers demand a ransom for a hostage, if either the ransom is not paid or an attempt to rescue them fails & the hostage is harmed or killed, people often fault the failure to pay the ransom or the rescuers poor plans rather than the kidnappers. But paying ransoms (caving in to Democratic demands in this case) is self defeating as it encourages more kidnappings (more demands by Democrats for Republicans to not fulfill their pledge to make budget cuts) & the guilty party may go unpunished (more support for Democrats by an unhappy electorate that demands budget cuts). The establishment Republicans have already paid a price by caving in from $100 billion in promised budget cuts to $61 billion. Now the Democrats want to humiliate them even more. The Republicans should have stuck firm to their $100 billion in cuts from the beginning & had a slowdown in government sooner. Stop paying ransoms & dealing with kidnappers!

    16. Arvid Myhre, Idaho says:

      We, as members of the Heritage Foundation are well informed about the democrats and their lack of leadership and their self-serving actions. The trouble is that The Heritage Foundation is preaching to the choir. This wisdom, somehow, must be spread to the apathetic voters who elect these incompetent democrats that dominate the government. I personally have no respect for anyone stupid enough to vote for the likes of Reid, Pelosi. or Obama. An informed person couldn't possibly vote for these people.

    17. Tim, Modesto says:

      I do not mind a shut down and hope the Republican's stick to their guns. However I am concerned as to whether they are the one's keeping the miltary from being paid.

      Is the CR really clean and only about the military or does it include language about Planned Parenthood and other sundry items that are trying to force the president to approve something he doesnt want to?

      If the Republicans want "real" change then they should approve a bill that pays the military without added debatable amendments (politics as usual) and then go ahead a start the fight without having the military as pawns.

      If they are playing games the time is to stop and get the soldiers paid.

    18. Diane Baumgart, Kauk says:

      How sad that this President and Harry Reid work so hard to harm our country in so many different ways. They weaken our military and tell them they are non-essential but place them in harm's way. They increase our taxes and obligations to other countries instead of working their hardest to put our country on sound financial footing. And they do this because they are also working hard to maintain the destruction of our future – the infant in the womb, the women who struggle with their choices and the men who are hurt by the deaths of their offspring. They desperately need our prayers!!!

    19. doctordave says:

      It must be incredibly difficult to suddenly become "commander in chief" of the military, when all Obama has as experience is holding a clip board, standing on a street corner in a Chicago getto, trying to organize people. Obama is a tragic example of a leaderless leader hiding behind his tella prompters. When this is recognized as a flaw, it is not a surprise he cannot lead.

    20. Mary............WI says:

      BO takes his orders from George Soros. Soros is in a major meeting today to try and convince the world to develop a "one world curency" to further bring down the USA. Reid is being a dufus. I can't believe he called Tea Party members socialists!!

    21. Home--E. Texas says:

      This makes this widow of a warrior who fought for our Country and one who loved his country after serving in the Pacific 3 years, very angry.

      It is ok for commander -in-chief to run around in AFO and tell the rest of the nation where we can go. I hope someone will turn this around. Help! Our Service men and women should be supported as was planned in our constitution.

    22. Glenn Drennen says:

      A lawless politician who thinks only of himself first, his party second. The American people put the screws to themselves when they voted Obama into office. It is long past the time for impeachment proceedings to get under way. He has trampled the Constitution many times, that sacred document that governs our way of life that he hates so much, yet swore under oath before this nation to protect and defend. His diabolical plans are not to protect and defend, but to destroy this nation and the opportunities that it provides for all of us to prosper and enjoy a good life. Let us not forget come November 2012.

    23. Jim Patterson, Dulut says:

      In the mortgage business, it is "no pay, no stay". for the military it should now be "no pay, no work". Why would a serviceman (service person?) risk their bodies and lives for politicians who see them as just pawns in some political game?

    24. Carol,AZ says:

      Last Fall no budget was passed.

      The entire idea was ignored by both parties and the far left leadership, dismissed this primary responsibility.

      All of us recall the mantra repeated over and over.

      "yes" we can!"

      "This IS a change we CAN believe in!"

      The mystical fairy dust has cleared and what has been left behind is a train reck with NO formula to straighten the tracks.

      Our Federal Gov has tripled. Program after program inserted with new missions statements. 800,000 Federal workers now on Federal pay rolls.

      There are 100's of Obama riders attached to this $38. billion dollar cuts that started out as $ 61. billion cuts.

      The lastest chess piece for fiscal accountablity is to use our military and victemize them for a pay check.

      This CON job for deception, is the biggest blow since the wind and dusts storms of the Great Depression.

      Do not cave in Tea Party freshmans and Rep. leadership. Flush out this endless pork and down the septic system in D.C.

      This critical path decison for fiscal responsibility is right now.

      If you can't accomplish this , shut it down.

    25. Daisysue says:

      Obama has again shown his self serving agenda. His lack of concern for the American Troops HE HAS PUT IN HARMS WAY is disgusting.

      His lack of concern for the American People is also disgusting. He just wants what He considers HIS personal money to keep flowing regardless of the cost to the Nation.

      His demonstration of LEADERSHIP is delegating someone else to do his Job. That way He can continue to LIE and DENY and PLACE BLAME anywhere except where it belongs, ON HIS SHOULDERS

      He wants a Health Care Plan that 50 years of Socialism & Communism has proven to be ineffective for the people and the country. IT HAS FAILED IN EVERY COUNTRY THAT HAS TRIED IT. He wants it MANDATORY FOR EVERYONE EXCEPT HIS SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS, MUSLIMS AND POLITICAL OBLIGATIONS.

      To say I am disappointed in his performance as POTUS is a very, very mild statement.

    26. Kaydell Brigham City says:

      The Democratic Party now blames the Republican Party for thier not passing a budget when they had control of both the House and Senate. This is a sham and a bigger sham is the Drive bye Media not saying one iota about the Democrats not passing the budget. Let it rip! Better to have the fight and preserve the financial condition to let both parties know we the American citizens want fiscal responsibility. Our future depends upon this or if not we will be sing the Argentina song!

    27. Tom Wood, Hickory Hi says:

      I hope we can keep this country together long enough until the 2012 elections so we can get rid of the democrats that have been ruining our country. Commander-in-chief! You got to be kidding! This know nothing, do nothing person is useless and I still can't believe someone like him could get elected to represent the American people. They don't care about spending, just keep socking it to the tax payers, who have nothing left to give!

    28. Norm LA says:

      Obama, Reid and Co do not have that kind of leadership in them. The One stands there and says do not play politics with this issue. That is all he knows how to do and is doing. Reid says it is not about economics; it is ideology and the Tea Party, when for him, it is about following his union bosses. . To the Obama, it is all about politics and his election. That is all it will be for the next 1.5 years. And the brave men and women in the military are props to him. He stood at West Point and at the facility last week so he could appear to be a commander. The Obama does not have the guts to go against the union bosses and cut spending. During this he goes to meet with the number one race baiter instead to prepare for street marches for his reelection campaign and now he is ready to go on yet another vacation trip; this time to Williamsburg. Obama continues his voting record with Not Present. And as a Commander in Chief, he is AWOL. Two years from now, when the next president is being blamed for all of the Obama – Reid mess, Obama will be at home in Chicago blaming his staff for his loss.

    29. Kevin H, college par says:

      Looking at every single poll out there, Republicans are getting hammered, got to love it. Americans want compromise and negotiation, but the teaparty hijacked house won't negotiate or compromise. Democratic leadership thanks the teaparty over and over!

    30. Robert, North Richla says:

      Heritage! When Obama and Reid refused to support the continuing resolution and our troops, the Speaker should have responded by cutting off funding for this Libya fiasco – and bringing those troops home – for starters. That is how you play hardball. However, when Obama and Reid set the table, little johnny always shows up on time. We are in desperate need of real leadership that will DO something relevant and ACT now to save this nation. The Puppet, the Stiff and the Wimp are not going to cut it. Heritage should stop being the chief apologists for the republican party and start recognizing real leadership and real action.

    31. Judith in Michigan says:

      You would think that at some point in time, most Democrats in Congress and around the country would become embarrassed and start to feel uneasy by what our POTUS is doing. The bullying and intimidating tactics of the consummate Community Organizer and the tactics of Saul Alinsky are on full display for the entire world to see.

      At least President Obama had the decency to put his vacation to Williamsburg, Va scheduled for this weekend on hold. But it appears Nancy Pelosi, the minority leader in the House, is still planning to headline this weekend at the "Change the World" event sponsored by George Soros. Does this mean that the welfare of The United States and our military are not as important to her as Mr Soros' plans for the New World Order? Would someone please ask her?

    32. Robert VA says:

      As a retired Marine (1981) U.S. citizen and voter I am outraged.


      Situation: A President in name only, a position as a leader who does not lead.

      Mission: "Lead, follow or get out of the way". He cannot lead, I will not follow, ….vote him out.

    33. Jim-MN says:

      It is finally clear to anyone with a brain, paying attention or not drinking the democratic koolaid. The boy wonder Pres and this "extreme" Liberal base has just decided put this country totally at risk over two things.

      1. Abortion and Killing babies

      2. Union Thuggery and keeping the crimial Demo-funding process in place

      Does anyone think these Socialist clowns give a rip about anything but to bring the country down and reformulate it under a Hugo model of socialistic control?

      For idiot Ried to blame the mainstream populas [Tea-Party] as the villians is beyond hope.

      The armed struggle is not that far away folks.

      it is time to take sides. Take a stand. Take back this country from a group of radicals in waiting that saw the opportunity of putting Marxis Obama in power to ram all of this down the voting tax paying public.

      We may not make it to Nov 2012.

    34. Norm CT says:

      While I am totally in favor of getting spending under control, I personally think the House was just pushing the envelope by adding a couple of resolutions to a bill which included funding our troops. There are bigger battles looming with the 2012 budget. Also surprised to see that little detail omitted from the article.

    35. Mark says:

      People like you are what is wrong with this country. How can you not see (or just choose to ignore) that the G.O.P is using the military to extort democrats into defunding Planned Parenthood?

      The fact that the right is so intent on getting rid of family planning, that they will use our soldiers as chips is The.Most.Reprehensible.Thing.I.Have.Ever.Seen.

      Open your eyes.

      Also, republicans are also rooting for a shutdown. (See Rep. Mike Pence–"Shut It Down…")

      I could literally pick apart this whole blog post point by point, but you and your readership would just ignore it anyway.

    36. toledofan says:

      This entire budget debate really is about ideology and not so much money and it's obvious that the Democrats have gone all in trying to bluff the Republicans into folding. I hope Boehner really understands the power he has, the majority of people are behind him, and I just hope he doesn't let the Democrats bluff force him to fold. For Obama to say he is going to veto the military pay is not only irresponsible, it proves the distane the left has for the military and clearly shows that as a Commander-in-Chief he is AWOL from his duties and responsibility. Someone needs to pin Reid, Pelosi and Obama down and ask why they are not only being irresponsible, why are they hellbent on destroying America. All of this could have been avoided many months ago if the Democrats had only done their jobs.

    37. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Why is Obama's position on funding our troups is a surprise to anyone. This is what Obama is! In addition to threatening to veto the GOP's bill to fund the troups, Obama has instructed the Secretary of Defence to propose changing the "essential" classification for the troups to "non-essential".

      Can we not understand what that means to the morale of those who or defending
      this nation, giving life and limp. That they have a commander in chief, for pure
      politics, degrade those men and women to the state of "non-essential".

      This is what we now have in our White House. Yet Harry Reid, the Democrats, and the national news media will lie and distort to make excuses to protect Obama now, and in 2012.

    38. Clarence De Barrows says:

      What we are trying to do is "defund" Obama. In this situation he has the discretionary authority to restrict funding to groups of his choosing. He will, as he has done throughout his Presidency, do what he can to maximize the negative while giving the impression of doing the opposite. Anything he does is designed to weaken our Republic.

    39. KC - New Mexico says:

      Leadership from Obama and Reid? This is wishful thinking but a joke at best. Mainstream America wants change that is effective and meets the needs of the majority. Washington is not addressing the majority and not addressing the key factors for this country – budget, business, unemployment, innovation, creativity, healthcare, education and overall protection.

      To not fund the military is pathetic. Congress should be the 1st group to step up and refuse paychecks. This includes their staffs. The Whitehouse needs to do the same. Then cut the foreign aid that we waste yearly on countries who do not like the USA.

      Americans need to wake up to the real mess we are in. We must get the word out to all Americans, then push for real reform in the 2012 elections. Start by throwing out both sides of the aisle that do not get it!

    40. Hermes LIBERTY New-Y says:

      Aren't Obama and Reid, just as Peloci before, under the sway of a comptroller? Refusing to fund the Military is all that pleases the Woman. Can man understand? He should.

      In any case everything must work to prevent them do so. If they do then let them sanction their political hara-kiri in the near future.

    41. RUTH SC says:

      Every one in our country who can pray, now is the time to ask God to soften the hearts of the politicians who are going to cause mass destruction of our military and their families, Please pray for the right solution, so many do not understand that shutting down will put our military in harm's way. God Help us in our time of understanding and need, for our country and our people.

    42. Stirling, Pennsylvan says:

      This is a slap in the face to the Military of our country. It clearly shows how little the Democrats and President feel about our troops. Any other president would sign the house bill in a heartbeat and do away with any financial strain our military families would bear as a result. It clearly shows that Obama and the democrats want to use our troops as Political pawns rather then "Man Up," and do the right thing. This ploy will backfire on the administration since they will be seen as insensitive to the needs of our military which is the backbone of our country.

    43. phxdon says:

      The campaign to bring down our country has been going on for decades. George Soros bought the White House and installed his puppet to bring their plan out into the open, for all Americans to see.

      Anyone interested in seeing how their (progressives') plan is laid out should read Alinsky (Rules for Radicals), and Kahane (Rules for Radical Conservatives). It's quite surprising how it's all been done right under our noses for so long. Especially the destruction of our American education system.

      When Kruschev said (paraphrase) "we will destroy you from within", it was no pipe dream. The plan was already underway.

      If only it were possible to freeze the assets of George Soros (a private citizen) and charge him and potus with sedition. We would still have a long way to go to return America to the original plan as laid out by the Founding Fathers.

    44. John Null Arizona says:

      I am a 71 year old still working financial advisor with a focus on the senior market, specifically with Medicare/Medicaid and state long term care plans. This is the most uncaring, self seeking, socialistic group of bumbling idots I have EVER seen in the administration. I call it that because we DO NOT have leadership in the White House.

      The liberal's have no compassion for the country and are destroying America. The voting system is fraught with dishonesty and corruption beyond hope. The "takers and on the dole" liberals and ghetto dwellers are controlling this country and the regular everyday citizen is getting hammered by these ignorant "takers". When will the solid citizenry stand up and take this country back. Yes it will be hell for a while, but look in the military cemeteries around the the world. Those that died for our feedom didn't hesitate, why should we?????


    45. charles beam says:

      It's time for the 'apoligiser-in-chief'

      to get his act together and lead. He

      can not continue to let 'someone else do it'.

      We need to have a budget in place, so

      that business will know how to

      plan for the rest of the year – not just

      for the next week or two. He may not

      like it, but he is the leader. That is

      what he was elected to do, not shift the

      job to somebody else.

    46. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      IF they have a Govt Shut DOWN,

      Will the TAX Collectors STOP WORKING?

      Can I STOP Paying Taxes until they start up again?

      I HOPE SO.

    47. Judith Mathat, Calif says:

      Yesterday the House passed H.R. 1363, which funds our Department of Defense and our military for the rest of the year at their current levels. It allows for the continuation of current military operations, which is pretty important when you…’re fighting three wars. Now let's see if the Senate and the President agree! Otherwise I do not disagree with all the volunteer military saying goodbye and letting the draft take over again to fill the forces. You deserve better and you get nothing but "CRAP" from this administration and the elitist non-military legislatures, they need a dose of their own medicine. Close the gates and not let them go in to buy at their cheaper commissary and PX/BX and use the Officers Clubs etc. Tell them you are closed until the budfget is passed!!!

    48. Doug Whaley, Lake Ha says:

      The feds paying for abortions is more important than paying the military. I don't know how you can get any more anti-American than that.

    49. Eric, Washington DC says:

      Are the Republicans turning their back on the military by insisting on the inclusion of ideological policy riders that defund Planned Parenthood and reduce funding for the EPA? Because right now, that's what is holding this process up.

    50. Joan, Dallas, Texas says:

      The Democratic party is delusional and completely inept at making decisions that help American citizens, especially pertaining to American tax payers, no matter what subject matter. It's disgusting that our military will be used as a political pawn in Washington's games. It is my sincere hope that everyone military person stops protecting, stops aiding, and refuses to defend other countries and peoples if they're pay is withheld. Why anyone would continue to support a President who hates America and whose every move is to destroy the very country that made it possible for him to be president is beyond comprehension and void of any common sense whatsoever.

    51. J. Guidry, Battlefie says:

      With Ovimit refusing to pay the troops if the government shuts down, does that mean for that period of time, he is actuality a slave owner? If he is not paying them and they have no way of quitting their work without being punished, isn't that the definition of slavery?

      Silly liberals, the law of unintended consequences makes them into something they vocally abhor. Or do they?

    52. Mrs. G CAlif. says:

      I am deeply saddened by what the Dems and the President are doing. I really don't understand why they feel no shame in their actions. It is disgraceful what they are doing it can't continue. I pray they will change their hearts.

    53. Pingback: Commander-in-Chief Turns His Back on America’s Military « OBX Tea Party News

    54. Ben C., Ann Arbor, M says:

      A budget? Whats that asks the POTUS given he has never even run a Kool Aid stand. Look in the mirror Obama – do you like what you see? Not so much.

    55. Keith says:

      Their pompous belief in our stupidity will be their demise.

    56. Tim, Utah says:

      Take away the money of the guys with the guns. Wonder what and when they will take from you?!! I will be with them in whatever they decide. Welcome to a hell of your own making!

    57. John R. Phillips says:

      When are we going to quit pussy-footing around & get rid of those in politics who either 1- are trying to get reelected or 2-hell-bent on destoying America. If we don`t act soon,there will be no America.

    58. Gary Auburn, KY says:

      Thanks for the article, I say Amen and Amen.

      Pray for our military, they need our prayers every day.

      Does it look like things are getting any better folks???

    59. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Obama has no interest in the military. If he did, he'd sign the stopgap spending bill to

      keep the military funded, and paychecks coming, until the budget's solved. Right?

    60. NJK says:

      The Military hierarchy have turned their back on the military by allowing soldiers to die under an impostor president. 60% of the deaths in Afghanistan were under his watch. He let the Lockerbie Bomber go free only to take our military into Libya.

      Obama is a Weather Underground operative. Here is a poem written by William Ayers and posted on his blog just prior to the election of his puppet Obama. Obama is the puppet of Soros, the Muslim Brotherhood, Weather Underground and some other haters of America. He is using our troops and spitting on them. The Military Hierarchy are walking hand in hand with the enemy. Their oath was not to a man and they should refuse orders until it can be proven who he is.

      “The end of an empire is messy at best?And this empire is ending?Like all the rest?Like the Spanish Armada adrift on the sea?We’re adrift in the land of the brave?And the home of the free?Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye.”

      Now why would Chicago educator unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers quote this poem on his blog this month?  Do you think he knows something, or hopes for something that we don’t?

    61. David, Maine says:

      Let us remember how a true patriotic president felt about the military:

      Lincoln never let the world forget that the Civil War involved an even larger issue. This he stated most movingly in dedicating the military cemetery at Gettysburg: "that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain–that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom–and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

    62. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      The Democrats are psychologically and philosophically focused on destroying this nation. They repeatedly take the offence, regardless if it is holding soldiers, children, the poor, anyone hostage. The Republicans are only focused on keeping a low profile to ensure they get re-elected.

      Please…all the Heritage letters, writings and meetings will not change political human nature – and for the Republicans and lifer Democrats it's, WIIFM – "What's In It For Me."

      When't all over we will fund Barry's medical plan, raise the debt ceiling and do business as usual. Write about that…

    63. Daniel B Killion Mon says:

      The preservation of the governmental management of our very lives with revenues that are non existent for purposes that are "transformational" as the POTUS himself labeled it…. This is what is being unrelentlessly protected by these politicians for their own personal power….. Ruth the praying you suggest better be for the Hard Hearts of the now "status quo" protecting politicians…. Last go around they were spewing condemnation toward the other side for wanting to maintain the status quo BUT now it is "their" status quo being protected…… Does anyone really believe we do NOT have to make serious changes to our governance?? I truly want to know what American believes in the Change we were supposed to be able to believe in…… God save and protect the USA and the brave military personnel protecting her with their very lives…..

    64. Howard W. Briggs says:

      If the Republicians were really serious about getting the Military paid in case of a Government Shutdown,,they would not have mucked it up with hot button issued they knew the Democtats would not support. They would have kept the bill simple an straight forrward.

    65. Elizabeth Cox, Washi says:

      If anyones pay should be cut it should be our Representative, Senators, and the

      Presidents, pay. They are resonsible for the Government shutdow.

      Certainly not our military who are out all over the world putting their lives on the line for all of us. This is outrageous!

    66. Pingback: No Respect! Dem Rep. Jim Moran Tells Vet to Shut Up or Leave at Ironic Surrealism

    67. Bethel, San Diego says:

      Don't those Dems know that if they don't pay the Military, how likely is it that anyone will join the Military in the future? They would know there is a possibility that they won't get paid again. Or is that the Dems plan?? It used to be an honor to serve in our Nation's Armed Forces but I see this step as hurting the government as they can't be trusted to keep their word to our troops. Too bad our troops overseas can't just get on a plan and come home for that week…I mean if they don't get paid, why should they work or fight? But I know their integrity is better than our Congress's. I have children serving and who will help them through this rough period besides me????

    68. esther says:

      Why is everyone sitting back and just let this continue to go on. Isn't there enough information that shows him to be a traitor? He deliberately goes against the Constitution we are founded on. Now he he even trying to destroy and weaken our military. This has to very humiliating and morale lowering for our military men and women who volunteer their services and put their lives on the line. Some thing needs to be done before we wake up with an evil dictator and we have no rights. WAKE UP AMERICA!

    69. steve kokosinski says:

      WHOs' army is Obuma looking out for ??? Sure not the US ARMY. HUMMMM

    70. stevekoko cleveland says:

      What army is obama looking out for ? Can't be the US Army!

    71. benito says:

      I for one am tired of hearing that we are farther today than we were yesterday. I still do not see any progress and the government keeps getting farther in debt. How is that ? The only farther I see is us getting farther in debt. We must continue to pray for our country she is still the best place to live even with her few issues she is still home God bless America and all of it's people

    72. Patriot1776 says:

      Sounds to me once again, Harry and Obummer have failed there CONSTITUTIONAL OATH they took to protect this country. Once again they shown flat out DISREGARED in doing so, I say IMPEECH them BOTH for failure to UPHOLD there OATH of OFFICE and the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, Our Military deserve the best leadership we can give them and right now they got none. God Bless our Troops. I'm pround to Support them No matter what.

    73. mike hutchings says:

      i fear the sand is slipping from the beach head of freedom… we hold by an eyelass… and the grace of god….if courage is not found to no longer compromise right… by acceptance of a half right which is all wrong….the troops and the nation are hostages to the arrogance and miscogony of our leadership….

    74. GraceE.Pratti Staten says:

      Grace April 9 2011 6:15PM

      Let President Obama see if his family had no check coming in and he had no salary, How would he feel. Its okey for President, Senators, Congressman and all in the White House get there salary, but these people serve our country, What is going on in Washington that they can't see the picture .

    75. Gary, Fortuna CA says:

      It is sickening that these "representatives" will soak up their own pay and lifetime benefits, while considering limiting the pay of our soldiers. They are drunk on their elected "power", and should be one of the first to go without, until they get OUR house in order.

    76. Gary, Fortuna CA says:

      It is sickening that these "representatives" will soak up their own pay and lifetime benefits, while considering limiting the pay of our soldiers. They are drunk on their elected "power", and should be one of the first to go without, until they get OUR house in order.

    77. Tom, Fort Myers FL says:

      Something smells about this Heritage report — if the House passed bill was actually less than Obama wanted for the military (paragraph 6 in report), why the criticism of his threat to veto it — maybe he wants to hold out for increased military spending over the House version.

    78. Wildcat from Dallast says:

      The arrogance of Obama far too noticeable to hide as is his absolute disrespect for our military. We are confident those who serve in the military, regardless of component (active or reserve), are essential employees who are covered by a Constitutional requirement concerning providing for the common defense.

      How about we get actual representatives in Congress as well as the Executive branch who possess the intestinal fortitude to pass a law that requires them to pass a budget by a specified No Later Than date with two caveats that include working without pay until they get the budget passed and if there is ever is a government shutdown they don’t get paid until the government goes back to work. Throw in the complete suspension of all perks and no pay for their staff and we would be getting closer to something meaningful!

    79. Clifton Byrd, Norfol says:

      Our President is so incapable in his job and Commander in Chief. He is Soro's puppet and bond and determined to bring this country down. If any president should be impeached this one should. I hope he is thrown so far out office he'll never be found. He is a disgrace to the country and joke throughout the world. It sickens me to see him on TV. He can't answer a question without a scripted answer to the pre-planed questions. Just like in Chile when he wished a reporter, or his mother, a happy birthday. How did he know??? All a ploy.

    80. Mike, North Carolina says:

      I, and all others with the eyes to see the evident and obvious, would say that to tell and expect Obama, Reid, & Co. to do anything other than what they are evidently and obviously determined to do as they are doing is to expect medicine out of such opportunistic peddlers of government dependence/control who act as they do against the will of the people, our freedoms, and in violation of the duty, obligations, and promises as specifically instructed and directed by the Constitution of the United States, and any “oaths of office” they took to "Preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic". But of course they thus so act against and violate Constitutional limits, their Constitutionally described and directed duties, and any oaths they take and promises they make, all for their own corrupt, opportunistic, government power and money-grabbing agenda and purposes at the expense of the freedoms, prosperity, and security of the people both here in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world.

      However, I, and other Americans, are getting tired of repeating ourselves and yet still seeing such expecting that which is not to be expected out of such as Obama, Reid, and their accomplices in academia, the media, and elsewhere, including such futile wishful thinking here in Heritage’s “The Foundry/The Morning Bell”.

      We ought to stop expecting such as Obama, Reid, and other such politicians and their accomplices to do anything other than what they are so evidently determined to do, as in act against the will of the people and continue their government power-growing, freedom decreasing antics and machinations; instead we need to point out to everybody how such politicians and others, through their own words and actions, expose their government power-growing freedom-decreasing agenda, how they violate their duties specified, described in, and directed by the Constitution, and even contradict themselves in order to do so, all of which, among other things, is why we must do every non-violent thing we can do to get them out of positions of power and influence.

      That is what needs to be done here and elsewhere to help us, the people, do what must be done to get such politicians and others as Obama, Reid, and their accomplices out of their positions of power and influence, and so help save both what remains of our freedoms and keep the promises made by our Constitution to “We, the People of the United States”, which includes our military, and the promise we present and represent to freedom-loving people throughout the world, including the promise to "support any friend and oppose any foe in order to assure the success of liberty” as John F. Kennedy said, and we must actually do.

    81. Mary Hillery says:

      Somehow Obama j(and I blame Congress for releasing the money) can authorize tourist trips for his wife and entourage, but not for the nation or our troops who defend us.

    82. Jim Fryrear says:

      We need to just refuse to spend money we donot have, let them whine all they want, make them understand the American people are fed up with the lies and total regard for the rule of law. We need to drill for oil in the United States of America and off shore and let the Arabs drink theirs or sell it to China or whereever.

      We would create many more jobs, and less expensive energy, the lack of affordable energy will send the economy in to the tank.

      We need to give our lawmakers a simple course in negoations, The Presidend is using the play book from the unions, demands outlandish things and take what he can get.; I would give him nothing.

    83. Jim Fryrear says:

      I just encourage the new membersof congress to hang tough, that is why they are elected by the people for the people, do not doubt it.

    84. Bobbie says:

      Ken Jarvis, words in headlines, usually have a clever point to their writing, leaving the minds to read it, a possible narrowing of thought. I don't ever recall you mentioning that one guy, he's described as a Jewish nazi? Oh yeah, George Soros? What great potential he has in his lifes experiences, eh? For good or bad. Wonder if he's reached his fullest? What does he contribute to your cause? Why couldn't he choose to live a life of poverty and donate all his finances to clear out America's debt? No I haven't seen headlines regarding either, but I'm not looking either. Murdoch, seems inspirational to the American Dream. He achieves the American dream and reached it on his own. He seems like a positive inspiration for those that will themselves wealth. He seems like his encouragement is beneficial to those that understand what hard work and integrity it takes to build character and free will. To live life without infringements upon the lives of others. Like a role model of the American Dream. I could be way off. That's just what I get from what you write. George, I've heard much worse and a direct connection to why the people of this world are turning to stone.

      And if you are personally connected in favor or recipient of any government run program, you're not likely to acknowledge the fraud and corruption. The inefficiencies. You have to be living independently paying taxes to see it. And what's the sense of email when you bring it back here anyway? That's a waste and inefficient.

    85. Bobbie says:

      Thanks, Ken Jarvis.

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