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  • Senate and President Obama to Blame for Partial Government Shutdown

    Clearly the United States Senate and the President will be to blame for a partial federal government shutdown if Congress can’t pass a measure to fund the federal government past April 8th.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) will get special blame, primarily because he has not allowed a full and fair debate on H.R. 1, the long-term spending measure that that would cut $61 billion from the budget for the remainder of this fiscal year.  That bill also prevents the funding of elements of ObamaCare, Planned Parenthood and EPA Global Warming regulations.

    The President earned a percentage of the blame for his pledge to veto a House passed short-term one week funding measure, further increasing the likelihood of a federal government shutdown.  If one studies the legislative history of the battle over funding the discretionary functions of the government for the remainder of the year, the blame clearly shifts to the United States Senate and the President.

    Senator Reid’s obstructionism may cause a government shutdown because of his actions to block full and fair consideration of a long term spending measure.

    The House ended up with the $61 billion total after a week-long open debate with hundreds of amendments filed and a virtually unlimited amendment process. The House ended a five-day debate with over 40 hours of debate, over 500 amendments filed, over 150 amendments offered and over 100 recorded votes. This is extraordinary for the House, and Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) should be applauded for this relatively open process to consider a controversial appropriations measure.

    The Senate has failed to pass either the Republican or Democrat plan.  That bill is stalled and the Senate has yet to schedule further action on the bill.  The Senate will shoulder a good portion of the blame and Senate Majority Leader Reid deserves special blame for not scheduling more debate on the long-term spending measure.

    The Washington Times reports that the President issued a veto threat on a short-term funding measure virtually insuring a government shutdown.

    The White House has vowed to veto the short-term spending bill House Republicans voted on this afternoon that would provide a budgetary “safety net” while the parties work on a long-term deal.  Hours later the House passed the safety net bill anyway on a mostly party-line 247-181 vote.  Without a short-term extension, lawmakers face two options: either reach a deal on a broad bill to fund the government for the rest of this year, or else have the government shut down as of midnight Friday. “If presented with this bill, the president will veto it,” the White House said in an official statement of policy objecting to the House’s offer. The White House said it was “a distraction from the real work” on reaching a broader agreement.

    The House has gone above and beyond the call of duty to pass multiple pieces of legislation to keep the discretionary functions of the federal government open after April 8th.  They have passed a long-term measure to fund the government to the end of the fiscal year and a one week short-term measure.  Both measures are being opposed by liberal leadership in the Senate and President Obama.

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    34 Responses to Senate and President Obama to Blame for Partial Government Shutdown

    1. Trent Phoenix, AZ says:

      Sounds about right. I mean the Dems are out there knocking anything the GOP comes out with yet they have no plans of their own that are even worth discussing. The last plan they had cut like, what, $3B out of the year's budget? get real!

    2. Bob Keough says:

      DON'T Back Down!!!!!!!!

    3. Garrett, Washington says:

      Wow, the author is clearly a Republican and the article is totally slanted that way!! LOL

    4. GetCluedIn, Colorado says:

      Oh please– it's everyone's fault and the people get stuck with the bill. When adults charged and elected to do their jobs cannot… well, then there is no blaming one side- they are all to blame. It is up to the House and Senate to pass a measure. And I see nothing! Sadly, due to politics and partisanship the people suffer.

    5. Luke, Texas says:

      A good overview. Thanks for the explanation. The media often does not conduct a detailed look like you did here.

    6. jjo, montana says:

      I'm sorry to see that the Tea Party and others who do NOT understand our constitution cause such disruption. The Republican part is better than this. We all are better than this.

    7. Rogers, Washington says:

      How can you even be considered a journalist when you are so arbitrarily cutting and pasting pieces of other articles and not representing the article as a whole? I have read the articles you referenced and you made them seem as though they were supporting the same clame to your (obviously) biased right wing stand point. You are misleading your audience and I am ashamed that you have any career whatsoever. A journalist's duty is to verification and whatever method you are employing to check for accuracy is seriously flawed.

      Both sides have caused the standoff. Maybe you you use the 'pyramid' method you'd get the facts straight? Adolescent stylings for immature reporting.

    8. b loman oregon says:

      SHAME on Congress, especially the Tea Partiers and the political gamers for having the budget not in place at the required time – four months ago!

      Shame, shame, shame!

    9. Kevin H, college par says:

      Brian, you have to admit you are beign a little biased and perhaps a bit delusional.

      Haven't the democrats offered a budget at funding levels that every single republican in the senate voted for – they've gone down to the sessions-mccaskill levels and even lower. Yet now the Republicans turn it down. Instead they offer one extreme bill – with massive cuts, defunds and kills the health reform bill, goes after EPA, Planned parenthood, etc…all in one fail swope and they refuse to budget from the line that has been drawn – no matter how much the Democratic leadership has come up to meet them. A bill that kills two years of work on helath reform and attacks many progressive iniatives and you expect them to accept them?

      Do you now recall all the Americans who called for negotiation and compromise? Do you not remember all the exit polls from November that said people want to see Congress work together to fix the problems?

      You can convince yourself that Reid will be blamed, but there is a large amount of evidence stacked to argue the other way and when all the evidence is laid together, it's going to be a tough sell for Republicans.

      You add that to the ryan budget proposed, and people are going to be shocked. When seniors see how much they will be payign when they are 65 and 66, when people see how much you cut nutrition programs (both of these, conveniently, were left out of the 70 page proposal from ryan – but can be found in CBO letter – certainly lacks trasparency there).

      The republicans just went too far right – they got hijacked by teaparty types. it's depressing to see. There were some very reasonable and smark members of the Republican party who lost seats because they dare try and negotiate and compromise.

      I, for one, do not want to see America turn into a country where they authorities never compromise and negotiate. That's not democracy to me.

      With all the evidence stacked against

    10. Sherril, Oregon says:

      Pelosi and Reid wouldn't pass a budget last year. Let's face it–they are worthless leaders and should have been tossed out last year.

      Democrats don't have ideas they just have ideologies and those ideologies are becoming elitist, impractical and downright un-American! They know full well that this country is heading toward insolvency, but they are too weak to deal with it. Which leaves the Republicans, some of whom seem to have the courage to do it. But just like any weakling, as soon as someone comes in to clean up their mess, the weak and spineless start whining and complaining.

      The problem is, they are trying to play the same games they played in the 1990's but Obama is no Bill Clinton and we Americans have seen this show before. Enough is enough already!!

    11. steve says:

      we the people want to undo the zillions of dollars he printed robbing the elderly by shrinking the value of a lifetime of saving,as well as all the money he gave to all his buddies as payola to get him voted in,and not to mention all his plans he is funding none of us want,its our money so stop stealing from us,you crook!close it down and save us some money

    12. Janet Weav PA says:

      These two evil men are going to let our military go unpaid, but will pay for abortions. What is wring with this picture. They should both be impeached for incompetence!!!!!!!!

    13. Douglas McCabe, Albu says:

      To Obama's disappointment, a Government Shut-down for a week will not matter to most Americans. If it goes beyond that, it will get the world's attention, which is what he wants. Never let the opportunity of a crisis go to waste.

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    15. Roger S., Mass. says:

      Now who is "the party of No". And, as if our world were not full of enough crises already, that very same party and its leader who couldn't have been bothered with the (too tough for them?) task of devising a budget last year (when, by the way, they might have had a more favorable voting climate in both houses) as Constitutionally it is their sworn duty, now have the utter gall to create another crisis?! Republicans already compromised plenty. As I recall, the initial push was for a 100B spending reduction. Now we are at 60+, which in light of our deficit practically is an utterly ludicrous drop in the bucket.

      Don't they get it? Our country is not going to be bankrupt: To all intents and purposes it is already. We are buying our own bonds with "money" literally created out of thin air!

      Imagine what it would be like when your credit card is maxed out, and your overdraft allowance as well, and your mortgage at 85pct, and then you call your banker to ask for another "advance" on your next year's salary, "just to keep going". When he wants to know how you will secure that, you tell him that you'll be around in the afternoon with a piece of paper that says IOU. Does anybody really think this banker is about to congratulate you on your frugality and business acumen?!

      The Dems are the ones who need to get real and lay off the self-congratulatory obstructionism! In that sense it appalls me to read comments to this blog suggesting that the all too apparent results of last November's elections meant that the American public wished a continuation of "business as usual", meaning no end to the kinds of (foul) compromises (from Obamacare to "earmarks") which brought us to this fiscal "kuckoo's nest" in the first place. To all those of similar persuasion, let it be repeated: The till is EMPTY, and has been for some time now.

      Therefore, it doesn't matter even the tiniest bit that Mr. Darling is conservatively biased. Of course he is. So what! You're on an arch-conservative web-site! And even if he and you were not, facts are facts: We Are Broke. We are NOT going to get out of this by continuing our merry ways of presenting the world ever more worthless IOU's. Do, please, get that, finally, you Dem liberals!

    16. Rachael Mazzoni says:

      Thank you, Mr. Boehner, for listening to 'we the people' instead of the horrendous threats and childish discussion I'm sure you're getting from Obama and Reid during negotiations. A government shutdown is welcome as it takes the purse strings away from our out of control spending. How is it possible we have 800,000 "non-essential" government employees?

      Knowing that our President would refuse to sign a bill to continue paying the troops is beyond disgusting.

      The blame lies solely in the hands of those in control last October, and special blame to Obama for failing to remind them of their constitutional duty to pass a budget. He is no leader, that is for sure.

    17. sism, sc says:

      Isn't it time for another trip? or another vacation for Congress? What was everyone doing last year when the budget should have been passed by September? That's not a way to run a business! Hiring more people to work in the business, doesn't necessarily mean the business will function any better. Isn't it about time we all got our morals back? Does everyone have to behave like juveniles who want what they want and cause havoc? People learned to do without during WWII; doesn't anyone know how to cut back? plan to buy something they want when they have they have "saved" the money for it? Why is it that every third world country wants "freedom"? Why is it has nothing that worked in Europe, and "some in govt here", insist that we should now have the programs that didn't work anywhere else? Wake up and smell the coffee! Use some common sense! or is that another big deficit in this country, too?

    18. Pragmatic in Texas says:

      Interesting how some continue to defend Obama and his minions. You can't back away from the Truth – which is Obama and a Dem Congress increased our deficit farther and faster than any other Congress in the history of our country. We don't cut the small programs, then what are you all going to say when Medicare and Social Security is broke?

      Oct 30 1929 was a dream compared to what will happen if we don't reign in spending now. The whole country will be standing in bread lines sponsored by the Chinese, who will own us all.

      Face it. The party is over folks. Time to tighten the belts. If you don't like it, well, you can't change the facts for what you want life to be.

    19. Denise E Smith says:

      Clinton had a shut down in Dec 1995 to Jan 1996 most americans did not even know it happened..One of the biggest issues here is that the american people have become complacent. Allowing a few to make decisions that have taken this country to its knees finanically. We need to stand up and be heard that we the people will not allow our government to continue to help other countries when our unemployement is higher than it has been in our life times. Reverse NAFTA bring our jobs back. Then and only then will we see a reverse in our economy. Stop the blame game it doesn't matter what party you are aligned with we are americans and need to work together to take care of the US. Stop giving money to foriegn countries they don't care about us. Don't be a sheep be a leader.

    20. Kevin V says:

      If the federal government shuts down at midnight on Friday — which seems likely unless negotiations take a sudden turn toward rationality — it will not be because of disagreements over spending. It will be because Republicans are refusing to budge on ideological demands

    21. Jill-Maine says:

      It is the dems fault. They failed to do this last year when they had a majority. But in the long run it is everyone's fault because our government has gotten too damn big. No one in a business would ever keep their job if they spent money like drunken sailors. However, the Reps look to be the only party who has gotten the message. The Dems are still hell bent on destroying this great country.

    22. John says:

      I find this totally stupid, the democrats would not bargain with the Obama care and not they say the Repubs won't bargain to control spending. tell the Repubs to hold their course. do not give in to these silly people. I use the less extreme names for if I used the names I really thought it would not be allowed in this post area. If you do not hold the line you will betray the people who voted you in . The democrats are out to destroy this country, there is no doubt in my mind. And if the the Repubs allow for compromise they are as bad as the democrats.

    23. Diana Brown, Illinoi says:

      Obama is just waiting for this crisis if indeed the government is shut down. The Dems just do not want to cut their spending period!!! What is disgusting to me is the blaime that they give the tea partiers….You are too stupid … because don't you know that the tea partiers are the majority of the American People. Come on Wake UP!!!!

      Our country is on dangerous ground and one needs to watch what the other hand is doing. Republicans are fiscal conservatives and they should never never never give up this fight. We need to cut cut and more cut especially the agencies and programs that are duplicative.

    24. Don Harper, Lubbock, says:

      Massive cuts??? In the past two years, Dems have increased spending by 25%.

      Repubs want reduce it by less than 3%. This is radical and extreme???

      Compare the budget to a yardstick. Total spending this year is

      about $3.6 trillion, all 36 inches of the yardstick. The first 21 inches is

      revenue the government has, mostly from taxes. The remaining 15 inches is the

      deficit, money the government has to borrow, and our children and grandchildren will have to repay. The Conservatives want to cut $61 billion, a little more than half an inch off the yardstick. The Democrats are willing snip off about a quarter of an inch. This is not a one-time deal. The Dems plan on spending this kind of money year after year. We are already $14.3 trillion in debt. To continue the analogy, that is about 4 yardsticks. So we are in a hole 12 feet deep and the Conservatives are extreme because they want to fill in a half inch of the hole.

    25. Stirling, Pennsylvan says:

      It apears that the Democrats are still forgetting the Election results from Novermber 2010. The people spoke and elected the people who campaigned on LESS government and NOT MORE. This is clearly the Democrats not listening to the will of the american people who spoke up. The upside is 2012 is comming arround real soon, and those in the senate and BHO will be asked by the voters (for obstructing our CHANGE in direction which doesn't include them.) to pack up and leave office.. Sorry we will not give you our reference for your resumes either.

    26. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Let's give Speaker Boehner credit for painting the Demo-crats into this Corner. They have to own up to Federally Funded Abortions, a nasty taste in the American People's mouths, because that is exactly what Planned Parenthood is about! Reid lies all the time in the Senate, but if the Fox News revelations about Planned Parenthood are considered, they don't do Mammograms, they don't really do Women's Health. They do Publically Funded Abortions, mostly against Black American babies!

      Another thing, the payment of Soldiers Obama vetoed, proves again how Anti Military Obama is! Speaker Boehner did a great job proving how dispicable the Democrats are! They voted for the cuts before! Logic now inescapibly says "Democrats are creating Government Shut Down, another of their Man Caused Disaster!"

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    28. Bobbie says:

      If government wasn't involved where they shouldn't be, democrats wouldn't be able to threaten us with all they are, regarding the effects of the shut down democrats are causing.

      So what does Obama do? Threaten the one area we all benefit from equally and that being the protection of this country through our military services! gosh, what intelligence! so glad to know how much the President values the protection of the people and country he gosh, he umm, well, he's doing something with! Defund planned parenthood! PARENTHOOD IS PERSONAL!

    29. joan Smith says:

      You were put in office to speak for the people and not for your own agenda. The military is in peril right now and congress/senate and the so call president is playing with peoples lives, are you people not going to get a paycheck or do you have a different standard? Do what you have to do and get this done today right now, or all of you will pay for this horrible display in the polls. What we see is no compassion or common sense and a stupid fight holding the very people who put you there in your human hands, how sad a legacy for the future.

    30. Pete, Houston Texas says:

      This budget is only to get to this october and then we will be at this again. I clearly blame the house, senate, and executive branch for not having a budget done last year before october. Remember that all three branches were controlled by the Democrats. Now only a third of the three branches are controlled by republicans and the Dems are still not producing. I don't get all this liberal garbage that this is about the republicans. This could have been done already without much to say about it by the republicans. Seems that the dems that comment on here should be pretty upset with their party for dropping the ball and letting this come to a head in this manner.

    31. Liz Rogers, New Hamp says:

      Your "analyses" are without merit. Blame will fall wholly on the Tea Party which has hijacked the Republican Party. But that's not the worst of it. Sadly, the Tea Party itself has been hijacked by ideologues who espouse Communist-style tactics: One party rule (without compromise) via ideology agreed behind closed doors that rabidly discriminate against women, the poor and minorities. Right to Life via clean air and clean water? Sorry – not part of the Tea Party ideology. Right to family planning which services mainly poor single (and many minority)moms? Sorry – not part of the Tea Party ideology. Right to healthcare? Sorry – you gotta be rich or well-connected to get medical help. These tenets were never part of the Tea Party founding doctrine. The Kochs with Americans for Prosperity and other rich demogogues who are apparently ignorant of what our democracy is and stands for have hijacked the Tea Party. Whatta loss.

    32. Keith, Denver says:

      One, I am a lifelong Republican and am sick to my stomach that Lincoln's Party has let itself be blackmailed and held hostage by the Tea Party.

      Rachael, during the last shut down the VA backlog increased a week for every day of closure. So much for taking care of the troops.

      Now how did "Pork Barrel" spending increase under the Bush administration? Of course it was all due to those damn thoughtless liberals! Did they have a secret weapon that caused Bush Jr. and the GOP to forget the Veto? None of it was due to a war in Iraq that we didn't need. I served in RVN '69-'70 as a Medic so I'm not a sunshine patriot nor a pacifist .

      The budget crisis is the bitter fruit of everybodys labor and its going to take everyones labor, ideas and compromises to eventually get Our Government on the road to recovery.

    33. Jeff - Texas says:

      Shut it down and leave it shut down! My wife and I talked over dinner as to how a government slowdown would affect us and realized that it will not bother us one bit. I guess that is because we are independent, hard-working Americans and not part of the Democrat Party's legion of dependents. If the Dems squeal like little girls over $61B, imagine the "hissy fit" they are going to throw when we take $6.2T out of their vote-buying pipeline with Ryan's budget proposal. I can't wait to see their tears.

    34. Deb Bradford, Natchi says:

      Clearly, the entire lot of them are to blame. This is simply grandstanding…American politics at its finest. I, for one, am sick and tired of the one upmanship, the finger pointing, passing the buck, and the endless playing of childish political games.

      The American Congress reminds me of a bunch of spoiled children arguing in a sandbox.

      Having just learned that they have apparently come to an agreement, I thought perhaps they' had all decided to behave as mature, responsible adults, and work together for the good of the nation. Then again, that's probably too much to hope for…

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