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  • President Obama Blames You for High Gas Prices

    President Barack Obama deflected blame for high gas prices yesterday, by blaming American consumers for their automobile choices. According to the AP, at an event at a wind turbine plant, “Obama needled one questioner who asked about gas prices.” Obama laughingly said: “If you’re complaining about the price of gas and you’re only getting 8 miles a gallon, you know…you might want to think about a trade-in.” (The AP later scrubbed this quote from its stories)

    For most Americans, however, high gas prices are no laughing matter. And for the president to suggest that a taxpayer’s inability to buy a new $40,000+ hybrid vehicle (that still requires gas) is the root problem, rather than his price-increasing oil policies is shameful.

    Later in the evening, at an event hosted by Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, Obama quickly tried to dispel the notion he is “out of touch” by saying: “I remember what it was like pumping gas. [Obama laughs] I remember.” So do we, Mr. President.

    Before President Obama took office, his personal vehicle of choice was a Chrysler 300C sporting a V8 engine averaging 17 miles-per-gallon in the city. The president’s campaign vehicle was a GMC Yukon, which was “flex-fuel” averaging…17 mpg. So it appears the president’s personal fuel standard is 17 mpg. But of course, this is a ‘do as we say, not as we do’ activist administration. You must live by a different set of rules.

    The president knows his anti-drilling policies and costly regulations are contributing to high gas prices. Normally, we may expect him to deflect this onto his political opponents, or perhaps ‘evil’ corporate interests, but we must admit; blaming American consumers is at least…unique.

    Of course, this isn’t your fault. Unless you are driving a Bugatti Veyron, your car gets more than 8 mpg. And unless you are as financially solvent as the president, you are making your vehicle choice based on a number of practical factors including price, size and conditional need (commute, weather, job, etc.).

    This is the case with the gentleman who the president mocked in his event yesterday, who has ten kids and needs a large vehicle. (The president suggested he buy a hybrid van. Of course, the gentleman would need to fly to Japan to do so.)

    The problem is not you, or your inability to buy the expensive vehicle the president thinks you ought to buy. It’s the White House’s willful ignorance of markets.

    When consumers take gas mileage into account, they still make smart personal spending decisions. They buy from manufacturers like Ford and Hyundai who are building “super fuel economy” vehicles that run on traditional engines but get upwards of 50 mpg due to other innovations (without government subsidies). Importantly, these vehicles have market-friendly prices. Meanwhile, they avoid expensive vehicles that promise high mileage and tax credits, but fail to offer a return on that investment.

    A recent Heritage study showed electric-car owners will not save enough by avoiding the gas pump, and receiving generous government tax credits, to make up for the high sticker price for their car. And this situation will only get worse if President Obama forces Americans to buy more expensive electricity in the form of solar and wind production.

    Yesterday, President Obama said on gas prices: “”I’m just going to be honest with you. There’s not much we can do next week or two weeks from now.” Yes, there is.

    First, the president can stop trying to turn the Department of Energy into the Department of Automobile Manufacturing. He can turn his focus away from lecturing car owners and towards expanding our domestic energy supply. President Obama has paid lip service to this idea lately, but actions speak louder than words. Costly regulations on refiners can be eliminated tomorrow, the same way they were enacted, unilaterally by the president.

    Drilling permits can not only be processed, but explorative growth can be encouraged. Rather than cheering on Brazil’s offshore production, the president can choose to cheer our own domestic industry that supports domestic jobs and creates economic growth. And the president can immediately stop equating windmills to oil rigs, since wind produces electricity, and oil isn’t used for electricity generation. It only takes seconds to stop offering false choices.

    Gas prices continue to skyrocket. Global unrest will continue to pressure the markets as well. The president can immediately reverse an administration agenda that encourages high gas prices in order to control consumer behavior. Or as Energy Secretary Steven Chu said in 2008: “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” President Obama’s administration simply does not feel your pain at the pump.

    So as you drive into work today, please remember, the president is wrong: It’s not your fault.

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    53 Responses to President Obama Blames You for High Gas Prices

    1. Bobbie says:

      that's right, Mr. Obama. It's your ignorance at fault. Your attitude at fault. Your lack of intelligence at fault. Your disrespect of freedom at fault. Your disrespect of America at fault. Your insistence to mislead, distort and confuse at fault. All within your control, Mr. Obama. If you are in control of your own mind, It would be so easy for you to "change" your deceiving ways…

    2. Allen, Ohio says:

      the resident of Pennsylvania Ave, that committed fraud and then violated a Federal Judge's ruling so he and his secretary could shut-down oil & gas production in the Gulf; this petulant hen-pecked cowered that drives two Caddie limo's and 12 SUV's to out talk about how we should drive less; this same man that gave $2,000,000,000 of American tax-money to Brazil to drill for oil – said what?

      This man-child has no credibility. period.

    3. Nick, NY says:

      It is your fault, you did nothing to stop it. The writing has been on the wall for years, but what changes have you made?

      40,000+ hybrid? How about an $18,000 American made Ford Focus (40 MPG), quite a difference if your driving an Hummer H2 (9 MPG according to Car and Driver)

      The president turning the DOE into the department of auto manufacturing? How about the Republicans pulling the plug on the DOE? The house's latest budget cuts the DOE by about 25%. But i guess energy isn't all that important.

      So as you drive to work today, remember in 2008 gas prices were higher, what changes have YOU made in the last 3 years.

      I thought republicans don't want government meddling in business? I guess that goes out the window when it starts hitting their pockets. Dont want to pay for gasoline? Don't use it. Its nobody's job to insure gasoline is cheap for you. You built your life around it… you deal with the consequences.

      Just in-case your still unsure… 10 years from now its going to be even more expensive. Maybe start planning ahead?

    4. Roger S., Mass. says:

      Here's to our incompetently supercilious, and poorly informed, current "guest lecturer" in the White House: One of the cars I own ( a not-to-be-named foreign job with a relatively small turbo-diesel engine) has the following spec's, among others: Curb-weight approx. 3800 lbs, enough horsepower to be able to do over 140mph while accelerating to 65mph with enough torque to do it in under 9 seconds. When driven "gently", also in city traffic, this vehicle is able consistently to achieve 42mpg. Including its considerably better "amenities" than the Volt's, it did cost 50pct more (no subsidies either way), but on the other hand can be relied on not to come apart in the foreseeable future. In fact, it may well "outlive" me. And, it sports superbly "classy" looks, performance, and all. Now, what on earth could cause me to want to trade it for some subsidized abomination from Detroit? He's got to be kidding!

      His reply to that questioner was plainly an insult, to be added to the already occurring injury. We need responsible government by responsible leadership, not that kind of bs. Drill, baby, drill! And, drill here, not in Brazil !

    5. Megan R says:

      His point makes sense- don't complain because everyone is in the same boat. Not drilling every spot in the World is smart. If you can't afford to have ten kids- Don't have ten kids. There's tons of public transportation available. Complaining does no one any good- look at the positives like you even have the option of having a car. Peoples attitudes are completely wrong.

    6. Wayne Hatch, Murphy, says:

      Our fault? Give me (us) a break. We have had an energy problem in this country for years and both pass and present Administration's have ignored the problem. Our President has a knack to blame everyone else for this nation's shortcomings. He would make a good case for examining lessons in leadership.

      If he is so concerned about our energy crisis, perhaps he should park his fleet to include his "747". Let him tell it to the face of an unemployed, the single-parent, the poor – who no fault of their own can only afford what Mr. Obama calls a gas hog. They don't have a choice but in his eyes, they too have to shoulder the responsibiltiy for the energy crisis.

    7. Trish, Aurora, CO says:

      I'd love to buy a car that got greater than 40 mpg – but 3 kids, 2 in booster seats, don't fit in the back seat of cars that get over 40 mpg. He shows his arrogance and disdain for the American people in this statement.

    8. Bret, Idaho says:

      There is a new computer game: Pain at the Pump, that allows players to take revenge on the oil companies for spiraling gas prices. As usual – blame for the situation is placed on the wrong shoulders. In the game, the player fires upon oil company executives and lobbyists, as if that will lower the price of gas. In the real world, if shooting people could bring down the price of gas, the more effective targets would be the environmentalist, regulators, and the Obama administration. If you do feeling like shooting someone in response to gas prices, the game is simple – shoot the oil execs and the price comes down, let them escape and the price goes up.

    9. Shawn, Detroit MI says:

      Nobody is more un-American than Obama. Mr. Cash for Clunkers lets wipe all of the American cars off the face of the earth so we can import foreign cars. Wow, that sure sounds really American to me! What ever happened to our freedom to drive what the hell we want to where we want to and when we want to. So much for the American dream. It will continue to get worse if we don't stop being sheep.

    10. Michael, California says:

      ……..we used to blame it on OPEC, because they could cut production and thus, the price would rise. The oil traders and speculators bid up the price every day. Should the speculators be allowed to cripple the economies of the world bidding up oil ? What do you think ?

    11. james , nev says:

      I agree with Bobbie, except he has no mind to control. (PUPPET).

    12. George Colgrove VA says:

      We are being led by crooks. They been pointing fingers for so long now that they no longer have anyone else to point their crooked fingers at – and then BOOM! One day we see the finger pointed at us.

      Just to think the liberal part of "we" (who is also being blamed) will be voting this thug back in office in 19 months!

      What happened to America anyways?

    13. Rachael, Pennsylvani says:

      I'm getting 30 MPG, have been for 6 years in my Government Motors car… and filling up is excessively painful. Everytime I sit in traffic on my way to work I get fed up with how much gas I'm wasting. I don't have $40,000 to spend on a new car, and I'm sure I'd forget to plug the damn thing in every 55 miles. Have you seen electric rates recently? They're skyrocketing. Electric is produced by burning coal, which isn't any "better" than gasoline emissions.

      Obama spends $5 billion dollars helping Brazil to drill off shore, and sits idly by while Cuba builds 5 new rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. Yet no new permits for us. Clearly, Soros is leading Obama's decisions… Soros owns a looooooot of oil company stock.

    14. William Downey, Worc says:

      Our president lives on a different planet than the rest of us. He has an agenda and he is going to accomplish it through regulation rather than legislation.

      I wonder how many of BO's supporters are in the same boat that most of the rest of us find our selves in. Oh wait many of those can afford the price of gas not matter how high it gets.

      If I wanted to be insulted I could have voted for Don Rickles.

    15. DaveR, MN says:

      Obama is your typical Democrat – It's not our fault, it's your fault. We're so intellectually superior to you, you knuckle-draggers, that you *need* us Democrats to keep you all from living in caves. They look down their noses on the American people and talk to them like they couldn't do anything without them. It's amazing they can get dressed without a mirror, since a mirror would show them *exactly* who is to blame.

      Democrats had 4 years, and 2 of them with complete control, to reign in commodity speculation and didn't lift a finger to do it. No, they were too consumed with ramming ObamaCare and stimulii down our throats while blaming Bush every step of the way. They've willingly shut down off-shore oil production and exploration, and continue to stifle new drilling permits (oh, sorry, they've let about 3 or 4 go thru now). April 2006 – Nancy Pe-louse-i says Democrats have a "common sense plan to lower gas prices". 5 years later and not a single thing has come from it. A natural disaster happens in Japan, and immediately there is a knee-jerk reaction by more than a few Democrats – shut down ALL our nuclear reactors!!! What if the same thing happens here?!?!?! Their hysterics are just pathetic. All of the above show a complete and utter lack of anything resembling intelligence and common sense in the Democratic party.

    16. audrey enzor 34 alan says:

      President Obama may not know much about us American Citizens yet he certainly knows how to play the "blame" game as do most of the Dems in Congress.

      Does anyone remember the BP fiasco and the moratorium placed on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico because of it while at the same time, Pres. Obama was helping his friend, George Soros with his Brazilian oil company? Such short memories some have.

      On another subject to enlighten the Democrats in Congress, the CFL bulbs and G.E….tax loopholes for G.E. is alright but for no others, smells like "discrimination to me, would you agree?

    17. Mary Blackston says:

      I like in Michigan. Jobs are hard to find and most of them are low paying.

      I cant afford a hybred car, Mr. Obama. Maybe you could buy all of us in MI a hybred.

      We can not hardly even get to work ,all week, with these gas prices.

      If we are going to altenative fuels and cars they better be low enough to get them and I I dont see mush happening . Your all talk and no action Mr. Obama.

    18. Stirling, Pennsylvan says:

      BHO has been blaming us for everything since he was on the campaign trail anyway. His "Gafs" are just a true sense of how little he cares about the average american. His policies would be fine for the Socialist European Model, but America is and has always been different due to our diversity in race, class, financial, and Constitutional law. Any president that actually "Cared" would not pursue a socialist policy which is against the principles that this country was founded on. The Gas prices are a result of the "Nudge" policy which takes away the valid comon sense options and replaces it with false options which force people into the end results such as electric cars which nobody would want under normal (non-crisis) situations.

    19. Nathan, Phoenix AZ says:

      As much as I blame the Obama administration and liberals for the coming destruction of this once great country, I blame the American people even more for being gullable and stupid and voting these crooks, socialists, radicals and elitists into office. Re-electing Harry Reid is proof that the majority of the American people are ignorant! A recent poll on Fox News says that 44% of Americans think Obama deserves a second term! lol If people aren't going to wake up and pull their head out of their a**, we have nobody to blame but ourselves for letting all of this happen! America, the second Roman Empire is just around the corner. I should probably apply for a passport now while there's still time!

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    21. Dinah Garrison Fairb says:

      @ Nick

      I think you are missing a large part of the point. Yes, I am sure there are changes most of us could make. But the point is, the US has much of many kinds of non-renewable fuels; we have enough to last for many years. Unfortunately we have to get our government organized to allow the processing of these fuels. As long as we have an administration determined to press for "green" solutions such as solar and wind power, our fuels will stay underground. Yes, we will have to move to another kind of power in the future. It might even be solar or wind, but neither of those is developed enough now for use at a reasonable effort or reasonable price.

    22. Eddy James San Franc says:

      I think Obama needs a slap in the face with reality.. For the rest of his time in office he should be forced to take public transportation every where he goes. If he goes on vacation ,which I'm sure he will since it's been a couple of weeks since he's had one, out of country he should take a commercial flight and pay all his transportation cost out of his own pocket.Also until they balance the budget no lawmaker should be paid.It's sad they live high on the hog while the rest of us scrimp by.

    23. Bart, Mqt, Mi says:

      My wife and I both walk to work year around. Have a combined mileage for the last 10 months of 4000 + or – on our 13 y/o Ford Ranger and as much as I hate to, I agree with him, on this. I know many people who drive as little as three blocks to work, who line up at the drive through to get a cup of coffee, or remote start their car and let it warm up.The list goes on. Some people don't even seem to try and conserve. I make decisions based on my own rational self interest. We save money, hence we have more "green" We try to keep our impact down. At the end of it, we could all do more. I will never tell or make you do what I do, we all have to figure that out on our own. Having said all that, it turns my stomach to think that he might get a second term, because if he does I will be saying "I sure miss the Carter years"

    24. Jeff, Montauk says:

      Assume I have a car that gets 8 mpg, and I trade it in for a $40000 hybrid that gets 50 mpg. Further assume I get $10000 for my old car. It will take 77200 miles just to break even with the hybrid.

      But that misses the point. It assumes the Federal government has authority to control gas prices, car manufacturing, and oil production. It doesn't. End of discussion.

    25. Paul Pascoe, Toronto says:

      Thank you for your common sense article. Even is socialist Canada, we can drill for oil, even hard to get oil, and potentially environmentally messy drilling. We just do it with common sense. Even our socialist regime understands the oil market. We get what we need, we even import some, but we export a lot. Why is our Canadian $ now worth more than your greenback? We have a market based oil economy, and even our socialist regime is taking action on deficit and debt. Mr. Obama is strangling on the oil front, and drowning on the debt front. I love America, and lived within it's borders, legally, for 13 years. I hurt watching the current President and his spin into socialism. Shame on him.

    26. Norma in Nebraska says:

      It is ALWAYS easy for someone who DOES NOT pay their own bills to make ridiculous suggestions like the one the President made to the gentleman regarding the price of gas. Instead of being serious and actually giving a thoughtful answer, the President CHOSE to use a demeaning attitude and be flip in his response. One has to wonder what in the world he is trying to do for the next two years if he has NO viable plan of attack to get our country back on track. And don't be mistaken, the price of gas is CENTRAL to the operation of our economy.

      This man has, in the past, ruled with reckless disregard for America in general, and shows no sign of changing his approach for the future. Two more years of this kind of government is bad enough. But the real problem is that the President is flying around in OUR airplane with OUR secret service CAMPAIGNING for his re-election in 2012.

      It is easy to pay your bills with someone else's money, and he has no intention of cutting back. HE needs to be more circumspect about the way he goes on vacation every two weeks, about how every time there is a crisis he goes to the golf course or leaves town, how he regularly entertains at the White House with a lavish spread at taxpayers' expense, and he has concerts, and other forms of entertainment without ceasing.

      Just remember, it is damn hard to spend $19,000 PER DAY on entertainment if you don't work really hard to keep up the momentum!!! In four years – - at the rate he is going he will have spent. somewhere north of $27.7 million having a good time on our dime!!! One can only assume that, from his perspective, we OWE this to his family because they have to live in the White House, be away from home in Chicago, and the girls cannot have their friends over to play.

      So do you really think he CARES about what we are paying at the pumps? Give me a break!!!

    27. This Guy, San Diego says:

      The Solution? How about trying PATENT REFORM so that ideas that make products better are not immediately bought and scrapped by the Mega-Corporations? Do you have any idea how many patents to make gasoline engines get over 100 miles to the gallon there are? LOTS OF THEM!!!!! Yet, they will never get to the marketplace so long as the auto and gas companies keep buying them and burying them.

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    29. Richard (California) says:

      Brothers and Sisters, I think I just figured out why they keep stopping us form Exploring or drilling oil.

      Our country is up to it's ears in loans from China, so there must be some presure form china not to take (thier oil) since they have just about purchased our country with loans.

      I remember one time I was told that Zip codes represented geographicle areas of land, well now I can see why.

      We must take our country Back and send Obama Home.

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    33. randy rural america says:

      my ford f150 does not get 40 mpg but it does carry my tools 60 miles to my job. i dont live in a large city with a grocery store every mile, so i dont consider my use of gas a luxury. there is no public transportation in most of rural america. the high price of fuel is raiseing the price of every thing we use every day. the way things are looking if something is not done haveing a decent meal may be considered the best luxury we can have?

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    35. Claude Georgia says:

      It is clear that our president, or the person acting as the president, clearly is out of touch with America. I am so amazed that everytime he speaks he makes a bigger disgrace of the office just simply by opening his mouth. I'm also fed up with the fact that he blames all issues related to energy and the economy on President Bush. Well I for one am glad that he announced that he is running for re-election because we are now assured of getting a conservative back in the driver's seat….obama cannot win another election, as the American people simple cannot stomach another four years of his play acting as the Commander and Chief!

    36. Mike Shaw says:

      I guess Obama doesn't need an "Insult Czar" to lambast the public. He comes by it naturally.

    37. Steven, Louisiana says:

      The president is a complete hypocrite, as are most who lecture and don't follow their own advice. Petroleum products are used to make absolutely everything, so to quit using it is asinine, unless one of the brilliant commentators who would offer their tongue to Barrack if he ran out of toilet paper wants to share with us an alternative source for "all" of our modern day products. If we simply drilled, instead of cooperating with a bunch of 6th century religious zealots for our oil supply, we would see cheaper prices at the pump, due to a little economic reality called competition. Instead, Barrack, the perpetual vacationer, sees to it that we pay more and support other countries drilling practices. What a numskull this cult of personality is.

    38. Ann Patterson Arizon says:

      Our president is not an American – so why should we expect him to be FOR America? He has done more to destroy our country than anyone ever in public office. If it weren't for Harry Reid, I believe he could be impeached. I have an e-mail of him stating he was born in Kenya. Why isn't that sufficient regardless of Harry??

      If our leadership wants America to succeed, our troops would all be withdrawn;

      which would save billions of dollars; (we have no goal in three battles); we would be a true ally of Israel; we would drill here – drill now – and put thousands to work doing this. We would charge all American Corporations overseas, a big tax to bring their products home – so sweat shop labor would not be so desirable.

    39. someguy says:

      I don't think "freedom" means anyone can buy a 8 miles per gallon car and then complain about gas prices. There are cars, even vans that are cheaper than that 8 mpg that get double the mileage. Hybrids don't cost as much as people think, plus normal cars that get about 16-20 mpg range between 11-15k. Which can be financed for very cheap.

      Anyways, there are members of the house, for both parties pushing for natural gas. There is enough natural gas below Pennsylvania alone to power the united states for at least 70 years. Thats not including virginia. new york and other states. Obama and the rest of congress should work on the energy bill to include natural gas, convert more cars for natural gas, and also dip into the US oil reserves which can serve the US for 100+ years to keep gas prices low for Americans so they have money to buy more things and help the economy flow.

    40. Frank Candido Bloomf says:

      Obama is fuel-of-it!!! Mr. President you should blame the ruling class not the country class.

    41. J. Gorra says:

      Perspective: 10 kids is a choice. People who drive big vehicles have made their choice. They will pay more for gas.

      The Heritage needs to focus up a bit. I can support more drilling but not subsidies. Also, let's use up overseas oil before ours. A much more worthy posture than this stupid article.

      PS. My daughter is selling her pickup, that she loves, for a better mileage vehicle. That is freedom in a free market.

    42. Papa Two says:

      "Megan R – If you can’t afford to have ten kids- Don’t have ten kids"

      Hey Megan, why is it when there is a conservative view, you people change your attitude?

      I bet you feel it is OK for the taxpayers to support people with low income with 10 kids that want to get a job. Or maybe this example? Abortion. Some lowly little girl that didn't MEAN to get pregnant that wants America's money to fund her killing an innocent child.

      But wait, this is a republican that is bring up a man with 10 kids that can't afford hybrids and all the sudden NOW it's "oh well you shouldn't have… blah blah blah"

      Are you fighting against the people that choose to not get a job and have tons of kids to get support from the American public? Are you out there saying women shouldn't be having sex and getting pregnant?

      Just wondering.

      Oh, and guess what, you are right, there ARE tons of public transportation, but guess who is funding that BIG gas bill, your city's taxes. You think those tons of public transportation's are running on hybrid energy or windmill power? LOL

    43. Steven, Louisiana says:

      Someguy, I do believe that someone should be able to purchase a car of their choice and then complain that a government induced increased cost at the pump is making them upset. Why should I change what car I drive, because OPEC and our government insists on hosing Americans at the pump. I do agree that we need to combat this atrocity by drilling for oil and extracting natural gas; but, why would a government that caused the problem try to ameliorate the damage it caused? Why should government officials be able to use jets to travel to global warming conferences, import chefs from Chicago, or have twenty car motorcades, and then lecture us on how to use less gas? These guys are wankers. We should never rationalize ignorant policy.

    44. DL, Texas says:

      "There’s tons of public transportation available." (Not where I live)

      "So as you drive to work today, remember in 2008 gas prices were higher" (Huh???? I paid $3.71 per gallon today – it never reached that high following Hurricanes Rita and Ike here in East Texas, and those were record high prices.)

      I live 10 miles from my office and there is no public transportation. I have no choice but to drive to work, and yes, I occasionally go through a drive-through. I drive a new fuel-efficient vehicle. I get about 300 miles per tank, and I go through a tank a week. I paid $52 to gas up today….FIFTY-TWO DOLLARS to gas up my small fuel-efficient vehicle that will get me to work and church and back for a week. $200 a month. I'm a middle-aged, middle-income empty nester. I don't like it, but I can afford it. I remember well what it was like when we lived paycheck to paycheck and wondered which bill we would put off paying because we just couldn't afford it. My heart goes out to those young families who have no choice but to keep driving their fuel efficient cars to jobs that don't pay them enough to afford the gasoline.

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    46. Lynn E. Thomas, Bois says:

      Absolutely correct. The administration's behavior is worse than shameful.

    47. Jim C., California says:

      All these arrogant drones who think nature owes them infinite, cheap oil, should turn off the right-wing Creationist chatter-box for a few hours and do a web search for "peak oil primer" (that leads to one of the most cogent articles on the topic).

      America is full of self-centered gluttons who think "gas prices" are some abstract concept that has nothing to do with a physical, finite resource that comes from wells that produce on a bell-curve due to decreasing pressure over time. Sum up all the world's wells and you get a global decline in flow-rates.

      The lower 48 U.S. States reached peak oil production back in 1970, and Alaska peaked around 1990. There is no 200 year reserve under Gull Island Alaska (per a crackpot named Lindsey Williams) and America only has 2% or 3% of total world crude oil reserves. No honest (non-shill) petroleum geologist will dispute the gist of that.

      The IEA (Europe) reported last November that global crude oil production likely peaked in 2006, and the balance is being filled by unconventional sources like tar sands and extreme deep water drilling. That's the main reason why prices will continue to rise overall, and that's exactly what Peak Oil means; the easy, cheap stuff has already been burned. Nobody is above the laws of physical supply and demand, including Americans.

    48. Brad, Chicago says:

      I only glanced through most of the responses, but there's a detail that seems to be missing from these arguments. Regardless of the gas mileage I get in my car, I'm paying more for gas. I'm still filling up just as often as I used to, but it, now, costs 50% more than it did a few years ago.

      For being the champions of the middle class, it's a bit unusual for a democrat to complain that a person doesn't go out and just buy a new car. If they think people are doing that well, financially, it might explain why they aren't doing anything to fix gas prices.

    49. Geoff Mcgregor, Some says:

      President Obama is correct in blaming the American people for the oil crisis THEY ELECTED HIM!!!!!! This is the quinticential example of an uninformed populace reaping the rewards of their complacency. Add up alll the oil finds within the continental jurisdiction of the united state, plus the natural gas fields, plus the clean coal that was nationalized by the Clinton administration, plus the nuclear ability and you would power this nation into a new industrial revolution. But we have transitioned this nation from the land of opportunity to the land of bread and circuses and look how that worked out.

    50. Steven, Louisiana says:

      Geoff, right on! Obama said himself that we need to get off of our dependence on foreign oil, yet, he won’t open up the domestic oil market. Don’t confuse what I said about opening up the market. Government needs to give the companies full reign over drilling and get out of the way. I can’t stand all of these politicians lecturing. They should be referred to by number, not name, because they are nothing but a vote. These elected officials get to ride the wave of mass ignorance and cash in on our obsession with scumbags. These cats shouldn’t even be trusted to put ankle monitors on child molesters, much less run a country.

    51. Chuck, VA says:

      I saw the president's comments and thought that he was Louis XIV. He is definitely out of touch with main street America. Perhaps he should retire to France.

    52. Matt, Ohio says:

      Chicago posted:

      "Regardless of the gas mileage I get in my car, I’m paying more for gas. I’m still filling up just as often as I used to, but it, now, costs 50% more than it did a few years ago."

      Um…no, that's not right…if a car gets 50% BETTER gas mileage, you wouldn't be filling up 'just as often'…by my calculations…um…it'd be HALF of what you used to…so…

    53. Pete in Virginia says:

      J. Gorra and Jim C. in California, thanks for your impartial insights. Cheap gas is NOT an American "right". America (310 Million people) use 750 million gallons of oil per DAY, or about 2.5 gallons per person. China (1,340 Million people, over 4 times the U.S. population) use 325 million gallons of oil per day (about .25 gallons per person 1 TENTH of what a person in the U.S. uses), and India (population of 1.21 Billion people, also about 4 times the U.S. population) uses about 120 Million Gallons per person, per day, about 1/25th of the U.S. usage.

      America uses about 25 % of the World's annual oil output while having only 4% of the world's population, so every American consumes about 6 times more than his EQUAL Share of this precious resource. Americans have NO RIGHT to complain about U.S. oil prices, as they are the lowest in the world and are subsidized by the government. Especially conservative, market based conservatives who believe in the market. The real reason that prices are skyrocketing is that the WORLD is demanding more of its share of the market as both China and India are growing at about 10-13% per year (the U.S. is growing at about 2-3% or about 1/8 of the growth rate of those countries combined).

      CLUE for the clueless, at these market dynamics, the price of gas will continue to increase as the SUPPLY stays steady and the DEMAND increses. This is fundamental economics. Of course, you can just go spend trillions of dollars on wars in oil producing countries and keep your supply artificially low. Ooooops, that's already being done. Orrrr, you can drive smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles, make more fuel efficient homes and businesses, or you can just sit here and — about the market.

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