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  • Morning Bell: Funding the Right Force to Protect America

    A battle continues to rage in Washington over the 2011 federal budget, and a long-term war on how to cut the $14.3 trillion dollar deficit is about to begin. But as political opponents spar over spending, the United States military is waging a real war in Afghanistan, helping to stabilize Iraq, conducting operations across the globe from Libya to Yemen, Haiti to Somalia, and providing assistance to Japan following its natural disaster. With the prospect of a government shutdown looming, some in Congress have rightly devoted special attention to ensuring our military remains fully funded in the short term. But as the debate begins over the 2012 budget and beyond, both Congress and the White House must field the right military force to protect America today and into the future.

    From welfare to Social Security, stimulus spending to Obamacare, big government politicians have charted a course of bigger spending, all on the American taxpayer’s dime. Some of these actions are unquestionably unconstitutional and are putting the squeeze on other national priorities. Chief among those priorities is the federal government’s obligation, set forth in the U.S. Constitution, to keep America safe. You don’t have to look any further than the Preamble to see that the purpose of the government is to “provide for the common defense.” It is a duty that stands apart from all others and that is superior to any other it has. Yet some politicians put our military on the chopping block as they look to cut spending, regardless of the force requirements that must be met in order to protect America. That’s no way to fulfill a constitutional obligation to defend a nation.

    Defending the country is not simply about dollars and cents. It’s about having the forces the military needs to confront the challenges the United States faces around the world. A new report by The Heritage Foundation outlines the dangers U.S. military forces must confront in our homeland, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and space, describes what forces are required and how much they will cost – averaging $720 billion per year from FY 2012-2016. To put that in perspective, despite our military’s global obligations, defense spending ranks fourth in overall government spending priorities, falling behind the combined cost of Social Security and Medicare, public education and means-tested welfare. It’s less than one-fifth of federal spending and falling.

    Given the state of our military, that’s a dangerous prospect. Two decades of neglect have left us with rapidly aging ships, planes and vehicles; we have the smallest Navy since 1916, and many of today’s tanker and bomber pilots are flying in airplanes first used by their grandfathers in Vietnam. Heritage’s Mackenzie Eaglen writes:

    A decade of combat operations and two decades of underinvestment have left the U.S. military too small and inadequately equipped to meet all of the growing demands placed upon men and women in uniform.

    Last summer, a bipartisan commission warned of a coming “train wreck” if Congress does not act quickly to rebuild and modernize the U.S. military. To meet tomorrow’s needs, the tools of national security must be strengthened quickly for the U.S. to help to stabilize the international environment and keep U.S. citizens safe and free while ensuring that America’s economy can prosper and grow.

    A fully funded, modern military is necessary to manage complex and far-ranging regional threats. Heritage’s study highlights hot spots where U.S. interests are threatened. In Asia, China’s military buildup and advanced technology jeopardize America’s ability to project power in the western Pacific. U.S. operations continue in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but al-Qaeda is attempting to move into Yemen and beyond. With North Korea and Iran continuing to pursue ballistic missile and nuclear programs, they too are significant threats, and Europe faces risks on its eastern borders, all while Turkey drifts toward a more Islamic foreign policy.

    Our homeland depends on a strong military, as well. Natural disasters, like the earthquake that struck Japan, would require military resources as would man-made catastrophes, terrorist attacks, cyber security, border security and transnational criminal cartels. With our military’s current obligations abroad, it’s questionable whether it could adequately respond to a catastrophe at home.

    Heritage’s James Carafano, Mackenzie Eaglen and Baker Spring warn:

    Reducing U.S. forces below strategic requirements also presents grave risks to U.S. prosperity and economic growth. The military’s reliability has reassured allies and deterred potential adversaries from aggression. If the U.S. lacks the capacity to protect its vital interests, both the security and economy of the nation will suffer in the long term.

    As commander-in-chief, President Barack Obama should know better than anyone that our military is of primary importance to securing America’s interests at home and abroad. But in his 2012 budget request, he fails to adequately fund our military and its mission. With the battle over this year’s budget hopefully coming to a close and the war over long-term spending about to begin, the president and Congress would be wise to remember that the government over which they preside has a fundamental obligation to the people they represent: providing for the common defense. It’s time they make it a priority to get that job done.

    Quick Hits:

    • The stalemate over the budget continues after President Obama, Speaker Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Reid failed last night to reach an agreement to fund the government through the end of FY 2011.
    • As rain falls in South Korea, dozens of schools there closed Thursday over fears of radioactive fallout from Japan’s nuclear disaster. Meanwhile, Japan is considering a wider nuclear evacuation zone.
    • Libyan rebels claim that NATO air strikes near the oil port of Brega hit their forces. Meanwhile, Secretary of State Clintonmet with Italy’s Franco Frattini yesterday to discuss how to “do more to help the opposition make very fast progress.”
    • Oil prices have neared $109 a barrel amid the fighting in Libya and unrest in the Middle East. Regular unleaded gasoline in the United States is up 23 percent from one year ago.
    • The European Central Bank raised interest rates for the first time since 2008 in order to stem the tide of rising energy and food prices.
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    67 Responses to Morning Bell: Funding the Right Force to Protect America

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      4 – 7 – 11 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com

      Bobbie on April 6th, 2011 at 3:53pm said:

      Ken Jarvis, the GOP doesn’t need to be told what to do. The GOP is much wiser and mature. Actions show it. The democrats dumped their dereliction in the laps of the GOP. Because democrats have no care in the world or accountability to face, they continue to destroy this country and the potential of the people they serve.

      The GOP has to cut seriously because of the overreach and the misleading of democrats who would rather imagine a need, instead of giving the benefit of the doubt and respect of personal strength. If the president refuses the necessary bill, then he proves to be who he is. Anti-American.


      Thanks, Bobbie -

      The GOP read the WSJ and listen to FOX

      to get their marching Orders.

      Ryan's Budget wants to END – MEDICARE AND MEDICAID.



      I got an EMail from DK – he


      Nice! So send me the link to the Reid and Pelosi budget that they made for 2011.

      Dell –

      Good to hear from you.

      I haven't seen their budget.

      The GOP is EASY to FOLLOW

      WSJ in Print – FOX news on TV.

      Murdochs empire is the voice of the GOP.

    2. Liz Bateman, Fairfax says:

      I notice that Congress is keeping their salaries intact. Perhaps they should "defund" themselves before they stop paying the military families, some of whom are already brushing up against the poverty level!

    3. Ole Prof, Dallas says:

      An unmentioned problem of this Administration's (and the previous one's) military policy is its continuing misuse of the National Guard. The Guard is intended to be the Governors' force to deal with state emergencies. Instead, it has been converted to a standing federal reserve (in competition with the Army and Air Force Reserve). This prevents having to make hard political decisions either to expand the size of the Regular Army and Air Force or the federal reserve. Over time, it will severely corrode the ability of states to respond to their own emergencies without having to go immediately to the federal bureaucracy for help.

    4. Luke Blackford, Houm says:

      Shut down and disband the US government permanantly. Allow all National Guard and Air National Guard assets to be operated and funded by their individual states, Divide all Coast Guard assets amoung states with current Coast Guard facilities. Sell off US military equipment (Aircraft carriers, tanks, aircraft, etc) to pay off the national debt. Our state income tax would double or possibly triple, but all federal taxes would be abolished and, in most cases, Americans would be better protected.

      "What about the Interstate Highway system?"

      To hell with it, nobody can afford fuel anyway

      "What about protecting and leading the free world?"

      Too epensive, can't afford it. Let another government do it, Texas or California maybe, if they want to.

      "What about the Postal Service?"

      Ok, Good point. They would probably be a profitable, stand alone business if they weren't administered by the federal government.


    5. Bette, NJ says:

      I believe this administration is doing all it can to bring catastrophe and chaos to our United States !

    6. Bill B, Michigan says:

      Great analysis. The first cut to meet our military needs should be in the budget and salaries of the elected officials, and the EPA. Keep up the good work in Washington.

    7. Steve Cafaro Fort My says:

      Are you kidding me? The USA has the largest funded military in the history of mankind. In a heartbeat, we can destroy any potential threat with our nuclear arenal. We have the capability to anihilate the planet many times over. Conventionally, our advanced weapon systems can obliterate an unseen adversary in an underground bunker hundreds and thousands of miles away.It is frequently said that the USA has over 730 military bases in 130 foreign countries. As a Nation, we have engaged in 17 wars since WWII and we are currently committed to 3 major conflicts. We no longer need a legitmate case to enter a conflict as illustrated by the wars in Iran and Libya. It would be well if we were to acknowlege the words of President Eisenhower who warned of the "militart industrial complex".

      I am all in favor of protecting America, but I sense we have an overkill ability. America can not be destroyed by a military enemy, but judging form the erosion of our economy, the decline in our standard of living, and the ongong loss of jobs, it appears we are intent on destroying ourselves through falacious policies such as free trade and government controlled markets.

      Your concern may become real when our economy is no longer capable of sustaining our vast military presense.

    8. Bill B, Michigan says:

      Great analysis. Our military must be a top priority given the unrest in the world. A reduction in the budgets and staff of Congress along with the elimination of 80% of EPA would help ease our international fears.

    9. John M. Elkins, Sher says:

      United We Stand is not longer the mission of our elected, hired, and appointed public servants from the President to the local school board member.

      Divided We Fall is the priority mission into Socialism. Pray for a change!

    10. Carol USA says:

      This isn't exactly on point BUT! Yesterday Mr. B HO had to have lunch with Rev. Al Sharpton so he took one of his many plains at our expense to pick up some donation money or pledges.

      Today he is off to never, never land at our expense to collect some more campagine money or pledges. Where will he be tomorrow. He runs into Washington, holds Speaker Boehner hostage for a couple of hours and then comes out and talks tough when this is a job HE and our government should have passed this budget last year. Now all of a sudden we (the tax payer) have dug our heals in and refuse to be taxed any more. How dare we. Mr. B HO has spent us into oblivion and he expects us to like it. It is everyone's fault but his and the Democrats. This is exactly who is to blame, they had their chance last October, November, and Decamber to pass the biggest budget they wanted to, all the pork they wanted to, all the taxes they wanted to and did they do their job? no! Why not? Derelict of duty.

    11. Kyle, MD says:

      Unfortunately, we'll probably have to wait until after the elections in 2012 to see any improvements. There are far to many inept representatives in our government from the top down, to expect anything beneficial from happening before then!

    12. KC - New Mexico says:

      Secretary Gates and the president have both decimated the strength of our military. The US Army has not upgraded its capabilities for decades. The last attempt was the Future Combat Systems that would have strengthened the Army and would have protected the ground troops while providing a significant threat and fire power on the enemy. The Navy, Marines, Air Force require upgrades to meet the latest technologies.

      Issues in addition to the lack of funding and lack of leadership at the top are the media impact on military operations and the general idea that we must put our military into everyone’s conflict around the globe. The media sensationalizes the casualties of war – there is collateral damage so deal with this as a fact. We should not be a part of civil wars or religious wars in other countries. Last issue, we need to stop funding these poor countries and providing them with weapons.

      President Regan stated this best – a strong military provides the best defense. It worked then and would work today. Our current administration just does not get it!

    13. Stan Lake, Sun Valle says:

      We already spend more money on our military than any other country, in fact I read it was more than the rest of the world combined. We are stationed in over 100 countries. I don't think our founding fathers envisioned us being the policemen of the world. Most of our defense dollars are spent fighting for or protecting other countries. I think we would be truer to the original constitutional intent if we at least used our military to closely patrol our own borders before spreading ourselves so thinly overseas.

    14. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      At what point will the Republican Party ask the Democratic Party "is it your intent to create a culture of government dependency?" If the Republican Party subscribes to the "culture of government dependency" then as a nation we are doomed to mediocrity and we are wasting our time and Tytler’s predictions will come true:

      A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years.

      Great nations rise and fall. The people go from bondage to spiritual truth, to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to complacency

      Alexander Tyler. Scottish historian quoting from others.

    15. Clifford F. Eike, Wi says:

      One of our government's primary responsibilities is to "provide for the common defense," however under Article 1, Section 8, it is only Congress who can declare war… The War Powers Act of 1973 which has been used several times by the Executive branch is unconstitutional because the Legislative branch cannot cede its authority to the Executive branch. Although it is only right that our troops in harms way defending the freedom of strangers should be paid, a declaration of war is nontheless required.

    16. Bernard P. Giroux, S says:

      changing the military on funding is, in my opinion, a traitorous act. The President and the Congress are sworn to protect the security of this country. Without a strong military, particularly the Navy and Marines, the ability of this country to even create the illusion of being a dangerous opponent with the capability to strike anywhere in the globe, and in particular to keep the sea lanes open, which are this country's life lines, does not exist. If the United States is perceived as a paper tiger, the rest of the world will take advantage of this situation. Globalism does not count in the struggle for world power. The debate is going on full blast, right now, about the expansion of Chinese military capabilities, particularly in the Pacific. The latest edition of the Naval Institute Proceedings magazine is devoted to this topic. The United States cannot act as the world power that it is with a military that has one arm tied behind its back.

    17. Tom Wood, Hickory Hi says:

      I think our country is almost doomed! And that's thanks to obama and the dems. We HAVE to get the debt down, but no one wants to give in a little, especially the unions, they want more. They're already making darn good money, I made about $15,000 last year and still had to pay taxes, so these union workers can get more of everything. We ALL have to take cuts to keep our country strong, but this way, it's not going to work. I don't know if we can hold out 'til we get a majority of republicans, because that's the only thing that might save us. Get all those democrats out, especially the know nothing, do nothing obama.

    18. Betty Harrison Grajp says:

      I agree with your article 100 percent. Far to long our military has been the step child in this country, As your article states they are behind Social Security and other SOCIAL PROGRAMS. 9/11 should not have been a susprise to us but we were not prepared. We were lulled into thinking we were safe. We are still fighting a war against terrorism, even if the current government does not think it is political correct to call it a war. My father fought in WWII, my brother fought in Korea, my husband fought in Vietnam. I am proud of them all. We have to fight for our country because our contry is worth fighting for. Please keep writing articles like this. I try to educate everyone I know about the greatness of this country and what we can be if our elected officals get their oriotries straight and their heads on frontwards not backwards.

    19. Roger TN says:

      The military, the elderly, the young and the poor are always pawns on the Democrat chessboard. They will throw away the pawns to gain the King (government power). While I agree that Defense Spending is vital to our nation, there is a lot of waste due to politics and top military management preparing for the future in the Military-Industrial complex. Problem is the politicians use the military budget to buy votes. Until we go broke they will continue to do so.

    20. cathy, maine says:

      the national (keyword national) guard should not be sent overseas. and we really should not be the world's police….when other countries can afford their own military…the middle east, Japan, etc. our troops should protect our borders from drug dealers and illegal immigrants and terrorists. I think our military are the best and the brightest and both parties in congress are the opposite. the pay and benefits should reflect that.

    21. Pamela /Lincoln, ne says:

      I feel that this country has Democrats in office that simply want their way, at all cost. For them, it's about power and not the people of this country and protecting this country. I feel that those in DC that are not thinking about the good of this country should eventually be gone.

      We truly need term limits. Stop the career politician from going there and make those politician have to go back to work in the REAL world with all the rest of us and make ends meet. LET'S SEE HOW THEY DO THAT ON THEIR OWN!!!

      Mr. O needs to be out of the white house because the guy has NO leadership ability. The mexicans-illegals and blacks and whites that bought into him should realize he ONLY WANTS YOUR VOTES but doesn't give a darn about YOU or what happens to you. You says what will work for one group of people and another thing for others. So sick of the fake smile. He's a con man just like the UNIONS that back him and the democrats.

      I wish we could do away with party names or just call people what they are, Liberals, conservatives, leftist, rightist, libertarians, tea parties or whatever it is out there BECAUSE only then will people really thing before they vote. Too many vote one way or the other because that's what their father and forefathers etc have always done and the young should vote until they hold down a real job , and paying bills etc and move out of mom and dad's home!!!

      OUR military should always come first.

      My true feelings are that we bring everyone home and get the heck out of foreign countries and put the military around OUR boarders and protect this country AND STOP giving money and aid to foreign countries that HATE us anyway.

      LET HOLLYWOOD with their big pocket books and mouths take care of all those others. Until you get those other GOVERNMENTS to stop being tyrants and start taking care of THEIR PEOPLE, don't give them money because it doesn't go for their people anyway!

    22. William Merrick, Boz says:

      I agree! But where are we required to provide the police force for the world? How do we justify bases in every country?

    23. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      I do wish our Military was actually used in the American People's interests. We could have a discussion, the real discussion. Somehow, protecting the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood crosses the line. We have spent incalculable Billions in defense of other nations, isn't that an oxymoron? Our Nation is at risk by the military adventures in the Middle East, our Strategic Interest is oil only because Progressives are crushing Domestic Oil. So, in fact, the Domestic Enemy is the actual threat to America and destroying our Military seems to be their end.

      Having Barack Obama 'rebuild' our Military is a perfectly idiotic thought. I guess he would do with it like American Medicine, waste trillions in make work. Eighteen departments of strategy, and a $100,000 paperwork cost for every Recruit. Overregulation, Overcriminalization! You know the game. I have been screaming about Junk Science for two years. Junk Military Science says "The Rules Of Engagement must assure defeat!" Like in Libya, you can't kill Gaddafi? Nuts! I think Libya is Obama's way of draining away America's Military Power in a way that "sounds nice and cuddly!" Obligation to Defend Civilians all over the Earth? Waste Defense abroad to ignore Real Defense needed at home!

      When are you going to declare Obama is mad? He is mad. I call it Indoctrinated, after the Cold War meaning of the term. It is a mental illness Obama has! Poor guy can't get his diagnosis, the APA sat on the disease.

    24. Frank, Florida says:

      Yes, the military may be underfunded in terms of dollars, but what dollars it does receive is misspent. We cannot afford to be the world's policeman and we should not have hundreds of bases around the world & many thousands of troops around the world guarding Europe to South Korea. Bring the troops home, close most of the bases & stop the undeclared (& unconstitutional) wars. Use those savings to modernize our forces first, then see what extra might be needed. It's my guess that if we did that, we might not need to increase the defense budget very much. We are simply continuing to squander our resources. A bigger defense budget now would just lead to more squandering, not more national security. Use "Certificates of Marques" to fight Al-Queda & any other militant Islamist that is engaged in acts that threaten our national security. We do not necessarily need to invade other countries & then attempt to "nation build" to achieve that goal. We also need to face financial realities. Better now than later.

    25. Betty Harrison Grajp says:

      I agree with your article 100 percent. For far to long our country has made our military the step-child. The military spending is behind Social Services that is ridiculous. My father fought in WWII, my brother in Korea and my husband in Vietnam. I am proud of them all. If our elected officials will stand up and get their head screwed on forwards instead of backwards we can stay the great country we always were. I believe we are a great country but because of recent actions we are loosing our greatness. I don't believe it is corny or stupid (as I have been told) to stand up and say I am an American and proud of it. Let's do whatever it takes to see that the our military gets the very best of everything. They risk their lives for us it is the very least we can do for them

    26. Don Vander Jagt, Gra says:

      Although I appreciate your concern for the conditions we find concerning our military, maybe more than some, since collectively my three Sons and myself have served nearly 60 years in the armed forces, yet I see a greater problem in our country. No amount of armaments or training can protect the nation that has turned its back on the God of heaven such as America has done. Our church is apostate and our nation is bankrupt not only of money, but of morality and integrity. Our courts no longer enforce the law, but are now reduced to precedent.

      Judgment is likely at the door!

    27. Vigiland Patriot says:

      In spite of our founders's advocating non-intervention in foreign affairs, War is Good Business! It was in Vietnam, it is in Afghanistan, it is in Iraq and it is in Libya. And now we need to rebuild our military so that we can continue our modern day Roman empire. If only more people could see the ugliness of human slaughter.

    28. Christopher Popham S says:

      Dear Heritage:

      Your arguments for a solid defence and a well-funded armed forces

      are indeed valid and viable. However, would you mind sharing with your readers why

      the United States of America needs to maintain more than 823 military bases around

      the globe. Could we not cut that number in half, redeploy the troops to our southern

      and northern borders and still retain the same level of allied security, that we currently enjoy all over the world?

      INHO, we could very easily cut defense spending drastically, without compromising

      our pre-eminent military presence.


      Christopher Popham Smith.

    29. Joseph C Moore, USN says:

      For God's sake! We still have troops in Viet Nam, Germany and a hundred other countries around the world. You are telling me that all these are Essential to protecting the US? Bring most of those troops home to protect Our Borders. Humanitarian wars? Where in the Constitution is that found? Let the mid east be defended by the socialist European countries. There, is the way to cut the military budget while Really protecting our country.

    30. Roni, Tennessee says:

      Fundamental obligation to to the people they serve? The bottom line said it all. However, until the Administration recognizes that we the people are the ones who demand that they are obligated to us, we are going to lose all the way around. Obama has lied to the American people to cover up his spending schemes in an array of speeches he and his teleprompter has given. His promise to remove troops from the war zone in order to save money for the country was a mistake. He retaliated against every order George W made, and continues to do so…even though he started another war, without the consent of Congress I might add, which in essence will cost the US even more money. He continues to refer to last years budget, when in fact there has not been a budget since 2009. In addition, while the fire is set to blaze in DC, where is the suppose to be President? He is doing what becomes him best. He and his teleprompter is on on campaign trail in Pa. Should his presence be required, which I am sure they are, will he leave the trail long enough to return to his office in the WH to oversee the problems that await the American citizens and the Military if in fact the government shuts down? Harry Reid needs to be informed that there is much more to the shutdown than visiting National Parks. Who can afford to visit anything with our economy scraping bottom. In addition funding Planned Parenthood should not even be considered a priority. Our top priority as Americans is to make sure we don't vote again for someone who steps out of the woodwork and up to the plate, without experience, or even a reliable background check.

    31. alfred doyle, sewick says:

      we are permitting entry to the u.s. of about 1.5 million each year, 80% of low or average skill, who cannot nearly pay for their health care, welfare, and schooling for their children. 57% of immigrant families with children are on some form of welfare, or on medicaid. schooling, at $10,000/yr per child, runs to over $100 billion/yr. the expense becomes exponential, as our population swells by 30 million per decade, 2/3 of which is due to immigrants and their descendents. their welfare use is still over 50% 25 years after their arrival. we cannot balance the budget long-term,andsustain our military, without a change in immigration policy.

    32. toledofan says:

      The last statement in the article, regarding, 'Barack Obama should know better than anyone that our military is of primary importance to securing America’s interests at home and abroad'. I think you give Obama too much credit, if he was that astute things would be different today. But, it's obvious, the President and the democrats could care less about the military and only like to use them as props when they give speeches, like the State of the Union. If they could disband the entire military, I think they would do it in a heartbeat.

    33. Ron W. Smith, Provid says:

      Mike Brownfield raises some important issues in "Funding the Right Force to Protect America," some of them intentionally, others unintentionally.

      First off, our annual spending on "National Security" exceeds what is spent by the rest of the world COMBINED. Upwards of $1 trillion a year go into National Defense, Homeland Security, Nation Building, Veterans Affairs, and Foreign Aid designed to gain the cooperation of other countries. The projection of our power everywhere in the world, something no other country comes even close to attempting, is very expensive and has most to do with why we have been, ever since the years following WWII, involved in repeated interventions and outright wars. And it is those interventions and wars that have driven the growth in spending in virtually every area under "National Security."

      It's instructive, when dealing with all parts of "Funding the Right Force to Protect America" to ask a few questions. What is meant by "protect"? Protect from military invasion? from having our interests compromised? from having our "way of life" undermined? from having to accept the demands imposed by others? The fact is, the more that is meant by "protect, the greater the potential cost. There is never enough funding once all possibilities FOR funding are embraced. And that, of course, raises the issue of how much is enough? When are the demands for funding TOO great?

      China, as is well known, spends on National Defense about 18% of what we do every year. We spend on Intelligence about 50 times more than Great Britain does. And what country has to spend anything like as much as we do on Homeland Security or Veterans Affairs or Nation Building or Foreign Aid designed to gain the cooperation of other countries? Our repeated interventions and wars since WWII have driven up the cost of each and every one of those four. The projection of our power everywhere has side effects and budgetary ones that, say, China does not yet and might never encounter.

      This space is inadequate for a long essay in response to Mike Brownfield's article. There's just too much more to say and, having said it, defend. Here, too soon then, comes my conclusion.

      The United States has a national debt of $14.5 trillion and an annual deficit headed up from $1.5 trillion. The matter of spending priorities is at hand since spending cuts cannot be avoided. We spend far too much on "National Security," in my opinion, and we do so because of the worldwide projection of our power and the resultant repeated interventions and wars. Foreign policy decisions we've made, and ones we will make if we don't adjust our course, lie behind "National Security" expenditures now exceeding $1 trillion a year. It is an appropriate time openly to discuss and debate foreign policy, for spending cuts will be made, budget priorities laid out.

      Spending on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid have been eagerly pointed to, especially by those on the Right, as driving the annual deficit and debt. $1 trillion a year (and rising) spent on "National Security" should as eagerly be pointed to. Social Security and Medicare have incoming funds (FICA and premiums) that are increasingly inadequate to cover longer-term liabilities, but for the present these should not be cut significantly. Incoming revenues will largely cover present costs. Medicaid is a special case–a program designed to aid those less fortunate and, like National Security, with no incoming revenues. Penuriousness now with Medicaid, as some wish, will have as much to say about the United States as further extravagance on "National Security."

      I say let the debate begin. I'm available.

    34. Dinah Garrison Fairb says:

      Great article! I keep posting this everyplace: If we can't defend our country, it won't matter if we have jobs. The Federal government's first obligation is defense.

    35. Edward Kimble, 46725 says:

      Cut the living daylights out of the defense and intelligence budgets. Keep the American bases, keep the arms, keep the buttons, but stop trying to be some sort of Rome Statutes uber-jackanape. Bush added over 140 new intelligence buildings inside the beltway. Tear them down. Seal the southern border with a double fence, mines, and watchtowers, about 200 times cheaper than predator drones, microwave towers, sand sensors, and pick up trucks full of hemp toting border guards. Shoot on sight! Bring our youth home so we can get some actual work done (instead of bone head sand box games). Then do the same to entitlements, treat entitlement as a disease. Get rid of it on a case by case basis using sterilization, mandatory work farms, relocation, deportation, and drug therapy… Where the people are infirm or incapable, sterilize or redirect so that the problem ceases being multi-generational..

    36. mike hutchings says:

      this goes beyond funding….a united states with a common sense of self….people who think of them selves as american…people with borders of thought and culture….people who come here to become americans….not world citizens….with no history of the struggle for nationhood come before them…with no love of what they seek that brought them here…domestically there are those with no perspective….other than naming the latest ogre….the latest media lightening rod… the latest shaper of an opposing opinion…we are none of these things…we are still individuals as few nations have ever permitted to exist….a military depends on industry….sixty percent of the products circulating in our country are imported…. green energy allows no steel mills…its allows no energy independence…..energy is growth or non-growth….energy sources that can't be threatened by an enemy are of strategic value….and easier to defend….theres no fairness here….be always stronger than your enemy and you will have peace….be weaker and you will not… ask your self why would a nation disarm in the face of a latent enemy with interests of its own…unsympahetic to our way of life…freedom is the color of blood.

    37. Clearhead says:

      Are we saying that our Nation's defense capability should come before the more important things …………. like government funded abortion, bridges to nowhere, Mach 1 railways between Washington and Alexandria (Virginia), etc. etc. etc. ?? Come on sheeple, knuckle under and act like 'grown-ups' !!!

    38. Bobbie says:

      So, according to the OMB, protecting America is a distraction?????? We're trapped by all within democrat government control of corruption, deception and misleader-ships.

    39. Wayne, Louisiana says:

      It is important to maintain a strong military. It is impossible to do it alone.

    40. Templar_1118 says:

      A good strong military is the life blood of our freedom. However, a good strong leviathan government is an anathema of our rights to live and breathe FREE. So, let's stop funding government programs guised as a "helping hand" when in reality it is limiting our freedom. Or am I just being a conspiritoralist?

    41. Greg, Utah says:

      This column is well said. Working on 29 years of military service I have seen alot of different approaches to our National Defense. The Founders of this once great nation got it right the first time and the Liberals continue to try to re-invent the wheel. Confusing and irritating.

    42. Mike Sheahen, North says:

      The article "Funding the Right Force to Protect America", while presumably appearing to rightly advocate and remind of how the Constitution of the United States practically starts with specifically directing and requiring the Federal Government to (among other things) "provide for the common defense", at first appears to present an accordingly good knowledge and awareness of the Constitutionally founded requirement and need for all (including Congress and the President) to act accordingly; but then the article appears riddled with wishful thinking as if Obama and those in league with him, would listen to us when they are so evidently determined not to do so, and so the article appears to take "two steps forward, but then two steps back", triggering the following questions:

      How much longer, and how many more repeats and further undermining and disastrous examples must there be from Obama and his accomplices who, same as Clinton, Carter, and others such as they, so similarly demonstrate how they view the United States and the U.S. military as the author and cause of all the problems in the world?

      How much longer and how many more examples must there be of such as Obama and those of his ilk so misleadingly speaking and acting as if the U.S. and the U.S. military are therefore so despicably deserving of both being blamed first and their persisting determination and efforts to attack, criticize, and decimate it at any and every opportunity they choose to do so?

      How much longer must too many of us, the people, delude ourselves with speaking, writing, and reading wishful thinking as if such politicians and their accomplices will listen to us and do our will, while they and their accomplices for their agenda for an uncannily Orwellian "New World Order" are so evidently determined to bring about such an order where the United States is reduced to practically nothing other than merely another country, or, even less, merely another "district" in an uncannily Orwellian world where "Newspeak/Oldspeak" (a.k.a. "Political Correctness") is the order of the day, "freedom is bondage and bondage is freedom" (as if freedom is allegiance to and control by Big Brother government), "economic justice and equality rules (everybody is broke, except of course government and maybe a chosen few of government cronies])", and government ultimately controls everything as if "(private) people and (private) businesses can't be trusted"?

      In short, how much longer must too many of us, the people of the United States, engage in deluding ourselves with speaking, writing, and reading wishful thinking as if such politicians as Obama and others will listen to us and do our will, and thus continue to present them with another "crack in our armour" they can take advantage of while they continue to so evidently blame, and act against the one great exception, beacon, and force for freedom of the people in the history of the world, the United States and the U.S. military?

    43. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      The Constitution says that Congress' duty is to "raise and maintain an army." We should do that. The problem is that liberals in Congress aren't prepared to do that.

    44. gary sheldon AZ says:

      America's defense force is neglected and does Mullens, Gates and the "commander in chief" think that the elimination of DADT is going to be helpful in an increase in recruitment or dollars !?

    45. Bobbie says:

      Ken Jarvis says what he usually says: The GOP read the WSJ and listen to FOX

      to get their marching Orders.

      Ken, actions speak louder than words and who in the GOP would have time to readi the WSJ and listen to FOX? My goodness! Do they have more than 24 hours a day? What influences you to suggest this? And really Ken, the democrats are doing nothing to solve anything, just scare tactics. Nancy Pelosi fearing my Grandma into being deprived of food??? How dare that evil being! They aren't doing a thing of significance to correct the damage they've caused.

      Ken you wrote: Ryan’s Budget wants to END – MEDICARE AND MEDICAID.

      ONLY A FOOL WOULD VOTE FOR THAT. Ken, stop it. Mr. Ryan deserves much credit for his thorough work. He left no one out and he covers all America can, without the corruption and with accountability. He has to evaluate and straighten out all that's been convoluted under democrat control. Part of freedom is to be in control of your own, but now that you and people depend on government, his bill makes sure you really need it and aren't taking advantage of it. Only a misinformed or dishonest person wouldn't want that…

    46. Hermes LIBERTY New-Y says:

      More than any other time, the multifocus on our Military, its Renovation and Modernization must be sought with an energy equal to that spent to repeal the enslaving project the health care bill hides. In fact one of its aims is just that; to weakens the military and gives more room to enemies to drastically grow. The discourse however might not be sufficient; thanks to the fact that we have a Republican majority but nothing is given; everything must be fought. Our military equals our survival ultimately and should be understood by everyone.

    47. R Davis Az says:

      To All Who Still Care…

      I really don't know what all this fuss is about… IE; drowning in trillions of debt, loss of millions of jobs in U.S of A., (actually now exceeds 15% of the working force when you use the correct numbers), those soaring out-of-control prices, (On Everything), increased "Fools" taxes… (Because fool, only fools pay taxes)… (ask those who don't pay)… if in doubt about your status, ask the I.R.S who will gladly tell you who you are…. our total loss of all freedoms…(Name one you still have)…. so fool listen…. go pay your taxes….

      Then there's our very expensive but poor and failing educational system for our kids, not to mention, a total lack of service… everywhere…. that is endorsed and totally government supported…

      What's your problem anyway? Your world falling apart on you…hmmm

      You must be part of that 50% group still paying taxes and trying to provide for your family… yourself… and that other 50% group not paying… those privileged folks on the Free Ride that you owe it to…

      You have a problem with that? You subvert..ist you…

      You have an issue with those politicians who are being elected without even being citizens… Come on now, this is America… isn't it? Where's your spirit? People here can do whatever they want… whenever they feel like it… to whoever they want to do it… or is it whomever?

      For years the government has systematically passed law after law shipping our freedom, and futures… overseas… who cared then… You? Come on…

      So what about the military? what's your point… some fool will always join… gets shot… killed… whatever…. T.V. will pick it up for a minute or so… as a fill-in when and if nothing else newsworthy is going on… remember, they need to fill space… so for HIS sake… go get killed… make your fifteen minutes of fame…

      Only problem with that is we lost one more tax payer… somebody pick up the slack…

      Anyway it's for certain, nobody in government cares… they aren't joining the military…are they? HE never joined… did HE? They're all smarter than that… and they follow HIM… and, they're not going to get shot… or pay taxes… you serious? And the military leaders don't care either… they're too busy covering their asses… holding onto their jobs… if and when they can… if not, they just retire… with pension and great benefits…

      Anyway, don't you get it… all we need is another speech… then, everything will be solved… it'll be OK… and, if one speech won't do it… then maybe two… three… more???? sooner or later… HIS speech will solve all our problems…

      So stop worrying…. HIMSELF will save the day… when HE's ready…. not yet though… eventually, HE will save us… from ourselves… something we're certainly not capable of doing… HERSELF told us that… didn't SHE… HIMSELF was there… I saw the two of them on T.V. holding hands and celebrating… telling us without THEIR government we are all doomed… that free enterprise and business can't handle it… that free enterprise never worked… and never will…

      Only THEY can provide for us… THEY and THEIR new government… which incidentally, you're not a part of… that is of course… if you're still paying taxes… by the way, that's how you tell the difference between you… and THEM….. or is it THEY? Oh well….

      So stop worrying… HE will give us another speech shortly… everything is under control… HIS…

      And to be truthful about it… that's all that really matters anymore… HIS control…

      Trust in HIM… HE's here… protecting us… HE will show us the way…

      Anybody out there?????

      Last one out…. turn out the lights…


    48. michael j mudrak car says:

      Yesterday I was invited to a small gathering to celebrate an anniversary among

      the group were some highly educated individuals age range 40 to 50 who had

      not one iota of what obama and his party were doing. I tried to explain the situation

      yet seemed to be talking to deaf ears. I find this same attitude in thirty% of

      people I have spoken to as long as I am alright I do-not care until their world crumbles before them and then it is catastrophe. I tell myself is it worth the aggravation And the answer is our freedom is worth a whole lot more.

    49. Bruce Nix says:

      Judging by the actions of our leaders, one would have to speculate that; what is for the good of this country is not on this administrations agenda and never has been, so it isn't that shocking to me to read stories like this.

      Take a look at what Harry Reid said in a recent interview. This infuriated me to the point of bursting a blood vessel.

      "On CBS's Face the Nation, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told host Bob Schieffer that he felt that the leadership of the Republican party is afraid of the Tea Party and allowing them to dictate how they act."

      Now I ask you to put that comment into perspective. Just who does Harry Reid think that he works for? Who pays their checks? What is the soul purpose of the House and the Senate? Somehow in his arrogance he has come up with the asinine idea that he and his fellow congressmen are some how, RULING OVER THEIR SUBJECTS, as OPPOSED TO DOING THE JOB THAT THEY WERE ASKED TO DO BY THE AMERICAN VOTERS WHO PUT THEM INTO OFFICE.

      They all act like little two bit dictators including Obama, who laughingly said the other day in response to a question about high gas prices, that we should get a tune up on our car.

      Back to Dirty Harry, How dare he even utter those words. First of all, I AM THE TEA PARTY. So are many more MILLIONS OF CITIZENS out there that are fed up with this garbage coming out of the mouths of our ELECTED officials. He went on to say that Boenher should start GOVERNING, because that is his job.

      Obama and his clearly ideological agenda has been shoving unwanted legislation and overspending down the taxpayers throats since day one and if anyone cannot see where all of this is headed, then there is truly no hope for us.

      If it were up to me, Obama would be impeached, tried and convicted of high treason against this great nation along with Reid and Pelosi and all who have signed on to this incredible waste of the blood, shed by the brave men who have kept this nation free.

      All I can say is that 2012 is just around the corner. There is a storm brewing in this country. People who have sat back and watched are now standing up and they are angry. They are voters. WE WILL NOT STOP until they are all OUT.


    50. Norm LA says:

      Poison from Jarvis again. Why is it that Libs like Jarvis accuse others of being like yourself. The unions have been the biggest benefactor of Obama followed by Soros in Brazil where tax money has been sent. You are poison because you take an intellectual argument, placed here everyday and try to put the same old lie to it. And what does happen when the US bond rating is lowered and interest on the debt that you have argued for, sky rockets, taking a bigger chunk of what is left of the GDP. Oh; its FSN and WSJ. [And my comments will be deleted and yous stay]

    51. Audrey Enzor Carrier says:

      It doesn't surprise me that the President is willing to defund our Military yet he balks @ defunding Planned Parenthood which endorses the killing of BABIES.

      Isn't there something wrong with this picture?

      Harry Reid + Nancy Pelosi state the Republicans are sneaking irrelevant and superfluous items into the budget bill…..How hypocritical !!

      What was in the Health Care bill passed by the Democrats ?

    52. Doc Hilliard, SoCal says:

      The most recent numbers from GAO that I've seen: Defense=20% of spending, Social Engineering and "services"=51%, Debt Service=9% and climbing

    53. Audrey Enzor 34 Alan says:

      I am not surprised that President Obama has threatened to defund our military yet is willing to fund organizations such as Planned Parenthood which endorses the killing of babies.

      Isn't there something wrong with this picture?

      Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi whine that the Republicans are including irrelevant and superfluous items in the budget bill, how hypocritical !!

      What was in the 1250 page Health Care Bill the Democrats were so anxious to pass prior to anyone reading same?


    54. Linda, Somerset, TX says:

      "From welfare to Social Security, stimulus spending to Obamacare, big government politicians have charted a course of bigger spending, all on the American taxpayer’s dime."

      I agree with you on the military, but I STRONGLY take umbrage with the above sentence!

      The Social Security fund was robbed starting in the '60s with the President Johnson. We who are on Social Security PAID INTO IT and we are NOT being paid on the ' taxpayer's dime.' The taxpayer's dime goes to paying BACK what the politicians stole from the fund, and, newsflash, not only have those of Social Security not had a cost of living increase the past 2 years, but a lot of us pay taxes on the Social Security we receive. I am multiply disabled after working full time since I was 16 yrs old and beating my body down to a pulp working 2 and sometimes 3 jobs while raising 5 kids, ALL without governmental support (I brought my kids into this world and it was my responsibility to raise them, period). I pay Federal Income Tax on my Social Security disability payments (it took my husband 2 months to talk me even to applying, since I felt like I was going on welfare, and I was accepted 1st try, no attorneys, just medical records) because my husband is still working. DO NOT mention welfare and Social Security in the same sentence. It's an insult. We PAID FOR AND EARNED our Social Security insurance and, like I said, I pay federal income tax on mine (thank you, Mr. Klinton). God knows I'd LOVE to be able to work, I HATE not being physically able to and I even lost a large part of my identity when I had to stop working, so your comment rubs salt into a still raw wound.

    55. George Colgrove VA says:

      Steve Cafaro Fort Myers, FL,

      You said in far fewer words than I could every try :) about our current military spending. I want a strong – lean and mean military second to none. But China is currently building that military with not even $100 billion annual spending vs. our nearly $800 billion. The DoD has over 700,000 non-military federal workers who do what? They have several administrative functions that can be repeated up to 10 times inside the DoD as well as there being even more duplicative functions outside elsewhere in the federal government. We use defense dollars to fund one of many federal payroll departments. We use defense dollars to document how same sex partners can kiss in public (when fornication is banned on all military facilities). We use defense dollars to do extensive administrative background checks when that function is also repeated outside the DoD. We use defense dollars for humanitarian aid and education. For God’s sake in these economic times we spend defense dollars issuing parking permits! The list goes on and on. We are told that ongoing field operations costs at most $175 billion and as little as $110 billion. Before 9/11 the DoD budget was only $330 with no wars. Since 9/11 we more than doubled the DoD budget which is far more than the cost of field operations. Now we are told the military has to modernize. If in 10 years after 9/11 we have not modernized while fighting the wars, the big looming question is where did the balance of the hundreds of billions of dollars go?

      Defense can be cut using thoughtful consideration to every line item. Consolidating duplicative and non-military function (non-essential duties) in the GSA, the DoD can cut out all of its non-military administrative and non-administrative duties. The remaining DoD should be strictly military –with soldiers, intelligence analysts, and so on. If it has to do with fighting a war it stays, if it does not – consolidated it elsewhere. We do not have a choice.

    56. jerry black, bakersv says:

      You did not mention but we are no longer building or manning merchant ships. Since we now rely merchant ships to supply necessities of life, like oil, we no longer can control our national "supply line"

    57. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      Interesting…The very politicians (lifers) who put us in this position are now negotiating to get us out of the position they put us in. Sounds like and Alice-in-Wonderland story….

      Talk about the fox guarding the hen house. When will Heritage understand the problem is not going to change until the culture of power to maintain one's political position changes…keep re-electing our wonderful Republican & Democratic lifers….

    58. George Colgrove VA says:

      Headlines from Drudge:

      >> MESS: Botched NATO bomb raid leaves 13 Libyan rebels dead…

      >> 'We didn't know they had tanks'…

      >> No apology…

      >> Prospects fade for military overthrow of Gaddafi…

      >> General: May consider ground troops…

      We need to bring our soldiers home. We need to regroup and redefine. TIme to shore up our borders. Yes, time to modernize our military to be an economicaaly efficent lean and mean fighting force dedicated to defending our borders. This does not mean we can't have a highly efficient and cost effective intellegence agency in place keeping track of things. And it also does not mean we cannot have a low cost dedicated team of black ops out there making targeted hits.

      We are spending trillions fighting foes not even spending billions! And we are not gaining ground?

    59. Gene, Lake Stevens, says:

      I read one comment above that said something about paying tax on Social Security which I think is just crazy … paying tax on what was essentially a tax … and for some people I'm sure that can have a huge impact on their income & standard of living and further adds to strains on other federal social programs … and we think we can't afford Obamacare …

    60. Pingback: Morning Bell: Commander-in-Chief Turns His Back on America’s Military | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

    61. Gene, Lake Stevens, says:

      A book I read by Helen Calidcott, "The New Nuclear Danger", mentions that we have enough nuclear bombs on the planet to kill every human 30,000 times over. If it's accurate that's pretty dead if you ask me. So how much more spending on military armament do we need? It looks to me as if we blew our wad on nuke's instead of standard armament for these skirmishes we seem to want to get into for the sake of expanding empire.

      So the Dem's and Republican's are in a Power Grab battle … once again. But it's really a battle over economic policy …with the voter caught in the middle. Keynesian economic model vs. "monetarism", aka "free market economics", as promoted by Milton Friedman. And you see where that has gotten us. High tech bubbles, real estate bubbles, derivatives, bank bailouts, and so on. These guys have been smoking some good stuff. So that's why Dem's appear to want to increase deficit spending (Keynesian) and the thugs want to cut spending (after they already blew tons of our cash on two useless wars). The Dem's believe that's the only way back out of this mess. But that's the simple explanation. One has to do a lot of reading and research and listening to lectures, pro & con, to even begin to understand why all the gyrations in Congress.

    62. Dr Stuart Jeanne Bra says:

      Interesting post, particularly the section about Chinese economic interests.

      I'm curious what the Heritage Foundation position is on being less secretive about the real (strategic) reasons Obama expanded the US war into Pakistan. My personal view is that this should be made public, so that it can be openly debated.

      The Pentagon/CIA make no secret of their desire to see energy and mineral rich Balochistan secede from Pakistan to become a US client state – just like the energy and mineral rich former Soviet republics Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. Moreover it's virtually impossible to distinguish terrorist acts by the CIA-backed Balochistan Liberation Army from those committed by the Taliban or Al Qaeda -especially around the Chinese-built Gwadar Port in Gwadar, Balochistan (the energy transit route for Iranian oil and natural gas destined for China). Given that both China and Iran are both major political/economic rivals, it's a pity the US media doesn't report on any of this.

      I blog about this at "Our CIA freedom fighters in Pakistan"

    63. Pingback: Commander-in-Chief Turns His Back on America’s Military | The TexasFred Blog

    64. Buffalo, SoMD says:

      First replace the worn out equipment with more of the same, but just new. That lets us fight now. The purchase the new equipment that works, and lots of it. How on God's Green Earth can we, in this day and age, run out of pistol ammo?

    65. Laila, Texas says:

      Based on my research, about 59% of federal revenue is directed towards military spending. Some of this spending I didn't even know or want to believe was happening. For example, by retiring two of 11 aircraft carriers, $176.6 billion will be gained and not lost.I believe a lot of this spending is extremely excessive and unnecessary. Areas such as education, are receiving around 5% of federal budget. The system of education in this country is suffering. I believe more focus should be directed towards areas such as education, instead of providing more aircraft carriers and weapons to aid a stagnant war. We should end the war and heal our own nation.

    66. J Miller Iraq says:

      As everyone squabbles about defense budgets, social programs, education programs which by the way makes us stronger which =defense. While I agree with some posts and some of the Article I want to throw this out there. While I sit here in my container housing unit by the way is made in UAE and hoping we don't get hit tonight I hear many trucks and service personnel around the camp. Does anyone think who these service personal are? Most are not US Military some aren't even american citizens. As I sit here and type there are more civilian contractors here than US.Military as your Military force hovers at the magic number of 50K the contractors are at about 50% more. At one point when I was here on my second Vacation in Iraq there were 130,000 US Military and 130,000 contractors. Now you are probably wondering why I put this up well let me tell you. These contractors they do basically the same jobs as the Military. They cook, clean, drive trucks, work on vehicles, do admin, hire local Nationals for Interpreters, construction, and don't forget private security and many other jobs that I can't even fathom. I have been in the Army for about 15 years and do not scratch over $60K a year with benefits and thats being liberal with number. With the help of the defense Budget some of the civilian work force for get over 6 digit salaries I have talked to some and the confided in me that some depending on the job get paid over $350 a day. Some don't even have the experience to perform these services they just have to know somebody in these private companies. The contracting companies hire third world nationals I'm not speaking of US Citizens here but close get paid maybe $1000 an month. Now all this is not new on my first trip here in 2004 they were here too. War is a profit making Business. Just like health care by big insurance, Oil companies while they have recorded huge profits has that trickled down to you all? Really should war and health care produce a profit, Profit off people who die. We are just numbers Military are a pawn to both parties. This must be the new american way no compassion for no one just thinking about our pockets. I am very sad to tell my daughters this is what they have to look forward too. We can't afford to upgrade the Military we have to pay these huge contracts. So the Gov't provides defense of this great nation. Wonder if a good education or healthy people and a strong Military would be within the realm of providing for the defense? I don't want much I just want to pay my bills and my Taxes.

    67. Ron Hert, CA. says:

      I still say that the states of this republic should collect all taxes and then disburse only the Constitutionally perscribed portions of the tax dollars to the federal government; military, postal, and limited expense fees and subsistence vouchers for those currently voted-in officals while operating in their offices. Also, each state should start using a Silver and Gold standard-no more federal printing of money or dual-language forms. Talk about cutting the deficiet and government expenses;. we would save Tillions of dollars immediately. The Democratic party would desolve right on the spot-especially when they determined that they could no longer spend other people's money-no gain-no pain for the little guy/middle class-and no more lying to the hard-working people and or stealing from them. The Democrats would not find serving this nation as attractive, also the Democrats could not keep funding the murdering of babies and this would disappoint them enough not to want to run for office ever again.

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