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  • Lunch With Heritage: Online Chat on the 2011 and 2012 Budget

    We are joined by Heritage expert Brian Darling. Brian is a Capitol Hill insider and he will take your questions about the process of getting the CR’s passed and all the potential outcomes. Join us with your questions.

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    6 Responses to Lunch With Heritage: Online Chat on the 2011 and 2012 Budget

    1. George Colgrove VA says:

      What this shutdown is showing is that the federal government is "too big to fail". The argument used against corporations about their size and impact on the nation.

      -If a government shutdown affects health patience – it should not be a federal function.

      -If a government shutdown affects peoples vacation plans to national forests or DC museums– it should not be a federal function.

      -If a government shutdown prevents small businesses from starting – it should not be a federal function.

      -If a government shutdown can kill the economy because debt dollars are not being spent – it might be time to reduce the size/scope/cost of government.

      -If a government shutdown can affect people retirement – it should not be a federal function.

      -If a government shutdown affects health insurance payments – it should not be a federal function.

      -If a government shutdown affects unemployment payments – it should not be a federal function.

      -If a government shutdown affects people’s ability to buy a home – it should not be a federal function.

      -If a government shutdown affects our ability to obtain energy – it should not be a federal function.

      -If a government shutdown affect how our corporations function – it should not be a federal function.

      -If a government shutdown affect how our kids get educated – it should not be a federal function.

      -If a government shutdown affects people in need – it should not be a federal function.

      -If a government shutdown affects evaluation of environmental projects – it should not be a federal function.

      The bottom line is that we need to start using the same logic the federal workforce used against businesses a couple years ago. The federal government is too big to fail – it needs to be broken up! If any obstacle is caused by a federal government shutdown, it is a clue that that function is not essential and should be done outside of the federal government either in the private sector or in the states. That includes an “essential test” evaluation of every non-essential position, program office, agency, and department. Many duties done by feds can be done in the private sector for a fee and not be a burden on the taxpayer or their great grandchildren.

      Let us use this shutdown for the positive move of identifying where to perform meaningful deeper than deep cuts. If a federal worker is at home, then that job should be evaluated for transfer to the private sector or eliminated and the duty restored back to the states. There are 800,000 identified non-essential federal workers. That is an annual cost to the taxpayers of about $100 billion, not to mention we will be paying benefits to them for the rest of their lives long after they stop working (for most at the age of 52!).

      “When the Treasury hits the legal debt limit of $14.249 trillion, the federal government will then owe $126,932 for each one of the 112,611,029 households the Census Bureau estimates there are in the United States.”


      It is time we start cutting – and not at levels of $4, $6, and $12 billion, but hundreds of billions totaling $1.6 trillion of ANNUAL cuts – totaling $16 trillion over 10 years.

    2. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      I love getting into the Weeds, and that's why our Site is the best Blog Value on the Internet! Great work. Thanks. It is fun to have Lunch With Heritage. Bon Appetit mon frer!

    3. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Oh! George! You are hot today! Beautiful piece, thank you.

    4. Keith Granbury Tx says:

      What this is , at it's core ,is an argument between the democrat friendly media and the republican congress. The fact that the dem friendly media , affords any credibility to Obama and the senate dems in budget matters ,is beyond belief. This Obama administration had a 76 seat democrat majority in the congress, a 60 to 40 seat filibuster proof majority advantage in the senate, and could not come up with an agreement on a budget. Democrats should be sneered at and treated with contempt by any fairminded journalist in this debate. Instead the media propaganda machine treats democrat talking points as if they were words from above

    5. George Colgrove VA says:

      Brian Darling:

      It is better for targeted cuts that abolish useless programs and waste. I don't think any rational person would want an across the board cut of 5% for the military during a time of war. Sadly, entitlements are not part of this debate we are having today and they will not be part of any cuts to spending as part of a deal on the continuing resolution

      If we are in continuing wars as we have been for decades, then that justification will encourage larger and larger defense budgets. In 2010, based on treasury summaries, the DoD paid out over $330 billion to defense contractors, making hem the single largest industry of all times. This sum is also equivalent to the DoD budget 9 years ago. We are told by DoD enthusiast and warmongers that we need to modernize our military. What was that $330 billion for? Their wealth essentially gives them George Soros like power. Only these contractors are interested in perpetuating war for profit rather than Soros who wants to bring down the whole system to make alarming amounts of money.

      I think the DoD can be cut dramatically as with all other departments. It should not be protected. The DoD has made the single largest payment to a sector of our economy – the economy of death and destruction in a time where we have abandoned nearly all other domestic manufacturing, exploration and so on. America and her taxpayers invest more in death and destruction than they do with anything else.

      Heritage has identified almost $100 billion in cuts. Cato has nearly $100 billion in cuts they have identified. Most of the $200 billion the GAO in wasteful and duplicative programs is from the DoD. Add to that, the DoD is funding programs that these organizations have not identified that duplicative agencies are doing outside the DoD (payroll, parking permits, federal human resources, FOIA, open government initiatives, civilian fleet management, building management, basic administrative duties, printing, security clearances, contracting management, and so on – the list is endless.

      The damning evidence points to major beneficial cuts to the defense department by addressing Heritage’s and Cato’s cost concerns, the GAO cost concerns and eliminating ALL duplicative functions by moving/consolidating these functions outside the DoD. We should get the DoD back to a size where ALL analyst, and combat support teams can fit back inside the Pentagon and sell off all other recent high costs and ill positioned edifices to the private sector who can make real money to help support the economy. The DoD with the support of an efficient and effective GSA and GAO, can be 100% dedicated to the defense of this country. Add to that a narrow definition of a LIMITED support role (without long engagements) in foreign engagements we can get the DoD budget back down to pre 9/11 levels (which is about $460 billion in 2011 dollars).

      If we consider the 2001 DoD budget of $336 billion (with all the waste included) this means a the DoD will have a permanent increase in expenditures of over $100 billion, if we do eliminate the waste, the fraud, the duplication, and properly move out all NON-MILITARY functions OUT of the DoD.

      We are in different times and if we do nothing this all won’t matter, because our society will collapse like all other have in history. We can no longer have 16 intelligence agencies – we can only have one. We can no longer have over 60 special education programs – this need to be sent back to the states. We can no longer be funding several federal payroll divisions. This function needs to be contracted out like the private sector does. We can no longer have nearly 60 FOIA programs, we need this packaged under GAO in one program. We can no longer have hundreds of human resource departments, this needs to be consolidated under GSA. We need to consolidate, reduce and eliminate all that we can to get back to a balanced budget that will fund a much smaller federal government that has very little to do with domestic needs, and will fund paying the full interest and principal of the massive national debt.

      The job of congress is to cut big to maintain the remaining confidence in the dollar. A $500 billion dollar cut will do that. This can be done easily by making a law that forces a 15% cut – across the board. Even though the DoD will also need to cut 15%, they will have to allocate those cuts to the aforementioned cuts in non-active combat areas of their budget. It has to happen – there is no choice!

    6. Kathy, Shreveport, L says:

      If a budgetting house wife can see the waste & all the stealing of our tax dollars by the federal government officials then why do these officials think the entire US population are so ignorant & blind that they do not see it. Our US Government has become nothing more than a legalized stealing organization & destroying the US in the process, with no regards to the US working citizens!!! It is disgraceful when you go to college to learn how to legally steal from working people, when you get elected into the US Government Officials seats. The presidency needs to be a budgetting housewife who truly cares about the future of our nation for the sake of our children & children to come, not some educated thief as we have had in the long time past!!! The US Officials is the reason for the destruction of the our great nation, our jobs, our education & our economy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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