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  • Morning Bell: Chairman Ryan's Budget Resolution Changes America's Course

    America needs to change course. Our current direction is fiscally and economically unsustainable and politically and culturally bankrupting. It is threatening the well-being and future of our country.

    House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s (R–WI) budget proposal, for the first time in recent memory, sets our nation on a different and better path. It tackles the massive spending excesses of the recent past and the entitlement crisis that is beginning to command our fiscal future. It rejects the politics of government dependence, massively higher taxes and the inevitability of national decline. No budget in decades has had the potential for so fundamentally improving the nation’s prosperity and restoring its vast promise. This is a monumental budget proposal for monumental times, and it opens a serious and necessary conversation about the future of our nation and its great legacy of freedom, opportunity, and self-government.

    Chairman Ryan’s path toward solving the twin crises of spending and debt is achieved through real spending reductions and reforms—not new taxes or higher rates. The proposal includes welcome changes to the budget process, which, after all, is partially responsible for allowing spending to explode. This budget pares back non-security discretionary spending—the small part of the budget that Congress actually writes a budget for—and tackles other parts of the budget such as farm subsidies and the federal bureaucracy. The budget also repeals Obamacare. Most crucially, Ryan’s budget tackles entitlement programs with transformative changes in Medicare and a solid approach to controlling Medicaid’s spiraling costs. These changes will result in a stronger and bigger economy with more job creation, more savings and investment, and higher household incomes.

    Ryan’s budget resolution proposal brings non-security discretionary spending back below 2008 levels and then freezes it for five years. The budget cuts corporate welfare, rolls back Pell grants, reduces the size of the federal bureaucracy by 10 percent, and reforms federal workers’ compensation. It also reins in mandatory spending by addressing food stamp spending and trimming farm subsidy programs that predominantly go to large agribusinesses; they cost taxpayers $25 billion annually even as farm incomes climb.

    For Medicare, Ryan creates a new premium-support program for all future retirees in 10 years. With a premium-support program, each Medicare enrollee would get a fixed government contribution to the health plan of his or her choice. That is essentially the system that Members of Congress themselves enjoy. Health plans and providers would be compelled to compete directly for enrollees’ dollars. The record shows that this approach to reform would control the growth of health care costs while increasing patient satisfaction. For good measure, the Ryan budget guarantees cost control through a cap on the growth rate of Medicare spending.

    The Ryan budget puts Medicaid on a more fiscally sustainable path for both federal and state taxpayers through a block grant. The proposal replaces the open-ended financing arrangement with a fixed federal contribution to the states. In exchange, states would have greater flexibility to design their programs to better serve those in need. As Congress fills in the details, the best way to implement Ryan’s budget changes would be to mainstream moms and kids from the poorly performing Medicaid program into more popular private health insurance options and then focus on delivering more patient-centered care to the disabled and elderly.

    The Ryan budget would finally begin to take entitlements off autopilot, forcing Congress to consider the long-term costs of new entitlement programs beyond just the 10-year window. Importantly, the Ryan budget would lock in savings and require continuous cuts with multi-year enforceable spending caps not just on discretionary spending but on total government spending.

    On the tax side, the budget resolution focuses on economic growth by reducing key tax rates. The plan reduces the highest-in-the world corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 25 percent and the top individual income rate to the same level. The lower corporate tax rate would reverse the flow of jobs to foreign countries, and the lower individual income tax rate would improve incentives for workers and businesses to produce more and for investors and businesses to create new jobs.

    Like any budget plan, which is the result of give and take, there are also elements in this plan that are missing and places where it is deficient. America’s prosperity depends on the security we provide. This budget proposal rightly does not recommend pulling back on America’s military commitments. This creates a challenge; the defense funding in this budget is inadequate. Lawmakers must fully fund forces to protect America and its interests around the globe. Doing so requires an average of $720 billion per year (to be adjusted for inflation) for each of the next five fiscal years, plus funding for ongoing contingency operations. Without a strong national defense, America cannot reap the benefits of a strong economy.

    Although this budget does rein in welfare spending on Medicaid and food stamps, it continues to approach the rest of the $950 billion welfare system in the same piecemeal fashion of the past. More notably, Ryan has not touched Social Security, preferring instead to fast-track solutions outside the budget process. He has also opted to essentially grandfather the grandparents: Benefits for those in or near retirement will not be touched. That also means that spending reductions will come slower than they might otherwise. Will we exempt so many baby boomers from contributing to the most urgent economic problem we face? While it is politically difficult to consider benefit changes for this group, it is virtually impossible to balance the budget within the near term without doing so. This is a discussion we must have as a nation.

    But in the end, let’s remember where we are and what Chairman Ryan has accomplished. Last year, neither the House nor the Senate passed a required budget resolution. This year, President Obama proposed a budget that more than doubles the national debt. In the first budget of the new Congress, Chairman Ryan has forged a serious path to fix our nation’s fiscal and economic crisis. The House, the Senate, and the President must now do their part so that we may reclaim our nation’s future.

    Click here to read our Economic Analysis of the House Budget Resolution by the Center for Data Analysis.

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    161 Responses to Morning Bell: Chairman Ryan's Budget Resolution Changes America's Course

    1. John Roane, Sarasota says:

      WE need strong measures in DOD. I would like to see a reduction to the budget there by 30% of the overall budget. Its there hidden right in the open, one just needs the courage to speak out and call for what it is. Anything less shows we are no better then Democrates.

    2. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      4 – 5 – 11 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com

      Ryan's plan sounds exciting.

      Did I MISS the link to it?

      It is as PHONY as He is.


      .Nick Di Benedetto, Staten Island, NY on April 4th, 2011 at 2:47pm said:

      Hey Ken Jarvis, I suppose the internet is a god-given right for all humans and that this socialist regime doesn’t want to control, over-regulate another facet of what’s left of the free enterprise system for its benefit. This free advise is offered to you from a former Democrat. Wake up. Open your eyes. Whoever you oppose, Republicans, Libertarians, etc., are not your enemies. Big government is.

      *** Thanks NicK – Murdochs Empire, HF and the GOP are

      America's Enemy.

      ALL People NEED WiFi Access, especially people in Rural Areas.

      What I don't understand is – Why – YOU Object to ALL having access, WHY?

    3. Kevin H, college par says:

      Changing America's course indeed. What an absolute joke of a budget proposal. Drastic cuts to social programs, health centers, schools, nutrition programs, etc.. while not doing a single thing about the trillions of tax payer dollars we spend on tax expenditures? Didn't do a single thing about all the subsidies to oil and energy companies, who are making record profits and some don't pay a single penny in federal taxes? Absolutely ridiculous budget, and i'm sure the democrats are dancing up and down with this gift Ryan presented them for November 2012.

      This proposal would destroy the economic recovery and send us into a double-dip, while destroying millions of jobs, much like the economic policies of the Republican controlled congress and white house did in ealry 2000s.

      I thought Ryan was going to be a potential 2016 contender for the white house, but with this budget, you can throw that out the window. No one would elect someone who goes after the middle and low class, yet leaves the richest of the rich alone. Apparently, Ryan wants us to go back to monarchy system of Old England.

    4. Professor Robert E. says:

      Bravo, A great beginning. it is now for us, the citizens to provide the overwhelming support required to get this budget enacted into law.!

    5. toledofan says:

      This is going to be a hard sell, especially with the Democrats in control of 2/3 of the government. I think that at the end of the day the Democrats will just turn and walk away; if freebies are reduced or taken away, their power is restrained. Obama won't and can't concede a problem exists, he and his administration caused it, other than to make it a Republican problem and easier for him to walk away. We need a leader in the White House who will take the bull by the horns and make the difficult decisions necessary to keep America financially stable, until that happens life is going to be tough.

    6. John Lindsey, Winter says:

      If Chairman Ryan's solution is good why wasn't it brought up for this years budget?

      If we are going down the wrong road now, why wait until next year? These guys are all up for election in 2012 and they will put off making the needed cuts until 2013 because they need us to help them maintain control of the House. The GOP has control now, so they need to take action now not next year!

    7. Mary............WI says:

      I look forward to reviewing Mr Ryan's proposed budget. Sounds like my cup of tea and what this nation needs…NOW. The biggest problem will be getting the majority on board…..that accomplished and Obama out of the White House, the USA can be saved.

    8. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Do you really think Ryan's budget proposal stands a chance in hell to remain

      in tack through this Congress and this fraud in the White House? NOT A CHANCE! Not only the Dems and Obama will cut it to pieces, but the gutless

      Repbs. who are afraid to approve any reform, will kuckle under and do nothing.

      Until all of the American people, that want to save this once great nation, rise up

      and throw the bums out, nothing will change.

    9. Roger TN says:

      Unless the Republicans start doing a better job of communicating what they have in the past, the Democrats will use the same old playbook and tell the elderly how they will lose their benefits and the cuts will kill children all over the world. Take the time to hit each major initiative with periodic explanations. e.g., make sure the elderly understand that they will not be effected with regard to their existing benefits. Also, make sure the under 55 crowd knows what they gain out of this. Keep the pressure on with continuous updates and infomercials. We can win this economic battle and protect our future. Hopefully, 2012 will result in a trifecta and the real solutions can be driven home.

    10. John Nicklas says:

      At last an honest politician who really is trying to do something for the country. what a great man he is and someone I could easliy vote for president. I'm 67 and see the problems with Medicare. It focues on the sick and sicly and does nothing for the healthy. Penalize the fat and lazy people who do nothing for thwemselves. Reward the healhy.

    11. Robert Humphrey, Sav says:

      Where has this guy been. Finally a politician that has a clue.

    12. Michael Simkin says:

      Fabulouse summary. Finally, some Light at the End of the Tunnel;

      I am going to pass on to many friends, with a suggestion that they also subscibe to Heritage Foundation

    13. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      It's good but. It's good but it could be better. Instead of cutting six trillion from the budget, why not cut the budget by the size of the deficit? That's fourteen trillion dollars. We'll have to make Greek-style cuts sooner or later. Why not sooner rather than later?

    14. RUTH SC says:

      Why do we think any plan that will cut any taxes will go through?? It won't happen as long as the liberals have anything at all to say. I do not know why they think they can run everything on raising taxes, when we all, the right know, when we create jobs with incentives and tax breaks to those who are in a position to employ people, everyone prospers. Stores do better when people have jobs, better business will create more jobs and so forth. Why can't the left see that??? If they do not stop taxing the companies that employ people, there won't be any companies left in this country, why should any one with money keep a business open if they are going to hand the money they make over to the government, when they can move to another country and pay so much less. It would seem every one would want to sit down and negotiate what works and what does not, and over taxing companies does not work. What is the difference between criminals and taxation??? They use guns. Government uses laws they pass in the middle of the night. Think about what is good for the economy and vote the right people into office who will get our country back on track, no matter what the party might be, or the lack of a party.

    15. Nancy Magee West Che says:

      I belive Congressman Ryan's budget will be revealed this Friday. I can't wait to hear what it is and how Obama, Reid and his cronies will react. I think we all know that they will not go for it because they are not serious about cutting spending and doing what's right for America. Reid should never have been reelected. That was a sad day for the Senate. In order to get our fiscal house in order, the conservative fiscal delegates MUST take over the house, senate and the white house. I pray to God this is going to happen. If not, I believe the United States of America is finished as a free market nation.

      ozziesam in West Chester

    16. Tom, Overland Park, says:

      Gutsy and responsible. He claims that leaving Social Security out of the mix will allow it to be negotiated and changed more quickly. I hope he is right, but I agree with the author that those close to retirement should not be left out of the mix. Eliminate the early retirement option now and raise the full benefits age to 70 over the next five years. At the same time, convert the 50 and under group to 401K owned benefits packages. If this creates temporary surpluses, reduce the social security rates or use the cash to create owned retirement benefits for 50 to 55-year-old people. Get rid of the Madoff ponzi scheme.

    17. George Colgrove VA says:

      Though a very welcoming BIG step in the right direction, this $5.8 trillion cut over ten years represents only $580 in annual cuts. This year we will go into debt about $1.4 to $1.6 trillion. Next year will be no different/ We have a long ways to go to get the budget to meet a reasonable tax revenue.

      If this is all we do, we will still be using deficit spending to fund the massive federal budget.

      We need to cut another $580 billion in annual spending an maybe even another one.

      This is just a first step. We will be in debt by at least $15.4 trillion by COB September 30, 2011. If nothing else is done, we will be in debt bu well over $16 trillion at COB September 30, 2012! Pass the bill and start cutting more!

    18. KB in PA says:

      Finally! A line is drawn in the sand. This budget should be promoted with great joy and unfailing resolve by Boehner and McConnell, and every single member of the Republican Party, and they should not back down one single inch from the seriousness of its reforms, and its capacity for resuscitating our bleeding and dying nation. It is not only a message to the Obama Disaster, but to the world, that we intend to resume our place in it, as EXCEPTIONAL!

      If Boehner, et al, stand by this, and lend to it their full-fledged support, by telling Obama to go jump in a lake, it can finally be said that there is, once again, a marked and definable reality of difference between Republicans and Democrats.

    19. Blaine Mesa,AZ says:

      We know the democrats will fight anything like this tooth and nail, they seem to think that we can keep spending with no apparent consquences. Ryan's plan is bold for sure, now we will see what happens and will republicans support it in the house.

    20. ThomNJ says:

      I think the needed additional defense spending could easily come from cutting off a tremendous amount of foreign aid, ending virtually any and all subsidies and dismantling a few agencies like the EPA, Energy, Education and cutting back on IRS and some other agencies' funds.

      Ryan is mostly on target, but the leftwing Senate and the RINOs and obama will surely kill this proposal. And that is very sad – for we need draconian measures to stem the red-ink.

      Even the balanced budget amendment floated by Republican Senators will be shut down by the idiot Dems – and it would not actually take place until five more years down the road!

      There are just not enough adults in our Federal and State governments.

    21. M Hamisch, Texas says:

      Finally, finally, finally, someone is moving in the right direction for this country. Some cutbacks and reductions now can save the day for our children. This guy has a head on his shoulders and some brains to think of the future. Let's get behind him and follow his lead. Out with the killer Obamacare program!!! In with a new president and Ryan's ideas. Good job.

    22. quartercircle says:

      They need to give all our money back for SSA benefits then if they are doing this phasing out of all these taxes we pay at this time and let us have our own Roth account to put it in and leave us alone. Just tell this guy that. Stay out of our pockets and we will leave them alone to.

    23. Mike from Long Islan says:

      As far as the government and Social Secutity goes, The government raided the Social Secutity trust fund (which is paid into like an insurance policy) and spent all that money so that now, there is only I.O.U.s in the account. Let the government repay those loans to the S.S. account owned by the people before doing anything else to screw it up. Remember, your Social Security payments are not a tax!

    24. Charles Woods says:

      I am a 68 year old person who has worked all my life and saved for the retirement of myself and wife. I have contributed to the government plans under the threat of fine and imprisonment and therefore am opposed to any cut in the programs I have been forced to pay into. I oppose such sharing of the wealth programs which are unconstitutional and they should be eliminated; probably over time but starting now.

      I have skin in the game and want it protected; those who don't should be grateful for any handout they get. They are not entitled to anything they have not contributed towards; they do have the right to contribute.

      Apparently the Democrats wish to pay more in taxes. Perhaps the system is not clear on how they do that in which case the government should develop a one page form clarifying the procedure. It is my understanding the system is voluntary so make it easy for them.

    25. Harry Snyder Tempera says:

      I wish Ryan's Budget proposal would have included tort reform. Phone Book covers, TV ads, newspaper and magazine ads all feature Trial Lawyers wanting new clients to sue dozens of corporations for…….$$$$$$$$$.

      The ambulance chasing shyster has been replaced with the Radar screen greed hound scanning the economy for victims ("You can settle for 100,000, or fight us and spend $150,000")

      Has anyone else seen this phenomenon ?

    26. Robert, North Richla says:

      Great article. Bravo to Paul Ryan. While a more modest proposal than Rand Paul's $500 billion reduction, I think Ryan's plan will work. Except that once John Boehner compromises all of the key aspects of the plan, it will be just another "10-year plan" that ends up in the garbage after only a year or so. While we endure all of this talk about "laying off teachers" has anyone considered it is time to lay off our welfare recipients? What about section 8? While the rest of us watch our homes drop in value 10%, 20%, 40% or more, section 8 benefits have actually increased since 2007. And food stamps provide almost double what a family actually needs for groceries (plenty left over for black market trading). We could still maintain a "safety net" without paying these bums $36,000 per year for nothing in return.

    27. Jeff Dover, Fountain says:

      The text of Ryan's budget and a digest of it should be available online at every Republican congessional delegate's website, senators included. There should also be a digest of it available separately.

      We know that the Democrats and their press — TV and print — will lie about what's in it and what it will mean. A downloadable, online reference made known to people will counter that. Every time a new lie is made about it, we can reference it and point to page/paragraph where the lie is proved.

      We know what they do. Let's defeat them.

    28. jim smith yonkers ny says:

      From what I'm reading here, this plan has "adult" written all over it. Chuck Schumer, the Grand Wazir of Political Hackdom, will soon attack it with his night school law approach and treat it like printing a broadside. With his patented confluence of where ignorance and stupidity meet, he'll demonize it with bread line/soup kitchen rhetoric just made for all those 54 year old greatgrandmothers living in his state. They'll be wondering when the "stash box" be open.

    29. Stephen Anderson, Oa says:

      Chairman Ryan has shown it is possible to fix the Obama debacle as well as

      other elements of the budget. It is unfortunate that the whining democrats

      won't let it happen. Will they deliberatly shut down the government to avoid

      giving up their pork?

      I hope so! Then they can be charged with dereliction of duty,malfeasance and

      ethics violations. Deliberatly conspiring to harm this nation in the performance of

      it's duties is in my opinion is treason!

    30. James, Victorville, says:

      While Social Security changes can be suicidal politically, minor changes over time can be fiscally sound and acceptable. For example, raising the retirement age one or two months each year, and capping payouts at the top will restore the system slowly without generating massive opposition.

    31. 2dokie says:

      AREN'T MATURITY HONESTY AND SANITY WONDERFUL!!! Makes you want to yell "KILL PAUL KILL!!! Also an excellent article HF…Thanks so much. We may well survive this death spiral if Boehner and company can pull the nose up before we crater into Obamanomics.

    32. Jerry Satkus, Duxbur says:

      Hat's off to Paul Ryan… finally some common sense in budget preparation for the United States of America!

    33. John P. Kameen, Fore says:

      The citizenry must now be prepared for the demonization and demogoguery of this plan by those who have continually failed to address the growing crisis and whose only interest is in political expediency. Last year's election was the watershed event of this crisis. We either begin a true discourse on this problem or we face economic disaster down the road. It is obvious that no one can escape being part of this solution. The needed cuts will affect every economic level including young and old, rich and poor. Those who advocate that the young and poor cannot face cuts, and that we must tax the rich, do not deseve to be the major faces of this debate. We ask a lot when we demand civilyt from our elected representatives but that is what is needed at this crucila time. I hate to admit this but this is our last chance.

      John P. Kameen

    34. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Ryan's plan is the only sensible plan to come out of Congress. It needs to do more, but it's a start. However, I doubt the socialist Democrats will accept reform because it will stem the march to socialism which is where they want to take this country. Dems want a collapse because they believe it will hasten their socialist plans.

    35. Don Margheim says:

      I whole-heartedly agree with Ryan's budget plan and with Mr. Dover's comment.

      The question I have is about the "boomers" paying their fair share. Obviously changes need to be made in the over all system, but when people are working for wages and paying out social security and medi-care payments to the federal government, they are paying their share. Many like myself also pay federal income tax on part of their social security benefits; pay premiums for Part B and Part D medicare; and in some cases pay a large premium every month for additional medical coverage. So, I think "boomers" have paid and are paying their fair share. Our government has not managed the vault very well and it is definitely time for some corrections. Let's get it done.

    36. Gaylon, Jetmore, ks says:

      There could be a 1 trillionith of 1% cut in the budget and the big spenders in Washington would call it draconian.

      As a farmer I'd like to comment on the farm subsidies. I like the fact food stamps were also included in the article. A few years ago not sure when there was a cut in the portion of the USDA budget that went to farm subsidies but the overall USDA budget went up. Farm subsidies got the blame for the increase.

      Farm subsidies are a very small part of the USDA budget compared to food stamps. If the reduction in subsidies are discussed with the understanding that it's less than 20% of the USDA and less than 1% of the entire budget I will be for it 100%.

      What % of the government spending is represented by items when looked at individually represents 1% or less of the budget

      I also agree with Jeff from Arizona put Ryan's budget on line

    37. Glenn Drennen says:

      It will be after the election cycle of November 2012 before a plan like this can be implemented. That is why we must stay vigilant and continue to press forward to elect more conservatives to the House and the Senate. Democrats will fight anything that will thwart their goal of total government control of everything. The only thing that I see that could make Congressman Ryan's proposal better would be to adopt the Fair tax and repeal the income tax system. Fairtax.org – Read about it, I believe you will like what you see.

    38. Roberta, Big Pine Ke says:

      Congressman Paul Ryan's proposal makes good, logical sense and reinforces my faith in "just do the next right thing" and the results will take care of themselves. There is way too much politics in Washington; where is the sense of doing the best for the country ??

    39. Anthony Catanzaro, C says:

      As a baby boomer, I am willing to make some concessions with regard to Social Security; such as a later retirement age or even some reduction in payment as long as it is linked to income. However, I am NOT willing to give something for nothing – especially when it's apparent that those who have done the right thing and been fiscally responsible have consistently gotten the shaft throughout my adult life. Therefore, if you're going to screw with my hard-earned retirement, at the very least, make my IRA distributions tax-free. It's long past time to reward conscientious behavior rather than penalize it.

    40. J. Guidry, Battlefie says:

      Jeff Dover, Fountain Hills, AZ. @ 11:04am.

      Outstanding idea, both the Ryan budget proposal and a digest on every conservative and Republican website. As well as a digest separately available. That should effectively counteract whatever the demonrats and their evil minions in the MSM lie about the proposal.

      So simple, yet it could be very effective.

      Kudos, Jeff.

    41. Cindyl541 Oregon Coa says:

      Heard Dems blaming the Tea Party for this. Well yeah! That's what we voted them in for!

    42. Norm LA says:

      As expected Paul Ryan has come up with a great improvement that would have a positive affect on the economic outlook. Next comes the lying democrat assault in which they want to be seen as the only party to develop ideas, but never come up with a plan that would be good for the majority; just their favorite voters – the so called downtrodden. The tax and spend democrats will lie about the plan, grandma will be thrown out of her home, kids will be starved. And it is developed to please the Tea Party. The same old playbook. The key will be will the Spineless Republicans stay committed in the face of the media onslaught ? Just like today's Obama fuel consuming trip to tout his non plan for energy – the press is already touting it. The unions, the media and the elected democrats are impediments to any improvements. Thanks to Paul Ryan. Now it is up to us, the people to tell the elected bums in our districts that we want it implemented.

    43. Doug Whaley, Lake Ha says:

      A very thoughtful and comprehensive plan. I doubt if it will ever see the light of day though because it depends on politicians to enact it who believe the only way to stay in power is to spend and deliver goodies to their constituents. Since these same politicians want to remain in power forever they will never give up trying to get their special interests passed so the spending will continue until the country is bankrupt. They all support something like this but all the cuts should come from someplace else rather than from their back yards.

      Example: Ethanol. Everyone knows that this is a total farce. It cannot stand on its own because it does not make sense from and efficiency or eonomic viewpoint. Yet the same Repulican congressmen both in the house and senate from the farm states who will rant and rave about budget reform vote their support for ethanol everytime it is brought up because they want the farm vote in their states. The result is billions of dollars wasted to get votes. The evironment isn't helped. Food prices are higher so corn farmers can make a few extra dollars and continue to vote their lackies into office. You can find like examples in just about every other state as well.

    44. Betty Harrison Grajp says:

      Oh Joy! To hear Chairman Ryan's budget is like hearing sensible speaking instedad of gibbrish. I know there are problems there are always problems with any budgets becuase they are made by people. The USA can overcome problems we have in the past. We can be the great, exceptional country we are meant to be. The people are llistening and acting. We the people need to keep it up! We can no longer put off our responsibility to our elected officals. The people must holld them accountable.

    45. F.D. O'Toole, C says:

      This is what Obama has been waiting for. Now he and the MSM can demonize the Republicans as heartless b*****ds. Just in time for his campaign kick off too. (Campaigning is all he knows how to do. Libya, unemployment, energy, Mid-East unrest, Iran, China's military build-up – simply distractions).

      Kudos to Ryan for having the courage to step up to the plate!

    46. Frank, Florida says:

      Good article. Seems as though this is FINALLY a serious first step taken by the Republicans in Congress to address our perilous financial problems. Yes, more needs to be done, but this is starting to move us in the right direction again. Thanks House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan!

    47. Don Vander Jagt, Gra says:

      The Republican plan sounds great, will it turn out to be like throwing pearls before swine or in this case maybe including a snake ?

    48. D. C. Tillberg says:

      I very much agree with Jeff Dover:

      "The text of Ryan’s budget and a digest of it should be available online at every Republican congessional delegate’s website, senators included. There should also be a digest of it available separately.

      We know that the Democrats and their press — TV and print — will lie about what’s in it and what it will mean. A downloadable, online reference made known to people will counter that. Every time a new lie is made about it, we can reference it and point to page/paragraph where the lie is proved.

      We know what they do. Let’s defeat them.

      " Why can't we use their game plan to defeat them. Great job Jeff.

    49. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      I expect the same kind of tactics the Dems have used in Wisconsin and Indiana. Demo-crats are so intent on Bankrupting America they will break the Law to oppose it. These DINOs in Congress will 'Walk Away' from their duties, do the unthinkable as if they didn't care (they don't!) Then the same kind of crazy "Recall the good guys" premptive attack. They blame the TEA Party, irrationally. Democrats will falsify History, it will be said TEA Party were violent. Even if they never were!

      Lerner said the Unions were dead. I think they have put America's destruction on the Fast Track, this very Spring! I thought it was suicidal Politically speaking, for those Wisconsin Senators to 'Walk Away' but they got away with it! The Recalls are on Republicans! "Don't you dare stop the Bankruptcy of Wisconsin!" Strange, the Unions will happily suicide themselves to bring down a State! (No problem, the Unions are going Global so it doesn't matter to them if the Union Movement is dying.) Progressives are going to use their 'Useful dupes' sooner rather than later.

      The Ryan Budget is like Gov. Walker's fix. The Resistance will be suicidal opposition because this Budget stops the Kloward-Piven Plan of the Domestic Enemy. No dear hearts! The Democrats are not the Loyal Opposition, they stole Election with Deceptions worthy of a Sorcerer King. Glenn Beck is absolutely right, our Government is not our own. So scorched earth is the Progressive strategy now! Nothing will get done. I suggest Conservatives defund and abolish whole Departments, EPA, DOE, HHS, MMS, FCC, FAA because Obama's pattern of countermanding Congress with Regulation has made these Departments vulnerable. Expose their High Crimes, Conspiracy to Treason. The Government is going down no matter what you do, the Progressives are bringing it down this Spring! Impeach the Conspiracy now or never.

    50. KC - New Mexico says:

      House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's (R–WI) budget proposal addresses the changes and direction that is needed. The level of pain from this budget is spread evenly across America. We are all going to see or feel some impact from this direction. Even though there is some pain from this direction, it is needed. Now the real problem starts – lack of leadership in the administration and Congress.

      We do not have current leadership in either the President or Congress to move in this direction. The issue is political and cuts across the political lines. The direction from the lack of leadership by the President and Congress will only hurt the opportunities to correct the past 3 to 5 years of spending without thinking mentality.

      The Democrats and unions will blast this budget proposal. The Republicans will probably fold under the pressure. Possibly it is time for the majority of states to recall and vote out their current federal legislators and replace them with leaders with a backbone and willingness to do what is right for America. If not the states generating an uprising, then we must hold on till 2012 to make real change.

    51. Jim Buzzell says:

      Paul Ryan is on the right track, his problem is not the fiscally conservative members just elected in November 2010, it is the quote "veteran politicians" from both parties who do not want Washington to change because it will causes them to have to adopt a different model for our government, one they have never really understood.

      We will see how many of the newly elected jump ship, and if they jump ship they need to repalced in the 2012 election, along with the rest of "veteran politicans" still in congress; in both senate and house.

      This process will take time; and the end results are in our hands. Vote, Vote, Vote, and make your wishes known to your representatives in both houses. We can right our ship of state if we all work together to get it done.

      Our constitution charges our federal government to protect our general welfare; is does not say our people on welfare.

    52. Ron W. Smith, Provid says:

      A few changes in wording here and there and Fraser's review could fit what Moses brought the Hebrew people from God! "Complimentary" is not exactly the word. Perhaps "adulatory" better fits.

      While I'm all for eliminating the national debt and turning the annual deficit into an annual surplus, Chairman Ryan's budget proposal leaves much to be desired. It isn't that all he proposes is wrong. Not at all. It's that what he doesn't propose is too important to leave out.

      The national debt is now upwards of $14.5 trillion, and the annual deficit is headed relentlessly to $1.75 trillion. A nation that far in hock has no business spending more than the rest of the world COMBINED on "national security"–more than one trillion dollars a year of borrowed or taxpayer money. I repeat: We spend more than the rest of the world COMBINED on "National Security." And we do so because we project our power into every nook and cranny of the world and find ourselves repeatedly in interventions and outright wars, ever the target of extremist anger.

      Quite an extravagance for the world's largest debtor nation, no? It could well be time for us to say to the world about our present financial fix "Time out until we're flush enough again to play superpower on demand!"

      I'm sorry, but it isn't just folks on Social Security or Medicare who drain the treasury. It's also our military-industrial complex and the care, exercising and maintenance of all that goes into being a superpower that drains it, encouraged by a foreign policy that keeps us internationally busy doing super things–on the taxpayer's dime and, of late, on borrowed money.

      What constitutes a strong national defense? China currently spends about 18% of what the U.S. does on national defense–and they're one of the big spenders. Yet Fraser says $720 billion a year over the next five years will be a necessity in the U.S.

      Just what, pray tell, does Fraser mean by "national defense"? It takes a lot of creative thinking to conjure necessity that grand, so I would expect much of what I call "national Security" is folded into her "national defense." Such creative thinking no doubt also goes into finding the present debt and deficit problems best approached by long range solutions to spending on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, something Chairman Ryan isn't at all hesitant to suggest for those programs while NOT suggesting such solutions for national security spending.

      As I said, I'm all for reducing the national debt and federal deficit. I am not, though, all for doing so while leaving out targets for spending cuts as impressive as "National Security" and, in place of cuts there, dangerously overcutting domestic programs and areas of considerable importance to a great many people.

    53. Steve Harris, NYC, N says:

      USA's credit card is maxed out.

      Time to change spending habits.

    54. Ray Lowery says:

      I am disappointed that this proposal does not take into consideration the FairTax. We need to eliminate envy, greed and extortion from politicians, regardless of their party. We can do this by eliminating every single bit of the tax code and the IRS. The fair tax is the only tax system compatible with the U.S. Constitution. The fair tax replaces all current personal income taxes, corporate income taxes, Social Security taxes, Medicare taxes, capital gains taxes, and the death (estate) tax. This means that every wage earner in America can keep their entire paycheck, 100 percent free of federal taxation. The FairTax provides the same revenue to the federal government that is currently generated. This ensures that there are no changes in funding of current programs and entitlements. This is the only way the budget will ever be balanced and current programs maintained.

    55. Clearhead says:

      FINALLY !!! Common sense has its foot in the door. Bust right in, C.S. You're long overdue. And here's hoping and praying that the occupants, so unaccustomed to your presence, won't think you're some kind of legal alien and deport you.

    56. Diane Clay says:

      Chairman Ryan's Budget Resolution Changes…It is time to have a chairman that GETS it. Many blessings.

    57. bigjet says:

      Are you kidding me 4 Trillion in 10 years.

      We have over 113 Trillion in unfunded liabilities.

      Google the debt clock and look at the sea of RED and growing real fast.

      4 Trillion ain't a drop in the bucket especially of 10 years. 10 YEARS!!!

      The founders are rolling over in their graves saying what have they done to our republic that we mutually pledged to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

      Beware of Rino's bearing very smalls gifts.

    58. Dinah Garrison Fairb says:

      @Jeff Dover

      That's a good idea, Jeff. I wish I believed it would "counter" MSM's creative journalism but I don't. However, it will help, and every little bit of help will be needed to get us through until November 2012. Pass you idea along to your Congressman and Senators!

    59. Judy, Georgia says:

      My typ- edited version:

      Paul Ryan needs to forget healthcare reform and plain and simply Repeal Obamacare. Stop it even with block grants and other nonsensical things.

      Keep government completley out of our healthcare system..forget the mandates…the people voted for government to just plain leave us alone, whether Republican or Democrat.

      Repeal Obamacare

      Get rid of Planned Parenthood

      Get rid of NPR

      De-fund the Board of Education

      De-fund the pro-gay agenda in our schools and our military -repeal the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell–I'm sure it is costing a lot of money–all of the social engineering that has been forced upon the American people against the will of the majority–forced upon our children, our schools and our military troops on the ground..this has been going on for years and needs to stop.

      The liberal agenda has pushed their agendas through, against the will of the American people for years. Enough is enough and the Republicans need to draw a line in the sand, with a budget to back it up that adheres to the above principles I have just mentioned.

    60. Lou, San Diego says:

      I, for one, would like to see the idea of Social Security termed an "entitlement" eliminated. I have contributed to SS since I started working at age 17! What needs to be addressed regarding SS are those individuals who receive it yet NEVER contributed!

      I agree with Blaine Mesa, AZ the dems will never go along with Ryan's sound budget proposals. We need to keep after these clowns, we must not and cannot become another Greece, Ireland, or Portugal!

      Jeff Dover, Fountain Hills, AZ does anyone really listen to the mainstream dolts other than the obamatons? I agree we need to defeat these people who would sacrifice this country for re-election!

    61. Robert Jones Lancast says:

      Where has this guy been all my life , I paid Social Security for 52 yr's and the Demwits or crats robbed us blind . Someone kiss his parents for the rearing of a kid with brains.

    62. Bill Williams, Daven says:

      I read it, I like it. Paul Ryan has it right. Obama's liberal democrats will have none of this and vote against it every time because it does not fit their 'tax and spend' philosophy. However, anyone with an ounce of sense should know that doing nothing will destroy America. The America that so many have fought and died to make us strong. Maybe I give liberal democrats too much credit for having an ounce of sense.

    63. Don Ruane Lilburn, G says:

      I hear all of these numbers being tossed around like so many toothpicks. The numbers have no meaning or relationship to reality. They are all out in some mythical future.
      My preference is to REDUCE the budget by 50% based on the last budget of 2009. Allocate funds to each department and let the managers of each department pare the staff and budget to that figure.
      We will have a balanced budget in one year, plus a surplus to reduce the deficit.

      Don Ruane

    64. ThomNJ says:

      Jeff Dover – good point – the Repubs need to get out in front and make this available to everyone – they need to get on talk shows and the like, big time – a full court press in the media should be the MINIMUM effort on this. They need to make the dems look like little spoiled brats and dangerous in their deinials.

    65. Earl Johnson, Beaumo says:

      Needs to address tax simplification. It is time to eliminate all tax deductions and stop using tax law to encourage or discourage behavior. Subsidies should be eliminated or greatly reduced. Foreign aid greatly reduced since you cannot buy friends. Congressmen should not get any better pensions than the rest of us. An IRA and 401K should be good enough. Likewise government employees should not have separate pension plans. If social security is good enough for the tax payer it is good enough for the tax paid employee. Earmarks may be good for the congressman but are bad for the country and need to be eliminated. "Bringing home the bacon" should not ever be a campaign slogan. Too much waste and great temptation for corruption.

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    67. Jim Patterson, Dulut says:

      Per Dick Morris ( I think) we can defund all of our foreign aid and save the 61 billion easily. but let's take a different tack, don't ask for all the big cuts now, just cut some but cut the programs or departments and defund parts if not all of Obamacare, NPR, Planned parenthood, the EPA rule on carbon dioxide, etc.then they can't say we mean spiritly cut food for orphans and grannies.

    68. Jim Delaney says:

      With Progressives entrenched in both the Senate and the once venerable White House, Mr. Ryan's adult solution to our seminal budgetary woes is very likely dead on arrival. Only a conservative resurgence in 2013 can save the country now. I just pray we don't collapse before that.

    69. Renny, Maryland says:

      What if the community organizer doesn't want to go along with the new budget and decides to continue to run "his" government the way he wants to? You know he can get around anything he wants to, because he has his czars and the courts and no one can stand up to him!! "ALINSKY THEORY!!!"

    70. Dwana Townsend, Harv says:

      I agree that the government should pay Social Security back!!! Social Security savings should be privatized but required. A person who starts working at age 16 or 18 should be putting into their own retirement along with other programs offered at age 21 like 401k, or IRA's. These savings should follow them throughout their life. If they so choose and have enough saved then maybe they would be able to retire at age 59 and not 69 or 75 even, thus opening up the job market for a younger work force. It may take 30 yrs or better to phase out the current system because we do still have a good portion of our population that are almost or half way to retirement age. One suggestion could be for those 35 and younger who have paid into the system get a one time payout of SS to invest into their own plan and all those over 35 continue to contribute to the current plan (just a suggestion but the ages mentioned above could be changed to 45 and younger which would speed up the process of SS reform). Of course we still have the challenge providing for our elderly and that is exactly what SS should be used for and nothing but that. We should also rename the whole program, AMEN!!!!!!

    71. Gary says:

      this is a great start. now, when faced with the inevitable "the mean, nasty Republicans want to starve the elderly, the young, and the poor," Republicans should respond with a simple challenge. Ask the Dems how they would achieve the same bottom line savings in order to avoid a financial collapse. Let them propose a massive increase in taxes and a gutted defense budget. Then take the two clear choices directly to the people. it's time we stop worrying about the media's coverage. the bias is there and it always will be. the people need clear, well defined choices and we conservatives need someone who's able to deliver a simple message. so far, Congressman Ryan is, far and away, the most articulate spokesman we have. i pray that conservatives will stand with him as the arrows start flying.

    72. Carla De petris san says:

      I am so glad there is a proposal. Hopewully is the beginning of a solution. I just hope that there will be discussion and decision made.

      Thank you

    73. Jackson, Denton, TX says:

      Here's a clue to the missing link Jarvis: Common sense spending, ever hear of it? We would already have cratered if all the people and businesses spent like the bloated government, but what the heck, they don't have shareholders and therefore no one to answer to so it's spend and tax…damn the torpedoes full steam in REVERSE.

    74. Bill, Illinois says:

      This budget puts the burden of budget reform squarely on the backs of those who can least afford it. When are you people going to wake up and realize that the richest people and corporations never share in the pain of fiscal and budgetary restraint. In addition, we can blow $600 million plus on cruise missiles in Libya.

      I hear every one of these politicians, makes no difference the party, talk about the importance of education and yet make it one of the first places they start cutting. The next objective are social programs, which are struggling as it is. Did any of you conservatives and tea party misfits ever hear of compassion. I was raised to believe that what made this country better than the rest was its belief in a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Not just of the rich, by the rich and for the rich.

      Stop funding wars, make corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share, discontinue foreign military aid, simplify the tax code, and institute term limits on Congress, reform campaign spending, stop pork barrel legislation, and make representatives and senators live by the same rules and subject to the same health care program and retirement programs that the rest of americans have and you will see improvement immediately. Anyone who really believes that Washington republicans and democrats are working for improving government is out of touch with reality. The same holds true for the state houses as well. Grow up.

    75. Joan, New Mexico says:

      In my employment situation, I see able bodied young folks (25-50) on SS disability and with Medicare entitlements due to complications of morbid obesity, "junk diagnoses" such as fibromyalgia, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, or due to complications of chronic drug abuse. This nation has become excellent in producing useless dependent entitled individuals( even providing entitlements for illegal immigrants.) This is a mess that needs to be evaluated before cutting benefits to hard working folks who have supported the system all through their careers.

    76. Dwana Townsend, Harv says:

      I also believe the reformers in Washington should hold town halls, gather ideas from every day people. We are not as dumb as they think we are, we have lots of good ideas, as you can see from the above posts. I sure hope one of them reads the comments here.

    77. Disgusted , Illinois says:

      Mr. Ryan's budget proposal is good , unfortunately it does not go far enough. The problem that will surface when this comes to the vote,the old guard republicans will cave , make concessios ,negotiate with the regime and business as usual.Unfortunately the newly elected members of The House are not enough in number to offset the the old guard rinos and as far as the Speaker is concerned he is afraid of his own shadow.Case in point, the "community organizer"summoned, summoned ! the Speaker to the White House, apparently the "organizer" thinks that he is someone who can COMMAND a member of the other branch of government to do his bidding

      What makes all of this very sad that the Speaker succumbeb like a puppy with tail between his legs.

    78. Kevin H, college par says:

      This is nothing more than political theater. Proposing to take spending back to the level of the 50s, where more than 1/3rd of our children were in poverty, and no baby boomers had retired, we weren't in 3 international conflicts (and all the soldiers with extra care required). All these spending cuts and no tax increases, no reduction of tax expenditures and no closing of loopholes? Nothing more than a politcal joke to stir up the tea partiers that just don't have a basic understanding of economics.

      It seems many folks forget than less than 2 decades ago, a democratic Congress and democratic president balanced the budget. They balanced it without a single republican vote, who all said it would kill jobs and destroy the economy, and the Republicans were all wrong – turned out to have unprecedented economic and job growth.

      One day people will realize the Republicans like the tea partiers care nothing about the low and middle class – their only concern is aligned with the corporate and special interests – who will give them big paying jobs when they leave Congress.

    79. Will Richmond says:

      the dems had all three branches why didn't they do this instead they choose to let gop fix this problem they need to get out of the way and let them

    80. John Olofson, Graeag says:

      The "pass" on Social Security doesn't bother me… as long as Ryan and his colleagues in the House keep it firmly in their sights and deal with it before the next election. Or, after the next election… if absolutely necessary.

    81. Linda, Louisiana says:

      It may not be perfect, but this man is headed in the right direction. I would hope that it has a good chance to go forward, but Obama, Reid,etc. will beat it to pieces. Not many politicians looks at the good of the Nation and its people. They are too proned to feather their nests and go against the other party just for the sake of opposing the other party.

    82. Will Richmond says:

      the dems had all three branches why didn't they do this instead they chose to let gop fix this problem they need to get out of the way and let them

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    84. John Arizona says:

      Is it true what Nancy Pelosi said about Chmn Ryan's proposed budget, "We should pass it and then we'll see what's in it!!" ??

      Like most Dem's, she and the others will condem the plan, call it "extreme" and never address what's in the plan, without ever reading it.

    85. Sherrie - Washington says:

      Need to defund Obamacare NOW.

      Also, we should definitely cut foreign aid, especially to countries not friendly to us. And require all foreign aid to be paid back.

    86. Bobbie says:

      How ironic is that. The first to post are the admitted weakest of the country!

      The government worshipers! Ken Jarvis and Kevin Habib! Congrats! Nobel peace prize, anybody?

      If Obama didn't increase the functions of government unconstitutionally, including the hiring of all his czars, we wouldn't be in this government manufactured crisis. If Obama wasn't funding the biggest of corporations and favoring them to be tax exempt again, we wouldn't be in this government manufactured crisis. If Obama wasn't subsidizing those businesses that won't energize the country without significant contentions, we wouldn't be in this government manufactured crisis. If Obama didn't favor foreign oil over America's own, we wouldn't be in this government manufactured crisis. If Obama made this country business friendly instead of unreasonable regulations and mandates of costs and inabilities to conduct in America, we wouldn't be in this government manufactured crisis. If Obama held businesses accountable instead of bailing out those he prefers, we wouldn't be in this government manufactured crisis. If Obama wouldn't have made financial and monetary deals behind the backs of Americans he'd be stealing it from, regarding his protection of government unions, government employees and other controversial acts of costly protectionism, we wouldn't be in this government manufactured crisis. If Obama and the democrats had the decency to hold themselves accountable for their acts, we wouldn't be in this government manufactured crisis. Because Obama has many angles to every issue, he shows himself as no man of honesty and nothing of integrity and very unfit as president of America.

      If pelosi & co. wasn't so overpaid, we'd see what she's covering up that nature is sure to take over one day/ All the millions democrats put into themselves while they neglect their ability to help millions of needy without being told or drawing attention? hmm

      Democrats are awfully cunning, conning and selfish to make sure they take more then enough for themselves while bankrupting the country, guiling others and deceiving America with their fear mongering, misleading, talking points.

      Democrats predetermine the results, so you'd think they'd have a mind to encourage people on their feet instead of insisting fear, they're all victims of their own human existence and it's the fault of Republicans? My Lord, they are so childish! And dangerous!

      For all the misinformed of those citizens who stand by the democrat party, you have to rise above them. Democrats that represent are weak and they want you to be seen weaker.

    87. Bobbie says:

      oops, excluding, John Roane.

    88. David Creighton, Fre says:

      I don't understand why the U.S. has to provide defense for Japan, South Korea, NATO, Bosnia without any payment from these countries. Personally, I fee that we should be paid for our military defense, or they should provide their own. We've been in Japan and Europe for over 65 years and Korea for fifty plus. Why shouldn't Iraq pay us in oil for what we've done for their country? Forget Afghanistan, and lets pull our troops back. We can't win there based on present Whitehouse policy.

      I agree with Congressman Ryan's 2012 budget. He does want to make the military cuts recommended by General Gates, but we should look further. We need a military which is mobile, and can cover anywhere in the world within 48 hours. I don't understand why we have troops in 148 countries.

    89. oscar_leroy says:

      More fine Heritage analysis,

      This dynamic analysis shows that President Bush's tax plan will boost economic activity, create over 1.6 million new jobs, and strengthen the incomes of taxpayers. The plan would reduce excess tax revenue and effectively pay off the publicly held federal debt by FY 2010.


      That worked well didn't it.

    90. Norbert Stager, Ohio says:

      I agree this budget did not go far enough to limit government and cut back spending. It is a start. To the bleeding heart socialists: It is time to make hard choices because of the mess your leaders have made of this country which by the way includes Bush. It is high time to also reign in the oil speculators. They are the ones who are causing the oil prices to go up far beyond what is reasonable. No wonder that the dems did nothing to fix this, these same people helped fund their election campaigns.

    91. GraceE.Pratti Staten says:

      Grace April 5 2011 Staten Island, NY 6:30 PM

      If Chairman Paul Ryan (R) WI could prove that he could balance the budget with out hurting seniors, restore jobs, pay off the loan we have and put our country back on track, then this would be an achievement which we need

    92. Mike Faram / Ft. Wor says:

      It is about time that someone is finally listening to us Americans for a change instead of doing business as usual. Hats off to Chairman Ryan,

    93. Jim Delaney says:


    94. mike hutchings says:

      i like what he is doing….but the real test will be to get the republicans on board…. thats always dicey….

    95. Kevin, California says:

      This is what LEADERSHIP looks like. This is also what HOPE looks like.

    96. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      You still don't get it. The lifer politicians have bankrupted the nation and now have this ponzi scheme to make it better. All the kings horses and all the kings men and all the letters from Heratige will not put America together again…Fool,,,the check is in the mail.

    97. Mike, Chicago says:

      Ryan's proposal makes sense.

    98. bev says:

      the Titanic is sinking we are arguing among each other instead of getting the neccessary life saving equipment out

    99. Gene, Lake Stevens, says:

      So, we now face the death squads, so to speak. Makes sense. We have a history of greed and deception that goes back to the enslavement of blacks and the taking of land and resources at gunpoint, be it from the natives or Spain or the Mexicans. We feed our war machine indiscriminately and when it comes time to cut their budget it is off the table. So again, we are spending money on bombs to act as the world's police force, using our children as the bombadiers. And who makes the money on the bombs? And gets tax breaks for doing so? Not the little guy. Not the bombadier. We probably even have the bombs built in China.

    100. Pat Tomanio says:

      Paul Ryan's budget sounds really great. It seems fair to almost everyone. I have not read it in its entirety. Why can't the senators reduce their pay and perks as well. If they can't pass the budget they should not get paid until they do. That is fair since a budget should have been passed a long time ago. If they are not doing their job they should not get paid.

    101. alfred doyle, sewick says:

      ryan says nothing about the huge costs of welfare, health care, and schooling for the million low-skilled immigrants,legal and illegal, that we allow in each year. it amounts to at least $200 billion/year. get rid of family preference quotas, chamber of commerce cheap labor imports, the diversity lottery, birthright citizenship. admit only those with a college degree or higher who can pay their own way. this will also prevent our population from swelling to 1/2 billion after mid-century.

    102. Sean, PA says:

      Cut bureaucracy by 25% for a small start not 10% – honestly how many aides and junk programs do we really need in Washington. Cut welfare system in half at least (maybe people will start taking responsibility for their own lives instead of relying on entitlements) As a vet of Iraq 1, Haiti and Bosnia — let us kill them all and take over or just arm the crap out of Israel and support them (that'll save us a ton of cash on quagmires going no where). We are superpower, we shouldn't be so apologetic and worried about world opinion – they should be worried about ours. These fanatics attacked us now quit pussy footing around and get the point across. This is a good "drop in the bucket" but I worry for my kids sake that it's not going to be enough.

    103. Nick Di Benedetto, S says:

      Although Paul Ryan's plan doesn't address several issues, it is an excellent starting point to correcting our economic course. Sadly, instead of working to tweak it where tweaking is required, our legislators – through cowardice, dishonesty or ignorance – will either look for ways to shoot it down or cower from supporting it for political reasons. However, I still feel budget will remain out of control because we lack statesmen in Washington to do what's needed. As the astute Lee Bellinger states:

      "Exponential, non-sustainable government growth is on auto-pilot, far beyond the capacity of any political institution (including the GOP-controlled House of Representatives) to get it under control. Only a funding crisis in the bond market that inevitably threatens the ability of the government to send out Social Security checks will be enough to install reform.

      President Obama and Nancy Pelosi have done much to engineer this train wreck. Any serious attempt to control spending by either political party will result in the annihilation of that party at the polls. Quite simply, the federal spending throttle is stuck on wide open, with no one at the controls and no braking power in any event. And when this train crashes, the Washington elite appear to be planning tax increases to cope with the emergency."

      I couldn't agree more. Unless all of our legislators, president and citizens start acting like grownups, stop playing party politics and address the real issues, the consequences of our runaway train wreck of an economy will be dire.

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    105. Pat, WA says:

      I am inspired by Paul Ryan's budget. Finally a Congressman who is acting in the best interests of the country taking a huge risk in doing so, putting his re-election on the line. The House is doing the same with the current budget crisis, so did Scott Walker of Wisconsin. These leaders are potentially sacrificing themselves for the good of each and every one of us. The budget may not be perfect (nothing is) but it can be altered as it is progresses. This budget follows the recommendations of the bipartisan Budget Committee. This is not a Republican budget. Now is the time to turn this nation around while we can. Much longer, we will be in crisis mode with our credit rating faltering and China and other countries will flee the dollar. And by the way, when the economy falls apart again because this budget was not adopted, it will happen so fast your head will spin and we will get what we deserve for being so short sighted and self centered.

    106. marilyn, ohio says:

      Great job, Chairman Ryan. You are certainly one of the few who is doing their job in Washington, and we need you. What can we do to get this budget passed now?

    107. Steven, Louisiana says:

      Wonderful start Mr.Ryan! This budget begins a necessary trend to give wage earners more of "their" finite wages for their finite time spent earning these wages, to support their families and pursue their interests. We need, for the advancement of society, people to realize that being a parasite will kill the host. Cap all social programs and slowly start dwindling them down to a mere decimal point of the GDP. Grandfather in the baby boomers, and starting today, offer alternatives to Social Security and other social programs. Allow people who want to earn interest on their wages to do so, compelling those that unappreciatively live off of the go-getters dough to feel the anxiety of competition and surviving. No longer should having kids and making bad decisions drive the economy into the ground. It is time to take back our resources from the hate-filled thieves and spend it without feeling guilty. Come on Republicans! If it turns into a storm, we have plenty of umbrellas. Let's get em!

    108. michael j mudrak car says:

      We can go round & round but we have to take our lumps and keep fighting for our

      rights.Paul has come up we a plan and needs our support we are headed in the right direction. Obama is acting like a puppet question is who are the puppeteers?

      The next step is to rid us of the czar networks and put control back in congress

    109. Bobbie says:

      Grace, please don't worry. Everyone 55 and older will not be effected by the budget cut while another plan is in the make for those of us getting there. Paul Ryan shows to think things through. I feel so bad for the GOP that has to clean up this disgrace and failure of democrats who have been going beyond their purpose, hunting for any purpose to waste peoples hard earned money. Democrats are also limiting the minds of those that are expected to do it for themselves. But why, when democrats (with tax payers money) will do it for them? Deeply disappointed in what the democrat party has become along with their (what seems to be inherent.) incompetence. If it wasn't for the actions of democrats, we wouldn't be dealing with the collapse of this country today. I'll never be able to see democrats in the way I was taught they were. To me, they're useless. More trouble than their worth. Creators of crisis!

    110. P. Cross, Largo,Fl. says:

      Americans must choose, Marxism or Capitalism, welfare state or self determination. Take responsibility or force me to subsidize them. If its subsidize, its not for long. Mr Ryan has begun the choosing process.

    111. Steven Coy Westminst says:

      I spent 50 years paying into the S.S. system and would be willing to get a reduction in my check when Congress gets rid of 40 Million ILLEGALS, trims the Welfare state ($950 Billion a year) gets rid of the IRS, teachers union, stops funding the Muslims everywhere around the world, stops the lobyists in Washington, stops the Obamanation Death Care Bill, stops the politicians from hiding their little projects in the back of Bills and Balances the Budget and finally they put back the $3.4 Trillion they stole from our Social Security Fund. May Obamanation and most Politicians go to Hell where they belong for screwing the American people.

    112. Patricia Hinesville, says:

      Are you people kidding me! Go ask Mr. Bush how this worked when he tried to do it with SS! Not a pretty picture.

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    114. Willis Monroe, Provi says:

      I don't understand your statement that Obama's budget will more than double the deficit. If you read his actual budget he says it will reduce the deficit to 600 billion by 2017.

    115. Stirling, Pennsylvan says:

      Love the graphics on that presentation. It really puts things in perspective of where we are now and the choices for down the road. It's refreshing to have a politician that actually has a plan and will be honest with the voters rather then dennying the situation actually exists.

    116. Kevin H, college par says:

      Bobbie – thanks for the comments. For the direction to the misinformed, look no further than yourself and the foxnews talking points you regurgitate.

      You speak of Obama being anti-business, but reality and facts show how sloppy your research is. Look at the job loss numbers before Obama took over and after Obama took over – are thigns better now or were they better before he took over? Look at the stock markets and corporate profits, look at the manufacturing numbers, look at household wealth, look at every single economic indicator and you’ll easily see how the Obama administration took a horrible economic downturn and steered it into a recovery. Obviously, you don’t look at the factual numbers, but just repeat teaparty type nonsense.

      Calling Members of Congress overpaid is a joke. The pregnant daughter of a former governor gets paid more for talking about how she got pregnant than any Member of Congress. You get misinformed people like Glann Beck who make more than 30 million in a year, yet Members of Congress are making hundreds of thousands a year – and you think they are overpaid.

      It’s easy to see you do not follow House and Senate action, do not read the legislation, do not do any of the fact finding on your own – just blindly follow and repeat what you have been told to repeat, like a good little soldier, all the while dimwittedly supporting Republican conservative policies that have been proven over and over to fail.

      You have words to stand by, we have facts and numbers and history.

    117. GMScott, Chester Cou says:

      OK! So HOW many sick, elderly and poor people died or starved after the Democrat-approved 2008 budget went into effect? Anybody?

      Isn't that what Chairman Ryan's budget plans to do, roll back govt. spending to 2008 levels?

      Didn't the Democrats sign off and approve the 2008 budget?

      So what were their objections in 2008?

    118. Qui says:

      Well…there is so much Obamahate on this message board…does anyone remember how Bush increased the debt as well? Or is all of that forgotten?

    119. Steven, Louisiana says:

      Kevin, "recovery?" Unemployment greater than 9%; housing market in shambles; a new entitlement program that will add millions of people onto a failing, overblown medicaid system; whole school systems closing in Michigan; businesses going oversees because of the highest corporate income tax in the world; Obama getting us into one more war. Hardly a recovery or "historic" bunch of events, don't you think? Kevin, are you working on your college degree? You seem very educated. How do people like yourself ever leave their parent's basement?

    120. Kevin H, college par says:

      This bill does not reduce the deficit. There is no deficit reduction at all. It cuts spending 4.7 trillion and cuts taxes 4.6 trillion – does absolutely nothign to deal with deficits and debt. Ridiculous.

    121. Bobbie says:

      Sorry, Kevin. I'm only influenced by truth. Truth considers all. You consider the fear mongering democrats. I don't waste time on what a person makes in the free market. It's not coming out of OUR POCKETS! The government members are over paid and the free market pays itself as much as it does!!!!!

      Kev, you say, Calling Members of Congress overpaid is a joke. The pregnant daughter of a former governor gets paid more for talking about how she got pregnant than any Member of Congress. Oh yeah, Kev? Was she paid by tax dollars? NO! You don't seem to understand the difference between the private sector and government who's only paid by the private sector. Government doesn't generate money, Kev. Either you will start seeing the truth or you'll keep worshiping government. Freedom of choice is all yours.

      Why do you insist on personally knocking people down who made their lives the way freedom allows? Is it because you just can't see any reason to do for yourself, Kevin? Gotta rant your jealous rage? Gotta listen to the democrats and their false claims of your weakness that wouldn't exist until dems point it out for you? Don't you ever think for yourself, Mr. Kevin?

      I'm a democrat and here to think for you, for my democrat job security. NOT!

      I respect your worth, democrats refuse!

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    123. Edward Simon Stockda says:

      Chairman Ryan can do a lot more to put the health care system on a firm financial footing by addressing the runaway legal system. with meaningful tort reform without it our medical system will be forced to shoulder a unbearable burden. The insurance companies and lawyers are the are the true burden on the system. Any damage awards should be limited to three times actual damage.Leagal fees should be limited to 25% of actual damage.Any punitive damages awarded to punish a incompitant provider should go to the general health care fund.

      The AMA should establish general procedures to be followed using the best information available.If a doctor or haelth facility follow these procedures in good faith they are shealded from law suits.

      Another legal scam is to file a lawsuit just enough to make it too costly to oppose. Change the lew so a company or hospital or doctor, knowing their right can fight the suit. Once the suit is found to be frivolous and dismissed. The lawyer or firm that filed the suit would have to refund the retainer to the clint and pay all legal costs for all parties. ( MacDonalds ain't makin nobody fat)

    124. raymond gardella says:

      Now that Ryan has spoken watch the democrats hyper-ventilate: "You're taking food out of kids' mouths; you're feeding dog food to seniors." Finally, someone has taken away their moral authority. The last two years has proven that the democrats cannot lead anymore. Their biggest mouthpiece from the Oval Office has talked himself and his party into a deficit cage–of morals, values, money, and even ideas. They are simply bankrupt. Dead men talking, dead men walking. All you can hear from them now is a SHRILL. In vain do they hope it will overwhelm Ryan's clarity and sanity.

      Ray Gardella

    125. Sheila, Michigan says:

      The budget is no place to make policy. Discussions on anti abortion, social safety nets, and Medicare/Medicare have a place and a time. The budget for 2012 is neither the place nor the time. Get real this is an example of an out and out attack on the middle class, the poor, children, and the elderly. Shame, shame.

      If we can afford to fight two wars and stick our nose in other areas of "national (oil) interest" than we can afford education, safety nets, environmental protection, and other programs that set us out as a civilized, compassionate, an responsible nation.

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    127. Steven, Louisiana says:

      The problem is that people such as Kevin do believe in what they preach. Any program that the government puts together "ALWAYS" exceeds it's budget. This is the sole reason government should be in charge of national defense and infrastructure, that is it. With those two functions, it would still spend beyond it's means, but at least it would be easier to keep track of their profligate spending. Government doesn't have to compete. When they go over budget, they tax more, plain and simple. How can liberals feel comfortable in their own skin when they cry for more parenting, in the form of a government. These libs hate rules and family values, yet they want a nanny to take care of them and their constituents, no matter the price or consequence. They disagree to disagree, nothing more.

    128. Steven, Louisiana says:

      Kevin, cutting taxes and spending is the definition of deficit reduction. Dude, go to every one of your teachers and smack them for all of us on this blog. Next, go to Wikipedia; it makes the dumbest person seem like they know what they are talking about. Believe me. People would start saying, "Wow! That Kevin is a smart cat." Next, after you have mastered Wikipedia, stroll over to the CBO website and the Bureau of Labor and Statistics and then check a few polls. You will be a conservative before long, my broseph. Be proactive. It will prevent you from becoming a statistic.


      I believe that the Ryan plan will work.

      We have to start some were.

      The Democrate sure arn't going to do it.

      Democrates only concern is to destroy this country and make it a communist country.

      Time the Demes go and we the people take our country back.

    130. Derek says:

      Ryan's plan is a good start, but needs to go much further (e.g. Social Security cuts and Defense Department cuts to name a few). Rome wasn't built in a day, so I guess his plan will have to do for now.

      Ultimately, we get out of this economic malaise by drastically cutting government spending – a la the recession of 1920-21 and after World War II when government spending was reduced approximately 60% from 1945-47 – along with tax cuts (one flat rate for corporations and individuals with no deductions, loopholes, etc would be preferable). If you have doubts as to whether or not that will work ask yourself this question: How have government plans and policies, dating back to TARP under Bush through Obama, fared in getting us out of this recession?

    131. James Allen says:

      It would be nice for us econ geeks to have the actual text of the budget so that we can see where the battle lines will be drawn.

    132. Mike, New York says:

      Sounds like you're endorsing another welfare program for the rich, again. Shame on you.

    133. Jackson, Denton, TX says:

      Good point Mr. Coy; there are a lot of us in the leaky USS Social Security boat and for sure if all the things you suggest transpire we could all live on less monthly income. For those squawking to hack up SS and Medicare, I suggest they try this on for size:

      Pay for 45+ years into a govt forced saving program designed to provide financial security in retirement; (ostensibly because we are too dumb to do so on our own). Then when it is time to pay the piper, the Govt reneges having spent all the $$ in the kitty.

      As for those career politicians sucking off the system, would any of them give up their stipend? I, for one am glad I did not rely solely on SS to prop me up beyond my working years…but I refuse to chuck money into a ponzi scheme (against my will) for 5 decades and just walk away from it.

    134. Glen Grosenbach says:

      A Hearty thanks to all that provide input and effort to cool our ecconomy.
      I am 84 a USN retired and have an idea how to reduce all government spending without upsetting the patriotic citizens of the USA.

      It is a 2 or 3 step procedure.
      An Example:

      1. Reduce all Federal Employees by 99%

      2. Increase the lowest paygrade back to 90% of the original amount.

      3. Increase all other paygrades by the Same Dollar amount that the
      lowest pagrade was increased in step 2 above.

      This will help reform the pay scales across all Government Civilian and Military to a more equitable level. It may provide Patriotic Business Employers and Employees to make their pay scales better too.

      If those particular numbers don't seem quite right then modify the numbers to make them better.

      Everyone involved is invited to read and apply Proverbs 3:6 (kjv)
      "In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths".

      Glen Grosenbach

    135. Glen Grosenbach says:

      A 3 part idea:

      Across the board for all Federal Civilian and Military Employees all paygrades.


      Step 1. Reduce pay by 99%.

      Step 2. Increase lowest paygrade back to 90% of original level.

      Step 3. Increase all other grades the same dollar amount of increase used in step 2 above.

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    137. Shon, Tennessee says:

      Looking at it through the glass ball… I can see both sides. The Dems have voted and passed several pieces of legislation without enough Reps to stop them. Why would they want to give that up now? If it was a benefit to you and your state, you'd fight to keep it. Unfortunately, "We the People" stopped taking a stand for our rights years ago. We have placed expectations upon our elected officials to save us from ourselves. We've been allowed to over spend without penalty or any major suffrages. We've allowed the same to happen in DC. Now that folks are losing jobs and almost everything they own, they are paying closer attention to what happens in DC. Most folks can read and deduce the facts for themselves. Although some are easily swayed or pressured into a position, they have an opinion based on their knowledge. So, it's fair that a person has an opinion. Valid, fact based opinions carry much more weight than others, but that is not the issue here.

      The people can see that change has to happen. If you spend more than you have in your bank account the bank doesn't hold a negative balance… they charge you. If you don't pay, they bring legal action. If that is the case for the "People," then it should be true and the same for the US Government. The "People" should not have to be responsible for the irresponsible actions of DC. The politicians should be made responsible for overspending. They are far overpaid for the chaos they've allowed our country to fall in to.

      There are many programs that need to be brought under control. My belief is that our first responsibility is to the American citizen. Americans pay taxes for benefits they are earning. Programs like Social Security and Social Services are severely abused by lazy individuals, illegals, and imigrants. If our country is to survive, work on the issues that are out of control. We need to focus on micro-managing programs that are in existence. Cut the fat where it is necessary and trim the budget based on the new excess. We need to learn to stand on our own 2 feet again.

      We need to stop creating new programs that cause debt, get the EPA off the back of the farmer and country families, and being so wasteful in everything. We need to stop asking for DC to do more for us and start doing more for ourselves.

      God Bless America and put "In GOD we Trust" back on the US currency.

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    139. Beacon01 says:

      The only thing I afraid of in Ryan's budget is that part of it may be borrowed from

      the President's budget committee, which means that taxes may be raised in some area, or income tax deductions would be lost. So I would like to see it first before I would approve my reps of voting for it. the budget can be cut with raises taxes or losing deductions.

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    141. Bob DeBiase says:

      We need to close down some government agencies TEN would be a good number . We all know that there is MUCH duplication and WASTE in government . Why can't John Boehner and Sen Cantor CLOSE some of these agencies like the NEA and HUD and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

      How about getting rid of the Farm subsidies and the cronism ala GE which paid NO taxes last year , so I am told. How about acting more like the people in Kansas who act responsibly and actually balance their house budget.

      CUT THE SPENDING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    142. Linette, Boise says:

      Bob Beckel hates Paul Ryan's plan…..good enough for me to endorse it heart and soul!!

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    156. Louise Pearl Boston, says:

      It is time that the greed which has encompassed the wealthy of this nation for such a long time now be addressed. There are people in this country who make so much money that they could never spend even a tenth of what it is in a lifetime. Their perception of living is warped. They are like the princess and the pea with billions of mattresses needed not to feel the pea below. Lowering the tax rate to 25% for those who make close to a million or more a year and raising expenses for those who make 60 thousand down to 8 thousand a year is unacceptable.

      How long do you think that the large numbers of Americans at this level will put up with this lack of equality?? I am talking about people who have worked hard all their lives to make ends meet and who, upon retirement, are faced with the possible abolishment or weakening of Medicare. Those vouchers will never pay for the care that is needed. Countries in Europe have health care for ALL people that are there. It is FREE. Your unwillingness to pay your fair share of taxes belies what you claim to be. You run on a ticket to lower taxes, but that is truly qualified. Only those over $250000 or more will get the tax break while the poor and middle class continue to pay for your country clubs, vacations, elitest schools, and more. We all can read and know what you have in mind. Are you one of the members of Congress that works for $1.00 a year? Are you capable of doing this? Why have you chosen to run for Congress? Social status??? Power??? Help the highty wealthy??? A $35% flat tax on $1,000,000 a year leaves a quarter of a million dollars left. Even if you did not use the deductions forms, surely you can live quite admirdably on this. Now take 35% flat tax away from $60,000. This becomes $750 a week for shelter, food, TRANSPORTATION, and other taxes and bills just to stay alive period. I won't bother to figures it out for someone making $15,000 as it becomes ridiculous. Can't you see what it means for those less fortunate than yourself to keep as much of their income as possible?? Be honest with yourself. You and the other billionaires do not need a tax cut, while those at the lower end of this spectrum do indeed need to have their taxes cut and Medicare saved. LET US NOT GO BACKWARD AND BECOME AS THE INUIT INDIAN TRIBE WAS TOWARDS OUR OLDER PEOPLE IN PARTICULAR – NAMELY BRING THEM ALL OUT ONTO THE ICE TO AWAIT THE FATE OF THE EVENTUAL POLAR BEAR.

    157. Aaron Martz, Indiana says:

      Please urge Chairman Paul Ryan and the conservatives to use portions of this video in television commercials for the American people to view. There is not enough information being broadcast from the conseratives to the American people. I hear plenty of propoganda from the other side. Where is the conservitive rebutal?

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    159. Mike McLellen, Grand says:

      I am tired of hearing Social Security, Mediccare and Medicaid referred to as "entitlements" with the implication that those recipients that paid into these programs as REQUIRED by law are somehow are freeloaders.

      People paid into this system and the Government STOLE the money. All but a very few government officials, going back for decades, are guilty of bilking the system. The governement officials should be the first to realize severe and immediate economic "hardship" for the sins of their forebearers. Furthermore, their lavish retirement and benefit packages should be immediately revoked and replaced. A good starting point would be to make their retirement package reflective of the "average" retirement package of everyday, non-governmental employees. They should learn to live like the peasants do. The only way their retirement "package" should increase is if everyone's retirement standards rise.

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    161. Joshua, Florida says:

      I have two observations. The first is that Liberals always complain anytime someone wants to cut taxes on the "wealthy," the ones who actually create jobs, who also do not always vote Democrat. Apparently, only those who vote Democrat should be allowed to make money. Secondly, for two years this Administration has declared that since no one else had any ideas, that all of their ideas (such as Obamacare) should be implemented. Now that someone on our side has come up with a plan, all that this Administration can do is tear us to shreds. We (the Conservatives) were told that since we had no plan, to sit still and be quiet. Now that we do and they do not, maybe it is time for the Democrats to do the same.

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