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  • Every Tea Party Needs Sugar

    The Sugar Act is often overshadowed by its infamous cousin: the Townshend Act and its tax on tea. But the outcome of the Sugar Act, instituted on this day in 1764, is significant enough to stand alone in American history. Though it did not have the flair of war-painted men seasoning the Boston Harbor, the imposition of the Sugar Act marks one of the first times the colonists gathered together to protest Parliament’s encroaching authority.

    The British Parliament instituted the Sugar Act for the reason most taxes are imposed: to fill empty coffers. But the act was also intended “for better securing and encouraging the trade of His Majesties’ sugar colonies in America”.  The tax guaranteed the British West Indies a monopoly in the American market, forcing shippers to pay outrageous fees and every colonist to spend more money on everyday items (like molasses).

    The colonists had been in the practice of ignoring British regulations by smuggling their goods in and out of the country. But under the Sugar Act, this was no longer an option. The Act gave the British Navy the authority to try smugglers in courts without juries.  Thus, the colonists had to find other means to protest the unfair tax.

    As trade was increasingly obstructed, the colonial merchants called for a boycott of British goods. Samuel Adams brought the leaders of this effective boycott to form the revolutionary society, the Sons of Liberty. Together they began to petition Parliament and protest the effect of the tax on the colonial economy.

    The Sugar Act was also the impetus for the colonists to doubt whether Britain had the authority to demand taxes without colonial representation in Parliament. In 1764 James Otis asked, “can there be any liberty where property is taken without consent?” The question still stands.

    Leslie Grimard currently is a member of the Young Leaders Program at the Heritage Foundation. For more information on interning at Heritage, please visit: http://www.heritage.org/about/departments/ylp.cfm

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    8 Responses to Every Tea Party Needs Sugar

    1. joecool, westbrook, says:

      Ben Franklin's words become more meaningful and more telling every day.

      AT THE CLOSE OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION, a woman asked Benjamin Franklin what type of government the Constitution was bringing into existence. Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

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    3. Toni NC says:

      It's called Obamacare and if we don't rise up against it and rip it out by the roots ASAP, the government will find precedence to redistribute our wealth to purchase any and all products in the future! This battle must not be delayed or lost! Ryan's plan sounds promising, but the longer we delay ending Obamacare the harder it is to reverse.

    4. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Leslie, nice piece and I think a timely History lesson. The establishment of Government Monopolies in Student Loans, Freddie/Fannie Home Inventory (93%?), Federal Land Grabs in Alaska and Utah, and the Attempt to get Single Payer, these are crazy Un-American things! This is the first time anyone has pointed up the Sugar Act, and the Overcriminalization involved! Why did we never hear about the Sugar Act? Perhaps our History Re-writers didn't want to expose their Progressive tactics?

      I've been calling it Sorcery to deceive the People above their heads! Scrubbing History to serve Political Ends and using that void to manipulate Public Opinion! What do you think of my idea that the "Hate Speech" baloney was created to make the truth unspeakable? I say the Obama Agenda is so dastardly in fact, it would be Hate Speech to honestly describe it! Judge Vinson cited Case Law to say the Progressives are asking for 'Noblesse Oblige' in the running of their Nanny State! Oh! That is a truly hateful truth! I am the only one I know who has picked up on that!

      I think Overcriminalization is part and parcel of the Kloward-Piven Plan. This Summer Americans will be in doubt about their Government System being workable at all! After a few months of shut down the Captive Media will 'redeem' themselves breaking Corruption Stories non stop! The Mantra will be "Both Parties" to cover up the perfidy from the Left! It makes me sick to think those Media Shills will be praised, knowing they Betrayed the Republic! How can they lose?

    5. Spiritof76, NH says:

      Yes, how I long for those days when people relied on themselves to make a living eventhouh it was meager. Look at the country now. It is far more tyrannical than the British monarch ever was. This is not what our Founders fought for risking everything they owned including their lives.

    6. a,guy,in,flyovercoun says:

      I was disappointed, I was expecting the upto date info about the current sugar issue. The judges ruling that roundupready sugar beets can't be planted. That is about 80% of the sugarbeet production. However, it's still the same underlying issue, can the government dictate dictate in economical issues? The sons of liberty thought not. (No evidence has been presented that there is a way to identify round up ready from nonround up ready sugar beets) Oh yea, remember we get more than just sugar from sugarbeets, like molases, various animal feed adatives, pharmacuticals, and even cosmetics, and the list goes on.

      Seriously folks, the issue is still the same, just how far are our freedoms going to diminish before the breaking point is reached? Regulations have been inputted by deviante power grabbing thugs with only destruction in the future. A law by any onther name is still a law with two key elements. A stated do or do not, and a penalty affixed in the event of a violation. Yes it is that simple. King George crossed that line, many other dictators crossed that line and we will soon see that line crossed again, unless we can see good people rein back the destructive actions we now see in congress.

    7. Larry, Tennessee says:

      Another interesting pieece of history I was never taught in public schools.

    8. Bobbie says:

      Every Tea Party Needs Sugar and so does every hypoglycemic and diabetic.. More democrat discrimination, higher costs and burdens put on the needy.

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