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  • Holder "Reluctantly" Sends KSM to Military Commissions

    Bowing to political realities, the Obama administration reversed itself and announced that Khalid Sheikh Mohammad (KSM), the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, would be tried at Guantanamo in a military commission, instead of in a federal court in the United States.  The decision comes as the 10-year anniversary of the September 11 attacks is months away, and on the eve of a House Judiciary hearing on military commissions and the 9/11 case.  The victims of 9/11 deserve justice, and it was high time for the administration to make a decision.

    The administration deserves credit for making this decision, however late in coming.

    Let’s recall how we got here.

    Recall that Senator Obama voted against the Military Commissions Act of 2006, and halted military commissions upon taking office.  This, despite the fact that the KSM military commissions’ trial had already started, and that KSM announced in open court that he wanted to plead guilty and get the death penalty.

    On May 21, 2009, much to the consternation of liberals and human rights activists, President Obama gave an eloquent speech at the National Archives in which he endorsed reformed military commissions, and indefinite detention.  The President made clear that his administration’s first preference was to try terrorist detainees in federal court.

    In November 2009, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that KSM would be transferred to New York City to be tried in federal court for the 9/11 conspiracy.  That decision was met with instant and vociferous opposition from the public and politicians from both sides of the isle.

    Despite the fact that the Obama’s own party controlled the House and Senate for the first two years he was in office, for some unknown reason, the administration chose not to use any political capital to close Guantanamo, or make the moral and legal case to representatives why KSM should be tried in federal court.  In fact, the Democratically-controlled House and Senate passed laws making it more difficult for Obama to close Guantanamo or try KSM in federal court during that timeframe.

    All along, a majority of the American people supported the use of military commissions to try terrorists.

    Regardless of the reasons for the announcement, the administration has finally made a choice.  The victims of 9/11 have waited too long for justice.  The trial, which will take years to complete even in military commissions, is huge step in the right direction.

    To read more about military commissions, and compare the rules in military commissions to international tribunals, click here.

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    6 Responses to Holder "Reluctantly" Sends KSM to Military Commissions

    1. Bobbie says:

      What does Holder know more that congress doesn't, about these terrorists? Why is he holding pertinent information? Causing more unnecessary duration for the families of victims directly effected and duration for all America!

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    3. jose;h r carreiro sr says:

      I am sure 10 years would have ever elapsed since 9/11 if Eric Holder had relatives or close friends in the twin towers in making this decision to finally try these Radical Terrorists in Military Court where this belongs. My son had a childhood friend in the twin towers that was killed and that is why I am writing this note.Think about it. Politcal Correctness will never surfice in America. You have to tell it the way it is. Truth should always win. Do I sound like an optimist? Think about this.

    4. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      The Dems are actually blaming Holder's (Obama's) capitulation to try KSM

      in military court on Repbulicans. That's right! The Dems held both houses of

      Congress and the White House, but are claiming it was all the Repbs fault. This should be yet more proof that the Obama led Democrat Party (aided by the main stream media) will deceive, spin, distort, and lie to accomplish Obama socialist agenda to "transform" this nation.

    5. joecool, westbrook, says:

      Sorry. I'm still wrestling with his comments about "his people." Which of the people in this story are "his people." I'm trying to understand.

    6. Sue Christensen, Ore says:

      Obama trots along, having to play catch up on all the policies Bush had in place!

      We all know "when to hold'em" and when to cut him loose!"

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