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  • Morning Bell: Big Government Vs. the Internet

    Following his party’s devastating losses last November, President Barack Obama made clear that where his party could no longer legislate, it will regulate. Just a month later, America saw his words become action when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to issue new rules regulating the Internet, even though courts and Congress have stood in opposition to its actions. Tomorrow, the House of Representatives is poised to voice its opposition to the FCC’s unmitigated power grab and will vote on a resolution to block the FCC’s rules, sending a powerful message that enough regulation is enough, and the FCC should keep its hands off the Internet.

    The policy the FCC is trying to enact is known as “net neutrality,” an unfortunately vague code word for government regulation of the Internet. Supporters of net neutrality will tell you the regulation is necessary to keep the Internet “free and open” and to prevent corporations from “throttling” network speeds, making it faster to download some things, slower to download others. And, in this doomsday, apocalyptic, dystopian future, only the FCC can save the day with more and more government regulations.

    FCC, stay home, the reality is much different. FCC commissioner Robert McDowell, who opposes the net neutrality policy, explains that the policy isn’t needed, and regulation by the FCC can lead to even greater problems, such as rival Internet providers attacking each other in hopes of getting them regulated:

    Everybody wants an open Internet that enhances freedom, but that’s what we have today. We already have enough consumer protection laws on the books to cure many of the hypothesized fears (that some see). The goal should be to make the market more competitive.

    All we are going to do with this FCC decision is clog up the courts and increase billable hours for lawyers; litigation will supplant innovation.

    So how does that affect consumers? The Heritage Foundation’s James Gattuso explains:

    The net result [of net neutrality]— a slower and more congested Internet, and more frustration for users. Even worse, investment in expanding the Internet will be chilled, as FCC control of network management makes investment less inviting. The amounts at stake aren’t trivial, with tens of billions invested each year in Internet expansion.

    Case in point:  MetroPCS, a wireless company that offers low-cost, prepaid cellular plans for consumers who don’t want a long-term contract. The company offers a $40 per month plan for customers on its slower 2G wireless network and, to sweeten the deal, provides compressed versions of YouTube videos to its customers who otherwise couldn’t receive streamed videos with their service. Thanks to the FCC’s rules, MetroPCS is now facing a complaint for violating net neutrality. Its crime? Devising a low-cost way to provide fast, efficient wireless services to its customers. So much for innovation in the marketplace.

    The need for regulation of the Internet aside, the FCC doesn’t even have the legal authority to enact these regulations. Like any federal agency, the FCC can only issue regulations if Congress delegates it the power to do so. Though the FCC has the power to regulate telecommunications, it hasn’t been granted the power to regulate the Internet. Last year, the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that the FCC’s attempt to regulate the Internet was outside the scope of its authority.  That didn’t stop the FCC, though. It went ahead and issued new regulations anyhow.

    That regulatory overreach is unfortunately all too common in the Obama administration. From the FTC to the FCC, the EPA to HHS, an alphabet soup of agencies are issuing a spiderweb of regulations touching all corners of American life. The food we eat, the cars we drive, and now the Internet we surf are all subject to regulations by unelected bureaucrats.

    The Internet is one of the Obama administrative state’s next targets. Congress, thankfully, has taken note – this time. But Americans must take note, too, and heed their president’s promise. What he can’t do by law, he will do by regulation. And once enacted under the cover of night, such regulations are not easy to untangle.

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    55 Responses to Morning Bell: Big Government Vs. the Internet

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      4 – 4 – 11 FROM – Ken Jarvis

      They should rename – WSJ – GOP News
      And Fox – GOP Channel

      Obama wants BroadBand for ALL.
      Why is the HF against it?

    2. aspergus says:

      No differant then what the clinton thugs, tryed to do:

      you have to control communication to control the country

    3. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Every citizen of this country must recognize this is Obama's plan. All government agencies have been corrupted to enforce Obama ideology. The latest ploy by the FCC is designed to shut down every form of free speech. Right out of Saul Alinsky handbook, anyone that disagrees with Obama is intimidated, threatened, and attacked to discourage anyone from speaking out. Just as Obama has done with the main stream media, he must control every word of decent in order for his plan to work.

    4. George Colgrove VA says:

      Once we grant the government control on what we say or have access to, we will never get it back. To all you liberals to support this power grab, always think of it like this. If you succeed with being able to shut down the internet, but still lost the election anyway, how will you feel about the other side having the power you grabbed for yourself?

      Our founders felt a strong central government was a danger to society. America was NOT an experiment as intellectuals, like Gingritch (RINO) often referred to America as. It was a well thought out creation with the intent on lasting forever. They crafted a Constitution with specific duties spelled out exactly. When followed, our country could last into perpetuity. RINOS and democrats have allowed the hard work of the founders to fade away. They took the chains of the constitution that were intended to hold the greed for power and prosperity down for politicians and federal workers and proceeded to use those chains to keep the people down.

      There is much for the federal workforce and congress to profit on with taking our freedoms away. I know of a guy in the upper management (GS 14) who has worked for the feds somewhere between 12 to 15 years and has an income well within the six digits. In that short time, he has amassed a half of a million dollars in his TSP and also has the pension and social security on top of that. This guy hardly does any work! While at the office he plans trips, after work dinner dates and so on.

      This guy will live lavishly for decades after retirement with dollars forced away from us – people who will likely not have retirements because we are using them today to live on. He will have FREE healthcare for life on our backs. This guy has done little for the country, yet he will be compensated handsomely for life. We all know someone like this. This is the gratitude of the federal worker.

      The federal workforce wants to shut down our free access to information and the free ability to share our thought and ideas because they now recognize that we are a threat to them. Over the last 70 years, feds have amassed power with no accountability and in the last 10 years they have amassed massive paychecks and even larger benefit packages. They are provided a massive amount of security and secrecy that protects them from us. America was not an experiment. What was an experiment is what has been built over the last 70 years. FDR put America on a dangerous journey of control and legalized theft for redistribution. That experiment IS failing as it has failed for millennium everywhere else on the globe.

      It is time we stop the madness and stop this power grab. Close down the FCC and let our access to the internet continue to be free. Yes, it will come at the cost of the federal workforce and the power congress and the president have amassed for them self. However, each and every person in the federal workforce took the oath of their respective office to protect and defend the US Constitution – our vehicle for freedom, justice and liberty. Taking away free access to the internet is the starting point of taking away our first and foremost freedom – the freedom of expression. If they slice and dice that constitution for their personal greed and pursuit for power and privilege, they are unworthy of even a penny from the taxpayer's hard earned compensation and need to be removed from the workforce.

    5. ThomNJ says:

      "even though courts and Congress have stood in opposition to its actions." – but obamao and his cronies DON'T CARE ABOUT PROPER AUTHORITY AND THE RULE OF LAW when it doesn't suit their plans….they have shown this time and time again.

    6. Judith in Michigan says:

      All Conservatives know what the code words "Net Neutrality" actually means.

      It would be used to shut down any communications venue that does not adhere to the Left's political agenda. No opposition will be tolerated. Ever!

      Congress is rapidly becoming irrelevant. Welcome to "Chavez-Land."

      Think this is being too extreme? Then you are not paying attention.

    7. John; Oceanside, CA says:

      The Metro PCS snippet seems to offer up underlying economics lesson. Instead of regulation helping the consumer, it helps prevent entry into the market by innovative smaller companies (look at the FDA and new drug producers for even more examples).

    8. KC - New Mexico says:

      What an idiot! We need leadership in Washington that will address the issues of this country. The economy, un-employment, 3 wars, energy, and education is where our elected leaders need to focus.

    9. ThomNJ says:

      I wanted to add this to my other comment but hit the submit button too soon:

      "All we are going to do with this FCC decision is clog up the courts and increase billable hours for lawyers; litigation will supplant innovation."

      And this is the reason for all legislations these days isn't it? Coupled with the fact that the Congress and most all attorneys REFUSE to use plain language just keeps the public in the dark and the Bar members employed. There is really no reason why a law cannot be more straightforwardly written and in plain English. Let's face it – who can fight any legislation or law once enacted? If you are "poor" we, the taxpayer foot the bill. And the legislation probably suits you anyway. If you are very rich, you hire a team to get you out of it through some form of exception. If you are like the bulk of the folks who read this site, you cannot fight it unless you wish to face bankruptcy through legal and court costs. For the most part, no one will help you. You are on your own.

    10. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Over the years progressive socialists have made government bigger and bigger by grabbing more and more than was constitutional. The Constitution has been disregarded and our Rights trampled upon. Now we have Obama who is the most arrogant and disdainful socialist of them all. America benefitted more people under a free society and capitalism than socialism ever did or could. Obama and all like him must be shown the door. He and they are no good !

    11. Don Boyer, INDIANA says:

      Obama wants to control the internet. I consider the internet as part of free speech. If the government can take away my constitutional right of free speech then it can take away all of my constitutional rights. Jefferson said "When the people fear the government that is tyranny. When the government fears the people that is Freedom".

    12. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      There are those states who are hard up for money and want to put a sales tax on items bought over the internet. That would violate a 1996 federal law which says states can't tax items like books, clothing, etc., bought over the internet.

    13. laurie says:

      GOVERNMENT TYRANTS!! HANDS OFF OF OUR INTERNET!!. And about this broken U.S. court system. Other countries do not have free legal aid (scammers paradise) against the honest person and furthermore the loser(scammer) pays for the legal fees of the working honest person. . That makes the wrongful lawsuiters think twice betore destroying other's lives. . We live in fear of wrongful lawsuits stealing everything we have worked for all of our lives.. Our court system is corrupt now and encourages scammers, free-loaders and liars. It is in desparate need of change before America falls off the cliff into disaster. Hurry before it is too late.

    14. Jack Hansen, Fort My says:

      Regulation is the new form of control when they don't get their way.

    15. Ex-IBEW member, Utah says:

      FCC? Sounds like yet another agency that can be added to that long list of federal entities just pleading to be rendered "neutral". Would we really miss them?

    16. Patriot77 says:

      How will this all end? I see only two possibilities. 1) We fall to communism. 2) A bloody civil war. I pray there's a #3.

    17. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      BHO is getting desperate, his numbers are slipping and he sees the people he conned awakening. Now if he controls the internet they can find out who among us are members of the tea party and Rep. Party and possibly close our sites down. 1776 was a revolution because the King in England tried to control every section of the colonolist lives, now we have a shadow ruler who controls BHO and most Dems with money, and he wants to control every facet of our lives including our thoughts. Remember we fought for the freedom to worship, as well as live as we please as long as we do it lawfully(Not DEM laws) It's time to expose the truth about Obama and all his crowd, if this is done he could be impeached or maybe if the truth be known found unqualified to be Pres. this would make every action of the last 2-1/4 yrs null and void. We need the truth and the whole truth exposed.

    18. Dinah Garrison Fairb says:

      The idea of regulating the internet is bad. Much worse is the way this administration simply ignores the law and does as it chooses–and gets away with it. If any action is meant to be controlled by Congress and any part of the government goes around Congress with "regulations" instead, this is appalling. This is happening repeatedly. Who is supposed to be supervising? DOJ? Now there's a joke. We are moving closer and closer to the types of things we have heard about happening in countries with dictatorships. People vote and the government does what it wants. Of all of the problems we have in this country today, I truly believe this "regulatorship" is the most dangerous. Maybe the DOJ should be the opposite party from the sitting President? There needs to be some kind of check and balance. Our Founding Fathers thought we had that and we pretty much did until we got into czars and regulations. This needs to be fixed NOW.

    19. Jim-MN says:

      Mr Aspergus;

      Don't you mean to say "like the communication that is currently controlled" [MSM] by the Democratic Party.

      We don't have a Press let alone a free press anymore since the MSM through in with the Democrats. There is no free press due to threats from this administration if they get out of line, they will pay. Is it any wonder that at any news presser, no real questions ever get asked to put these criminals on the spot and expose to the country the in bed position that has aligned over the past 50 years between the Dems & the MSM?

      This union issues in WI & OH was the first time this alliance was first brought out to the public and debated from the Republican position.

      Now the activist judges placed by the Democrats can block any corrective action by Republican legislatures by liberal wave of the hand.

      Is there any reason to vote anymore? We do not have Representative government if every law is rule unconstitutional or overturned by an unelected judiciary.

      Obama may just get his revolution. Just not the one he and his comrades had anticipated.

    20. Wayne, Louisiana says:

      This is communism at it's best.

    21. Stephen Anderson, Oa says:

      If the fcc(Obama)is allowed to control the internet he can then criminalize any/all aspects of free speech.. That's exactly what their after! If he controls the internet

      he has precedent to take control of all media!! HE HAS TO BE STOPPED NOW!!

    22. toledofan says:

      I'm sure glad that Obama anounced his re-election bid today; at least there will lots of things to write about and the flip flop[ping will be out of sight. But, you guys are exactly right and now that we know his MO, we need to pay attention. The FCC will do his bidding and they will try and subvert the entire process for political gain. Isn't it a shame that we have a President and an administraion that is hell bent on destroying our way of life and the Constitution. Keep spiiting out the stuff Heritage, sooner or later people will start to understand.

    23. RUTH SC says:

      If it isn't broke, why fix it????All that can happen is the government stick their nose into every day conversations, and they already do that. More stupidity, on the part of our government, plain and simple. We don't have enough to worry about and fix now, we need more, Duh!!!!!!!

    24. Lee Farquharson, VA says:

      It's time that the courts start sending US Marshals out with contemp of court bench warrents and arresting administrators that fail to honor the courts' rulings.

    25. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Name ONE item that is NOT regulated by the federal government. Name ONE business that is NOT regulated by the federal government. But don't worry, Obama only needs a billion for his re election campaign. He must think he is really important and able to care for us all. In his mind – Big Government is Good and the little people are not bright enough to care for themselves. Who need self reliance when the Government will do it for you. Changing our culture to return to self reliance will take generations but if not done we will join all of the other failed civilizations in history. Not a pretty picture.

    26. Dwana Townsend, Harv says:

      Just try to look up Obamacare and see what you get!!! The liberal point of view is what you will find at the beginning of your search. There are thousands of websites dedicated strictly to Obamacare and what the Left wants you to read and believe. If this isn't manipulating the Internet what is, and that is only one example to steer the the American People to what the Administration wants us to learn concerning just this one bill. I am sure if you look us stimulus, TARP, Education, you will find the same search results all in an attempt to steer the reading public to the feeding trough. Indeed they have overstepped their bounds, but who is going to do anything about it. It appears to me that this Administration can and is getting away with abuse of power at every turn with no hard questions or investigations asked.

      These are small potatoes compared to the BUDGET CRISIS, THE BORDER CRISIS, INFLATION, TAXES (IRS), EPA's strong hold, Energy Independence, Free Trade agreements, War in Libya, The FREELOADERS, and SORO's secret meeting (which has recieved very little publicity in light of the many distractions overseas!!!!!

      WAKE UP AMERICA, there is more than meets the eye here. Case in point: Quaddafi knew if he threatened civilians that the US would be suckered into engaging in this effort. Do you think there was a plot here? Stretch our military even further, make us spend money we don't have in order to weaken our economy even further, and then either way it goes, Quaddafi remains in power he wins and can regroup plan another attack on all those who were involved in this conflict especially the US. If he is ousted there will be no leadership and that my friends is a very grave thought. Arm the rebels?? You have to be kidding me, that is totally insane. They have proven that they cannot handle the weapons they do have not to mention there is no guiding force to educate them. Even if the Rebel forces did come out ahead they have no clue as to how to set up laws, a democtratic election, a sound government (large or small), a police force to keep their villages safe etc. Libya will be at the mercy of an invasion of another foreign regime who wants control of that oil. Iran has been pretty quite lately, I would imagine they are ramping up for such an opportunity. God Bless our Troops as well as the US, we sure need itl

    27. Philip Doolittle Ind says:

      Lets not let another key freedom be lost. This is a very important issue. I appreciate THE HEARITAGE FOUNDATION efforts to advise us of this bill.

    28. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Oh! Boy! Smoking Gun number twenty seven! This time Obama's Shadow Government is flouting absolute directives from the People's House. See? Proof absolute of what I have been saying all along. This one ought to be Impeachable too! 'Precedent' Clinton 'proved' the futility of Impeachment, sure, but the Domestic Enemy wrote the Articles! We have enough proof of High Crimes to Impeach the whole Obama Crew! Article Two: Conspiracy To Treason ought to work to bring the whole Chicago Crime Family (I mean Community Organizing Family Down!)

      Meanwhile, defund the FCC and abolish it. Why? High Crimes against Loyal Americans! And, bonus, part of the Obama Conspiracy To Treason. I keep saying take Big Government out in Big Blocks! Easy from the crimes they do. You named what, six of them? That's a start.

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    30. Linda, Louisiana says:

      A comment above is correct – we have no checks and balances. The DOJ should not be under the austices of the President; rather, as a department with the Attorney General that can and will rule against any action, Presidential or Congressional, that is against the U. S. Constitution. Our Constitution under the Obama administration is not worth the paper it is written on. No one will fight to uphold it.

      Obama is treading quickly closer to control of all news media. He does not control the major networks, CBS, etc., but they are adhering to his policies. The Public Radio Stations has been under fire, and soon it will be the Public TV Stations, and now it is trying to govern and control the Internet. If it were not for Heritage Foundation and FOX News, the American people would know nothing of what is going on.

      I may be wrong, but I thought the President's job is to enact the laws, etc. passed by Congress who are suppose to represent the U. S. Citizens, not the party to which they belong. Doesn't the Mayor of a City enact the laws, etc. passed by the City Councils, Boards, etc. who represent their citizens. Is their a Job Description with Duties for the President of the United States? Why should he or she be any different than any other job holder in the United States.

      It appears to me that we have a basis for Impeachment of the President, but who has the guts to do anything about that. No one that I know of unless it is Glenn Beck and Members of the Tea Party. Obama is just not a bad president, he is a dangerous person, along with others who have promoted him all along.

      Now, I have gotten this off my chest. What good is it going to do now? Is it merely for someone to read and say "Yes, she's got a good point". Can this do any good to save our Nation? I haven't seen any results from comments. Shouldn't this article and comments be sent to members of Congress.. After all, they are suppose to be in touch with the Citizens of the United States.

    31. Justin Gunter, Nashv says:

      Despite normally loving the Heritage Foundation's policy positions. I have trouble agreeing that the internet is fine as it is. The internet is consolidated in a few very large companies. These companies have already tried to limit access in a way that prevents the free exchange and free marketplace. Let's just look at a couple examples: 1. AT&T first created bandwidth caps on their cellular and DSL networks. You "use" too much of the internet, you get cut off. 2. Comcast has already tried to limit access to certain websites, specifically Netflix, by slowing down just that one site. 3. Comcast considered actually charging a separate streaming fee for uses who went to Netflix and similar sites, but backed off due to the current legal issues.

      In sum, if these regulations are rescinded, we will be clearly telling these companies they can, without any legal fears, selectively speed up, slow down, block, or charge extra for any portion of the internet they want to. I have trouble seeing how that promotes a better internet, economy, or freedom of speech.

      The regulatory state is scary, and any increase in government should be carefully scrutinized, but often a carefully tailored government restriction constraining freedom is necessary for a much larger preservation of freedom. I believe this is one of those cases.

    32. .Nick Di Benedetto, says:

      Hey Ken Jarvis, I suppose the internet is a god-given right for all humans and that this socialist regime doesn't want to control, over-regulate another facet of what's left of the free enterprise system for its benefit. This free advise is offered to you from a former Democrat. Wake up. Open your eyes. Whoever you oppose, Republicans, Libertarians, etc., are not your enemies. Big government is.

    33. Robert, North Richla says:

      Big, Bad Obama again. How are we supposed to stop Obama and his radical, socialist agenda without meaningful leadership and real opposition of some (any) sort? After 33 years of lies, people have to realize that the blue-blood, republican big-government machine is alive and well – and prospering. Reagan and Goldwater are gone – but Bush, Boehner, McConnell, Cornyn, Graham, Cantor and McCain live on – Rockefeller would be proud! Until over 60 million voting republicans realize that THEY are wasting their votes on lying (liberal) republicans, we do not have a chance to stop any of this garbage from Obama – and he will win reelection in a landslide.

    34. Carol,AZ says:

      FYI: Please register and get the feeds from;


      for all information listed under "corruption files" and other on-going active investigations.

      Many of the lawsuits how being heard from, Cobra Gate, certainly inspire to," kill the messenger."

      Read and believe.

    35. WHY are these things "so hard to untangle"?

    36. Disgusted , Illinois says:

      Welcome to the NEW CCCP – the USSA . And supposedly the community organizer wants to remove the dictator who is ruling Libya, when we have one right here in Washingto D.C. namely him and the rest of his cadre.

    37. Mike says:

      Your interpretation of the new FCC rules is grossly misunderstood and misrepresented in your article. The new FCC regulations are a good thing because they force ISP’s (owned by the biggest corporations) to treat all data equally. These regulations will make sure that the internet remains open and free, they change nothing except making sure that ISP’s cant change the existing free and open internet we enjoy today. This is NOT an effort to control the internet but rather an effort to keep it free from corporate meddling.

      If you enjoy a free and unrestricted internet then these regulations should be supported by all net citizens,

    38. Renny, Maryland says:

      Alinsky theory, he has it down pat. He has his czars, the judicial system and everything he needs to change our way of governing.NO one will stand up to this guy. The GOP in the house will bend and not shut down the government, that is the only way you can stop him. In 2012 do you think the GOP in the house will be able to pass a budget??? NO!! Are we going to stop instituting the obomacare program? NO!! We have to go on the offense or we are lost!!!!!!

    39. mike hutchings says:

      looks like the boys in the back room are cooking up a deal….

      when you cant beat them straight up,you just shut them up….

      i dont know who runs things really….they have no faces….

      they have no names….they have one gravy deal going on….

      they live above us, beyond in the clouds of their own pretensions….

      of course if they fail to make us mindless chattel this time…

      think of all the women, children and the poor that will be hurt…

      by those let to walk around free….cant have that…can we?

    40. Benjamin O. Azeredo says:

      We need to take a firm stand on the power grabs and track the members of the House and Senate to insure that the ones that don't work for the people are sent backing. The bigger problem that the For Fathers did not really consider was how the member violate the Constitution and are still there like nothing happened. They have no fear of loosing there jobs and it takes to long waiting for the elections. They create to much damage with the power grabs. If these things happened in the private sector those people would be escorted to the door, we need to do this with these law makers and see what happens then.

    41. Deadzones.com says:

      Net Neutrality is a Civil Right

    42. Bill Crumrine - San says:

      The only thing Obama will ever understand is for him to be impeached. The so-called czars are enough for Congress to start proceedings. Actually, I would like to see the whole Democratic Party dissolved for being subversive. It has been this way since Thomas Woodrow Wilson was elected to the Presidency.

    43. Johnny Justice New Y says:

      Ken Jarvis said this – "They should rename – WSJ – GOP News

      And Fox – GOP Channel

      Obama wants BroadBand for ALL.

      Why is the HF against it?"

      Ken, did you read the article? It explains why the Heritage Foundation is against it.

      And what does this have to do with Fox or the GOP?

      Seems like you are asking questions that were already answered in the article and then attacking others for no reason related to the subject.

    44. Sue Marie Detroit says:

      Obama, you and your friends need to get a life of your own and leave the rest of us alone. I know you think America and Western Culture are evil colonial countries who stole the wealth from third world countries. But many third world countries did not thrive because they had bad leaders.

      Obama, you and your friends live so well, because of America and our free market system. You never produced or managed a thing in your life and yet you are a millionaire. Why? Because profits from evil capitalists pulled you through life. Paid your way through college, community organizing and senate and now the white house.

    45. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      It's time open war is declared between the liberals in the administration and the purse holding House. Fine Mr President, you go ahead and have your overblown, overstaffed, overpaid regulators write to their hearts content. Then stand by and watch the Congress monkey wrench your darlings by cutting off the money.

      There is a very old but none the less currently very true adage that goes, simply put, Money talks and BS walks.

      Lets make sure it is operable today.

      Q. why not defund the Czars, the White House has to be way over budget, pull the string.

    46. Paul Revere II, Broo says:

      BHO and his lackies must be removed NOW. Impeach, indict, remove for moral reasons…

    47. Ron F. Oklahoma says:

      Not only is the FCC and all the other agencies involved with over extending their authority, so is the BATFE in attacking our 2nd Amendment Rights. The EPA is continuing to try to shut down every business in the country, right down to the Farmers not being able to make dust when the plow their fields . . I hope they are the first to starve to death with their regulations.

      Every large corporation that manufactures any product is hampered by the EPA. I once worked in a shop that the EPA came into and said we had to spend a million dollars for containers to keep shop rags in, and if a shop rag was taken off the clean stack and "not even used" it would cost the company $25,000.00 a incident (that is 25 Thousand Dollars). How much and how long do you think a company can stay in business with that kind of fines hanging over their heads ? They have become a Monster Unto them selves and the Country. Why don't we make Steel in America anymore ? EPA ran them out of business, so where do we get our steel from . . China – where nearly everything we use comes from, thank you EPA and a Stupid Congress.

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    50. Dale Athanas says:

      The Dems are sure creative with words – "net neutrality" sure sounds like a good thing and, unfortunately, the naive will buy into it. However, it is nothing more or less than another power grab by the US Government. The more freedoms we lose, the more enslaved by big government we become. D

    51. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      There are 3 things to consider. FIRST: When I began using the Internet about a decade ago, many of us were annoyed by the pop-up spam ads disrupting our search. But I don’t see much of that anymore. ISPs don’t need regulation to correct that condition. SECOND: I’ve found it frustrating to see the spam folder in my e-mail filled with (sometimes 100s per day!!) junk mail. I’m reluctant to just empty the spam folder without scrolling down the list to be sure there are no important messages that should’ve gone to my regular inbox. I’ve made a suggestion to at least one ISP: Similar to unopened envelopes and packages from the USPS, why not create a feature in which we can check some or all spam messages, then click on ‘Refuse/Return to Sender’, thereby filling the spammers’ inboxes with rejected messages!! Again, do we really need government regulation to achieve that??

      THIRD: Perhaps the worst thing we have to consider is the motive of the leftwing statists. Their motive could be that of those who want to silence Fox News and conservative talk radio hosts. The left doesn’t like the fact that we get the truth from this site, CNSnews, Personal Liberty News Desk, etc. Well, TOO BAD FOR THE LEFTWING DEMON-CRAT PARTY!! We have our 1st Amendment rights, which we must vigorously defend!! And if we can’t communicate via conservative websites or talk radio, we can still communicate among ourselves via ‘word of mouth’ and spread the truth among everyone we know. Let’s be wary of the leftwing statists who IMHO are pushing the American people too far. If they push us too far, we may soon have no choice but start pushing back!!

    52. Clearhead says:

      Thanks again, "Ken Jarvis" for your morning chuckle. Where did you get the information about what mr. obama wants? If you truly have it, then indeed you are unique — as very few Americans have and idea about what his genuine thoughts are.

    53. MikeHebert 15 Lester says:

      Once again, and ever so quickly knotheads in government/big business are sticking their (you fill in) where it don't belong, and the American people who put those knotheads into office PAY. Who 'riegns' in these extreme spenders? SOMEBODY PLEASE SAY NO to leagislation that already has our great grandchildren litterally in debt to pay down an already fiscally exhausted treasury. Come on now. Somebody in Congress has the wherewithall/authority, power, official capacity to CALL TO ACCOUNT justification for knotheaded expenditures NON ESSENTIAL to the imediate 'operation' of this ever declining USA. Don't anyone try telling me different. Government elected officials, you know who you are and what the 'SCOPE OF YOUR OFFICE' is. MAN/WOMAN UP. The average Am. taxpayer doesn't have time/money to do what you have the respnsibility to do. We have all we know to do to just survive this idiot economy, which a certain Someone sought to 'change". He did. Look how that turned out. I'm just saying. Get my drift?

    54. cmbanks says:

      I think it is simply bad policy to deficit fund three wars (Iraq, Afganistan, and now MENA) at a time when looming federal deficits and rising interest rates are on the brink of bankrupting the American society.

      Why attack medicare, planned parenthood?, the media complex and fcc when our "defense" spending (who are we defending now these days anyway, libyans?) equates to half our annual budget.. a small reduction in the gross amount of money we feed into our international wars would help staunch the bleeding and give hope to the vast majority of americans who want a government that is for the people. not for the interests of our multinational corporations.

      either that or we need real answers from the administration why we invaded iraq and afganistan, it has to be more than a fight against an ideology (jihad). I for one want truth, and subsidized healthcare to go along with my subsidized oil. But i dont think international acts of aggression are neccesary to that end. But if it is both parties of congress should tell the people why.

      As it seems today, the military command is running the country, and that is not freedom or a democracy.

    55. Mike, Atlanta says:

      I find it interesting that the main basis for net neutrality is to keep ISP's and content providers from going to war with each other is the exact example used to support its repeal. The basis of net neutrality, hence the "neutrality" part, is too keep competing business from restricting or blocking traffic flow to one and another. This is no more personified then in the example of the new Comcast/NBC buy out restricting internet flow to Netflix or segments of HULU because they compete with Comcast OnDemand or too cable service as a whole. The cross and purpose of the legislation is that as content providers and content delivery services merge they play nice so that consumption choices are based on quality and not scarcity. As to the Metro-PCS reference, this happens every day some times for, and sometimes again big business (see the AOL/Time-Warner merger for reference). In that case the entire merger was based on thinking that the government would step in and make cable companies follow the same deregulation guidelines as the phone companies, it didn't happen and it cost investors billions. I don't agree with big government ether but sometimes we need big government to protect us from big business and keep completion alive.

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