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  • On Iran's Nuclear Capabilities, Know and Act ... Or Not

    Iran is getting dangerously close to developing a nuclear weapon, according to Richard Weitz’s recent article, which is informed by the documents and reports of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

    The IAEA believes that Iran could acquire nuclear weapons within one to five years. Iran has continuously ignored IAEA’s requests for information about its nuclear facilities and heavy water projects, and it refuses to provide information about its Fordow Enrichment Site near Qom. In addition, the IR-40 reactor that it is building in Arak is very similar to reactors in Pakistan, Israel, and India that are used to create plutonium for nuclear weapons. Iran claims that this reactor is used to develop isotopes for medical care and agriculture.

    Furthermore, Iran refuses to acknowledge that keeping information about the construction of nuclear facilities secret until they are almost near completion is a violation of the IAEA regulations. Instead, it has reported the construction of new nuclear facilities to the IAEA only after they have been discovered by outside actors. It is unclear how many illegal secret sites exist.

    However, the IAEA knows at least something about Iran’s nuclear development. In February, the agency reported that Iran continues to enrich large quantities of low-enriched uranium at the Natanz Fuel Enrichment Plant. The IAEA also reported that Iran’s uranium enrichment program has increased its output from 2009 to 2010 more than it did between 2008 and 2009, despite the claims that Stuxnet, a computer worm, successfully infiltrated Iran’s nuclear facilities last year. Amazingly, Iran is still able to continue to enrich uranium at increasing rates and develop and test more efficient next-generation centrifuge models.

    Even more worrisome is Iran’s progress on its ballistic missile program. This progress was apparent during a launch of a satellite into orbit in February 2010. The space-launch technology can be used to eventually target the U.S. homeland.

    The U.S., its allies, and the international community need to take stronger measures against continuing nuclearization of Iran and impose stronger sanctions targeting Iran’s energy and banking sectors.

    The U.S. government must provide for the common defense. The only way to protect and defend the U.S. and our allies from nuclear weaponry in the hands of rogue nations is to create sufficient integrated and layered missile defense architecture.

    Haley Parks contributed to this post.

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    4 Responses to On Iran's Nuclear Capabilities, Know and Act ... Or Not

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    2. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      The Islamic Bomb has come and gone, Pakistan has it! I remember their National Hero went on to become the number one proliferator. The Iranian Bomb has become inevitable as a matter of American Foreign Policy! I don't trust the 'Incompetence' explanation, nobody could be that stupid. So I think it is intentional. Now that Obama has lighted the Arab World on fire, and the Crazy Green Agenda calls for reducing the Earth's Population to "about a billion," the horrible truth might be that WWIII is in Phase One. Build the Kalaphet, by exporting small d democracy (and nothing of Constitutional Representative Democracy!) Why betray the Arab World when everybody knows small d democracy is always, always taken over by monsters? They must be 'expendible' in the end. Otherwise we would export something that works!

      Letting the Iranians get the Bomb is incomprehensible so why are we doing that? At the same time cutting off Anti Missile Defense? At the same time we undercut Israel? And perfectly crazy, making war under a Doctrine like the Obligation to Protect? Then it is our dubious Allies we attack? No 'American Vital Interest' but make war anyway (call it Kinetic whatever but not 'war?') No, Progressives aren't stupid, they aren't crazy! They are Domestic Enemies!

    3. Tommy Davis Hot Spri says:

      Why are we not hearing protest from our Congress regarding these offenses by the President? Should not some of these charges be submitted as impeacable?

    4. Pete in Northern Wis says:

      Here is a new rallying cry for our cause. Progressives(leftists) are trying to save an ideology. Conservatives are trying to save a nation. Use as you like.

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