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  • Shocker: Obama Administration's Worksite Audit Program Results in More Illegal Immigrants Staying in the U.S.

    Job seekers line up for jobs at Citi Field in Queens in New York

    As I wrote in April 2009 and in July 2010, “The Obama Administration’s worksite audit policy is resulting in illegal immigrants simply moving to different jobs elsewhere in America.” In today’s Wall Street Journal, that outcome is confirmed in spades.

    The story details what happened to the roughly 1,200 illegal immigrants terminated in Minnesota after a worksite audit occurred at two companies, Chipotle Mexican Grill and Harvard Maintenance. A representative of the union that covered most of the workers noted that “most workers stayed in the area and began hustling for other work.” A survey of 200 terminated illegal immigrants found that “only 6% were seriously considering returning to their countries of origin.” Equally troubling: During their time in the United States, the 200 illegal immigrants gave birth to a total of 760 children subject to birthright citizenship.

    The story notes that the Obama Administration has roughly 1,000 active audits across the United States. That means more terminated illegal immigrants who simply remain in America during a time of heightened unemployment, more children born here, and less attrition through deportation.

    And that is what President Barack Obama considers a “tougher” immigration policy. A wiser approach would include: 1) increased and robust support provided for state and local collaboration through the 287(g) and Secure Communities programs; 2) enhanced workplace enforcement through the promotion of E-Verify; and 3) implementation of the Intelli­gence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 and the REAL ID Act of 2005.

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    14 Responses to Shocker: Obama Administration's Worksite Audit Program Results in More Illegal Immigrants Staying in the U.S.

    1. Mo Kingston MA says:

      As a young man I studied logic. As an adult I have marveled at all the folks who would teach me that there is a wisdom with no logic. Now as an old man I find I still love logic. Heritage is logical. Thank you.

    2. DEC says:

      What a waste of time then. How about deporting those found and fired for not being in compliance while the audit is being done? Seems like a pretty simple idea. Whats the point otherwise? Typical of O-shama, walking around in circles around the enforcement of our immigration laws!

    3. Bobbie says:

      Let's see. No one of authority to enforce the law to deportation? I respect people coming to America legally, it gives the impression they respect the laws and want to live in freedom. But it seems the illegals and American government of no responsibility, have an understanding and refuse to follow the laws everyone else is expected to! Doing nothing for HUMANITARIAN purposes but BUILDING RESENTMENT!

      Disgusted with this WEAK GOVERNMENT CONDUCT of corruption, discrimination, bias, and favoritism. This isn't leadership of America!

    4. Diane Pagen, New Yor says:

      Dear Matt:

      The discussion that needs to be had is how to reconcile the mainstream opinion that we need to fire undocumented immigrants and deport them en masse (which will also prevent them from having children here), with the fact that humans whatever there economic circumstances spur economic activity. Every so-called anchor baby (I prefer to call them Americans) will put a million dollars into the U.S. economy as his parents will have to clothe him, feed him, house him. The money this costs goes into the economy creating jobs and spending. If we follow the fired worker from his place of work once fired, we will see he will resolutely look for a way to support his family (thereby proving he shares traditional family values with U.S. conservatives); if all doors are closed to him and his children he may show up at an agency to get food stamps for his children (also proving his parental responsibility to not let his kids go hungry). An October 2010 study by Giovanni Peri of UCal at Davis shows that immigration to the U.S. creates a positive incentive for companies to stay in the U.S. Does knowing this modify your opinion that immigrants need to be kicked out for the good of the economy?

      Thanks, Diane Pagen

    5. Carol,AZ says:


      Your form N.Y and know the horror of the incineration of over 3000 Americans burn to death in the WW Towers.

      If your also wondering there, if one has something to do with the other; (i.e. illegal work force vis smuggling of humans for greed and profit) here's a short history lesson that you won't find in the report, from G. Peri, @ U. of Cal, @ Davis.

      There are three other video to this investagation but this one speak directly the point you have made about the labor force.

      To; HF Please embed the video, when I cut and pasted , it would not come up.


      Re: http://www.oneoldvet.com

    6. Bobbie says:

      Diane says: Does knowing this modify your opinion that immigrants need to be kicked out for the good of the economy?

      If what you're comment says were true, the fed, state, city, local governments wouldn't be providing for them causing unfair costs, tax increases and burdens to others. You're speculative. As time has past many years, there should be examples of millions of illegal immigrants adding to the economy, why is it so bad? How much are they adding that isn't more of a loss? Where's your proof?

    7. Tommy says:

      Hey Obama!!!! Want to win the hearts of America? Round up the Illegals and throw them out of the Country! Wouldn't you like to be Re-elected in 2012? Something tells me I might be on to something here.

    8. AmericanSamoa says:

      What is needed now????

      It is time for violence, we Have no other help and No other choice. The traitors from both parties have sold a good old America to 3d world pundits that basically doing what they want here..

      As much as I hate the word… THE TIME IS FOR VIOLENCE!!!

      Arm and fight!!!

    9. James, NY says:

      Illegal aliens (yes aliens, not undocumented workers) are invaders. They have invaded the country and yet the government still feels the need to take care of them. Invaders should have no rights and should be treated like the enemy. How are they helping the economy with 15 of them living in one house, sharing one car? They exploit the system and take money out of it to send back home. Don't feed me crap that they do jobs Americans don't want to. They are infesting trades like carpentry, HVAC, and electrical.

      Now before the liberals jump down my throat, I am a firm believer in legal immigration and people wanting to better themselves. My family came here through Ellis Island. I expect illegals to follow the same rules, not anchor babies.

    10. kgsode wheaton IL says:

      I was born in the USA and I will say this With the way work is going I needed help and I was turned down So I must be the wrong coler If you are white you will not get help

      send all illegals back do not let them stay do not give them hand outs and or medical coverage people that live and belong in the USA need the help So help by sending the illegals do the right thing thank you

    11. Howard, AZ says:

      I hear a great sucking sound….seems to me it is taking the prosperity of the land and sending it south of the border leaving us high and dry.

    12. Edward says:

      this is not 100 % truth… Obama administration has deported more than 1 million illegals immigrants.. more than bush admin… why u don't mention anything about this?.. they are trying to generate employees by deporting these people..

    13. Bobbie says:

      Your last sentence doesn't make sense. But as to the rest of what you write Edward, tell that to the faces of the families who've been robbed, raped and rampaged by the likes of illegals! The victims who have been killed in accidents and intentional murders from illegals! All who choose to come here have to come legally or be reprimanded severely and deported to deter their mind from attempting another illegal crossing.

    14. Bobbie says:

      If it saves one life, it's worth enforcing!!!!!!!

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