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  • Morning Bell: Harry Reid Chooses Shutdown Over Responsibility

    You would think liberals in Congress have nothing better to do with their time. Amid a war in Libya, an effort to aid earthquake and tsunami-stricken Japan, a continuing war in Afghanistan, rising gas prices and endless unemployment, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and the Democratic leadership in the U.S. Senate are refusing to accept a modest agreement to fund the federal government through the end of the fiscal year. And time is running short. What’s Senator Reid wrangling over? A mere $51 billion in additional budget cuts, which amounts to a few days of government deficit spending.

    But Reid’s stonewalling isn’t just about dollars and cents, or saving federal funding for a Cowboy Poetry Festival. Reid and the Democrats in Congress are setting the groundwork for a partial government shutdown so they can attempt to lay the blame at the feet of the Tea Party and Republicans in Congress and gain politically. They’re simply putting electoral politics over the business of our nation.

    As it stands today, Congress has until April 8 to reach an agreement on a long-term budget through the end of FY 2011, pass another short-term stopgap budget, or face a partial government shutdown. It might seem shocking that our representatives would cut it so close. But to understand how we got here, it’s important to know where we’ve been.

    Last May, then-House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) announced that, for the first time since 1974, the House would not pass a budget resolution. Never in modern history had a Congress ignored this basic mandated responsibility. Rather than stem the tide of big government spending, liberals in Congress opted to burn through borrowed cash as they pleased with no end in sight. But with the rise of the Tea Party movement and the November elections, the American people voiced their opposition to the big spending ways. They wanted Congress to get control of the budget.

    Enter the 112th Congress and H.R. 1, the House Republicans’ FY 2011 budget which cut spending by $61 billion. It passed the House some 39 days ago, and yet under Reid’s leadership, the Senate has done nothing to move that bill forward or offer any serious alternative, for that matter. In the meantime, the House has passed two stopgap spending measures to temporarily fund the government, waiting for Reid to get his chamber in order.

    So what are the Senate Democrats really up to? One doesn’t need to read tea leaves, hire a psychic or consult a magic eight ball. Yesterday, Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) gave America some insight into his party’s game plan. The Washington Examiner reports that on a conference call yesterday, Schumer, without realizing reporters were already listening, instructed his fellow Democratic senators to tell the reporters that the GOP is refusing to negotiate. According to the Examiner, Schumer ”told the group to make sure they label the GOP spending cuts as ‘extreme.’” That is what “the caucus instructed [Schumer] to do last week.”

    The spending cuts, though, are anything but extreme. As House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) said yesterday, “Chuck Schumer did us a favor, he exposed their tactic. … He’s basically instructing his members to deem any spending cut unreasonable —  any spending cut … So clearly they are not serious.” The Senate Democrats’ inaction combined with their rhetoric means one thing: they want a government shutdown at all costs, and they want to blame it on Republicans. Their end goal: more spending and supposed political gain.

    Yesterday, former Democrat National Committee (DNC) Chairman Howard Dean told the audience at a National Journal Insider’s Conference: “If I was head of DNC, I would be quietly rooting for it…I know who’s going to get blamed – we’ve been down this road before.” Dean continued: “From a partisan point of view, I think it would be the best thing in the world to have a shutdown.”

    Reid’s inaction, Schumer’s political gamesmanship and Dean’s blunt honesty tell the whole story. This is not about putting America on a smart fiscal path, it’s about putting Democrats on a preferred political path. But it won’t work.

    Reid and Democratic leadership in the Senate need to recognize that they have a job to do. As Majority Leader Cantor said: “We’ve got bigger things to deal with. Time is up here.” And with a $1.6 trillion deficit, cuts to non-defense discretionary spending are desperately needed. President Barack Obama, too, should show his face and weigh in on the stalemate. The president has been wrongly applauded for remaining silent by a complicit media; now is the time to show leadership. He can not continue to ’vote present’ as he has throughout his career. And in anticipation of a partial shutdown, Congress should pass a Department of Defense appropriations bill to ensure that our military is fully funded.

    Last November, the American people cast their vote for fiscal responsibility and a limited government that lives within its means. The many voices of the Tea Party are not entirely satisfied with a modest $61 billion in cuts. But they know that we need to make these substantive cuts and move on to the business of the next year’s budget, where more reform will be possible. The Tea Party is not the problem.

    For almost two months, they have watched many of their elected representatives play politics, rather than play ball. Senator Reid, it’s time to do the right thing. Stop the political games and get to work so the government can keep fully operating and Congress can get on with the people’s business.

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    97 Responses to Morning Bell: Harry Reid Chooses Shutdown Over Responsibility

    1. Pete, Houston Texas says:

      I am certainly good with shutting down the government and we should start with the Senate. Put them on non paid furlough for non action.

    2. George Colgrove VA says:

      This is the mindset of the federal workforce: Thrift Savings Plan (one of the few cumulative ways federal workers can build up a fine retirement and quickly!)

      From the federal workers TSP website: “Don't walk away from free money! – If you are a FERS employee, your agency matches your contributions — up to 4% if you contribute 5% each pay period. Furthermore, when you add the Agency Automatic (1%) Contributions to your matching contributions, you'll double your 5% investment instantly.”

      You see, their inherent nature it to disregard the taxpayer and their plight in the compensation argument. They say, “Don’t walk away from FREE money!” This money IS NOT FREE. People who have NO benefits, living from paycheck to paycheck are forced to pay the IRS to fund this “FREE MONEY!” These feds have absolutely no idea what their massive and negative impact on this country is. These "Agencies" do not produce a thing to make money!

      “FERS is a retirement plan that provides benefits from three different sources: a Basic Benefit Plan, Social Security, and the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). “

      We all will get Social Security (and if you believe that, I have a bridge . . .), so I set that aside in this comparison. Obviously, the theory goes that the more money you make, the more you contribute, and the more you get back.

      Other than Social Security, the federal workers get a two – tier retirement system – all paid for by tax dollars paid by people who are losing their jobs, their homes and for the lucky one only their benefits due to high taxes and policies set and implemented by those federal workers.

      Tier 1 – A basic benefit plan. This is funded by only 0.8% of the federal worker’s salary. For most feds (there are several special cases with limited scope I will not get into) the annual retirement payment is 1% of the average of the federal worker’s top three annual earnings times the number of years they worked for the feds. If you retire at the Minimum Retirement Age ( for most federal workers this is 57) the percentage is 1%. This percentage goes up to 1.1% if you retire at or after 62. This is a life time bebefit!

      Tier 2 – The Thrift Savings Plan. This is a 401K like system where feds get matching funds from the taxpayer for up to 5% of their earnings to put into a retirement investment vehicle administered by the feds. This is difference from private sector plans, in that feds automatically get 1% of their earnings of “free” money that goes into their account without a corresponding contribution. For those who wish to contribute, they can get additional matching funds from the taxpayer. The first 3% of their incomes gets 100% matching funds. The next 2% gets 50% matching funds. However, considering the quote above, when the taxpayer is covering the 1% “Agency Contribution” in addition to the matching funds, the federal worker is actually getting 100% matching funds on that 5%. Good private sector 401K plans provide 100% matching funds for the first 3% and 50% for the next 3%. Not too many private sector employees get this high level of benefit.

      Here is the “dirt”

      - Average Private Sector Employee earnings = $51,000 (2010 numbers – household incomes in 28 states went down in recent months)

      - Average federal worker earnings = $82,000 (2010 numbers – federal workers went up a little in 2011)

      - IRS Limit on retirement contributions = $16,500

      The best 401K Private sector provides the average private sector employee $1,500 (first 3%) + $765 (second 3%) = $2,295 – based on average Private Sector earnings.

      The TSP provides the average federal worker $820 (for doing nothing) + $2,460 (first 3%) + $765 (next 2%) = $4,100 – based on average federal worker earnings.

      If a private sector employee (best plan) maxes out the IRS limit, their total annual contribution (employee and company) will be $18,795 or an instant return on investment of 13.9%. If the employee sticks to the 6% range, the instant return on the investment is 75%. Mind you, most private sector employees will never see this kind of benefit. Most who can afford to invest, will not be getting matching funds from their employer.

      If a federal worker maxes out the IRS limit, their total annual contribution (worker and taxpayer) will be $20,600 or an instant return on investment of 24.8%. If the worker sticks to the 5% range, the instant return on investment is 100%. All new federal workers or one that switched to FERS will get this benefit – footed 100% by the taxpayer.

      Incidentally, if you assume the federal worker gets 90% of the private sector employee earnings (or $45,900), the above calculations for the total contribution and return on investment for the 401K and the TSP come out exactly the same. After maxing out the IRS limit, the net earnings would be lower for the fed, in this case by $5,100. The taxpayer is also providing a supplemental pension to compensate (see below). Remember the federal worker used to be paid less, and was provided a more generous benefit package to compensate for that lower pay. Well, their average pay went way up by nearly 100% in the last two decades – with no corresponding changes to this lucrative retirement benefit!

      Not only will nearly all the federal workers get the lucrative TSP, it does not end there! The federal worker also gets a pension on top of their TSP. Something a private sector employee wont. They contribute only 0.8% (or $656 annually for the average federal worker’s earnings). Let us assume the average federal worker retires at the age of 57 and at the average pay of $82,000. To estimate the 3-year average you can apply a factor of 92% (just what I have experienced in my life) so the 3-year average may be $75,440. You need a minimum of 20 years to retire. This results in an annual pension benefit of $15,088 or a return on investment of 2,200% for the last year investment to first year retirement payment!! The fed also gets a supplement on top of that that will pay what social security would pay for the duration between retirement and when Social Security kicks in. This can be upwards of $9,000 to $10,000 for the average federal worker– this is essentially “free” money provided by the taxpayer and can further enhance that return on investment to 3,572%. There is no investment vehicle that requires the federal worker to pay for the supplement benefit. (Yes, that is in thousand percent.)

      A fed will likely get this pension benefit for more years than they worked! There is no way an annual payment of $656 (not considering that the first annual payment would likely be only $160) would yeild a permanent payout of over $15,000 a year!

      49% of the TSP investments are in the non-marketable US-treasury bonds (G-Fund), guaranteed by the taxpayer. They are free of loss. The feds also have a choice of three stock market plans and a debt market plan. The feds knowing what they are doing to the American taxpayer obviously knows the best plan to go with. Considering federal regulations enforced by those federal workers are killing the stock market and opportunities each of us could have. The return on the TSP G-Fund is similar to the return on 401K municipal bond plans. Therefore, this is an apple-to-apple comparison, except that federal workers are covered by the taxpayer if their fund goes into negative territory, and the 401K holder may actually lose money if the bond market takes a hit. In this case, the taxpayer gets a double hit if both the treasury bonds (federal worker) and the municipal bond market(private sector employee) take a hit!

      When maxing out the IRS retirement contribution limits, the average federal worker has 10% more retirement contribution power over the private sector employee – with money provided by the private sector employees. Private Sector employee’s total earnings are 62% of that of a federal worker. After maxing out the IRS contribution limits, the private sector employee’s net earnings ends up being 53% of the federal worker’s net earnings. The sad reality is that after the average federal worker maxes out their retirement contribution; their net earnings are still $14,500 more than the private sector employee’s gross earnings!

      This is one example of excessive federal spending. Do you see why we are in this economic mess? We need to start thinking! We need to root these feds out. In every way, they are hurting the country of ours! They say this was a contract and that contract has to be honored. Well it was the feds who signed those contracts with themselves! Where was the Taxpayer’s union in all of this? We the taxpayers are supplying the cash to pay for this! We are the boss, and no one included us in the negotiations! Taxpayer organizations did try to educate us years ago. However, I fear it takes a disaster to wake people up. This pay and benefit inequity debate has been going on since the early 1990’s. That summary above is a result of pouring over massive amounts of contrived forms, documents and various explanations of the FERS system. The feds fear coming out with a simple explanation of what they do. They obfuscate with hopes that the complacent taxpayer does not bother to ask more questions or to comb through all of the pointless and needless minutia they put in front of us. Worse, they refuse to consider where all that FREE cash is coming from.

    3. sb2009 says:

      OMG!!! This is still LAST year's budget! As far as I am concerned, this current "government" could-SHOULD shut down for all the good they are doing!!

    4. ThomNJ says:

      I can live with funding the military and shutting down the rest of government for a spell. I think it is long past the time when we need a real fight in Congress, but I have to admit that I do not have faith in the Republicans to make an effective stand. The budget is nothing short of a target rich environment. There are tons of earmarks, subsidies and entire departments that could be cut and NO ONE WOULD NOTICE other than those directly getting rich off of this theft of taxpayer monies.

    5. Mike Grandy, Virgini says:

      The tactics of Reid and company should not be any surprise; this has always been their goal: To spend more and dare conservatives to stop them. Who is going to blink first, that's the question? I personally don't believe the Republicans will take a serious hit if they stick to their guns, their principles, and let a government shutdown occur if they can't convince the Democrats to cooperate. Let the Democrats become known as the new party of "NO," and jay birds like Dean shown up to be exactly what they are: Socialist extremists who will do anything they can to preserve their taxing and spending habits at the expense of the American taxpayer. Republicans should not compromise, and if the government shuts down, so be it….I believe the majority of Americans are willing to allow that to happen if it means the next step will be significant reductions in spending on programs Americans don't want or don't need — such as Obama-care!!

    6. Phillip Winter , Car says:

      Once again we must remember who put 'Reid into office–the unions–and that is where his loyalty lies. He could care less about the American People and the people of Nevada need to impeach him and get someone in there who is a good American interested in America's business not political gain for oneself or ones party. Good bye Harry Good bye.

    7. Robert, North Richla says:

      Senator Reid is not going to stop until we find someone with the guts to oppose him; fight him or at least stand up to him – making every single day in the Senate a battle. Let's give Schumer what they want – SHUT IT DOWN!

      When you offer your opponent [enemy] a compromise, and they laugh in your face, then you hit them with a sledgehammer. The paultry $61 billion in cuts should be off the table – and now the House should push for the full $100 billion; a vote on ANWR; remove all of the $105 billion for Obamacare; and cut off all funds for this Libya fiasco.

    8. toledofan says:

      This is just amazing to watch. The Democrats clearly aren't in favor of any cuts and it'so obvious that they are going to continue to make politcal hay rather that make America financially stable. The people like Reid, Shummer, Pelosi, Dean etc., are really pathetic and should be considered as traitors. In the Revolutionary days they would have been tarred and feathered and possibly thrown in jail or even shot. Could you imagine what the likes of someone like Samuel Adams would think of any of these so called politicans. The leadership in Washington has never been shallower.

    9. Paul Watson, Suffolk says:

      Even if the left allowed it to pass what is $61 billion in cuts? It's not what we need to truly recover from our fiscal irresponsiblity. I have yet to see either party address the root causes of our economic downturn. Spending they talk about but the way they address it is all wrong. They are only doing enough to "say" they are addressing the problem and not really taking the drastic "radical" measures that need to be taken to recover the economy.

    10. Dinah Garrison Fairb says:

      …"it's about putting Democrats on a preferred political path. But it won't work."

      I wish, but I think it WILL work. 1) Many people forget 2) Many people don't understand what is happening 3) Many people don't pay any attention, even those who would be voting a conservative direction. Democrats are louder. They don't hesitate to flat-out lie about issues. They were quite willing to skip even offering a budget for this year, just so they didn't have to account for their votes at election time last November. They obviously don't care about the country as much as their party. And Republicans are falling for the "divide and conquer" system between the basic party and the Tea Party that the Democrats are encouraging every inch of the way.

    11. RUTH SC says:

      I believe the left is treating the USA like Munchausen syndrome. In order to get the attention they so desperately want and need they are ready willing and able to destroy our country to get it. Maybe we have a bunch of leaders who need some serious help. How do you fight a run-a-way machine like the Democrats? We surly can't print more money, or borrow any more money, what now do we do? We need serious drastic measures to cut the budget, til we get a handle on our country's spending fiasco. Every American should be on the phone, or internet, or send telegrams if need be, to reach the politicians who are responsible for the budget and let them know we need them to do their jobs, or move over and let those who can and will do the job have a shot at it. Drastic times call for drastic measures. WAKE UP AMERICA God Bless our country.

    12. Doubleace62 says:

      Harry Reid is, was and always will be a loser. Some people in this world are put here as an obstacle. Obviously Harry reid is one of them. If you check his record you will see he has only benefited special interest groups. He has don nothing for the average American citizen.

    13. Christopher Popham S says:

      And so Harry Reid, the "cowboy poetry" Democrat leader of the Senate is going

      to deliberately allow this government….. our country to shut down.

      How patriotic can you get, Mr. Reid?

      $51, $61 or $100 billion in spending cuts is an insult to the intelligence of all those

      who voted last November. The two party system, the Tea Party, Boehner, Cantor

      and Shumer…..all blind to the outcome of their inane rhetoric and failure to heal

      and repair the economy of this once great nation.

      We are on the cusp of the 21st Century American Revolution, my fellow Americans.

      These aging, inept and corrupt oligarchs have dragged this once great nation down

      to where we are today, and we allow them to persist in their end game of the

      destruction of the United States. Are you paying attention?

      Good luck, America.

    14. Mary............WI says:

      Clearly to me democrats/liberals/progressives/unions are holding this country/states hostage. They continually have their temper tantrums and point the finger at others because they are too corrupt to man up to thier own wrong doings and incompetencies. I hope the Tea Party prevails in every way as they seem to be the only ones with any common sense.

    15. Linda, Tennessee says:

      It would seem to me the democrats need to be hit in the pocketbook. I would venture to say a government shutdown would not affect their pay. Maybe that is where we need to go with this. If the government shuts down then they don't get paid either. I know they probably have more money then they will spend in their lifetime, but it might possibly wake them up a little bit.

    16. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Well stated Mike. The reason I became politically active is for the reasons stated in your article. The more I study history and listen to my 90 year old dad the more I am convinced politicians can't see beyond their noses and have never read a history book. My bigger concern is the Federal Reserve and its impact on the United States. All the rhetoric about the deficit is moot until the "Fed" is audited, made accountable, and perhaps eliminated. The "Fed" is really a bad idea.

    17. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      The big difference between the Democrats & Republicans is that Harry, Pelosi & Barry O. will stand up for their goals. It took an entire year, while our troops were being killed, our country was going into debt and social redistribution of wealth was occuring, but the Democrats focused on health care. What do the Republicans focus on…getting re-elected.

      There is no Republican leadership…Harry & Barry O. realize this and will continue to control – even without the votes.

    18. Harry Snyder Tempera says:

      It is becoming more and more evident that the Democrats want continuing annual deficits of over a trillion dollars even though they know very well that by 2016 or so the national debt will become a critical national burden. And if interest rates rise significantly, payment of the annual interest will become the major budget item, crowding out (surprise!!) defense, and affecting adversely the "entitlements"

      The result could be a culmination of the "Cloward/Piven strategy, and Ms Piven is still out there touting her theory.


    19. STEVE says:

      I used to love reading your articles, I felt they were an unbiased perspective on the status of America. But since Obama has been President your articles have started to sound like sound bites from Fox (opinion) news.

    20. bill r says:

      Your article is right, however, the democrats will never change because they win elections by buying votes with programs for specail interest groups to get votes. This country is in a mess, high energy prices and going higer, clothing and food costs going out of site, interest rates will start to go up and yet we continue to spend money that we borrow from other countries. I live in social security and now there will not be an icrease in 3 years,however, my electical bill, my water bill, my property taxes, my card gas and etc continues to go up. I do not have a printing press and can just print some more money, i can only spend what is coming in so i have to cut something out and reduce my standard of living.

      Senior citizens on socail security will not get a raise because it is based on the cost living, however, the formula does not include the the increase in gas and food and clothing so therefore no increase. However the formula used to governemnet , congress and senate is passed on the cost of living including gas, food, and cloths. See the policticans take care of them selves ans screw the people.. I say shut down the government and make them stop spending money and live with what comes in.

    21. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      What chance does the USA have in the long run, as long as there are moronic voters who continue to re-elect self-serving anti-americans such as Reid and Shumer and Pelosi and Boxer and… ad nauseam?

      These voters cannot possibly see what is at stake! These "Progressives" have become drunk with the power of their positions and want to rule over us. The average voter believes their conniving blather and are unable to "think" beyond the words they hear.

      The Constitution is an impediment which Democratic-Liberal-Progressive-Socialists are succeeding in relegating to irrelevancy. If we, as citizens of this great country, don't find a way to stop these destroyers of our country and our freedoms, there will be no "great" America. There will only be remnants such as the references found in history books for Rome and Greece and other once great regimes. Even then, they might obliterate any mention of America in history books lest some future generation begin to "think" again. "Rulers" cannot tolerate people who are able to think and decide independently.

      The Progressives= (Democrats, Liberals) have been driving nails into the coffin of America and are smelling victory in FUNDAMENTALLY changeing the USA.


    22. A. Terranova, Ormond says:

      I, for one, am weary of all this stupidity. There are so few of our national "leaders" who sincerely want to put a halt to government spending, bailouts, etc. that it is heartbreaking. Yet that is the reality. Regardless of whether or not the government "shuts down", I believe we have taken the road that leads to perdition. Our nation has strayed far from its founding principles and Americans are being used by those in power as weapons for the purpose of dividing us into classes. Yes, Marxist socialism is here and working ever so surreptitiously and seductively to entrap us into believing the horrific lie that government is the means toward achieving the answer to all ours problems when, in fact, it is the source of our problems. Our liberty and freedoms, unabashedly and illegally usurped by a president and his administration who believe they are above the laws of our land, will never be recovered. But in the face of this heinous onslaught, many of us persist in the mindless belief that all is well in our land. The day of reckoning will surely come and we will be caught off guard because we have been far too concerned with listening and watching the talking heads who give us their "take" on what is and what is not the truth. The truth is staring us in the face and screaming out for us. The watchword is: RECONSIDER before it's too late.

    23. Vickie Griffith, San says:

      Government shutdown is going to happen. The Republicans need to get the message out to the American People. The Republicans can't change those Democrats. They are socialists. Republicans can't keep doing those Continuous Resolutions and giving into the Democrats. We voted the Republicans in to Repeal the Healthcare Bill and to stop that Cap and Trade Bill or like they say Cap and Tax. I am tired of this! The Republicans have no backbone! I want my country back!

    24. Inverbrass, Kansas says:

      Shutting it down will cause less damage than passing any legislation that might come before it. We need to call a time out like parents do with immature, petulant children. Reed and fellow liberals lend support to those species that eat their young.

    25. Gary Brubaker, Sr. says:

      It is time for the American Public to see what the real reason is for the uncoming shutdown….the refusal of the Democratically controlled Senate to pass the miniscule cuts to try to get some reduction in our debt. By blaming the Republicans and they not really responding to the allegation, the Democrats have taken the blame off thier backs and placed on the quiet Republicans and allowedd the media to feed the lie. What the Senate Republicans need to do is get their faces on TV and voices on radio and tell America just what the Democrats are planning. If the Republicans choose not to respond then we whould look for a new party to challenge the rule of this group. Remember that the Democratic Controlled Congress until this last January DID NOTHING TO RESOLVE THIS ISSUE. It is time for Americans to stand up and let the Senators know that we know who is to blame and they will definitely find out in 2012.

    26. KC - New Mexico says:

      This article reminded me of President Regan’s comments – “Government is the problem”. Mr. Reid, Mrs. Pelosi, and Mr. Obama are all examples of what President Regan talked about. Our country is in significant trouble regarding its spending and not being able to have a budget last year or a balanced budget going forward. Our “professional politicians” are not helping this country because they are too concerned about their own political hide.

      I heard Governor Johnson (NM) on Fox Friends this morning. He made a simple comment that holds a lot of weight. The politicians in office today need to do the right thing regarding the budget, and if they get voted out in 2012 – so what – they did the right thing for America.

      Shutting down government may be the right answer, but all those who earn wages from the government should also not receive wages during this time. Comments have been made recently that also make sense, cut Medicare, Medicaid, and strengthen SS so that those who need the help get the help. Cutting out fraud would save considerable tax dollars. Our current government wastes an incredible amount of money on spending where there is not return.

      It is time for real leaders to step up and do the right things for this country.

    27. Bill, Land O Lakes, says:

      We can blame a lot of this fiasco on the people of Nevada for reelecting Reid to the Senate.

    28. Ken Allison, Tyler says:

      Of course Harry will do the "right thing" just as he has always done. It's just that it will be the "right thing" for a self-serving statist and have nothing to do with what is beneficial to the citizens of the United States.

      I have little confidence in the compromising Republican "leadership" even trying to hold the line either as they are also more interested in personal power than restoring the Republic. This debate should be about a return to limited Constitutional government and eliminating all transfer payment programs.

      The only voice for this approach comes from the Paul family. And how are these principled men received by the "conservatives"? Labeled as fringe loonies. Where is the hope for our grandkids?

    29. Bill W. Robison says:

      These good "old boys" just do not get it. Their arrogance against the american people will get them in 2012. I thought for sure that Reid would be histroy in the last election.

    30. Karl says:

      As this game continues, think about what is happening. The real cuts need to come in the 2012 budget, where they can include entitlements and defense. If the Democrats continue this cherade, they are delaying the real work where we will have a chance to get serious. We need the debate now, before the elections, and in time to let the American people get behind it.

    31. Rick, KS, now retire says:

      I concur with the article completely, though I do disagree with the Dems belief that they will win politically with a shut down. I don't think so, not this time, We The People have awoken, we are paying much closer attention.

      I read an article at American Thinker yesterday, talking about the damage estimates for Japan. Experts were estimating 200 – 250 billion US dollars damage, with one (of the 3) saying it could go as high as 309 billion. It talked about the costs of Katrina, and the Kobe earthquake back when. Japan's is right at the top of the list.

      The author then rather eloquently pointed out that in just the month of February 2011, our deficit was 232 billion. In one month we are borrowing as much as the total of the worst natural disaster.

      No, I think the Dems are in for a surprise, or more accurately, another one. We flexed our muscles last November, and we all know that was just a warm up round.

    32. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      The Dems are rolling the dice! This is one of their last chances to put a nail

      in the coffin of the Repbs, and in particular The Tea Party, if the government shuts down. They are convinced the blame will not fall on them.

      The comments of Chuck-U Schumer yesterday should prove to most Americans what the Dem tactics will be for 2012. As always, the biggest problem is most people do not take time to search for the truth. They listen or read the main stream leftist media outlets because it's convenient. That's exactly what the Dems are depending on. The media continues to lie and distort the facts to protect Obama and the Democrat Party.

      More and more of our citizens are awake to what the Obama led Dems are

      attempting to do to our country. The question is will in be enough and in time to stop this all out assult on this nation.

    33. Roger / Clarence, NY says:

      America's only hope of salvation out of the mees we have gotten ourselves into is to – as a nation – fall on our faces before God Almighty, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, and to confess before Him our national sins – as well as personal sins of rebellion, and repent (make a 180 degree turn) and come back to Him through His only begotten Son, the Lord, Jesus Christ. He brought forth this country through our God-fearing forefathers who came to these shores. But as all nations before us, we have sunk into the abyss of immorality; having forsaken the God who brought our nation into being. In fact, we have, as a nation, demanded that HE "get out!" We have earned the wages of our just desserts!

    34. Turner, Massachusett says:

      Shut it down and care for those in need until Congress gets real. Make the ponzi scheme come to an end.

    35. AWM -NW Indiana says:

      Calling on Reid to "do the right thing" is certainly a major waste of breath. He never has, nor will he.His interests are purely political; as are the interests of the great majority of politicians of BOTH parties presently in place.

      An elected official truly serving the people, would take immediate action:i.e., no more CR without the promised (and almost laughable!) $60B cut.

      (Rather we have each pursuing a course based upon a design which emphasizes the continuation of their Washington career…)

      Come on, Heritage! You are mincing words and being drawn into playing their game!

      Following the fantasy set of rules Congress plays by only prolongs the agonies suffered by those of us who know and understand that this nation will only survive if we hold them to the rule of law set down in the document upon which we were founded!

      Marquess of Queensberry is out- the Constitution is in!

    36. donna tuscaloosa ala says:

      well written and shows insight into the politics that the dems are playing

      i think the tea party's mandate is a good guideline for all americans to follow, regardless of party.

      Heritage keep up the good work. i think your voice is so important for our country.

      the further politicians get from their constitutients/platform on which they ran, the more they need to be reminded. curb excess government spending and control, power back to the state level wherever possible, seal our borders.

    37. Steve Cafaro Fort My says:

      It becomes obvious that the only solution to our ineffective and inefficient government is to shut the whole system down and start anew with a viable plan that will place America back on a path to renewed growth and prosperity. A shut down would very painful, but I sense it would be less trumatic than the fate that awaits us if the Democrats, Republicans and their insane lobbyists continue in the self-serving initiatives that have bankgrupted America. Shut it down!

    38. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      President Obama is actually 'Precident' Obama and the precident all the Demo-crats are following is their new super weapon "Walk Away!" This fact of Democrats not producing a budget is the 111th Congress Unconstitutionally usurping the power of and wasting the time of the 112th! Look these are High Crimes! The Constitution Demands, it doesn't suggest. Now that I understand their Tactic "Walk Away" I can see this Sorcery that seems to elude everybody else.

      Every time 'Precident' Obama gets away with another High Crime that's the de facto erosion of our Constitution. We have seen the Agencies cross Congress, legislating Carbon, legislating failures all over the place! I suppose our Union Government Workers are going to "Walk Away" like in Wisconsin, as if they had no Oath. What happens to American when our Oaths of Office don't mean anything?

      If the Unions were usurped by Communists then our 'loyal' public servants walk off the job? It damages America? That is a Constitutional High Crime and Conspiracy. We know for a fact the Commies took over the Unions "For Social Justice" as Union Leaders have said. Gosh! You research these leaders and it is a nest of card carrying Socialists and Cold War Enemies Of The State! Sorcery! I tell you!

    39. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Oh yeah! Crazy spending Extremists call us extremists because we are too conservative? Like "Hey don't go off the cliff!" is too extreme, we should say "Off the cliff!" and that would be reasonable.

    40. Jayne in Scottsdale says:

      Had Reid and his cronies performed as congressional leaders in the 111th session all this nonsense would be moot.

      $51 billion at today's spending rate is about ten days. Anyone besides me have a problem with that?

      As to the fortune being spent in Libya, we have frozen approximately 31 billion of Gaddafi's money here. I believe, prior to releasing same, we should deduct all costs of our Libyan war effort.

      Lastly, is there any person in the DNC who can speak without a script? They all say the same thing, and the unfortunate excuse of a media group merely repeats it without any truth as to why. Now that's extreme.

      Mr Obama is on TV as I write this, he's at the Georgetown game. How nice for him.

    41. Roger TN says:

      The Republican Party seems have a total lack of communications skills. Inform the public just what a government shutdown means followed by a description of what this excessive spending means. I like the idea of really shutting down the Congress and WH until a budget agreement is reached.

    42. DJ Golio-Scarsdale, says:

      The behavior of our elected Democrats is both disgraceful and harmful to our great nation. When does their madness end? In Wisconsin and Indiana we had elected state Demorcrats flee their own home states rather than provide the quorum needed to vote on vital budget legislation in their home states. This consistent deplorable behavior by our elected officials will ultimately bring our country to it's knees. The Tea Party was born to change this "politics as usual" and the Democrat machine is attempting to discredit the new movement with lies.

    43. Kevin H, college par says:

      That's pretty funny. You would also think the new conservative majority in the House might have better things to do than spends weeks on NPR, Planned Parenthood, Mortgage Modification programs, and all the other programs they are spending day after day passing useless bills that will create ZERO jobs and will go nowhere in the Senate.

      The House Republicans haven't passed a single job bill. All they have passed are bill that would stall the recovery that Democrats were able to create after he failed Republican policies yet again but our economy in danger.

      It is just a mere 51b, so I presume heritage would be fine with cutting all teh spending in tax expenditures. We can fill a 1 trillion dollar hole by doign away with tax expenditures. Martin Feldstein, who was Reagan's chief economic advisor, says the first place to look for spending cuts shodul be tax expenditures, yet the Republicans have yet to put that on the table.

      What does Heritage think? I have to imagine, since they've drifted to radically right, they want to continue spending 1 trillion a year on tax expenditures, is that correct?

    44. Richard Dooley NH says:

      The Republicans need to have the backbone to stand firm not only on these proposed cuts, but on re-structuring social security, eliminating the NEA, NPR,

      and many other non essential govt. programs.

    45. Manny, New Jersey says:

      One way to answer Harry Reid and C. Schummer is to Reduce their offer of 20 Billion in Budget Cuts to the rediculous amount that it is in relation to The 1.4 Trillion that is Budget the Administration is proposing.

    46. Jim, CT says:

      Shut it down. They'll cause fewer problems.

    47. Frank, Florida says:

      It's short term political gaming as usual in Congress, especially on the Democratic side. The financial health of the nation is being held hostage. Voters need to wake up and vote more of the career politicians out of office next election. That is the only thing they understand, and some of them don't really care either. I fear some of them even WANT to see the USA collapse financially and they are really traitors at heart. All the better for their socialist/elite One World Order agenda.

      How much blood, sweat & toil has been expended to make this nation #1 in the world? And in one generation it is all on the verge of being lost!

    48. Steven Coy Westminst says:

      Republican's should be beating the drum's right now on what the Democommies are doing and repeat it every hour till they do the right thing. As usual I hear nothing except on the internet, where is the outrage over locking out a newspaper reporter who is a regular in the White House? I hear nothing, we will never get ahead with a group of silent so called leaders. Sound off loud and clear and fight fire with More Fire. If this group that we just put into office dosen't do what they said they would do then the only alternative is to Lock and Load because voting dosen't WORK.

    49. Gregg H, Nashville T says:

      Good…shut it down. There are more than enough people watching what is going on and to tell you the truth, 51 billion from the Republicans is an insult to the people that voted in the last election. We need more like 500 billion….to start!!!

    50. Gene, Lake Stevens, says:

      Creating the Federal Reserve, establishing a floating currency, deregulation (eliminating Glass-Steagle), promoting credit vs. increasing real wages, sending jobs overseas, and our paranoid involvement in pushing democracy or rattling our military sword has brought us to the abyss…to name just a few of the reasons that our lawmakers will not be able to put Humpty back together again. At least not the 'Way We Were". It is time to forge a new path.

    51. Bonnie, The Villages says:

      For some reason the Democrats think that doing nothing is the answer. I hope the Government shuts down causing Americans to shine a light on the Democrats for their non actions. They think that by shutting down the Government and calling the Republicans "extremist" will help their party down the road. The Republicans are trying to do something about the deficit without getting any help from the Dems in the Senate. No action for the sake of their party instead of the American people versus action? Hmm, who is shutting down the Government? The answer is so obvious. Let them continue with their mantra of "extremist". This country has an extreme problem and it will take extreme measures if we are to have any success at all.

    52. paul duncan, lynn,ma says:

      Do not negotiate with terrorists! Please shut down this tyrannical wasteful excuse for a government for at least the next year or till November 2012. Thanks! The taxpayer!

    53. paul duncan, lynn,ma says:

      Please shutdown this wasteful government that no longer represents anyone with a real job!

    54. Bruce J. Kolinski says:

      Harry Reid and corrupt children like him are not the problem. Our problem in the U.S. is the voter, apparently large numbers of them, who are capable of voting for a Harry Reid or a card board cut-oyt like BHO. It will require decades of true education to overcome the Progressive dumbing down of our voter population. The possibility of our Constitutional Republic surviving this level of populace ignorance and apathy is slim.

    55. Disgusted , Illinois says:

      Untill a Republican of consequence ( Speaker of the House or Marco Rubio of the Senate ) faces the democratic regime's propaganda media (ABC,CBS,NBC and other left wing media ) and explains in plain every day terminology that the "man on the street" can relay to and understand and counter lies the likes of shumer,dean and reid spout their lies regarding these cuts, there WILL BE NO fiscal 2011 budgfet.It will be business as usual and the regime will have it's way and continue deficit spending of borrowed ( China's ) money.

    56. Norm LA says:

      The democrats have their right arm to portray the Reid proposed shut down, in the media as the Republicans’ fault. And what will Boehner and Co do? Cave. That is their track record and they have not shown any back bone that would say otherwise this year. The dems know that the Tea Party beat them last year and the fact is, if the dems continue, they are feeding the “giant”, which has become a strong force for the good, The Tea Party. And then there is the Community Organizer in Chief, who lives in luxury and goes on vacations charged to the very same people he has dismissed in favor of the unions. This do nothing for good, is running scared now for Nov 2012. Where was the democrat’s budget last year? There is no leadership in the democrat senate and house. Hey Mr. Boehner; get a spine and while you’re at it, hire a public relations expert as you are losing the game that is our future. And oh yes – Mr. Boehner you have not stopped Obamacare yet.

    57. Carol,AZ says:

      No: It's not shocking, that the Democratic representatives, "are cutting it so close" to grid lock our government into inaction;

      To further,cut the debt , come up with a budget and slash further,14 trillions we now call, ourselves Deficit America.

      Harry Reid along with his dead poet society utilize fear tactics all the time for the purpose of political impotency.

      The continued mind set of: "We have to pass the program to find out what's in it," (re: N. Pelosi on HC) should echo in your mind as a roar.

      The Dems come out fighting and in true form, without success to kill the messenger.

      In this case, the Tea Party.

      The old guard of Harry and his brethren, spear of influence is weakening and we can all smell the fear.

      The Tea Party movement and the Republican leadership refuse to accept $61, M dollars slashed in the current budget proposed.

      They are right.

      Other conservative ideas mentioned: to work towards a balance budget, (timeline) reinvest in American Buss, refuse to raise the debt ceiling, infuse the job market and kill health care.

      They have a plan.

      If you support to slash the current plan, contact your States elected by fax or voice mail. All States Gov't have the option. It's also a way to say "thank you" for our freedom.

      The mother load of debt we carry is a crucible that will destroy this counrty for any direction, we call America's future.

      After hearing N.Y. Rep. C. Shumer's comments per instructions from the Demo. caucus it disgusted me. His toxic remarks of anti-Americanism and political pandering in difiance to serve his counrty and New York State is the place we have arrived at, on so many issue the last two years.

      Citizens of New York, recall him and send him to the Bronx Zoo to hunt down the missing Cobra,

      His resume fits ; They both have poison coming out of their mouth.

      Thank you H.F, Mike Brownfield for the timely summary of America's state of the union. It's hardly over.

    58. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Awesome post George – should be required reading by Congress to let them know "we get it."

    59. Aaron, California says:

      I have bills; I have a check book; I have only so much money in the bank. Why can't our elected officials get that right?

    60. gary sheldon AZ says:

      There is NEVER a total gumMINT shutdown. The borrowing continues (from potential enemies of the Republic / at the behest of domestic enemies as well) and well deserved entitlements continue to be deposited. An undeserved entitlement would be paychecks for Soetoro, Tsars and those who continue to fail to respond to those who elected them or turn a deaf ear to their employers.

    61. George Colgrove VA says:

      Correction to my post above. . .

      Not only will nearly all the federal workers get the lucrative TSP, it does not end there! The federal worker also gets a pension on top of their TSP. Something a private sector employee would not. They contribute only 0.8% (or $656 annually or $25.23 per pay period for the average federal worker’s earnings). Let us assume the average federal worker retires at the age of 57 and at the average pay of $82,000. To estimate the 3-year high earnings average you can apply a factor of 92% (just what I have experienced in my life) so the 3-year high earnings average may be $75,440. You need a minimum of 20 years to retire. This results in an annual pension benefit of $15,088. Assuming a flat 30-year payout of that amount, you would need a $612,091.18 annuity at the time of retirement. The necessary return on investment on bi-weekly payments of $25.23 would need to be 32.96% over 20 years (principal would only be $6,055.20!). Truth is the annual payout is subjected to an annual COLA, which means the value of the total annuity at the time of retirement would need to be much higher and thus the return on investment would have to be greater! Let us see if the average private sector employee or for that matter anyone, not associated with the government get over $600 thousand dollars investing only $6 thousand over 20 years. I guess Hillary Clinton made $100,000 on a $1,000 in cow futures. The libs who hate capitalism, sure know how to game the system!

      Stop and think about this. This is the poison pill. Take a seat. There are 2.7 million +/- federal workers. The AVERAGE federal worker's pension exceeds the contributions by about $606,000 by the time at their retirement. This is a shortfall of $1,636 TRILLION – just for the federal workforce! We are not talking about the state and local pensions.

      God, I hope my numbers are wrong!

    62. Ron W. Smith, Provid says:

      Doesn't it bother you that in all the discussions of where and how much to cut spending "National Security" doesn't receive much attention? We spend on it more than the rest of the world COMBINED, more than $1 trillion annually.

      Doesn't it bother you that China spends only 18% of what we do on National Defense, one of the five areas comprising "National Security"? Doesn't it bother you that we spend 50 times as much on Intelligence than Great Britain does each year? Doesn't it bother you that no other country–or, for that matter, group of them–spends what we do on Nation Building or Veterans Affairs or strings-attached Foreign Aid designed to gain the cooperation of other countries?

      Doesn't it bother you at all that we, the world's biggest debtor nation, now with a 14+ trillion national debt and an annual federal deficit of about $1.5 trillion, keep making foreign policy decisions that force us into extravagance when thrift is called for? Doesn't it bother you that calls for thrift (spending cuts lately) end up targeting domestic programs of worth and importance first, when the obvious target with most room for cutting is "National Security"? It has no revenue source other than tax receipts, unlike Social Security (FICA) and Medicare (premiums), and it heals no one as Medicaid does. It doesn't accomplish long-delayed, MUCH needed upgrading of infrastructure–bridges, sewers, parks, highways, etc. It does nothing, in fact, but prop up our insistence, at taxpayers' expense, on being the world's leader through projection of our power everywhere (700+ military installations and major units around the world?).

      Isn't it appropriate for us to call time out on this extravagance well beyond the needs for solid National Defense until we're flush again and can resume squandering to support our giant military-industrial complex and our goal of hegemony?

      Shouldn't your representatives and senators know how you feel, and shouldn't you pressure them to act appropriately in the interest of fiscal sanity?

    63. KC - New Mexico says:

      George – thanks for the detail on federal employee funding/spending. This is a great point for getting rid of the union influence that has crippled our government. This is kind of spending that must be stopped. I wonder what would happen if the tax payers in America just stopped paying taxes (if it was possible). IRS is broken and the process is unfair to all tax payers. So bottom line –

      1. we need leadership to drive significant change in the budget and spending

      2. we need to get rid of governmental unions

      3. we need to get rid of IRS and replace this wasted process with a flat tax process.

    64. Charles Nystrom, Sum says:

      While it is clear the Senate has not responsibly responded to H.R. 1, it should be added that all offers have been verbal. The senate has not put any offer in writing much less written legislation. I suggest the House let it be known it is ready to negotiate only after the Senate passes its own version of 2011 budget cuts.

    65. Lee Farquharson, VA says:

      Conservatives should continue to fight and gain control of state legislators and govenorships. Once we control enough states, we can force constitutional amendments through to limit terms, set budget caps, and repeal the income tax amendment. We should also revoke the popular vote of senators and send that function back to the state governments.

    66. mike hutchings says:

      if you play with a snake…sooner or later you will get bite….reids comments stand along side those of chuck schumer when he stated in the well of the senate….we must defend our socialist revolution….these miniscule cuts represent a move on the high ground the left holds…..and as far as the tea party being extreme….if they are they find their reverse image in the socialist movement that cares not for the nation…but for creating some nebulus workers paradise… where some are more equal than others….and can at will call for their produce…..because….thats the way it should be….go tea party……….

    67. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Harry Reid should stop listening to his caucus, and in the words of Sharron Angle,

      "man up."

    68. Pat says:

      Thank you Mr. Schumar for revealing just how the Democratic Party works and the " Game Plan" that the Dems use… What they do not know is that many people young and old have been on to the "Plan" all along.

      Without the funding from the unions just where would you Democrats be today.

    69. Jim Patterson, Dulut says:

      I would love at my job to be able to counted as "present" while I am vacationing, posing for pictures, making speaches from a teleprompter or golfing, but alas, it ain't gonna happen. gotta show up and produce!

    70. J.M.FELS,,NEW JERSEY says:

      Now is the time to let the Dems know we are not playing thier game…if they shut down and try and blame it on the GOP Tea Party ….Then America should wake up and realize the dispicalbe deception of their demogografy……Besides that is not thier money by ours and not only that it all belongs to God ….The Tea partiers and the GOP are trying to be good stewards of fiscal responsibility….Democrats only want to steall all they can..and spend all we have…Stand up tto them and call every Senator and tell them to grow up Reid Pelosi ….

    71. Lou, San Diego says:

      If the govt. is shut down, the House MUST make it very clear who is responsible for this shut-down!

      As Charles Nystrom stated, where exactly is the Senate version of budget cuts? Or is Harry too busy writing "Cowboy poetry" to take a leadership position among the Senate dems?

    72. Bobbie says:

      Harry Reid, keep telling yourself and your constituents that the tea party doesn't exist, it builds the party! Look what you're party did to our country. Holding people down to gain more government? You ignore the truth, you are extremely irresponsible. And you're constituents will find out who you really are. ALL OF YOU!


    73. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      I really like the idea of a shutdown. two opportunities arise:

      1. Lets take the time to truly flesh out a budget that meets the stated objectives of the people who voted in the new Republican majority in the House.

      2. Require (all but the military) to justify their budget needs before they are allowed to go back to work. The time off can also be beneficial in that it would allow We the People some insight into who we really need and where there is a lot of superfluous baggage that could and should be removed.

      How about whole Departments? Education, EPA, DHS, The new and expanded IRS. The squeals would be worth every effort needed to produce them.

    74. Roger S., Mass. says:

      Chuck Schumer, so the rumor, is quite devoid of humor.

      He likes to rant, and sometimes scream: Republicans are so "extreme."

      They call his "no-cuts" Tea expensive, although the "savings" ain't extensive!

      That media pundits heard his rants makes quite unlikely his recants.

      By voice of "Greid", and "Boxcar", too; Dem. politics, oh what a zoo!

      To grab and hold "the people's" money, with will to waste; now there's "a honey."

      That's what our "Dimbocrats" do best: They tax and spend on early rest!

      To their "close friends", a "Commie" fest. Enough said: put each one to "test"!

      Let them find out whose boat they're rocking, when emptying our X-mas stocking!

      Soon, we should let them "take a break": Expose their fraud, forever fake!

      Shut down their Gov. Expose their lie. Behind their backs their hands do tie.

      For lying on so many a count. Show all the "dimness" which they flaunt.

      Show their hypocrisy, to boot. Dem. politics! God, what a hoot!

    75. Gilbert Doan, Ardmor says:

      Welll, of COURSE that's what Reid says. What else has he got?

      I'm not a registtered Partier, but with them 100%. And if our people

      in the House welsh now, we deserve the result they oobtain.

    76. Roy Callahan - Gaine says:

      Amen. Time to get off the pot.

    77. Ole Prof says:

      Some conservative organization needs to get off its rump and get in front of explaining the budget conflict to the public (not to those already believing). Otherwise, the Democrats and most media will again brand the Republicans as being rigid and uncaring. A good PR campaign is needed NOW.

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    79. Pam, Los Angeles says:

      His name should not be "Chuck You Schumer", it should be called "UpChuck Schumer!" What a slimy sort! I am quite bilious! Ugly is as ugly does!

    80. Bob DeBiase says:

      John Boehner and the Republicans have to stand firm. The American people want the cuts to happen The World wants to see a Responsible US Congress

      President Obama could not lead a group of elementary school children to an ice cream truck let alone start cutting out all the WASTE that we have in SPENDING It is my opinion that we stand firm and cut even more maybe 80 billion or 100 billion come on we are in a fiscal crisis for crying out loud

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    82. Hugh Pecon Phoenix A says:

      Obama. Boom winning….. The war against our American liberty and our constitution

      I think the President must have got a hold of some of Charlie Sheen’s tiger blood. His administration has done more damage to our freedoms and constitution in just 2 years than the failed policies of the past decade. He rolled into office on the sound bite of hope and change. He told us he was going to fundamentally transform the country. Probably the only thing he said that was true. Well, we got the change and now all we have left is hope. Hope that his is a 1 term president. Hope that future generations can forgive us for our stupidity.

    83. Scott says:

      To STEVE on March 30th, 2011 at 10:38am said:

      "I used to love reading your articles, I felt they were an unbiased perspective on the status of America. But since Obama has been President your articles have started to sound like sound bites from Fox (opinion) news."

      Did you ever think that this is because most of the commentators on FOX (real news) are members of Heritage, and agree with it? It isn't Heritage sounding like FOX, it's FOX agreeing with Heritage.

      And as for your ( ) about FOX being an opinion news source, name me one better? At least FOX doesn't bow down and worship at the feet of the Democratic party like they were some kind of demi-gods like CNN and MSNBC, to name a few.

      As for Reid, I have suggested this before. Either the Tea Party or the GOP need to launch a full-scale investigation of the voter fraud that happened in Nevada, or they need to launch a grass-roots, boots on the ground effort to recall and replace Reid now. Another 6-years of this smuck is too long.

    84. 2dokie says:

      Reid's continued domination of one house of congress is an insufferable insult to any of the rest of the members with any self respect. There should be a continual rant from any real patriots on the floor of the senate destroying all decorum until the Dumbocrats surrender Harry to the trash-heap of history, and select a new leader… they'd do it if they were in the minority position. Beg your pardon, they did it… Pres. G. W. Bush was given no quarter, received no mercy, and none of it had to have any basis in fact,as is the Dumbocrats custom.They richly deserve to reap what they've sown!!!Destroying a once great nation where everyone had the opportunity to pursue their personal version of happiness deserves the unlimited retribution of those whose futures are being destroyed!

    85. Kaydell Bowles @Brig says:

      A once good man said, "If you are the problem you cannot not be the solution of the problem, This is so true when you have life time politicans in Congress. We must adopt term limits on Congress. They have been the problem and they will never be the solution. Look at current situation: President Obama telling us about a plan to deal with Energy. This is what both parties and the President said in 1970. All lip action to get elected but nothing done. Forty years (40) later we are worse than in 1970 and more independent on Mid East oil. Let us go forward replacing all Congressman every election or get term limits for these politicans who are there for their own power and greed.

    86. Mike, North Carolina says:

      "Last November, the American people cast their vote for fiscal responsibility and a limited government that lives within its means" and "For almost two months, they have watched many of their elected representatives play politics… Senator Reid, it’s time to do the right thing. Stop the political games and get to work so the government can keep fully operating and Congress can get on with the people’s business."

      Those are quotes from the end of the article “Harry Reid Chooses Shutdown Over Responsibility” which presents us with more of how Reid and those of his ilk are so determined for their agenda for power at the expense of and against the will of the people that they will so shamefully scheme, demagogue, pander, and act to get and keep themselves in ever more power, ignore the will of the people, yet claim that they are doing “the people’s business” and the will of the people. So also of course we are presented with more of how such as Reid and others have before, continue, and will not only scheme and falsely accuse to criminalize any who oppose them but also use and otherwise purposely take advantage of any circumstance or crisis in order to do things to get and keep themselves and those of their ilk in ever more government power, including when and where they couldn't get away with doing such things before, as also revealingly stated by such as Rahm Emmanuel when he said "Never let a crisis go to waste. What I mean by that is you can do things you couldn’t do before".

      The bottom line is: As the article at hand presents us with more of how Harry Reid and those of his ilk have no intention to do anything other than what they are doing to be in, have, and use power not only at the people's expense but also against the will of the people, including opting for a government shutdown and falsely accusing and blaming others for it, we are thus also presented with how futile it is to tell them, let alone expect them, to stop doing such things and instead "do the right thing" and so actually "get on with the people's business".

    87. David - Fayetteville says:

      "They're simply putting electoral politics over the business of our nation."

      Isn't that what most elected officials, and their party in general, are doing these days. I really do not feel many of our elected officials have the best interest of their constituents in mind. Maybe term limits would change the way they behave. And as for the argument of loosing all that experience in our elected officials – are you sure it is worth it?

    88. Harry Snyder Tempera says:

      It has occurred to me that the Democrat Party enjoyed greatly the one-party control of the U.S. they held in the 1930's under FDR, and in the '60's under Johnson. Great and growing government control of more and more of the socio-politico-economic system of the country.

      They had it again in 2009 and 2010, and we saw the power-grabbing which occurred, especially the 2000+ page Obamacare bill, with the hundreds of new bureaucracies and authorities given to the Secretary of HHS. It is trite, perhaps, to point out the trends toward Socialism, complete governmental control of production–and people,but it is pretty obvious—and frightening.

      Power, it has been pointed out, is the most corruptible human motivation; that has been observed throughout history; we are seeing it now.

    89. Audrey Enzor Carrier says:

      I say "Shut Em Down", it is a do-nothing Congress anyway………None of them listen to the legal Citizens of the United States of America and they have been circumventing the Constitution since BHO took office.

    90. Lebo, Idaho says:

      What else is new. So goes the continuing saga of institutionalized corruption on Capitol Hill. Folks, you'all need to get a clue…The ruling class does not give a spit what you or I want and they will never willingly give up power.

      Their pathetic discussions regarding budget cuts are like re-arrainging the deck chairs on the Titanic; Gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling but you are still going down.

      Audit the Fed? Yea sure, let me know how that works out for you. We are all being played for suckers.

    91. Barry says:

      Your article is BS and you should know it.

      You've got these Tea Partiers trying to be part of the Republican Party, who in reality, are Libertarians more than anything else.

      So you've got three parties: democrat, republican, and tea. Maybe even then the democrats are really two parties, the traditional democrat and then the blue dogs. The blue dogs and the republicans actually have a lot in common, except for the social issues.

      Call it what you want, but this article (blog) is simply not journalism, It's nothing more than an article based upon HATE.

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    94. George Colgrove VA says:

      My numbers above were wrong, I was calculating the fture value of the retiement package at retirement. I should have calculated the present value.

      . . . You need a minimum of 20 years to retire. This results in an annual pension benefit of $15,088. Assuming a flat 30-year payout of that amount, you would need a $337,917.72 annuity at the time of retirement. The necessary return on investment on bi-weekly payments of $25.23 would need to be whopping 29.32% over 20 years (principal would only be $6,055.20!). Truth is the annual payout is subjected to an annual COLA, which means the value of the total annuity at the time of retirement would need to be much higher and thus the return on investment would have to be greater! These are very conservative numbers. Let us see if the average private sector employee or for that matter anyone, not associated with the government get over $340 thousand dollars by investing only $6 thousand over 20 years. I guess Hillary Clinton made $100,000 on a $1,000 in cow futures. The liberals who hate capitalism, sure know how to game the system!

      Stop and think about this. This is the poison pill. Take a seat. There are 2.7 million +/- federal workers. For the AVERAGE federal worker, their pension will exceed their contributions by about $332,000 by the time of retirement. This is a shortfall of $896.4 TRILLION in 2031 dollars (20 years from now) – just for the feds pension! We are not talking about the state and local pensions.

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