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  • Latin America's Friends of Tyranny Club

    Libya’s seat at the United Nations is currently vacant. Weeks ago, Muammar Qadhafi fired his U.N. ambassador Mohammed Shalgham after the ambassador denounced the Libyan strongman as a tyrant. In his stead, Qadhafi named another veteran and loyal diplomat, Ali Treki. The U.S. has apparently denied Treki a visa to enter the U.S.

    Qadhafi’s dear friend and Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has stepped in, saying he is sending Nicaragua’s former foreign minister and all-purpose anti-American Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann to U.N. headquarters to act on Qadhafi’s behalf.

    D’Escoto is no impartial diplomat. He worked previously for Ortega as foreign minister in the 1980s and as the largely symbolic but enthusiastically anti-American president of the 63rd General Assembly in 2008–2009. Now he is being recalled to serve two masters, Qadhafi and Ortega.

    The drumbeat from Latin America’s friends of tyranny club has continued in recent days. Presidents Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Christina Fernandez de Kirchner of Argentina stepped up their criticism of U.S. actions in Libya. Cuba’s Fidel Castro, in his latest reflections, compared U.S.–NATO actions in Libya with the Fascists/Nazi attacks on Republican Spain in the 1930s. Bolivia’s Evo Morales demanded that President Obama be stripped of the Nobel Peace prize.

    For the moment, while the struggle for Libya’s future see-saws in uncertain combat across the North African desert, the actions of Latin America’s club of tyranny may seem little more than mere pinpricks. Yet their message is clear.

    Latin America’s club of tyranny is rallying to defend the legitimacy of a tyrant. Its aim is foremost to impugn international intervention in Libya and build a counter-coalition in defense of Qadhafi. It rejects Western humanitarian rationales and claims to see only the naked force and greed of colonial/imperial powers. Dividing the world between the Empire—i.e.. the U.S. and its allies—and the “liberators” is a vital component of its creed. It also claims to see malignant foreign forces and the hand of capitalism trying to depose a friendly, progressive leader and despoil the Libyan people of their oil and financial wealth.

    Secondly, Latin America’s club of tyranny fears the backlash of citizens angered by the inevitable heavy-handed rule of secret police, thugs, and mobs that is integral to its authoritarian model. It knows that in its pseudo-democracies or outright dictatorships its legitimacy is always open to challenge and that the winds of change that blow in the East may turn in their direction unless they can prop up a falling tyrant.

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    3 Responses to Latin America's Friends of Tyranny Club

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    2. George Colgrove VA says:

      This problem is at the core of what Adm. Mike Mullen was saying when he said our National Debt is the number one national security problem this country faces. These Tyrants know we are very limited in our ability to counter them.

      The problem also has to do with a singularity of our national security problem. We made al Qaeda the main focal point of our foreign policy and moreover we made it a political venture rather than a military action. We played with these terrorist for 10 years and with the exception of killing a king pin her or there – we have done very little.

      Today we are sending weapons to the "rebels" in Libya. Rebels who ARE al Qaeda. Look, I am a simple guy and I do not know much on the inner workings of these wizards of smarts, but it just seems to me that we are managing chaos more than we are striving for peace.

      This is the core of the debate. We know the number one function of a federal worker is to maintain his or her job "at all cost." With "money not a factor,” they need to make sure the solutions to the problems they are to solve never get solved. This is not theory – it is fact. The feds have yet to close out a program because it solved something. If it is shut down, it due to politics or it is after recognizing that it was an abject waste and the money was needed to be wasted elsewhere

      Social Security, welfare, and MC/MC persist not because there is poverty. Poverty is maintained so these feds have a lucrative income for their lucrative lifestyles. The same is for every other federal program – including defense. Now defense is the highest compensated department of the federal government, they have the highest number of people (per capita) earning over $150,000 in cash! It is recognized that the DoD has the largest number (per capita) of GS13 on up into the political appointees. EVERYONE KNOWS THE DoD IS THE MOST TOP-HEAVY ORGANIZATION – PROBABLY ON THE GLOBE. Moreover, the DoD uses the largest number of contractors. To say there is money to be made on global unrest, well, the current DoD scheme could make even Bernie Madoff blush.

      The US has backed itself into a corner with the excessive federal spending and our massive national debt – and we stand to lose big time.

      WHEN the dollar collapses and we have riots in this country, we will not have the focus to fight wars. Chaos will erupt in an uncontrollable way – something that cannot be managed. Once we have entered this era, there will be no more making money on war – there wont be making money – period! Like Einstein said "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."

      We are fighting WWIII today – the beginnings of it. It has been ramping up over ten years. We are fighting our own weapons. OUR GOVERNMENT is sending OUR weapons into Mexico via DHS. Last night, Obama most likely signed a "Secret" order for the DoD to provide OUR Weapons to the al Qaeda backed rebel forces in Libya! We are feeding this global chaos for what? So these self-serving federal workers and well compensated defense contractors can get their lavish and privileged lifestyles here in DC. (Man I wish everyone in America can come here to DC and see the disparity – you really need more than a week's vacation to begin to see it. These people are living HIGH off the hog!)

      Einstein again said "Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal." We have taken all of our genius and creativity and made the largest source of death all paid for by the American taxpayer. We need to stop this cycle of insanity, before it is too late. As Einstein said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

      We need to first and foremost:

      1) Get control of the dollar – the number one national security issue facing us. This means significant cuts to the federal government totaling $1.6 trillion. We need to start with a $500 billion (15% across the bard cut) TODAY! We are running out of time!

      2) Bring our military forces back home. Protect the boarders; modernize the military with a focus on "lean and mean" principal rather than the "money is not a factor" principal. We need to determine how to fight wars that do not end up costing us $100 million a day.

      3) Decrease the federal government to constitutional basics by accepting the fact that the feds will no longer have a center stage on domestic issues – no national policing function, no more environmental controls, no more federal welfare of any kind, communication controls, education controls, energy controls and so on. We need to accept the feds will be UNDERPAID for what they do (i.e. sacrifice) in relation to the private sector. This will lead to them moving back to the private sector for a career and leave the federal government to a vibrant and transient workforce – refreshing about every 10 years. NO MORE CAREER FEDS – this has been damaging!

      4) We need to dedicate $1 trillion a year to pay off the debt (100% of the interest and the balance to the principal) – BY LAW! This will pay off the $15.6 trillion debt we will have in 2012 in around 30 years. ALL surplus revenue will – BY LAW – go to paying off the principal of the debt. This means in 2011 dollars the federal budget will be no more than $1.2 trillion to be used for a "lean and mean" defense, foreign affairs, keeping the dollar safe, keeping the states on an even playing field – if it is in the constitution do it!

      5) We need a balanced budget amendment in place that closes all possibilities for loopholes. We need to have provisions in place that forces the government to shrink in size when the money is not there. Make debt spending a national choice. Meaning all debt spending must be voted on out in the open, item-by-item. Once a debt is in place, the provisions must include that that debt MUST be paid back by the next year.

      6) We the people need to recognize the federal government cannot be trusted. They have done nothing in the past 70 years that would justify our trust in them. We need to make ALL federal oversight external to the feds. GAO, CBO, FOIA, (anything with the word oversight), shall be private sector functions with 100% access to ALL federal offices. With exception of imediate national security concerns, the feds need to provide 100% disclosure to the people. No more protecting corrupt federal workers. Government oversight shall be 100% transparent and we the people shall have access to the feds via a privatized oversight programs. Feds should not be protected from us. We have the "need to know" right on what they are doing.

      7) We need a national drive to explore. The left has effectively shut down the space program. I was sadden when Carol Sagan (sp?) blasted the space program and said that the money was better spent on the poor. Well the priovate contractors reinvested in death and look at where we are now. By making a national push to explore space again with another Kennedy like proclaimation, we can convert agents of death to their rightful place as being agents of knowledge and expansion. We need to privatize NASA and let the people go nuts. Everyone on the globe stopped in their seats to see Neil Armstrong step on the moon. EVERYONE! Wars stopped and people marveled. This is the path to peace and prosperity – lets reinvest in the American far reaching spirit of being something more – before it is too late.

      While I have been using Einstein in a couple quotes, here is the one I like the most: "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction." I got to believe he was talking about the US government. Because as mart as he was, he also said, "The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax."

      These tyrants are not the problem. The problem is that the US is weak – economically and spiritually. We are exhausted. We have often pondered what the world would look like without America. We are seeing it. It is NOT too late. We are at the tipping point. If we raise the debt ceiling, if we do not make massive cuts to the feds, if we stay on the course we are on, not only will America collapse, but also will these tyrants and all who live on this rock. These tyrants fail to see, their wealth and power has roots here in this country as we have pretty much managed global chaos. With no America providing the balance for good or bad, we will soon be fighting wars “with sticks and stones."

    3. BJ Ft. Myers Fl says:

      In regards to George Colgrove's litaney, I fully agree, not only with his statements, but with his suggestions to solve our major crisis.

      We, as Americans need to look ahead further than our current needs and desires, ie. entitelments, and think about the future. We will be controlled by the likes of China within 20 years at the rate were going and the world's currency will be of another world power.

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