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  • Charlie Sheen Gives Washington a Lesson in Fiscal Responsibility

    Maybe the lawmakers in Congress can pick up tips from the Rockstar from Mars. Charlie Sheen doesn’t exactly epitomize responsibility, but even he knows how to live within his means.

    Sheen earned about $30 million last year and spent just around half that sum, according to a new video by Bankrupting America. Congress, by comparison, brought in $2.3 trillion in taxes — but spent $3.6 trillion, one and a half times the amount received.

    Thanks to the government’s virtually nonstop spending, the nation has a debt burden of $14 trillion — or $130,000 per household. With that money, American families could buy eight years’ worth of housing, 17 years of transportation or 20 years of food.

    That doesn’t even begin to address interest costs. This year, the United States will pay $200 billion in interest alone. By the time Justin Bieber is old enough to rent a car, the government will pay $1 trillion in interest every year. Over the next 10 years, interest will cost the country about $50,000 per household.

    Clearly, to borrow a term from Charlie Sheen, no one is “winning” in this scenario. And the biggest losers are younger Americans — the Debt-Paying Generation, which stands to suffer the most from Washington’s reckless spending spree. The 115 million Americans between the ages of 5 and 30 will marry later, have fewer children, poorer health and lower incomes — all because of the trillions in debt from government spending and entitlement programs.

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    7 Responses to Charlie Sheen Gives Washington a Lesson in Fiscal Responsibility

    1. Bobbie says:

      That was a good impersonation!

      But really, immediate corrections. Washington is stealing our freedom with our money! corrupting everything along the way!

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    3. Robert, North Richla says:

      Great article. I think the $ 130,000 figure should be adjusted to compensate for the households that actually pay taxes – by eliminating 94 million welfare recipients (U.S. Census); 10-12 million unemployment recipients; 25 million irresponsible seniors (no savings, no life insurance, no investments = totally dependent on Social Security/Medicare); and those too poor to pay taxes. Which means that real taxpaying households are stuck with a $ 260,000 slice of the pie.

    4. Andrew, VA says:

      It's all clear now. Charlie Sheen is the new…Ronald Reagan!

    5. Richard says:

      If people in this country KEEP ELECTING These FOOLS what can you expect.

      Amazing How BLIND the PEOPLE ARE

    6. Kevin H, college par says:

      This has to be the most idiotic post i've ever seen on Heritage. Really, pointing to Charlie Sheen as a model of fiscal responsibility? A guy who quit his job in middle of it, spends money hand over fist on drugs and hookers? No wonder the likes of Palin, Rush and Vitter are so big with conservatives.

      You are blindly calling out spending left and right, but not once mention the need for additional revenues. You seem to live in the same fairy tale world of Charlie Sheen. Good luck trying to win in 2012 with all the tea party proposed cuts.

    7. Bobbie says:

      He didn't increase your taxes did he Kev? He suffers the consequences of his own actions, right Kev? He didn't interfere with your life beyond your choice, did he Kev? Maybe you're an unearned government entitled freebie. Tax exempt, eh? you're words are very favoring for everything government while overlooking all faults. You don't want the freedom to be in control of your own life? Wanting government to control it for you? I continue to pray for you, Kev. But you have to do your part and give truth a chance.

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