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  • President Obama Gives Last Week's Speech

    Tonight, the president gave a long series of remarks that might have been appropriate last week when the administration kicked-off Operation Odyssey Dawn—explaining why US forces directly intervened in the Libyan civil war. Yet the questions asked at the outset of the intervention were still left largely unanswered. That airpower could turn back the advance of Gadaffi’s forces was never in doubt. The issue always was—what comes after that? Tonight, the President tried to answer the question—sort of. He stated finishing the job in Libya and rebuilding the country would be the responsibility of the “international community.” That’s an answer that gives cold comfort and merely reaffirms the belief that the administration undertook intervention without a clear plan on the way forward.

    From the outset the best option was always “to minimize the commitment of the U.S. military, look after the best interests of Libya’s civilian population, and limit the spread of terrorism and instability throughout the region.” While the president promised tonight to pursue such a course—the real challenge now begins—and there are still far too few details of how the White House will deliver on these promises.

    It is unlikely that Gaddafi can be quickly and easily rooted from his stronghold in Tripoli. It will be no small task to build a coalition that can (1) keep Gaddafi isolated until he is brought to justice; (2) maintain a military presence to keep Gaddafi’s forces from going back on the offensive; (3) identify support and sustain a legitimate opposition that brings democracy to Libya, fights the spread of terrorism, and looks after the humanitarian needs and the human rights of the peoples under its control. The president promised much in his remarks tonight—it will take real leadership rather than a single speech to deliver on these promises.

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    16 Responses to President Obama Gives Last Week's Speech

    1. Roger New york says:

      Do you really think Libya would have been attacked if they didn't have any oil. You will see that American ground troops in Libya. No doubt !!

    2. Bruce Allen, Texas says:

      President Obama (I use the title very loosely) doesn't care anything about America and has no clue how deal in international policy. His intentions for Libya are still not clear and this will not end soon. For a guy who said nothing but negative things about President Bush for going to war in Iraq, he quickly forgot all about this and disregarded the constitution. The quick statement that comes to mind (quoting some movie) "LETS JUST WING IT"! Lastly it really disturbs me how he so quickly wanted to wash his hands of the entire affair by pushing other nations (NATO) to take charge of the mission in Libya. Being the so called Leader of the Free World:


      Being a service member it really bothers me that he puts us at risk for his lack of LEADERSHIP and disregard for protocol I.E. asking congress for permission and having an end goal. If I had done what he has, I would be sitting in front of a Military Court for TREASON!

      The things he has done in the last three years only solidifies my deduction that he really is looking to destroy America and bring about a Socialist/Communist takeover of this country.

    3. politicaljules, tx says:

      Where is the GOP response?? I hear nothing but crickets. I only hear from Ron Paul and he will be my front runner for 2012 because of that.

    4. Keith California says:

      I listened to President Obama's apology for the war against Libya. He did not answer the questions:

      1. Why defend a million desert tribesmen in a civil war against 3 million majority when we do not defend the majority of peoples being slaughtered in Saudi Arabia, Ivory Coast, Yemen, Bahrain, and Syria? Nor the Kurds in Turkey, Africans in Zimbabwe, Christians in Cairo and Pakistan?

      2. Why prevent slaughter in Libya and not prevent mass graves and slaughter in Arizona?

      3. When do we abandon this fool's errand?

      4. Why transfer leadership yet continue to provide over half the weapons, men, and expenses?

      5. Why aren't we defending the civilians in Sirta from massacre by the eastern tribes?

      6. Why did we not deploy decisive ground forces?

      7. Why are we supporting Al Quida rebels in Libya?

      8. What budget offsets does Obama propose to pay for squandering cash in Libya?

    5. Larry Motsinger says:

      I think that it took too long for Obama to male a decision. If he had acted earlet, more lives could have been saved. Also there would have been a greater chance of ousting Gadafi. Nevertheless we do not know much about the rebels. Are they dominated by the Muslim Brotherwood?

    6. Frank Wrabel says:

      I think the President made a good case for why we are in Libya. We cannot turn a blind eye to the world given we are The Leader of the free world. I would like to see the rule of law used though when using force, specifically, seeking Congressional approval and speaking to the American people before seeking UN approval. I wonder why we are not standing up for other countries and why we are not doing more for Japan.

    7. Frank J. Randazzo Cy says:

      obama has not a clue.what puzzles me is that he said he met with leaders of congress? does that give him authority?I thought he had to convene a session of congress?Oh thats right lets not let a little thing like the constitution get in the way lol what a joke he is!!!!!!!!!.

    8. JohnCARLO Red Lion, says:

      If you watch Obama listen to his campaign rhetoric, see his administration's gathering of progressive socialists like Andy Stern, Richard Trumpka, William Ayers, Cass Sunstein, and many other haters of capitalism and the USA; you see organizations focussed on redistribution of our earnings and wealth. As soon as a conversation begins they focus on your money and why they deserve more of it for no greater effort or more effective outcomes. It never fails.

      Through his inept and confused path to war in Libya the outcome sought is degrading our leadership and redistributing and ceding leadership to France and Canada despite resources coming from our stuff. It's redistribution and weakening of our military disguised as humanitarian effort.

      All this 'Soros puppet' really offers is revealed in his book Dreams of My Father but the majority of the press favors redistribution and reduction of the USA to a member status and not the earned leadership status that is the reality.

      The USA earned leadership by national efforts, sacrifice, delayed gratification; all those characteristics denied by progressives because they refer to individual efforts and success; rather than affirmative action and taxation for the multicultural curtain sewn by progressives to hide their end game of government deciding not an individual motivated by self interest.

    9. Allen says:

      Look at the MAP and you will see every country that gets its OIL from Libya are in the coaltion for NATO. They needed to replace him because he would not lower the price on a barrel of oil. Slowly the UN will take the coutries out that are in OPEC they are the ones who price OIL, Not the Oil Companies. Do you get it now.

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    11. George Colgrove VA says:

      Among we the people, there is little comfort with this administration in everything it does, no less war. Obama is exposing the scary nature of the federal government on all fronts. It is a chameleon group of greedy, self-serving people who will use the smallest justifications to take taxpayer money to enhance their personal life or further bloat their already bloated sets of artificial credentials. They have no idea what they are doing on this planet now. There is abject incompetence showing from the White House and the Pentagon even with all the multiple, overlapping and redundant intelligence agencies complete with an overpaid and self proclaimed highly qualified and federal workforce. A workforce that when we “the shmucks” look in from the outside we sweat in fear of what looks like a bunch of people who have absolutely no clue. The feds are becoming far more dangerous to the security to this nation by their political leanings, lack of interest or concern or what have you.

      These constant engagements and the killing fatigue are taking the souls of our soldiers. We are finding out in recent news some disturbing things that are happening with our soldiers. Our soldiers have become so desensitized to killing they now take pictures with the people they have just killed as if they were animals from a hunt. They are cutting off body parts to take with them. They are mutilating already dead bodies. People want to say, this is the horrors of war – it is. These soldiers would not do these things in a normal life. Put your selves in their shoes. They have been away from a normal sane life for 10 years. They have been away from their families, their kids, their communities, and their normal jobs. They are frustrated and very likely angry about losing a decade of their short lives on this planet. The life they have come to learn is one of killing and in some cases mass killing. They are conditioned to see the “enemy” as non-human to enable them to slaughter as many as they can. This IS the dirty part of war. It is no wonder these soldiers are doing these things. They are at their emotional limits on what they are doing.

      We were first convinced that Iraq and Afghanistan would be easy wars (in much the same way they are trying to convince us of Libya) – in and out and we would all be done. Most of us bought it. Bush gets out there with his “Mission Accomplished” sign and we all took a breath of fresh air. Our soldiers would be home soon, and we would get back to a normal life in this country. However, what happened? 10 years since it start, due to poor leadership from the White House, Congress and the elite in the Pentagon, we are still there with our eyes set on entering in more conflicts.

      The nation is now on the brink of having a debt that will never be paid back. We are on the brink of being in permanent servitude to the global bakers who are profiting greatly by an annual transfer of wealth from the taxpayers of this country to them by the order of $500 billion a year (or more) in interest! We are becoming a war mongering nation where America and our flag is associated more with olive drab, camouflage, fatigues and a growing number of military related toys for the kids than ever before. When I grew up, things like the space shuttle were where American pride resided, today we are proud of a scene of a dusty M-1 tank passing by the siloutee of a bunch of soldiers outfitted in helmets and fatigues and holding AK57’s.

      War is unavoidable and a necessary EVIL. Sometimes it has to happen – it is a sad fact. I feel we have the best group of men and women on this planet to do the task. However, think about it, this country has been nearly constantly fighting someone on this planet since Korea. War is not supposed to be long drawn out events. They need to be quick and decisive. America shut down WWII in a matter of three years! And we were fighting far more formidable foes than what we are today.

      Jesus, never had a direct opinion about war except that when asked by a soldier about the topic, he said that the soldier must do what is asked of him, but when the battle was done, the soldier was not to take the spoils or any benefit of that battle. He was simply to show respect for the dead and leave when the task was done. Jesus did have respect for the soldier and in one instance healed a soldier even though that soldier felt unworthy due to his job. Today we have defense contractors making a mint on death and 700,000 DoD federal workers being paid twice what their counterparts would in the private sector supporting the death industry – with our tax dollars. It is clear that the federal workforce in a backdoor way is definitely taking the spoils of these wars for their personal gain and one can easily see that with that, there is an insidious incentive to find ways to continue these battles indefinitely. Moreover, they are not taking the spoils from the defined enemy, rather, they are grabbing it from the trust we have in them.

      We need a respite from war. We need realignment in our priorities. We need a strong defense, but not one that is bankrupting us or one that operates with fiat. We need to drive and investment in our greatness, in exploration, expansion of knowledge and in making amazing things. That is who America is. We need to reenergize our creativity in finding new ways to do things. We need to show the world there are far greater things than war that can move us forward. We need to do this as a free nation, one that is financially secure and uninhibited or controlled. America has always been the the shining light of greatness in this world and for countless generations we have inspired much greatness in others around the globe. Today America is being poorly represented by the federal workforce and those that lead it. The feds have cast a long dark shadow over this land. I strongly believe all the current evils in this world can be traced back to the United Stated federal government.

      For America to reclaim its greatness we need to as Jefferson said: “In questions of power… let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” Let us get out of these wars, bring our men and women home. Let them have a break from all this. Reduce the impact of the feds on our lives. Will the world go up in smoke – no. If we simply stop feeding the machine of war, it will burn out like a candle once its fuel is spent. And hopefully with the winds of inspirations we can blow that candle out even sooner. Every person is inherently good and when given the chance will go great things. We have been fighting these wars for 10 years and we are bankrupting this nation. Everything seems worse today than the day we entered them. No objective has been met, yet we spent over $7 trillion on the efforts non-the-less. It is looking like what we are doing is not the right solution. It is time to look for other solutions. Solutions that comes from our human excellence and our drive to be more.

    12. Gail Appel , Tampa, says:

      It goes way beyond oil. Each leader that is currently being toppled in the name of "humanitarianism" has a terrorist branch of radical Islam waiting in the wings as evidenced by Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood, Palestine and Hamas, Pakistan and Afghanistan the Taliban and now Libya and Al-Khaeda.. Why not such "outreach" to Darfur et al? What about the rampant misogyny and practice of female mutilation? Why sudden the revolutions in countries headed by the UAE?

    13. Robert Goodfellow says:

      I have witnessed your appearances on FOX and what you have said for quite a while and I endorse what you have said.

      Along with the unanswered questions on Libya, far more important is what is happening in total in the Mideast with the many countries with turmoil for freedom. The biggest question is what happens within Saudi Arabia and what we will do in respnse to a collapse. Oil is it! This opens a lot of questions and we are seeing a lot of dancing around between Sec. Defense Bill Gates,& Hillary Clinton as Secy of State and our President Obama. It is almost impossible to have confidence in what is not leadership. Rank amateurs.


    14. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Wasn't Obama awfully full of himself? Maybe this time he will get caught for the High Crime? We don't allow Dictatorship in America. It is illegal! And yes, even the Prince of "Peace" making war to save Libyans (after Gaddafi kills as many as possible) is Impeachable! The more Obama talks the murkier the waters get! So, worse than the speech before, we have open ended commitments to protect enemies of the State, but nothing for our traditional allies.

      Mission creep? The Mission IS mission creep! They named it Dawn. This is just the Dawn of America's new fiscal Black Hole! And I hate that RINO McCain for being so willing to send Soldiers into the service of the One World Government! Then Fox News puts RINOs on the box and DINOs on the box! Is that Fair and Balanced? No! We don't want our soldiers killed to save enemy soldiers. The Libyans should have saved themselves from Daffy K'daffy. We should save ourselves from Neo Communism! I call it Obamunism! Our Unconstitutional Form Of Government. Judge Vinson says it is Totalitarian, they want unprecidented government powers and they play dirty to get them!

      Listen to Glenn Beck! He is 100% correct. Because the truth is hateful, the truth about the Demo-crats is hateful. It is "Hate Speech" to tell the Political Truth. So much for Free Speech.

    15. jerry black, bakersv says:

      years ago while I was a student at the Armed Forces Stall College we learned that the only way to assure victory in a conflict is to have a soldier with a rifle on the ground…nothing I have seen or learned since has changed this axion.

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