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  • Morning Bell: What Would Democrats Cut?

    As a third temporary spending bill expires next week, the attention of Capitol Hill will once again be focused on producing a permanent spending bill to keep the federal government open and operating. The threat of a government shutdown would not exist had the Democratically controlled 111th Congress passed a budget for this fiscal year. In fact, not only did they fail to pass a budget, but for the for the first time in the history of the budget-making process, last year’s Congress failed to even vote on a budget. And now, even as the consequences of their failure are just days a way, the Democrats have still failed to agree on a plan that cuts spending.

    Thirty-eight days ago, on February 19, the House of Representatives passed a budget that would keep the federal government open for the rest of this fiscal year. Responding to the overwhelming mandate from the American people delivered last November to cut federal spending, that House budget cut $61 billion in spending from 2010 levels. The Democrats then produced a plan that they said “cut spending,” but even The Washington Post Fact Checker found no real cuts.

    And they will not even go on record identifying which cuts in the House’s bill they are willing to accept. The Post explains why: “Such a move would force Democrats to go on record defending programs that Republicans had identified as wasteful.”

    It is understandable why the Senate is so afraid to offer its own spending plan. When the President offered his own budget for next year, he claimed that it would produce only a $7.2 trillion deficit over the next 10 years. At the time, we predicted that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) would produce vastly different numbers, since the President’s proposal included audaciously hopeful economic forecasts and fake spending cuts. Sure enough, on March 18 the CBO scored the President’s budget as causing $9.5 trillion in deficits over the next 10 years. That is more debt than the federal government accumulated from 1789 to 2010 combined. Heritage analyst Brian Riedl surveys the damage:

    These large deficits will persist because the President’s steep tax hikes cannot keep up with his runaway spending. Relative to the historical averages (which were also pre-recession levels), President Obama would raise taxes by 1.3 percent of GDP yet increase spending by 4 percent of GDP. The main drivers of runaway spending—surging Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid costs—would not be reformed at all. Accordingly, the annual cost of interest on the national debt would quadruple.

    Under President Obama’s budget proposal, taxpayers would see large tax increases, bigger government, and slower economic growth. The President who declared that “I didn’t come here to pass our problems on to the next President or the next generation—I’m here to solve them” would, over the next decade, drop an additional $80,000 per household in debt onto the laps of our children and grandchildren.

    The White House spent all of 2010 deflecting criticism about its deficit spending by pointing to the President’s debt commission. Then when the commission finally produced a report that included actual spending cuts, the White House couldn’t run from it fast enough. Congressional Democrats have no plan to cut government this year, next year, or any year. Conservatives should hold firm to their $61 billion in cuts and force Democrats to produce their own spending cut plan.

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    78 Responses to Morning Bell: What Would Democrats Cut?

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      3 – 28 – 11 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com

      If Kadaffi says – No thanks

      I am NOT going.

      What – Can Murdoch do?

      The PEN is Mightier than the Sword.

      Proof – look at Murdoch.

    2. H D Jones, Virginia says:

      Should be $100 billion in cuts as stated prior to the November of 2010 election


    3. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      From – The Daily Beast

      "The White House and Senate Democrats are preparing to offer $20 billion in new spending cuts in order to avoid a government shutdown-but will it be enough for the Tea Party? The offer, which is Democrats' highest yet, comes on top of $10 billion in cuts that have already been enacted. The House GOP, however, has so far stood by its demand for $61 billion in cuts as it faces pressure from the Tea Party activists. Congress returns from recess Monday and has until April 8 before funding runs dry. "

    4. Mary............WI says:

      Somebody better do something pretty soon! ……… And don't forget to add the unauthorized involvement in Libya to the deficit! I'm starting to believe in what I'm hearing more often today that the only way to stop what's happening in our country is a revolution…..pretty ugly thought.

    5. Doubleace62 says:

      The Democrats do not plan to cut any spending. It is time for the Government shutdown. I do not believe this will accomplish anything other than anger those Americans who are working, paying taxes, and providing for their families. Sure it will make those on the gravy train mad and angry at Republicans but they aren't voting for Republicans anyway. Wisconsin has set the precedent and the rest of the country needs to follow suit. We need to stop Federal government, and union interference in our daily lives. I spent all my working life paying outrageous taxes to support these foolish programs. It is time we rethink how we are going to do business in America. The price of educating a child in this country has become rdidiculous and yet we srill fall behind the rest of the world. It isn;t about money it's about education. How much money does it take to teach a kid reading, writing, math, and science? Get back to the basics in schools, let secondary education teach them the arts, and languages.

    6. Paul Terry Stone says:

      Apparently the President knows how to lie well to make the convoluted claims that he does about the deficit.

    7. Don Ruane Lilburn, G says:

      The Government will collect X number of dollars in revenue in 2011.

      That figure should be the Budget presented by the Republicans and let the Department Manager make the cuts necessary to hit that figure.

      What is the big deal?

    8. G. Hugh Bodell says:

      The Puppet Prince in the White House wants to bring this country to its knees. He holds the American Middle Class in contempt and probably was groomed to do so since childhood.

      What better, more efficient and faster way to do this than to bankrupt the country and declare a series of wars, stand back in a sunny resort and watch the devastation.

      We have to wake up, this man’s agenda (which is really the agenda of his masters). It is evil and destructive to our culture and our country.

      G. Hugh Bodell

    9. charles labounty says:

      And ……………. the the state run media make no commentary on the fact the "demmers" did not prepare and pass a budget last year for the 2011 fiscal year!!!

      How come ?

    10. Victor Barney, LeHig says:

      I happen to know from the biblical time table of cyclic blessings and cursings of Israel by the seed of Joseph, not Judah, that Jacob's economy will be in positive numbers for the first time in awhile by next Februay(2012)! However with obama running again that following November and money in our pocketbooks, I expect a completely elected Marxist(Anti-Messiah by defintion) takeover Government by November of 2012 in America through what the Marxist call the "Democratic process!" Watch!

    11. Kevin Synnestvedt, M says:

      Yet another extension of the temporary spending bill does not solve any problem. If however it is to occur why have there not been progressive cuts put in place by the "conservative" house? There has been very little conversation about it. If we had gone from $2 billion per week in cuts in the first extension to $3 billion per week in the second there would not be any discussion of a third extension. We have a hundred acre farm field that needs to be tilled and we are turning the soil around the edges with a spoon! The season will be gone before the field is ready for planting.

    12. Christopher Popham S says:

      Congress is paralytic, stalemated at every turn by Harry Reid (cowboy poetry) and

      the White House vanguard.

      Nothing will get done and America will continue to be dragged down by the very

      oligarchs, who are responsible for our being on the cusp of financial collapse.

      Good luck, America.

    13. C Walker says:

      This president need to be impeached. He does not believe he has to answer to anyone for his actions. I am ashamed of this man. In the end the only people who will benefit from any of this will be himself, his family, congress and the house because they passed laws exempting themselves from what they pass on to the American people. He and Biden need to go…NOW

    14. Mike says:

      The Conservatives should demand across the board cuts in the realm of say 700 Billion and settle for around 350 Billion. That would be a good start and would wake people up.

    15. Bob, Raleigh, NC says:

      Neither party will face the simple fact –because of their selfish concerns of not gaining re-election by voting for unpopular, but mandatory measures –that to repair the burgeoning debt which threatens our very way of life in America and our Nation's security is going to require that Congress cut budgets deeply in the three supposed "untouchables" of the National budget –Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

      I maintain, and have for years since Newt's 'Contract with America' we desperately need TERM LIMITS. Term limits would usher in a whole new class of individuals interested in serving a limited time in D.C. for the express purpose of serving the citizens of our country and not help themselves in maintaining their jaded career paths.

    16. Ken Allison, Tyler says:

      The current Republican "leadership" has already demonstrated they are not committed to serious spending reduction. These CR's are just smoke concealing a lack of courage and indecision. I can understand that correcting our excesses must be a process but someone needs to grab a mike and begin preaching the message that the party is over and the day of reckoning is upon us. They won't do that because over the years the R's have been just as guilty as the D's in making promises they knew darned well couldn't be kept. A pox on all politicians.

    17. RUTH SC says:

      What are they hiding and WHY? Any one of the entitlement programs should be investigated, and I believe if they were to use a rewarded tattletale system to catch those who fraud the system, the budget would come down. There is so much fraud, and if the money saved from the fraud were applied to the debt, we would see major changes. People have grown so used to holding out their hands and got used to living on the amount dished out, that they are not willing to try to better themselves. I blame the entitlement issue for those who do not go out and find better jobs, or a second job. I raised my kids on 2 minimum wage jobs, so I would not have to find ways to cheat the system, everyone else should do the same. There are so many out there who look hard for ways to get something for nothing, where is the pride. God bless our country, and God help our people.

    18. George Colgrove VA says:

      "Conservatives should hold firm to their $61 billion in cuts and force Democrats to produce their own spending cut plan."

      Conn, you are a good man! But we need to do so much more than that! I agree – lets hammer out the $61 billion but we need hundreds more billions behind that!

      Your question – What would democrats cut? Answer – Nothing!

    19. Capt. Norman A. Schl says:


    20. Kyle, MD says:

      This government is an utter disgrace to REAL Americans that truly care about this countries future!

    21. TaterSalad says:

      Shut the government "DOWN" until the $105 Billion that was "hidden" in the healthcare BS bill. Until that is paid back to the taxpayers, government should NOT function.

    22. Inverbrass, Kansas says:

      Shut it down. There would be far less damage to the Nation. Cutting 61 billion is like throwing a suitcase off the Titantic. Obama has little common sense or wisdom, or as Webster defines it, he is a fool. This, coupled with a group of week-kneed, spineless individuals posing as members of Congress is a receipe for disaster. Domestic policy, foreign policy, economics escape him. Not only is he cluless, is is a failure.

    23. Bernard P. Giroux, D says:

      While Nero fiddles, Rome burns. What a truly great country we live in. Surrounded by charismatic leaders in every corner. Where are the business leaders in this country and why can they not find a voice decrying this Congress?

    24. Roger White, 83713 says:

      Just shut the government down!!!

    25. Clarence De Barrows says:

      SHUT IT DOWN !

    26. Doug Whaley, Lake Ha says:

      It would be great if congress could pass a budget with large reductions in spending. That said it won't be happening soon, not because democrats will be blocking it in the senate, but because there are too many big government republicans who won't go along with the kinds of reductions in spending that are required to rein in the huge deficits and debt of this country.

      There are also too many republican senators and representatives who still insist on taking home their pork. I'm seeing a lot of double talk by republicans saying they support spending cuts and then doing just the opposite.

    27. Roger TN says:

      The Dems will not cut anything, but let the House Republicans do the dirty work and attack them for the cuts politically. Nothing new here, move on.

    28. Donald W. Bales King says:

      It seems the Democrats do not want any cuts even cuts from proposed spending next year. As for the Republicans, they do not seem serious about it either. However, if the defense of both parties, the public seems to want the benefits, but they do want the taxes or the borrowing required for the Federal government to keep spending more than it takes in.

      Two ways to handle this: One, the sensible moral way, cut. Two, keep on as at present and the foreigners and the United Staters will quit buying Federal notes and bonds and then it will hit the fan.

    29. wayne odle, morristo says:

      this man is so irresponsible that it borders on dangerous. this country has never been so vulnerable in so many ways.

      pretty soon, americans will be fleeing to Mexico.

    30. Bruce J. Kolinski says:

      Democrats don't have to cut. Neither does the Establishment Right. They can continue to act like small children until China, Russia, Japan and the IMF takes away their reserve currency printing press.

      Then we will see cuts; and fuel costs at the pump of $6 to $7 per gallon; and gold at $5,000; and the U.S. dollar at zero; and exponentially rising food costs; and joblessness; and our friends and family members in the streets; and hungry children, etc., etc., etc.

      Change we can believe in.

    31. Ole Prof says:

      The biggest challenge is for conservatives to "get on top" of the budget news and explain the cuts. It is guaranteed that the opposition will produce pictures of folks who lost their vacation investment because the Washington monument is closed and of people starving in the streets.

    32. Walt Prest, Meadvill says:

      Let's see! 61 billion in cuts with a present interest cost per year of 438 billion?

      That comes to 1.2 billion a day, or 57 days worth of the 61 billion in cuts, and 377 billion added to the debt from the additional interest.

      When are our elected officials going to get serious about the deficit?

    33. Charles Winders says:

      The Makeover Is Almost Complete

      March 7, 2011 by Bob Livingston

      There will be wailing, weeping and teeth gnashing in Washington, D.C., in the coming weeks as the elected elites in Congress posture and moan about potentially cutting Federal spending.

      Republicans will puff themselves up, declaring they are doing the will of those who went to the polls in November, 2010. “Look at us,” they’ll say. “We’ve made drastic cuts and are on the way to fiscal sanity.”

      Democrats will cry foul. “You’re hurting old people, starving children, giving tax breaks to the wealthy, you evil Republicans,” Democrats will say. “How can you be so mean… so heartless?”

      It’s all a fraud and a ruse for public consumption. No significant cuts will be made. In the end, nothing will change.

      Weeper of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) has already surrendered on his insignificant cuts, negotiating himself down from $100 billion to $61 billion — out of a $3.6 trillion budget.

      (Yep. Look at the current House. The Republicans screamed into power by pledging to cut at least $100 billion from the CURRENT budget that never was due to Democrap scheming. They have already backed off to $61 billion and can't get that done.

      Boehner and McConnell are both career politicians. The TEA Party Republicans will remain true to their pledge, but electing a career politician to be Speaker derailed any chance of real change in spending. H*ll, Boehner is even fudging on defuding ObamaCare.) If there is haything I can't stand that would be cowards

    34. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Thank you Conn for using the word "Damages." That is a legal term meant to begin Prosecution, Habias Corpus means you have to have Damages. I cannot imagine why the House is not Prosecuting the ten thousand High Crimes DINOs are perpetrating in their campaign Going After Americans! So happy to hear Impeachment in the air, but we all know 'Precident' Clinton destroyed the Impeachment Process when it backfired on him.

      Let's see if Union Membership will follow Lerner over the Cliff and "Walk Away!" from Under Water Mortgages. "Walk Away!" from your Office in Government! (Like they did in Wisconsin!) Look at 'Precident' Obama as he "Walks Away" from his duties like the derelect jabbering into a mirror! It looks to me like the Demo-crats have a new Secret Weapon! Political Junk Science, "Walk Away!" And what is it? Violation of a Sacred Oath! Violation of a Trust! It is Conspiracy to Treason after terrible Damages are visible all over our Nation!

      The Sorcery part of it is it is above the People's heads when they say "Both Parties are corrupt!" It actually benefits the Kloward Piven Gang if public perception were so! Progressive Socialists are vested in the Government NOT working! And honestly, they are vested in breaking American Hearts! "The HEART Part!" (I think it is Healthcare, Energy, Agriculture, Representation and Transportation, HEART. I think it is a High Crime to grind against these things!

    35. Mrs. Barbara Newland says:

      I wish they would cut all the waste of our taxpayers money!! I cannot understand when we started giving money to foreign countries, some are our enemy. We do not need to give so much to the United Nations, a corrupt U.N.! I wish Americans were taxed alot less we work hard to earn the money, then any extra they take from us and throw it away on wasteful, un-needed expeditures!! I am tired of it!! They keep giving themselves raises, they have more benefits than the American taxpayer who voted them into office. They don't need so many departments doing the same thing in gov., it is much too big! They need shorter terms. I think roads, bridges, defense, military spending is fine, the rest is un-neccesary, the spending is out of control!!! Thank you, Barbara Newland

    36. Owen, Livermore says:

      Even the $61 billion in cuts proposed by the Republicans doesn't even scratch the surface of the deficit and is ridiculous and laghable when regarding the actual accumulated debt that the government — both democrats and republicans — have created over the past fifty years. If they don't produce something meaningful in terms of debt reduction, they should all be fired!

    37. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Before we make "cuts" Social Security and Medicare, let's reform them intelligently. And before we make "cuts" in these programs, why not "cut" all foreign aid? We do not need to support the world. Why don't we "cut" governmenr bureaus, especially those that intrude on States' Rights? Why don't we "cut" our foreign bases and bring those hundreds of thousands of troops home to guard OUR borders and not some other countries'? Why don't we "cut" the profligacy of the politicians? Why don't we "cut" the UN? Why don't we "cut" entering wars that we have no business entering?

      After doing these "cuts", then maybe we can afford to take care of our own citizens and "cut" taxes!

    38. D.F. Pesznecker Stan says:

      I'll say it again, take all members of Congress, their staffs, committee

      leaders and staffs, white house staff etc. and cut their salaries by 10%.

      They are in large part, responsible for the DEBT anyway, not us little guys.

    39. Judith in Michigan says:

      "There is a method to their madness" seems to apply here very well. The Democrats knew they were going to lose big time last November, so what better way to build a trap for the GOP. Don't pass a budget for the next fiscal year and create fights and arguments that will hopefully make the GOP look like the mean old folks who wants to take everything away from the poor and Grandma. A perfect set-up, really.

      The Democrats don't need to cut anything, but must stay on the offense against the hapless GOP. Create diversions. Telling the truth is not on the agenda. Attack is the name of the game for Democrats

      If you don't understand just why the Democrats and Progressives in our government are doing this, then you haven't been paying attention. It is in your best interest to do research. You'll figure it out. And I guarantee you won't like what you discover.

    40. Dave G., Crofton MD says:

      My fear is GOP leaders will consider the proposed $61 billion cut as "mission accomplished" instead of the minimum down payment it represents.

    41. Frank, Florida says:

      If we give the Republicans in Congress the benefit of the doubt & say they really do want to make significant budget cuts, then they need new bold leadership to better communicate that to the American public. The President has the "bully pulpit" & that is hard to compete with, but the Republican leadership can surely do a better job than what they've done so far. They look like wimps, not sincere in doing what the voters wanted in the 2010 elections: repeal/defund ObamaCare, make drastic cuts in the budget, cut the size & scope of the Federal budget & eventually balance the budget & start to make significant budget deficit pay-downs… like Clinton was doing before Bush 2 messed it up.

    42. toledofan says:

      It's obvious that the nonsense isn't going to end anytime soon. It's almost like there is a parallel universe between Washington and everybody else and until they change nothing else will. It's really too bad that the arrogance is so thick that no matter the good suggestions, the common sense approaches or the distinct advice, those in Congress always think they know more are smarter than or have the answer to everything. The elites, in reality, are only elite to themselves.

    43. Jay says:

      It is a historical FACT that no MATTER the relative tax rate… Govt revenue tops at ~18% of GDP (give or take 1 percentage point) – CAP the Budget at 18% of GDP!!! If you want more money for Programs STOP passing laws that move jobs overseas and decreasing realized GDP.

      Hey Mr. Speaker – Please read the above!!! Nothing changes the fact that there is only SO MUCH $$ to spend… Balance the Budget (in reality it should be capped at 16% of GDP and take the remaining 2+% to pay down the US debt)

    44. Gayle Kindall 94553 says:

      at least 60B, better 100.

    45. Barb G, Minnesota says:

      "Under President Obama’s budget proposal, taxpayers would see large tax increases, bigger government, and slower economic growth. The President who declared that “I didn’t come here to pass our problems on to the next President or the next generation—I’m here to solve them” would, over the next decade, drop an additional $80,000 per household in debt onto the laps of our children and grandchildren."

      Unfortunately, I believe that figure of $80K/household factors all households, which includes those households that pay NO taxes and some of whom receive sizeable tax returns. It would be hard to fathom the monetary amount that a real taxpaying family would have to pay because they are paying the share of the others who will not be required to pay anything because of their tax bracket.

    46. Don Vander Jagt, Gra says:

      Republicans could show some intestinal fortitude and decisiveness by proposing a 15% cut in funding for the House, the Senate along with the White House, to go along with the puny 5% cut they took before. Then cut 10% from every department in the federal government giving the heads of those departments the option to cut wages and expenses by 10% or cut back the number of employees, we all can plainly see where ever we look how bloated with employees the federal government is. Next means test at a reasonably high rate Social Security and Medicare. And finally start immediately to phase out all government subsidies, by that I mean in any given category, for instance farming, reduce those in the top 10% to a dollar amount equal to the second highest 10% the first year. Then the following year reduce the then top 20% to a dollar amount equal to the next 10%, and so on, until all subsidies are phased out.

      Wow am I dreaming, integrity and intestinal fortitude in Washington?

    47. PJV, Michigan says:


    48. DaveK Alabama says:

      It should be pretty simple (except for the democrats). Zero Education, the EPA and the TSA. Cut government salaries to a level comparable with the private sector. Cut remaining agencies 15 to 20%. Raise the retirement age and means test social security and medicare with appropriate adjustments. Take the cap off of social security required contributions.

    49. Tom Sullivan in FL says:

      The federal government will borrow almost half its spending this year. If we shut down 100% of federal spending starting April 1, we'd have a balanced budget this fiscal year (through Sept. 30).

      Government (federal, state, local) was 32% of GDP in 2000. Today it is 43% of GDP. Government has grown by 1/3 since 2000. Government regulations are another 20% of GDP. Big Government is 63% of GDP. The purpose of the US has been tranformed from protecting our individual liberties to supporting a socialist Big Government. Where is Patrick Henry?

    50. KC - New Mexico says:

      Significant cuts are needed. Shutting down the government would help and most of us would not see or feel the impact. This only makes sense if the government workers do not get paid for the time it is shut down.

      We also need the liberal media to understand and report on the real issues. Similar to England where their government is cutting back on entitlement and other services, people are protesting. But their media are not showing the vast majority of people that will be better off with the governmental cuts.

      Unions – we need to abolish the governmental unions. These are a waste of money for the union members and it drives various issues including poor work ethics. Again, the media needs to tell the real story. Liberal justices also need to understand the issue instead of playing the political card.

      Leadership – the republicans are not showing any so far and of course the democrats are not leading or providing a plan to reduce the spending and to begin to balance the budget. We need a real leader!

    51. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      What would the Democrats cut? Good question. Nothing. Good answer.

    52. Todd House says:

      Against whom will the children of America's next generation revolt for the crushing burden of debt handed them by us, the generation of the "baby-boomers?"

      Current-day politicians–ours–serving themselves with complete disregard for posterity, in Congress, the Executive and, yes, even as activists among the Judiciary, behave as did a King and Parliament some 200 years ago.

      The cry, then (as it will soon become, now) is "taxation without representation is tyranny!"

      A "tea party" in Boston Harbor made manifest the indignation in this cry for self determination in December 1773.

      Today, a "Tea Party" movement builds tsunami-like momentum with extreme fidelity to the indispensable core principle that no people will be ruled by the dictates of the elite few whether they be separated from us by thousands of ocean miles or from future progeny by generational years.

      Alive now, or yet-to-be born…encumbering the product of hard work of it's citizens without their consent is theft that fuels the tyranny of a government quickly exhausting its legitimacy.

      Indeed, The Tea Party is most aptly named.

      Todd House, MD

    53. mike hutchings says:

      i dont think the left has failed to pass a budget….they succeeded in not passing a budget….the dynamic shifted against them so they fall back to prepared positions. and a parade of unfortunates, inconvienenced by a shut down will strum the heart strings no matter that they will be paid in full.and again the right will be portrayed as lying butchers with both thumbs on the scale. because as sure as money is a natural resource and is not a product of industry the right…just to be mean is holding out……by the way there is 105 billion that could be stripped out…..but who wants to do that…

    54. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      As I see it the fundamental difference between "the right" and "the left" is that conservatives believe in individual responsibility as the solution and liberals believe that government is the solution. To date the liberal mindset prevails and will until bankruptcy occurs for our nation. At that point tyranny will be upon us and individual freedom will be lost. History continually repeats itself and society never learns from the past. The major change that must occur is the restoration of individual responsibility. Its not “what has a political party done for you” its “what freedom has a political party returned to you.” Arguing about debt reduction is meaningless unless we recognize the cause.

    55. John Clancy, Mi 4819 says:

      The measures that congress takes in the next few days must be in proportion to the seriousness of the financial situation, not some PR move to delay the steps that are essential for our fiscal survival.

      As Don Vander Jagt says above: Move immediately to cut the pay of all federal employees by 10% or reduce the number of federal employees to achieve a 10% cut in each department. These moves would be supported by the majority of the American people because they have a sense of the fraudulent waste in Washington. It's a matter of leadership.

      Take a serious look at the Department of Education, established by President Carter to satisfy the national teacher unions. After billions spent since its establishment, Johnny still can't read! It's a waste.

      Good education moves from the ground up, from the parents and the local school up to the State. Federal involvement is unnecessary and very wasteful. In fact, our schools would improve without "over the top" federal programs. They are a distraction, There are many reasons for dropping this department. The majority of the American people would support this move. It's a matter of leadership.

      Yes, where is Patrick Henry.


    56. david martenson. gil says:

      Is Obama purposefully or accidentally trying to destroy America?

    57. Dinah Garrison Fairb says:

      OK, I get it. The GOP is afraid of taking the heat for a partial government slow down if the 2011 budget does not get passed. One mistake that is being made is too much talking. IF the democrats had passed the budget before the election in 2010, they could have controlled it at will. Yes, we know they didn't want their fingerprints on it, but don't bother saying that. Just keep repeating, "The democrats could have passed the budget of their choosing before November 2010 because they had control of both houses of Congress and the Presidency." Eventually some of the people will begin to see the truth in this. Only then will then begin to understand what is actually going on with the budget.

    58. Harry Sellers says:

      Congress must stick to its billion(s) dollars reduction even if it means sutting down the federal govrnment.

      the House of representatives and he Senate should take the rest of the calendar

      off. (all federal employees should not be a penny for the rremainder of the hear.

    59. Dave W. Provo. UT says:

      See how they run, will the Senate Demos follow their colleagues in Wisconsin and runaway again? The demos have given a new definition to Gutless–it is, cause a financial mess and then pretend is doesn't exist. And there's the community organizer pretending to be the President.

    60. Mark Greenberg says:

      Let's not give credit to the House Republicans for $61B of cuts. In fact that amount is tiny and inadequate in terms of what we must do to rein in spending and protect this country from the path to irrelevance that it is now on.

    61. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      The Republicans do not want to be responsible for cutting anything that will jeopardize re-election, that is why health care will survive, and life will go on as usual. The Democrats have mobilized a great PR group to attack the conservative media and the conventional media will not report any negative news about Barry O. & 'the bell'.

      Check out the new elected officials…even they have not voice. Perhaps Heritage should write another letter…who's reading them – not the life-long politicians.

    62. DK in Iowa says:

      In regards to comments made by liberal/progessive/union members and/or leaders of the Democratic party today who like to post on this or other conservative web sites, I have found the best way to describe them can be found in the Sixteenth teaching of the Bhagavad Gita. Also, I feel that our current president and members of both political parties need to read/study/learn the lessons that are taught in the outline of "De Officiis" by Marcus Tullis Cicero regarding morality and ethics. Then start following the Constitution and Bill of Rights and do what is right for this country and not some special interest groups!!!!

    63. 2dokie says:

      Boehner better get busy and deliver and in the process cooperate with the Tea Party representatives or he will be condemned in history as complicit with the Demos in setting man back 700 years. Also all the elitists in Wash. better consider the probability that they will get what they have coming to them… you know, reap what they've sown!! It can happen! Look at history! Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Idi Amin all were consumed by their raging lust to live above and at the expense of everyone else. Hitler commited suicide, Mussolini was killed and hung by his heels and desecrated, Stalin was quite probably murdered by a conspiracy of associates and Idi Amin was killed in exile by patriots. They were all sucessfull politicians for awhile, living at other's expense. We can no longer afford these people. We posess tremendous resources and a govt. that denys us access to them. We have crushing debt and a govt. that only wants to magnify it! We have a Pres. that is complcit with our enemies in arranging all of it.

    64. FrankenFeelings says:

      Heritage, your name says it all… I work for a living. "When does the greed end" – you know who.

    65. ThomNJ says:

      $60 bn is a lack of commitment. $100 billion just scratches the surface. Get serious you RINOs.

    66. Stirling, Pennsylvan says:

      Nothing of any substance will be cut until after the 2012 elections unfortunately. It's becoming clearer that the democrats don't belive the financial mess we are in and are pushing that everything is "getting better." Since Democrats-Liberals still run the Senate and the Presidency they will not allow anything of substance to be cut thru them. I pray that we still have a "republic" and not a government run union state by the time 2012 arrives. If this administration is elected for 4 more years then I fear our country is done (R.I.P)

    67. Jackson, Denton, TX says:

      Why NOT shut down the Govt? Will anyone notice except the politicians and other "trough feeders" who will not be getting their monthly dole? This nation desperately needs fiscal reform and soon. We should take on all federal programs, foreign and domestic. Cries of "SS reform" echo through congress but no on has any clue how to perform such fiscal surgery without political backlash, muchless the huevos to actually tackle it.

      Before undertaking SS/medicare revamping we need to revisit the nexus of these programs: Established by a liberal potus under the new deal, funded and operated in the black until raped and pillaged by a liberal potus with a solemn promise to repay it, and perpetuated by every potus since.

      Try starting here: Repay all money absconded from SS with interest as promised; then and only then, overhaul the system or replace it with non-government programs such as 401k or personal saving accounts. Lesson learned: We don't need the 'Gubment' taking care of us…

      The politicians need to get off their butts and do what we the people elected them to do. Get your heads out.

    68. Pingback: ~ JUST IN ~ Daily News Digest for Tuesday, March 29, 2011 | Just Piper

    69. Kevin H, college par says:

      Cut the tax expenditures – over 1 trillion in spending right there – let's cut it now!!!!

    70. Demetri, Illinois says:

      How about cutting corporate tax loopholes for the wealthiest corporations on the planet, loopholes that allow GE to not only pay no federal tax, but receive a tax "credit" of 3.2 billion of your tax dollars, while at the same time cutting their US workforce by 20% and adding jobs overseas? This is what the democrats would cut. This is just one example. It turns out that 2/3 of all US corporations pay no corporate tax. You are attacking the peons and giving the giants a free ride. Is this really the way to look out for the best interests of the United States of America and its people?

    71. Demetri, Illinois says:

      You and I are the engine that drives the US economy, that drives capitalism. Does it make sense to keep rewarding companies that, left to their own devices, are more than willing cut us out of the picture to pay pennies on the dollar to workers overseas?

    72. Demetri, Illinois says:

      The Republican Party, the Tea Party, and yes, more and more of the Democratic Party have been purchased by Corporate America. If we want our country back, we're going to have to insist that they work for we, the people. I want my government to work for me, not GE. Getting rid of government is equivalent to turning governance over to Corporate America, and if you know anything at all about the history of the labor movement, you know that Corporate America has an incredibly poor track record when left to their own devices. If we don't learn from history, we are bound to repeat our mistakes.

    73. Demetri, Illinois says:

      I have a trivia question for Stirling. Who said, "Where unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost."

    74. Bobbie says:

      If you have to go through a "union" you're not free to speak for yourself. Must have been a socialist!

    75. Kay, Virginia says:

      Regardless of government shutdown, the Republicans need to insist all talks be held in the open so that we can see who is supporting what program. I think transparency is the key.

      TRANSPARENCY- These Congressmen and women should not be ashamed of their ideas and choices.

      Also if they are negotiating, they should have started with a bigger number to get down to the amount they really want because the numbers they will actually cut are a pittance compared to what must be cut.

    76. Demetri, Illinois says:

      Not unless you think Ronald Reagan was a socialist, Bobbie. He said it in a moving Labor Day speech in 1980.

    77. Demetri, Illinois says:

      Here's the Youtube link if you're interested.


    78. Bobbie says:

      Thanks Demetri!

      Well, for one thing he was talking about "communist" Poland. And another thing, he specified "free union" not government unions! Big, big difference! Things are easily taken out of context for attention to mislead! Be careful, Demetri!

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