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  • Hispanic Growth in the South Is A Repudiation of Liberal Economics

    As has been widely reported by the media, the latest 2010 U.S. Census Bureau numbers are confirming the growing number of the Hispanic population in our country.  According to some estimates, this number is set to total 50.5 million Hispanics, accounting for nearly 1 in six Americans now of Hispanic stock.

    While Europe ages and other countries look enviably at our demographic gains, what’s particularly interesting about these numbers is less about the growth of the overall Hispanic population (that was widely predicted) – but where the Hispanic population increase is most pronounced.

    As the Wall Street Journal explained “Many of the [Hispanic] biggest jumps were in the South, including Alabama, North Carolina and Louisiana…..” Read: the South.  As even the most casual observer of politics knows, the South is not necessarily known as being a bastion of liberalism.  And thanks to a steady stream of conservatives occupying the majority of the Governor’s mansions in many of these states, conservative economic policies have been paving the way for much of this growth.

    In this light, Hispanics flocking to economic growth areas, where jobs abound, is obvious.  Hispanics, like the rest of us, will go where the jobs are.

    And as we have been reporting, there is a reason why Hispanics aren’t flocking to Detroit that has been readily embracing the liberal economic dogma of higher taxes and a bigger government for the past few years.  Suffering from high levels of unemployment, high crime, high taxes and a decrepit public education system, is it little wonder why the city population plunged 25% since the last Census?

    Of course, this is an important issue to consider as our country faces a mounting national deficit and a federal government that continues to spend and borrow with wanton disregard.  If we are to change course from this disastrous path, it is vital that our elected officials get our financial house in order.  At both the local and federal level, liberal economic policies are leaving disastrous results in their wake.

    In short, the real story from the Census numbers is not the growth, but the location of the growth – and the economic policies that created the conditions for the growth.

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    12 Responses to Hispanic Growth in the South Is A Repudiation of Liberal Economics

    1. George Colgrove VA says:

      We need to stop counting people in groups. This is a liberal practice – not a conservative practice. As long as a person is a LEGAL CITIZEN, that is all that matters. EVERYONE is not going to Detroit. There are no opportunities there. Movie shops are now filming post-apocalyptic scenes in Detroit due to the ease of finding run down city centers with no one living there.

      It does not matter where we are all from; we all want a good life. That should come from hard work and achievement. But when the federal/state and some local governments give away goodies, be it welfare, free healthcare, high paid government jobs, free food, fuel or what have you, yes poor people, underachievers and people willing to take advantage of the kind hearts of the taxpayer will seize that source of free wealth. It is a rather disturbing component of the human psychology. We all want to get something for nothing. It does not matter where your heritage is from. Most of us can resist that natural human tendency due to proper raising and a higher drive to excel.

      This is the core of what WENT wrong with Detroit and what IS going wrong with the country. The greed of the public sector to take and take and take from people who have less and less and less for their personal wealth and privilege has stripped cities, states and the entire nation of the fuel that has made cities like Detroit prosperous. The ill-conceived notion that a stuffed shirt with a useless MPA has a better idea about where that money goes than a customer. The practice has failed to levels immeasurable. I just think of the potential of where we would be had FDR never installed the “New Deal” and had that not been bloated with LBJ’s “great society”, where would we be today? Trillions of dollars have been dumped into programs to win the war on poverty, but at the numbers show, more people are poor today than ever before. Where did that money go?

      We are spending $2.1 trillion or 56% of the 2011 federal budget on beating poverty in the forms of Social Security, MC/MC and other welfare programs – at the national level (this does not include what states and cities contribute). There are 310 million Americans. There are 114 million taxpayers. Assuming an average family size of 2.4 people, I will conservatively say there are 82 million families who are too poor to pay taxes. If we redistribute $2.1 trillion out to those families that should provide more than $25,000 per family. The fact is most of those families have good earnings, but just happened to fall under the criteria for not having to pay taxes. The fact we have poverty after spending that much money (mostly from deficit spending) is showing these programs are not working! Imagine what $2.1 trillion would have done in the private sector in creating new jobs. Average household income is $51,000 without benefits. $2.1 trillion would provide funding for 41 million jobs. If we add the average private sector benefit package of $9,000, $2.1 Trillion can provide 35 million jobs. The fact is, the federal solution is not adding up, all the while evaporating opportunity throughout the nation.

      You take away the freebees then what happens, the best of this dependent and publically employed group will return to the private sector and start making some money. The rest will find a job to do – but just enough to get buy. Without freebees, these people will find sources of incomes and wealth that will not be extorted from innocent hard working people.

      There are times we need help and there are organizations that can provide that help – Salvation Army and Good Will. These organizations not only provide for the needs of the poor, but also provide training, spiritual help, resume and job hunting assistance and so much more for people out of work. All at a very small cost. These organizations provide this assistance to all people regardless of background. Success and failure has nothing to do with heritage, skin color or anything like that. It has to do with the individual human spirit and how we as a society are willing to nurture that spirit. If we want to suppress people in a narrow scope, we will continue to provide freebees that end up withering people to nothing and we will continue to group people on artificial criteria. In this country, there are no Hispanics, there are no Africans, there are no Europeans, no Indians, no Asians – there are only Americans! So long as you are a legal citizen, you are American. And so long as you are American, your chances at the rewards of success, the perils of failure and the ability to have new chances should be equal – not guaranteed mind you, but there for your taking if you are willing to do the work.

    2. fish says:

      Ummmmm. Evidence?

    3. Tom Georgia says:

      Liberal economics is an oxymoron. Or perhaps just moronic?

    4. O_Henry says:

      Let us not loose sight of the fact that the Latino population's birth rate in the USA (both legal citizens and illegal immigrants) is the deciding factor that is turning the tide of the Islamic (yes, I meant Islamic, not Arab, Persian, etc., etc.) population's birth rate in the USA. The Latinos are welcome; we need them; otherwise the USA will have the same problems facing Germany, France, and the UK where Islam is taking over the country slowly by means of birth rate and slowly implementing Sharia law. Please bear these things in mind if you are a freedom loving citizen of the USA that doesn’t want Sharia law put in practice here.

    5. Carol,AZ says:

      Thank you George in VA, for your excellent post.

    6. Jimmywitz, Austin, T says:

      Oh purleeze! This article is so full of unsupported non-facts and opinions posing as facts that it is not worthy of being printed in a reputable journal, even a conservative journal.

      Apart from the obvious fact that The South is nearer Mexico and the other Latin American countries than the states in the North, these immigrants are coming over primarily to find work in low-wage, low-skill jobs. And The South is where so many of these low-wage, low-skill jobs are.

      And so, by your very own argument, this is as damning an indictment of "conservative" economics as could ever be made.

      If you don't believe me, then please provide us with some evidence that all these Latino immigrants are mainly nuclear physicists, computer programmers or heart surgeons etc.

      Oh, and as regards this endless cry of "higher taxes", the fact is that we are actually paying lower taxes than at any time since 1951.

      As Patrick Moynihan said so eloquently "you are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts".

      There ARE valid arguments for certain conservative economic policies, but none of your nonsense amounts to anything remotely like a valid argument. And if anything, disproves your own case.

      I used to respect Heritage, even if I didn't agree with most of it. But if this is the best they can do, then it has lost all reason to be counted amongst the serious centers of thought and policy.

    7. Carol,AZ says:

      Thank You Jim in Autstin TX for your excellent " moment of truth post" and also thank yougreat State of TX, for passing the recent voter I.D. Law.

      I wonder if H.F. has the guts to post a more detailed "moment of truth" and mention that our own Fed.government is sending Federal Funds to the militant backed group La Raza. This group wants America to return previously held land in ,TX, AZ, and New MX formally own by SP and give it back to Mexico. Or haven't you heard that yet in TX …..Safe safe !

    8. Wes in cincy says:

      By 2050 our southern and northern borders will disappear and it won't make

      much difference. Any blame can be squarely placed on both parties.

      There will only be North Americans, no Americans, Mexicans or Canadians.

    9. Rick Corral Hispanic says:

      This is why we need borders… Can't you get it we are doomed as a country .

    10. Dave, Kansas says:


      Way to attack! You criticize George, VA. for not documenting his allegations then you turn around and do the same.

      For example: "Oh, and as regards this endless cry of “higher taxes”, the fact is that we are actually paying lower taxes than at any time since 1951."

      Where is the documentation?

      Someone said "When the facts are not on your side, attack the messenger." You did! "… none of your nonsense amounts to anything remotely like a valid argument." And of course you provide a valid argument! Not! I am not buying what you are selling.

      I believe you are applying Rule # 5 from Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals.

      "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage."

      Nice try. But many of us know Alinsky's tactics and will expose them where we find them.

    11. Bobbie says:

      I bet if people were held personally accountable and self reliant as America once stood for, women wouldn't be taking advantage of their ability to give birth at someone elses expense. How unfair to the children they bring into the world, just to live off everyone else. What an ugly, consequential life they choose to put their children in and the rest of society. Compliments of the American government democrat who exploits the weakness of others for personal votes! What a shame!

    12. PattiNC says:

      I agree w/Bobbie. All of the illegal immigrants should be held accountable for their actions but noone in our government is making this happen. Why are these millions of illegals allowed to stay in our country to take our jobs, not pay taxes, so you and I are supporting them. I highly resent it. They are taking and taking from our local and federal resources and not giving back. Being illegal comes with drawbacks, which it should, and by that I mean since they are not in this country the right way, they must take low paying jobs. I realize there are more drawbacks but that is the price they should have to pay. Before long, we will become the United States of Mexico. There are so many other foreigners trying to come to the US the right way, paying thousands of dollars each year for a Visa, lawyers, paperwork and following rules and laws which are dictated to them about maintaing a job and making a certain amount of money each year and getting reviewed every few years. Why are all these illegal residents getting a free pass and others don't? Makes no sense!! They should have to follow all the same rules/laws we all have to. No exceptions! I'm all for trying to make a better life for yourself but do it the right way and make your own way.

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