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  • Doctor Fears Government's Expanding Role in Health Care

    Dr. Martha Boone doesn’t hide her displeasure with Obamacare. She was opposed to the law long before President Obama signed it one year ago and remains critical of it today. She spoke at Heritage this week about its impact on doctors.

    One story Boone shared shed light on the challenges government-run health care has created with her patients. She spoke of an incident involving a Medicare patient with stress incontinence, a condition that can be treated by one of two operations.

    The first operation takes 15 minutes, is not invasive and does not require anesthesia. It costs $2,200. The alternative requires cutting, general anesthesia, is more dangerous for those over 65, and has a four-week recovery. It costs $15,000.

    Inexplicably, Medicare covers only the second option. Boone pleaded with Medicare and argued that it made financial sense to cover the first operation, but Medicare flatly declined.

    The patient naturally preferred the first option and decided to make a patient-doctor agreement with Boone outside of Medicare to pay for treatment out-of-pocket. Then, six months later, Boone received a letter from Medicare demanding that she pay the government for a procedure Medicare refused to cover.

    Such infuriating action is the norm with government-run health care, according to Boone. While private health insurance has its own flaws, Boone said she is at least able to negotiate with insurance companies and attempt to convince them a procedure is necessary.

    That never happens with the government. “There’s absolutely nobody to call and the answer’s always no,” Boone said.

    Add to that the growing number of doctors refusing to treat Medicare patients and Boone sees a crisis brewing. As a urologist, she’s had to diagnose three women with ovarian cancer, which is outside her field, and then had to beg gynecologists to take these women in need.

    Boone said she is witnessing first hand the further government seeps into health care, the more roadblocks there are to proper patient care.

    Matthew McKillip is currently a member of the Young Leaders Program at The Heritage Foundation.

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    10 Responses to Doctor Fears Government's Expanding Role in Health Care

    1. Betty Durst, West Vi says:

      Dr. Boone's commentary is so sad; one must ask WHY this is happening in our country which is already overwhelmed by runaway spending. Why? Why aren't more professional, trustworthy individuals (who are educated and capaable) sked to help formulate policies that affect ALL of us? Where is the genuine sense of integrity with our elected officials?

    2. West Texan says:

      More evidence proving how important true federalism is to our country’s economy and sanity. The further away government is from the social obligations of those it serves, the more wasteful and less responsive it becomes. That’s why we’re a dual sovereign nation. All domestic affairs belong solely at the states'.level of government. Dr. Boone is absolutely correct in what she has shared. Repeal Obamacare now!

    3. Bobbie says:

      Doctor Boone has the passion most doctors once had. We have to get rid of this. NOW! How can anyone see this to be what the American people want? Especially Pelosi who knew what was in it! She only tried to convince solely for her benefit. If the truth was laid out in public what kind of people would really favor? The ones behind the take-over?

      It's not in the best interest of those who understand it's consequences which is over half of America. It's a set-up that will lead to crisis after crisis as we see the actions and inactions under the control of government has caused America so far. Its unethical!

      We'd like to choose our doctor, not have one handed to us…

      On the basis that we all have our own personal lifestyles and individual health and health issues within our individual control living in a society of freedom, it has to remain our personal duty to pay our own expenses. Find the resources on our own that can help us. Individual health is different! The government cannot apply equal protection! Stay out! Cruel and unjust…and of course, it's UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

    4. cathy, maine says:

      could we please consider The Physicians for a National Health Program???? as an alternative to Obamacare or doing nothing? the details are all spelled out and it makes good sense.

    5. Jill, California says:

      The inability to resolve problems with government-run healthcare is one of the strongest reasons to repeal Obamacare. When I was injured in the line of duty as a volunteer firefighter, the County committed all kinds of illegal acts to deny and delay my medical care. I complained to every county, state, and federal entity I could think of, but no one would do anything. At least when the corruption occurs at a private insurance company, there may be some government oversight and the ability to sue. When the government itself is corrupt, there is little to no recourse.

    6. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Matthew, it ain't the half of it. I have noticed that exasperating and incomprehensible things that the Government does can always be explained and make sense only of you credit the Half Vast Left Wing Conspiracy! The DINOs light fires and the RINOs rush blindly in to stomp out the fire. That is American Politics in a Nut Shell, Nuts! We Americans have been laughing for decades about "Stupid" Government when all the time, wouldn't you know it? It was Perfidy!

      Obama will take 10 years to destroy American Medicine, and replace it with Communist Medicine (Single Payer). Don't you wonder how evil it is to ask for Dictatorial Powers" To me it is a crime just for asking! No American President should want these Unconstitutional Powers! What kind of monster wants Million Dollar Fines? The Doc is right, but she isn't furious enough to express what these Progressive Liberals have done! It isn't a mistake. It is Treason.

    7. West Texan says:

      To Cathy – What you're proposing is exactly the ulterior objective of Obamacare. According to the Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP), it's " … a single issue organization advocating a universal, comprehensive single-payer national health program." Such provider activism shows PNHP supporters to be so narrowly focused on medicine itself they fail to see the larger picture.

      To be truthful, my years of experience working in health care have shown physicians generally make the worst organizational managers. Judging from the PNHP, they're obviously no better at understanding the basic functions of government. Not all physicians are this inept as demonstrated by Dr. Boone. She's a patriot.

    8. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Ewwww! Would it be 'hateful' of me to point out how it might be Soft Mass Murder? "Not my fault! Statistics are to blame for these deaths!" Now I know, after McCarthy we Americans just loved Communists! We put them in the government, we put them in the schools, we put them in Committees all busy making rules. It might not be killing elder Americans by bureaucratic mistake after all.

      The joke of the day is:

      Have you wondered why Progressives don't worry about the Unfunded Liabilities? In their Final Solution they won't have to pay them!

      I have a theme this week: The ban on Hate Speech operates against the American Free Speech political Right. It has made the truth inexpressible as a matter of Law! Making the Truth Unthinkable is a boiling in oil class of crime, don't you think? I am calling it! Sorcery!

    9. neicy says:

      no comment

    10. Jan Bartlett says:

      Thank you for your clear and informative presentation today (June 30) on the Huckabee Program on Fox! I wish more people would hear your comments and realize how seriously Obamacare will impact healthcare…especially the PSA for men.

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