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  • Race to the Top Anniversary Is No Cause for Celebration

    Vice President Joe Biden and Education Secretary Arne Duncan were on the road at a high school in Wilmington, Del., this week to celebrate the anniversary of the first Race to the Top awards.

    “We were able to help jump-start some of the farthest reaching education reforms in history,” Biden said at Monday’s event. “All across the country, Race to the Top is inspiring the same kind of change we’re seeing here in Delaware.”

    The vice president is right about at least one thing: The reforms were far-reaching. Delaware received $100 million in federal funding through Race to the Top — and the state applied those funds to institutions like Howard High, a school in downtown Wilmington with 860 students — 60 percent of whom are low-income. Thanks to Race to the Top, Howard has a new principal and a few new plans for the future. Eventually — or so the theory goes — those new plans will produce real changes.

    But in return, Delaware ceded local control. Just to be competitive in the Race to the Top application process, states had to agree to adopt Common Core State Standards for math and English language arts — before the standards had even been crafted. Delaware was no exception, agreeing to adopt the standards in its initial Race to the Top application and officially adopting the completed standards in August of last year.

    Common standards might sound sensible — suggesting a certain nationwide understanding of what constitutes an effective education — but they belie the truth that not all kids are alike. And because common standards almost necessarily lead to common assessments and common curricula, they also constrain teachers and parents, who surrender their educational say to distant, unelected bureaucrats.

    That’s why what Biden calls “far-reaching,” fifth-grade teacher Kasey Brzycki might call an “overreach.” Brzycki spoke to Heritage about the dangers of national standards for a video on Washington’s education overreach.

    At this week’s celebration, Duncan put it this way: “Nearly one year ago, Delaware won a Race to the Top award because it submitted an application that promised to reach into every corner of the state.”

    That’s not necessarily a good thing if it means giving up local control that is vital to education reform.

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    7 Responses to Race to the Top Anniversary Is No Cause for Celebration

    1. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Tina Korbe! You get my vote for the HF "Piece Prize" (That's like Obama's Peace Prize but this one means something.) That HF UTube Video nailed the ever lovin' truth about Education. So you win the joke of the day!

      Somebody sneaks truth gas into Obama's cigarettes. He walks up to the Presidential Podium and says "I am a Third Generation Communist! We have taken over this Country! You have all been duped. This week we are rolling America into her proper place in the One World Government! There will be no more questions!"

      The Captive Media spin it thus: "Today the President used scathing scarcasm to answer his Right Wing critics!" See? Even when he tells the truth Obama is lying!

      You are so right! The Issue is State's Rights, the whole Department of Education should be defunded. I call it a High Crime, destroying American Education! But you know me, I don't mince words. That is enough reason for the House to Investigate and dismantle. I think it would be awfully bright of the Republicans to expose the DINO High Crimes and use those to cut the size and the cost of Government in big chunks! I see High Crimes everywhere in Obama's Shadow Government. Why do you suppose they need seventeen 'intelligence' agencies? Oxymorons like this. I go so far as to say Thought Crime came in through Traffic Law! Yeah! When it was 'standardized' dangling Federal Highway Money! Statistical Thought Crimes in Traffic Law made the States Secret Billions! I'm old. I witnessed it.

    2. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Another thing, Tina. Do remember all the fuss about the Church of Scientology? When I was a young writer I took a killer Writing Class with Stephen King! It was LA! Everybody meets famous people. Stephen was new in his fame. I tell you L. Ron Hubbard had genuine Study Secrets than might have helped Stephen (and me). The American Curriculum was decapitated. Progressives in Education made Socialization the point of 'education' and arguably destroyed the Curriculum. Junk Science was "We are preparing the children for a Post Industrial Era!" Nevermind the fact there has never been in the History of the World a 'post industrial nation!' See? Junk.

      Arguably it is Sorcery to deceive the People above their heads. So I think Obama is a Sorcerer King. It would be wrong not to hate him.

    3. Pat in Maine says:

      It is now up to Gov. LePage. Sign it or Veto it? Do we want to adopt Common Core State Standards? Standards we know have errors and omissions and a promise they have no intention of fixing them. Signing on to an untested federal program that has yet to have a governing body to run it. Submitting to any mandate associated with it, regardless of the cost. Adopting National Assessments that have not been written yet. Positioning ourselves for the adoption of Common Core Standards in Science and History that have not been written yet. Handing over any local control of content we have left. We need more information on these issues. The cost just to implement the standards and assessments is just now starting to be realized in some states. I strongly urge Gov. LePage to demand more information before he puts his name on this.

      • ILEX says:

        Pat, this is Agenda 21 in the school systems. If you Google "UNESCO 12 books" you will see why Obama wanted this all done before school started. They will have three books for age 5-8, 8-12, 12-15, each book group will teach about a child touching self and feeling good, second set will teach touching another of the same sex and feeling good, third group of books will finalize the initiation of all school children into the NWO. Please look at wwwdotagenda21todaydotcom. You all need to open your eyes to see what the REAL agenda of this is. The more government in our school system the worse our kids have done. This program will dumb them down even more and make them "good" citizens for the NWO. Cloward and Piven stated take the family until apart (introduce homosexuality as normal) and you break the family unit apart, then you take God out of the remainder and you have solo individuals that are easy to control. Make sure you have a strong charter/private/parochial school system where you live, if not, pull your kids and home school them!!!!!

    4. Diana Brown, Illinoi says:

      I really like the comments from Leon. Education should go to the states for authority and get the Federal Government out of it!!! Race to the top is such a joke that it truly put children in danger. The unions in this country need to be stopped!!!

    5. Bobbie says:

      It's dangerous with a bribe and the results of children's standard education is a failure as it is thanks to feds and their government union thugs! Race to the top makes suspect for further social indoctrination. Teach freedom, not socialism! Everyone has a mind of their own, socialism destroys that.

      Be wise privatize and get the feds out!

    6. Jay Trinca says:

      Heritage or some other voice in the wilderness; I am a conservative who is running for the School Board in Bath County VA and perhaps the first conservative in its history and I need conservative information, sources, books, literature etc to prepare myself for this position.

      Jay Trinca

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