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  • Iran Blasts U.S. Intervention in Libya While Escalating Its Meddling in Neighbors' Affairs

    Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

    Iran predictably has lambasted the U.N.-backed intervention in Libya, which it regards as a front for western neo-colonial efforts to seize Libyan oil resources. Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, gave a televised speech on Monday that criticized the military intervention in Libya and accused President Barack Obama of lying: “The US and Western (allies) claim they want to defend the people by carrying out military operations or by entering Libya … You did not come to defend the people, you’ve come after Libyan oil.” He accused the United States of trying to foment an uprising in the Islamic Republic similar to those roiling the Arab Middle East, saying this was a “doomed and grotesque plan.”

    Meanwhile, new evidence has surfaced about Iran’s plans for destabilizing an increasingly volatile Middle East. Last week Israel seized a German freighter that was carrying almost 50 tons of Iranian-supplied arms bound for the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. The ship, which picked up the arms in the Syrian port of Latakia, was transporting the arms hidden in cargo bound for Egypt, from which the arms would be smuggled into Gaza.

    Included in the arms cache were more than 2,000 mortar shells, more than 66,000 bullets for Kalashnikov assault rifles, two radar systems, six sophisticated C-704 anti-ship missiles, and two launchers. The anti-ship missiles were the most worrisome item, because they would greatly extend the reach of Hamas, enabling it to target ships more than 20 miles away.

    The arms seizure followed a series of recent interceptions of military and nuclear materials bound for Iran from around the world. In December, South Korean authorities confiscated a cargo of aluminum tubes bound for Iran that was believed to be meant for Iran’s nuclear program. In October, the government of Singapore seized a shipment of aluminum powder used in rockets that also was destined for Iran.

    The discovery in Nigeria last October of a shipment of Iranian arms meant for separatist rebels in Senegal prompted the government of Senegal to break ties with Iran.

    Earlier this month, Malaysian police seized equipment that could be used to make nuclear weapons on board a ship bound from China to Iran. And just last Saturday, Turkey reportedly discovered prohibited arms on an Iranian plane bound for Syria.

    Clearly, Iran’s regime feels no embarrassment in denouncing the U.N.-backed intervention in Libya at the same time that it violates U.N. Security Council resolutions prohibiting the export of Iranian arms and the importing of banned materials useful for its nuclear and ballistic missile programs. Despite other crises related to political instability in the Middle East, Afghanistan, the Japanese earthquake, and North Korea, Iran deserves to be at the top of the U.S. agenda.

    See: Refocus on Iran: More Sanctions Needed and Ten Practical Steps to Liberty in Iran

    Forthcoming event: Next Steps in Iran Sanctions: Targeting the Choke Points April 7 at 12 noon

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    8 Responses to Iran Blasts U.S. Intervention in Libya While Escalating Its Meddling in Neighbors' Affairs

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    2. Michael, Portland, O says:

      If China was publicly provoking the US and had set up bases all along the Mexico & Canadian borders, what exactly do you think the US would be doing? We'd be arming up preparing for a fight. I'm not here to defend Iran, they obviously don't think much of the US, but I understand why they are wanting a nuclear weapon, if for no other reason than to protect their fragile regime. Do you not think what we did in Iraq and are doing in Libya influences them to work harder on that goal?

      Russia & the US have spent hundreds of billions trying to occupy and control Afghanistan, which is just one country in the Middle East. Both nations have failed at that task. It is beyond comprehensible how anyone would try to make a case that Iran, a country with 1/10,000 of the economic & military capability of Russia & the US would fair much better in one country, much less control the whole region. They are no threat to the US and are little more than a slightly more noticeable echo chamber than North Korea.

      The greatest destabilizing force in Iraq & Afghanistan is the presence of the US military. The people of Pakistan cannot stand us for bombing their countryside, and they are a much bigger threat to us than Iran. The people of Bahrain, Saudi, Yemen, and the rest of the GCC resent us for supporting dictatorships. We are provoking anti-American extremism on all fronts at a huge cost financially and to our national defense.

      The best course of action is to completely cut off all military aid to the region, to close all of our bases in the region, to publicly support democracy and commit to trade and humanitarian aid for that cause, and to bring our brave men and women home. Picking what "democracies" to support or not, bombing away on a moment's notice for so-called humanitarian reasons, and continuing an occupation given our current economic circumstances make no sense whatsoever.

    3. LD/California says:

      With the US congress having exchanged weapons for drugs with Central America it is not surprising that other countries are trying to arm up to remain competitive against militarization that is threatening to destroy them. It is true that the west is taking out governments where they are rewarded by oil and mineral reserves, and it appears Gadhafi figured this out easily enough. The reality of Libya is his Gadhafi's leadership pales next to the British monarchy, the latter being one of the most exploitative to have evolved from antiquity, and the middle east is not Her only target. She is after the US, too. The UK has inbred a sociopath culture that is dangerous beyond the imagination, and when the Middle East formulates their own alliance independent of Intel's Islamic Council and the Muslim Brotherhood, this region will grip Britain by her ass and put Her under marshal law. Sociopaths do not adapt. They are non-redemptive, and the sooner the world realizes this about the UK the better. Right now She's latched onto the US via Her Neo campaign, but that will change with increasing knowledge that we have been duped by a race of conquering imperialists that once routed from our government will have to face a travail with Her victims throughout the world, and that time is drawing close.

    4. WHICH WAY says:


    5. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      James, do you recall that BP Oil got the Drilling Rights off the coast of Libya? Far be it from me to back the Iranian line, but he is right about Oil when you realize Egypt is the more important Mid East Country but you didn't see Obama helping them! No Oil! BP is one of Obama's coconspirators in bringing down the American Economy, the Quid Pro Quo is BP's Membership in the Climate Exchange! BP supported Obama's Captive Media with ad revenues. BP caused the Gulf Oil Spill giving Obama the excuse he needed to destroy the Oil Industry in the Gulf! There is an awful lot of smoke down there for us to think there is no fire! And sure, the Straw Man argument is good debate technique but it doesn't change the fact it is incomprehensible Foreign Policy that has us in Libya! It is sickening how Obama made the British Pensioners pay for the Gulf Oil Spill when he put the kabosh on BP Dividends! So it drove a wedge between the USA and the Brits!

      The Obama Doctrine in Foreign Policy is to Serve The Foreign Interest! To Hell with Americans and their Interest! That's official. We don't want their stinking country but the Iranians can't fathom that! Obama's World Wide Community Organizing has lit the Arab World on fire! What worked to bring down America ought to work like gangbusters on the Arabs. They won't know what hit them. Technically Obama and his Chicago Gang are Sorcerers! They deceive people above their heads! The Rag Heads haven't got a chance!

      I don't think it is too far fetched to conceive a dastardly long range plan. The Obamunists will set up the Kalaphet so that when Americans are completely transformed into the New Soviet? The stage will be set for perpetual war between irreconcilible Idealogical Religious Enemies. You know this IS a Christian Nation! The Islamicists actually do what to conquer the World! When it becomes Holy War on both sides? Then the Ayatollah can have his War with new Crusaders like he wants it. He has to wait a few years. In ten years or so the Western World can nuke the Arab World. The One World Government can be slap happy when they reduce the population of the Earth to "about a billion."

      "Hooray! Obama saves the Earth from over population!" Dispicable! Is that 'hateful' of me? I am so very sorry! I hate the Progressives for destroying my beautiful America. I will not apologize. It is sane to hate evil things!

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    7. Corky, Howey in the says:

      Donald Trump is correct in saying our Country is "going to hell in a hand basket!" We have NO leaders left in this Country only greedy, self serving, no back bone senators. We have a president with no birth certificate with a socialist agenda and there are people who would follow someone like this to their own doom. The rest of the world looks upon us as a joke. We are not a super power only a nation with no leadership……………God Help Us……

    8. JOE, GREENSBORO, NC says:

      It is rather unfortunate when one reads articles like Mr. James Phillips' glorification of every warmongering policy of the West and in particular the US.

      As far as Phillips and others who think like him are concerned it is alright for the

      US and The Western cohorts to sell arms to any country but when Iran does the same it is deemed a spread of terrorism. What they fail to realize or perhaps

      try to cover-up is that the US and The West are the only nations on earth that

      delight themselves in violence. We manufacture instruments of violence and

      export them. There is no place on earth where people are not pointing their hands

      at us for the deaths of their loved ones either through war or coup d'tat.

      We encourage rebellion of country's youth against their leader and use that as

      a pretext to destabilize that country. This is witchcraft and the Almighty God will

      one day severely judge us. We may seem untouchable by any nation because

      of our armaments but we cannot escape God,s wrath.

      Judgement day is fast approaching. Revelation 18. Please read.

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