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  • Ousting the U.S. Ambassador Does Not Help U.S.–Mexican Crime Fight

    The resignation of U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Carlos Pascual, under pressure from President Felipe Calderon, is bad news for the Obama Administration.

    There is little doubt that this is a “blow to U.S.-Mexico relations, in that the personal overcame the institutional.” It will damage joint U.S.–Mexico efforts to fight organized crime in Mexico and protect U.S. security at home by turning a common fight against a real enemy into a political contest between national leaders.

    Since assuming the key ambassadorship in 2009, Pascual played an active role in efforts to speed delivery of Plan Merida assistance to Mexico, stand up an effective U.S. team in Mexico to support Calderon’s law enforcement efforts, and craft a broad-based strategy directed against organized crime. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went out of her way to praise Pascual for his work.

    Calderon’s public displeasure began over comments made regarding the Mexican army in cables sent from Pascual’s embassy and released on WikiLeaks. Calderon’s displeasure became very public in 2011. In an interview with El Universal newspaper in Mexico City in February, Calderon said Pascual demonstrated his “ignorance” of Mexico in cables and was guilty of misrepresenting Mexico’s situation. Calderon also reportedly expressed displeasure with the U.S. envoy when he met with President Obama in the Oval Office in early March.

    In recent weeks, U.S.–Mexico relations have been under increased strain. The murder and wounding of U.S. law enforcement officials in Mexico in February has opened pressures on the Mexicans to allow U.S. agents to arm themselves for self-protection. Authorized flights of U.S. drones deep in Mexican territory for collecting counter-drug intelligence has provoked debate and backlash in Mexico. Finally, Calderon is unhappy over a program conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms that allegedly allowed weapons into Mexico from the U.S. in an attempt to roll up arms trafficking networks.

    As President Obama heads home from his Latin American trip, he will find that his agenda just became even more complicated, as he must now deal with relations with a prickly Calderon and with resurgent Mexican nationalism.

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    6 Responses to Ousting the U.S. Ambassador Does Not Help U.S.–Mexican Crime Fight

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    2. George Colgrove VA says:

      As we start to prepair for our 4th war – with Mexico! Our insasiable drive for war and global chaos so that a few defense contractors and a highly overpaid federal workforce can keep their jobs meanwhile the former great USofA heads further over the cliff.

      National debt – $14.2 and climbing! IS ANYONE AT THE WHEEL?

      Good thing we save those $10 small billion dollars ($4B in Feb and $6B in March). By the end of next month we will have spent it all killing people! Now that is a nice investment!

      All the NEOCONS are doing is cutting programs (which is a good idea and something we need to do more of) and shifting that money over to the DoD for their recreation (someting we should not be doing!)

    3. Carol,AZ says:

      It's called," kill the messenger."

      There're thousands of example of this "execution for silence " from the war in North America and the Banana Republic called MX.

      Pres. Calderon, has been dictating policy and procedure to the USA, and el Senor Obama for two years.

      The America policy; Throw more money into the coffers of corruption; the MX military, the MX prison system, the rouge police leadership, and their own border agents.

      Also trash borders states with lawsuits that are dodging bullets and enforcing the laws of our land.

      Silence by execution: the murders of 71, news reporters and three, reported missing.

      Silence by terror: reported, entire MX towns along the border areas where shipping points are key for the cartels, razed and burned down.

      It's estimated that, ~ 250,000 MX citizens have fled these areas and abondon their farmland, Buss and homes.

      Silence by mass terrorism: (also called genicide)

      The execution for silence, that Calderon allowed in MX, over 35,000 men , women and children murdered.

      The mass graves are everywhere along the border areas but rarely get published outside of the border states.

      By now we realize MX can't protect, nor will protect it's own people.

      MX is in anarchy.

      The drug cartels are in control, running the counrty with their empire stretching throughout South America with cells in most major cities in America.

      That's what's happen when people are silenced, choked-off, shut up, and stilled.

    4. Todd Geiger, Upper M says:

      Intervention in the form of prohibition encourages corruption and violence. If one is going to go to prison for selling a prohibited good, there is no disincentive against committing other "lessor" crimes. In fact, there may be an incentive to commit other crimes to delay or avoid arrest and capture. The extraordinary profits because of the prohibition is the underlying attraction. So just like the "war" on poverty & terrorism, the war on drugs will never be won, although billions will have been wasted and tens of thousands of lives lost or ruined.

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