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  • Morning Bell: Spectator-in-Chief

    Yesterday, American B-2 stealth bombers, F-16s, F-15s, and Harrier attack jets bombed both Libyan air and ground defenses including Colonel Muammar Qadhafi’s massive residential compound in Tripoli. “We judge these strikes to have been very effective in significantly degrading the regime’s air defense capability,” Vice Adm. Bill Gortney, director of the Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Sunday.

    But the fact that these operations could be successfully undertaken by coalition forces was never in doubt. The problem is that these operations by themselves will not be decisive in either eliminating the regime or fully protecting civilians. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Sunday that the U.S. expects to turn control of the Libya military mission over to a coalition (headed by the French? the British? or by NATO?) “in a matter of days.” What happens if Qadhafi is still in power by that time? The United Nations mandate authorizing these strikes is extremely broad, permitting anything but “occupying” Libya. The coalition has yet to state specific goals for the operation. What does protecting civilians mean?

    Qadhafi’s next move will be to try and exploit the ambiguity the Obama Administration’s leadership failure has created. Within hours of the attack there were already signs that support from the Arab League was weakening. “What is happening in Libya differs from the aim of imposing a no-fly zone, and what we want is the protection of civilians and not the bombardment of more civilians,” said Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa. These fissures will only grow if Qadhafi retains power and operations become protracted.

    A simple and quick decisive outcome in Libya is unlikely. If the U.S. wants to safeguard its interests in the region, it is going to need a long-term strategy. The U.S. must: 1) Identify, aid, and muster support for a legitimate opposition that is free of terrorist elements; 2) Support responsible efforts to isolate the regime in Tripoli; 3) Support humanitarian operations to safeguard the lives of innocents; and 4) Prevent the regime from reacquiring weapons of mass destruction technologies, supporting international terrorism, or establishing terrorist sanctuaries in the country.

    Conditions could always change (e.g. Qadhafi could sponsor another terrorist attack on the U.S.), but the U.S. contribution must be limited to avoid mission creep. Otherwise, a once limited U.S. involvement could grow into something more costly like Somalia and Lebanon. Unlike Iraq and Afghanistan there simply are no vital American interests that would justify wider intervention.

    Libya is just one country in a region going through world-historical transformation. The U.S. needs proactive long-term strategies that look ahead of events rather than trail them. Unfortunately we are getting the exact opposite from our Commander in Chief. President Obama is putting the U.S. military to work at the behest of the world rather than leading the world. Brit Hume accurately described this yesterday: “This is not leadership, this is followership.” In two major areas now the President has voted “present” in the last two weeks: on the budget, where he is AWOL, and on Libya, where he has purposely chosen to follow even as our troops do the heavy lifting.

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    55 Responses to Morning Bell: Spectator-in-Chief

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      3 – 21 – 11 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com

      Today – Murdochs Empire – WSJ and Fox BOTH

      use the word – "Allies" – when talking about the Libya Bombings. That is Good.

      The is the UN vs Libya.


      I just subscribed to the – Daily Beast -

      The Cheat Sheet

      They report the NEWS.

      Take a look.


    2. William Downey, Worc says:

      This is an operation where it may be a mistake to have either the United States and or NATO take the leaderhsip role. The follow on actions, interdiction of ground assaults etc. must be undertaken by Arab nations.

      Why? Continued action by the United States and NATO may be seen by many Muslims as a Western crusade designed to obtain Libyian oil. The rebels have asked for an NFZ not further commitment from the West. The Arab nations have the most to loose should Qaddafffi remain in power or the rebels win and a power vacum develop (likely) that could be filled by radical Islamists, as the rebel faction appears to still have major factional issues to resolve.

    3. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      It would seem that Barry O. is not the only one AWOL. The Republican majority in the House and new senators have forgotten the mandate on eliminating Obama's health care. It's not that I want to say, "I told you so" but the lifer Rebublicans, just as the lifer Democrats realize health care is another way to control the public and keep themselves in power. As long as a new crisis develops each week and Heritage focuses on a new pot to churn, issues will continue to get confused and forgotten.

      The TEA party focused on new representatives to rid us of health care, too bad the lifer Republicans and Democrats have 'educated' the new people on how to sustain their position…not represent the people.

      Frankly, I don't care where Obama & the Bell go…we should govern without him, like the Democrats governed without the will of the people when they had total power.

      How about another letter from an expert at Heritage focusing on what is needed, not what is in the news today.

    4. Steve Heckman, Sprin says:

      Where is the president of the USA? I checked his favorite golf course, but they report his normal tee time is open…perhaps he's on vacation with the kids?

      O Global reports that there was someone calling himself the global leader in Rio this past weekend…President LaBamba?

    5. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Already some Democrats are claiming that this whole plan to attact Libya was

      all arranged by Obama. Can anyone imagine these shameful lies and distrotions?

      They are so desperate to elevate Obama in the eyes of the world in preperation

      for 2012 elections, they are grasping at everything they can. Just watch how they

      try to spin this when it all goes to hell in a hand basket.

    6. ThomNJ says:

      There is not much more idiocy on the international stage than to be involved in the Libya issues. Sheer stupidity. There is nothing to gain by doing any of this and possibly more to lose. Now that Ghadaffi has felt betrayed by obama, he will strike back at his first opportunity. Count on it.

      At least with the tin pot despot in charge (I mean Ghaddafi in this case, not obama) we had a secular enemy interested in his own survival and wealth. Now, we are likely to have "the people" take over with a strong dose of the muslim brotherhood – zealots who will stop at nothing to kill Westerners. We should have waited to see how it all ended, and then chosen to do something or nothing.

    7. F.D. O'Toole, N says:

      You can either laugh or cry at the misadventure in Libya. The USA once again commits its wealth and young men in the first stages of invading another country in this God-forsaken part of the world. The President takes his family on Spring Break. The Arab league urges us on and Hillary takes command. Only yesterday she was citing the Arab League's support as the justification for military action. A full 24 hours later, that support turns wobbly…on the way to actual condemnation soon to follow.

      Democrats in Congress are correctly rightly that Obama didn't consult them before authorizing the invasion. Republicans will soon be left holding the bag amid cries of "It's all about oil." Somehow, Bush will be blamed.

      Get out now! It's the Europeans' problem.

    8. Jim Wilson Dallas Te says:

      Unbelievable! "W" would be getting crucified, but "O" gets to stand back and play pocket pool without so much as a murmur. This is but one of the scenarios that unfold when you put people in power who have absolutely no experience at this level, or much of any level beyond "community organizer". Has a President ever been failing on so many fronts? How long can this continue?

    9. doctordave says:

      If your only claim prior to being elected President of the United States is to be a community organizer, not all countries in the world really want to be a check off box on Obama's clip board. His "let me be clear" vocalization usually means the opposite. I personally object to our armed forces being "lead" by an outside agency

      which in itself is a disorganized lot of despots that are living free of rent in the UN building supported by the American tax payer.

    10. RUTH SC says:

      We all new when he was put into office, he would not be able to make big decisions about issues like these. If we wind up in a full scale war again, why would everyone who talked about G W Bush ever want to show their faces again, clearly whats good for the goose is not good for the gander. Strikes against another country could not have come at a worse time for the USA, Maybe this is the one time we should have let other countries jump in and take care of things. This is like having your car break down right after Christmas, all resources have been spent elsewhere, so where does money come from now? We are so vulnerable because of our limited financial abilities, What will we do? Print more money? What have we gotten ourselves into? Better yet, we had better make some major changes or we will be doomed. We cannot afford another war, and our people cannot lose more buildings or major companies, to terrorism. GOD HELP US. And God bless us.

    11. Bernard P. Giroux, S says:

      No one ever accused President Obama of being a leader. He is an "organizer", tantamount to being a follower, in way over his head, with no penchant for accepting authority or responsibility. He does the same thing in his administration, appointing "czars" to run things, while he plays golf. What a guy!

    12. Ken Allison, Tyler says:

      How 'bout the concept that there are no "vital interests" in Lybia that justify ANY intervention. Unless conservatives now support the idea that the UN trumps the Constitution.

      No clear objective.

      No concurrence from Congress.

      Contributing to the destruction and casualties it purports to prevent.

      Just another step in the poser-in-chief's prep for next November.

    13. Roger TN says:

      Wag the dog????

    14. KC - New Mexico says:

      Leadership???? Yes, this is needed by the current administration. Yet, we have not seen leadership regarding the "change" needed in America or in world affairs. The "yes we can" has become "yes we don't do much!".

      Move on to the 2012 elections and lets get some people in Congress and the President that can do someting for the good of this country!

    15. Bruce J. Kolinski says:

      Iraq was the latest country to have its central bank fall under Rothschild control. The U.S. entered Iraq in 2003. The Rothschild consortium took over the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) in 2005. There are five major countries left that are not under Rothschild control; Libya, Iran, Sudan, Cuba and North Korea.

      Perhaps we should be asking who exactly it is that our troops are bleeding for?

    16. Robert, North Richla says:

      An incompetent, teleprompter-reading fool playing with his "military" toys in an attempt to show "strength" to the press, the United Nations, and his political base of welfare recipients and union scum. Authorized by a United Nations mandate. Along with all of his other abuses of power, only Congress, the Supreme Court, or the officers in charge of our military could stand in his way. Our current Congress is a complete vacuum – a void off limits to any form of leadership. The Supreme Court is one person short of a politburo, leaving our military leaders as the only people [currently] capable of stopping this madness. They swore an oath to the U.S. Constitution, yet their loyalty (along with 160 million other Americans) belongs to a government [retirement] check. At this point, I think Congress should shut down the government. So, while Obama pushes our nation off a cliff, we can sure thank John Boehner and Mitch McConnell for their patriotic achievment of closing public television.

    17. Steve Cafaro Fort My says:

      God only knows the true reason for the involvment of the USA in Libya. It seems we have more than enough problems in the USA that demand the time and attention of our leaders. I fear our continued interference in the affairs of other nations will do far more harm than good, not only to those foreigners unfortunate enough to have oil resourses, but also to the people of the USA who scratch their collective heads in bewilderment at this latest episode of irresponsible leadership.

    18. gary nowak says:

      The president is a neo con now.

    19. Spiff, USA says:

      If this is a League of Arab Nations problem, WHY are the Western nations involved? They have our petroleum money and we (the Western Nations) have sold them the best military equipment available..It is understood why Russia will not participate as they have sold Libya it's military hardware and we saw how effective it was in "Desert Storm"…


    20. Doug Whaley, Lake Ha says:

      It is amateur hour at the white house. Obama and Hillary are dangerous amateurs to the U.S. and the rest of the world as witnessed by their policies to date.

      How can a professional like Robert Gates stomach what is happening to this country. We have gone from a feared country to a laughed at country by the rest of the world under these people. Now terrorists are starting to take advantage of these amateurs.

      When in the history of the world has a policy of weakness ever prevented war? Weakness is now the policy of this administration. The lack of leadership shown by the U.S. is pathetic.

    21. toledofan says:

      I think this is exactly what we can expect regarding forien policy; without a distint and forceful American leadership role, ther is chaos. There is no plan, no end game and what do we do if the same problem pops up in Saudi Arabia or Iran? What do we do if the people of Yemen and Tunisia ask for help. Who are we really fighting against, it sounds to me like the Taliban, so, are we fighting to get terrorists imbedded into the Libyian government? Won't that be worse than what they have now. To top all of this off we have no strategy or plan to make ourselves energy sufficient and the only policy we have is, bacically, to go green, whatever that means. So, it looks like this is going to turn into a mess and by the time somebody figures it out, we hope we can get out with a minimal casulity count. I just hope Obama enjoys his vacation and his continued time off the job, it doesn't matter if he's in Washington or not, so, he may as well play some golf and let the problems take care of themselves.

    22. Denny Fox, Macon, Ga says:

      I thought that Obama needed the approval of Congress before he could attack another nation without it being self defense!

    23. mike hutchings says:

      your points about identiying the rebels is well taken…as is the absence of leadership foriegn and domestic on the mark…the libyans will go to ground and fight among themselves until someone wins…and then turn on the bombers and oil interests that are dictating the terms of engagement….i never thought i would agree with mr jarvis…but in this i do….america will lose its soul in pursuit of empire and not nationhood…each little war fought under the pale banner of the united nations in the guise of human rights… opens a cut and bleeds independence of action and self preservation away one drop of blood at a time from something fine and good, never before seen on such a scale in history…we have a responsibility to the future…that what we are does not vanish into another atavistic despotism socialists are so fond of…as long as they call the tune the fiddler plays while they judge the dance without credence to the truth.

    24. Cat, Schenectady says:

      It's rather perplexing to see that nothing is addressed to fact that the decision to launch strikes on Lybia is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The appropriate form of aprroval from Congress was not done. Until you address this then all other argruments are senseless. The fact we are aligning with the UN rather than following constitutional principles is reprehensible. Many are acussing Heritage as neo-cons. Is an article such as this ignoring the seriousness of not obtaining Congressional approval now showing this to be correct?

    25. Lou, San Diego says:

      It is really sad to watch this poor soul attempt to prove his leadership qualities. When one has absolutely no experience, said experience will NOT bloom overnight! In every major problem, this country has been shortchanged by the incompetence and the demonstrable lack of experience. Can anyone think of a time when Obama actually proved his ability to lead?

    26. Tom King Kansas City says:

      In the opinion of the Heritage Foundation when does the inaction, lies, blunders, total incompetence, fiscal irresponsibility, attacks on virtually every group of people who have not agreed with him, insults to our allies, undeclared wars against our Governors, even failure to call jihad declared against the U. S. a war, appointments of communists to positions that dont answer to our congress meet the criteria for impeachment.

      I know that I have left 20 or more out, forgive me.

    27. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Why do we always run to be first in line? Let other countries go to the lead position and we stay as far back as possible if there at all.

      And why don't we re-start to concentrate "our interests" in our own country and begin to untangle ourselves from the sticky web of world inclusion. President Washington and others had warned against foreign entanglements, yet we follow the false premise that we MUST be involved maximally.

      Our own country is in disarray in so many areas that are ignored or neglected or even made worse by complacency to anti-american progressive positions.

      Every country that was once great, declined and fell because of inept leadership that turned away from its founding principles, morally decayed within and over-extended itself outside of its borders.

      "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" followed such a course and when it fell the known world was in disarray and the Dark Ages followed with the rise of Islam and barbarian rule. America is not immune; we had better take heed to where we are allowing Progressivism and Obama to take us. Ignorance and conplacency will allow us to be part of our own destruction.

    28. Lloyd in California says:

      Would somebody check the Constitution where it states under WHAT conditions the President is "authorized" to attack another soveriegn country? Or where it says the U.S is subservient to the U.N.? Treason anyone???

    29. d.lain,Tx says:

      He not only believes it, he is living it. Let the UN handle world affairs and he will handle the internal affairs of America…………..in spite of what the American people think.

    30. David W, Northwest G says:

      A substantial number of the rebels come from places outside Libya. Just as many of the Egyptian protestors came from outside Egypt. Makes one wonder why the US, UN, NATO, et al feel so compelled to support the rebels and actually favor rebel control of the Libyan government.

      Somehow, I just can’t escape the idea of George Soros’s mission to use the Muslim Brotherhood to gain control of the mideast oil. All part of the grand scam to establish One World Order. Why would the President of the US choose to aid and abet such a mission? It certainly won’t help us, will it?

    31. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      President Hamlet strikes again. While Obama dithers, people are dying. In Libya,

      Syria, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Lebanon, and Yemen. Yeah, man. People are dying in Yemen. :)

    32. Scott Carver says:

      Spectator-in-chief… does anybody think this is a new development? This man has done nothing but enjoy the show since he set foot in office. Between the vacations, trips to New York, Hawaii, etc., shows in the White House, the Basketball games, golf trips, and everything else; I'm surprised that he's ever in the Oval Office at all. And now, when the Middle East is the least stable it has been in decades, Japan is dealing with a Nuclear disaster and Natural Disaster combined, where is he? He's in Rio for Spring Break.

      This man needs to come home to face an article 5 recall by the American People. We need to remove him from office, and at the same time, send a clear message to all future Presidents that this will never be tollerated again. The man is not doing the job he was elected to do, and needs to be removed from office, now…not in 2012. We need someone who will take the job seriously.

    33. Susan Russell, Arizo says:

      "….The Security Council is powerless to 'authorize' the U.S. military to do a damned thing. The validity of American combat operations is a matter of American law, and that means Congress must authorize them. Our Constitution vests Congress with the power to declare war. That authority cannot be delegated to an international tribunal that lacks political accountability to the American people. … If the president and proponents of intervention cannot win congressional approval, that is a reason to refrain from going to war, not a reason to refrain from asking for approval. I used to think we all agreed about that. I hope we still do." –columnist Andrew C. McCarthy

    34. Tim,Fresno Ca says:

      This is another distraction to keep our attention from the problems in our own country. Clinton did this successfully in Bosnia. WE MUST KEEP OUT EYES ON THE BALL.

    35. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Thank you Bruce J. I agree that one must follow the money trail. The Rothchilds et al are the puppet masters and money controls the strings. As I have posted in the past, George Soros with his "Open Society Institue" will generate enormous wealth for him under the banner of "world governance." There is always more to the story than is reported in the media.

    36. Laurie says:

      What is wrong with the Republicans…..do NOT raise the debt ceiling. If we don't cut budget by 1 trillion minimum, we will be slaves to the Chinese. We must cut now or lose everything. Please publish the fact that ONLY ONE TRILLION minutes is 19,000 years. So, please comprehend the immediate need of this. its not about the future children, etc. it is ABOUT NOW. It is emergency surgery or DIE!!!

    37. Audrey Enzor says:

      We need to stay OUT of Libya's civil problems…….we cannot afford to involve ourselves into other Country's problems and put our citizens at risk.

      Would we like it if another country decided they do not like what we do or what OUR President does and bombs us?

      I can see another nuclear holocaust on the horizon and it may be on the soil of the United States which will not be pretty.

      We should mind our own business!!

    38. Victor Barney, LeHig says:

      You never will see Obama go against the coming planned caliphate of Islam countries, which the Bible clearly names each of these Islamic countries that make up the Beast in the Book Of Revelations(17:16-17-18; Rev 18:2, Isa 21:9, Rev. 17:5, chapter 18:10, 21, Rev. 14:9 and Jer. 51:1, 7 11, 24, 31; Jer. 51: 27-28, 29) ! Obama? Oh not he! Obama will enter the UN(60's terrorist William Ayers and company plan written-up in the 60's and rule white America through Africa, which makes up 70% of the UN countries, but without veto power antil they were to place a black marxist in the white house) and Obama become the "Anti-Christ" in the Book of Revelation at the UN with oner mission, destroy the republic of America, as Obama's father took over the only other Republic in the world, Kenya)! Like father, like son? No. Not quite. Barak will destroy "Israel" by the seed of Joseph(Gen. 48:16), but to include Judah, as the Anti-Christ described in the Bible. Jacob's trouble for 3 1/2 years most likely will begin in fall of 2012 after Eve votes again to install a totally Marxist and Anti-Messiah by defintion government over the real Israel! The irony is that the FIRST(Cain) will be last and the LAST(Seth) will be FIRST to be resurrected. Watch!

    39. Gregory Kasper, West says:

      Obama was susposed to get Congresional Approval lst. Bush didn't look for U.N. approval at all, but did get Congressional approval.

      We need to get out of the U.N. totally. It's a modern Babylon, which God destroyed in the past…And, it will be destroyed again. (Bible 101 Vision and Hope).

      I'm thinking that Obama is getting "groomed" for World Leadership positions.

    40. mike hutchings says:

      jesus wept;

    41. G. Hugh Bodell says:

      "If the U.S. wants to safeguard its interests in the region, it is going to need a long-term strategy."

      What are these 'interests' that are worth the huge, unaffordable war we are starting never mind the terrible loss of young American lives that will inevitably be sacrificed for what? Another Nation of tribes that hates us.

      Our only reason for interfering in the internal activities of another nation in the middle east is oil, so let’s spend the hundreds of billions this and the other two wars cost, bring our young people home to protect our borders and train the rest in the oil exploration business.

      I am sick of these adventures by politicians who have not now nor ever had any skin in the game. This from a nation that cannot protect its own borders and whose people are spiraling into a deeper and deeper abyss of poverty.

      America First!

      G. Hugh Bodell

    42. Bobbie says:

      Steve, what a cute comment. Labamba!

      It's concerning that the President would leave Egypt to themselves but loaded gun and barrel, making moves into Libya? The world needs to be left to do for themselves just like the President of America expresses('d). America is not the world police, the President makes that apparent…and transparent, too. The world is better off left to themselves as Obama will only move if it benefits him and the agenda he and the like mined of millions, is working on.

    43. craig Sacramento says:

      Well if you ever wanted the definition of "empty suit" Obama is indeed the best example of an "empty suit"! Well I guess he has to be useful for something even if it is only a definition!

    44. Don Vander Jagt, Gra says:

      I supported Bush at first in going to war, then the light came on for me, we were dead wrong!! Only a fool would put boots on that ground ( he didn't put his did he?) to rid us of those who declared war in practice on us.

      And to keep spending our treasure and blood trying to make any Muslim Country into a Republic or Democracy is utter foolishness, its a contradiction in terms. You can't make peace with the devils, they will only live an orderly life with a leader that keeps them in line with force!

      Going into Libya has nothing to do with how the Col. treats his subjects, its because he isn't one of those who want to rule the world, neither is he a Muslim, you know one of those other folks who think they will rule the world, he is more of a loner, so he is in the way of the new world order.

    45. Hermes Liberty New-Y says:

      Two important points are rightfully underscored in this article:

      a) The absence of a global vision of our temporality; the understanding of the mechanics at work and therefore the correct positioning at any given moment, and

      b) Its corollary, the erosion of Leadership and reduction into following others.

      These are more than warning signs that a shift is about to be operated, they manifest it. Hence once more the necessity to understand that in order for America to Lead again it needs:

      First a Second Revolution, to consolidate and reinforce our Founding Fathers started work, this wonderful manifestation can be perfected.

      Second undertand that only by being at the forefront of the sublime creative ideas of these same philosophers, but adjusted to our times, can we again engender Jeffersons and Washingtons or emerge up the submerged ones so that to do what it takes to truly lead. In effect the thorough knowledge of how Nature works and the specific tone taken in this 21st century are a must for those who can truly make a difference in this emerging new-world.

    46. Rich,Philadelphia,Pa says:

      America can't afford this intrusion in Libiya,sooner if not later,we are not going to be to afford to defend ourselves.If Oil goes higher per barrel/gallon we are up a creek without a paddle.We are a leaderless Country from the President on down,Democrats & Republicans.It seems they do not know what they are doing for our economy to foreign policy.America is on the decline.

    47. hal metzger, scottsd says:

      please understand and without lengthy comment to bore you; our president has done, is doing and will do in the future anything and everything to accomplish his purposes: america's uniqueness and independence must be significantly lessoned, in every aspect, to the level of the european union states in order to fit comfortably into the "one world government" utopian fantasy that is the founding principle of the original league of nations now morphed into the united nations. every action that he has taken to date is a clear signal that his world view is not what our people expected of him; but they are now powerless to "remove the elephant from the china shop". please also, in closing, do not think that he will be a pushover in 2012!

    48. Darrel Iowa says:

      Let's mind our own bussiness

      Next let's tend to our own welfare and we can do this in 2012 by getting rid of

      Obama and all his cronies.

      Also major changes in Congress as all they can do is stall and badger.

      We need common sense leadership that can do the will of the people.

      Term limits are a must

      Lets all hope and pray for real constructive, common sense change soon!

    49. John Arizona says:

      Is there any way the HF can eliminate Ken Jarvis from their distribution?

    50. Scott Phoenix, AZ says:

      So why's this a surprise to any one? Isn't this much of what he talked about in the election? In his countless speeches? Hasn't the current prez talked about making the US one of many nations in the world. He's committing Europe to take care of it's oil producer and problem. Lockerbie and multiple bombings are from him/Qaddafi which have hit us and them. Time for them to stand up on their own and carry some of the weight that they have depended on the US for.

      Now with that said I do agree that Obama, I don't have enough respect for a man who waffles and lies during a campaign so that when he leads it appears nothing at all like he spoke of to call him Mr President, has shown the no longer to be a world leader but now one of many. Will our outrage really influence him? I think not. Pure and Simple Obama is an ideologue and we will all suffer his outrages until he loses (?) the next election.

      It simply has turned in to a matter of controlling him and minimizing the damage. He's raising peoples expectations/hopes with his migration to the middle but will that last? I don't think so. Just look at how this campaign is being run. What time in the modern era has a non-american been in command totally of a Nato mission? I mean total command. Never, sure we've shared it sometimes but never totally had the command and control been allocated to some one other than the US.

      It is because of his core beliefs that the US needs to be loved (not respected or feared) that this is all happening. A nation that respects the US and fears reprisals is one that is in control. Those nations that do not, as we now see, are unpredictable. Will Obama really survive this with all of his over blown media hype intact. We'll see but the only way to take out a leader is to go get him. That means boots on the ground. Spec Ops and heavy fire do this quite well. The problem is that the EU nations do not have the where-with-all to do it and not enough intestinal fortitude, I feel, for it. The only one is the US.

      Then if this does work out with Europe in the lead for the next phase then watch out for large cut backs in defense expenditures. All this right at a time we can ill afford to do it. (as we all now see)

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    52. 2dokie says:

      The congressional GOP are a total disappointment. This admin. is so corrupt it is months late for an impeachment. The GOP lifers better start thinking of their futures in an open and inhospitable society.

    53. Barb in WI says:

      Obama and the Dems are most certianly toast in this last unconsitutional Libya fiasco but there should be no mercy for the Repubs either. The establishment Repubs are just as corrupt. It's time for a real 1776 revolution. It's we the little people taxpayers against the elite lifteime politicians. Unbelievable what is going on! Comrade Obama the pacifist has us yet involved in a 3rd Mulsim confilct without any constitutional authorization. He really feels the affinity to the muslim community even without identifying who they really are. Quite questionable indeed.

    54. 2dokie says:

      Make no mistake fellow americans, the pres. is no pacifist he is making a very careful assault on US ! Just look at what's happening: he's bleeding our military human and material resources and bleeding the economic strength out of the society with his deceptive environmental and technological policies. His alien advisers are being assisted by the ignorant, greedy complicity of the labor unions. In the meantime the faithful, or who should be, in congress dither over procedures instead of pursueing their ASSIGNED tasks.They don't grasp the immediacy of the crisis or the temperment of their constiuents. Makes you wonder what qualifies as a crisis in the minds of these people. The Arab league should pay for this Libyan mess, just like theSaudis should have had to pay for 9-11!!! And if BHO thinks we are hated now what does he think the international attitude will be when we finally develop the vast hydrocarbon resources we have after using up those of nations with vastly less diverse resources.

    55. cynthia jones says:

      I have some homework for you there who have better sources and more power than I .

      Many things do not make sense to me. —— so here goes:

      Has anyone wondered why our president has backed some uprisings in the middle east while ignoring others or been dragged reluctantly into this vague war with no imminent danger to the us without the approval of congress? Why has he had time to form coalitions of foreign states to enter this conflict without consulting us via congress? Why has Germany not backed the U>N resolution and NATO to enforce a no-fly zone? Why was the murder of our soldiers in Germany downplayed here? Why did Germany release the damning photos of the horrible behaviors of our servicemen on the same day the no-fly was initiated? Has their action been verified by us? There are no journalistic coincidences. Whose side is Germany on? Why did no news org report the murders in Israel by the Palestinians? Why hasn't the administration or congress looked into Mr Lerner's plan to bring the U S to its knees economically by creating a crash situation for the banks and wall street when there is evidence of this in his own words and he is a frequent visitor to the white house? In his own words there are dates established to enact his plan they begin in may this may. Mr lerners and the presidents ties to SEIU are well known. Why hasn't his plan to stir revolution by organizing labor unions throughout the world been looked into?

      Why isn't anyone noticing the middle east countries who are neutral or economically, inextricably tied to Israel,who are friendly to Israel getting the go ahead to switch regimes and become chaotic but others hostile to her been left alone to slaughter their people? Why are colonial powers being left to be in charge of our troops? What are we doing to our allies but dragging them into the mud and abandoning them by our now then taking the backseat?

      Why are we supporting rebels in Libya who are strongly affiliated with al quaeda? Why did we let the moment pass when they had quadafi by the throat pass? Isn't the un's resolution too broad and vague? What exactly are humanitarian goals? Do they not set up a lose lose situation with no real defined concrete goals setting up a virtual quagmire of a situation? What about Iran? Yemen? Bahrain? They are all shooting their people? What will happen when saudi Arabia is surrounded? What will happen to Israel with Egypt's military on the side of the muslim brotherhood who seem to be the strongest and controlling power in Egypt? Why is the left supporting a strong military to defend Palestine? It will be Egypt's powerful military? Sure looks like it.Why aren't we getting rid of quadafi when he is directly responsible for the deaths of americans? Why are we abrogating to our good friend the U K instead of supporting them in their correct call to get quadafi? Will they be isolated in Europe the way they were in wwII?

      Why are we choking our oil producing capabilities when the rest of our oil supply in the middle east is threatened with the strong possibility of it being shut off? Is this part of the economic downfall of the us plan? What will happen when oil hits a sustained price of $4 plus a gallon in this fragile headed for high inflation economy, and our out of control debt situation?

      Why does our president seem to be complicitous in all these actions? Why is he encouraging brazil to develop their oil with the promise that we will be their customers? Why is he apologizing in el Salvador for our help in dismantling the communist thugs there? Where was the reporting on that speech? There are many questions on top of all the other suspicious actions this administration is an active participant in. why are the logs of visits of outsiders to the white house being kept from us? Why is violent rhetoric from labor unions and unlawful activities by these groups to obstruct the normal procedure of government not being investigated? Why isn't a clear case of voter intimidation being pursued? Whose side is eric holder on? What is happening to the rule of law?

      We better star waking up before it is too late. Is libya an archduke moment?

      Cynthia Jones

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