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  • The Left's War on Science Continues

    There is no limit to the amount of distortion the enviro-left is willing to deploy to accomplish their policy goals. Last month, the Obama Commerce Department issued a report finding that the “scientists at the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration did not manipulate data or otherwise engage in wrongdoing.” But as University of California at Berkeley Professor of Physics and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Faculty Senior Scientist Richard A. Muller explains in the accompanying video, this does not mean that what these scientists produced on global warming can be considered science:

    What they did is the took the data form 1961 on, from this peak, and erased it. What was their justification for erasing it? The fact that it went down. … This justification would not have survived peer review in any journal that I am willing to publish in. … And what is the result in my mind? Quite frankly as a scientist, I now have a list of people whose papers I won’t read anymore. You’re not allowed to do this in science. This is not up to our standards.

    The left’s duplicity on climate change science did not end with Climategate. Liberals are forever looking to exploit any tragedy to further their political ends. Hence, the activist website Grist’s post-Tokyo earthquake headline:

    Today’s tsunami: This is what climate change looks like

    Yeah, you read that right: the left in this country wants to blame the Japanese earthquake and tsunami on you. Their claim is that when you drive your car this causes carbon emissions to increase, which causes global temperatures to go up, which causes glaciers to melt, which means “earth’s crust bounces back up again and that triggers earthquakes, which trigger submarine landslides, which cause tsunamis.”

    Never mind that there has been no change in the number or size of earthquakes over the last 20 years. Remember, facts and science have no meaning for liberals and their energy tax agenda.

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    9 Responses to The Left's War on Science Continues

    1. John Cole, Santa Fe, says:

      What's it going to take for Americans to understand the dangers and injustices we perpetuate with our dependency on foreign oil? What's it going to take to make more people realize maintaining centralized systems to generate energy is hugely wasteful. (70 percent loss in transmission.) Writing with short sighted vision articles of this nature doesn't speak well for the information your trying to perpetuate. I'm sure your crack pots will be happy but your blame game is silly and uninformative. Heritage Foundation, it's time for you to grow up and smell the roses. It time to start acting constructively — not a political wing of wingnuts.

      Instead of claiming the left wants to take away your 400 horse power Cadi, you should be looking at conservation through increased mileage. You should look at what batteries in cars really mean. You still have to plug the thing in. Where does that energy come from?

      If you have any brains over there … please use them. If you don't wake up, your going to drive right into the ditch.

    2. Evan, WI says:

      From the article you attack: "It’s important to note that this response has nothing to do with Friday’s tsunami, which is a ‘subduction zone earthquake,’"

      Seems a little disingenuous not to mention that the article specifically states that climate change was NOT responsible for the tsunami in question when you're trying to argue that the article claims CC was responsible for the same.

      You're somewhat correct that the article somewhat overstated the scientific consensus – you'll notice that they have corrected it. I assume you'll do the same?

    3. Yankee says:


      I can't quite figure out what your main idea is–beyond jumping to conclusions and issuing insults. You began with regret that we're dependent on foreign oil, then jumped to the wastefulness of "centralized systems". Are you referring to electric power? What does that have to do with oil? Do you have a solution to this "70% loss in transmission" that doesn't involve completely rebuilding the power grid? The point of the article appears to me to be the Berkely professor's critique of the information, which is generally called peer review. Conservation through increased mileage is great; government coercion of automakers to meet these standards is not. What do "batteries in cars really mean"? Yes, they need a lot of electricity which must be generated and transmitted somehow. I fail to see a connection between efficient, electric cars and the travesty of science being passed off as irreproachable.

      Debate is a good thing. I probably agree with some of the issues you're referenced and disagree with others. Your post as a whole, though, is hard to follow.

    4. Roger, Boise Idaho says:

      John Cole… ??? Not sure what your rant was about. This article was about the distortion of science by the left… something that should viewed by every school in the nation.

      Look around you will find plenty of analysis by Heritage about what increased mileage standards and battery powered cars really mean to the nation and economy.

    5. Bobbie says:

      whether climate change, global warming or not, man and his use of natural resources has been proven not to be the cause.

      Mr. Cole writes to be easily confused and fooled by facts.

      And we don't want to depend on foreign oil, we want to use our own!

    6. Mike, USA says:

      If Christopher Mims had any idea about the scientific method or even common decency he'd respond to these criticisms and acknowledge his errors!

      Look's like he did:

      "Update: The intent of this piece isn’t to attribute today’s tragedy to climate change. Apologies to those whom I misled with the headline. It was meant literally, as in: Tsunamis are inundations of shorelines and therefore have impacts that resemble storm surges, which are one of the most immediate threats of a warmer planet. In addition, climate change may cause tsunamis directly, so it’s possible we’ll someday see more images like this as a result. [He explains this statement in the article.]

      Update 2: Changed the headline (it originally read “Today’s tsunami: This is what climate change looks like”) and updated the text to reflect the discussion of the science and the framing in the comments. Thanks to Tom Yulsman for holding my feet to the fire on this."


      Note: I still don't think Mims' article is very good. But it is instructive to see how open minded people respond to criticism.

    7. Mike, USA says:

      Regarding Muller's criticism of how tree data was displayed, what has that got to do with the left?

    8. Buzz Fledderjohn says:

      What Rich Muller seems to miss is the fact that this is just the cover for a report. It was not a peer reviewed study. If he took the time to read the research related to the data in question he'd find that all the issues he's bringing up are discussed openly in the literature.

    9. Mike Knight says:

      In reply to Mr. John Cole,

      John You have some valid points but are you confusing Oil with Electric Production?

      Less than1% of Oil is used for electric production in the U.S. you can look this up from the DOE website.

      The U.S. does not have a problem with eletric production what we have is a Transportation Fuel problem and thats where oil comes in to the picture. To address this issue you are correct to point out efficient batteries, higher mpg standards, natural gas, hydrogen, and so on can help us in reducing oil imports.

      Never the less we should not pass judgement on a person who can afford to drive a vehicle that gets 5 miles to the gallon. We live in a Democracy and people are free to choose as they wish.

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