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  • Morning Bell: Obama Dithers While American Credibility Burns

    President Barack Obama invited ESPN into the White House yesterday so that The Worldwide Leader In Sports could tape his picks for the 2011 NCAA basketball tournament. The President picked all frontrunners. Good for him. Meanwhile, 5,000 miles away, a Libyan rebel defending the town of Ajdabiya from Muammar Qadhafi loyalists told The Washington Post: “These politicians are liars. They just talk and talk, but they do nothing.” One hundred miles north, in the rebel stronghold of Benghazi, rebel spokeswoman Iman Bugaighis told The New York Times that Western nations had “lost any credibility.”

    President Obama cannot be blamed for the failure of the rebels to hold off advances by Qadhafi’s army. But he can be blamed for raising expectations for U.S. military action beyond what he was prepared to commit. On March 3, President Obama said: “With respect to our willingness to engage militarily, … I’ve instructed the Department of Defense … to examine a full range of options. I don’t want us hamstrung. … Going forward, we will continue to send a clear message: The violence must stop. Muammar Gaddafi has lost legitimacy to lead, and he must leave.” Heritage Vice President for Foreign and Defense Policy Studies Kim Holmes writes: “This is the worst of all worlds. People in the Middle East (not to mention Americans) are rightly confused by the mismatch between the Administration’s rhetoric and actions.”

    The tragedy unfolding in Libya is just another example of why the Obama Doctrine was destined to fail. The Obama Doctrine is ill-suited to dealing with the world as it is. It assumes that big problems can be solved with big words while the messy details take care of themselves. It places far too much confidence in international entities, disregards for the importance of American independence, and fails to emphasize American exceptionalism.

    Diplomacy is fundamental to the conduct of American foreign policy. That is why the Founders removed the conduct of diplomacy from the states of the Union and placed its practice under the President of the United States. But the Obama Doctrine misunderstands how diplomacy ought to be practiced. Heritage Senior Research Fellow Ted Bromund explains:

    The purpose of American diplomacy never changes: It is to secure the national interests of the United States. … Irresponsible diplomacy comes in many forms. Diplomacy without strength does not even merit the name of diplomacy. Treaties that fail to respect President Ronald Reagan’s dictum of ‘trust, but verify’ are reckless. Treaties that are negotiated merely to encourage foreigners to think better of the United States are unwise.

    Far too often, President Obama has hoped that fancy words, grand apologies, and supplicant treaties would strengthen our security by making the world think better of us. They do not. This does not mean that the Obama Administration should do something rash, like implement a no-fly zone in Libya, just so it looks like it is doing something. It does mean that to save his presidency and protect the interests of the nation, business as usual in the White House has got to stop.

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    Quick Hits:

    • A deeply divided House of Representatives agreed Tuesday to provide enough money to keep the government open for three more weeks.
    • Illinois still can’t figure out how to make its 45 percent underfunded pension plan solvent.
    • According to Gallup, Americans, by a 50–41 percent margin, say the nation should prioritize the development of energy supplies over protecting the environment.
    • The TARP Congressional Oversight Panel concluded today that the program virtually guarantees future taxpayer-funded bailouts.
    • Is America ready for an earthquake-tsunami disaster? Review Heritage’s Disaster Preparedness research here.
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    96 Responses to Morning Bell: Obama Dithers While American Credibility Burns

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      Time for HF to face it.

      Obama is Smarter than HF, Murdoch, and the GOP.

      All 3 are blaming him for -

      NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT – Muammar Qadhafi.

      He KNOWS if he did -

      YOUR Side would Leach onto him with your -

      MORE bad Obama has done.

      He is to smart for you.

    2. Bill, Louisiana says:

      Poor Obama being President is not like being a Community Organizer or Senator where you can vote "Present" and go about your way. He has to take responsibilty or his lack of leadership will be his position. He is not used to this and it will be hung around his neck. His only hope is the media will let him off and not paint him as he is which is confused and not sure what he is doing.

    3. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      George Soros is the puppet master and Obama the puppet. Obama will respond to Lybia when George has made his money and gives him permission.to respond. Follow the money.

    4. Nancy, Georgia says:

      Ken your ignorance of all facts whether foreign policy related or domestic is astounding. You know how to call people names while at the same time positing that if we choose to refer to ourselves as belonging to one set of beliefs or another we are "labeling" ourselves. You point your finger at Murdoch and Fox and The Heritage Foundation with unfounded accusatoins based on opinion while ignoring the facts. I've tried many times to have fact based conversations with you but it's not possible. You are like most hard core leftists; you will NOT engage in a fact based conversation. it's all political rhetoric. It's boring, simple minded and without merit.

    5. Troy Kittell - Georg says:

      Has anyone bothered to tell our fearless leader Obama that he actually does have a job that requires work to be done. I know that is foreign to him being a community organizer and all. Time to stop playing golf and practicing reading from the teleprompter and get serious about what is going on in the world.

    6. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      Soon BHO's vacation will be over, 2012 will be here before we know it. He shows his true colors, we have a problem, true he cannot change the weather, but there were thousands of Americans in the path of the Tsunami, they were not in Calif or the main land they were on a group of Islands we call Hawaii as well as Guam and others in the pacific, yet he never mentioned them, he went and played golf, the to a show and yesterday while those of us who have family on Islands wait and watch, he picks teams for March Madness. My madness is wondering about the safety of my son, I could care less about the teams and I am sure there are many parents in my shoes.

    7. Robert, North Richla says:

      Well, I wish we could have looked at his prior work experience to see how well he handled his previous jobs. Oh, I forgot, he has never held a real job. The Libs will remind us that he was a distinguished U.S. Senator from Illinois (from Chicago – don't insult the real people of Illinois), yet he missed 24% of the votes, and voted "present" most of the time. Surprise. Most of us knew this. Worse, is that many of you thought John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Mitch McConnell were actually going to do something relevant and productive to stop this nonsense. So now, we have to wait another year and a half to vote some real tea party patriots into their empty seats.

    8. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      When will HF admit -

      they BELIEVED IN GWarming for a LONG time,

      but, they just HATES Al GORE?

    9. Robert, North Richla says:

      Please contact your representative today and tell them to vote against the continuing resolution – OR to insert the necessary language to defund Obamacare and rescind the $105 billion that was illegally inserted in the first place. No to increasing the debt ceiling; no to Obamacare; and no to wasteful spending. Michele Bachmann, Steve King, Ron Paul and other patriots need your help.

    10. Joseph, Atlanta, Ga. says:

      Everytime our fearless leader considers involvement in international affairs, he gazes at his Nobel Peace Prize, and reconsiders: what comes after first place?

    11. William Downey, Worc says:

      Honestly, who cares if we save the Obama Administration, it is an abject failure. The fact is that repsonsible diplomacy whether it is based on t"rust but verify" or "walk softly and carry a big stick" requires that POTUS act to protect the interests of the United States. Obama is taking us down the road of appeasement and destroying the credibility of the United States.

    12. George Colgrove VA says:

      "It does mean that to save his presidency and protect the interests of the nation, business as usual in the White House has got to stop."

      This president knows his presidency has been trashed. He is down to almost a year and a half left. He has been an abject failure on all counts. Why is he setting up his team brackets and not paying attention to these global crises? I just do not think he and his federal workforce cares. We know our MILITARY (i.e. soldiers – NOT FEDS) are concerned, they are engaged without any leadership from the federal government.

      Obama is too busy trying to make sure federal/public workers have boatloads of cash to give to Democratic Party fundraisers. His objective is to stay in office "at all costs." The democrats have stated that this president WILL raise over a billion dollars for the reelection of Obama. Then extorting taxpayer financial resources is their primary drive. What goes on in the world does not fit in that drive.

    13. Dawn Westburg says:

      I have 2 boys in the military – 1 was in Libya 3 weeks ago, the other is in Japan. Maybe people need to be careful what their listening to. Oh, but then you wouldn't be able to trash the President, got it! Keep listening.

    14. Wendy, Ocala FL says:

      Seriously? Womens Rights, Bullying, No Child Left Behind – these are the items the "leader of the free world" chooses as the focus of his attention? Did he forget to appoint a Bullying Czar? Playing golf and revealing his NCAA selections? Really? Is it arrogance? Ignorance? Apathy? Man up. Step up. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    15. george toomes, Icela says:

      President Obama lost credibility when he first came into office with his thug tactics, he pushed us a side and wnet with his agenda, regardless. As long as this is remembered there won't be a loop process, and next time he wouldn't have anything, the need for manipulation.

      -Morning Bell, like a good cup of coffee.

    16. Jim Patterson, Dulut says:

      Senor Ghaffi knows full well that by the time Prezbo and our "allies" gets their act together and finally does something, he will have already pounded the rebels into the sand with his tanks and aircraft and won. Which leaves us with egg on our face, AGAIN!

    17. Len, bristol, tn says:

      Typical of obama is the talk but the actions are always the opposite.

    18. Pamela /Lincoln, ne says:

      Obama can't make a GOOD decision on anything UNLESS it makes him look good. The man is nothing but a want to be celebrity. That's it. Who or what he did on picks for basketball is ridiculous, not news worthy!!

      This is a really sad sad time for THIS country.

      I wish there was no such thing as Democrats or Republicans. Get rid of these names and let's call people now what they are—–LIBERALS, CONSERVATIVES, INDEPENDENTS, WHO CARES, WHATEVER…..BECAUSE both parties suck what's there now is NOT for ALL the people of this country that helped build it up and keep it going. Democrats I see and hear are all about giving it to welfare, illegals and getting their votes every time and THAT'S ALL….

      I'M SOOOOOOOOOO sick of politicians going to D.C. and playing cards and checking their emails during business time and not doing what is good for EVERYONE in this country.

    19. Pieter Witteveen says:

      GOD HELP US.. we are in big trouble ..

    20. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Obama is the blamed for Qadhafi's regaining power and defeating the rebels! He implies his administration will do something (like a no-fly zone), then does nothing, which not only gave the rebels false "hope", but as with every part of Obama's foreign policy, cause the world to distrain this once great nation. Just as when he was in the Illinios Senate, he voted "present" but did very little else.

      In this case however, can anyone explain why Obama was so forceful in Egypt, but just the opposite in Libya? I'll say again, look at the connection between Qudhafi, Farrakhan, Wright, and Obama.

    21. dc981924, Houston says:

      @ Ken -

      We are suitably in awe of Obama's strategy and in his "to smartness".

      Whatever shall we do?

    22. Ken Kensington-- Wil says:

      I am witnessing the dismantling of America by this man, who are his advisors ?? Do they think for one minute his in-action with Qadhafi is the thing to do when even the French and Saudia's are asking and begging for help to put up a no fly zone ?? This is leadership ?? This guy is a one termer !!!! Us working stiffs will not forget this in the next Presidential election.

    23. John, Rhode Island says:

      Doing nothing was the only option from the beginning. Their civil war has nothing to do with us, and getting involved militarily would only reinforce world belief that we're a meddler. Our military under the Constitution was to prevent people from acting against us. We are not and cannot be the world's police.

    24. Jim-MN says:

      Nancy from GA;

      Loony Jarvis is a paid plant. Just ignore him.

      What is really going on with this administration and the Democrats is a simple strategy. Continue to do nothing, almost to point of deliberate inaction to insult and anger the Tea Party populus to split from the Republican party and start the ramp up of a Third Party platform with the resulting split of the Republican vote in 2012. Is it not any more clear? The more frustrated the Tea Party members and voting public get, the more app they are to commit political suicide by the third party strategy and usher in Obama's second term and keep the Senate in Democratic hands. It is Obama's second term that will be the final transformation of the once Great US of A.

      The Dem stratigiest have done their calculas and have concluded that this will be the winning strategy where they can cobble together the 40% of the die hard loons, job cut goverment workers, full union loon support, 95% of the black vote and the indoctrinated youth of this country to vote again for more "change" because the AWOL Boy Pres is being picked on by the Republicans and Tea Party members. The MSM are just awaiting their marching orders from the Re-election committee for BO.

      Think about it.

      If the Repubican leadership is afraid to and will not put a stop to this maddness of bankrupting this country in April by forcing BO hand to confront this luncy once and for all, our country is truly lost.

      Prepare for the beginnings of the civil-lutionary conflict in 2013.

    25. charle labounty says:

      Of course he is dithering — he's our vote "present" president.

      We knew that and voted him in.

      Also, he told us he was a communist and we voted him in.

      Why are we surprised?

    26. B. Eric, Syosset N.Y says:

      I am slowly coming to the conclusion that Obama is not as smart as everyone has said. While he is good at campagianing and giving speeches { so long as the telepromter is working} and he is good at inciting union protests{Wisconsin} he doesn't seem to be smart enough to actually perform the job he was hired to do. Is the deficit lower since he took office? No! Are there more people working since he took office? No! Are prices lower on just about everything since he took office? No! Is the ccountry more secure since he took office? No! Are we more respected by the world community since he took office? No! Come to think of it are there any criteria in wich the country is better than when he took office? Is this the record of a very smart man?

    27. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      The GOP have to have someone TELL THEM what to believe.

      Murdochs Empire is the VOICE of the GOP.

      Rush is listened to, and the Heritage Foundation too,

      but – Murdochs Empire is the VOICE of the GOP.

      WSJ and FOX – 24/7 all BAD BAD BAD

    28. Mggie - Washington says:

      Does our President read the newspapers? Does he have any idea what is going on? Does he realize (as of this AM) California is 26 Billion in dept? Does he realize that Lybia rebels are loosing ground? Did he read about Japan? Has anyone told him that unions result in tax payers who are out of work are paying outrageous benefits for bus drivers? Court clerks? People who have no more rights than the next person other than working for the government entities? Does he realize that same sex marriage is really not as important for him to spend his time on than more pressing matters? Isn't anyone telling him what his priorities should be as a world leader? I'm so disgusted.

    29. Steven Polgar, Walli says:

      Worst of all, Obama's lack of action and his destructive policies have consequences, which will affect this country's future, in the domestic economic and political, as well as in the international arena. When he and his socialist advisors and cohorts are finally swept from power, hopefully in 2012, this country will have to have leaders at least the caliber of Ronald Reagan and his administration to guide us out of the enormous pits we are falling into.

      We better think carefully and chose well, or else these opponents of the American dream and the ideals on which it was founded will succeed.

    30. Mggie - Washington says:

      Oh and someone might let him know we've been invaded by Mexico and there are as many Americans dying from the acts of illegals as in the war. Really, can someone send him an email on his blackberry? Maybe he looks at that.

    31. Pat, San Antonio says:

      This president is totally clueless as to what the duties of a president are. It is not to play golf everday, or pick the baskertball winners, or to have state dinners honoring world leaders. It is to protect and preserve our nation and our friends. Will he ever learn?

    32. BetAnn, Media says:

      One has to remember that Nero's dithering of Rome was on purpose; Obama's the same. Years ago Nixon's mental status was in question. Why is there silence now. The entire world is in upheaval as well as parts of this country and he is the offical Bracket-in Chief nothing more; and also he, Michelle and thie kids are off to Rio (official visit) this weekend!!! Stable or just community organizer mentality? Just a word also on how associations matter. Did the close friend of the Libyian dictator, Rev. Wright, suggest that a "noose" around Mommar's neck is not a good idea? As usual, Bracket-in Chief talks but does not back up his words.

    33. Dwana Townsend, Harv says:

      I can't believe the reports that said after he got the phone call regarding Japan he went golfing, then visited 3 key states with no real agenda except his campaign, and then felt it necessary to make his picks in Basketball.

      He is an absent leader, still voting present. I have yet to see him take ownership or real leadership for the things he wants passed through congress.

      People, ask yourselves this question: How well did he handle the Oil Spill? How well do you think he could handle a 9/11, or any catastrophic event that our nation might face. Would he be able to lead us out of a disaster, or would he find the nearest golf course, or basketball court?

      We the people had better wake up and FAST!!!!

    34. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Obama is all fluff and bad stuff; nothing good in any of him.

    35. Bernard Mulvaney Fos says:

      The Lybian problem should be the EU problem to solve. The proximity is obvious and history provides the basis for their involvement. Obama's empty pronouncements do not help our credibility but it is time for the EU to spend some blood and treasure in their former colonies.

    36. ross, new jersey says:

      Bill from Louisiana kinda' has it right. A friend used to carry the football for the President. I can just see Ed telling the President, " Mr. President, we are under nuclear missile attack. Here are the codes. Sir. The codes."

      "Sir, don't you want them? Yes or no?"


    37. Bruce J. Kolinski says:

      It's exhausting reading how the brilliant Obama doesn't seem to get it. Business as usual for the Barack Insane Obama Administration is the full scale, daily destruction of the United States as a world leader or perhaps even a survivor. He and his Administration"get it" perfectly. They have read Cloward and Pivens with great devotion and are busy disguising, destroying, dismantling and disgracing this once great nation. I believe it's called treason by normally rational people.

      Our military is being undermined; our currency is destroyed; our economic system is in disintegration; our health care system is under vicious attack; our energy self sufficiency has been treasonously dismantled as we block nuclear power development, block oil exploration, block coal production and then cheer for economically nonviable wind and solar; our U.S. Treasury is nothing more than a slush fund for friends of the Obama Administration – and on and on and on.

      The saddest part of the story is – we voted for this.

    38. RUTH SC says:

      For Ken if you are so anti republican, why do you read anything Heritage foundation has written? There are so many sights that are pro liberal, I don't understand what you are on this sight for in the first place. And by the way why do you hate conservatives? Do you think all conservatives are alike, isn't that a form of prejudice?

    39. Donald R. May, &quot says:

      With conflicts and disasters shaking the economies of our planet, Obama spent Tuesday, the Ides of March, playing golf and filling out his NCAA Bracket. The conflicts in the Middle East and our energy insecurity in the United States have been made more dangerous by Obama’s inaction in the Middle East and his attacks on energy production in the United States.

      The American people are fed up with Obama’s Marxist political ideologies and his indifference to the plight of people both at home and abroad. Last Saturday in his weekly radio address, Obama was pushing for a bill to increase the salaries of women – Obama was politicking and not addressing the devastation in Japan, the civil war in Libya, and rising gasoline prices.

      We the People voted many of the Obama supporters out of office last November. However, the Republicans seem to still lack the necessary courage to meaningfully cut taxes and government regulations, to dramatically cut government spending and to close down large unnecessary portions of our government, and to defund ObamaCare and every destructive program Obama has signed into law.

      From my column for today, “Obama’s March Madness”

      Donald R. May

    40. R Holland, Chandler, says:

      Obama fiddles while Libya burns. Obama show no leadership or balls. He is all about letting the UN or NATO do something, which they won't. His total lack of leadership is making the US look weak and not willing to back up it's word. Obama has already stated that Qdaffy Duck has to go.

    41. Jack Britton Kyle Lu says:

      Growing up in America during the 40’s and 50’s, I learned about the heroes of Valley Forge who wintered there during some of the darkest days of the Revolutionary War. In large part they were just average citizens that valued “God and Freedom” more than personal comfort. Their desire to be free from an all-controlling government was strong enough to cause these men to endure hardships that most of us can hardly imagine. With food and shelter limited, they crossed the Potomac River in the dead of winter and marched for miles through snow. With little more than rags wrapped around their feet, they marched to engage an enemy that was better trained with better equipment. The enemy believed they had little to fear from this “rag tag” army. They underestimated the power that a desire to live free could create in the hearts of men that had always lived under the tyranny of a despotic government. These men marched so that the future of their children, grandchildren and all future generations could be self-determined – not imposed upon them by some governmental authority.

      What are we willing to give up so our children and grandchildren can know the freedom that was won for us over two hundred years ago? Will we continue to spend their future in order to maintain our positions of comfort now? This is our Valley Forge time. Are we ready to sacrifice?

      Jack Britton Kyle

    42. John Laser says:

      Obama is a total disaster as President of this nation. Hopefully, the Republicans and/or Conservatives can find a candidate who can defeat Obama in 2012. Four more year of this guy, Pelosi, and Reed will totally destroy the U.S. in the world. How sad for "We The People" of this nation built on the Constitution of the United States.

    43. J. Mayfield says:

      Obama Doctrine: Speak fancy words but carry on as if nothing matters very much.

    44. Bob, in Lakeland, Fl says:

      I think some of us/we conservatives are confused. I think that barrackhussienobama mmmm mmm mm! should move onto a golf course, for the duration of his term, or go to hawaii (on vacation) for the rest of his term. or that God would so love him that he would send angels to get him. anything to keep him out of the oval office.

    45. El CID, CAMPEADOR says:

      The arabian nations have the equipment, force and funds to enforce the no-fly zone they are promoting, but they don't. Why are they waiting for others, Europe and the USA to do their work for them. They are the most interested parties to this, WHY HAVEN'T THEY TAKEN ACTION? That would be the most appropriat e question. President Obama is doing (not taking action) the right thing in this instance. The rebels should be able to win on their own or get theri own mercenaries, if not, they don't deserve to win. It reveals they are in a MINORITY.

    46. Kaydell says:

      What did the people expect of Obama when he promised hope and change and then promises about going forward. The dedicated press covered his lies and branded the Conservatires ar racists and fear mongers. They were all lies and so what trust do we have in President Obama now? The sad part is that so many people of the world believed him and stood up but was not helped, Iran, Libya and the American peolpe. The only objective President Obama has is Communistic and Socialist America. This is his goal. May God forbid!

    47. KB in PA says:

      Wait a minute. Do we REALLY want to see Obama "get to work?" Might the nation not actually be safer with him out swingin' his clubs, or be-boppin' with the Mo Town gang in the White House, or chompin' lobster with Hu Jintao, or, as today, entertaining ESPN with his B-Ball picks?

      These activities, rightly dubbed in one of American Spectator's articles from this morning as "childish distractions," are at least measures of time in which he is doing no harm to the United States. My blood runs cold when I contemplate how very much worse things could be, in a big hurry, if he were actually take a more active role.

      I say, LET him be distracted with all this infantile baloney. If, on occasion, he feels compelled to amble up to a microphone, and rattle off a couple paragraphs of meandering blather penned by some speech writer, great. Let 'im have at it. Who in the world is even listening, any more?

      At the rate he's going, a little more rope … that oughta do it.

      Meanwhile, quite frankly, I'm a LOT more concerned with all the turtles on their backs, on the right side of the aisle, there, over in the "Lower House." Yesterday's behavior, on their part, is a GENUINE cause for alarm.

    48. KC - New Mexico says:

      Again – zip for leadership in the current administration. And this is what the majority of voters wanted in 2008. Change – what a joke!

    49. Frank, Florida says:

      On March 3, President Obama said: “With respect to our willingness to engage militarily, … I’ve instructed the Department of Defense … to examine a full range of options. I don’t want us hamstrung. … Going forward, we will continue to send a clear message: The violence must stop. Muammar Gaddafi has lost legitimacy to lead, and he must leave.”

      Hmm… let me see:

      "…examine a full range of options. I don't want us hamstrung…" Is one option arming the opposition? No action there. Is one option a "no fly zone"? No action there. Is one option a NATO push to oust Gaddafi? No action there. Nice sounding words, though.

      "We will continue to send a clear message." Oops…, different top Administration leaders are making conflicting statements on this matter. No clarity there!

      "The violence must stop." Gaddafi's violence? The rebel's violence? Both? How to make them stop the violence? No suggestions offered!

      "Gaddafi… must leave." No suggestions on how that might be accomplished.

      If Obama wants the Libyan people to resolve the problem on their own and have the USA stay neutral, then say so. If Obama wants to side with the rebels but have the USA not get directly involved, then only send them some arms to fight with & push harder on diplomatic fronts & use the "bully pulpit" daily to help bring opinion behind the rebels and against Gaddafi.

      Instead, Obama's inaction & Administration contradictions show the world we are basically clueless now as a nation on what to do. Ditto the economy & the Federal deficit. Ditto our energy crises. Ditto our failing schools. The list can go on!

    50. RUTH SC says:

      Voting Obama would be easy if it were decided on issues, it is not, it is decided on racial issues as well as hatred. I pray that the good people of our country will wake up and stop creating monsters for our children to battle when we are gone. The foolish spending has to stop I am an optimist and believe even the people who voted for him because of color can now see his true colors, He is not acting in the best interest of our country but he is acting out of selfish motives, he cannot hold a conversation that stays on tract, he could not care less if he spends us into oblivion, and for sure he does not have all the people in his agenda. Everyone has to consider what is best for our future generations and put an end to this stupidity. God Bless this country, I pray Obama will wake up and think about what he is doing.

    51. John C Pauls, Winnip says:

      I am not an American, but I have great admiration and interest in the welfare of our countries.

      I'm wondering just how much Obama is involved in the Bilderberg group and is working on (his)/their behalf. If somehow there could be more stringent checks during elections that they are truly committed to the interests of all the people of America?

    52. Norm LA says:

      In 2008 the democrat crowd, including one genius here, was saying George Bush's action detracted from America's respect around the world because we "invaded" Iraq who as everyone knows was firing on our F-16's. Al Queda members were hiding out there without a written contract [formal agreement] Other countries knew they could count on America. What does this poor excuse for a commander do; he removes agreed on protection in Europe, returns a Churchill bust, a gift from Britain, snubs Israel, disses Germany and France, apologizes for America and bows to the Japanese Emperor. And capitulates to Russia, on a redo. Fancy empty words. Other counties know who Obama is and so do we. And by the way; it is America, not "our side"

    53. Jo, Pontiac, IL says:

      It is a trend of certain organizations and political figures to ignore something till it goes away. However, this will not simply go away. Get Obama a fiddle cause we are burning and he just doesn't care. When will he listen to the people? When will he decide to take the role of President seriously? There are people dying all around us and he is picking basketball players for some March Madness? There is MADNESS and it is at the WHITE HOUSE. Who really cares who Obama picks for basketball? Just Obama!

    54. RUTH SC says:

      Wouldn't it be great to have a third party so people would really have a choice? I know that the money trail limits the ability of candidates to win but it should not be that way, This country is so filled with hatred for party affiliations that they can't see the big picture. What if party lines were not used, would people then vote for the best candidate? Something has to give and the hatred has to stop if our country is to prosper.

    55. Inverbrass, Kansas says:

      Unfortunately Obama's election was the triumph of unbridled enthuiasm over common sense and critical thinking. This is a man whose idea of foreign policy is ordering Chinese Takeout, as opposed to Ken who believes it is ordering Italian Pizza. I apologize to the Chinese and Italian people for our President who

      is an embarrassment on so many levels.

    56. KB in PA says:

      Whoa, my mistake. The article was not from the American Spectator, but rather from this blog: http://mayrantandrave.com/2011/03/15/obamas-heavy

      Guess I'm reading too fast and getting my articles mixed up. Sorry.

    57. Doug Whaley, Lake Ha says:

      This is who Obama is. Voting present while an Illinois legislator, a virtual ghost as a senator and a liar as a campaigner tell us that he is not going to be anything other than a ditherer as a president. He has been very content to let Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi create Obamacare and the rest of his agneda for him. That way he can remain above the fray and when something turns out bad he can deny involvment. Where has he been on the budget?

      His foreign policy is exactly the same. He wants and outcome before he gets too involved so he can side with the winner or at least give himself room to deny he had anything to do with the outcome if it is a bad outcome. His view of this country is a negative one. He has apolgized numerous times for the U.S. involvment in foreign affairs, frequently blaming the U.S. for many wrongs in the world that we had nothing to do with.

      What does this say about his character. To me it says if he has any at all it is bad. His leadership style is to not be a leader. He is one of those people who will take all of the credit for someone else's work or good deed. This does not bode well for the U.S. The only thing this man does well is campaign. While Japan is crumbling, the country is going bankrupt and the middle east is on fire he is out campaigning when he isn't golfing. How is that for character!?

    58. Nancy, Georgia says:

      When will HF admit -

      they BELIEVED IN GWarming for a LONG time,

      but, they just HATES Al GORE?

      Check this out Ken, from 1992; 19 years ago. Al Gore is a climate whore who's made $100 million dollars on this farce.


    59. AC, Raleigh NC says:

      "THESE are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.

      …God Almighty will not give up a people to military destruction, or leave them unsupportedly to perish, who have so earnestly and so repeatedly sought to avoid the calamities of war, by every decent method which wisdom could invent."

      Thomas Paine was encamped at Valley Forge with George Washington's army during the winter of 1776, the worst winter faced by the Patriot Army when he spoke these words to the soliders.

      We are in a smiliar winter. It may seem dark and hopeless right now, but remeber the tide will change and We the People of the United States of America will emerge victorious once again!

    60. Nancy, Georgia says:

      Jim MN-

      I know Jim, but he's like a bad tooth that irritates and irritates until you have to do or say something. But you're right. I'm done.

      I agree with the rest of your post as well. Too bad the GOP is not acting as the Tea Party would like. SSDD.

    61. toledofan says:

      After almost 2.3 years, it's obvious that Obama and his entire administration are so far over there heads, they have no clue on what to do, how to do it or when. What is becoming even more apparent is how easily our Constitution, our way of life and our freedoms can be melted away, so quickly, because of someone with lots of power and very little comon sense or experience. I guess that's what happenes when there is chaos; dust is thrown up every where and gets things really messed up so people have no idea of what is really happening and all of a sudden you wake up and say where the heck are we or how did that happen. It's sad that the main stream media still continues to provide cover and make excuses for this administration; that's a really big disservice to all the people of America.

    62. Daisysue says:

      IF the News Media's REPORTERS/JOURNALIST would do the JOB they are QUALIFIED FOR. Which is to report FACTUAL News and World Events. IF they stoped trying to be Politicians and stoped using the National Public Media as a place to voice their personal opinions and manipulate the public with their deceitful and unethical rhetoric.

      I believe it would go a long way towards making the President and other elected government officials take more responsibity for their actions and discourage much of the corruption we are now experiencing in our country's leaders.

      What a shame for our great country to sink so low that even the SCOTUS is bought and paid for. Making decisisions without regard for our constitution, without ethics or moral character. Decisisions based on principals of self gain and political views rather than the Law.

    63. Charie, Wisconsin says:

      @jarvis Murdochs Empire is the VOICE of the GOP.

      It is?????? Dammit, where's mine? Will someone please introduce me to the money man who is showering me and my local Republicans with all this largesse? Looks like Jarv has broken out the bars of his rubber room again.

      President Obama is finding out that being president is haaaarrrd.

    64. Dale, El Paso, TEXAS says:

      It has become increasingly clear from the day this man became President that he has absolutely no idea what to do about anything… except spend money!! I pray God's protection on this great land that He will keep us from any real harm, i.e. another 911, until we have a REAL leader back in the White House who can deal with not only our domestic troubles but how to deal with foreign as well. I see a light at the end of the tunnel politically in 2012 but am concerned that this Barack Obama has done great damage to us financially that will take years to recover from unless we can truly stop him from doing anymore damage until the next election. I only hope we can regain the trust of our allies with a new STRONG leadership in Washington in 2012 and that we as a nation will continue to return to the values that made this nation great.

    65. Roger TN says:

      Nero fiddles while Rome burns. Oh well. Lets call in a few cronies and Hollywood moguls and have a party at the taxpayers expense. Hurry up, we have less than two years to carry on this charade.

    66. F.D. O'Toole, N says:

      Three comments:

      First, if these comments are really subject to approval and moderation, it isn't evident to me. Those who simply rant should at least be limited to one unintelligent rant per day.

      Second. I agree with the comments that recommend we stay out of Libya. There is no doubt that the war in Libya is a civil war. Europe is at risk. Let them get involved if they have the nerve. We have been the world policeman long enough and we are despised for it.

      As for the President, Rich Lowry had a column yesterday that said it all. The job is too big for him. He is too small.

    67. Ron W. Smith, Provid says:

      I respectfully disagree with Conn Carroll. The assumption behind what he wrote is that the United States is the country that should act in the Libyan crisis.

      Isn't it time the United States beg off on yet another potentially entangling international engagement given that it's the biggest debtor nation in the world and in the process of cutting domestic programs and areas many other countries deem essential on their own soil? We keep hearing complaints about the annual deficit and spiraling national debt yet add to it, without blinking an eye, through costly projection of our power into every nook and cranny of the world, an ostentatious and extravagant activity for any debtor nation, let alone the world's biggest.

      The United States spends more on National Security than the rest of the world COMBINED–a trillion dollars a year and growing. It does so without open debate or even discussion of the foreign policy decisions behind the expenditure. Whenever serious budget cutting is on the agenda, everything other than National Security comes up–except for the occasional Secretary Gates moment–and domestic needs (infrastructure a conspicuously underfunded one FAR beyond bandaid stage) end up on the chopping block. So, too, programs and areas not favored in some political circles.

      Libya? Yes, we can be involved as an equal share and cost member of a consortium of nations. No more winging it alone with only token participation by other countries. And DEFINITELY paygo all the way–pay up front, not after the fact, for any involved costs. Given our budgetary woes, that should temper our impulse to big spending and on long-term commitments.

      Running an annual deficit pretty close in total to our annual expenditures on National Security is a telling description of priorities in this country. If China can get by spending about 18% of what we do on National Defense, and if we spend 50 times what Great Britain does on Intelligence, there's room for a lot of adjusting in our overall spending on National Security. The argument of a resultant "weak defense" needs much OPEN discussion and debate as do the foreign policy decisions causing our overspending.

    68. Roy Callahan - Gaine says:

      It's obvious most Americans are historically illiterate. American exceptionalism shined brightest when we were not dependent on others for our sustenance. (Like China).

      History records we injected ourselves into the world around us during and after WWII. That's when we joined the UN too. When we – and Reagan – brought down the Berlin Wall and Eastern European Communism collapsed, George Bush Senior talked about the "New World Order" – which is something Thomas Jefferson and the other founders warned us against. Does anyone beside me remember what Thomas Jefferson said about this issue: "Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none." –Thomas Jefferson

    69. Kaddafi_Delenda_Est says:

      Their "civil war" is a sideshow.

      Obama's duty is to America is to exercise the will and moral courage to confront Kaddafi’s 'casus belli' against America– and bring justice for the families (orphans, widows, aging parents) of 189 innocent American victims.

      Libyan officials have now confirmed that Kaddafi (personally) masterminded the Lockerbie massacre.

      The orders were given by Gaddafi himself… This evidence is in our hands and we have documents that prove what I have said and we are ready to hand them over to the international criminal court.“

      The fig leaf has been stripped away. Obama has NO excuse for continued inaction.

      Nemo me impune lacessit?

    70. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Obama doesn't want us to do anything because the rest of the world would see it as

      being too "arrogant." Well, Mr. President, "ARROGANT" THIS!

    71. Carol,AZ says:

      To Ken:

      We all know by now, your Obsessive Conplusive Disorder over; the GOP, FOX News, Murdoch and H.F.

      It has been mentioned thousands of times.

      Here's a new flash for you!

      Fox News is good, good, good.

      H.F. is also Good,Good, Good.

      Listen and learn.

      If You do read and listen to the interviews offered along the way by numerous conservatives, Dems and Reps, some LIberals , and also the Tea Party freshmans who's words and actions may save our, State-of-the union.

      You will soon realize the man your supporting is dumber than dirt.

      All policies domestic and foreign; FAILURES.

      H.F., took a while to report it ; to their credit , all articles regarding leadership speak to continued indecision for all leadership by the Prez, to attack and correct the problems we face as a nation.

      All posters above, have said the same. NO LEADERSHIP!!!

      The primary problem IS certain bankruptcy.

      Do you think the most powerful nation in the world can continue to function by two week extensions?

      The King is paralyzed with indecison.

      He can't lead, he won't delegate, and certainly has trashed our constitutional laws to pieces.

      Any CEO I've work for, utlizes the best people, to make hard decision to get the job done.

      To put the same problem on a mirco level:

      Do you think in NV, Harry Reid is going to ride in, on his black horse and save your State?

      The cost of doing Buss no matter what you believe there, is being passed on to you. That's one of the numerous hidden dirty secrets you haven't realized along with thousands of others hidden details.

      There's NO leadership at the helm in America.

      That Ken is, BAD, BAD, Bad.

      Grow-up and suck it up.

      Thank you, H.F. and C.C. for the continued disclosure .

    72. saco me says:

      obamas worldliness and general dismissal of the us contributions to the world continue highlight the flawed liberal- socialist model of governing appease at any cost!! hope for 2012 election of conservative should be on the rise

    73. jweb says:

      Oh God! I hope the global elitists don't hire the CIA/military industrial complex to take out Barry Sorento due to his inablility to follow their instructions, and then they place "evidence" and propaganda on the Tea Party and gun rights advocates.

      Obama is clearly being negligent to adhere the big agenda of the ruling class.

    74. Bippy New Jersey says:

      When the president acts like he is Ruler of the World, he thinks nothing of what he does to a particular country, even if it is the one that elected him! Obama's Thugocracy has proven to the world that thugs, pirates, and thieves have no long range principles to guide them, other than their own narcissistic wants.

    75. Donald Greene says:

      When is the American public going to wake up to the fact that this man is completely incompetent for the position of President of the United States? Intelligent? — maybe. Concerned about the welfare of the poor? — maybe. Good at picking winners in the basketball brackets of NCAA March Madness? — maybe. Qualified to be President of the United States? — no way.

      Ken says Obama is smarter than the Heritage Foundation, Rupert Murdoch and the GOP, and that Obama would be pilloried by those folks if he committed our military to some action in Libya. Let's assume for the sake of argument that Obama is indeed smarter. But Ken, his words gave the Libyan rebels a belief that the United States would lend some assiustance to them, whereas no subsequent action supporting those words has been forthcoming, at least to date. Smart does not equate to competent. To Obama, basketball picks are more important than anything happening here or elsewhere. The headline of this article is frighteningly accurate: "Obama Dithers While American Credibility Burns."

    76. Kevin H, college par says:

      Wow – amazing to real all the things said about Obama and George Soros. Obviously, the Glenn Beck brainwashing is working. How on earth anyone things Bachmann and King are patriots and good for the country is beyond me.

      Bachmann is as clueless about economic policy as she is about Americna history. She, and the other tea party caucus members, know that it is prime time to ride the wave and follow the polls blindly in order to raise money.

      To think Obama will lose in 2012 is nuts. The Senate will be won by Republicans, but Obama won't lose. It's obvious, no one on the right has the brains or spine to take him on – why else has no one declared yet – they are all scared. When they have to stand up and debate Obama, people will see for themselves. Brainless entertainers like Palin sound fine when they can just make 2 line statements, but we've all see what happens when she has to actually think about something and respond.

      The conservative's best shot to win WH will be 2016, when Rubio runs…and likely wins.

      So disappointing to read all these comments and see just how clueless Americans can be and how easily manipulated by FoxNews they are.

      They are criticizing Obama for takign some much needed R&R, while the last President was the 'vacation king', George W. Bush was the only one who vacationed more than Reagan.

      Reagan and Bush were the vacation kings – that is all they did – yet right wingers said nothing. Reagan took 436 vacation days in his two terms. George W. Bush nearly 500. And we wonder why Republicans lead us into recessions all the time.

    77. Hermes C LIBERTY, Ne says:

      The mechanics of Nature are mostly hidden to the majority of us. However they preside in everything and their ignorance is what fails people. In the context of this "Arab" surge, it is necessary to be very prudent. Khaddafi might be better than the hidden Islamists Rebels. We know Kaddafi and much less these new leaders somehow moved maybe by hidden forces that would be the prescursors of a One World Religion for example. It is necessary to interroge in depht these so called urest. What would be found could raise hairs.

    78. Justin says:

      Dithering is what Obama does best. Why is anyone surprised that he is as ineffectual a president as he is? He had no experience, nothing to offer the nation other than eloquent speeches and "fine words." He became president to implement an agenda that most Americans have rejected and now he is just treading water. Save Libya? Please…We can only hope that the American electorate is not stupid enough to re-elect him in 2012. If they do, they will deserve whatever they get, including spending ourselves into economic collapse and more aggressive moves by our enemies who will know by then that they have nothing to fear from Obama. God help America!

    79. Dinah Garrison Fairb says:

      @Bruce J. Holinski (11:11 AM)

      Absolutely, yet amazingly, according to polls, MANY would vote for him again! I sit and think about the last year and a half and I can't think of anything positive, useful that our President has done for us. He didn't even have a serious chat with Congress when it was becoming obvious they were not taking seriously their responsibility to pass a budget for 2011. Or perhaps he did and they did exactly what he wanted. It was safer politically with the election coming up. Now, of course, the Republicans are taking the heat for refusing to pass a budget. If it had been done in 2010–on time–Republicans would have had no chance to "interfere." I get so frustrated that so many Americans can't or won't see these issues.

    80. moderateGuy, Henders says:

      The truth, dear friends, in simpler, and uglier; Sputnik sees the world through the haze of his sophomore year in college. He never grew up. Think back to your stereotypes of college left wingers in their sophomore year; posters on walls proclaiming: Viva Che (Sputnik's amicability to Chavez and Honuran Zelaya), No nukes! (his idiotic proclamations of nuclear free world, and treasonous new START treaty), Stop Israeli Occupation…every single action, foreign or domestic, taken by Sputnik and his administration (and his allies in Congress) can be traced back directly to a world view of a college sophomore circa 1982.

      And the one common imperative of it all is undoing the world Ronald Reagan created; the world of American prosperity at home, fueled by unapologetic use of needed resources and free market; the world of pax Americana abroad, an incredible period of increasing peace and a march of capitalist democracy across the globe, brought about by unapologetic use of American power, influence and example.

    81. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      Obama is not dithering. Remember Nero, the fiddle player. Barry O. wants a meltdown of our economy, to promote chaos in our political system, and foster confusion among the population. Any crisis, be it a flu, war, environmental problem, Obama attempts to inject just enough talking-points to keep radio talk-show hosts earning a living.

      At the end of his 4 years, we will be weaker, not because of his leadership, but because of the absence of leadership. That's what he wants and all the Heritage papers, pandering to life-long politicians and bloveating talk-show hosts will not sway his agenda. He's laughing all the way to the basketball court.

    82. David Bess, Carson C says:

      Although this article deserves many good comments I beleivethat we should take the time to understand what a ally we have in Mr. Ken Jarvis. Ken and I are both from Nevada, He in Las Vegas and I in Carson City. Vegas is in the south and Carson City is 425 miles north. The diference in the cultures are large. Vegas is a metropolitian area while northern Nevada is agriculture and mining.

      Harry Reid is supported by the Vegas crowd while the north beleives he is less than worthless.

      This is where Ken becomes important to our cause. There are a lot of honest hard working eligible voters that have never entered the political game. However they are now taking interest in what is happeneing. They are looking to others for political guidance. They are the ones who will have a great impact on the 2012 elections. They are not stupid people that will be swung by retoric and name calling, they want intellegent debate on the issues. They want to hear philosophy backed by facts and reality. It is in our best interest that they listen to the Kens of the world before engaging in factual conversation with us. They will discern the difference and chose to align with the conseritive agenda. Irrational retoric and name calling will always lose to common sense and factual desertation.

      So, please, don't condem Ken, encorage him.

      2012 is comming soon. Don't waste your time trying to change the Kens of the world for they are not worth your effort. Find those good people that are truly on the fense and looking for the right answer and then show them the way.

    83. Bobbie says:

      Gee Kevin. write a list of everything the President has, said and says and another list of everything he has, is or isn't doing. Then compare.

      Then imagine you love America for which she once stood and were left to bring her back from a terrible illness with the illness so far, showing little signs of recovery.

      Why favor low expectation and hold no accountability of the President? Why protect his incompetence and make exceptions to what is said and done, and leave out necessary considerations without explanation?

      True Americans deserve to expect strong, decent, accountable leadership, a leader who wouldn't want be made exception to. One who carries the strength necessary for the challenge to be better than any other in areas outside our control. Who takes the authority with respect to the peoples American Constitution, without distortion.

      Every President took office for the first time and the American way doesn't take that long to fathom.

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    85. Paul Revere II, Broo says:

      End our national nightmare: remove BHO NOW!

    86. ThomNJ says:

      obama will go down in history with a singular and major accomplishment: He will have "lost" all of the Middle East to fundamental islam on his watch. I will grant that ithe juggernaut started to roll under Clinton and continued under Bush, but this guy will have the credit for helping and hastening the final conversion. And we all thought that WWIII would be agianst the communists….I'm giving the edge to islam for starting the next truly big war…..oops, I do believe they have already started it.

    87. STEVE, MASS says:

      Let's face it. Obama is incompetent. He has not idea what he is doing. That is why he is a dismal failure. What more can be said.

    88. Don Vander Jagt, Gra says:

      One needs to look through the prism (how best to distroy America) in order to understand the White House, the Democrats and the Rinos. These are not of the same belief as you and I folks. They despise America, don't let their spin words fool you. If you understand that most of WHAT THEY DO is ment to distroy America then what they are doing is understandable, but if you chose to believe they want whats best for America then you will be delusionally confused!

      Whats more unless those we hope are on the same page we are on in Government and our Courts began to exhibit a little back bone and expose these destroyers, America don't have a chance at survival. Sorry! Thats just the fact!

    89. RonM, TX says:

      If there is a domestic issue which relates to Obama's belief in wealth re-distribution, he can be decisive, uncompromising, and aggressive. When there is an interrnational issue, Obama is paralyzed with fear and indecision. He can do nothing but apologize for what he sees as this county's short-comings and pronounce things "unacceptable." He is just hoping things will be resolved in Libya before he has to make a decision to do something. His lack of experience is clearly showing.

    90. Kevin H, college par says:


      I try to live in a world of reality. If you look at where things were left from the previous president, if you look at how horribly the 2 previous terms were handled, in nearly every single aspect, you'd be able to open your eyes and see how amazing this current president has been and how willing he was to take ont he tough issues that have been punted for decades.

      Look at where our economy was when previous President left office and compare it to today – if you can't find anything positive in that, when every economic indicator has gone through the roof in last 2 years – then it's obvious that no matter what Obama does, you'd be against it. He coudl cure cancer and you'd criticize him for playing god.

      Amazing how little the commentators know. Too see things like Obama lost all the middle east – obvious that these people have read and watched nothing but FoxNews. How anyone can think Tunisia and Egypt could be considered 'lost' is beyond me. Thom, turn off the foxnews and read real news.

      Our current president has shown more leadership that any president in decades.

      have any of you heard of health reform – you know what presidents have been tryign to pass for 70 years and none could – and this president did. That's not leadership? i'd love to hear your definition of leadership.

      The fact is the 111th congress was the most productive Congress in the history of the United States and it was done under President Obama – the most productive president since the 70s.

    91. Ken P., Pennsylvania says:

      I just wish we had a politician and not the United State's next biggest pop-star in the oval office. Get the "I don't want to do anything about it.." attitude out of the White House, that means get rid of Obama. Oh, and I'm a Democrat.

    92. Brian J. Conway Kind says:

      Obama has once again dithered us down several notches in credibility in the view of a world in which we need friends, or at least, respect.. He has shown the Arab street that we are a toothless, declawed paper tiger. In Libya, it's all over but the mopping up. It's too late to help the rebels, but if the U. N. gives Obama it's approval, he has only two hurdles to jump to assure him, not a victory, but at least not a loss domestically. He need only unleash a lame, dog and pony show of an airstrike, to be able to say "Well, I tried" The second hurdle would be getting the main stream media to give him a pass on not acting decisivlely, and in a timely manner. That pass, is a shoo-in.

      When this crisis broke, there was some concern for the several thousand Americans living and working in Libya. We wanted them safely out and not being

      the unwilling guests of Quadaffi, in a mega hostage situation. Caution being applied during that phase is understandable. When that goal was accomplished,

      a window of opportunity opened to take effective action, sanctioned incidentally

      by the Arab League.. That opportunity was dithered away until the under armed, undertrained, and undisciplined rebels were in full rout. The window had closed.

      Again, the U. S. has been shown to be unreliable both as a friend and ally in an area where good relations are greatly needed. Our Commander-in-Chief, spent

      that window, improving his golf game, and inviting the mainstream media into the White House to discuss his picks in the March Madness B-ball tournament. Diane Sawyer, heeding that call, blushed and giggled like a schoolgirl on her first date.

      This crisis being practically over, now frees Obama to continue his seemingly endless world apology tour, bowing before dictators, potentates, pirates, and mass murderers, while disrespecting our friends and allies.

      This has certainly been change, but without hope.

      Brian J. Conway

      Kinderhook, N. Y.

    93. Bobbie says:

      Kevin, you must not have lived in America very long? Obama is over stepping his bounds when he interferes with states rights. He claimed to be a constitutional scholar yet most everything he does is unconstitutional. LOST TRUST!

      It's been mentioned how exhausted Obama is between the crisis of education, health care and energy. He needs a vacation!? That's inexcusable! THESE ISSUES ARE NONE OF THE FEDS OR PRESIDENTS BUSINESS. HE HAS TO STICK TO HIS JOB!! We are a free people, these issues are the PEOPLES BUSINESS. There's no excuse coming from my lips.

      Please consider the fact Obama was in the senate during Bush's worst years! Doing nothing of significance even then. Records prove it. He knew what he was headed for. He took the job and has done nothing to solve any problems and everything to blame Bush. Childish. He made all problems astronomically worse along with unsustainable costs and creating new problems with his fear mongering of crisis after crisis. Not a strong leader. He sticks to junk science (paid by tax payers) instead of independent studies (not funded by tax dollars) which is honest and uninfluenced by government and their agenda.

      There are many solutions but he chooses to ignore and his solutions only create bigger government. The bigger the government the lesser the freedom. Think about it, Kevin.

      Last year the PREVIOUS CONGRESS, DEMOCRAT MAJORITY, LEFT without doing their job. Now congress of integrity, has double duty because of the previous democrat dumping. Not productive, Kevin.

      Congress with integrity and respect of this country and her values are finding alot of HIDDEN atrocities that had we not such a deceiving crowd in government (non-productive,) America would have a strong people, once again and today,

      Democrats as usual, are stalling blaming republicans? They have the gall to blame the republicans. What I see is you seeing whatever is wrong is nothing the President did when in fact everything is failing because of what he is doing.

      So far in my lifetime, Reagan was the best President. He had faith in the people, he was honest and forthright, where Obama calls everything a crisis. NO FAITH IN THE PEOPLE! WEAK!

      I empathize if you've not lived under freedom before, but the President is taking us in another way and it's not America's. Sure you can make messes and clean it up and call it productive? but it isn't. That's called counter-productive. Sure the President can make anything sound worse then it is, just for government programs that simply take freedom away.

      Please Kevin, you do fail to consider everything and then call him the best President? Freedom consists of personal responsibility, anyone rich or poor, and properly educated knows this. Public education doesn't teach this anymore. Why? Because they want to make puppets of the people. Starting at age three.

      The President is taking control of what we ourselves, as individual human beings are responsible for. I feel especially bad for those immigrants who look to government to figure things out for them. They will never know what freedom is when they came here for refuge from their socialist, communist leading counties, that we're basically living under now. NO ONE WILL EVER know their individual potential being influenced or living off government.

      We're not capitalist Kevin, but I do know if my husband has to pay so much into government we have little to be free, to live independently, trapped to be forced on government dole. Obama has his plans, unfortunately it is not reflecting America and we aren't comfortable with that.

      All people of America need to take on their independence with dignity. It's what America is! Please understand there are exceptions but Obama is making us all exceptions by design. We want honesty and freedom our inalienable right that Obama took away. We want peace and the ability to trust. Obama lost that chance.

    94. S Rubicon, Southcent says:

      The issue is not what he did or did not do. The issue is, he once again led someone to believe he was going to do one thing, when he went & did something else altogether! Libyan rebels, based on his get tough with Qadhafi speech, thought Obama planned or was planning to intervene.

      No, he did not come right out & say he would do something. But he did say

      "With respect to our willingness to engage militarily, … I’ve instructed the Department of Defense … to examine a full range of options. I don’t want us hamstrung. … Going forward, we will continue to send a clear message: The violence must stop. Muammar Gaddafi has lost legitimacy to lead, and he must leave.” Those are tough words. The rebels took them seriously, as did many others.

      Once again, he said one thing while he intended another altogether. The rebels will die wholesale. Many in the middle east will say America has lost credibility & cannot be trusted. They already felt that way based on left wing media cheer-leading to hate America & especially that cowboy, Bush! The problem is, if Bush said we would be there, folks knew, we WOULD be there. With Obama, one must wait to see if anyone is coming & even then, what they will do once there!

      Personally, I see no advantage to America interceding. I think France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Great Britain, Germany, and that host of Arab League nations, should pick up the financial tab and most especially in this case, the loss of human life (soldiers) tab! Its their backyard, not ours & even if we help them win, what would we have once won? Desert! Who cares!!!

    95. mary, USA says:

      Perhaps if we in america the citizens should not talk so much of his failures instead we help our leader by giving simple suggestions, im sure he would be understanding.Understandings come a long way. And why does the people quote the presidents past time. That is rediculas. What is the people doing these days eccept getting more lazy. One man cant pick up the slack of every single individual in every country. He gives an oppurtunity take advantage . Come on stop sitting around and complaining. There is plenty of options and oppurtunity out there. Look for it. Don't lose hope. This is democracy where we the people have a choice. Choose wisely. Take advantage of the word freedom. Dont leave it an empty word.

    96. Kathleen Collins, Ca says:

      President Obama is working out of class.

      He would have made a fine Ceremonial President.

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    Big Government Is NOT the Answer

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