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  • A Little Less Talk, a Little More Action on Gas Prices

    A CNN report Friday revealed the stark reality that gas prices have risen by 37 cents since February 22, reaching an average of $3.50 per gallon nationwide. Prices are expected to follow an upward trajectory in coming months. At Friday’s press conference on rising gas and oil prices, the President correctly stated that families, consumers, and businesses all feel the effects of higher prices. Yet the rest of his message was laced with misinformation and wobbly rhetoric. Bottom line: The Administration’s solutions are not really solutions at all.

    Denying that his Administration has hindered domestic oil and gas production, the President said last year’s oil production was the highest since 2003. This faulty logic ignores the months-long moratorium on deepwater offshore drilling that curtailed domestic production, sent some seven drilling rigs elsewhere, and fueled rising prices in a fragile economy.

    To address short-term disruptions, the President cited the possibility of tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Doing so would both violate the stockpile’s intended purpose—for use during a “severe energy supply interruption”—and do little to alleviate gas prices. It is wrong to risk the nation’s security as an attempt to cover up poor energy policies.

    The Presidents also says he is directing the Interior Department to review public land leases held by the industry that could produce energy. Let us be clear: Reviewing is not the same as acting. Though it is in companies’ best interest to move forward efficiently, their hands are tied by burdensome regulations along the process, during which interest groups may file frivolous appeals and lawsuits.

    In the long term, the President’s policy is to rely on energy efficiency standards and a diverse energy portfolio. This portfolio includes wind and solar energy, which are not technologically or economically viable at present despite being heavily subsidized for decades. Further government spending will not lead to efficient commercialization of these industries, and government has historically failed in attempts to commercialize energy. It is irresponsible to increase government spending on projects that are not technologically viable.

    The President speaks to solving the nation’s energy problems by revving up domestic production, but substantive action and direct changes are needed to back up these policy proposals. The American public sees the distinction between reviewing a situation and real action. The following steps would amount to real action by the Administration and Congress:

    • Allow access to domestic reserves. Permitting exploration of reserves in Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming, and federal waters offshore would inject confidence into the market, create jobs, and stimulate the economy.
    • Roll back regulatory burdens on companies. Strapping companies with onerous regulatory processes only hinders access. Litigation opportunities should be limited and the permitting process made more rational.
    • Issue offshore drilling permits. Lifting the de facto moratorium on offshore drilling permits would gain companies access to domestic resources and increase our domestic energy supply.

    The President may keep talking while consumers and businesses keep hurting at the pump.

    Stability in the U.S. energy supply is sorely needed, especially amid concerns about rising demand and a struggling economy. As a Heritage Foundation report finds, increasing domestic supply is the answer to rising fuel costs and higher energy demand in the U.S.

    This post was co-authored by Emily Goff

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    14 Responses to A Little Less Talk, a Little More Action on Gas Prices


      8% pay raisefor congressman, no inflation increase for people on social security, gas 3.63 per gallon.no money left to pay for food and precription drugs.death.

    2. OhioHistorian says:

      Listen to hour 1 of Roger Hedgecock's 3/11/2011 show. He uses Energy Information Administration data and other sources to show how much of a liar that President Obama was during that speech.

      The Left has mantras that repeatedly called President Bush a liar. Yet nary a peep is heard as President Obama spins whopper after whopper.

    3. Jack Goode, USA says:

      Your distinction between reviewing and action is a good catch. As the gas prices are quickly ramping up I find the silence deafening from the mainstream media compared to a similar scenario about 3 years ago. Also, I would add another item to your list of solutions and that would be significantly reducing the permitting process time for supply chain bottleneck areas like upgrades to existing refineries and new refinery projects.

    4. MikeHebert 15 Lester says:

      Just a confirmation of how out of control, out of touch with consituients reality striving to survive ever escalating costs of life. Washington, D.C. knotheads will not need to worry about their next 'fill-up' let alone their next gormet meal which you know they will somehow pass the expense thereof onto their very own fellow Americans, AND they won't even they've been billed! See, somehow State & Federal officials feel they are ENTITLED to unlimitted financial resources for their personal/private use. After all, they're in service 24/7, so everything they do is 'business related'. Yep, even 'a night out on the town'. No, they don't all do it. But how many does it take before some family goes to bed hungry, cold, and yes, IN AMERICA, without a roof over their head. What have we/are we fighting the world's wars for when we can't even be victorious at home? Get my thinking? Gas prices are merely a scant issue overall. You bet it's important to the average family budget. Those IN POWER choose to TALK FOREVER & do ever increasingly so little. So, yes. Somebody please KICK SOMEBODY'S BACKSIDE.

    5. Jill, California says:

      Obama has no intention of helping Americans. It's his plan for gas prices to "necessarily skyrocket" … just as it's his plan for our health insurance premiums to necessarily skyrocket under the weight of Obamacare. This man is more dangerous to America than any terrorist is.


      We can only believe what he does not what he says. And he has done nothing to help anything that America stands for.

      THANK YOU.

    7. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Last Thursday, Obama bragged about increased oil & gas production under his administation, something he, nor his lackeys, had absolutely nothing to do with.

      It requires about 3 years from lease signing to the first drop of oil production. Yet this shamelss Obama is taking credit for what began as far back as Reagan, then continued under Clinton, through Bush, long before Obama came to the national seen. Is their no end to Obama lies and distortions?

    8. Tim, Ogd. NY says:

      With billions of barrels of oil in ND, SD, and Montana when are we going to start to drill and drill fast. There is enough oil in the US and Canada to keep us self sufficient. Then we will not need to continue to spill young American blood for rich kings and thieves….. The Middle East has been fighting wars for thousands of years, we do not need to be there at all.

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