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  • Morning Bell: The Time to Cut Spending is Now

    My fellow conservatives,

    Last November, voters sent a clear signal to Congress: cut spending and get our government in order. As we watch the current debate in Washington over how to fund the government for the rest of 2011, it is clear that some heard the voters’ message and others are flatly ignoring it. The House of Representatives took decisive action and passed a bill cutting $61 billion from the status quo. President Obama and his Senate allies insist on irresponsibly choosing to do practically nothing.

    Indeed, to force Americans into accepting the spending habits that have led to the crisis we face, liberals and their interest groups are trying to scare us with visions of a “government shutdown” that will deprive us of government services.

    Do not buy any of this. What they seek is clear—to sap the resolve of those in Congress who want to carry out the mandate they were given at the elections: to cut spending and keep America strong.

    Liberals have a much different vision of America than we conservatives do. If liberals can win this initial battle over the borrow-and-spend culture of Washington, they believe they can continue spending at reckless levels and force tax hikes to fundamentally transform America. If they win, there is no way we can bequeath to our children and grandchildren the country our forebears left us.

    Let’s analyze what is at stake. First, the coming budget showdown stems from the liberals’ refusal to cut a mere 1.6 percent of the $3.8 trillion in federal spending this year; second, a “government shutdown” does not mean what you’ve been hearing; and third, those who counsel “compromise” want to continue on the current course and reverse the election results.

    The Senate on Wednesday voted down the bill passed by the House of Representatives—with support from members of both parties—that would cut $61 billion from government spending this year. Even with this cut, spending would still continue to grow due to increases in spending on entitlement programs.

    The debate then boils down to this: House Republicans have passed a bill cutting about six days of deficit spending; Senate Democrats have offered to cut the equivalent of a half-day of deficit spending. For the President and the liberals in the Senate to threaten a government shutdown over such a meager first step on the road to fiscal sanity is simply baffling.

    No wonder that Senator Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia, has said President Obama “has failed to lead this debate for spending and cuts.” There is no doubt that if the existing continuing resolution expires and Congress and the President cannot agree on a level of day-to-day spending, we would reach an impasse. But the actual result would be far different from what the scaremongers call a “shutdown.”

    What would cease? Well, not the functions of government that most people consider essential, which would continue as they have in past government shutdowns. Social Security checks would arrive; doctors and hospitals would provide medical services to seniors, veterans, and the poor; the mail would be delivered; our troops and national defenses would continue to protect us; law enforcement at our border would continue; protection of life and property would go on as before.

    The government would slow down, not shut down.

    This government slowdown is then simply one more check and balance built into our system. The “timeout” keeps the vital services of government operating while lawmakers prioritize what we can—and can’t—afford.

    Yes, it is true that if the President and the Senate don’t act, some would be affected. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D–NV), for example, bemoans the potential loss of federal funding for a cowboy poetry contest in upper Nevada. President Obama appears determined to throw more taxpayer dollars at NPR, even though one of its executives admits it does not need these federal handouts.

    This level of frivolous thinking brings me to my last point: Those who constantly counsel “compromise” really seek to ignore the message that voters sent in the last election. In this business-as-usual coalition, you will find public-sector unions and the full array of liberal interest groups who profit from the endless and outrageous growth of government.

    Those who were on the winning side of the November 2 elections should have no illusions about what is at stake, what the American people expect of them, and the consequences of shirking their responsibility. This is only the first skirmish in an epic battle to put America back on a path toward national solvency and federal responsibility. If we cannot trim a meager 2 percent from this year’s budget, what signal does that send to credit markets? What does that say to future generations who will pay for Washington’s lack of courage?

    This is about much more than cutting $61 billion; it is the opening salvo in the battle to change the culture of Washington. Liberals know that if Americans see Washington act responsibly and courageously now, they will come to expect responsibility and courage as the norm.

    Conservatives must not be scared into believing that we should accept business as usual in order to save us from a looming slow down.

    It is time for our leaders to lead. The Members of the House have made clear they are prepared to accept the challenge. Help us in our educational mission; join our fight. President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Reid must follow the House’s example and cut spending without compromising national security. Otherwise we will only get continued delays and inadequate short-term spending resolutions.

    Edwin J. Feulner, Ph.D., President, The Heritage Foundation

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    60 Responses to Morning Bell: The Time to Cut Spending is Now

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      3-11-11 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com


      Put CONGRESS on the Minimum Wage.

    2. Bob Godwin, Jarretts says:

      John Boehner should say this about a slowdown at every public appearance he makes until the cuts happen or the slowdown occurs.

    3. George Colgrove, VA says:

      “House Republicans have passed a bill cutting about six days of deficit spending; Senate Democrats have offered to cut the equivalent of a half-day of deficit spending.”

      This make my stomach turn. We have wasted (in good government form) 67 valuable days to ONLY propose to cut SIX days of spending. It took congress $683 billion (at $10.2 billon a day) to ONLY PROPOSE to cut $61 billion! The truth is only $4 billion has been cut thus far! Not even a days worth of spending. In an 8 hour day, congress has only cut about 3 hours of federal wasteful spending!

      The truth is however, the difference between the cuts the republicans are recommending and democrats are recommending is very little and virtually the same considering how much we need to cut.

    4. Don Ruane Lilburn GA says:

      Term Limits for all Members of Congress.

      Congressional Reform Act of 2011

      The 26th amendment (granting the right to vote for 18 year-olds) took only 3 months & 8 days to be ratified! Why? Simple! The people demanded it. That was in 1971…before computers, before e-mail, before cell phones, etc.

      Of the 27 amendments to the Constitution, seven (7) took 1 year or less to become the law of the land…all because of public pressure.

      Congressional Reform Act of 2011

      1. One Six-year Senate term and three Two-Year House terms

      2. No Tenure / No Pension.

      Congressman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they are out of office.

      3. Congress

      (past, present & future) participates in Social Security.

      All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the A REAL LOCKBOX, and Congress participates with the American people.

      4. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.

      5. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

      6. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.

      7. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.

      8. All contracts with past and present Congressmen are void effective 1/1/11.

      The American people did not make the current contract with members of Congress. Congressmen made all these contracts for themselves.

      Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their term(s), then go home and back to work.

      Wake up America, this is your last chance to remain free.

    5. Don Walker, Lake Hop says:

      If you have what is called "horse sense," and you are courageous enough to believe your "lying eyes," then you realize that the Progressive's budget and policies make perfect sense. Their goal is to DESTROY PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS.

      If the Progressives continue to undermine housing prices in both sales volume and plummeting values, crash the markets by ballooning the market with liquidity and then creating a panic to wipe out those not in on the game, ship jobs overseas with taxation and regulation, as well as raise burdensome taxes on individuals; then the individuals will eventually lose their property to government confiscation.

      If you combine this with the policies of government owning most of the current mortgages, as well as purchasing or confiscating the land in the Mid-west and West; then eventually they will own almost all the land. There is even talk of nationalizing 401K and other IRA accounts so the government will have most of the land and property, and what paper money that is circulating will be virtually worthless. It happened in Wiemar Republic in the thirties and Argentina in the nineties.

      It is happening to us now. It is a strategy and a plan to redistribute wealth. Take Argentina for instance where the currency collapsed due to hyper-inflation and then the government re-coined a new currency trading one new unit for three old. It effectively cut wealth by those who owned property by two-thirds. Then they recently confiscated all IRA savings and will allegedly pay the previous owners more in their retirement plan in the future. But we know these plans such as Social Security are Ponzi Schemes and broke.

      So in order to wage war against your enemy, you must be able to understand their strategy, inform your own troops of their evil intent to motivate them, and design a counter strategy. We must just start telling people the truth. You are not losing your home, your job and your savings by accident. The Progressives are giving you a clear and distinct view of what "hope and change" means. As Newsweek beamed "We are all Socialist Now." And as long as the Democrat policies prevail and the Conservatives, Libertarians and Republicans fail to adequately explain the choice to unaware Americans, people will continue to lose their homes, jobs and savings.

      It is not that complicated to understand. We just need to help others visit our reality. This is what socialism is and this is what it is like living under socialism.

    6. Bernard P. Giroux, S says:

      Spending cuts are only a first step. What is really required is a dismantling of the federal government, piece by piece. Any unnecessary department, organization, body of rules and regulations not approved by Congress, surplus employees, etc., must be taken out of the equation. Smaller government is not just a budget cut. Smaller government is paring down what exists to what works. Now is the time to begin this transition to smaller scale, more affordable government.

    7. Jim --New Haven, Ct. says:

      I don't know whether any Republican Senators read Morning Bell, but if they do, they'd better understand that the vote in the House reflected America's thinking, so DON'T MESS AROUND!!! I was a long-time supporter of

      Senators McCain, McConnell, Graham, etc. But they're "old school" in that they see themselves as "negotiators". i.e. "You scratch my back, etc". It's way past time for negotiating our deficit. The2010 vote sent a message. If they didn't hear it, we don't need them anymore.

    8. Jack Krohn, Colorado says:

      I agree of course but 61B is what percentage of our deficit? Get real and get serious.

      The prez sure isn't going to do it. Our national security is at stake.

    9. Andrew, VA says:

      True, it's a slowdown, not a shutdown. But it's still a sign that neither party wants to truly govern, which often involves compromise. And that's sad. The Founders understood the art of compromise. If not, we would not have a government today. I'm sure today's leaders can do the same.

      And no one can take Heritage seriously if defense is not included in the cuts — along with Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Everybody contributed over the years to this fiscal mess we are in, including the Pentagon. Everybody should take a cut. Period.

    10. Vic Grazier says:

      I agree. They should lock all the senators and representatives in the capital building until they come up with a spending-cutting budget. Deadline extensions never work. They need to hold the feet to the fire, maybe even withhold food and bathroom breaks. Just kidding, on the last two.

    11. toledofan says:

      Great article and it articulates the fact that the Republicans, no matter how hard it may be to be unliked by the main stream media, they need to stand their ground and follow the lead of the govenors in Wisconsin, Ohio and other states and just do what is right. If the spending isn't reigned in and changes made, our kids will be in bigger trouble than they are now. So, the Republicans need to take off the gloves and stop worrying how the media will perceive them and they need to start jabbing until the fight is won. The Democrats can't continue to fight for more spending taxes and government if the Amercain people say enough. I think we spoke loud and clear in November 2010.

    12. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      Leadership begins with the leaders, just as charity begins at home. While it may be an insignificant amount all Representatives and Senators should:

      1. Freeze pay increases – once elected you serve at the salary received when elected

      2. Eliminate all federal pensions – institute 401 plans like they force the public into

      3. mandate any law passed for the people must include all Congressional elected officials

      4. Eliminate all and any per-diem payments – they get a salary…that's it

      5. Remove PAC control of our elected officials

      Now, we know this is pie-in-the-sky thinking because the lifers in Congress will gore their own ox.

    13. Mary............WI says:

      If Democrats won't accept the budget cuts proposed by the House then shut down the government. It's a shame all members of congress don't have the brains and resolve the WI Republicans have. Shut it down. It would be interesting to see what it's like NOT to have government in our faces so much.

    14. Oscar Brown says:

      If the president and the Senate cannot bring themselves to act responsibly, we have to wait until the next election to change players; but if they insist on playing "chicken" with our economy, bring on the slowdown. We have the internet and talk radio, so the word will get out as to who's responsible. If only basic services are being done for the next six months, that's a back door way of cutting spending, but it'll work.

    15. Peggy Stacy, Battle says:

      This is an excellent piece, Dr. Feulner. I am so grateful for the excellent work Heritage Foundation does, and it is one of a handful of stalwart organizations standing against the culture of entitlement and ignorance that has been spreading for years.

      I noted with interest that Dick Morris is urging Republicans to spin off funding to various sectors, such as defense, Social Security, Homeland Security, etc., and passing funding separately for them. Then leaving the other spending in a mass spending bill with all the conditions attached. I'm not always taken with Mr. Morris ideas and perspectives, but I thought this one is carries significant merit.

      This could be a way for the Republicans to refuse to compromise on the principals they've espoused and to keep the promises they've made. At the same time, it could remove the typical threat of "those heartless Republicans" shutting down essential services and causing hardships to citizens dependent on SS checks, for example.

    16. marc jeremiason, AZ says:

      If they win, there is no way we can bequeath to our children and grandchildren the country our forebears left us.

      With the way the Fed Reserve is setup; that statement is just horse puckey. It will never be paid back.

    17. Louis F, FL says:

      How can you honestly assert that $60 Billion is "decisive action"? $60 Billion covers the deficit for about a week! The Republicans didn't get the message either, and the Tea Party Patriots out there should be disappointed with this dismal showing. If the annual deficit is going to be $1.7 trillion, then Republicans need to propose a $1.7 Trillion cut, not a $60 billion rounding error.

    18. Chris Knowles Clayto says:

      Mr. Boehner, Cantor, and Ryan have been a joke. To cut $61 billion is like me cutting my kids allowance. Why don't they implement Rand Paul's $500+ billion dollars worth of cuts. Rand Paul know's what it means to make serious changes to the out of control spending.

      If they want to put the power back in the hands of the people, they need to scrap the IRS and put in place the Fair Tax.

    19. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Mr. Feulner – A great article. However, I think you, any many authors at the HF,

      are being a bid naive to think Obama will, at any point, follow a Republican House

      to cut spending. Obama is a socialist ideologue that is in fact attempting to "lead" this nation into his socialist from of government. He and his ilk cannot and will not change. They are hell bent to destroy our economical system. That is exactly why we must force Obama and his Dem lackeys from office now, if we are to save our country.

    20. B. Eric, Syosset N.Y says:

      Can,t believe I agree with Ken Jarvis.

    21. Nancy, Georgia says:

      Ken, I wonder if you can imagine what might happen if we put Congress on minimum wage. Let's see, they are the ones who set minimum wage and they are the ones who determine their own salaries. Add to that the fact that union salaries are also tied to minimum wage and I think you can figure it out. Burger flippers would be making $200,000 a year.

    22. Glynnda White, Orlan says:

      We should go ahead and shut down government about 3/20/2011. This is the time that checks start getting cut for government benefit recipients. When the first of the month passes with those recipients not getting their benefits there will be a howling of biblical proportions nationwide and you can bet those backroom politic playing democrats will get off their butts and get something done.

      I think that our national level legislators really need to pay attention to what just happened in Wisconsin……..this is what we need to happen in Washington.

    23. R Holland, Chandler, says:

      Cut the federal budget across for every line item by 5%, including entitlements. Cut federal personnel by 5% per year for 5 years. Eliminate the Department of Education.

    24. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      John Boehner, IMHO, is using the wrong strategy if he says he’s unwilling to shut down government. This is no way to fight a critical battle!! The GOP needs to show force to carry out the pledges they made in last year’s midterm campaign. In reality, the GOP House budget cuts are like petty cash compared to the trillions in deficits by BHO and his demoncrats!! As long as national security and defense, social security and other vital services continue, what’s wrong with shutting down the government?? In fact, if the government needs to shut down until 1/20/2012 (hopefully the end of this error!!), then good, let it be!! It would be great to shut down the EPA and many other regulatory agencies that only stifle our economy. The GOP can campaign on it in 2012, and make it clear to voters that America can no longer afford the demon-crats’ big government and out of control spending!! It’s also frustrating that so many demoncrats lie by saying conservatives/republicans want people to starve, and many republicans are too timid to stand up and refute the demon-crats’ lies!! We need to bring back fiscal sanity – PERIOD!! Enough said!!

    25. Greg In California says:

      The new congress in addition to being persistent about defunding the health care act and large spending cuts they should push domestic oil drilling. To my way of thinking this would have as much effect if not more on our economy and prosperity than the other things on the agenda. Why, why, why do we still depend on foreign oil? It is a real mystery to me I believe the proponents of domestic drilling should "storm", so to speak, the capitol and put so much pressure on the administration and house that they have no choice but to commence drilling.

      G Bayes

    26. Roger TN says:

      A "full scale" government shutdown is not ever going to happen. A limited number of offices will actually stop operation, and even then, barely noticeable to the public. The entire government can not understand we want real cuts in spending, not nibbles around the edges. Where do we go to make it clear that the status quo is not acceptable.

    27. Doug Whaley, Lake Ha says:

      Cutting spending is a great idea. It makes tons of sense. But then how is Obama and the rest of our elected officials going to be able to buy enough votes to get re-elected? That is probably too big of an obstacle to overcome, so we will muddle along as we always do with not much in the way of change.

    28. Cuz Vinny says:

      1. Term Limits.

      2. Can be affiliated with Lobiest.

      3. Can't keep contribution funds.

      4. Campaign spending can't exceed the amount spent by opposing candidate.

      5. No record of taking Entitlements.

      6. Can't be bought, sell out or bribed with $.

      7. Limits and controls on medical coverage and retirement benefits.

      7. Can't have a radical or terrorist ideology(no Muslems or Islamics).

    29. Victor Barney, LeHig says:

      I have learned at America and England are the real biblical Israel by the seed of Joseph(Gen. 48:16) and England alone has forefilled the promise of having the greatest civil empire in history. I also understand that our budget will regain positive terrority again by February of 2012 due to the Republicans. What does this tell me. With money in our pocketbooks again, there will be a complete Marxist(Anti-Messiah by definition) sweep of goverment in 2012! We bailed out England when Marxism left them is unsustainable debt and their economy collapsed, but who will bail out u.s.? You do know that England controlled the world's economy until their Marxist debt took that away from them, don't you? Now, I ask you, who will bail u.s. out when we go bankup! NOBODY! Just like obama's father took over the only other republic in the world Kenya, like father like son because Obama will collapse our economy! Watch! Oh, did I tell you that the devil is in the details? Again, watch! I anticipate Obama's economic collapse occurring this fall! Again, if I'm right, it will not take long to prove my prediction, will it? And, he did it through the demoncratic process and we voted for his promised "fundamental transformation" of our government into Marxism! Yes, they call it the democratic process, don't they? Again, watch!

    30. soaplove says:

      One thing for sure…. If these cuts happen exactly like the Republicans want them, they will not stop throwing rocks at the "baby boomers", just like all the other talking heads. I am sick of the bickering and the lies. Somebody grow up. We have no idea what any of the cuts are, except what spin anyone puts on it. The future of this country went downhill, when we started hearing about a world economy, and workers benefits started being taken away, along with the breaking of unions, so the people with the umbrella's could keep taking the cream off the top. Nonsense is abound. It is already too easy to pass requirements without funding, to the states.

    31. gary smothers sun ci says:

      i believe all of you are asking the wrong people to act to cut the budget. the spending power actually reside with the multitude of managers at every level. there must be incintives for them to act in our favor. as one of those managers and arriving on a new assignment i could not believe in the waste. fortuneatly in my position i had the authority to take and demend action. results, in 180 days i reduced the cost of my spere of influence by $750,000. i did it as a matter of principle plus what was going on was to insane to ignore. i hoped for some type of recognition from someone. it was not forthcoming the simply didn't care or understand that my preessor had wasted over 30 million during his tenure. he was promoted. i ask that you consider financially rewarding people such as i. the compensation to be determined outside the government structure. with that you will have everyones attention. when the savings start rolling in upper management will start pointing fingers at each other trying to keep their corner looking good. the prime question they will yell at each other is "why didnt you think of that" to avoid criticism want to or not they will be forcrced to join the chorus of "wqhere are the savings" result we the citizens will get a voluntary reduction whether the top wants it or not. I'm serios. i seen and could document tens of millions from my desk alone. there are many desks like mine out there. what do you think?

    32. Susan McAtee, Hutto, says:

      For starters, how about retrieving the $105 Billion buried in the healthcare bill that we didn't know about because we had to vote on it first BEFORE we could read it. This administration is unquestionably the most criminally corrupt one in the history of the United States and I'm sure it will take years to undo all the damage the sitting administration has done, not to mention restoring our reputation across the globe. Proud of my country. Not proud of my administration

    33. Frank, Florida says:

      Yes, we must try to wake up the average American to the impending financial demise of our nation. But our financial situation is deteriorating so quickly & change happens so slowly in Washington, I fear our fate is already sealed & the socialists/elitists have succeeded in putting on "auto pilot" the collapse of our once great nation so it can be re-molded into a new "one world order". The American masses have either been brainwashed or are asleep (I hope they are just asleep, but I'm not sure… our left wing public education system has been good at brainwashing our kids). God help us.

    34. KC - New Mexico says:

      First – way to go Wisconsin! I just wish the great state of NM was controlled by intelligent politicians so that we could get rid of the union influence as well. We can’t even stop giving drivers licenses to the illegals because of the democrat liberals.

      Second – Mike Moore and the unions need to take a lesson from this process and listen to what the majority of Americans want. It is hard to believe that Hollywood would condone Moore. Moore and the unions need to get over it!

      Now, the budget and our not so intelligent liberal politicians in Washington, yes we need significant reform in the budget. Mr. Reid and Pres. Obama need to listen to what the majority of Americans demand. Stop the spending and cut back on the entitlements. SS and Medicare need to be cleaned of fraudulent spending. We need to bring back our foreign aid since we are not getting anything in return. We need to fund the military appropriately as long as we determine to stay in the Middle East.

      Overall, both sides – republican and democrat need to get some guts and do what is right for this country! Forget the special interest groups and the unions – do what is right!

    35. Tom Georgia says:

      By their nature, governments are parasitic institutions who must have a value producing host population that can produce and provide for their needs.

      Any reduction in the size and mass of the parasite will accrue to the advantage of the host population.

    36. Daisysue says:

      J.Boehner needs to get off his thumb and on his feet. It is time for The GOV. to listen to the people…

      These acts of childish tantrums on the part of the senate, H.Reid and Obama in wanting to go so far as to SLOW DOWN the GOV. in order to get their way, can not go on.

      I am guessing that the CALL FOR IMPEACHMENT & TRIAL MUST BE LOUDER for them to HEAR US.!!!

    37. Robert, North Richla says:

      Amen, sir! First, this collection of republican liars must be defeated by the Tea Party or all of your negative points will come true by default. Second, Rand Paul has put together an excellent plan to cut $500 billion without touching Social Security or Medicare (though it should address fraud, waste and abuse). I would settle for $300 billion in spending cuts in the most non-productive areas:welfare programs and unemployment programs. If our welfare recipients had to experience the same 15-20% reductions that working families have endured – we would not have to layoff one single teacher. People need to stop falling for the oldest trick in the liberals playbook.

    38. F.D. O'Toole, N says:

      Here's today's big idea. Let's save the money we spend in our role as the world's policeman? Pull out of the Middle East. They despise us no matter what we do for them or how much money we shower on them. Libya is Europe's problem. Refuse to get in between every faction in every country that has problems. Let Saudi Arabia defend itself. Replace their oil with (nuclear) breeder reactor technology…banned in the USA since the 70s. Drill in Anwar and off the coasts. Grant permits for natural gas properties in the continental US. (This won't help with the Democrats spending but it will bring loads of cash into the economy and the Treasury, and even create a huge number of private sector jobs).

    39. Robert, North Richla says:

      To: Edwin J. Feulner, Ph.D., President, The Heritage Foundation

      Thank you for finally taking these republicans to task for sitting on their laurels and doing nothing. Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, Rand Paul and four other people cannot do this on their own.

    40. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Let's take a chainsaw, a scalpel, and a wrecking ball, to the budget. We're headed for

      a train wreck anyway. It's time we pulled the emergency brake before it becomes unstoppable.

    41. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      The audacity of blaming the generality of "Deregulation" when the Community Redevelopment Act was the darling of DINOs and RINOs. It remains a High Crime for Government to support packaging of Toxic Assets and calling them AAA! When the smoke cleared we had Communist style ownership of Real Estate and everybody lost half the value of their IRAs.

      "Oops!" is not an answer! Just look at the Damages Sherlock! A High Crime has been committed! Why can't the House see it? Well! It is Community Organizing Sorcery! This is secret knowledge of the Progressive Communists! How to steal and get away with it because it is deception above the People's heads! Markets were used to destroy Markets! Markets were brought into existence to destroy, oh! Anything! Perhaps "Energy" or "Student Loans!" Health Insurance, Anything they want!

      Quantitative Easing is the exact opposite purpose for which the Federal Reserve was created! That is Sorcery! The Fed was made to defend the value of the Currency NOT to starve the World with inflated Food Prices! The Dollar is worth two cents! How can you possibly Inflate it worse? The Fed is a Crime Against Humanity in Progress! Nationalize them! Seize their Assets! Now put in a strictly limited Government, just the way the Founders wrote it! Replace the Fed with a lawful Bank, call it Bank of the United States Treasury, BUST! Because you Demolition Plutocrats are busted!

      My point is if you can't see the crimes, all of Obama's High Crimes? Then it must be Sorcery! It was hidden too well! Look at all Obama's sophisticated lies, Obama must be a Sorcerer King! Sorcery is defined by the truth it displaced, truth that is kept from the People! Obama is Power Mad! He steals Power from Congress! Judge Vinson revealed these Progressives really do want Totalitarian Government! If you can't see the High Crime, fact! You have been ensorcled!

    42. Christopher Popham S says:

      Congress vs the White House is positively paralytic.

      Politico 'announced' this morning that they (Congress) will debate the economic

      fate of this once great nation……for the next seven months!

      Good luck, America.

    43. Clearhead says:


      Your comment wins first place today! God bless you, and help all of us.

    44. Hermes C Liberty New says:

      It is always a pleasure and learning to read Ed. He is right as not to let nobady sacre us about anything near to government shut down. Actually it would not be bad, as much will be still going on, even tough we don't need to get there. What we need is to have the Congress with or without the others help cut drastically the irresponsible and frankly weapons against the American people's overspendings. However it is not inadequat to interroge the Liberals deep motives. We would be astonished to find out that…maybe sombody is influencing them without them take notice of it. Hence the necessity, as emerging tranquil Force, to scatter amicably their ranks in the name of the sacro-saint National interest. We should lead as Conservative, in every aspect present to our scrutiny and field of action.

    45. Al at Glenwood says:

      The slant here is always the "left, liberals or progressives" are responsible for this mess. We cannot forget President Bush's unfunded entitlement add in 03 to secure the senior vote in 04. Government is the problem. Both sides of the aisle. Rino's are the worst!

    46. Bobbie says:

      The President repeats, "we have to live within our means." The federal government's means is defined in the Constitution. Get rid of the means that doesn't apply!

      Like Michelle Bachman said, if the President is really serious about cutting spending, he'd give back the stolen money no one knew about, without question. Conspiratorially hidden throughout the 2000 page health care bill he takes pride in owning.

      Now please, if the President has no honesty in regard of his own health care plan, he deliberately wastes time to come up with something that amounts to nothing as far as cuts, his ideas are harmful to the economy, he merits junk science for fear mongering and outrageous funding, he misinforms on many occasions, he builds resentment between Americans, he holds us back from energy independence and adequate costs, he assumes racism with conviction, he favors government UNION employment over any other. He has no sense of rationale or reason. He has no dignity to hold himself accountable and he protects many in America with the same attitude.

      He is a suspicious and untrustworthy person. His game playing is unlike any under true American leadership. He is dangerous.

      The government is suppose to make it easier to live in freedom. The President is making it impossible.

      Please build this country and her people strong and from where it started under the founders.

      ps unless it comes out of the President's own pocket, cut the white house entertainment. It's kind of embarrassing that the entertainers wouldn't do it out of the kindness of their hearts at no expense. They must not like him either. Or us (tax payers?)

      Please don't fall for his dictatorship or his speculations. Stand firm. Stay strong, keep going, AMERICA NEEDS YOU!!!

    47. Lou, San Diego says:

      How much longer will the Senate dems & rinos dither around spending money our grandchildren will NOT be able to repay? How much debt will it take before Harry the Reptile figures out that there is NO MORE MONEY!!!! The clown in the White House has never earned any money so he is basically clueless, one would expect a tad more clarity from some of the Senate dems!

    48. Henry says:

      You might say America is upside down. Go Wisconsin! We need more men in Washington like Walker and Chris.

      Stop all our wars around the world. Close down all foreign bases. Bring all the tax free contractors home. Bring home all our military equipment. Rebuild and retrain our troops on American soil.

      Tax the rich and close down have of all banks in America and the Caribbean and and rule the stock markets. Our banking and mutual funds are nothing but a ponzi scheme.

      Our government should have to live like the rest of us, no jobs, no benefits, no future. This was planned to bring our wages to Mexico"s wages. Then we will truly open our borders from Mexico and Canada.

      Half of the government workers must be gone and the wages and benefits at the rate of society. Or better yet, they have jobs, the rest of America are without jobs, so they will pay more income tax.

      Our policemen, firemen, medical care, lawyers, teachers must all reduce their salaries and benefits.

      Bring on the fair tax for all individuals and tax business and corporations.

    49. Ron W. Smith, Provid says:

      "Cut spending without compromising national security"–the tag at the end of a rather longish article and meant to quash any thought of seriously cutting a VERY costly part of our annual federal spending. The United States spends more than the rest of the world COMBINED on national security–national defense, homeland security, nation building, foreign aid designed to gain the cooperation of other countries, and veterans affairs.

      What a splendid opportunity we have right now to cut back on that spending–cut way back, in fact–while (1) we have the excuse of being the world's biggest debtor nation spending more on national security than the rest of the world COMBINED, (2) we're leading the world by a huge margin in military installations on foreign soil, (3) we're showing repeated inadequacies at being the world's policeman (and, increasingly, hegemon), and (4) failing miserably at keeping up with so many internal needs in our own country.

      Quite a list, no? Spending $1 trillion and more annually on national security, and making the rest of the world look like skinflints in the process, is necessitated by our foreign policy decisions. There are some in governmental circles who like our mainentance of hegemony (some dare call it empire), who see that not being a target of terrorism would undermine the need for such extravagance in money and lives in our many theaters of engagement around the world, who would lose the necessary financial support of military contractors they've enjoyed, and who refuse, the result of these and other facts, any open debate or discussion of our foreign policy.

      When you see or hear of our representatives and senators dancing around the edges of our $1 trillion habit rather than tackling it head on, when you see them engaging in substantive cuts everywhere else–or threatening them—you will know why. The necessity for our foreign policy, a major cause of our annual deficit and ballooning national debt, will never be open to your input, and cuts in spending on the portions of national security caused by our foreign policy will never be anything like what they could be. Better to nail just plain folks with cuts to perhaps preferred areas and programs than do the sensible thing.

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    52. John Clancy says:

      The American people are now on a quick learning curve after the moves in Wisconsin. Republican leaders must seize the moment and go for cuts that total at least 500 billion. Less will not make the statement the leaders need now.

      The American people–of all persuasions–are realizing that the "change" is the destruction of our country.

      The American people support the governor of Arizona on immigration and all the governors who are presently battling to balance their budgets against out-of-control spending, deficits, and out-of–control unions.

      Yes, Boehner, Ryan, Paul, Cantor et al must answer the present demand of the American people and cut with an axe, not a penknife. A weak move will embolden those who would destroy this nation.

      The American people will see a shutdown as a small event against the great danger that we face as a nation. They will fully support strong leadership in Washington just as they support the governors.

    53. Yellowbird says:

      The prez would do something about this mountain of debt he has generated but, first must cover lastest lie or US oil production.

    54. Glenn Boom, Montrose says:

      The urgency of this is understated. With the United States at risk of no longer being the world reserve currency and its horrible consequences, it is way past time to restore fiscal sanity to our nation. Imports must return to parity as we work to rebuild our economy and our nation. Interest costs are a growing huge issue crowding out basic needs to operate our government.

      Glenn Boom

    55. John Schmidt, Wellin says:

      This is the ongoing fruit of wobbly-kneed career pols like Boehner who lack the vision, convictions, foresight and courage to take on spending cuts that are truly needed – on the order of a $trillion. The new House Republicans are up to it, and perhaps it is they who must have the last word. Clearly Boehner and Ryan don't have what it takes. They have wasted two whole months, and what do they have to show for it? a Senate Dem refusal. to approve even a pitifully enemic spending cut. Fact is: the dems are holding no cards at all, yet Boehner acts like he needs the Dems to cut spending. He does not. All he has to do is stonewall on any continuing resolutions until the Dems give in. Republs should table a huge spening cut, and stand on it. There is no need to compromise with the Dems. The government can go onto standby until the cuts are voted in.

      What we are lacking in the Republican leadership is leadership.

      It is the same sad story that cost Republicans previous elections. Who needs Demo-Lite Republicans in office?

    56. JeffT says:

      So what, exactly, is a NON-essential government job (probably most of them) and why do we have them in the first place? For all you business owners out there, how many non-essential jobs holders are you paying a salary? My guess would be NONE.

    57. Terry Jones, 33790 R says:

      I would like to see the Government cut spending in every area. Starting with the politiions pay. Cut any commities or departments that are doing "double" duties. Cut the EPA, Public broadcast, Family planning, stop paying for the education and medical needs of anyone that is in this country illegally. Repeal Obama Care. Raise the retirement age on SS. Impose a flat tax or fair tax system where there are no loop holes for the rich to slip through. Defund the IRS.

      Take the Federal Government back to what the Constitution says they should fund. Hand the rest to the States and local governments.

      I think if we would truly stop the wasteful spending, tax fairly, and fund what is suppose to be funded by the Constitution this country would turn around.

      We need to drill for oil and develop our natural resources without so much interference from the Federal level. We need to become independant and self sufficient. The Federal goverment needs to get out of the states business. Turn the Federally controled of state property back to the states and get it into the hands of the people through a homestead act or sales so that people can own land and produce something on their own again.

      Thank you for giving us this forum to voice our opinions.

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    59. Positive Vibe, San F says:

      Obama has never been responsible for a budget before becoming President. His lack of experience is creating an extremely dangerous financial situation for the country. He believes he has a mandate to fund progressive programs. What he is doing is putting the entire country in great peril. His primary goal should have been to fight the deficit and get our finances under control after a disastrous Bush presidency. Instead, he has acted like a kid in a candy store to the detriment of the country.

      He should immediately demand across the board cuts from every single line item in the budget. As a leader, he can then say that we are all going to tighten our belts. That includes military, entitlements, and discretionary spending. A good starting point is to cut 8% from his budget of $3.8 trillion which would save $300 billion. As a former CEO I can tell you that there is plenty of fat in every line item of government spending.

      In addition, he should immediately request the passage of a national gas tax of $3.00 per gallon. This would bring our gas prices in line with the prices that Europeans have paid for years. He should allow states to take $1 dollar which in California would generate $15 billion and go a long way toward solving state budget crisis across the country. The federal government would take $2 which should generate $300 billion.

      Finally, the Bush tax cuts should be repealed and taxes on the wealthy should be increased (Over $1 million) to generate another $300 billion.

      With these changes we would reduce our deficit from $1.6 trillion to a still whopping $700 billion. But if we do not take drastic action now, we will lose our reserve currency status, interest rates will explode, and hyper inflation will destroy our life savings as the Federal Reserve has no choice but to continue printing dollars and debasing the currency.

      The time to act is now! The Republicans in Congress have pitifully allowed themselves to be drawn into political battles over the funding of planned parenthood and National Public Radio. They have used the budget crisis as a tool to accomplish their political agenda. There is too much at stake here to play games.

      We need strong, bipartisan leadership from both parties to solve our financial crisis. Families and businesses across the country have had cut back and tighten there belts. It's time the Federal Government did the same before it is too late.

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