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  • Why the No-Fly Zone Won’t Fly

    As Libyan dictator Muammar Qadhafi’s forces ramp up their attacks on rebel fighters, talks in the U.S. of a no-fly zone over the country are intensifying as well.

    Washington needs to look carefully at the crisis instead of impulsively implementing a no-fly zone just to do something. Rather than giving the appearance of action while not making policy, the U.S. would do better to actually show leadership in the situation.

    Qadhafi’s air force is just one factor—and a limited one at that. The aged and poorly maintained planes, mostly from the former Soviet Union and France, were fewer than 400 at the beginning of this crisis—many of those not operational. In addition, reports of pilots with poor skills further bring the effectiveness of Libya’s air power into doubt.

    The tragic loss of life at the hand of Qadhafi’s corrupt regime deserves more from the international community than a gesture. Before jumping in to impose an expensive and possibly ineffective action, we need a plan, Mr. President—one that matches America’s interests with an appropriate measure of American leadership.

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    5 Responses to Why the No-Fly Zone Won’t Fly

    1. George Colgrove, VA says:

      Looks like Obama and the inept federal government voted present on this one.

      I feel very comfortable with France and England taking the helm on this one. We have a federal workforce that is too self-absorbed and self-serving with too much corruption to be trusted with aiding in this crisis. We have a country deep into the largest debt ever created by humankind and we are stretched far too thin economically to participate. We were out before all this began.

      The White House has shown no leadership on nearly most international crisis’s yet alone Libya. I do not want this country getting involved in any more of these matters. It seems that the federal government in its current greedy form, it will only cause more harm – especially if each of the participating federal employees can gain stature, economic wealth, privilege and prestige by maintaining the crisis rather than solve it. The federal workforce is too focused on its money grab from the American Taxpayers (alive and yet to be born) to be fully focused on the seriousness of the Libyan matter. Our intelligence community gets its intel from the left leaning news media now-a-days, and the National Intelligence Adviser has absolutely no clue what is going on with even with that. A federal employee does not know what telling the truth means. We are clean out of virtue.

      Get our guys and gals home and safe from the ineptitude of the self-serving federal workforce and the White House. Having our soldiers get involved in this crisis will put them in more needless harm’s way because there is no one watching the ball here. Let us for once let a coalition of nations who actually know what is going on, who are far more efficient using their financial resources and far more dedicated to the people around them than to themselves do this necessary work.

      America can no longer lead with virtue. Though I believe our military is the best on the planet, it now operates within a leadership void. The only thing our DoD will do is escalate this into a war – that is all our DoD know in how to "resolve" these matters. We are beholden to defense contractors and because of that our strategic planning involves obtaining useless weapons systems that benefit a congressperson personally as well as his or her district (maybe) – not the soldier. We are stuck in a WWII mentality without the character and virtue we had at the time. This "at all cost" approach and the DoD arrogance is not only costing us our future, but also the world's sanity.

      I say set it out. Looks like better equipped minds are already on the task.

      With an extreme debt and a leadership void in all parts of the federal government for 22 years, this is what we have become. The federal workforce has made America in its image – self-centered, self-serving, very inept, high cost, ineffective and inefficient. This is not the America that fought WWII – and I am talking about the people not the government. We rose to the challenges then and we truly sacrificed. Today, with a lingering MASSIVE debt, a looming economic meltdown, and global chaos, all we can do is arrange the chairs on the Titanic as it sinks.

    2. R Holland, Chandler, says:

      Obama fiddles while Libya burns.

    3. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      It is all about BP getting some protection "But let the rest of the Mid East go to Hell!" BP got the big Oil Drilling Deal with Libya, that was their Reward for getting the Pan Am Bomber released! (The one who wasn't really dying?) It is the last thing America should be doing. Crater the Runways with Mirages from France, let the Europeans do something for a change! We need a third front like we need a hole in our heads! (Does that mean Obama will do it?)

    4. Perry, OK says:

      What do we need a no fly zone for? We have one right here in America!

      Has anyone one seen anything except our debt flying anywhere!

      They have been killing each other over there for years, why stop now. I would rather stop the unscrupulous people on wall street from ruining our recovery. There is no real oil shortage just speculation of one! As soon as fuel gets to $5.00 a gallon the sooner we will wake up and smell the roses!


    5. Tritten, Switzerland says:

      Libya is burning, democracy is bombed and people's freedom is jeopardized! The EU is a toothless tiger, the UN and NATO are full of highly-paid and inefficient puppets… so, why do we have sophisticated spy satellites, AWACS, unmanned drones and cruise missiles? No need to put a single boot on Libyan soil.

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