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  • NPR's Diversity Doublespeak


    Just yesterday NPR’s president and CEO stood before the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., and declared that the taxpayer-funded news organization exhibited no bias against conservatives. Vivian Schiller even dared conservatives to show her the proof.

    Less than 24 hours later, filmmaker James O’Keefe delivered the goods. Caught on camera was an NPR senior vice president calling “Tea Party people” a variety of derogatory names: “Islamaphobic, but really xenophobic, I mean basically they are, they believe in sort of white, middle-America gun-toting. I mean, it’s scary. They’re seriously racist, racist people.”

    The timing was fortuitous — and it exposed Schiller as an apologist for the liberal mainstream media, of which NPR is a key player. If this is the type of talk Schiller permitted at the highest levels of NPR, is there really any question about the organization’s hostility to conservatives?

    Schiller’s plea yesterday for specific examples of bias was itself laughable. The Media Research Center has a treasure trove of incidents dating back years.

    “There’s no question it is a perception issue,” Schiller insisted when asked about bias in the newsroom. “It is absolutely a perception issue.”

    But while she was willing to chalk up NPR’s liberal bias as merely a “perception” problem, she made sure another form of diversity was being addressed in more substantive manner.

    When asked about the firing of Juan Williams last October — his departure left NPR without a black male reporter on the air — Schiller went overboard to assure NPR’s critics that it took this type of diversity seriously. The National Association of Black Journalists, in particular, has chided NPR for having too few black reporters on the air and in leadership positions.

    “This is a very, very big priority for us,” Schiller said yesterday. “We have a number of different initiatives under way to diversify — further diversify — our staff, our reporters, the people we interview on the air, and, of course, our audience. We think we’ve made some progress, but it’s not nearly enough.”

    It’s too bad Schiller doesn’t have the same commitment to ideological diversity. Rather than denying NPR’s obvious liberal bias, she should’ve promised the same robust initiative to address NPR’s other diversity problem.

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    15 Responses to NPR's Diversity Doublespeak

    1. Real American says:

      Americans should not be forced to fund the Democrat Party – i.e., Public Employee Unions, Teachers Unions, bailed out unions like UAW, Planned Parenthood, NPR! End their strangleholds on power!

    2. Bobbie says:

      Same words, same false claims. They won't accept the truth so they make up the lies. Hypocrites and liars, all well paid. Putting words in the mouths of those they resent for slander, only. What overpaid, immature, cowardice behavior. What inner weakness of these people!

      If government had no involvement which they never should have, diversity is a natural occurrence. No cost necessary. FREEDOM OF CHOICE without government influence, is FREEDOM OF CHOICE. For government and their back ups to insist on "diversity" with dollars attached, is actually very insulting.

    3. Bobbie says:

      I listened to it this time and I can't believe she didn't mention any specifics. It is perception and that being costs coming from the private sector when they can do for themselves.We boycott businesses funded by tax dollars with high paid employees and profit. The true act of greed. Media, professional stadiums, GE etc.

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    5. Kevin H, college par says:

      Why would anyone pay attention to anything O'Keefe puts out – he's been shown to edit and manipulate video with deceptive editing, and has broken the law repeatedly. Why would anyone highlight his works when he's known for illegal activity. Maybe you should put up some video with Charlie Sheen and his gidesses.

      NPR is by-far the least biased media out there – anyone who thinks different is out of their mind or they just never listen to it.

    6. Grandpa Dave, Florid says:

      FLASH: Vivian Schiller, CEO of NPR, stepped down Wednesday, 9-Mar-2011, in the wake of a sting video that showed an NPR fundraiser disparaging conservatives and criticizing Jews.

      Another George Soros puppet bites the dust?

    7. Al, Knoxville TN says:

      It is difficult for me to identify where the superior intelligence of the Schillers (not related), vis-a-vis the rest of us, resides. It is not in their ability to speak with 'political correctness.' It is obviously not in their ability to make decisions. It seems to me there are a lot of us so-called 'ignorant, racist xenophobes' who could have done better regarding Juan Williams, and the 'fund raising' scenario.

    8. Joan, New Mexico says:

      I can't believe after the Juan Williams incident that anyone even listens to the BS on NPR or its aging liberal outdated programming.

    9. STP says:

      Kevin said….Why would anyone pay attention to anything O’Keefe puts out.

      Kevin, what are you doing on a site like Heritage? I figure most loony leftists computers would freeze up when they go to a site that talks about liberty and freedom. Either that or youre a paid poster.

      obviously you havent listened to the tape of this clown spouting is bigotry. O'keefe couldnt edit something like this. Go back to the huffington post

    10. Don, IN says:

      Why NPR was ever funded by the tax payers of this country is beyond me. Please let them operate on fund raisers, not on public funds. They are not fair and balanced.

    11. Papa Two says:

      Who cares if NRP is racist, non racist, bias, non bias. The huge problem is that we are funding something that has no benefit at all to America as a whole. When are we going to get someone in office"s" that can change this country for good instead of for "money", "power", and "corruption". Is that even possible? What would our country be like if we wasn't constantly having our tax dollars go to a COMPLETE waste 70% of the time. Should America rise up like Egypt?

    12. Diana Brown, Illinoi says:

      NPR should be denined any federal funds. This program should be deleted immediately. The Federal Government should be cutting more because our country is in trouble and that is just what these lousy progressives want. Please continue Heritage to shed the light on these evil programs. We The People have spoken and thank God for our Tea Party.

    13. John W. Roberts says:

      I'm sorry, but that video of Ms. Shiller was a waste of time! Why did you make it sound as ifshe was going to say something derogatory in the video, when all she did was talk about how NPR is NOT bigoted against the right? I am a loyal member of the Heritage Foundation, but I really think the text surrounding that video was misleading. Thank you.

    14. Bart Marquette Mi. says:

      I used to be a big supporter of NPR, helping out on the phones three times a year for a good fourteen years, donated yearly, and listened to it daily in my shop. However, a couple years ago I could no longer support an organization that on one hand begged for money, and on the other forced people to pay vie taxation. I no longer listen to, support, or volunteer for NPR. My money, time and effort is better spent else-where. Like here.

    15. Thomas P. Brady, WA says:

      John W. Roberts,

      This post is a little confusing. The embedded video shows Vivian Schiller, but the statements about the Tea-Party are from a video of Ron Schiller which is linked to by the "Caught on camera" text.


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