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  • Morning Bell: Defund Obamacare's Secret Stash

    While Obamacare is rightly notorious as a fiscal nightmare, less well known is just how massively it transferred power from Congress to the executive branch. In fact, the full scope of Congress’s abdication is still unknown. What is now known, however, is that deeply buried within Obamacare was a $105 billion slush fund that assures its implementation into the future, no matter what future voters think or want.

    This makes then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s comment to the Legislative Conference for National Association of Counties about Obamacare, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it,” made a year ago tomorrow, ironically prescient. Just this past month, the Congressional Research Service (CRS) updated an October 2010 report titled “Appropriations and Fund Transfers in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).” The new report found that, unbeknownst to almost every Member of Congress, Obamacare contains $105 billion in direct implementation spending that bypasses Congress’s normal appropriations process.

    A separate CRS report, titled New Entities Created Pursuant to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, concludes: “The precise number of new entities that will ultimately be created pursuant to [Obamacare] is currently unknowable, for the number of entities created by some sections is contingent upon other factors, and some new entities may satisfy more than one requirement in the legislation.” These new bureaucracies would have the power to reach into your life on a daily basis, including control over who is allowed to sell you health insurance and how they may do so, as well as what procedures Medicare will or will not pay for. Once Congress allows these new bureaucracies to be created, it will be next to impossible to get your health care freedom back.

    But these merging entities do have a weak spot. CRS reports: “In practical terms, many of these entities will not be able to function until their members are appointed and funds are appropriated or made available for the entities to operate.” That is where the secret $105 billion stash comes in. Instead of leaving these fledgling bureaucracies vulnerable to the budgetary decisions of future Congresses, Obamacare appropriated billions in implementation spending over a 10-year period. Heritage fellow Ernest Istook explains the impact:

    Making years’ worth of spending decisions in advance is an attempt to handcuff the current Congress and prevent it from determining current levels of spending. … The funds in Obamacare are not budget projections but actual appropriations of money. Obamacare goes far beyond any precedent for making appropriations for future years; it is an outrageous effort by the former Congress to bind the current and future Congresses in this way.

    Conservatives can still save the nation from Obamacare’s bureaucratic kudzu, but they must act proactively. They must go beyond simply not providing funds for the implementation of Obamacare. CRS explains: “Precedents require that the language be phrased in the negative, for example, that ‘none of the funds provided in this paragraph (typically an account) shall be used for’ a specified activity.”

    This is why our nation cannot afford to fund the federal government by continuing resolutions, which perpetuate the status quo—a status quo where Obamacare’s implementation is already funded. In order to truly defund Obamacare, conservatives must go through all 2,700 pages of the bill and cut spending for every program one by one. That is the mandate this Congress was elected on. Members need to do their jobs.

    Quick Hits:

    • President Obama signed an executive order Monday that will create an indefinite detention for prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.
    • The federal government posted a $223 billion shortfall in February, its largest monthly deficit in history.
    • After 42 Republican Senators signed a letter opposing his nomination, Senate Democrats have given up on confirming Don Berwick as Medicare’s chief administrator.
    • Tomorrow, Heritage analyst James Sherk will debate National Treasury Employees Union President Colleen Kelley in the House Oversight Committee on whether or not federal workers are overpaid.
    • Representative Devin Nunes (R–CA) introduced new legislation that would increase domestic energy supply and prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act.
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    87 Responses to Morning Bell: Defund Obamacare's Secret Stash

    1. John New Jersey says:

      Dont worry about the rules,just defund it.Thats why democrats dont worry about republicans ,they dont show any guts,they go along.This menatlity has to end.

    2. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      3-8-11 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com

      To Ben C:

      Why don't you think about sending me an EMail

      so we can do this discussion on it.

      Thanks for the suggestion of taking a class.

      But I already understand the importance of the small business'.

      Obama defined Wealthy as – $250,000.


      YOUR side sees Soc Sec as a "monster"

      when it helps MILLIONS.

      2 Changes to Soc Sec are Necessary

      1. Remove the Pay-in-Cap

      So, ALL pay on EVERY CENT THEY EARN.

      2. Add Soc Sec to Income from Investment Profit.

      That way – Soc Sec would Last Forever.

      WHY is NO ONE talking about THAT.

      Send me an email – LVKen7@Gmail.com


      Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI on March 7th, 2011 at 2:38pm said:

      Ken Jarvis – THAT is exactly my point. I suggest you take a Business 101 Class at your local community college to understand that the unintended consequences of your proposal will cause great harm to the economy. It is small business that is the engine of our economy – not the “weatlhy.” But then, our new School Administrator in our veryliberal Ann Arbor is scheduled to make $240K per year so does that makes her “wealthy?” I guess everyone has their own definition of wealth.

      Lastly, remember that SS was a voluntary program when first introduced. Look at the monster it has become.

    3. Pragmatic in Texas says:

      This cannot be legal. Why hasn't an investigation against Obama been launched? You cannot "appropriate" tax dollars in the Executive branch to spend at a later date at the whim of the next POTUS!

      Impeach Obama. Before it's too late.

    4. Tony Rasavage says:

      The steps taken by Obama go beyond the power of the president and is/should be unconstitutional. Is this not grounds for impeachment of the president??

    5. Robert, North Richla says:

      Excellent article to go with the story on how Michele Bachmann exposed this barry slush fund. So there is one member of Congress that is doing her job. I wish I could say the same for little Johnny Boehner, Eric Cantor and Mitch McConnell. Nothing on Obamacare; nothing on drill, baby, drill; nothing on reducing welfare; nothing on reducing the size of government; just plain nothing to show for these liars. You simply cannot send a eunuch to do a man's job.

    6. G. Hugh Bodell says:

      The deceit, the double dealing, nay, the outright betrayal of the country they have sworn an oath to protect goes beyond the treachery of the most onerous traitors in the history of this once great nation.

      I am sickened!

      G. Hugh Bodell

    7. Bill says:

      This is the most bogus stuff running rampant. You mean to tell me that there is still stuff in the law that is the dreaded "unknown"! Are people really stupid enough to believe that?

      Where are the congressional hearings? Why not bring this stuff to light on the record? You are being lied to people! You are no more than sheep!

    8. Denise, Atlanta GA says:


    9. A. Terranova, Ormond says:

      The present administration, as we are learning with each passing day, is the exact antithesis of all the wonderful, "leg tingling" rhetoric about "cleaning the swamp" and promising government "transparency". Unless you are on life support or brain dead, any American with any degree of intelligence knows what's going on: Grand theft larceny of the most egregious kind. This is the result of our president's Marxist policies a.k.a. the "redistribution of wealth". What we are learning, however, is that it is occurring by stealth as well as by outright theft. Instead of participating in the endless nonsensical "fair and balanced" conundrum where everything is "discussed" but nothing is actually decided and hence acted upon, I suggest you read, "The Shadow Party…" In it you will learn who is really behind the destruction of our way of life and why.

    10. toledofan says:

      It's time for the Republicans to do what they have to do and stop trying to play nice. It's obvious to me that the Democrats would like to do these continueing resolutions for the rest of the year, simply, so the Houses time is all tied up and nothing else really gets done. I say draw a line in the sand and pick the three or four things that will give the bang for the buck and if they don't agree, shut it down. It is time for the Republicans to start to lead and stand their ground. I think the longer the inevidiable is prolonged, the more the Republicans will be seen as the problem. Itr's time to put on the gloves and start swinging.

    11. doctordave says:

      This is politics Chicago style. Behind every sentence in the bill is a surprise which takes away our freedom to choose. Medicare is the senior trap that controls the majority of health care for anyone over age 66 in this country. Obama Care is trying to control the last 40% of health care still under the insurance companies outside the federal government. These companies can increase prices for insurance as high as the market will bear, and still have a control in individual states, without competition.

    12. Bob Carr, Downingtow says:

      So much for transparency in government. The members of Congress who voted for this legislation MUST not be re-elected. Those who knew about the slush fund are surely guilty of gross deception; those who did not are guilty of gross negligence. It's no wonder that Congress is held in such contempt.

    13. Charlie McMullen Gre says:

      It's time to shut this train wreck down.Take away their money!

    14. Mary............WI says:

      Conservatives better get to work reading the 2700 page "Obamacare Bill" because there isn't too much time left before this "monster" goes into effect completely. DEFUND!

    15. Bob Johnson, Plano, says:

      This statement astounds me:

      "The new report found that, unbeknownst to almost every Member of Congress, Obamacare contains $105 billion in direct implementation spending that bypasses Congress’s normal appropriations process."

      Especially since I remember sitting in a parking lot, on or about December 21, 2009, listening to someone describing this exact same thing.

    16. Don Ruane Lilburn GA says:

      You are the real scholars, know the in's and out' of Washington, so how do we get Obama to voluntarily resign?

      If he does not resign, in 2012, we will have an election on to lines of the last election in HugoChavezville.


    17. Doug Whaley, Lake Ha says:

      Where is the republican leadership on this? If it weren't for the Heritage Foundation and Michelle Bachmann no one would have a clue about this. How come mainstream republicans are so chicken? Why is it that they just don't seem to understand the people who elected them expect them to do their job. They bragged about knowing what got them elected but here we are in the fight of our lives and we have a bunch of really timid, gutless republican leaders worrying more about not offending the media or their friends on the other side than doing what they were elected to do.

      Hooray for Bachmann! She seems like one of very few people in congress capable of leading.

    18. robi3304 says:

      It is essentail that grassroots assemblies act fervently to oppose and respond to all shady, unconstitutional actions performed and waiting,, lurking in the background.

      The healthcare industry must stand up as an united cohort to oppose this as well. Why do we not see the private healthcare sector objection to the Obamacare mandate in the forefront of the media?

      This speaks volumes about questionable coalitions that may have formed with health insurance companies. Is this the case that in the event of passage of this restrictive invasion of privacy that our current companies join in to further restrict and limit the already existing lack of choices?

      No one has bothered to make apparent the effects that will occur to existing coverage and patient costs, care and choices. If I missed the notification, please let me know. Again, why do we not hear opposition and outcry from the private sector insurance companies? The government would create a monopoly that would hurt business, right?

    19. Frank, Florida says:

      The Pelosi/Reid Democratic Congress probably suspected a voter push back on the unwanted ObamaCare that they rammed through Congress against the will of the taxpaying People. So, say whatever bad things you want about the radical, liberal, tax-&-spend, big government, socialist/Progressive Pelosi & Reid, they were very smart in the way they funded this monstrosity behind closed doors. The doors HAD TO BE CLOSED when it was constructed in order to KEEP SECRET from both the American People & the Congressmen that voted for it the huge costs & new power being given to the Executive Branch of Federal Government (greedy hands of Obama). All of this Unconstitutional health care bill sickens me, the more I find out about it. I think the USA will likely go bankrupt soon, then the "reset button" will have been pushed on our Federal Government… and perhaps that is how we will ultimately get rid of all these Unconstitutional Federal power grabs: WE WILL BE BROKE & CAN'T FUND THEM ANY MORE!! I will, of course, hope that this scenario can be averted if the people wake up in time & vote for better Federal leaders… but frankly, I'm not optimistic. Too many people in the USA now want the "free lunch" that they have been promised (over 50% now, I think, don't pay Federal Income Taxes) & there are too few taxpayers to "soak". The "free lunchers" now can out vote the taxpayers. I think we are doomed as a nation to fail. Only the exact time & manner of when/how we hit bottom has yet to be written. The fall has already started & we are in mid-air waiting to hit that bottom!

    20. Randa, Tennessee says:

      If Obamacare was good for anyone they would not have had to sneak it through and attempt to steal money to fund the effort… we do not want your obamacare mr. Dictator BHObama… resign.. and get out of America

    21. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      We need a – COMMON SENSE Political Party.

      Who would head it?

      I nominate = Elizabeth Warren

      Mark Fey = Senator Al Franken

      Kristy Wandle = John Kerry

      Page Pusey Forth = Bernie Sanders!

      Mark Patton = Dennis Kucinich

      Mary Daggett = Russ Feingold

      Terry Van Remortel = Anthony Weiner

      Terry Van Remortel = Hillary Clinton

      Richard Schatten = Alan Grayson

      It is on FBook – LVKen7@Gmail.com

    22. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      I went to College on the GI Bill.

      I was in the Marines – during the Korean War.

      I don't remember how much I got – about $40.00 a month.

      But, there was a program to help us get on our feet after

      being discharged.

      52-20 – We could Draw $20 a month for 52 weeks.

    23. John,Fairfield Flori says:

      Time to move to impeach this president before he ruins us all. The reason for impeachment-hmmm where to begin!!!!

    24. KC - New Mexico says:

      I am sure there are many good things about Obamacare however there are more things wrong than right. Our current healthcare is one of the best in the world regarding technology, innovation, and capability. However, the amount of paper work, redundant forms, and poorly trained office help add to the ineffective side of this industry. Keeping healthcare a private industry is critical. Keeping insurance under control, possibly through privatized competition would help.

      We do need to get government out of this picture. Utilizing the $105 Billion on infrastructure and job growth would be a better use of the money. Obama – Reid – Pelosi – have damaged America enough. It is time for real leadership and for the 2012 elections to get rid of the stupid administration and ineffective leadership of today.

    25. John,Fairfield Flori says:

      Time to impeach!!!!!

    26. Rick Wisconsin says:

      The comment by Pelosi really made me wonder then worry. Now we know… now I wonder what other surprises are in store for us. The trouble is we seem to be under attack from every direction not just obamacare!

    27. Norma, Mo. says:

      I would like to know who wrote this bill. Have heard noone discuss that. Why?

    28. Bette, NJ says:

      And this is not an impeachable offense ? What is ?

    29. Justin, DC says:

      The link to Mr. Sherk's debate is not working. Please update this, as I'm sure I'm not the only one who is interested in the details!

    30. eps (denver) says:

      If 105 billion was hidden in healthcare bill knowing good and well Pelosi and REid and Obama knew that was in bill then they deceived the American people and they decieved Congress so that borders on corruption and fraud and we need to hold Reid and Pelosi accountable and demand they answer questionsa at a press conference in public. In that we will see how incompetent they both are. This is the bid mistake we make in not demanding answers from people that deceive us and hold them accountable. This is a serious mistake we make.

    31. Nancy, Georgia says:

      This regime knows no bounds. It is really quite amazing and horrifying.

    32. William Downey, Worc says:

      Obamacare is simply BO's own jobs creation program. Unconstitutional as it may be.

      See what happens when people do not do their homework and take everything for granted?

    33. Sam Rogers, Fuquay V says:

      Devide 2700 by number of weeks to next election. The task is to clean up that many pages of all spending possibilitieseach week. Set up a way to measure and report resolts. Time to stop all the foolishness,

    34. Roger TN says:

      So Michelle Bachman is the only Representative that found this $105B in "advance" spending? Add this to the $61B already agreed to (not quite the $100B promised) and dig in your heels to get these reductions or face the wrath of the conservatives and Tea Partiers. The recent revelations of duplication of programs and ineffective programs noted at ExpectMore.Gov would be a great place to start on the next round of cuts for the upcoming fiscal year.

    35. Brad Kelley, Severna says:

      As I have stated in many posts on many threads, trying to de-construct O'Bamacare takes too much time. We must rely on the USSC to declare this mess unconstitutional and start over.

      There are parts of O'Bamacare worth keeping. But this revelation shows just how crooked the Democrats, in particular, Pelosi, Reid and O'Bama really are. All of the Democrat health care bill needs to go and go now.

    36. Ella Quinn, Kinston, says:

      I agree with Ben Arbor.

    37. Ella Quinn,Kinston N says:

      I agree with Ben.

    38. June,USA says:

      We must never ever again allow a bill to be passed that we have not read. Never. The arrogance of Pelosi, Obama and Reid who think that they are the rulers and we are the subjects who are on our knees kissing their feet has to be stopped. This is not our America. they are taking us down a dark, dangerous road we do not want to go. Somehow we must stop them. We must find some way for them to have to account for the money and they can't spend it as they want. It is our money, not theirs.

    39. Bruce J. Kolinski says:

      Yet another proof that the Federal government of these once United States is PUBLIC ENEMY NO. 1.

      This is not "legislation". Obumacare is the "preemption" of our Rule of Law…

      …and I haven't even mentioned the 15 member rationing board (death panel) created under the $847 billion de-stimulus slush fund bill. The 15 board members were appointed within 3 days following approval of the de-stimulus bill. If seniors think they're getting shafted now, wait till they learn that after 70 or so – there ain't gonna be any health care at all.

      If lies are a blessing – then the American people are certainly blessed.

    40. Hank in Houston says:

      Enough. Shut it down, make the interest payments when due and restructure the country's budget to live within its means. I will live with sacrifice today rather than deal with the monumental fiscal disaster that waits just over the horizon. BTW, when I say sacrifice I am talking about sacrificing on some government program as opposed to the sacrifice of paying more taxes.

    41. Norm Klevens says:

      Judge Vinson declared the law unconstitutional. Where is the contempt of court notice ? The 105 billion still needs to be appropriated; its not in some lock box. This bunch thinks they are above the law and beyond the control of congress. Here is a fairy tale – George W Bush proposed a solution for Social Security; it went down in flames, without a counter proposal, as if he was a school child. And a few months later, it is a serious issue [its a campaign issue]. Oh the stock market dropped off for a few months and now is back. This is a long term proposition for a 20 year old, 46 years of gains with some losses now and then. And Republicans, who do not see Soc Sec as a monster, will have a proposal in a month.

    42. Robin Foreman says:

      Based on what we now know – which is basically that we don't know – wouldn't it prudent to ask a court to prevent any further implementation of the law until it is thoroughly investigated?

    43. Tim Bobo says:

      Anyone who thinks we can save Social Security by removing the cap is falling for the lies of big government. It would be nice if this were the case, but it is not. If we remove the cap, all government will do is spend it on other pet projects. They have stolen from Social Security funds forever, but yet you think if we give them MORE money they will be responsible with it. They won't. The only way to have accountability with government is to truly limit the size and scope.

      Anytime anyone in government wants more money, they just figure out what the people will approve, and raise taxes with promises of creating that thing everyone wants, or saving that thing that everyone is afraid to loose. Then once they get the money, they do whatever the heck they want with it.

      We have to stop the irresponsible spending. So far I am gravely disappointed with our new "conservative" leadership. Most are talking in the range of 100 billion cut. When they need to be talking about how to be cutting 5 to 10 times that amount. The real battle here is that the other side will say it will be the end of the world if we cut government that much. They will play the same games they do when they want to raise taxes.

      Our problem is not with the liberals in washington as much as it is with the good hearted, but gullible voters, who continue to believe them.

    44. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Wake-up America! This dishonesty and despicable way Obama, Reid, and Pelosi have lied and deceived the people is only the latest example. Their is still much more yet to be uncovered. This was exactly the reasons for the "behind closed doors" deal cutting, where bribes were paid to Dems (such as Landrieu and Nelson) and arms were twisted. Obama and his lackeys had no intentions of exposing the content of ObamaCare. They knew full well this disastrous bill did not stand a chance of passage if we knew "what is in it"!

      If we are to save our way of life, we must realize that Obama and his Democrat ilk cannot be trusted. These are socialist, Marxist, and communist. They do not have American values, but yet they will not allow us to retain what this country was founded on. If we do not stop this now, we will loose our nation.

    45. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Ben C. – Of all the mistakes you might make in your life, DO NOT send Ken Jarvis an e-mail where he can get hold of your address. It' a major mistake that I made.

    46. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Defunding Obamacare could be a moot point if the Supreme Court declares it unconstitutional.

    47. jim smith, yonkers, says:

      The Republicans need to hire Constitutional scholars and law writers to

      cancel out nobama's illegal executive orders and other trash legislation.

      This should have been done in 2009.

    48. LD, CA says:

      Obamacare was written by Intel, not by Obama. Obama is an Intel sleeper. Healthcare reform was designed to work in tandem with energy reform to circumvent the Bill of Rights and collapse US domestic and economic infrastructures. Britain is behind this, and Obama is Her man in the US. Figure it out!

    49. John Minnesota says:

      John in NJ stated my big concern very well.

      "Dont worry about the rules,just defund it.Thats why democrats dont worry about republicans ,they dont show any guts,they go along.This menatlity has to end."

      The nagging question is HOW do we get the Congress moving on this problem. The are very busy doing a lot, question is, a lot of what! Certainly by now the Pelosi drive to facilitate a dictatorship in this Nation should have been thoroughly dissected and the appropriate actions to stop the nightmare implemented. But is the case really as John in NJ stated. No guts in the Republican (conservative ranks) I know that is part of the problem in the MN State legislature. Threatening 2012 to our new congress is a joke. They must act now.

    50. Carol,AZ says:

      All stimulas money is gone.

      48 out of 50 States, are fiscally bankrupt.

      Adding to the national deficit a, "$223. Billion dollar short fall this month".

      Further added to the the insovent black hole is, $14. trillion dollars of national debt which is growing higher each month as the interest is added to the debt ratio.

      Through Rep. Bachmann's disclosure yesterday, and this article by H.F, we find buried in the rubble of the current HCP, earmark, by Congress," $105. billion to be utlized "as needed."

      Obama, Reid, and Pilosi all knew about this…Congress approved this, no other elector, is speaking the truth.

      This fiscal melt- down here in America defiles our countries short history for the word "corruption," as we are led to the fiscal trough .

      Our dulusional disconnection in America would have us believe we can solve this problem.

      Certainly, IF we had any leadership at the helm here in America protecting American core values we could solve this probelm.

      The truth; No one wants to believe that we are headed over a cliff into a certain insolvent abyss, like a Banana Republic.

      The king stands naked before all of us, with no leadership at the helm, as we travel down the road called the audacity of hopelessness.

      Obama"s total lack of leadership, along with his fools of, appointees, won't even have a conversation about the budget.

      States that are still breathing slightly above the water mark, making difficult decison to save their States, further trashed in the press using fear hyperbole, making these hard decisons.

      Like Obama, 14 elected Dems, in WI, have run away like rabid foxes, across state lines,to grid lock their state, freezing it into inaction for fiscal accountability.

      Interesting; they surfaced for 18 dif. media organizations.

      The reality is the complete break- down of a functioning government in America, for the rule of law.

      "The power of our now Federal government" to reach into our lives, to suffocate us with debt, force upon us, the funding of, endless new age , Acorn programs, has ripped all tenets for our individual rights as citizens, and broken Constitutional law.

      Is anyone capable in the House or Senate to vote, to defund this madness?

      We are watching our counrty slowly implode,frozen with inaction and certain fiscal distruction.

      Thank you, Rep. Bachmann for exposing this last night on Fox News. You have given me hope.

    51. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      This is going to be fun to watch. We are going to put the Congressional Staff to work "decomposing" what many of them lovingly "composed" under Speaker Pelosi.

      No humor here…we will have to watch them like a hawk. Outside accounting, budgetary and legislative experts will be required to oversee this effort.

      There really does need to be high level Congressional (House at least) hearings that take this 2700 page monster apart one page at a time:

      probes in depth the "backroom deals" upon which its passage relied:

      looks into the misinformation originated in the halls of Congress and regurgitated and enhanced by a lapdog media. We The people were lied to!!!

      looks into the relationship between the CBO and the Congressional offices, committees and lobbyists that produced the numbers the public was "spoon fed"

      Examines in depth the roll of, the recipients of, and the potential fiscal impact of the 1000+ Obamacare "Free Passes" that this Administration has handed out even before serious implementation was underway.

      I think that without stretching the meaning of, and/or specificity of FPCA et al. that Pelosi, Ried and Obama did engage in a criminal conspiracy to compose and pass a Health Care bill without proper scrutiny and review by the appropriate Committees and Congressional members.

      I am no lawyer but my nose smells the stink of conspiracy and We The People have been lied to and stolen from. It is time to find our own version of Madam DeFarge

    52. John Clancy says:

      Is there a democrat in the House or Senate who will admit to the American people that Pelosi, Reid, and Obama are guilty of treachery in the "passing" of a phony bill to centralize and destroy the greatest healthcare system in the world?

      Will our media sink lower than they are now to defend such treachery? If so, I will denounce them on the streets with Brent Bozell who has decided to go very public to alert the American people of the collusion between the media and these traitorous acts.

      Is it overstating the case to say that this treachery is a shot heard round America? I think not. The American people strongly opposed the bill in the 1st place.

      Those democrats in the House and Senate who now have a clear picture of the dark, devious moves that transpired in "passing" this infamous bill must join the Republicans in Congress to redeem the times.

    53. John Mercurio Michig says:

      Way to go as if we weren't in enough trouble.

    54. george verrilli says:

      Any bill with the power of the PPACA needs to be configured by experts, scrutinized by consultant experts, put to rest for a year and then be reviewed again by the consultants. It's bloated, confusing, unable to deliver its mission (health care providers will not continue under its control) and has learned nothing from the many nationalized healthcare programs. As a practicing physcian for 56 years I've learned that charity and caring for each other is less costly and and more effective than any government program, local or national.

    55. Redfray, Pea Ridge, says:

      This is the best reason to not increase the debt limit. At the same time, defund other programs that are used by the system to advance the spending agenda. Stop sending money to foreign countries without a vote of congress on each amount sent to each foreign countries. End all military aid to all countries, unless paid for in advance. With the illegal actions of the democrats and republicicans in Washington D.C., using the health care vote to steal money, we should make sure all are prosecuted for crimes against the American tax payer, that means jail time. Each state should prosecute each representatives and senators for passing the health care bill that changed the way our government is run according to the constitution.

    56. Mike from Long Islan says:

      I have no faith in our elected representatives being able to work their way out of this Obamacare swamp. I have been around long enough to see how Congress responds to a crisis. As an example, just look at the IRS tax code. Everytime Congress made an attempt to reform it, they made it worse !

    57. Jim-MN says:

      Hey Jarivs.

      We are all still awaiting your apology to Ben C.

    58. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      Keep wishing, Republicans and Democrats now have a fork in our health care budget and all your letters, grumbling and dinners with the powers to be, will not free our system.

    59. Tom Wood, Hickory Hi says:

      All the cheating and lying that he does, why is he not impeached. He does whatever he wants with our money, keep spending as we suffer to make ends meet. I can't wait for that idiot to get out. Send him to Gitmo, he'll probably feel right at home.

    60. steve g Ontario, cal says:

      I would love to know who the individuals were that put this in the law and whose idea

      it was.

    61. Renny Maryland says:

      The train is comming down the track!! We cannot wait for 2012 to vote. The court decided it was unconstitutional but the big "O" doesn't care, he is moving right along, not waiting for us.It's called community organizing!!! Just do it!!! Impeach, he doesn't care because the damage will be done!! I understand we can stop it and get the $105B back by not funding the government this next extension and shutting the gov. down!! So be it!!!!! Someone has to stop the train or else we won't have to worry about voting!!! the real solution is "on our knees and praying!!!" We don't need or want a "KING!!!!!"

    62. Sue Marie Detroit says:

      Democrats never ever follow rules and look at the evil they are doing to the average American. I agree with the very first comment from John from New Jersey. Shut it down. Stop it. If I had my way Obama, Pelosi and Reid would be in jail for fraud and treason. This story does not surprise me. The ruling class want to remain the ruling class and Obamacare will help that occur. I do not know if term limitations will help curtail corruption in our politicians. These guys need to get a life of their own and leave us alone.

    63. Henry Illinois says:

      The solution to curtail the "community organizer" and his fellow ilk is very simple and can be found in the latest book by Dick Morris if only the impotent republicans that have the power would read it and implement the suggestio(s) there in.

      Unfortunately, with the exception of very few now in the House and Senate, the rest of them DO NOT have the intestinal fortitude to implement the suggestions outlined in the book that would stop the regime in it's tracks.

    64. br lowe says:

      Oh my goodness. I am abashed! I hope our new congress can do their job!

    65. Mike, Chicago says:

      Impeach now.

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    67. Earl Ketchum Elkton, says:

      well we the people who voted for him have only them selfs to blame for this mess.now it is up to us to clean it up by making sure he does not get back in office.

      there have been to many suck up to him already.time for a change.congress cant get fired but can get voted out of office who side with him. we should insist that congress take a pay cut,and all people in office make them feel how it would be if they were out of work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    68. HawkWatcher, Mi. says:

      Open your Constitutions and read along with me now children…..It's only 16 pages long in this pocket-sized dealie I'm reading….the individual mandate which creates commerce from nothing has no basis in the document, and does not follow the spirit of this self-governed republic or its free people. You don't need to be a Justice or have some kind of degree to understand this. The mandate to purchase is what funds Obamacare; when the SCOTUS strikes it down the whole Act fails. This 105 billion will not be spent.

      This is not governance in any way, shape, or form. We need to replace many more Repubs. They are not standing up to the opponents who will bankrupt us. There is no middle ground, yet they compromise. And what's with this piddling 60 billion cut while we run up a 2 billion dollar tab for the month?

    69. Mae, California says:

      The first posting of your article re, Obama–$105 billion message–to my email page was readable until the end when normal words were replaced by unreadable "words" — how did that happen? I went online per your instructions to finish reading. Made me feel uncomfortable, as if someone was trying to distroy readability…………….?

    70. Cindy, NC says:

      If George Bush did half the stuff this guy is doing the Democrats would be impeaching him already. Where is our Republican leadership? Impeach Obama now!

    71. Rich, Milford, PA says:

      Does anyone know what page # in the bill this $105 B is mentioned? Is it in the beginning, middle or at the end?

      What strikes me is that the majority of the people and those in the "main stream press" listen too and still trust, or give the benefit of the doubt to what our elected politicians, i.e. "the 3 stooges", O, P & R said about the health care bill. It amazes me that when Pilosi out and out said "we have to pass the bill to see whats in it" that every person in America should have been outraged and stood up and said NO.. If you don't know whats in the bill and can not explain it then why should we trust/believe you.. Argh… I wonder if this motto should be written on the foreheads of every politician "Trust but Verify". How about "Liar", "Truth Bender", or "Mistrust Me".

      It behooves me how that level of mistrust seems to have always been placed at the feet of conservatives/republicans… I've noticed a belief pattern or principle regarding those that call themselves liberals/democrats it's that they tend to be just emotional towards issues, not practical. They seem to believe that society comes first not the individual… Fair play means given an equal Opportunity not an equal Share. Apologies, just venting..

      • Conn Carroll Conn Carroll says:

        "Does anyone know what page # in the bill this $105 B is mentioned? Is it in the beginning, middle or at the end?"
        It is never mentioned in the bill on one page. All the programs are hidden throughout all 2,700 pages.

    72. Dale Athanas says:

      I seem to recall frantic cries to impeach President Bush and Impeach Bush bumper stickers. Where the hell are the cries for Obama's impeachment – where are the Impeach Obama bumper stickers. These are long overdue. This guy has done more damage to this country in a little over two years than all other Presidents in US history. D

    73. Don Vander Jagt, Gra says:

      The Republicans will first need to hire someone who can lay out the problems in picture (graft) form so as to help the uninformed get informed. And then hire someone who can articulate not only the remidy but the need for all Americans to share in the road to revive our Country as a matter of showing concern for those who not like us bare no responsibilty, and do these jobs without a smirk or smile on their face.

      Most of the time the Republicans sound like politicans and look disengenous!

    74. Mary Swanson says:

      Cannot the Republicans see their opponents are accomplishing their agenda? Although the VOW from representatives states UPHOLDING the Constitution, neither side of the aisle is keeping their word. Now, what would a Constitutional American do after 5 decades of watching lawlessness?

    75. Ella Quinn,Kinston N says:

      I agree Cindy impeach Obama now.

    76. Gerry, on the border says:

      Unconstutional? You bet. Interstate Commerce clause applies? Not! Plot to destroy the USA? Yes! Communist, Socialist, any other ist or ism? No. Personal vendetta for percieved wrongs done to the world? Yes.

      The Reid/Pelosi duo were simply riding on the coatails of 0bummer's popularity bandwagon as he made his meteoric rise to the ultimate power in the world. Neither one were skilled enough to do what was done alone or even together.

      0bummer isn't a lacky of England. His hate is aimed at France, England, USA and Israel for the treatment of the people in Africa and the colonization of other parts of the world. He, an anti-colonalist, sees Socialism and eventual Communism as a means to stop a colonialist's powers to seize more land or nations to dominate. Thus, his effort to deconstruct the USA.

      Were he a student of history he would see that those forms of government have been just the opposite and subsequently failed. The practices he has employed during his reign were found in former presidents, all of whom were removed by the voters or resigned. It didn't take the American people long to see the wrongdoing by those presidents and their disgust was manifest in the ballot boxes, just as our disgust is now giving the same message.

      The Health Care Act has very little to do with health and much more to do with subjectation of the American people to the central government which will be established by the act. It is the big leap into the world of controlling every aspect of our lives.

      This Law also allows for incredible amounts of intrusion into our personal papers and posessions, in violation of the fourth amendment.

      Is Health Care an interstate commerce issue? No, each state regulates what insurance companies do in that state. Thus, insurance, of any kind, isn't interstate commerce. Nor, can the federal government regulate an inaction, which this law does.

      The interstate commerce clause is the biggest creator of quantum leaps by the federal agencies. They seem to believe that everything is interstate commerce thus they can use it for anything they want to do. One point here, the administrations that have a Democrat POTUS are the worst when it comes to that abuse; so this operation should not have been a surprise.

      Now that 0bummer is exposed we the people need to change Congress and the White House administration by electing persons of integrity and belief in basic Constuitional principles to offices that can set things back on track.

      We have far too long ignored what DC was doing with our business. We need to do our due diligence and watch them closely. We have the Heritage Foundation as one of the best watchdogs to help us. Some organizations are way out there but we soon spot them. But, those that allow civil debate will aid us in our decision making.

      Many of us are joined by belief in this nation and its basic principles as stated in the Constution. We are not a political party, but, rather a intellectual movement that wants our country back. Regardless of what the Incredible Trio calls us, that is not who or what we are. This group is best identified as We the People of the United States of America. We own the Constution they are trying to shred. We want it stopped; Now!

    77. Bill B. says:

      I own a small business that has existed since 1965. If Obamacare remains as is it will mean that the 7 people that earn an income here will be unemployed. We have been fortunate to have survived the last 3 years in the current economic climate. We will have no hope of being able to pay for the insurance or the fee for not having it. I love hearing people who have opinions, yet they have no skin in earning their living. they simply work for someone else. They provide no income for anyone else, yet they know the effects of legislation on business. Obamacare is a royal screwing of the American people. Please don't pee down my leg and tell me it is raining!

    78. Noel Dunlap Kila, Mo says:

      It is sad and depressing that the Liberals and ignorant people have elected a foreigner whose agenda is the destruction of these United States.

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    81. Robert h. Davidson says:

      Affordable health care and patient safety Act / Obama Care / Obamination – what about the public, Protect us dear Lord and give us the strength to nip this in the bud before it turns and bites us where the sun dose not shine.

    82. Geraldine Citro says:

      This is a very disturbing fact that has just been uncovered, that within the Healthcare Bill they added a $106 Billion Dollar slush fund to fund the bill. What is even more disturbing is that the Republican members of Congress do not seem to be reacting to this information. We elected them to do a job and the jobs that need to be done are defunding Obamacare, right now defunding the $106 Billion, and jobs. A drastic cut in the budget is so important, but the Republicans seem to be dragging their feet. We didn't drag ours this past year, putting in our time and money to get the right people elected and now they are too timid to do what needs to be done. Well, they will be out on their ears next election if they don't do what needs to be done to get this country on the right track.

    83. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      Of course Obamacare must be defunded. But why stop there?? In reality, the GOP House’s proposed budget cuts are like petty cash compared to the trillions in deficits by BHO and his democrats!! As long as national security and defense, social security and other vital services continue, what’s wrong with shutting down the government?? In fact, if the government needs to shut down until 1/20/2013 (hopefully the end of this error!!), then good, let it be!! The GOP can campaign on it in 2012, and make it clear to voters that America can no longer afford the democrats’ big government and out of control spending!! America is going broke, and we need to reverse this economically destructive trend now!!!!!

      It’s also frustrating that so many democrats lie by saying conservatives/republicans want people to starve, and many republicans are too timid to stand up and refute the democrats’ lies!! In reality, the GOP is not against safety nets or helping those truly in need of temporary assistance. And even IF it were, let’s get the facts straight!! The democrats label the GOP as the party of the rich, merely because it wants to let PRODUCTIVE Americans keep more of what they earn as opposed to confiscating the fruits of their labor to redistribute to NON-PRODUCTIVE drones and moochers. The democrats also perpetuate the myth that the GOP wants to take from the poor to give to the rich. How can that be true?? GET REAL!! Whether you earn $15,000 or over a million, it is YOUR MONEY which you EARNED!! As for the drones and moochers, how can they accuse others of taking away something (handouts or entitlements) which they never earned in the first place?? Likewise, how often do you hear drones or moochers thanking us for the fruits of our labor which we were forced to hand over to them via taxation and redistribution of wealth?? LOL!! NO WAY!! All the drones/moochers do is demand more handouts!! Why should these economic hitchhikers, parasites and freeloaders be entitled to that which we work for?? As for the GOP, if they cannot or will not fight the leftwing socialist democrats, they need to be defeated in next year’s primaries!! America’s at a critical point, and the 2012 election is our only hope to save America from the bad direction in which we’re headed. We don’t have time to play games!! We need to win back The White House, and defeat many more democrats, as well as some RINOs and Republi-crats!!

    84. ned gregerson says:

      The Pelosi "pass it to find out .what's in" comment really shows how dumb those who voted the bill's passage are and the same goes for the supporting public. It is Russian Roulet's stupid game on halicination drugs..

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