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  • A Senate where Shame, Spending, and Inertia Rule

    The federal government ran a budget deficit last month of $223 billion, according to recent analysis by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). With deficits consistently running to levels almost beyond human comprehension, it would be easy to miss the fact that this was the largest single-month deficit on record.

    So, what are Congress and President Obama doing about it? The House of Representatives took the first step to get deficit spending under control by passing a Continuing Resolution to fund the government for the rest of the year for $61 billion less than 2010. A good first step, but lest anyone miss the big picture, this cut was equal to about one week’s worth of deficit spending in the month of February. Truly an example of the old saw that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

    As the Senate was too busy taking another recess to pass its own bill to fund the government for the rest of the year, the House then passed a bill to fund the government for two weeks—and cut spending by $4 billion in the process. At the last minute, the Senate woke up and passed the bill, too.

    The Senate is now about to try to pass a bill to fund the government for the rest of the year. One option is to enact the remaining $57 billion from the House bill. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) proposes to cut spending a total of $4.7 billion, according to the CBO. That’s about equal to one-half of one day’s deficit spending in February.

    With all the focus on legislative tactics, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that the battle is between the modest spending cuts passed by the House and Senator Reid’s shamefully puny cuts. The issue is not whether the course of government will change dramatically. It won’t. President Obama and congressional Democrats already drove spending rapidly higher. Even under the House bill, spending would continue to grow substantially. This battle is only the first of many.

    All eyes are now on the Senate. If it is unable to pass a bill as the basis for negotiations with the House, the immediate outcome may be a shutdown of the less critical functions of government.

    If a shutdown does occur, the fault lies not with the House. It passed a bill. The House is ready to negotiate a final bill with the Senate to send to the President. It is even willing to pass another two-week Continuing Resolution (with another $4-billion spending cut) to gain the time necessary for a successful negotiation with the Senate.

    But no final bill is possible until the Senate acts. If the Senate comes up short again and refuses even the House’s good faith offer of another two-week Continuing Resolution, then a shutdown is almost certain. Both sides will point the finger of blame, but the fact remains the House acted; the Senate failed. The House passed cuts equal to the deficit for a week in February. Senator Reid proposes a mere half-day’s worth. The blame for a shutdown would lie plainly at the feet of Senator Reid, who as Majority Leader failed to move a bill, and at the feet of President Obama, who following the precedent of his recent budget submission once again simply failed to lead.

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    9 Responses to A Senate where Shame, Spending, and Inertia Rule

    1. Bobbie says:

      Mr. Reid and the like minded of the democrat party, why are you so much better than the people you disregard? You know, the people that are forced to cut you an overpay check while suffering the consequences of your ineptness. Why are you so unfair and cruel? How will you be paid when your actions are creating a private sector of non existence? What will you do with yourself when there will be no one to pay you? Uh oh, another government-made crisis by design. Too bad your brain lacks the inclination to positive and fair solutions. Why are you destroying the country and her currency? What do YOU do with the money YOU get paid?

      You barely do a thing, yet it's the most you will do/ No conscience.

    2. George Colgrove, VA says:

      The average amount of cash stolen from banks is less than $5,000 according to NIBRS.

      Consider yourself a felon if you stole over $300 in cash or merchandise.

      This last February, the feds stole $223 billion from children a generation away from being born. For the 114 million current and active taxpayers that comes out to $1,960 each. For each of the 2.7 million self-serving and looting feds (including congress), this comes out to an average individual take of $82,600 per fed from those taxpayers. This is a crime! It is one thing to have a trillion in debt. We can potentially pay that back in our generation. It is a near impossibility for our current generation to pay back that debt as it stand now. We need to understand we are knowingly stealing money from people yet to be born. We are stealing their futures.

      The feds with our consent (due to inaction) are stealing from people who are not old enough to legally and physically (since they are UNBORN) enter into legal loan contracts – and they will have a mortgage to pay back upon their first day of adulthood with no papers signed!

      A bus can hold upwards of 30 feds. We need 90,000 busses to take these feds to a federal penitentiary. However, we also will need some private sector guards, because these feds will also have to become residence as well. These people at all levels should have never let the debt climb this high. We have 10’s of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of feds working in the federal government who are supposed to be overseeing this and being watchdogs for the people. However, they let this happen never the less. Why? Because these overseers are also feds – benefitting from the same crimes the feds they are supposed to be watching are benefitting from.

      The true watchdogs – private sector organizations have been warning us and have been reporting on this stuff for decades. Well, who was right?

      This is abject theft. IT HAS TO STOP!

      We the people are not on these blogs to participate in some intellectual discussions on the role of government. We are in a state of emergency! Yet all we seem to be doing is arranging the chairs on the Titanic as it sinks. Does anyone realize that if we bleed any more, the body will surely die? There is not – nor will there be any more time for intellectual debate on the virtues of anything. They say we need to spend to save federal jobs. However, the question that needs answering RIGHT NOW is when do we stop spending and start paying back the debt? I think we have passed that date.

      Sure, we all have our pet projects and departments we want to save. However, in saving our own federal corner there are thousands others trying to save theirs. We are just spinning around on the parameter of the water cone just before being dragged into the drain. NO ONE IS LOOKING GOOD HERE! THERE ARE NO SAVIORS! AT THIS POINT NO PROGRAM, AGENCY OR DEPARTMENT IS WORTH KILLING THIS NATION OVER!!

      I am not selfish in saying I do not want to wait until 2012 to get functioning brains in congress to get this fixed. It will be too late. We will have a debt that exceeds the GDP by then. We will be Greece!

    3. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      After getting a two-week lifeline, why wouldn't Reid just take advantage of Boehner and drag this thing out by getting CRs in two-week increments until 9/30/11? The people who overturned the House in November and elevated Boehner to Speaker will tire quickly of this game if not already. We're told "only one more…or else". I'm disappointed the House even let it happen once. I can't believe the nerve the House has of giving Obama and Reid cover after only cutting $61B from last years' record deficit year. If I figured out that this will kill the GOP, so has Reid who will take full advantage. No more extensions, Boehner. If Reid doesn't take this deal, the House ought to get seriour and take up the CR again. Cut back to 2008 levels in additon to the $100B in duplicative spending the GAO found. Cut no matter how much they scream. Shut down the government if necessary and let the chips fall where they may.

    4. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      I was furious the last time the Government was shut down, but not for the fact of the shut down, but the Employees got paid for nothing, no work, and so all the prospective savings were gone. They took away the incentive for shutting down the Government! I say, this time let's Shut Down the Government in big blocks. Defund the EPA! Defund the whole stupid wasteful Transportation Department! Truth is, these are all duplicative Federal Agencies doing damage to America at great taxpayer expense! Health and Human Services? Defund them because they are doing Constitutionally Criminal things! Wasting resources, but destroying the American Way of Life!

      Obama's Shadow Government spends all of its taxpayer money on the destruction of American Industries, they add nothing of value, just complexity and graft! I think the Demo-crats will force the House to just that position, they will have to take down the Agencies piece by piece! I think that is justified based on High Crimes, all the crazy Unconstitutional things they are doing! Defund the entire criminal enterprise! Do it because they are criminal! The Demo's give us a reason, Take It!

    5. Perry,Oklahoma says:

      Leon has a good point. If I can not pay my bills, what happen? I get closed down why not our goverment? What rules are we playing by today?

      If we are serious we need to close some doors. Let them scream shout whatever. My friends know my rule "If you say it DO it". It used to be called intregrity.

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    7. Randy131 in Florida says:

      When the dollar collapses, causing are economy to be destroyed, who will get the blame? That is what will happen very shortly with the out-of-control spending by Obama and the Democrats. Just before it does though, we will go through a short hyper-inflation period, caused by Bernanke and the Federal Reserve Board, for printing money that is worthless, to pay for Obama's and the Democrats' spending spree. The short inflation period will give the public an example of how their money won't buy what they need and want, just a preview of the more stringent reality that will result from the global collapse of our dollar caused by these out-rageous deficits. The American people accept all this as business as usual and show no indignation for all the spending, should they receive the blame for whats coming their way? The Democrats took majority control of both houses of Congress in the 2006 midterm election, during an economic boom at the time and a National Debt of just 8 trillion dollars. Eleven months after the Democrats won these majorities and took control of the budget (purse strings of the USA) and Law making processes of the USA, we started into what is referred to now as the Great Recession. Today the National Debt stands at 14.3 trillion dollars and the CBO's projection for Obama's last two years in office is well over another 3 trillion dollars, bringing the National Debt to well over 17 trillion dollars in just six years of a Democratic controled Congress and Obama as President. In those six years Obama and the Democrats have more than doubled what it took all the previous Presidents and Congresses to reach in our prior 230 year history, which included the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, two World Wars, many other wars, many recessions, and one Great Depression. So who will get the blame? It really doesn't matter who gets the blame, for the people with plenty of guns and ammo that have stored food will then take over and assign the blame to whomever they want. So let them keep spending like drunken sailors, for the only thing that will truly correct all this is a shut down of the government, which neither side will let happen only for the reason they do not want to get blamed for it, mean while we keep advancing toward our demise.

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