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  • Rep. Renee Ellmers: We've Only Just Begun to Cut Spending

    Rep. Renee Ellmers R-NC

    The spending cuts included in Congress’ recently passed two-week continuing resolution are just the first steps to greater fiscal discipline, freshman Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) said last week at The Heritage Foundation. With a new deadline of March 18 to fund the government, Ellmers promised push for more spending reductions in the weeks ahead.

    Speaking at The Bloggers Briefing, Ellmers said the $4 billion in cuts included in the two-week CR represent only what President Obama has requested to be defunded in his fiscal 2012 budget. Republicans are just “taking the ball and running with it quicker,” she said.

    The cuts “aren’t happy cuts,” but have become necessary from a “lack of leadership” in the 111th Congress, she continued. “We don’t like what we’ve had to do, but we’ve had to do them.”

    Ellmers speculated that Democrats expected the cuts to cause a backlash from constituents, but instead, people have been very supportive. While back in her home district, Ellmers said she received encouragement from her constituents. “Bring it on, keep going, don’t stop now, cut more” are popular refrains among her fellow North Carolinians, she said.

    But for all that the bill did cut, it contained no policy riders such as the defunding of Obamacare or Planned Parenthood. Ellmers said conservative lawmakers will “absolutely” work to implement these priorities in the future.

    For those future battles, the freshmen will continue to look to the Republican leadership Ellmers described as “wonderful” and “very supporting” — even as they resist “business as usual.”

    “We have been able to hold their feet to the fire,” Ellmers said. “When they might have been tempted to shy away from something, we have forced the issue and really made them react in the way that we felt the American public wanted us to.”

    The camaraderie of the principled incoming class was also evident from the congresswoman’s remarks: “We’re one big group, kind of like the high school kids or the freshmen.” She related how, before introducing legislation to the entire committee, the leaders in the House have often taken the time to run it by the freshman class as a group.

    Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has begun to unveil his yet-to-be-released entitlement reform plan in this manner, Ellmers said, commending that plan as a “good, solid solution” that especially took on the problem of Medicare.

    Matthew McKillip is currently a member of the Young Leaders Program at the Heritage Foundation.

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    7 Responses to Rep. Renee Ellmers: We've Only Just Begun to Cut Spending

    1. George Colgrove, VA says:

      Prove it! So far we have cut a whopping $4 Billion! Yip-Yip-Yahoo!

      Oh crap! we have $1,596 Billion to go.

      These theives are biding time until their pockets are fully greased. I bet these criminals know we are in for it and are grabbing as much cash as they can. THis month the greedy grab racked up $223 more in debt!

      I do not know what the feds are up to – but it is no good!

    2. ArizonasDiane, Arizo says:

      There need to be a LOT more cuts and a LOT of unconstitutional bills REPEALED. It's also time to IMPEACH members of the House and Senate who have not kept their OATH.

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    4. Bobbie says:

      Agree with both comments. I'd like to believe all that can be done will be done. Everything will take time as the democrats weigh down all situations with their endless and needless contentions. Spinning the facts for more wasted time. Hypocritical for the sake of spin. Set-ups, traps etc…

      Have faith in true American leadership and don't forget to empathize.

    5. Janet Pecci, Raleigh says:

      I'm pleased that Ms. Ellmers will be helping to make cuts in the federal budget. Ms Ellmers, please reduce the amount of foreign aid given to Israel to support its illegal occupation of Palestinian territory. The West Bank, Gaza Strip, and E. Jerusalem were allocated to Palestinians in 1947 by the UN but occupied illegally by Israel since. 1967. According to UN General Assembly Resolution 194, Palestinian refugees had the right to return to their land or compensation. Israel's occupation is in violation of international law and US taxpayer dollars are used to support that occupation by paying for roads that are reserved for Israeli settlers, making life extremely difficult for Palestinian citizens of Israel. What a misuse of American taxpayers' dollars!

    6. Trent Phoenix, AZ says:

      does anyone out there have the numbers of the % of money that planning parenthood spends on abortions. i can only find the 3% but i have a feeling that number was doctored to get there. it came from washington post and moveon.org so i have a feeling that is not the real numbers. i wanna see the raw data but i can't find it anywhere. i could see in some way it would be lower because the other procedures they perform are more expensive; an abortion is most likely the cheapest procedure there. now that being said i still don't buy the fact that it is only 3%. if someone knows where i can find the data or the true numbers can you please let me know in replying to this comment.

      also, if you want a fun fast conservative read that you'll enjoy check out my blog at tsa-123.blogspot.com its a fun read for conservatives. also, if you send it to some liberals they'll for sure hate it because none of the information is refutable.

    7. MaryJo Morse says:

      Why was it so necessary to have a special committee composed of 6 members from each side of the aisle to
      (excluding Tea Party Members) oversee the country's budget…….I was under the impression we have an existing checks and balance called Congress and Senate ….Is this new committee Constitutional or is this a scheme by the administration to bypass the Congress in order to have their agenda passed without great opposition…….
      Look forward to your answer.

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