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  • Rep. Bachmann Helps Expose Secret Stash of Obamacare Cash

    You’d think that billions of dollars in government spending would be hard to hide, especially from the Members of Congress who voted for it. Think again.

    Buried in the 2,700 pages of last year’s Obamacare legislation lies $105 billion in appropriated funds that bureaucrats are already using to implement Obamacare. On Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) brought that news to light when the subject turned to budget cuts.

    REP. MICHELE BACHMANN: …There was a Congressional Research Service report that just was issued in February, and we discovered that secretly, unbeknownst to members of Congress, over $105 billion was hidden in the Obamacare legislation to fund the implementation of Obamacare. This is something that wasn’t known. This money was broken up, hidden in various parts of the bills. And we have worked very hard to discover $61 billion in cuts that we could put forward, get to the president. So, in effect, David, we’ve taken one step forward and two steps back because we’ve found now that $105 billion had already been implemented.

    Word of the $105 billion is particularly relevant as Congress tries to find ways to cut spending, with Republicans calling for $61 billion in cuts, while the White House has agreed to only $10 billion. Defunding Obamacare and pulling the plug on the billions of phantom funding is a good way to start. Former Congressman Ernest Istook, who helped uncover the appropriation, explains how to cut the funding:

    There is major money that could be pulled back immediately.  Congress could rescind the $5 billion appropriated in Section 1101(g) to create high-risk pools, the $5 billion appropriated in Section 1102(e) for a re-insurance program, and the $6 billion in Section 1322(g) to create insurance exchanges.  The CRS report details billions more in current and future funding equally available for the cutting.

    Rescinding that funding would steer the United States to a more fiscally responsible future, but it would also help put the kibosh on Obamacare. That’s not bad for a day’s work.

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    42 Responses to Rep. Bachmann Helps Expose Secret Stash of Obamacare Cash

    1. Bobbie says:

      God Bless Michelle Bachman. One of many strong, intellectual women of integrity. This is criminal and has to be addressed as such. Please give us a sign America is coming back! Thank you very much and God Bless Ernest Istook!

      She gave her answers of his questions he couldn't comprehend without specific words in detail. Government educated k-college.

      He tried to trip her up by asking if "she thinks" it's in the best interest of America that QKCaddafi step down? I wonder why he isn't concerned with the best interest of Libyans? How heartless!

      The only cause of a government shut down is the indignant democrats rinos who refuse to accept or comply with the only common solution clearly purposed by the GOP.

      Clear America's path, hold these criminals in government accountable.

    2. Bob Meyers Utah says:

      ill tell you whta i am laid off, i only have to pay 150$ every 30 days instead of 800$ other wise i could not afford it. Thank you Obma

    3. Amber Largent, Kansa says:

      We could also start by rescinding all the pay increases to all branches of the government including both houses of congress since 2007… how much money would THAT save?

    4. Corrie IL says:

      Uh Bob – the actual provisions of Obamacare haven't kicked in yet. It's probably a state program that was in place before Obama was even a candidate for President.

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    6. bruce, marlton says:

      1. How do you not see something that's right in front of your face? Thats like the Pilgrims discovering America. How do you Discover something that already occupied. If you had read the bill, you wouldn't be discovering what you claim to be hidden money. So you find it now, so you can say that it's to start Obamacare.So,I ask Why didn't find this last year when you hade the chance to read the budget. I think you should scrap this bill,and give everyone in the United States your Health Care. Wouldn't that be fair.

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    8. Kringle from Virgini says:

      From "Obamacare" to his response to the overwhelming number and popularity of pro-cannabis questions posed for his YouTube interview, it seems like Obama is hoping to funnel money to the Pharmaceutical industry…as if they need it.

      Pharmaceutical drugs are being prescribed to children, pushed on TV, causing environmental catastrophe, eroding our economy…and yet Obama wants to use taxes to "bulk purchase" pharmaceuticals?

      Cannabis is far safer, the "War on Drugs" has demonstrated itself a failed policy, our economy and environment could use hemp's potential…yet cannabis/hemp remains in prohibition to protect the interests of economic competition?

      Does anyone else smell the Corruption?

    9. Brian, California says:

      Bob, your insurance is a continuance of COBRA with a larger portion paid by the Feds than before the Great Recession. Before your unemployment runs out, the insurance assistance will revert to its full fare. Mine went from $130/mth to $435/mth. What you think is part of ObamaCare is actually from the 1986 Reagan administration. Obama personel cleverly framed the supplement reduction as if it were part of ObamaCare enacted early.

    10. Dick, California says:

      Re Bob Meyers Utah:

      Is that a sick Joke ?

    11. George Colgrove, VA says:

      We are playing with pennies in mountains of dollars.

      So far, this inept congress has been office since January 3rd. They have been in office for 64 days. We have only cut $4 billion in non-reoccurring budget items – Items that were in there for a single year. That is a cut of $64 million a day. WE ARE GOING INTO DEBT BY $4.4 [Billion] A DAY!

      Yes we need to implement these cuts, but we are wasting time battling these cuts.

      JUST IMPLEMENT A QUICK, EASY, AND BTW HIGHLY POPULAR ACROSS THE BOARD CUT (ABC)! 15% will chop $500 billion right off the top of everything (including SS, MC/MC and DoD)! We need only a single page bill with a single paragraph.

      Why are we bickering on political hot potatoes when everyone can win with a simple 15% ABC which can be completed by the end of the fiscal year. All we do is make everything more efficient – that’s all. Nothing is cut out.

      Then next year we do another 15% ABC for another $500 billion cut.

      In 1.5 years, we can cut $1 trillion from the reoccurring budget items. The legislation should also prevent any increases (Base-line or otherwise) in dollars to any budget – period.

      We conservatives can then wait when we have control of DC to take the cleaver to all non-constitutional items – this is when we leave the DoD and its remaining reasonable budget alone. Though I still believe entitlements should be looked at for transfer to the private sector.

      So far out of inaction congress has allowed the self serving overpaid pick-pocketing federal workforce steal another $281.6 billion from our great grandchildren – mostly from last month in the biggest greediest single take of our countries future by any single body ($223 billion!)!!!! It is no coincidence that this massive take happened at the heels of Wisconsin. The feds see they are losing, and they are ransacking our kid’s pockets for one last grab.

      “The last official act of any government is to loot the treasury.” ~ George Washington

      Come on – let’s start getting serious!

    12. George Colgrove, VA says:

      Correction to my post –


      My frustrations with what is going on here in DC is getting to me!

      If we were going into debt by the price of a starbuck's coffee I would not have much to complain about :)

    13. Nancy Schwenneker, F says:

      Barack Obama simply cannot be trusted. He is dirty. First he crams this bill down America's throat, most of who did not want it. Makes back room deals with congress to get that done. Then he hides money? He is not interested in the welfare of this country or the American people, he is interested in his own re-election in 2012. He came into office with a very thin resume. It is truly showing in economic affairs and foreign relations. My husband cannot find a job in Florida and we are about to lose our house because of the high unemployment. Maybe he should concentrate on that!!!! There are so many ppl out of work. He will truly go down as one of the worse presidents in history.

    14. Rachael Mazzoni, Pen says:

      Michelle, you need to run for President! I am consistently dismayed at the disastrous mandates in the Obamacare bill… though with Pelosi and Reid at the helm when it was passed, unfortuantely nothing is all that surprising. Let's axe this thing and start over again please.

      The $10 billion dollars the Democrats have agreed to cut, is like taking a $2,000 monthly budget and telling you that you have to cut back by SIX CENTS. Absurd. Just absurd that they feel they can't cut more than that.

    15. jan swenson says:

      Thank you so much for being on the ball, Michelle. We need to hold people accountable. I have opposed Obamacare from day one after reading it. I am a nurse and can see the writing on the wall.

    16. Grace Tillinghast - says:

      Finding that billions of dolalrs were hidden in a bill that people had a short time to read borders into criminal behaviour. No wonder the former speaker said that the bill had to be passed in order to know what was in it. I am deeply frustrated by the ethical conduct of Congress and the White House. Like Mr. Colgrove stated, this government is looting the treasury, and that means all of us.

    17. Barbara says:

      Remember, wasn't the legislature given the 2900 page deceitful, convoluted bill two days before the vote. How do you ferret out what's in it without time and diligence? Michelle Bachman is dissecting right now – the reason for discovering the 105 billion dollar slush funds to bureaucrats. What else is in the bill? Can you tell us Obama, Pelosi, and Reid? Wasn't it you Nancy Pelosi who said the bill has to pass to find out what's in it? Aren't you proud of yourselves?

    18. jdeldin says:

      These and other liberals are thieves. We need them out now. Isnt breaking the law wrong??? Who is going to jail for this…..

    19. Carlee, Virginia says:

      How ISN'T giving Kathleen Sebelius a blank check to the Treasury, which is also stashed in the Obama-strousity HC Bill, ILLEGAL?

      When I heard about that last night I was stunned!!! What can't they do?

      This is our 'burn the ships, damn the torpedoes' moment.

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    21. paul oberman, Los An says:

      This woman is evasive and not all that bright. Actually she is full of it. This is all just angling to beat Obama next year.

      The Bush administration put us into this depression and now that Obama can't fix it in 3 years, somehow it is his fault.

      God forbid that middle class Americans would be able to to to a doctor or a dentist.

      If Bachmann is so worried about money, she should take a pay cut and give up her government insurance.

      All the Republicans are doing is constantly bashing Obama. If you use every opportunity to spin every thing into an Obama failure, then people will start to blame him. That's all that's happening here.

    22. paul oberman, Los An says:


      "She gave her answers of his questions he couldn’t comprehend without specific words in detail. Government educated k-college. "

      That has to be one of my favorite new quotes.

      This Bachmann didn't give one straight answer. She was incredibly evasive and wouldn't directly answer one question. How can you watch this and not see that?

    23. DebraNSATX says:

      Bob, surely, sir, you KNOW that absolutely nothing in Obama's HC plan is even in effect for years to come. What are you thanking him for? Thank your STATE. However, if his HC plan DOES get enacted, he will let you pay for it for three years BEFORE you ever get any benefits from his plan. THOSE ARE THE FACTS, Bob.

    24. Brandon Melanson says:

      Oh and Paul Oberman, When a president causes us to fall into severe debt, sure, that's his fault, we get it. When the next President comes in and spends more than any president in HISTORY (more than triple bush in both terms, OBAMA'S BEEN IN ONE) and bankrupts the country to the point of no return, while lying to the American people, and tricking poor saps like you into thinking this will help middle class Americans get healthcare, that is borderline treason. Why don't you leave L.A. for a day and step into the real world.

    25. Brandon Melanson says:

      Bruce, when's the last time you read a pamphlet, never mind a bill over 2,000 pages long? It isn't done quickly, and they didn't have much time to read as you might recall if you had been paying attention.

    26. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Hey Paul Oberman – You say Michelle Bachmann "is full of it". But is what she

      reports TRUE, or is she making all of this up just to contiune to "constantly bash Obama"? Just answer that question HONESTLY, if you can. You and your ilk refuse to recognize or admit Obama is incapable of telling the truth. He deceives and lies to Americans to get his agenda to destroy our economical system passed so he can replace it with his socialist dream.

    27. Bobbie says:

      Bruce, that's ignorant. The proposal created and written by democrats was kept by democrats from being viewed by those who lead of, for and by the people. A deliberate act of dishonesty thievery and corruption in American democrat leadership by the democrat house speaker Pelosi. Now it's known why.

      Democrats thieve and leave their unfinished work build. Democrats act superior to the people and are ignorant of their own accountabilities or insist their corruption and dereliction be overlooked. While expecting perfection of the true American leadership who inherently cleans up the messes left by those destructive insubordinates, but not without more democrat dereliction and their ineptness and incompetence weighing America down!

      Paul, you are absolutely right. Michelle Bachman is full of strength and dignity. She and the like minded, find truth and inform the American people of the truth. American people deserve nothing less than truth from American leadership at all times. What democrats represent in the conduct of their work is with great disappointment, everything but. I guess some people as yourself appreciate dishonesty? Corruption? thoughtless ideas with outrageous costs? Intervening and dictating into peoples private lives? Freedom takeaway brought to you by the democrat party of today.

      We expect a higher quality of governing and a higher quality of those who govern. For the last two years we've come to know not to count on anything in favor of this once great country with a once strong people. The party of spin is democrats please don't allow yourself to be confused. Accept the truth.

      Bush was run by a democrat majority with Obama sitting in the senate as Obama neglected to make a difference when he could've, to avoid the foreseeable outcome now.

      What is middle class. Household of 5 under 40k? Reducing taxes in all areas will allow us our rightful freedom and independence. Without it we'll be a family on welfare. Dependent due to dems. An ugly thought and an ugly future, all because of actions of government, beyond our control.

    28. enbeuu, So. CA says:

      Bachmann has been relentless in her watchful work; if she gets in trouble again, I'll be one of the first to send her a contibution again.

    29. Tom Sullivan in FL says:

      In effect we are no longer living in a republic. It is more like a government-owned nation, where 44% of GDP is government spending, plus another 20% of GDP which is the annual cost of regulations. The government is 2/3 of the economy. We work to support the government, not the other way around.

      The governments are out of control, rife with pork, duplicate programs, socialism, incentives NOT to work, and a million pages of laws and regulations.

      It is time to gut the government, like gutting an obsolete building, and start over on the basis of the Constitution.

    30. Karen - Truman, MN says:

      I challenge Mr. Oberman to come up with even one piece of legislation President Obama has presented to we, the people, that has the support of the majority of the people!!! He is constantly bucking or ignoring our Constitution, reversing his decisions, failing to stand by his promises, and delights in lining the pockets of his cronies with entitlements and secure job positions in his administration. If Mr. Obama were a Republican, he would have been held up on treason charges by now!! Too bad the Republicans are nice, forgiving people.

    31. RightRhody says:

      There is one aspect people are overlooking, though may be a weak argument. The ObamaCare bill can be considered illegitimate. it was not drafted by legislators (i.e., Congress) but by special interests. We know that because it came out quickly (so it was written a while ago) with such nonsensical detail and none of the democrat members of Congress read it. After all, we have to "pass it so we can know what is in it." Can we make an argument that since it was not drafted by Congress, the legislature abdicated their Constitutional responsibility to the American people?

      The way ObamaCare was crafted and nefariously passed is cause enough to rescind this law. Everything from the Louisiana Purchase, Corn-husker Kickback, and Stupak's ignorance of the scope of a President's Executive Order as opposed to laws points to underhandedness of how it was passed. Hopefully all these issues are factors in the 26 states considering exercising their right to nullify.

      So a question: Since the Alien and Sedition Acts were secretly written by Jefferson and Madison and thereby nullified by Virginia and Kentucky (Kentucky and Virginia Resolves), can we make the same argument that ObamaCare was written in secret and therefore can be nullified as well?

    32. john heil says:

      how can departing house of representatives award millions of dollars to their aides before closing their offices?????? the 105 billion hidden in this bill is crazy. it is almost like a conspiracy against the people of this country. their should be some legal responsibility of these congressmen who voted to put this bill in effect and virtually bankrupt this country. These items need to be on the front page of newspapers with the names of those individuals who voted for this bill. it is time to clean house in washington and change this archaic system we have. someone has to be responsible for signing the checks.

    33. George B. Perry Jr. says:

      So, what is the hold up? Rescind this appropriation and everywhere possible recover the money. All spending has to be approved in the house; excercise your constitutional power and cut this spending. While you are at it fulfill your campaign promise and defund the rest of Obama care.

    34. Wes in cincy says:

      I will tell you what the Dems are really good at……..stalling.

      They want to keep dragging everything out until 2012. They foolishly

      believe that we are going to re-elect Obama again. They trully do live in

      a world of their very own and it's not called reality..

    35. Chris , NY says:

      Wes, Did you vote for Obama in 2008?

    36. Bob Sloneker Otterta says:

      To Karen from Truman,

      I agree whole heartedly with you comments. We conservatives need to remain nice and respectful but we need persitance and not cave to the criminals that put the obamacare disaster together. Just simply defund it and shut the country down if that is what it takes. Michelle has a proven history and shows signs of major inteligence and leadership as well as love of country.I don't see any such characteristics coming from the present liberal leadership. As for our dear freinds in California—all you have to do is look at boxter and pelosie leadership history and you can see why he is mentally deficient. America, you fell asleep in 2008 when you elected someone with zero success or accomplishments and look at the disaster you got—thank you obama — one thing you did do was wake a sleeping giant.

    37. cathy, maine says:

      I went to a program called Physicians for a National Health Program….pnhp.org…they spelled out all the details and it sounds like a great alternative to Obamacare or doing nothing. check it out and ask your elected representatives to give us this program instead!

    38. R W Wagner says:

      Many who voted for Obama in 2008 readily admit the mistake they made in falling for the "change" theme when the candidate Obama was totally an unproven commodity and certainly not experienced enough to lead a nation of 300 million people. His policies have hurt those who voted for him the most.
      What is really depressing though is that America is not waking up fast enough to see that we need to clean House and Senate of the spendthrifts who are preparing our national bankruptcy through deficit spending. And to add term limits so that no one serves more than 12 years, including the worthless, liberal judges we have who overturn legally passed initiatives to reverse the damage.

    39. Jon says:

      Here's the bill, but I don't see any $105 billion missing…

    40. lynn says:

      maybe some are worried about the government having too much control over our daily lives and our life read . find out what 's making some upset over the health care.a secert gold tax secert chip implants under our skin and a doctor will not be able to treat you for anything w/out the government say if any treatment or what can be done. say uou are in a wreck just say that the government would say no treatment then you die. a doctor can not treat anyone w/out the a-okay from the government. so people can say what ever about tea party only trying to wake america up before it came to this. don't say i am a democrat or a republican… its about getting america free before dictatorship is set here. but then … those who do not read things and get the full picture… just judge….. then it is too late for everyone.it is freedom nothing is free and this will be the most costly insurance america has ever seen in many ways

    41. Rebecca says:

      In my opinion, this is one of the funniest Bachmann mistakes. "Hidden?" Yeah, in plain sight.

      It just adds another example of how she gets things wrong. She should try paying attention to the job she currently has by reading, comprehending the materials, and listening to her collegues debate the particular issues before she starts calling foul. The idea that this woman could hold up in the postion of President of the United States is a joke. Buyer beware with this broad. I would suggest checking into the claims she makes for yourself before you jump on her bandwagon. If anyone should be ashamed of themselves, it should be her for misleading U.S. citizens when it was a lack of doing her job that lead her to make these ridiculous accusations.

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