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NEW VIDEO: Collective Bargaining 101

Posted By Brandon Stewart On March 4, 2011 @ 1:40 pm In Economics | Comments Disabled

The fight to balance Wisconsin’s state budget intensified yesterday as Governor Scott Walker issued an ultimatum [1] to Democratic Senators who have refused to return to the capital to vote on the budget repair bill. The ultimatum comes as Wisconsin approaches a crucial deadline to restructure its debt. But while the fight has become more intense, there has never been a shortage of heat in this debate. Union leaders have been especially vocal, with SEIU President Mary Kay Henry characterizing Walker’s proposal [2] to weaken collective bargaining, as part of a “struggle for economic justice”. Even President Obama weighed in, calling it an “assault on unions” [3]. But while the controversy continues to attract national media attention, there has been little focus on what exactly collective bargaining is and how it works in a system with government unions. And with a majority of union members now in government rather than the private sector [4], this is an important issue to understand.

Our new video [5] is a helpful primer on the rise government unions and the monopoly power given to them through collective bargaining. Along with our helpful factsheet on the subject, they form a powerful tool to combat misinformation and educate friends and family about what is at stake in Wisconsin [6].

Let us know what you think about collective bargaining in the comments. And please take a moment to help us get the word out by sharing the video on FACEBOOK [7] and sending it out on TWITTER [8].

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